Naruto and sakura first date fanfic

Sasuke and sakura dating fanfic

with this ring: naruto to hinata, iruka to anko world of action girls: hinata leanrs from naruto and tsunade, surpassing her canon self. they are actually going over the first hill ofa rollercoaster. adrenaline makeover: hinata finally gets rid of her big jacket and cuts her hair." the two girls spread out the blanket and began unpacking the basket. grand finale: the second to last chapter wraps up most of the loose ends, and the finale chapter has two time skips to five years later when naruto and hinata finally get married; and the eight more years after that, when naruto becomes the sixth hokage. with the death of sasuke and sai returning to root, the teams are all reformatted. mercy kill: nagato ending the paths of pein, and arguably naruto killing gouki. too spicy for yog sothoth: naruto to both the doraku and preta pein. curtain fic: chapter 41 has naruto and company undertaking mundane task of looking over his mother's condo. actually pretty funny: after sakura's angry rant towards hinata saying one of the reasons naruto likes her might be her boobs, hinata has this to say to ino: (chuckles) "you know, i've never really heard someone make fun of my breasts before. taking you with me: how the battle between might gai and kisame ends. consummate professional: sakura is on her way to becoming this. uncanny family resemblance: the takamichi 'twins' are cousins, not twins and are not even the same gender. story of kakashi and his girlfriend hanare, kakashi kisses a girl! kakashi catches on to this quick and explains the color/combat to his teammates. ino considers making a pass at sakura and later is almost as interested in seeing hinata and tenten naked as she is in seeing neji and naruto. obviously she fails and they fall in love, eventually getting married and having a daughter. he ties his jacket to a kunai and throwing it through tall grass, so she will not only hear the sound, but will see a flash of orange, too. finds out that hinata loves him, naruto confesses his love, naruto and hinata's first kiss. you have failed me: anzu kills honda when he and jonouchi surrender. [[spoiler: naruto beats on things with his staffblad happily married: gouki and kohaku; at least until he dies. but unlike canon, in this fanfic it is actually true."after packing the food, she folded up the blanket and placed it on top of the containers. i just want to be normal: sakura is jealous of ino, who gets to be a relatively normal chuunin while sakura runs around dealing with conspiracies and learning horrifying jutsu. the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hokages all take on orochimaru to hold him long enough for death to come and claim his delinquent soul. and paste the following code to link back to this work (ctrl a/cmd a will select all), or use the tweet or tumblr links to share the work on your twitter or tumblr account. mood whiplash: chapter 25 (the brother's war ii) ends with sasuke thoroughly beaten by itachi, and his lover karin (and ally suigetsu) dead at the hands of kisame. that is the source of the sharingan and his immortality. house husband: itachi learned to cook from his mother, who was apparently ninja martha stewart. super mode: naruto's ascendent fox mode/jutsu and shin tensei kitsune mode. post-kiss catatonia: hinata and naruto after their first kiss both freeze up for a few seconds."the pink haired ninja just nodded and hurried off to the nearby restroom. this is due to her own issues and, possibly, the influence of gozen, who hates the stereotype of women being healers and very much wants to pass on the legacy of her team, the second hokage's wetworks unit.

Naruto and sakura first date fanfic

most writers are writers: naruto ghostwrote a few of jiraiya's novels, and helped with the plot layout of the next couple. tasted sweet and her lips felt soft against his own. the kyubi is gleefully evil but she generally avoids kids and sick people (too easy to kill) and will let a man live if he's good in bed. naruto accuses sakura of this after she comes on to him magic from technology: jutsu circuits. an ice person: natsuki, one of gaara's bodyguards and the only person in the sand village that uses ice jutsus. book two returns to the light and fluffy, focusing at first on naruto and hinata's relationship now that they are officially a couple, and their growth as ninjas. the date was going on smoothly until sakura was about to grab another pork bun her mother had made for her."she looked over to him and her pink hair danced. through his stomach: hinata does this twice; the first time is much more successful. not as bad as some, but she does force her father to let her go to a normal high school, and then bend the rules and restrictions on her as far as she can without breaking them. she gets off on the idea of a man trusting a woman so much that he lets her tie him up and keep him. angel face, demon face: the differences in the way the two-tails looks when it is under the akatsuki's control and hinata's protection are like night and day. they're birthday presents from sakura and hinata, respectively and reminders that he does have friends and people that care about him. bi the way: hana inuzuka and shizune both like men, yet they end up falling in love and getting married. real reason why naruto never truly loved sakura - boruto & naruto explained. roaring rampage of revenge: after the blood drinker doraku appears to kill hinata in chapter 11, naruto unleashes two previously unseen jutsu, and shreds large chunks of the demon's body with rasengans. sickeningly sweethearts: naruto and hinata, though not nearly as much as sakura says. destroy wherever he's storing it in his body and he's a sitting duck. i am not left-handed: arguably many times, but the best example is in gai's fight with kisame. birds of a feather: during her rant at ino's sleepover, sakura claims this is the only reason naruto and hinata are together. this is pretty amazing in my case given that all of my yuri fanfics are requested with one of them being a mistake as i got the names mixed up (maron and marron to anyone who's curious). he would rather die and make sure his body is destroyed than remain orochimaru's host. it isn't easy for s-class ninja to date and have relationships like normal people, as shown by kakashi and itachi, who is still sulky over being dumped at seventeen due to his heavy murder schedule and emotional unavailability. arson, murder, and jaywalking: the kyubi's favorite pastimes are murder, adultery, and cheating at cards. after jiraiya's death, hinata calls ino the biggest pervert in the village, and tenten readily agrees. sasuke returns to leaf village - sakura is really excited! hinata's eyes widened as she dropped the basket and ran towards the bathrooms, worried about the pink haired girl. not so stoic: after learning of itachi's death and sasuke's absorption by orochimaru, kakashi keeps it together just long enough to make it to yugao's apartment. smiled at each other, before she went inside her house and he returned to his own place. on the other hand, choza, inochi and shikaku all regret not being there for naruto for yukihana's sake. kakashi, shino, kiba, and sai against the kouin sisters naruto has a brawl with tsunade for emotion reasons the paths of pein to sakura and keiko madara to hinata and sakura would hurt a child: yori being possessed doesn't stop anyone from killing her, though they do immediately regret it. darui and naruto say boruto and sarada will suprass them || boruto uses sexy jutsu on sarada.. watching the sunset: naruto and hinata's first time alone together as an official couple is watching the sunset from atop the hokage monument.

