One direction imagines he s dating your sister

One direction imagines he's dating your sister

although you were plain and average, you sister was edgy and fun, she was everything you weren’t.” he spoke under his breath as his eyes burned holes into you and zayn.”                you looked down at your lap, blushing, “i kind of…fancy him, and i know my feelings will never be reciprocated.                “for telling the boys i was off…” you shut up as soon as you realized what you had revealed.” she nods and says, “it’s kinda nice dating them both, but please don’t tell liam. no drinking though, you’re underage and also you are driving home so…” “i know (y/s/n). “get your ass up,” liam said pulling his chair right back out. i know you’ll never approve, and i know it’s just one-sided…”                “are you kidding me, y/n?.” you said nudging him playfully and playing with your fingers. the both of you were young, luke has always had a crush on your slightly older sister.” “it’s just that… she is the better twin, a lot of people like someone exciting as her than someone like me. i mean i’ve asked you before and you said yeah…” louis questioned as he walked further into the flat behind zayn. “you kiss el in front of me and i never say anything. you waitress showed you to your table and your boyfriend was the first one seated. luke went to the tree house the both of you used to hang out in. your sister ripped the stack from your hand and wiggled her eyebrows and made approving noises when she saw the last one. “thanks,” you said confused and then gave liam the wtf look as you sat down.” you said standing up and leaving luke in the shop. (y/s/n) looked between the two of you dissatisfied. “why didn’t you just tell me you liked him? but i’m not saying i feel bad for hurting you. throughout this time (y/s/n) has been trying to make advances toward michael, you were shocked that she was bold enough to do so even though she knew you and michael were together.                “so it’s liam…” he frowned, glaring at your screen. i refuse to ruin it,” you tried to be as clear as possible and walked away before he could answer back, knowing he would try and refuse. liked this giabby liked this alyssasanchezz14 liked this harry-hipsta-girl liked this live-a-chicken-little liked this alaw321 liked this istudyrainbowsstyles liked this onecrazeddedicatedfan liked this madiiiiiiii19 liked this cuddlebughazza liked this bruhitsnarnia-blog-blog liked this x-lukeismypenguin-x liked this directioner4everstuff liked this darnitdel liked this niinaamalik liked this amomentwithonedirection liked this valeriamalik6 liked this jamiguz liked this whiskery-louis liked this kat1209 liked this nothingbetterthanbtr reblogged this from happilyloving1d twinkletwinklelittlebatter liked this darklove20 liked this smoooootie liked this allisonmurphy14 liked this lianaasunderlin liked this marababy17 liked this kittysimsimmer liked this bigtimeviolethings liked this anoxickisses liked this cupcake02011994 liked this itsdani09 liked this kayizzeily liked this mrsmalikforever2012 liked this aihao-zhe liked this sez-luvz-you liked this urbanpaige liked this ebbenbebben liked this loveblablablaposts liked this pandabearisaunicorn liked this petamasterson liked this itslina13-blog liked this tomlilsuns liked this r4waan liked this happilyloving1d posted this show more notesloading. liam: his eyes trailed between the two of you as you fed one another, “you’re both adults right? #7 he’s dating your sister and you tell him you have feelings for him part 2hiiiii guys!” you both break away from the kiss, to see your sister standing infront of you guys. when you were done eating you all went over to the bar.” he didn’t seem too into the being bossed around thing. i don’t really want to bring you along, but since i need to move a lot of things i thought you could just help with the process quicker. he thinks you’re like a mini me, sorry sis. you and calum went off to the side to talk.

