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the genjutsu-inducing lake, sakura sees a gently smiling sasuke and keeps beckoning her over. as naruto brings up sakura's feelings for sasuke, he denies that sakura would go after sasuke and kill him because she is truly in love with him. after the shinobi's departure, sakura sadly thinks to herself about sasuke; confirming the man she is in love with to be sasuke. after a humiliating defeat at the hands of the sound four, who offer him to join them to orochimaru, he ultimately decides to defect and sever his bonds with sakura, naruto, and the rest of his friends. attempting to create an opening diversion, sakura activates her strength of a hundred technique and charges towards madara, but is quickly stabbed in the process. sometime later, sakura wakes up and immediately asks for sasuke and naruto's whereabouts. sakura then gave birth to a daughter, whom she and sasuke named sarada uchiha, essentially beginning the uchiha clan's restoration, as sasuke always wanted. i memorize the more than 100 ideas of a ninja's know-how, and i always wrote down the answers proudly. when naruto fails and is unable to, sakura becomes disappointed. this story continues to follow them through their dates and the development of their relationship. naruto at first protests, but quickly changes his mind while sakura watches the two in horror./non-con graphic depictions of violenceuchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto hatake kakashi/umino iruka haruno sakura/rock lee gaara/hyuuga nejiuzumaki naruto hatake kakashi umino iruka jiraya tsunade (naruto) gaara (naruto) uchiha sasuke shizune (naruto) nara shikaku choza nara shikamaru choji haruno sakura inner haruno sakuraforced sex ptsd nightmares sex yaoi mpreg bondage tailed beasts birth mpreg birth parties drinking threesome - m/m/m sexy sex christmas sex water sex. despite having to handle tough training and missions, she also gives her all in love - certainly she might be an ideal among the girls. the two finally defeat sasori and he rewards her by spending his last breath giving info about his spy. acknowledging genjutsu, sakura says "this is not the sasuke i know" and breaks the illusion. archive warnings applyuchiha sasuke/uzumaki narutouzumaki naruto uchiha sasukeramen pining alternate universe - modern setting understanding! sakura thinks to sasuke, who is shown gazing at the moon. however, the moment is short-lived once sakura overhears sai's questioning about sasuke's true motives to juugo. glancing towards sasuke who was still showing much disinterest, sakura decides to whisper it to naruto. and sarada talking (left)sasuke senses sarada talking about him (right). as sasuke makes sure his wife is okay, sarada examines the interaction between her parents from afar and smiles as she concludes they love each other. sai is introduced to team kakashi, sakura becomes shocked at how similar sai looked in comparison to sasuke. notes were taken about re-confirmations of sakura still being in love with sasuke in part ii. stating that sasuke shouldn't bother with naruto, sakura continues onward mocking naruto about not having parents, and triggering the word "alone", sasuke scolds sakura and before leaving, calls her annoying. misunderstanding it as something else sarada calls her mother 'dirty'. afterwards, the uchiha family returned to konoha and were able to live as a normal family for a couple of years. back her self-confidence, sakura grabs hold of both sasuke's and naruto's hand and goes through, although not to their knowledge, they are followed by rock lee. simply agreeing, sarada requotes her mother's lines about their feelings and connections from before and turns to sasuke, questioning if her father's feelings were truly and well connected to sakura's. chose not to use archive warnings graphic depictions of violence underageuchiha sasuke/uzumaki narutouzumaki naruto juugo (naruto) karin (naruto) hoozuki suigetsu uchiha sasukephilippines ethnic groups alternate universe - modern setting tattoos au yes this is a fucking au language barriers not much but yeah narusasu - freeform sns i like naruto as a top/seme please dont hate me for this i just love this au plus i love my country not the toxic one tho we have great culture i swear filipino in this story naruto is a fucking filipino okay? when sasuke finally turns to walk away, sakura tearfully begs for him to stay, even blindly confesses that she was in love with him, willing to do anything for him as long as she could be with him and she'd also help with his quest for revenge. sarada then remembers a time when she was still a baby and her parents were teaching her how to walk, also recalling the close relationship she had with sakura. sakura and sasuke are then shown scowling at ino's sudden action with naruto commenting how annoying she is. as sakura intervenes, she senses something different about him and concludes he is no longer the sasuke she knew. shinobi to sakura after she rejected him by saying she's in love with someone else (who later revealed to be sasuke) - chapter 540:"i hope it works out for you. on first approach, karin mentions that sakura must be an old friend and, therefore, must also love sasuke. naruto tries to comfort her by telling her that sakura was still her mother no matter, stating how love is more important than blood. as a result, sasuke decides his home is with sakura in konoha and makes the decision to return to the village to be with her.. and here we are again, and still all i can do is sit here and cry.

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was confirmed in the beginning of the series that sakura wanted sasuke's acknowledgement. sensing gaara's incoming attack, sakura uses herself as a human shield against gaara to protect sasuke. during the battle between haku and zabuza momochi, sasuke hears sakura's scream and quickly wonders to kakashi's whereabouts. with the injured older shin preparing for another teleportation with the sharingan spy creature, sasuke quickly calls out to sarada to which the young uchiha responds by punching and destroying the 'thing'. uzumaki was always applauded for his honesty and optimistic lifestyle. sakura watched the battle from afar, and when kaguya tried to attack sakura, sasuke was about to save her before kakashi did. with sasuke and sakura when a dna test is taken and seemed to show karin as sarada's mother, sarada calling naruto a liar, as well as no longer wanting anything to do with sakura. eventually, sakura loses sight of sasuke and begins to search for his whereabouts. however, naruto quickly denies her confession and confronts sakura that she was lying to herself about no longer loving sasuke. naruto later wakes up and rushes to both sakura and sasuke and asks about sakura's hair, much to sasuke and ino's annoyance. a jump festa in 2010 when an interviewer asked about sakura's feelings for both naruto and sasuke, masashi kishimoto stated that although naruto is close and sakura worries about him, sakura loves sasuke. towards his back, sakura prepares to stab sasuke with her self-crafted poison kunai. bisuke and shiba are sent to partner up with sakura and ordered to protect her. one of the nin's immobilizes sakura by grabbing her hair, the ninja scolds her for putting more effort onto her looks rather then her skills. upon orochimaru's approach, sasuke angrily demanded information on shin's whereabouts, even going as far as to threaten him if he had anything to do with shin trying kill sarada and kidnapping sakura.'s farewell to sakura - chapter 699:"i'll see you again when i come back. sakura and chiyo's battle against sasori, an akatsuki member, sasori revealed that he had sent a spy to secretly watch over orochimaru. sakura and naruto catch up to sasuke and gaara, sakura rushes to sasuke's side and tries to aid him as the cursed mark began to consume his body. what you're gibly talking about using up and tossing out are the vessels of flesh! in collaboration to sakura hiden, sasuke meets with sakura as he returns to the village and sakura happily greets him, saying "welcome home, sasuke. reaching the rooftop, sakura watches the two battle but unable to resist any longer, sakura begs the two to stop and rushes in between their attacks. upon her coming, nara shikamaru confesses that the hokage had already told him the story and asks sakura if she really wasn't able to convince sasuke. each team 7 reunion, sasuke and sakura would always be the first to acknowledge each other[15]. a now married couple, sakura refers to sasuke as "anata" (アナタ, meaning darling) and often as her husband (旦那様, dan'nasama), whereas sasuke often refers to sakura as tsuma (妻, which means wife but with a little adoration). sasuke finding himself unable to do anything, turns to sakura and curses when he sees her shaken and in tears. when sasuke learns of the kidnapping, he rushes back to the village but sakura is able to defeat her captors on her own. depressed, sakura mumbles to herself, but is quickly met with a warm approach from sasuke, who smiles at her and affectionately pokes her forehead. a 2015 interview, sasuke's japanese voice actor, noriaki sugiyama, joked that sasuke is fearful of sakura due to her temper and dominating nature in their relationship. hallucinating of a bloody and near-dead sasuke, sakura releases a loud scream before fainting. depictions of violenceharuno sakura/uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto/sai haruno sakura/yamanaka ino haruno sakura/uchiha sasuke haruno sakura/uzumaki naruto haruno sakura/sai uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto sai/uchiha sasuke sai/uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto nara shikamaru/yamanaka ino nara shikamaru/temari temari/yamanaka ino nara shikamaru/yamanaka ino/temari sai/uzumaki narutoharuno sakura yamanaka ino uchiha sasuke uzumaki naruto nara shikamaru temari (naruto) sai (naruto)queerplatonic! sarada was still a toddler, sasuke had to leave home for an important mission that would take him away from his family for years and, although he wasn't able to keep in contact with his family, he never forgets about them. at the gates of konoha, they meet ino and chōji. during sakura's match with ino, it is revealed that sakura had ended their friendship so they could compete as equals for sasuke's affections. despite this, sarada still remains doubtful, with it only further increasing when she discovers a picture of her father with team taka, and, "the woman with glasses. so when she starts to see him more often, and when she starts to see him defrost from the stoic man he is around her mom. entermix magazine, masashi kishimoto stated that sakura was always devoted to sasuke. however, naruto gives her hope that it won't happen and she calms down a bit, but still remains worried of the possibility. naruto is later taken down by orochimaru, with the two only watching in horror, leading sakura to scold sasuke for being such a coward unlike naruto.