Naruto and sakura dating fanfiction

the akatsuki starts to fall apart after the near death of madara, but is absorbed by gouki first. the point of the chapter is sowing the seeds of hinata mastering the five-points rasengan, and naruto inspiring her singularity rasengan. then the first novella of book three goes back to naruto and hinata's relationship, having them deal with some interference from her grandfather. after a few months, since his return, she had asked him out again and this time he had accepted. which does not cover telling a group of ninjas who are the person's friends and have a history of going awol exactly where she is being held.: orochimaru does this a couple of times; when naruto shows up during his fight against madara, after manda dies, in his final fight with naruto. in book 4 gouki is able to become raikage, then take over the waterfall and grass countries, and then the rain country; before the good guys start disrupting his plans. rags to riches: when naruto becomes a full, legal adult he is given access to his mother's savings and his grandfather's royalty checks. she jumped into the middle of the arena, and after a stellar kiss, he starts to berate himself for forgetting his planned speech. multi-ranged master: sakura has her bow, kunai, as well as some range ninjutsu and genjutsu. once that was over, sakura took out the food and hinata was quick to notice the cinnamon buns. combined with his own royalty checks, and his frugal nature, he ends up with a "personal net worth exceeds that of some of the smaller clans in this village" according to hiashi. four-temperament ensemble: naruto is sanguine, sakura is choleric, hinata is melancholic, and kakashi is phlegmatic. hug and comment: when hinata tells nyoko that she and naruto are finally dating officially, the princess hugs her and jokes: nyoko: "but you better watch out for this guy. the kyubi tells naruto that she may be unrepentantly evil, but unlike certain humans (madara), she has standards. she squeezed his hand again as she saw his face after she'd mentioned it. the three falcons iruka summons are named harrier, lancaster, and zero. chastity couple: naruto and hinata, at least until they get engaged. if ukon opens a hole in the barrier, jirobo hits him, and the whole thing goes down. sealed inside a person-shaped can: the tailed beasts and the shadow roc. wasn't entirely sure if this was how dates went since nobody had ever asked her out. this incident doesn't occur in the story and isn't elaborated upon beyond the very basic one-sentence summary. anti-villain: gouki namikaze wants to rule the world, and is willing to enslave (preferably) or kill all ninjas to do it. berserk button: sol has two, insulting hinata and insulting the squirrel ninja clan. the asura path of pein describes gaara as a badger/tanuki and neji as a small falcon or a crow. and one of tenten's weapons is a stretchy scarf with heavy sand weights at either end. remember that you trust me: kakashi isn't very good with emotional conversations, so when sakura needs a dose of this, he creates a crowning moment of heartwarming by removing his mask. ino and nyoko try to outdo each other in attracting male attention. not a date: hinata wonders if naruto taking her dancing in chapter 26 is meant to be a date or not. then he got a weapon to match hers, and learned a technique to overcome her trump card move, and won the rematch. the cameo: though mentioned only in name, it seems thomas arashikage, recca hanabishi, yanagi sakoshita, and cameron watanabe are all leaf ninjas. night had been great and he would take her out again soon. also, when taunted, the spirits of the first four hokages show that they can do the same thing.

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it ends with her consciously using her hidden leaf headband as a headband instead of a necklace. love epiphany: naruto and sakura each have one of these. and though gates to one afterlife are described, what is on the other side is not illuminated. the story explores the military side of village life, and sakura's drive to become an elite soldier so that she won't die in the field. iruka dives for it, scrambles back, and asks her to marry him. holding hands: at the end of the yuletide arc, naruto and hinata fall asleep holding hands, in separate sleeping bags. sakura thought of leaning forward for a kiss, but rejected the thought given that she thought it was too soon. wins a ramen competition, naruto and boruto are shocked to find out hinata is the ramen queen. she(hinata) knew he was just quoting a song title, but she couldn't help but grin and blush."nice job," he replied, this time being the one to squeeze her hand. and the one time naruto and hinata meet nyoko in her formal, princess get up, nyoko changes into civilian clothes at the first possible moment. hana and shizune's kids are named toshiro and momo for a reason. the man behind the man: gouki has pein and konan work for madara to help keep him from going off the rails and to co-opt madara's plans once they reach fruition. bond, i expect you to dine: the blood-taster serves sakura, naruto, hinata and lee an impeccable lunch. instead, the grass usurper decided he would not wait any longer, and since gouki had promised to help him, he both moved up his plans and changed them. parody religion: despite being definitively polytheistic, there is a christmas parody celebration, and naruto and hinata's wedding is christian flavored." said sakura putting the lid down on the picnic basket. fanfiction contains the following tropes: agents dating: sakura and itachi go on a fake date to steal supplies, and they pretend that he's her secret boyfriend in order to explain her absences from the village. he also is interested in killing gouki and pein and making the shozokus his own. naruto and hinata have lightning as a secondary element which they play up after tsunade teaches them the rashinsho. it had been more than 10 minutes since she had run off and she was getting worried. he explains that jiraiya forced him to learn, and that he found out that he likes it. curtains match the window: the kouin triplets normally have blue hair and eyes, but one of them assumes green hair and another green eyes to trick their opponents. word of god says ino would have been fine with a threesome, but knows sakura and choji wouldn't. i like the way they smell, and there is nothing like a long, hard. though she is willing to let naruto duel orochimaru one on one, she wants to be there, to encourage naruto, to remind him not to be reckless, and so they can back him up when orochimaru double crosses him. and then there is the scene where naruto find the photograph of his mother holding him. multi-armed and dangerous: yuko has four arms; three where her right arm should be. a cape-like extension off the back of the bodice and sleeves added an additional layer to the back of the gown. girl with psycho weapon: sakura and her big honking axe. as a matter of fact she looked pleased about it and wasn't doing it out of pity or to make someone jealous.: in chapter 85 hinata tells her grandfather "unless some cosmic joke were to have the daimyo stride into the village and appoint some random ninja hokage, naruto will lead the hidden leaf one day. despair event horizon: originally gouki was a depressed, technically missing ninja who only wanted to teach his students and may be start a family with his new bride.