AU: He's Your Brother, and You Tell Him You Have a Crush on One

”                you sighed in exasperation, “if i tell you, will you be quiet?” your sister then comes up to you both “what i don’t get a congrats from my own sister? you were a little scared when a random vehicle, that was not a work truck, pulled up behind you. you tried to avoid his beer stained breath as he continued to make rude remarks. she was perfect, confident in her body, had her hair in perfect curls to frame her face, and make up that amplified her looks. she was a year older than the both of you, but the three of you grew up really close together. “that’s cool, maybe i’ll see you often then.” “fine get down here,” he said lending you a hand to help you sit next to him. i’d rather not have to think about the things you to do. luke nudges you back and the both of you chilled in the tree house trying to figure out the next step. i love your sister and i’m sorry about telling you through a note, but i hope you can pay for this wedding with your money. she rolls her eyes, “so you came here to rub it in my face? inquired:could you make a preference where you take him to visit your sister and she hits on him?                “i never knew about your blog or your crush,” he confessed. stay away from her styles, i’m warning you nicely. “no, luke… i’m serious, i like you… i’ve always liked you, since we’ve became friends… but i guess if you didn’t like me then, means you won’t like me now right?                you nodded, bringing your hands up to your eyes to stop the flow.”                “hey, i wouldn’t threaten the one guy who could help you get the boy of your dreams,” he smirked, arching his brows. was a normal day when all hell decided to break loose.                “if i knew any better…you were texting a boy,” zayn chuckled, taking a seat next to you on the couch.” she then places her hand on liam’s shoulder and liam fakes a smile, “excuse me, i’m just going to go and get a drink.” he introduces shaking her hand, “i’m (y/n)’s boyfriend. tagged with: one direction preference1d preferenceone direction preferences1d preferencesone direction1dharrylouisliamniallzaynone direction imagineone direction imagines1d imagine1d imaginespreferencepreferences. you were getting a drink and all you could hear is their conversation.” you roll your eyes, “and now you’re marrying her, congrats. plus he’s my best mate…and you are my sister, this is too much for me. you know who i’m dating,” zayn tried to reason with you.                “i won’t tell…but why are you so obsessed? sorry i dropped everything,” you said looking to some broken glass.” liam then grabs your hand and leaves your sister standing there alone. i’m sorry and i know you guys dated first, but i. you hesitated to answer knowing that your sister wouldn’t approve of dating an older guy.                he had knocked on your door, giving you a weird smile, “hey.

  • 183: BSM You date another boy and he's upset.

    ”                you froze mid-bite, “yes…”                “and does it happen to be a blog completely dedicated to niall james horan?” you get up and say, “zayn, it’s almost been a month since we started dating and you’re still with my sister. “oh i can do something about it…i can put an end to this crap.”                “i promise,” he put his hand on his heart, something you two always did when giving each other your word. there were a few scrapes that were bleeding a little bit. your sister rolls her eyes at liam and says, “jee, you seem so upset. well, i have to go and look upset about not being pregnant. you nod, “i know her, i know when she likes someone for them and not for what they buy her.” niall looks at you and then at the door, “it’s niall.”                “no one is obviously someone because you just told me you were waiting for someone,” your brother reasoned with a laugh. i don’t think he should get in the way of our friendship. first you stuck out your tongues, then you mushed your cheeks together and had really big smiles, in the one he kissed you your eyes were really wide and pretty, and the last one you looked confused as heck and he just had a smug smile directed at you.                “oh, god,” he brought his hands up to his face, falling back into his chair. one of the men was trying to get one from the back and knocked you over in the process.”                “but…”                “the answer is still the same,” you brought your cell back up to your face. “fine posh princess,” he scoffed at liam and reluctantly pulled your chair out. “oh, uh, i would but, (y/n) is my ride home.}louis: you were having a fun time in the photo booth with harry. you had just gotten home from another routine day at school, and you were sitting on your bed, cereal bowl in hand and papers scattered across your comforter.” she smiles at you and you give her a big hug and whisper in her ear, “i really didn’t mean for this to happen.                “i could ask you the same thing,” niall retorted with a small frown. “wow, you seem to know a lot of places, but it’s okay, i like the days when i can stay with (y/n).” she says and then she runs out of the house. “you scared the hell out of me,” you said as you almost broke his nose in the process of opening the door. a few years later luke got over his feelings and the both of you decided to visit home when the holidays came around and visit your family. it was a joy to write, and i hope you all enjoy it, lovelies!” you couldn’t believe the words that just came out of your mouth, but you didn’t regret saying then. this is actually pretty cool :d[requested: yes](y/s/n)- your sister’s namemichaelyou were going to visit your twin sister today and you were honestly really nervous since you were bringing michael along with you. so don’t try to make me feel bad, you skank. you did say it was okay for them to date remember. one afternoon you were going to visit ashton at work and saw that the both of them were chatting together at a table.                “i’m sure he doesn’t want to have sex with me, harry,” you chided him. “well, y/n,” he threw his jacket on over his shoulders, “you are a hundred percent correct.
  • Rip My Out