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to put the burden on herself, sakura heads towards naruto and makes a fake confession of her feelings to break their promise to each other in bringing sasuke back home. revealing it to be sasuke, the young sakura becomes surprised when their friends confess that sasuke was already popular with a lot of other girls. in gaiden this is shown again, now following in vice versa with both sasuke and sakura defending/acting in accordance of each other. meanwhile, sasuke and the group arrive at orochimaru's hideout, suspecting shin to be a test subject of his."she looked over to him and her pink hair danced. proceeding to leave in front of her, sakura threatened to scream and alert the village of his betrayal. momoshiki and kinshiki attack during the chunin exam, sasuke and sakura save their daughter from getting crushed by debris, and sasuke brings sarada to sakura. when he resumed his journey, he allowed her to accompany him and she quickly became pregnant with his child. reacting, sasuke quickly rushes to sakura's side and breaks the pole that was struck into her with his katana, freeing her from madara's grasp. a story of love and pain because pain is a part of love too. we've passed our goal of us5,000, but there is still time to add your support if you haven't yet and help keep our future on track. to sakura - kage summit - chapter 453:"god, you're so annoying! comically breaking sakura's self-confidence, sakura comments to herself that he was right and utterly breaks down. and sakura finally reaching their location, sasuke uses his susanoo to break between the two and quickly grabs shin, breaking his bones, while at the same time, safely grabbing sakura inside the susanoo. knowing well of the situation but distraught at the idea of killing sasuke to prevent a war among the nations, a tearful sakura agrees. kakashi then comments to himself how girls always seem to be more interested in love rather than training and ninjutsu. gives the team a test and explains that those who fail to take a bell from him would be sent back to the academy. archive warnings applyuchiha sasuke/uzumaki narutouzumaki naruto uchiha sasukei don't know how to tag things i'm new to this this is going to have short chapters though redemption or something along those lines sasuke feels things. so she shouts out her love which goes unheeded, squeezing the words out of her throat. in the beginning of the series, sakura was shown to have feelings for sasuke. breaking into tears, sakura turns to naruto and begs him to bring sasuke back. when the sand siblings are introduced, they harass konohamaru but is stopped by sasuke, who sakura is then shown fawning over. promising that if they were together, she would bring him days of only happiness and despite having friends and family, sakura confessed that without sasuke, she would feel alone. finally realizing the meaning behind the forehead poke, a blushing sarada happily turns to her mother and smiles. the cursed seal receded, sasuke collapses with sakura supporting him. tearfully, sakura recites the shinobi rule #24 to never show any sort of emotion, violating it as she mourns for his loss. ignoring her, sasuke questions sakura, more demanding, to who injured her but sakura hesitates, leading one of the sound shinobi to mockingly confess. after arriving the place, he was stopped by a local blonde kalinga person that foreigners should have stopped asking for wang-od for a teaching session since she doesn’t have enough energy left to teach them and is saying that “they’re overstepping their boundaries” with slight accident, sasuke then realized that the blonde wasn’t just a kalinga people but is also the earliest desciples of wang-od seeing the markings in his back. the cursed mark from orochimaru, sasuke clutches sakura's hand in pain and collapses in her arms. when the group returns back to naruto, naruto asks sasuke if he thanked sakura. hating herself for always having to watch everyone's back as they protect her, sakura vows to become stronger and breaks herself free by cutting her own long hair. i just suddenly realized there's no sense in continuing to love someone who's a fugitive and a criminal. stopped by sasuke who grabs her hand and scolds her, sakura begins to protest against him while stating her concern. with naruto's arrival, naruto questions sasuke why he would attack sakura. leaning in towards sasuke for a kiss as a confused sarada watches them, sasuke quickly turns away and gives a quick bidding, leaving sakura disappointed. despite not receiving an answer, sakura snatches the spot and admirably gazes at the uchiha while the other girls continuously glare at her. he joined her laughter with his own and ignored the curious voices behind them. when she pounded on tsunade's door, sakura bid farwell to the young sakura who could do nothing but cry on the night.