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innocent innuendo: "oh," hinata squealed in surprise as a drop of the sticky, white liquid flew up and hit her right cheek. brutal honesty: tsunade tells naruto and hinata exactly what their skillsets are and aren't good for. misfit mobilization moment: naruto and hanabi pulling it together to pass kakashi's test. breaking speech: kabuto to hinata, after she demands to know why he saved her during the chunin exams. badass transplant: kabuto follows kakashi's example and replaces his own arm with kimimaro's. he sets them straight and ultimately averts this trope nicely. turns out that when you don't have absurd sharingan powers, you need to actually experience painful and terrifying sensations before you can inflict them on others. today was their first date and sakura wanted everything to be just perfect for the two of them. gouki chooses suicide by cop rather than being tried and executed. sasuke gives her a real kiss, and she dies in the middle of claiming that he really did love her. just then sakura felt a strange grumble in her stomach and an intense amount of pain in her stomach. that changes as hinata (and others) compliment his skills, and hinata is more than willing to do the dishes. keiko takamichi has some "cool battle scars" on her back, from where pein's animal path hit her after she and her cousin finished off the naraka path. improbable aiming skills: sakura uses her bow to shoot multiple targets through the heart. is an adorable white-haired young girl and the goddess of death. the discovery also assists in the freeing of neji, sakura, and sasuke. she has a low opinion of the uchiha, the fourth hokage, kids these days, and the idea of some punk making a name off of her jutsu. blessed with suck: kohaku's appearance is so bland that people constantly overlook and forget about her, whether she wants it or not." a-cup angst: sakura has it every now and then in the story. laugh themselves sick: in chapter 65, anko suffers a fit of uncontrollable laughter (even dropping what she is holding and gasping for breath) after she finds out where hinata hid during the stealth and tracking test.. obfuscating stupidity: kaede mizuno would prefer that everyone think she gets by on her looks and family connections, rather than being a fully qualified jonin. real men cook: naruto is a very good cook, but initially refuses to do so, because he hates cleaning up, and jiraiya (who forced him to learn how to cook in the first place) was very picky about naruto's efforts. nothing is stopping her from stepping back and becoming a hospital medic; however, the idea of staying off the front lines feels like cowardice to her. villainous valor: nagato/pein, konan, kohaku and gouki all display it, befitting their roles as anti villains. but when he says the wrong thing in the wrong place and time, those same rules are used against him, and he loses his position and authority. cynical mentor: sakura's genjutsu teacher, gozen, a retired anbu from the same generation as sarutobi hiruzen. the nine-tails was forced to attack and destroy the village hidden in the lakes, and is unhappy about that. kidomaru, after seeing sakura kill both tayuya and jirobo with sol and luné's help, steps into the fiery barrier surrounding the both of them rather than fight a losing battle with her. there's also the kyubi keeping madara and later orochimaru from braining naruto with tsukuyomi when she merges with him. loads and loads of characters: in addition to the included members of the regular cast, the fic promotes many secondary and filler characters, and adds a number of ocs. romance arc: book 1 is mostly about how naruto fell for hinata, and how she got comfortable around him. chapter 54 is about the first official mission of team yugao: kiba, shino, sasame fuma, and yugao uzuki. wham line: last line of chapter 89, and in chapter 90 when naruto proposes. What to write in online dating message