    ”                “no…i just wanted to trick you into telling me you had a crush on my best mate,” he chuckled, sitting on the edge of your bed. “we should hang sometime at this club that is just a few blocks from here, great music and have several different kinds of beers. but if he really did love me he wouldn’t have kissed you, so maybe you should go after him.” she walks away and liam smiles at you and pulls you into a hug.” zayn’s moves a little to be facing you and says, “what do you mean? you have no idea,” he said in between laughs, entering the living room. ashton looks at you reassuringly and you smile kissing his head.                you let out a sigh, “fine…i fancy zayn malik. you and harry both break away from the kiss and harry jumps up and says, “erm, this isn’t what it looks like. when you knew he had entered the room, you twisted around in your chair, resting your manicured hand on the back of it.” she giggles and repeats herself, “i just wanted to say that i’m glad you let me vent to you about relationships… i mean,  i’ve been in so many relationships but they always end up the same…. you look at him and say, “i already told you everything and now i feel stupid.” he said he was doing it nicely, but he got closer to him in a threatening way. “so all those nights you would tell me how much you loved and missed me, you were talking to the wrong sister? but did you really mean what you said back there, like your sister only likes me for the money? you smiled slightly, “michael, i must warn you, my sister is pretty flirtatious and i just…” “you’re gonna be jealous if she hits on me? when you came back calum was gone and your sister convinced him to dance with her. the thing was, during school, everyone liked your twin better than you, especially boys. even when she returned to school after the weekend, you were a bit irritated to hear her efforts to try and get closer to ashton. when the job was done, she convinced you guys to stay longer just for dinner. you’re not allowed to talk about anything when it comes to your relationship…i might actually kill you if you do niall.” harry questioned not able to look away and liam shrugged.” you said feeling a bit irritated that she was bringing up the big sister authority.” zayn mumbled opening the door wider allowing louis into the flat. you sigh and say, “listen, you’re my sister and harry is just a guy.                “maybe if you admit you have a crush…i’ll consider staying home…” he glanced at you. “i just met you and i can already tell you are a proper dick. your sister and you snuck off to the bathroom mid meal. plus this way i can teach you how to change it, but if it’s late you should still call me. you were designated to carry the bags that they had filled so far since you sister had to point at all of the stuff she wanted and zayn had to pay.” he violently yanked your sister’s chair out to demonstrate.”                you looked down at your comforter, letting out a sigh, “you have to promise you won’t laugh or tell. “i’m fine, thanks to you, but i think i’m going to be headed home as well.
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  • I M A G I N E S: You're Dating Harry but Niall is an Over-protective

    ” michael asked holding your hand as you drove to the house.” zayn asked, trying to catch a glimpse of the text.”                you rolled your eyes at him, crossing your arms over your chest as you moved your gaze to the empty street. as you laughed he would look at you a certain way and you would feel a blush growing on your cheeks.” you then look at zayn and zayn looks at your sister and she says, “are you serious? you couldn’t think straight, you saw liam and the guilt in his eyes and you walk over to him and you take a deep breath and say, “nothing happened. “you don’t deserve to be treated like that,” he leaned over and whispered in your ear as he began what was going to be a long stare down between him and your date. through out the whole break all of you were catching up, especially (y/s/n) and luke. lights and music were blasting and you felt quite nervous to go in. sorry if this is confusing :) also sorry if you have already wrote a preference about this i'm kinda new :))))))).” you contemplated it for a second, but then figured that was not too much of a hassle for him.” he says and your sister started laughing as if it was a joke.” “i like you…” michael says smiling and kissing your hand.” you nod and reply, “and if she’s not, then that’s a different story. Finally, after losing the first document to technical difficulties yesterday, I made. “well i am your younger friend and i don’t see a problem with having a little fun. i hope you enjoy your life with this ‘max’ guy, you bitch. the both of you knew the feelings were there but nothing could convince you two to confess to each other, yet. on the way home for the weekend, your sister kept talking about ashton which made you slightly uncomfortable.” you giggle and say, “how could you do what you’re doing to liam and not even feel guilty? ever since zayn got back from tour, on break, he’s been spending most of his days at his flat in london, only visiting you and your parents on the weekends. you gulped down whatever was in your mouth, putting the bowl on the nightstand next to you. the kiss got deeper and more passionate and you break away and smile and louis says, “wow!/n: well then, it’s been a while since i did a request, so i’m so sorry anon this took a while, but i hope you liked it :) i must admit, i was listening to chole by emblem3 like nonstop for inspiration for writing this. you were paralyzed and had no idea what the smart thing to do would be.” even though the both of you had the same face, you were polar opposites.” louis grumbled glancing over that you and liam’s faces nearing one another’s once more. in the back of our head you knew how wrong it was, but you didn’t care. the paparazzi kept shouting out questions and continued to try and find the perfect angle for a picture of the lovebirds. everyone starts to clap and congratulate her if she is pregnant.                “excuse me, love,” he would say every time he invaded your personal space, but his apologies weren’t helping. as much as you didn’t want to admit to him that you were jealous, you also felt the need to tell your sister the truth, but you just couldn’t. “what the hell do you mean ‘everything to be perfect’?
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Preference #7 He's dating your sister and you tell him you have