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when madara activated the infinite tsukuyomi, sasuke immediately abandoned his pursuit of madara and used his susanoo to protect sakura and the rest of team 7 from the genjutsu's effects. sasuke is not just going to give and will give his best to persuade this ‘apprentice’ to let him learn the tattoo culture.. all sasuke has done is commit crimes and break my heart. watching as sasuke leaves, sakura reviews her actions and decides to be nicer to naruto. little does she realize that this goal acts as a powerful weapon in her arsenal, constantly motivating her to sharpen her skills as a shinobi so she can impress sasuke during every task and mission! rumors start spreading of sasuke joining a criminal organization conspiring to destroy konoha, sakura is one of the first people to believe sasuke is innocent and dismisses the rumors as ludicrous. when the team travels to the tower, sakura helps support sasuke walk throughout the session. later confronted, lee challenges sasuke to a match while at the same time, confesses his feelings to sakura, much to the team's disgust. as sakura keeps dodging sarada's questions, she tries to gather information on sasuke and the uchiha clan but most of the information is restricted from the public. years after the war, sasuke constantly remains on sakura's thoughts and she wonders where he could be on his journey. declaring he no longer wanted anything to do with them, sasuke prepared to kill them all until he was quickly interrupted by orochimaru and in the end, sakura is forced to watch sasuke flee with orochimaru. in the end, sakura leaves without telling naruto about her plan. and sarada in one flashback, sarada began frequently asking questions about sasuke and why he never came home, to which sakura reassured her the reason why sasuke couldn't come home yet was because they are precious to him, also while noting this was probably something she wouldn't be able to understand until she got older. sakura, the heroine, stops him - and shouts "i love you" at him. staring admirably at sasuke, sakura tells herself that she'd be stealing his first kiss 'today'. is the only naruto pairing which listed in one of the list of "50 of the most popular "ships" in fandom culture"[27]. 2 (sakura haruno's profile):"even with concern in her heart, she acts bright and happy. casting a genjutsu, sasuke pierces through sakura's chest, causing sakura to slowly lose consciousness. now, she's living with her aunt tsume so she can attend the academy and become a shinobi like her father. boruto: naruto the movie novel strongly implies that sasuke and sakura have a very intimate relationship. archive warnings applyuchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto haruno sakura/uchiha sasukeharuno sakura uzumaki naruto uchiha sasuke uchiha sarada uchiha itachi deidara (naruto) gaara (naruto) hidan (naruto) mitarashi anko nara shikamaru temari (naruto) sasori (naruto) karin (naruto) hoozuki suigetsu juugo (naruto) hoshigaki kisame uchiha mikoto uchiha fugaku kyuubi | nine-tails | kurama yakushi kabuto orochimaru (naruto) sai (naruto) yamanaka ino hyuuga hinata hyuuga hanabismut anger love lust whipping anal sex blow jobs dom/sub love/hate beating sarcasm bdsm light bondage mild kink bondage and discipline fluff and angst. as she began healing the two, sasuke, now redeemed and guilt-ridden for the pain he had put sakura through, tries to speak, but is quickly cut off as she tells him she needs to concentrate on the healing. re-confessed her feelings to sasuke before the last battle between him and naruto. numerous times as well as always being heavily noted, confirmed in gaiden, despite the family's distance, sasuke and sakura have been stated to be both emotionally and mentally connected with each other as well to their daughter, signifying their bond and great importance to each other. with more clones arriving, sakura prepares to protect sarada but is surprised when the young uchiha jumps into the fight. revealing that sakura was traveling with sasuke when she was pregnant, sakura gave birth to sarada in karin's hideout, who delivered the newborn, also revealing her friendship with sakura. sakura reassures sarada about sasuke reassuring her daughter, sakura notes that their feelings are connected and she shouldn't worry. to naruto about sakura - boruto: naruto next generation epiosde 15:"give sakura a message for me. when sakura and kakashi finally arrive at the valley of the end, sakura comes to both sasuke and naruto's aid, and reacts with sadness when she sees they have lost both their arms from their battle. which sakura feels disconnected after the 4th shinobi war and decides to cut the string attaching her to team seven, if only for a few years. as well as nearly always a companionship to naruhina, it is also a rival pairing to narusaku, sasunaru and sasukarin. he promises and states that he'll see her again and gives his final words of parting with a soft "thank you". hinata questions sakura to why she has so much support from her. chose not to use archive warningsuchiha sasuke/uzumaki narutouchiha sarada uzumaki naruto uchiha sasuke haruno sakura uzumaki bolt akimichi chouchou mitsuki (naruto)gaiden compliant don't worry i can make this work alternate universe - canon divergence gaiden exists and therefore must be acknowledged mostly sarada's pov but also others because she is a child after all sarada gets what her mother's character deserved cheating (but not really) a handful of ocs an attempt at humor why is boruto's character tag so westernized i want the complex convoluted japanese pronunciation if boruto is bolt then sarada should be salad holy shit boys kiss slight period-typical homophobia slight steaminess?"sakura is well aware that in shinobi world, one must pay a fair price to obtain something. sakura admits that she understands hinata's feelings well, stating that when a girl truly falls in love, her feelings don't change so easily. noticing his rinnegan, sakura is quickly surprised and later amazed when he shows his susanoo's full form in flight. however, the young sakura still confirmed that she would fight for him then.

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of the fans have said that sasuke acts stoic around sakura in public, but in privacy, he shows her a more gentle and loving side, which is supported in the naruto gaiden and the boruto novel. juugo as well they're part of the kalinga tribe sasuke is pure japanese and is a tattoo artist wannabe wang-od is a legit person i did not made her up. the battle continues, naruto and sasuke go head on first with attacking the ten-tails. pushing the thoughts aside sarada decides to focus on saving sakura first. sasuke doesn't respond and asks naruto to give sakura a message, which is that sasuke is sorry for everything, and quickly leaves.'s disinterest with the rumors causes sakura to be kidnapped by the person responsible for the rumors in hopes that he will finally appear in the hidden leaf village to save her. however, she is quickly saved by kakashi, who notices the intensity of the chidori and makes him realize that sasuke was being serious in trying to kill her. naruto bonds: the words that bind , sakura is introduced as a kunoichi who loves sasuke. but whenever she was hurt, she faced forward, and tearfully vowed to become stronger. he further tells her that he can't forgive even her if she tells anyone of the cursed seal, which worries and saddens her. being ambushed by enemy shinobi, sakura is left alone to defend their escort, tazuna. as for me, i have absolutely no reason to love her and likewise, i can see no reason why she would love me. to kishimoto, deep down sasuke has always been grateful to sakura for loving him. against on going home and wanting to confirm her suspicions, sakura approaches sasuke at the village's exit and realizes her fear is coming true. the logistic support and medical division compound, sakura is healing the wounded. when she's finished, sasuke says he could've chosen a peaceful life in the village with her and the team but he has chosen revenge. after speaking with his editor about the future of the series, he was advised to create a rival character for the series' protagonist, naruto uzumaki, which resulted in sasuke's creation. remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. to sarada about sasuke and their first kiss - chapter 700+8:"hehehe. as the two sit side by side and share a moment, sakura confesses that all she wants is his acknowledgement.. because my husband was investigating exactly who you are and what you were after. at the gate, sakura is shown waiting with kakashi to send sasuke off."sasuke is trying to leave the village, and sakura implores him to give up that idea. and sakura are the only members of the same team to marry and have a family. the next day when the team meets up together, as sakura is shown greeting naruto, sasuke silently comments to himself how unusual she seemed. most of team kakashi heads to the land of iron, shikamaru confronts sakura about the situation of sasuke, noting that sasuke's actions will only lead to war and further destruction, and he believes that the best course of action would be for them to personally stop him. a ninja must put the mission first and must have a heart that will allow him not to cry. obito dismisses this, saying it wouldn't be enough until sakura offers her hyakugou chakra. when sakura is freed from the sand, sasuke rushes to catch her, laying her next to to kakashi's ninken, pakku, and before leaving, entrusts her safety to him.'s setting goal was to be with sasuke during their introduction to team 7. when the landscape is transformed from a flowing stream of lava to a vast frozen mountainside by kaguya, sakura asks naruto's shadow clone where sasuke is. ino takes sakura to a seaside cliff where sasuke and sakura spent their first date but sakura hardly calls it a date because it lasted for two and a half minutes and she doubts sasuke remembers. not wanting to worry sakura and the group, sasuke fights the seal and defeats his opponent. although glad that he had finally woken up, sakura questions about his condition. upon iruka appearing in front of them and telling the team about the scrolls, sasuke teases both sakura and naruto about how glad he was that they didn't try the occasion in sarcasm. meeting itachi, sakura becomes angered at the fact that itachi was the one who was 'inflicting pain' on both sasuke and naruto. although later, sakura confirmed that although they looked similar, they were nothing alike in personality. despite exclaiming her anger with criticism at sasuke, a tearful sakura accepts his apology.