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while no true warrior, lady toki, the daimyo of the land of birds, does know her way around a katana and will use it when pressed. eye scream: madara's living eyes and the way he takes a new body. sakura becomes more efficient after kakshi suggests she take up the bow. ino gets a look at its true form when she does a mind transfer jutsu fictional document: the works of soun uzumaki (naruto's maternal grandfather). sakura was frozen in horror for a few seconds before quickly yanking up her clothes and running off embarrassed. hyuga/hyuuga split personality: yori and roc-chan start of darkness: nagato and konan, kohaku, and gouki with some overlap. he joined her laughter with his own and ignored the curious voices behind them. rank inflation: x-rank missions and missing ninjas, as mentioned in random power ranking. curb-stomp battle: a technical jonin is someone who on paper has all the skills and knowledge to be a jonin but no real experience. bait-and-switch comparison: done in conjunction with the animal motifs example, some times after orichimaru has summoned manda (or one of his other snakes), the text will refer to 'the snake', and then in the next line reference manda doing something else. last naruto the movie: sakura x sasuke love story - hokage kakashi trailer. cruel and unusual death: madara gets sucked into a micro black hole. tsunade and jiraiya, with kakashi and shizune as backup, keep the secret of naruto's father's identity. as she has a tendency to do in times of stress, hinata becomes suddenly aggressive, confronting naruto and berating him for abusing her feelings for a cruel story. not only the target is more than one person, they differ only in eye and hair color and use primarily different combat methods. passing the torch: tsunade and jiraiya discuss the possibility of naruto, hinata and sakura taking up the sannin title. he uses it to create his, hinata's, and sakura's signature weapons and repair them. prison riot: the human path pein causes one in the leaf village to aid his and the ninja reaper's escape." cannibalism super power: the blood drinker demon clan can store a human's blood in their body, gaining the person's chakra, jutsu, and kekkei genkai.": as it turns out, the daimyo and nyoko are big fans of mr. except kisame would not have interfered in the first place, and would not have even attacked sasuke in the event of itachi's loss, because it would have gone against itachi's wishes. - chapters: 6 - words: 11,219 - reviews: 120 - favs: 149 - follows: 65 - updated: 11/8/2007 - published: 8/7/2007 - status: complete - id: 3708289. flechette storm: naruto's cyclone spikes barrage, and various kunai, shuriken and needle attacks. even better, they are triplets who pretend to be twins, letting the one who is not fighting rest and provide tactical support. love redeems: erica was an assassin from the cloud sent to the akatsuki to entice and kill itachi. noble wolf: the hunt spirit, a demon wolf that only hunts dangerous prey, and generally protects humans and livestock. and the argus (from greek mythology) and a roc appear as other (non-bijuu) demons.: itachi fighting sasuke at the old uchiha estate, kabuto escaping the sound village after naruto amputates his arm with rasenshuriken, orochimaru when fighting madara at the akatsuki hideout and the kyubi extraction fails and naruto escapes. and the third triplet aisa there is no kill like overkill: orochimaru and madara are definitely dead." sakura blushed as she undid the lid to the bowl. bad guys: karin, deidara, kabuto, orochimaru, manda, madara, kisame, zetsu, homura. training from hell: sakura's basic physical training, which involves being chased around by kakashi's dogs all day. yori for the first one third of book 4, naruto ends each preview with a different famous(? What does dating mean in a relationship

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plus she had went off and questioned her teammates about her likes and dislikes before preparing the food. that this is my favorite naruto yuri pairing, i've decided to finally write a fanfic on the pair. they come from multiple villages, have multiple reasons to be there, and quickly pull together to rescue naruto, rather than wait for a proper plan and orders. better to die than be killed: the kyubi chooses to die and merge the last remnants of her essence with naruto rather than submit to madara again. aika and aimi kouin wear strips of cloth that only cover the minimum necessary bits. they are required to swear unbreakable oaths to follow gouki's orders and basic laws like not killing or stealing. multicolored hair: ayameko's hair is blue on the right and slowly changes to purple on the left. cerebus rollercoaster: book one starts off with naruto and hinata getting to know each other better, with a few darker hints..: naruto, briefly, after jiraya dies and sasuke comes to terms with dying at his old teammates' hands. sanity has advantages: the reaper of shinobi claims this is the reason she can take on neji and tenten alone, while in the past she was unable to beat naruto or hinata alone. suddenly she heard a loud explosion and saw a large cloud of green smoke coming from the restrooms." she grinned as she subtly filled her hand with chakra. secret keeper the five kages and the leaders of three kekkei genkai clans hold the secret origins of bloodline traits. chekhov's classroom: tsunade's exposition about how 99% of all promotions to chuunin come through the exams, in order to uphold the prestige and honor therein, and that committee- or battle-granted promotions are exceedingly rare. the rest of the novellas in book three are much darker, killing more major characters and pushing others to their breaking point. sol and luné, hinata's squirrel familiars doraku, blood taster demon nyoko honokata, princess of the land of fire kaede mizuno, mist hunter and daughter of the mizukage the reaper of shinobi, axe-crazy reoccurring villain natsuki, gaara's bodyguard keiko and kei takamichi, identical cousins and hanabi's teammates and her cousins yasuo mizuno, the mizukage mitsuru jishin, the tsuchikage kohaku namikaze, the six tails jinchuriki and naruto's aunt by marriage gouki namikaze, the greater-scope villain and naruto's uncle our vampires are different: they are demons and cannot change humans into vampires. chapter 26 has naruto take hinata out dancing for their unofficial first date. the second layer went all the way to the floor, and as was also visible through the gap in the front. turned around and took only one step before her arm was captured by sasuke. roof hopping: naruto, hinata, and kankuro during the yuletide arc. show within a show: the kunoichi and the priest books. the "fun" in "funeral": the funeral of kankuro; doubles with values dissonance as the land of fire sees funerals as solemn and mournful, while the land of wind celebrates the life and times of the deceased, leaving mourning to be done at ones own discretion. until they lose to kaede jsut by her appearing, and decide to try to join forces against her. anguished declaration of love: hinata thought naruto knew about her feelings and was mocking them. evil old folks: orochimaru, madara, gokki, hyota hyuga (more of a jerk than outright evil) and homura. amusement park: naruto, hinata, neji, tenten, ino, and choji go to one to try to prove that they are on vacation, not a covert mission. but by the time of naruto and hinata's wedding, where even other kunoichi several years her junior are better endowed than her, she gets over it. official couple: naruto and hinata, kakashi and yugao, iruka and anko, ino and choji, tenten and neji, shikamaru and temari, minato and yukihana, shin and chiasa and many more. breaking the fellowship: yugao, anko and iruka after their sensei's death. though she's known all along that she's treated hinata rather shitty, that was the first time she admitted it both to herself and another person. hoist by his own petard: death is not involved, but it still fits: hyouta hyuuga (hinata's grandfather) attempts to use the hyuuga clan laws to break up naruto and hinata. hinata is a fan of his fantasy trilogy the kunoichi and the priest. the many shozokus killed during the story and even the paths of pein, who redeem themselves shortly after nagato mercy-re-kills them and they die from their original wounds.