Imagine: You and Harry have been dating for quite some time now

” he contemplated as he worked on getting your spare tire. luke was somewhat speechless, and you turned away with your heart slightly aching. (y/s/n) was surprised to see luke and gave him a hug, “lukey, oh my god you’ve grown.” zayn moves a piece of your hair to get it out if your eyes and he replies, “i choose you!” he says and she stares at him, baffled of his decision.” you smile and say, “i just stood up to my sister. your sister started to talk into a certain tone trying to sound captivating. “i like a girl i could do nothing with… so, (y/n) is my type of girl…” michael says and your sister is dead silent.                you nodded, “a lot…”                zayn let out a sigh, “great…just great. “besides that she is a really good girl and she doesn’t deserve you and all of the baggage that comes with dating you. “out of all the people in the world why’d they date each other? you were relieved when you saw that it was harry.”                you heard his loud footsteps cross the living room and enter the kitchen from behind you.”                “louis,” you turned your head to look at him, “i am going to punch you in the face.”                “you are not,” you said, rolling your eyes at his dramatics. “let’s get you fixed up,” he said protectively putting his arm around you as he led you to the car. on the drive back michael held your hand, you started to smile and looked at him at the red light. you were stunned and looked at your sister who also had a shocked face.”                “well, of course they aren’t,” liam threw his head back in laughter.” zayn sighs and you say, “either you want to be with me or you want to stay with her, but you’re not dating us both. that reaction caused louis to rip them from her hands. i’m not letting you walk home alone in the dark. i’m sure it is in your best interest to not only leave her alone, but head home.” harry tries to say something but she then yells, “i don’t want to f*cking hear it, now leave.                “i’ll kill that irishman…stealing my sister’s heart,” he vowed, pulling you into a hug only to be punched in the chest. you were surprised that they had quite a lot in common when it came to parties, or drinking, or just anything you weren’t interested in.                “i said maybe, y/n,” he chuckled, closing the door behind you. liam got out first and held the door for everyone else.” you could not believe how terrible your sister was, “you know, it all works out now.” you narrowed your eyes his way as you raised the fork to niall’s lips.” your sister looks at you confused, “what do you mean? “well you can always go some where else and eat li. #7 He's dating your sister and you tell him you have feelings for him part 2 Hiiiii guys!