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sakura and naruto reface kakashi to test their strengths, kakashi uses the same genjutsu of a near dead sasuke on sakura again. in concern, sakura tries to confess the situation to the hosters of the exam. talks of flowers and love - chapter 93:"even during winter it keeps it's beauty, never losing to the cold. sakura attempts to help her husband but is kept away by shin. is left hospitalized after being mentally and physically tormented by his brother, itachi. the forest of death, sakura and sasuke are left alone to face orochimaru. sasuke explained his goal to start a revolution by killing the five kage and the tailed beasts, sakura was horrified. archive warnings apply underageuchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto konan/uzumaki narutouchiha sasuke uzumaki naruto konan (naruto)love confessions boys in love gay drama & romance angst with a happy ending angst and tragedy. still confused and unsure of his motives, sakura questions his reasons for coming to the battlefield. es un mago sangre pura japonés que ha decidido irse a hogwarts para huir de su pomposa familia. pinned against a tree and knocked unconscious, sasuke declares and entrusts naruto to save sakura no matter what, stating sakura to be one of those dear and precious to him whom he never wants to lose. sitting by his side, sakura watches over sasuke as she worries for his condition. overhearing that sasuke only saved her and kakashi from the infinite tsukuyomi because they were nearby naruto, sakura becomes saddened, but is reassured when naruto steps in and calls sasuke out, reminding sasuke that he also didn't mean to save him at the bridge when fighting haku and the situation made sasuke save them out of instinct. he had warned her not to have any expectations for the date, but she'd just laughed his comment away. this same gesture is eventually used by both sakura and sasuke to sarada in a family-like tradition. during the flashback, sakura is cheering for sasuke but pauses when sasuke ends the brawl by half-way, pausing his fist from hitting naruto. (japanese サスサク sasusaku) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between sasuke uchiha and sakura haruno. implied sexual content naruto and sasuke are thirsty af even in adulthood a handful of ocs that don't seem to matter much if something isn't tagged and should be please let me know slow burn of the non-romantic kind antics plotting children involving themselves with things that aren't really their business. knowing she was unable to nor be by his side, or even able to go down with him, sakura states to herself as pathetic. the novel shikamaru hiden, sakura states that she is with sasuke, implying they are a couple." sakura cannot understand why sasuke is throwing away his village and his friends. otonafami #25 masashi kishimoto had stated the parting scene between sasuke and sakura to be one exceptionally hard for him to draw:If i had to mention a difficult scene, it would be the parting scene between sakura and sasuke. sakura is left in charge of gathering wood for the fire while naruto and sasuke are in charge of gathering food. when kakashi comes back, a worried sakura questions about sasuke's condition while showing concern. lying to her teammate that she wanted an image change, sasuke stares at sakura as she continues explaining the false situation to naruto. grabbed by kakashi and hurled into opposite ends, sakura is saved but breaks into tears as sasuke leaves the scene. arriving first to sakura's side, sakura rejoices at sasuke, and threatened to snatch the hokage title from them if they continued arguing as the trio begin to prepare for the next assault. a conversation with naruto clears her head, though, and she accepts that sasuke likely doesn't find the rumors important. about sakura's view on sasuke - chapter 675 (viz translations):"and sakura. insulting lee and his thick brows and lashes, sasuke and naruto would later join sakura when comparing might guy and lee."sai saw a lie through sakura's smiling face when she said "i trust/believe in sasuke-kun. sasuke is soon taken away by kakashi with sakura watching as the two leave. however, instead of getting discouraged, a tearful sakura vows to get stronger. chose not to use archive warningsnaruto uzumaki/sasuke uchihakyuubi | nine-tails | kurama sakura haruno kakashi hatake rookie nine (naruto)angst romance hurt/comfort torture. smiling, sakura states that she was happy that he was back and she trusts him. picking out their individual flowers, ino picks a rose while as sakura picks a daffodil and the two quote the flowers to be their individual love for sasuke. however, they are quickly interrupted by naruto who meets with the group and the team soon gets into a small bickering. night had been great and he would take her out again soon.

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watching sasuke still shaken by his power, sakura shows concern. she rarely ever saw her father, and even when she did she had to fight back her tears of righteous fury at his persistent absence. with ino and her team watching from the background, a flashback of their childhood they shared is shown, revealing sakura grew her hair out due to the rumor of sasuke liking girls with long hair. 3 (sakura haruno's pofile):"there's a saying: "turning hardship and grief into nourishment is what makes a sakura, a cherry tree's flower, so gorgeous". upon looking at sasuke's photograph, sakura sheds a tear and turns to look at the crescent moon by her window. sasuke finally awakens by the cursed seal, he immediately asks sakura who injured her. sai clarifies that sakura was doing this because she loves sasuke so much that she doesn't want him to sink any further. sakura declares the test to also be a "test of love" and therefore decides to stay near sasuke. later, when ino is fixing sakura's hair, ino scolds sakura for being reckless and "cheating" by hugging sasuke to where sakura rampages to ino about. as the two stand alone, sakura asks sasuke if he remembered the first time he had called her annoying. also noted that while drawing sakura's crying face, he was making the same face. pulling her into an embrace, sasuke tells sarada to not make such a face and pokes her forehead, promising he'll see her next time, all the while as sakura smiles at them. over the years, sarada would ask about her father and sakura would say he would be home once his mission was over, explaining the exact reason to why he couldn't come home yet was because they were important to him. smiled at him and he gently stroke a pink hair lock out of her face. fantasizing about sasuke complimenting her forehead, sakura catches sight of him only later staring at her." desire/aspiration and anxiety/insecurity, her heart sways/shakes complexly.! besides, all sakura wanted just now was to be yours! embarrassed, sakura blushes and insists that it's sarada who is the happiest. the next day, sakura and sarada are at the gate bidding their farewells to sasuke who is leaving again for the mission. upon finding him and his "severed head", sakura collapses again before shrieking while sasuke expresses confusion. kakashi then summons some of his ninken and adds each ninken to each group. later, sai asks sakura what her sincere views were of sasuke. swearing to herself that she'd be the one to protect sakura, sarada demonstrates the same immense strength sakura herself learned, injuring multiple clones at once, shocking sakura and the entire group, with sasuke smirking with pride. when team 7 leaves to meet up with the rest of the members of konoha, ino yamanaka appears and embraces sasuke from behind. he then warns sakura the threat they're facing and to be alert. back in konoha, sakura woke up and is notified by shizune about sarada running away. finally reaching the tower, sasuke confirms that he's okay now which causes sakura to let go and in a comedic fashion way, inner sakura curses herself. sakura who holds an ardent will, offer her help (offer her hand) to sasuke who made her suffer. naruto safely retrieves sakura as sasuke quickly jumps back into safety. it was then revealed that sasuke had switched places with sakura's flak jacket. hearing the name orochimaru and seeing this as a chance to possibly get information on retrieving sasuke, sakura works with chiyo and the two work together to defeat the akatsuki. when naruto mentioned sarada may resent him for leaving her, sasuke replied it was better that she hate him rather than living in fear and he was confident she was better off with sakura. out of curiosity, sarada then asked sakura if she and sasuke had ever kissed. the encounter with madara in the kamui dimension, sakura is removed safely by obito and meets with sasuke and kakashi. thinking back to her training and her promise to bringing sasuke back home, sakura prepares herself and attempts to attack sasuke for the very first time. the day when the entrancingly graceful, fully bloomed sakura flower dances upon the battleground is close at hand! with sasuke and naruto getting further into the battlefield, sakura asks hinata who is observing the grounds with her byakugan how the two were doing. ino asks sakura if sasuke contacts her once in a while, and sakura says no but she keeps in mind that he is traveling around the world and she can do her best for him by believing in him.