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forceful kiss: sakura when she makes her move on naruto. she converts a rasengan into a weaponized black hole, and kills the previously immortal madara with it. she had prepared red bean soup and cinnamon rolls knowing the younger girl liked them and packed a few other foods. very useful as a ninja, but made it very difficult for her to get promoted and she was chosen for a suicide mission because she wouldn't be missed. as cliqued as this moment was, the two girls' eyes locked up and neither girl pulled away from each other. was nervous as she placed the final touches on the food she had made for her date. in-universe, this was the actual result of the uchiha massacre: madara was displeased with his clan so he decided to kill most all of them with susano-o, leaving itachi (who he spared by dent of being exceedingly badass) to either watch them die slowly and painfully or to put them out of their misery. lovely angels: hinata and sakura against the zombies, and often after that. and more importantly, she did not choose to attack the lake or leaf villages. plus a closet full of weapons and other gear than would not fit on the wall. cannot spit it out: nagato and konan when they were younger. dance of romance: it's an uptempo dance, not a slow dance, but it is naruto and hinata's first date. says that she guides souls to (and in some cases back from) the afterlifes, but does not control them. loony friends improve your personality: hinata is able to become a lot more confident due to the time she spends with naruto, kakashi, and tsunade. got sick and hinata gets mad at naruto and boruto''find out hinata is the ramen queen''. dropping the bombshell: when minato's ghost admits he is naruto's father, everyone else in the fight stops and stares for a few seconds. smiled at him and he gently stroke a pink hair lock out of her face. friendship moment: chapter 53, when ino apologizes to hinata for sakura's bitchiness, and assure hinata that no-one else agrees with sakura. word of god says naruto did not even realize it might be considered a date until almost the end. Sure, her crush on Naruto went unrequited, but she …Fanfiction  |  unleash your imagination. they talked a lot and as it got really late, they decided to go home. saved thanks to lots of chakra, blood and a big chunk of hair."i really love living here," sakura said enjoying her sight. multi-part episode: ninja cram school, the brother's war, and forging a conqueror were all split into two parts. cooldown hug: not his intent, but naruto inadvertently gives one to hinata in the first chapter. was in disguise and was on to find someone simple minded and love struck enough to help him get to the nine-tails. manly tears: lee and naruto shed them when gai dies and jiraiya, sasuke and gouki die. line in the sand: before going to rescue naruto, hinata offers her friends this (at naruto's prior request). arc words: "rank does not equate to skill", said a few different ways, and essentially the arc words for books one and two. cosmopolitan council: the five (roughly, due to deaths and other spoilers) kages, a. tsunade weaponizes this, giving naruto and company a certain order she knows they will break and wants them to break. unlike her friends, the young woman wore no gloves, and her engagement ring shone brightly on her finger. then it ends with a major, if short war, and some life changing events therein.

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the end result is that the uchiha brothers end up destroying each other at the exact moment they both need and want to work together. even evil has standards: kohaku seems genuinely fond of hinata and when it becomes clear that she's in danger, pauses the fight with hinata's allies so that one of them may rescue her. as the greater-scope villain, naruto's uncle and minato's brother, pretty much any important mention of him is going to spoil the last two books. and Sasuke have a child in The Last: Naruto the Movie. Your Heroes by Evil Is A Relative Term is a Naruto Alternate Universe Fanfic where Haruno Sakura is forced to kill during the Wave Arc and, as an …While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. indy ploy: often but deliberately invoked in the rain village by gaara when neji is understandably unsure of their course of action. it's not you, it's my enemies: naruto considers applying this trope in the first chapter, but hinata is eavesdropping again, and tells him she won't buy it. hooked up afterwards: gaara and matsuri are married in the distant finale with very little build up. heroic sacrifice: the kyubi killing herself by bonding with naruto and becoming the basis for his kekkei genkai. in chapter 26 the bandleader asks if the dancers are ''in the mood" also serves as a waxing lyrical. chapter 125 makes it sound like naruto and hinata are about to have sex. hinata is willing to let sakura pick on her when sakura is in a bad mood, but as soon as sakura says something bad about naruto, hinata snaps and gives her teammate a verbal dressing down. and though he will kill if absolutely necessary, he prefers not to, unlike many of the 'good guys'. and then admits that that really only happens in bad romance novels. hinata's are her bracers and sakura has her axe and bow and arrows. both kohaku and kaede have shades of this; both are willing to use their sex appeal to get what they want both in and out of battle. self-surgery: a clumsy, stop-gap version of this helps sakura to survive being impaled by sasori. all so they would not be pursued (since they appeared to have failed), and naruto could get a face to face with gouki. almost kiss: hinata tries to lay one on an injured (but also not resisting) naruto, until sakura interrupts. mundane utility: gaara's ability to control sand is used to clean naruto's new condo. but twice he turns his eyes red without using the fox's power, to trick/intimidate his opponent. suicide by cop: gouki chooses to force hinata and sakura to lethally injure him, rather than being captured, tried, and executed. this is reality: naruto mentions the unlikely but still theoretically possible scenario that he and hinata both fall in love with a second woman. afterwards he was so disillusioned with ninjas in general, that he walked away from the life, especially after he met his wife and took nagato and konan under his wing. madara uchiha captured and tortured three demons until they submitted to joining with him. we have become complacent: the view retired anbu have towards today's konoha, and the reason why gozen decides to shape sakura into a weapon for the village. the sand forces participating make an effort not to let him show them up." the two girls began eating and began talking mostly about training and their day so far. naruto asks why nagato is working for gouki, and nagato says so gouki can absolve him for killing yahiko. the kouin sisters refer to sasuke as 'kohai' and kabuto as 'senpai'. she started to excuse herself to the restroom and had begun to get up when she felt herself let loose a loud fart. pragmatic hero: sakura grows into this through her exposure to ex-anbu and her own military service. in book 2 the akatsuki kidnap naruto and start extracting the fox, before the demon make a heroic sacrifice and naruto's friends show up to rescue him.Naruto: The difference a kiss can make Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic

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interspecies friendship: hinata (a human) with sol and luna (her squirrel familiars) and ni-ne ( the two tails cat demon). jiraiya destroying orochimaru's original body despite the seals and jutsu protecting it, and his own injuries catching up with him. word of god confirms it will never fade, due to whatever the fox did to make that wound leave a scar in the first place. badass bookworm: the defining trait of rare genjutsu types like sakura, itachi, and orochimaru. instead both girls blushed and hinata attempted to tell sakura she should have it while sakura insisted her she should all the while not pulling away. violently protective girlfriend: hinata and hana inuzuka both show signs of this. has two mommies: the children of shizune and hana heroic b. minato for sealing the kyuubi in him in the first place. enough that kisame was a witness at itachi's wedding and he chooses to fulfill itachi's last request to bring rei (itachi's daughter) to the leaf village despite not being a huge fan of the leaf village. only then would they have attacked the grass and waterfall. improbable weapon user: the staff-blades used by naruto, anko, iruka, and hizashi hyuga are pretty unusual. lock and load montage: hinata gets one after naruto is kidnapped by he akatsuki while they are swimming. before naruto and hinata's up tempo dance in chapter 26, the bandleader asks if the crowd is in the mood. their 'uniform' is (admittedly armored) strips of cloth that just barely cover their breasts and pelvises. back-to-back badasses: naruto and hinata's double vision protection of the eight trigrams, one hundred ninety-two palms badass adorable: keiko and kei takamichi, ni-ne, sol and luné. she picked up the basket and hurried down the road for her date. hinata is at the core, and temari and sasame fuma are added to the periphery members. ino pulls a nasty and humiliating prank on sakura, the blonde learns the hard way not to mess with her. i should have been better: naruto and tsunade, about sasuke and jiraiya's deaths.. living emotional crutch: naruto to hinata and deconstructed after the jonin trials: when he's around, she's a badass lady of war; when he's not, she starts slipping back into being a shrinking violet. sakura admits to herself and lee that she has feelings for naruto. she decides to start working on being just as strong and plucky when he isn't around as she is when he is there.'s funny fights and epic battle with naruto - uchiha sasuke's problem amv. when the demon taunts him with the fact that naruto can't kill him, naruto blows a hole through doruka's chest, drives a stalagmite through the hole, pinning doraku to a cave wall and then has his blood clones collapse the cave on top of the vampire. a trio of puppeteers are named anzu, jonouchi and honda. twin switch: the kouin sisters are identical twins except that their hair and eye colors are reversed."sakura wanted to kiss that pretty face so bad, but again she didn't want to rush things and scare her away. so he gently tackles her, and tells her he's going to ravish her until she forgets herself and says yes. know when to fold 'em: aimi and aisa quickly surrender when it become clear that they won't win during the true sound arc. threatening shark: kisame, but with a different backstory and source of strength than canon. both genuinely care about their younger brothers and both have the worst timing telling them so; sasuke learns about his brother's intentions ten minutes before he dies, and gouki ignores minato up until he receives news of the hokage's death. the sword freezes anything else it touches, and enhancing his ice techniques. near-death experience: sakura can't seem to get through a major battle without horrific near-fatal damage. Dating a man that has never been married