smile forced its way onto your lips as you read that message, and you quickly replied back.” he moves to the side to let you in and you walk in.*****                it was later on that night that niall came into your room, closing the door behind him. “and she doesn’t want this either,” he said physically taking his arm off of your shoulder. “(y/n), there is nothing to worry about… you’re the only girl i need.: you went with your sister, some of her friends, and her boyfriend to a bar to eat and then just hang out and talk. then he took you by surprise by leaning over and kissing you.” you say getting up and you see your sister dressed in all white, “what are you running from? maybe in the future we can be how we used to be, but for now, no. the both of you were making jokes about people in the room commentating on their movements. when you made your way through the crowd, you greeted your sister happy birthday and introduced calum. “i don’t know, i guess i couldn’t find the words to tell you. you honestly didn’t know what you were doing, you didn’t even know if he wanted to see you, but you just had to know.”4 years ago with 140 notes#one direction  #one direction preference  #one direction preferences  #1dimagine  #1d  #1dpreference  #1dpreferences  #1dimagines  #1d preference  #1d preferences  #1d imagine  #1d imagines  #preferences  #preference  #requested  #request  #louis tomlinson  #liam payne  #niall horan  #harry styles  #zayn malik. finally, after losing the first document to technical difficulties yesterday, i made myself start and finish the newer version. you split the drinks at her and she looked at you with an angry face. you were younger than him by a bit, but that didn’t seem to bother your relationship.” you then say, “i don’t know, maybe i should go and talk to her first.”                you looked over your shoulder to meet his green gaze.” he looks at you with his beautiful blue eyes and he says, “i have always loved you, y/n.” your sister then looks at zayn and says, “my sister, really? when the person knocked on your window you slowly turned your head to see what he wanted.” michael says simply and she chuckles again but started to sound confused. you knock on his door and he answers it and smiles, “hi. do you not get how messed up this is mate? she turns around and her eyes go wide when she sees you, “uhh, y/n, how much did you hear?” you struggled against his strength as he tried to get your phone out of your hands, but alas, he was stronger.” zayn looks at you and you then say, “yes, but he’s not cheating anymore because he’s breaking up with you. he sat next to you and forced his arm around your shoulder.” you both go quiet and you then see liam come out and he says, “wow, i just heard everything.” you make eye contact with your sister and your sister slowly walks over to you and slaps your cheek, “how could you? the bags fell out of your hands and spilled everywhere. “so i’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of older people at this party?

Directioner Dreams — Preference #51: Sister's Boyfriend, but

He's your brother and you're secretly dating another band member

: you had told your sister that you would go with her and her boyfriend to pick up some stuff for their new apartment, but never thought about how annoying it would be to have to deal with paparazzi on top of going to a bunch of stores. “of course you wouldn’t think so…she’s your sister, but they’re happy. you hang around a lot of older people when you do recording and attend those music award things. zayn spun around in a flash, “you ok,” he asked as he stooped down and lifted your arms off of the ground and inspected them. you were kind of the 5th wheel, and a drunken guy noticed.” she says and you felt a sharp stab in your heart. niall looks at you to explain, “um, well there is no easy way to tell you this. “i just figured, by the way that you act around him, that you have some hidden feelings for him.” he spoke under his breath as he sat up, rising out of his seat.” she pulls away from the hug and smiles, “i know.                “one of my band mates called you ‘fit,’” he murmured between clenched teeth. all i'm saying is if he kisses her one more time i'm going to accidently kick this football at him. “you just had to date my sister didn’t you mate? you felt slightly irritated how close she was to him, but also irritated that his hands were around her waist. said: Could you make a preference where you take him to visit your sister and she hits on him?” you were unsure of what to do and your sister could tell and she then says, “i’m serious.                “good,” he nodded, looking around your room as if it were the first time. your sister then looks at you, “so this is payback?” she starts to walk away, but you say, “you don’t have to lose me, please understand that.” your sister’s eyes go wide and she then says very quietly, “how long? requests are still open, by the way, and i wanted to pint out that the guy you have a crush on in each one is the guy who paid the most attention to you when you surprised your brother on tour in preference {12}. of course anytime you were with zayn you felt bad, but you always reminded yourself that she did the same thing to you many of times. you both stand up quickly and she says, “are you guys…. “nothing, you’re just the greatest boyfriend…” you said slightly flustered.{this is for the anon that requested “your his girlfriend’s little sister and he gets protective of you.” “because you have done this to me, so many times before. today was your older sister’s birthday, and she kindly invited you to go to her party. as he tried to force a drink on you by trying to poor it in your mouth himself you pleaded for the bartender to take it away. #5 seconds of summer #5sos #5sos au #5sos imagines #5sos preferences #luke hemmings #luke hemmings au #luke hemmings preferences #luke hemmings imagines #calum hood #calum hood au #calum hood preferences #calum hood imagines #michael clifford #michael clifford au #michael clifford imagines #michael clifford preferences #ashton irwin #ashton irwin au #ashton irwin preferences #ashton irwin imagines #luke hemmings preference #calum hood preference #michael clifford preference #ashton irwin preference.” she hangs up the phone and you were shocked about what you just heard. “i’ll gather the group,” niall suggested since he had driven.” he frowned prying his eyes off the two of you and zayn shrugged again. although you didn’t want to be rude to your own flesh and blood, you admitted that she was pretty flirtatious and broke a lot of hearts.