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"despite the lack of that awareness [that orochimaru's seal is giving him more power / chakra], sasuke's killing intent sharpens like a blade, and he starts shooting at the opponent who tried to hurt his "precious friend" who he was supposed to protect. then she stood on the tips of her toes and quickly kissed him on the mouth. when the members of taka are shown struggling, sasuke has a flashback of sakura and team 7. confessing that sakura only wanted to save him and be by his side, kakashi continues that even after everything he's done, sakura still feels and cries for him, and continued to love him, even to the point of it breaking her own heart. would later join with sarada and few others to watch sasuke travel to another dimension with boruto and the other kages to find naruto. ignoring her, sasuke asks for naruto's whereabouts but is quickly dismissed by sakura's comment. with a saddened expression, the group is rebounded by this where kakashi confirms to sasuke that they also wanted to know with naruto, also jumping in and defending sakura and later kakashi. few years later, sasuke meets with naruto to receive a scroll and naruto asks sasuke why he won't visit the village. thanking sasuke, sasuke then asks sakura if she could heal herself. with flashbacks of sasuke's old self, sakura quickly finds herself in tears and pauses, unable to kill him. when sakura learns sasuke was asked to investigate the disappearance of konoha, kumo, and kiri shinobi, she reacts nervously due to that sakura is still frustrated at her long-distant relationship with sasuke. to sakura - chapter 183:"sakura-chan, you really like sasuke huh? the present-day of the movie, sakura encourages hinata's relationship with naruto. however, sakura quickly dismisses the moment and shows concern over the cursed mark. watching as sasuke and naruto begin to clash like before, sakura screamed for them to stop, but in the end, they are both briefly knocked out. but much to sasuke's dismay, kakashi quickly appears and rescues the team. the trio enters the battle field, the ten-tails creates multiple clones and begins charging at the group. after one last compliment, the shinobi is disappointed, but before he leaves the tent, he tells sakura that the person she must be in love with was probably a really great man. upon her search, kakashi finds sakura and places her under a genjutsu. sakura learns sasuke caught the culprits and helped change their ways, sakura felt proud of sasuke for how much he's accomplished to redeem himself. after the healing procedure is done by sakura, team 7 then smiles together, to which kakashi happily comments that they had finally returned. sasuke offers him their scroll in exchange for them to be left alone, to which naruto opposes and condemns sasuke for being a coward, with sakura watching them. being handed a love letter, the shinobi confesses his feelings to sakura and stating that although he doesn't know if he'll be able to survive the war or not, he wanted to tell her about his feelings. when kiba announces to the team about sasuke's disposition from danzo, sakura immediately replied that she'd go talk to danzo. sakura pokes sarada's forehead blushing, sakura giggles, and states that sarada made her remember something even better than a kiss. sugiyama also implied that sasuke realized he always loved sakura after his final battle with naruto. she squeezed his hand again as she saw his face after she'd mentioned it. pulling out the two blades inside sakura's wound, sasuke quickly burns them with the amaterasu flames. kakashi's lecture about revenge gaining him nothing but emptiness and loneliness makes sasuke remember his friendship with sakura and naruto, and he becomes conflicted between his bond with her and the team versus his desire for revenge and power. indeed, haruno sakura, a kunoichi from konoha grew up beautifully out of the sorrows she's experienced. with the release and completion of the sequel naruto gaiden: the seventh hokage and the scarlet spring where both the pairing and their child, sarada uchiha, were shown and given more in depth, the pairing has become even more popular. to naruto about hinata and their similar love while mesmerizing to sasuke - the last: naruto the movie:"remember long ago when you said you loved me? with enough chakra finally gathered, sakura reveals her full power and forms the 100 healings seal and charges towards one of the clones, destroying multiple at once and desecrating the area with one punch. giving sai a reassured smile and apologizing for naruto's actions, sakura sends sai a punch and automatically declares that she could care less if he doesn't forgive her, ending her sentence by threatening to not go easy on him the next time he insults or bad names sasuke. the end credits show various scenes of sasuke and sakura with sarada to emphasize the new generation. no matter how hard the journey, sakura will never give up."nice job," he replied, this time being the one to squeeze her hand. following kakashi's rules sakura at first protests, but after sasuke explains his reasoning, sakura quickly begins to cooperate.

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after a few months, since his return, she had asked him out again and this time he had accepted. chose not to use archive warningshatake kakashi/uchiha obito uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto haruno sakura/yamanaka inouchiha obito nohara rin namikaze minato hatake kakashi uchiha itachi hoshigaki kisametime travel reincarnation fix-it family feels families of choice angst with a happy ending. chose not to use archive warningsuchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto kyuubi | nine-tails | kurama/uchiha itachi deidara/uchiha itachi hyuuga hinata/inuzuka kiba gaara/uzumaki narutouchiha sasuke uzumaki naruto haruno sakura inuzuka kiba hyuuga neji uchiha itachi kyuubi | nine-tails | kurama gaara (naruto)romance hurt/comfort mystery drama angst with a happy ending angst slash rape arranged marriage marriage proposal marriage mpreg family drama love/hate first love friendship/love painful sex heartbreak heartache emotional hurt/comfort love true love sexual content teen romance tragic romance drama & romance cheating adultery revenge sasunaru day sasunaru - freeform. upon awakening and seeing sasuke above her, sakura happily embraces sasuke in relief despite his claims to not hug him. entering the yamanaka's flower shop to buy a flower for sasuke who is in the hospital, sakura encounters ino. deciding to finally confess sasuke's situation to naruto, sakura asks naruto for a moment between the two and reveals her severe concern of sasuke's possible future decision to choosing the wrong path. is revealed in the final chapter that sasuke and sakura are married and have a daughter named sarada uchiha. guilt-ridden, sasuke then sincerely apologizes to sakura, stating he's sorry for everything he's done up until now. she let go of his hand and to him it now felt cold and empty. and sakura's scene in chapter 181 is classed as the best scene in databook 2. complete body susanoo, sasuke, sarada and the group head over to shin's location where sakura and shin are currently engaging in battle. hurling into a river of lava after the transformation of the landscape by kaguya, sakura is saved by kakashi, but still, sakura grows concern at sasuke's disregard for her. leaves smirking with the bento in hand grinning, sakura approaches the two and hands sasuke his bento. sasuke/uzumaki naruto hatake kakashi/umino iruka haruno sakura/uchiha sasukeuchiha sasuke uzumaki naruto hatake kakashi hoozuki suigetsu inuzuka kibaalternate universe - high school mental health issues cheating angst sexual content human trafficking. however, sasuke coldly declines and claims that she's the same as naruto and she should focus on her own training. he spun her back around and pressed his own lips against hers..As kakashi and sasuke clash, sakura is ordered to take the injured karin elsewhere and heal her wounds. the last page of the novel strongly hints sasuke's return to the village as he says "i'm home, sakura. later, when the team is finally dismissed from one of their missions, sakura follows sasuke and asks to train together with him to better their teamwork. i don't think you'll be able to understand it now."don't you think it would only feed their gossiping when my date would beat up a few guys for me? as sakura proceeds to say she already knew what was going on as she had heard it all from shizune, she continues and exclaims that she really is her mother. they arrived at her house, they had to say goodbye. thinking they didn't reach sasuke as the portal finally closes, sakura collapses but is caught in sasuke's arms and they exchange looks as he continues to hold her. as sarada is waving goodbye to her father with sakura still pouting, sasuke is shown smirking to himself while clutching onto the bento. concluding the only way was to run, sasuke stabs himself in the leg to dispel the illusion and grabs sakura, taking her into hiding until naruto finally comes to their aid but they are found by orochimaru. the latter statement implies that sasuke and sakura were intimate after he came home. kakashi, who is by her side, quickly comes to her aid and questions sasuke's actions. you won't cut him off no matter what, and you think it's your duty to save him from the darkness.. he just keeps drifting away further and further from me. smiled at each other, before she went inside her house and he returned to his own place. nariko grew up on the road with her father and now-deceased mother until she turned eight. the two are seen standing together throughout the whole session. and sasuke apologize to sarada joining the battle, an angry sakura quickly plummets shin while exclaiming his reasons for trying to kill her husband and child, leaving sasuke, sarada, and naruto shocked of her sudden arrival. to sarada about sasuke - chapter 700+1:"your feelings and emotions are definitely reaching out to and are connected to your father, don't worry. as naruto enters the scene, sasuke gives naruto a taunting look and challenges him to a match. coldly replying that he doesn't, sakura continued to proceed and recalls the memories the team had shared. the two and a half time skip period, sakura was noted to frequently gather information about finding sasuke.