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when naruto is kidnapped by the akatsuki, hinata ignores the hokage's orders, and basically declares war on the group, dragging all of her and naruto's friends off to fight to get him back. anko, iruka, and yugao's history only takes about half of the chapter. your heroes by evil is a relative term is a naruto alternate universe fanfic where haruno sakura is forced to kill during the wave arc and, as an indirect result, forms a close relationship with hatake kakashi. the truth is that while she is better now that she has been forced into sanity, neji and tenten were also holding back somewhat. you can't thwart stage one: done in both books 2 and 4. many jonin and tokujo, such as naruto, hinata and natsuki, know first aid jutsu to help out in a pinch. kindhearted cat lover: hinata's "rescue" and adoption of ni-ne qualifies her. lethal chef: hinata's attempt to make ramen for naruto left him weak in the knees, and not in a good way. so he gives a simpler one, and then pops the question. just friends: naruto tells sakura this when she tries to come on to him just in time: all the big damn heroes moments, naturally. "the reason you suck" speech: sakura is constantly struggling not to give one of these to naruto after the timeskip. lovable sex maniac: ino doesn't make a pass at sakura because it wouldn't be fair to her boyfriend choji. tyrant takes the helm: the grass usurper taking over the land of grass, and gouki becoming the raikage at the start of book 4 both qualify. everything's deader with zombies: naruto, sakura, hinata and lee end up fighting zombies in at the dojutsu tournament. at least sakura and lee had one date in the story, and hanabi was obviously after an oblivious kiba. the battle lasted about ninety minutes and left everyone who saw it seriously impressed with the skills of both genin, even if most of them don't remember kohaku's name or appearance. she snarkily refuses, saying she just got out of one bad situation, and isn't going to jump into another one. bow and sword, in accord: after she learns archery, sakura uses her bow more than her axe, but she still switches between them as need. gouki decides to trust in naruto and company's idea of a better world, and structures his death to try to help them. and on their first date, after naruto drive-by kisses her on the cheek, hinata falls to her knees and doesn't move for a while. naruto counters that this trope is the reason he and hinata belong together, and how he knows sakura isn't really in love with him. voluntary shapeshifting: thanks to the six-tailed chameleon, kohaku is an expert spy and shapeshifter. but in reality that's a low level transformation so they can switch back and forth, making their opponents think they are more skilled than they actually are (each having heavily studied one type of ninja combat). women like temari and chiyo are passed over for consideration as kazekage because of their gender. celibate hero: sakura considers becoming this as she grows closer to becoming an elite. waxing lyrical: in chapter 26 the bandleader asks if the dancers are "in the mood" also serves as a title drop. gaiden : 2015 new series part 3 - boruto the movie - sasuke x sakura. flash step: like canon, but notable because naruto combines body flicker with shadow clones to create the 'flash split', allowing him to vanish from one place and reappear in three or four different ones." armor-piercing slap: in the first chapter, a distraught, heartbroken, and humiliated hinata gives one to naruto, thanks to her overhearing an out-of-context conversation naruto, sakura and shikimaru were having. never a self-made woman: subverted by sakura, who (as in canon) is basically the only significant kunoichi of her generation that isn't affiliated with a famous family. least is first: after hinata draws her figurative line in the sand, sasame, the self-admitted newcomer, is the first to officially volunteer. then in the second half naruto gets kidnapped, and his friends go awol to rescue him. hinata was polite enough to ignore it and say she'd wait until she got back. Dating someone a week after a breakup | SasuSaku | Naruto Couples Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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the bond between sasuke & sakura | naruto storm 4 road to boruto.: madara will do anything to become an immortal physical god including destroying his now, in his own opinion, worthless clan, which causes itachi to do anything and everything to make sure sasuke is capable of killing him and thus would be a credible threat to madara. it's icing for cinnamon rolls they are making, and hinata accidentally turned the mixer up too high. then she stood on the tips of her toes and quickly kissed him on the mouth. examples of: 0% approval rating: the only thing keeping madara's allies from attacking and killing him is the fact that he is necessary to their plans. internal reveal: done a few times hinata's anguished declaration of love in the first chapter. admittedly there was a guide hole, but the stone was bigger, and the vampire is pinned to the wall by it. sometime during book one, kakashi was seriously poisoned on a mission, and was hospitalized for two weeks. and sakura moments - love me like you do amv. capture the flag: kakashi has naruto and hanabi play capture the flag against hinata, sakura, and kiba to determine if the former pair are ready to compete in the chunin exams. sakura to itachi, once she is confident that he won't gut her for suggesting that giving his eyes to an emotionally unstable sasuke is a really stupid plan. guys smash, girls shoot: naruto and sakura as teammates in the latter part of the story. instead she hires the sand ninjas to do the finding, and tells naruto and company they are not allowed to go awol to do the rescuing. she let go of his hand and to him it now felt cold and empty. enemy mine: sasuke decided to stick around and help naruto against doraku. he just wanted to prove he was better than the entire konoha medical corps (because he diagnosed and healed hinata in minutes, something they couldn't do in a month). swiss army weapon: naruto's kitsune: staff-blade, broadsword, two-handed sword, rasenblade (chainsaw sword), and shield. and when a fight turns bad, they quit rather than risk getting scars. hyouta arranges a groom for hinata and hand picked hiashi's second wife.'s follow sasuke and sakura on their first date, shall we? instead she squeezed her hand and rubbed over her incredibly smooth hand with her thumb. grand theft me: for orochimaru and sasuke it is more like 'grand lease with potential to buy me'. when she had accepted to go out on a date with her, the pink haired ninja felt like the happiest girl in the world. temporary love interest: hyuuga tatsuo, who dies at sakura's side before they have a chance to become a battle couple. hopeless suitor: hinata forcibly stops being one, and it shifts to sakura. unskilled, but strong: hinata and kakashi explicitly call naruto this at the beginning of the story. covert pervert: sakura picks up kakashi-like reading habits with focus on reverse harems and femdom. he explains the misunderstanding, and the two resolve to get to know one another better. when they drink a human's blood they gain that person's chakra, jutsu (including kekkei genkai), and can control the person, even after death. you are not alone: when naruto sneaks off to fight orochimaru, hinata drags sakura along after him. when gouki drains him of nearly all his chakra, naruto removes it and gains the shin tensei kitsune jutsu. random power ranking: in addition to the normal e-s rank of missions and bingo book entries, the story adds x-rank, indicating the threat requires the tactical intercession of two or more of the big five villages. after all those weeks of working up the nerve to ask her out, the pay off was grossing her out and possibly never getting a date with her again!