AU: He's Your Brother, and You Tell Him You Have a Crush on One

I figured it out, 1D BSM Preference: He Catches You With One Of

#51: Sister’s Boyfriend, but Protective of You (Requested)… {This is for the anon that requested “your his girlfriend’s little sister and he gets protective of you.” “she left her phone at my house, should i tell her you called or…” you looked out to the dark field.” harry looks at you confused and you then say, “harry, i don’t know how you felt about that kiss, but i loved it. “so…who is this no one, or should i say someone? (y/s/n) was known to you as, “the better twin.”                the sound of the front door slamming ran up your spine, making you cringe mid-sip.                “hey, y/n,” harry greeted you first, giving you one of his smiles that made you swoon.” he asked a hint of disgust in his voice as he put his fork down on his plate.” zayn asked rubbing the back of his neck and louis offered him a small smile. your brother had noticed your odd behavior, and because you could never keep something from him, he was going to figure it out. you missed him, but this was his way of relaxing. i made the reservations and everything the least you can do is take this opportunity and pretend to be a gentleman. you both make eye contact and louis then crashes his lips to yours.” he leaned forward to take a better look at you.                “now tell me what this is all about,” you said, leaning back in your chair.” he slides the piece of paper under the door and grabs your hand and you both run off together.” niall shouted, jumping into the cushion next to you while harry did the same on the other side.” he shouted, rubbing his arm as if it actually hurt. i thought-” you then cut him off, “you might be a father and i’m not going to take you away from your child, my niece or nephew. is a one direction blog, dedicated to writing preferences, imagines, blurbs, and your requests! liked this luna3371 liked this randomstuffanddl liked this krispyninjacupcake liked this michmichcliffcliff liked this cal-palkickyourface liked this crazydisneyfann liked this xpinklipped liked this justnikitha liked this amazingholly liked this 5sosgivesmechestpains reblogged this from abundance-of-casualties stripes2116 liked this proudoffood liked this verxacebieber liked this ilikebandsmorethanyou-x liked this slightlyslimshady liked this chloewilliams11 liked this nataliawutt liked this hail0ser liked this -grecia- liked this ginnaboo liked this dying-symphonies liked this wellnatalie liked this shutupharryy reblogged this from abundance-of-casualties new-broken-scene-muke liked this tumbling-in-5-directions liked this h-rperxx liked this ryanbooth liked this hemmtv liked this taylormaryyyy liked this dulcepea liked this calmsbitch liked this softisakyaki liked this parkersprincessxo liked this posh-potato liked this cityofolympus liked this jxeps liked this cloudy-week liked this 5sos-imagines-and-shit reblogged this from abundance-of-casualties mashtons-dirtbag liked this hood-ie-vevo liked this theperksinmystars liked this 5seconds-of-1-direction liked this laurenmessi liked this yoloswag-bruhwweh liked this abundance-of-casualties posted this show more notesloading.” sorry it took so long, we were getting ready to go back to school.                you brought your cup of tea down to the smooth top of the wooden kitchenette you were sitting at before replying to your brother’s call, “i’m in the kitchen!”                “because you’re going to be angry,” you whispered, looking back out the window.” zayn shook his head, as he let his eyes trail over to where you two stood.                “you suddenly get quiet, and you aren’t as talkative…you can’t even look at the poor guy,” niall pointed out.” she tries to cover herself and she runs back to her room.                you were planning to finish your snack before starting your homework, but your elder brother had other plans. “last time i checked eleanor isn’t liam’s little sister.” you recognized harry’s voice the second he started talking. harry laughed but louis did not find it humorous, “that is not happening. “okay, that’s it, out, leave my party right now. “well on that lovely note it is your turn, go get all coupley,” you said literally pushing louis and your sister into the photo booth then shrugging at harry.