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with naruto elsewhere, sasuke and sakura find themselves paralyzed when orochimaru places them under a "death" genjutsu, where they see their own deaths. during the team's break naruto decides to ask sakura for advice., when the team reaches the genjutsu-casted floor, sasuke asks sakura about the genjutsu, but also states she probably already knew and compliments her genjutsu ability. at first brushing if off as sarada being reckless, sakura blames herself for sarada's dilemma because she only wanted to protect sarada from sasuke's past as a criminal. upon healing karin, karin stated that the sasuke sakura was now facing is no longer the same sasuke she knew before. sasuke continues by confirming to sakura once again that he is an avenger, and not even she will be able to change that. however, realizing that sarada was only upset due to her father's absence, sakura quickly apologizes. arising from her, the emotionally unstable sakura picks up her kunai and goes back to the location of sasuke and kakashi. ironically, sarutobi sasuke; the character kishimoto masashi used, also had a female companion named sakura. 4 (sakura haruno's profile) :"sakura's favorite case doesn't talk about her love for sasuke: sakura used to hold a goodwill/benevolence towards sasuke during her childhood. to kakashi about sakura's feelings - chapter 693:"was she having fun in her little make-believe-fantasy of true love? kakashi who is watching the trio thinks to himself about the team's first introduction to each other and their individual goals and dreams they had stated. tasted sweet and her lips felt soft against his own. after leaving the scene, an embarrassed sasuke asks naruto what advice sakura gave him, leading an amused naruto to taunt him. after becoming tsunade's apprentice, sakura uses sasuke as one her motivations to become stronger. as kaguya was being sealed away, sakura called out to sasuke as he rushed towards her and kakashi to tell them that they needed to get far away for safety. forced to watch as sasuke began to violently rampage upon them, breaking the arms of the shinobi who wounded her, a frightened sakura realizing that "this is not sasuke", quickly rushes to his side and embraces him, begging him to stop and to return to the sasuke she knew. chose not to use archive warningsuchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto hyuuga hinata/uzumaki narutouzumaki naruto uchiha sasuke haruno sakura hyuuga hinata nara shikamaru hatake kakashi uchiha itachi. despite noticing sasuke, who is surprised by her sudden appearance, sakura switches her attention to kakashi's wounded eye and reports the situation to the group as she proceeded into the medical procedure. the sentence "sasuke realised he loved sakura which left him guilt ridden" is . with an argument between the two, kakashi stated that sakura never stopped wanting to save him. as sakura turns around, two more clones that have survived her attack prepare to attack her. meanwhile, as naruto is still comforting sarada, who is only thinking about sakura, sakura rushes out of the village to find her daughter. despite knowing better this time, sakura still whispers to herself how she would do anything to see sasuke again. criticizes orochimaru for calling sakura weak as the group reunites and ventures out to find sakura, orochimaru states sakura might already be dead, much to sasuke's chagrin, who quickly claims that his wife is not soft or weak." after the flashback's end, sarada breaks down into tears and says she really does want to save sakura. the team is introduced to kakashi hatake, their sensei, kakashi asks each of them to introduce themselves by sharing their hobbies, interests and dreams for the future. knowing this, sai creates a clone and informs naruto and kakashi in her place., when the team is offered to participate in the chūnin exams, an unsure sakura hesitates before agreeing, despite believing herself to be unworthy. but so many missions have passed since then, and now the meaning that he puts into those same words differ greatly. however, sasuke ignores the question and tells naruto to focus on the enemy. returning to the village, sasuke and sakura lived together for a while and they got married. before the search, the task force of team 7 and team 8 split up to begin searching for clues about itachi's whereabouts. sasuke defeats the remaining few, but doesn't confront sakura, who is initially sad that he didn't at least say hello but then feels happy to know he really does care about her, to the point where he came back to try to rescue her. to sarada about sasuke and sakura - chapter 700+4:"sasuke never wore glasses though.'s follow sasuke and sakura on their first date, shall we? reacting to the explosion and spotting sai, sakura runs to the location and proceeds to attack sai for knowing full well of his mission of assassinating sasuke. during the tree climbing practice, sakura, wanting to impress sasuke, sasuke wakes up shows off her ability to easily control chakra by being the first to complete the training.

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team 7 is formed, sakura is shown sitting on a lone bench thinking about how she could show herself off to sasuke despite her flaws. at the beginning of the test, sakura and sasuke both go into hiding. as naruto and the other members catch up, yamato tries to reason with sasuke about the efforts sakura and naruto have made to return him to konoha and they still consider him a comrade. although before healing sasuke, tsunade notices the fresh daffodil flowers in the vase and questions herself if sakura was visiting everyday. a flashback of a younger sakura appears and confesses to ino and their friends that she finally had a boy she liked. part i and part ii, whenever sasuke was mentioned, sakura would defend or act in some sort that references towards him. at the end of the novel, sasuke is seen hiding in the darkness as he watches sarada, boruto, and mitsuki talk, and exhibits a warm smile that he only shows for sakura. sasuke's stay at the hospital, sakura is shown to visit him often. however, sakura soon becomes one of the victims who watch in dismay as naruto instead "kisses" sasuke, resulting in naruto later receiving a beating from sakura along with the other female classmates. later coming home to a sakura doing laundry, sarada asks her mother if sasuke wore glasses or not. however, sasuke continues to demand for naruto to catch more. sakura misses sasuke and wishes for him to be home more often, she remains supportive of his duties and is very loyal to him. sakura was shocked when naruto declared he and sasuke would die in their final battle, and she feels anger at herself for not being able to do anything. ino decides to accompany sakura on sakura's visit to sasuke. while sakura is cutting an apple for sasuke, sasuke is shown having flashbacks of itachi's torment along with when sakura had turned away from him and smiled at naruto. to orochimaru about sakura and sarada - chapter 700+7:"some man who appeared like he was one of your subordinates tried to kill my child and kidnapped my wife. upon finally awakening, sasuke is tearfully embraced by a relieved sakura and, for once, sasuke doesn't reject her affection. in an extended version of this scene in the anime, sakura insists sarada is her biological daughter and sarada apologizes to her parents for her recklessness but sasuke doesn't blame her because she inherited this trait from him, which makes her amused. kishimoto masashi created sasuke by using ideas from an old manga and anime character named sasuke sarutobi. although she tries to be supportive of his journey, sakura is actually frustrated at the fact that she and sasuke have a long-distant relationship, to the point she hasn't seen him since the day he left the village after the war and rarely hears from him. the pain and misery won't go away so easily and you don't want to give up but you have no other choice. wanting to protest, naruto begins to ramble how they should then switch places but is stopped by sakura's arrival and request for a fire. a surprised sakura blushes as she watches sasuke finally depart.'s family portrait with her academy graduation approaching and seeing all her peers train with their fathers, sarada (now 11-years-old) feels sad that she recalls how her father left when she was still a baby and doesn't remember much about him. as the cursed mark begins to release itself during his battle, sasuke struggles to keep it in place and is shown having flashbacks of sakura and the team. those ordinary days that were lost return again,sakura is willing to make any sacrifice. towards sakura's intervention, both sasuke and naruto try to pull their attacks away but quickly find themselves unable to. as sakura turns around, she stares in disbelief at sasuke's appearance while he stares at her with apparent indifference. is one of the most popular pairings in the fandom, rivaled by sasunaru."she was rejected many and many times, and yet that girl still holds on her feelings. the group stays within sasuke's susanoo, sakura questions sasuke about the currency of what was happening outside. tearfully continuing, sakura states that if she could, she would had taken away all his pain and suffering and shoulder upon it herself. after, when sarada arrives home from the academy, she tells sakura that guys are stupid but yet comments that boruto and herself have something in common, which is having distant relationships with their fathers. when the sound ninja come to take sasuke, sakura desperately tries to fight them off with the traps she had prepared, but her efforts are easily avoided and she is only saved by lee. omoi and karui confront naruto and sakura about sasuke's crimes against their village, as well as informing them that sasuke had joined the akatsuki, sakura begins to protest and object, but before so, she is brought to tears when karui questions what sasuke meant to her. in sasuke's eyes, before he even notice it, he and naruto became mutual good rivals capable of boosting up each other's skill - and also, when his heart was about to be swallowed by orochimaru's wicked cursed seal again, he was rescued by sakura. bright and earnest feelings - feelings that did not want to lose sasuke. has called sakura " annoying " three times , each time showing different emotions.