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eventually kakashi stops being sakura's sensei and starts being an eccentric older brother figure. neji gives him another side to their clans' rivalry, and invites him to create his own life, like neji has learned to do." sakura quickly grabbed the napkins and placed them inside with the rest of the food and blanket. the plot reaper: yori of the naka clan exists so her death will lead ino and chouji to accept naruto's jinchuriki status. the ringing palms technique is aces against gentle fist, hard fist and hard materials. i die free: sasuke interferes in naruto and orochimaru's final battle, even though he knows it will kill him due to an unbreakble oath he swore to orochimaru. massive multiplayer scam: neji's plan during the real save the princess arc ino and choji attempt to sneak in while disguised, choji blows it naruto and hinata jump in to help, drawing out most of the guards, but ultimately slowly lose due to being outnumbered and under-equipped after the fight starts, neji and tenten use plan c, sneaking in the back; however, they are overwhelmed by the final guard, the reaper of shinobi neji orders a retreat it was all a big distraction, so the real naruto and hinata (the ones fighting were clones) can sneak in and replace the hostages with naruto's transformed clones.: if sasuke and sakura will ever be together i will be happy! the uchiha and their tendency towards utopia justifies the means without any care for the consequences. sakura throws jirobo at ukon who is one the other side the shishienjin (fire barrier) and maintaining it. she eventually chooses to die and thus fuels naruto's kekkei genkai. he'd seen some things he'd really rather not see and heard things he'd really rather not hear but nothing's perfect. i want my beloved to be happy: sakura cites this as the reason it's okay for naruto to dump hinata for her. he even lets konan and later, nagato and his acolytes leave in peace, because they are his friends, not prisoners. given it is an antique and a relic of a past mizukage, the demon is very unhappy. "i'm very glad you wanted to go on a date with me," she said and blushed. ultimate blacksmith: naruto if kitsune, ginmaki, and sakura's unnamed bow are any indication. first name ultimatum: sakura and tsunade are both very good at making naruto's name sound like a swear word. she was glad she had something to bring the hyuuga and didn't have to possibly deal with ino in case she was helping at the shop. his character arc is about slowly climbing out of it and learning to form platonic bonds again. this story continues to follow them through their dates and the development of their relationship. terror hero: sakura, once she gets a handle on genjutsu. i've always found other women attractive, and not just in an aesthetic way. chapter 61 sends sakura and rock lee to rescue a weaponsmith from bandits who intend to sell him the the akatsuki, and gives lee a chance to show off his skills as a more traditional ninja. story is now complete with 170 chapters and over 700,000 words in length. sakura only nodded and had only got one step when she felt that same grumble again followed by an incredibly loud and massive fart that even the hyuuga couldn't possibly ignore. she can't stand that he feels entitled to go on high-level missions even though he has no field experience, and that he's disrespectful towards their commanding officer, tsunade. red herring: a chapter spends a good deal of time on hinata's suigin rasengan, which is never shown again and only mentioned in passing. danzo shields tsunade from a fire jutsu that was too fast for her to dodge and for him to deflect with a jutsu.: sakura to hinata during the slumber party, both why hinata wants naruto and why he wants her."don't you think it would only feed their gossiping when my date would beat up a few guys for me? the reveal of naruto's father, though this was not previously revealed in the story and counts on the reader knowing it from canon. putting the band back together: yugao, anko, iruka eventually make amends.
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animal motifs: naruto and foxes, orochimaru and serpents (there's scarcely a moment in the narrative when he is not referred to as a "snake"), kisame and sharks, kohaku and other lizards, the inuzuka and canines, the aburame and insects and pretty much all the summoners. brainwashed and crazy: neji, sasuke, hinata, and sakura under doraku's blood seal. part of her hair is damaged, and she cuts the rest to match. blood magic: the blood-taster's specialty: drink some of your victim's blood, gain their jutsu and natural and bloodline abilities." said hinata as she looked towards the way sakura had run. gai opens the gate of death to kill kisame and predictably dies shortly afterwards. always save the girl: played straight in an early chapter, and then subverted near the end. she couldn't believe that just happened on the very first date she had with her! otherwise, he'd be running from the entire ninja world and possibly the civilians too. and does so while naruto is out on a date. he has a nasty scar on the back of his left hand because of it. he had warned her not to have any expectations for the date, but she'd just laughed his comment away. the project is ultimately abandoned thanks to naruto pointing out three glaring weaknesses during his fight with the beta tester. he spun her back around and pressed his own lips against hers. during the war he acted as an independent agent (due to feuding with his brother minato) and frequently ended up protecting civilians from ninjas who used the war as an excuse to commit crimes. 'i'll just hold it all in and finish this, cha! artificial limbs: shino loses a leg fighting the three-tails turtle, and has it replaced by a colony of insects that mimic a human leg. sand in my eyes: neji does this chapter 3 after hearing about naruto's treasure kunai." they would cut you up: what kabuto intends to do, should he ever lay hands upon a byakugan user. just as she was leaning over to grab another one, her hand landed on top of hinata's hand. also sakura and naruto (though naruto not so much as in canon). in front of most of the leaf and sand ninjas. laser-guided karma: naruto spent most of part i watching sakura fawn all over sasuke, sakura spends most of the fanfic watching naruto and hinata fawn all over each other. hinata went to naruto's apartment and watched him practice his weapons, going so far as to ask him to take off his shirt, first. a shozoku's uniform color indicates their rank and approximate skill level: tan: rank - private, skill level - academy student or recently graduated genin green: rank - pfc, skill level - genin blue: rank - sergeant, skill level - chunin red: rank - lieutenant, skill level - tokujo grey: rank - captain, skill level - jonin black: rank - special forces, skill level - anbu combat medic: sakura, tsunade, shizune and ino, of course and shino as well. before that, itachi is killed and orochimaru successfully takes sasuke's body. she remembered the day she had first asked the girl out and how much it shocked her that the shy girl had accepted it without hesitation." gouki namikaze fatal flaw: the blood-taster gains abilities and jutsu through blood, therefore he can't digest it because if he does, he loses the powers it gave. was summer and therefore still hot outside, even though it was getting a little dark. green-eyed epiphany: sakura, to some degree after naruto says he's no longer interested in her, and definitely after naruto and hinata become an official couple. fighting from the inside: sasuke after orochimaru completely takes over his body finishing move: hinata's singularity rasengan first kiss: naruto's trial has ended with his promotion to chuunin, but he's much more interested in conveying his love epiphany to hinata in this way. with all these people, no way she'd see me and come to bother me. wacky marriage proposal: naruto had just finished beating up hianta's grandfather for the right to date her.

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