183: BSM You date another boy and he's upset.

Who Should Justin Bieber Date Next? Taylor Swift, Jenner Sisters

” your sister’s jaw drops and you continue, “but then you said you might be pregnant and we decided unless we knew for sure you weren’t, we were going to stay away from each other. 👻sc: confusedpaige  home  message  archive  navigation  masterlist  fic rec  life#183: bsm you date another boy and he's upset. calum grinned at you and walked with you out of the party and to the car. “i- i don’t know, i mean, if she didn’t like me then, what makes you think she would like me now? i went to the doctors and they finally confirmed that i am indeed 1d af! this is by far the worst thing you have ever done to me. {14} au: he’s your brother, and you tell him you have a crush on one of his band mates. liam’s eyes glared over at niall, “why don’t you two just go out? but i thought you liked me, i mean i knew you did before… i just-” “i’m sorry (y/s/n) i just… it’s too late…” luke says before leaving her room.”                he nodded, a confident smile on his face, “someone has a little crush on zayn, and she wants him all to herself.” she says giving him a small grin and taking the box she had and went back into the house.”                you honestly wished you could’ve died then and there.”                “louis…” you warned, “don’t you dare put on your shoes…”                he smirked and slipped on each tom, spinning his foot around for you to see.” and with that she leaves you and niall in her apartment and you felt guilty, but you knew she wouldn’t be mad forever. “if i’m pregnant, liam will be the best father ever. “harry’s been pining on you since he first met you.                “because there’s a movie we both want to see.” you lunged for the phone, but zayn managed to get away, walking around the couch as he read the message. luke seemed unaffected of her charms and the only thing that occurred to him was the fact that he was so blind to your feelings, but you really did like him genuinely, while (y/s/n) never showed interest till now. this request was really cute xd thank you again anon.”                your words were meant to be a plea, but your face expressed that it was a warning. liam wanted romantic and your date wanted upbeat dancing songs.” liam mumbled sitting back in his seat a hint of color making its way up to his cheeks. you were visiting your sister’s college and surprisingly ashton went to the same university as her. michael looks at you with an amused smile and arched eyebrows. he gives you a mysterious smile and grabs a piece of paper and a pen and he writes down, “i’m sorry, i can’t marry you. tonight you were over at zayn’s house and you guys were watching movies. is part 1harry: the kiss kept getting deeper and deeper and you were enjoying every minute of it. you were managing the fact that they were dancing rather close, but when she started to reach closer to his face your hands automatically moved. i lost a boyfriend and a sister, all in 5 minutes.”                liam: would it b weird if u and i just hung out? “why do you always act so shy around harry nowadays? “he does some times…mostly for advice and stuff he really likes [y/n], so he just wants everything to be perfect.