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upon sakura's turn, sakura mumbles but hints all her answers are towards sasuke."i really love living here," sakura said enjoying her sight. turning to naruto, sakura gives naruto a genuine smile, not noticing the jealous scowl on sasuke's face. after making eye contact with sasuke, sakura appears to flee and shin tries to attack her but sasuke switches places with her and sakura punches shin. at one point, sakura is burnt with acid water from one of the dimensions, causing her to remove her flak jacket. even if the only way to do it is to kill him with her own two hands. sasuke replies that the proof of his love for sakura is sarada's existence, which moves sarada to tears. it is supported due to the growth of their feelings for each other and sakura's shown devotion towards sasuke as well as the bond they shared throughout the sessions of the series." she grinned as she subtly filled her hand with chakra. ignoring naruto's comment about his late arrival, sasuke turns to sakura. while still in flight, in the susanoo, sarada ponders about sasuke's feelings towards sakura but is quickly comforted by naruto. sakura is finally able to locate sasuke, she finds him just as he was about to kill his teammate, karin. "with half of akatsuki gone, we can relax a little bit, indeed. sakura assures sarada that she and sasuke will protect her no matter what. and sasuke watch sarada's team from afar in the final scene, sakura sits with sasuke on a rooftop as they watch over their daughter, sarada, along with her teammates, boruto, and mitsuki have a conversation at the hokage monument. bonds aren't merely made up of just time and blood. as sakura crosses over to face karin and hesitates, sasuke approaches behind her and prepares to strike her with chidori.. things would go back to how they used to be. after being rescued, sakura turns her attention to sasuke after being asked if she was alright by naruto; pondering if sasuke even cared for her. - chapters: 6 - words: 11,219 - reviews: 120 - favs: 149 - follows: 65 - updated: 11/8/2007 - published: 8/7/2007 - status: complete - id: 3708289. when she gets to konoha however, she discovers that she doesn't fit the usual inuzuka mold, and that learning the ninja arts isn't half as difficult as finding her place in the world. when he is taken down, sakura is left to defend for herself with the other's life at her stake. noticing her presence, the now half-blind sasuke grabs sakura by the throat and tries to kill her with her own kunai. when sasuke prepares to kill naruto with his katana, sakura shouts for him to stop until yamato and sai intervene. not knowing what to do, sakura begins to plead for help. jump festa 2011, there was a confession that kishimoto consulted to a co-worker before writing the parting scene for sasuke and sakura since he didn't understand women's hearts. "i'm very glad you wanted to go on a date with me," she said and blushed. the ten-tails is immobilized by the alliance, sasuke appears before sakura, naruto, and their friends. by the time sakura went into labor, sasuke brought her to one of orochimaru's hideouts and had karin help with the delivery. commenting how heavy she was, sakura tearfully embraces him out of relief. when they finally spot sasuke, sakura calls for him to quickly come as the portal began to quickly close. upon his reawakening, hearing her mourns, sasuke opens his eyes only to be greeted by a sobbing sakura..  but as far as the rest of you goes, you're the splittin' image of sakura-chan! as sakura watches sasuke and naruto clash with the clones, she thinks back to the vow she made to herself to get stronger and catch up with sasuke and naruto. to sakura - chapter 36:"sakura, you must have noticed first, right? to shin uchiha about sasuke and sarada - chapter 700+6:"try laying your hands on my husband and beloved daughter again! after, sakura is getting ready to leave for a vacation trip and asks sarada if she wants her to bring her back something. throughout the battle, sakura struggles but time to time, encourages herself to bring back the old team 7.

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the end of the novel, sasuke receives a letter from naruto that mentions sakura remembering his childhood dream of joining the konoha police force. upon staying there, sakura is approached by a shinobi she had healed earlier. along with everyone else of konoha 11, she is shocked and dumbfounded with his sudden announcement of wanting to become hokage in order to change the ninja system. the one who filled his lonely existence with the emotion called love was sakura. staring in disbelief, a confused and shocked sakura calls out his name.. do you think your feelings are well and truly connected to mom. naturally lonely and peace loving, for sakura, the loss of one teammate causes her great pain. much later, when sakura notices sasuke's absence beside naruto after the zabuza fight, she quickly runs to find sasuke, only to find where his lifeless body laid. with a tearful flashback of sasuke's "thank you" during the night he left the village, sakura pleads to sasuke that if he still thought of her, even if it was just a little, she asks for him to not leave. naruto converses with the nine-tailes about the hatred of an entire war and sasuke, naruto flashes back to the academy days where naruto and sasuke were paired to spar against each other. was summer and therefore still hot outside, even though it was getting a little dark. however, sakura freezes when she hears a familiar voice echo her name. listening to naruto's last words to sasuke, sakura smiles to herself, believing now how a dream of team 7 being back together was still possible, and decides to put her whole faith in naruto and sasuke. team 7 consisting sakura, naruto, and kakashi get together for the first time in two-and-a-half years, they remember their first training session and get gloomy at the mention of sasuke's name, showing sakura still misses him. even though he understands the love that she feels for him, in order to sever all his connections sasuke turns his back to the village. when sasuke and naruto start to leave to begin their attack on the ten-tails, sakura quickly follows them and stated that, as a member of team 7, she was going to fight beside them. to the back of a sasuke that tried to face away from what was left behind, sakura desperately conveys her feelings. addition, kishimoto said that, despite everything, sakura is the last person sasuke ever wanted to hurt. her words are able to get through to his senses and his cursed seal quickly recedes. reflected there was the real deal - love in one of orochimaru's hideouts, suigetsu converses with karin about the dna test in which karin herself denies the possibility and reveals that she was the one who delivered sarada, with the umbilical cord belonging to sakura and sarada. depictions of violence rape/non-con underagehatake kakashi/uchiha obito uchiha sasuke/uzumaki narutolots of spooky shit wooooo i went on a horror binge and now my fingers can't stop gay ghost hunters horror supernatural- freeform mystery crap trigger warnings will be updated with the fic chaptered. with a flashback, sasuke thinks back to the portrait of his family and states that sakura's feelings were probably feelings from a 'failed' past. at sarada's request, naruto talks about her father, noting how although sasuke didn't wear glasses, she looks just like him as well as like sakura; having her father's physical features but her mother's personality. leaning herself in, sakura prepares to kiss him, but they are quickly interrupted and "sasuke" runs off. grateful, sakura confirms his statement and the examiners are then forced to let them pass where as sasuke is shown smirking to himself. returning back to her group, sakura then later shares the intel with naruto and kakashi. as the group is under attack by shin and no longer having the upper hand, shin targets sarada but it stopped by sasuke who quickly uses himself as a shield to protect his daughter. afterwards, after returning to the real world and being thanked by hagoromo for saving the world, sakura and sasuke look at each other. the final exam, sakura is shown worried about sasuke not arriving on time for his match against gaara. at the end of their tied battle, ino teases sakura about not giving up on sasuke. blushes at sarada's comment as sarada leaves home to meet with her team, she comments that her mother, sakura, is in high spirits and contributes it to sakura being happy now that her father, sasuke, has come back home. surprised by her daughter's question, an unsure sakura begins giving vague answers. when sakura is assigned to the same squad as sasuke, she jumps one step ahead of ino, her rival for his affection! angry, sarada begins questioning the validity of her parents' marriage, causing sakura to quickly punch the ground. due to overuse of chakra, an exhausted sakura begins to tire. sakura expresses disbelief when sasuke denounces any bond with sakura and naruto. after sasuke's defeat against lee, sakura catches him from falling. to naruto about sakura and sasuke - chapter 474:"it's because sakura loves sasuke that she doesn't want him to sink any lower.

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being confirmed by kakashi that it was a genjutsu, sasuke calmly smirks to himself that sakura would easily fall for something like that. later, it is revealed during this time that sasuke had entrusted sakura to not tell naruto about his cursed mark.: if sasuke and sakura will ever be together i will be happy! has been on his journey of redemption for a couple of years and, although he is welcomed to return to konoha if he wants to, he is unsure to whether he should or not due to the guilt he feels for betraying his friends. returning home from naruto's training grounds, sakura is in her bedroom staring at team 7's photo.'''i have been married for 4years now and i have a break up with my husband 3months ago and i was worried and so confuse becaus. her heart was torn between her shinobi's duties and pure love. however, sakura becomes encouraged when naruto states that he was keeping his promise. otakon conventions, yuri lowenthal, sasuke's english dubbed actor, and kate higgins, sakura's english dubbed voice actress, would spoof how sasuke and sakura act towards each other. a curious sakura turns her attention to sasuke and adds on; asking him what he meant when he wanted to become hokage. threatens orochimaru however, shin attempts to kidnap sarada but sakura pushes her to safety before being taken to shin's lab and he demands for her assistance at an organ transplant surgery, sakura refuses as he tried to kill her family and good friend. chose not to use archive warningsnara shikamaru/original female character(s) nara shikamaru/original character(s) uchiha sasuke/uzumaki narutoinuzuka tsume nara shikamaru nara shikaku hyuuga hinata bamf hinata - character uzumaki naruto original dog character(s) yuuhi kurenai team ten - characterinuzuka-centric kiba's dead whoops team eight alternate universe - canon divergence for want of a nail tsume is awesome bullying torture and gore adorable shikamaru women being awesome team seven stays together tiny bit of angst but mostly fluff because i'm me ninken being awesome i've replaced kiba with an original inuzuka character. however, he looks away in much disinterest and annoyance while naruto comments how amazing she is, causing much disappointment on her behalf as she frowns. until he gets involved in the lies and the path of sasuke uchiha's self-destruction. despite not reciprocating her feelings until the series' conclusion, sasuke has always had deep feelings for sakura, which were eventually restored and grew stronger once his hatred and desire for revenge faded away. sakura initially disapproves but quickly changes her mind as soon as konohamaru shows her the sexy: boy on boy technique by transforming into naked sasuke and sai.- i've read the book myself and even fans posted the pages where  th. despite everything that's happened, she confesses that she still loves and holds deep care for him. quickly trying to reassure him, sakura tells him that there was always next time, quickly angering sasuke. thinking back to sakura's, kakashi comments how although sakura's feelings for sasuke were the same as before, they were stronger and, despite sasuke's attempt to take away her life, she still loves him and continues to want to save him. the battle now calmed, sakura then apologized to sasuke for not properly explaining their family situation, however sasuke quickly intervenes and says she shouldn't be apologizing as this was majorly his fault. obito and sakura are left alone in the desert dimension, the two work together opening several other dimensions until they find sasuke's. naruto's training with kakashi, sakura and sasuke are shown watching the latter. shocked, sakura slowly approaches him and drops to his side, softly caressing his cheek while commenting how cold it was and this time, it probably wasn't a genjutsu. this causes sasuke to remember his brother and sasuke begins to fight back but he is bitten on the neck by orochimaru. the young sakura turns to look at an uninterested sasuke, blushing and tries to cover her answer from sasuke. naruto and sasuke leave for their battle, hagoromo states that in the end, he wants sasuke to be able to reclaim that love he has lost. sarada was trying to find boruto, she remembers the changes going on around her, starting with her father coming home for good and how "shiny and glossy" her mother's skin is, along with her being in higher spirits. angered and aware of the fact that naruto was becoming stronger, sasuke unconsciously knocks away the apples that sakura had offered him.. the one to appear before him as he began to leave was sakura. 1 (sakura haruno's profile):"sakura's feelings towards sasuke has been unrequited since childhood. presenting himself, sasuke stated he was no longer a part of the team and only saw each and every one of them to be the members of konoha that had killed both his brother and his clan. the novel akatsuki hiden, haruno sakura's character introduction "who, no matter how many times he coldly pushed her away, loved him earnestly, trying to give sasuke’s freezing heart the spring sunlight. they talked a lot and as it got really late, they decided to go home. and sasuke in the flashback as naruto goes out to comfort sarada, he remembers a flashback from when sasuke requested to go into a top-secret mission to gather information on kaguya, to protect the 'new-generation', all the while with sakura beside him (in the manga). into the classroom, sakura greets sasuke as she pushes naruto and asks to sit by him. however, sasuke decides to quickly dismiss it as his imagination and continues walking. sakura takes the letter and thanks him, but confesses that she is in love with someone else.

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reminiscing about sasuke, sakura tells hinata that they need to support each other. the two then look guilt-ridden at each other and sakura comforts sarada. as sakura begins her approach, sakura brings back the night he had left and confesses her regrets, asking to join sasuke on his course for vengence. hoping to immediately start taking advantage of this opportunity, she decides to make the first move and approaches sasuke with her most alluring smile! on one occasion, sakura helps carry a heavily injured naruto while sasuke watches the two from afar, commenting to himself how naruto was unable to care for himself. in shin's lab, as shin threatens sakura, she claims that the only reason why she was keeping him alive was because of her husband, and gets ready to attack. turning his head and meeting her eyes with his rinnegan, sasuke again calls her annoying. 1 (sasuke uchiha's profile):"though until then he had taken no notice of either love or friendship, after meeting with naruto and sakura, sasuke begins to accept them as nakama, even if only little by little. as the two leave, sakura flashes back to sasuke's first exposure of the cursed mark and quickly chases after the two. is confirmed that since sakura's childhood, she has always had feelings for sasuke[4].. more and more, he's becoming a different person than he was, so distant. sakura, blushing, meekly asks if she could go with him, but is rejected as sasuke states that this journey is for him to redeem himself and she has nothing to do with his sins. the preliminary exam and in the meantime before the finals, sakura is sitting in her bedroom, worrying about sasuke. at the end of the novel, sakura says she wants to ask sasuke so many questions when he returns and she believes that is imminent, and remembers his forehead poke. news finally reach konoha that sasuke had killed orochimaru, team 7 and team 8 decide to group up and find itachi to allow access to also find sasuke., with a rocky reunion, sarada confronts and questions him about his long absence, also noting about "the woman with glasses. told by kakashi that the two were probably facing each other in their final battle now, sakura is shown great concern. watching sasuke as he prepares to leave for his battle against naruto, a tearful and angry sakura tries to appeal to him once more. motivated, sakura confirms to naruto that it'll be the both of them bringing sasuke back together. sarada asks for a dad and sakura asks her not to say such a thing. uchiha, sasuke and sakura's daughter with the battle calmed, sakura quickly rushes over to sarada and tightly embraces her, exclaiming her concern and relief. this is not about the transmission of genes between parent and child. as the enemy shinobi prepares to attack both sakura and tazuna, much to sakura's surprise, sasuke quickly comes to their aid and prepares to guard the two."sakura willingly and bravely calms the rampaging sasuke under the influence of the cursed seal. naruto's currently in a relationship and has been since high school, albeit unhappy. stands behind her back and gives her a soft "thank you" before leaving the village. when bisuke and shiba finally catch sasuke's scent, they lead sakura to a town. turning to sasuke, sakura begins to thank sasuke for saving her from gaara but is quickly dismissed when sasuke confesses it was naruto. hinata then confirms to sakura that both sasuke and naruto were smiling. journey began between a woman who is a maid that finds her way to be free from the cruel of her stepmother, and a prince who never give up the promise t. turned around and took only one step before her arm was captured by sasuke. when asked again by sarada what was better than a kiss, sakura softly pokes sarada's forehead, and promises she'll tell her "next time. basically, sasuke feels things, and it all goes down from there. distraught by this, the young sarada becomes saddened but is quickly hugged and comforted by sakura. the invasion of pain, when tazuna arrives to help rebuild the damaged village, tazuna asks about the whereabouts of sasuke, catching sakura's attention and leading her to become saddened. while watching the other preliminary matches, from time to time, sakura shows concern and asks kakashi about sasuke's condition. as sakura watches from afar while healing the troops, she sheds a tear of happiness. revealed that he considers sakura as someone precious/dear to him.

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