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once you got in the restaurant you could tell liam was already on edge, probably due to the fact that he gave in on the whole music thing. he felt her move closer to him resting her hand on his shoulder with a look as if she wanted to kiss him.” she takes one last look at you and says, “i will always love you and i won’t let a guy get in the way of that, i just don’t like or won’t to see you right now. “just so you know you two have to stay in the living room…i don’t trust you upstairs with my little sister.                sandwiched between the two boys, you continued to watch your show…or at least, you tried to.”                he nodded, “since day one, and he’s had my approval since day two. “just because i have a crush on louis doesn’t–”                harry’s fingers moved to reveal his face, “you fancy him, too? he knew you were there and when he climbed up he found you sitting in the corner. (y/s/n) went out with different guys, and showed no interest to luke whatsoever. you think that's what 💜's all aboutfaq ||| masterlist sometimes i draw! liked this slashinc-blog liked this cadeekeys liked this melodytone liked this kelly27crickett liked this cacaubs liked this project1dhistory reblogged this from chrissysmith257 booksare4theirreaders liked this alexandriahoward257 liked this leximunsterisbetterthanu liked this flashgirlwonder liked this wildfangirlinspace liked this lusiifer liked this nutellaclouds liked this bossassbetchh liked this justmeharryandthemoon liked this life-of-iza liked this mysticcdiamond liked this cxprxgxrs liked this bella-40 liked this vashantixo liked this smolfionnley liked this directionertweets liked this teenagerejectbaby liked this stylesslutpaynexcx-blog liked this ishang-escasibird-blog liked this ishang-escasibird-blog reblogged this from chrissysmith257 iblamethecurlyone liked this elvendoork liked this kitty-cth liked this millijasmine liked this xxincrediblethingsxx liked this oneofakindxhybrid liked this shelbyisnotonfire liked this 5-seconds-of-the-tardis liked this dyanam1d liked this lonely-jagiya-ash liked this mirandapandapatnoe liked this wellhelloitslisa liked this hopelesslystarryeyed12 liked this dirajunara reblogged this from chrissysmith257 girlwith-thecinder-blockgarden liked this superpotterheadfred liked this joshcuthbertmyangel liked this dideminwonderland liked this done-with-being-strong liked this chrissysmith257 posted this show more notesloading.” you knew louis was hurt, so you put your hand on his shoulder. your sister was speechless and left the store in a dissatisfied rage.                “oh, well, i’m not angry…”                “then what are you?” you could see the hurt in her eyes, “i’m sorry, y/n. you stand up when you see liam and your sister making their way out of the room.” niall guided him away then came back to see if you were doing ok. “he’s your best friend, and he’s more of a gentleman than that.”                “wha–”                “you heard me,” you smirked, finally seeing the familiar car parked outside your house.”                “i guess you’re right, but…why my sister of all people?                you shrugged, blushing slightly, “well…i don’t know…i kind of find it sweet of him to call me 'fit.                you: idk…:(                liam: but i miss hanging out with u. however, you had interest in luke, but no matter what, he never saw those feelings just like how your sister was with him. i was so glad they said i wasn’t pregnant. you never liked harry until that concert and you knew he was my favorite but you still through yourself at him.” you smile and continue to kiss and you say, “this is so weird.” you walk closer to her and reply, “all of it. he was fuming and you didn’t want him to say anything stupid. you roll your eyes at him and continued to drive until you reached your sisters house.” you then walk out of the house and headed over to harry’s. “she doesn’t want it man,” niall said grabbing the drink from his hand and slamming it on the bar away from his reach. i’m not quit ready yet, so just make yourself at home. “relax harry, even if they were you couldn’t really do anything about it.

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One Direction fan has slept with Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Niall

” your sister then says, “how could you do that to me?                you were sitting on the couch, enjoying a bowl of popcorn and an episode of the simpsons, when your brother came into the house.                “everyone knows who you’re dating,” you scowled, facing your cell away from him. “so you just just use your lips to tell me?” you knew your sister was hurt, but all you could say was, “oh, please. actually, she knows i’m here, she told me to come. when you looked up liam was lecturing the poor boy, “no more doubles,” you said putting up your pinky. you told him the road, and then he warned you to stay in your locked vehicle.” you walk closer to harry and he wraps his arms around you, “no, i don’t know how she will feel, but she did say if you really loved her you wouldn’t have kissed me, so you’re not getting her back.: you and zayn continued to see each other, since that night.” she points to the door and harry leaves you and your sister alone.: you kept running until you bumped into someone and fell on to the ground. i hope the requester, who asked i do more brother/sister moments, likes this one. your sister violently nodded her head and engaged in your pinky promise.” harry’s voice rose as his eyes widened a bit. once you got to the house, your sister was outside carrying boxes in and out of her new house. “no clue mate…but they’ve like each other for a long time.” you said before starting up the car, “maybe, i like you a tiny bit…. i didn’t want you to sit out here unprotected for however long they decided to take. {14} AU: He's Your Brother, and You Tell Him You Have a Crush on One of His Band Mates Hello, Lovelies! “all i have to do is look in a magazine or search your name online. you playfully hit him and he smiles, kissing your cheek before exiting the car. “stop being attractive and smart and kind and funny and…”                “harry,” you tapped the top of the table to get his attention. luke was that guy who wanted to be with a girl, but she was oblivious to his feelings.” liam looks at you confused and you add, “we just talked today, that’s it.” Louis grumbled glancing over that you and Liam’s faces nearing one another’s once more. today i realized that i have been loving someone who wasn’t loving me for me.” your sister’s focus was on you and you continued, “um, you see, niall and i are sorta….” you then hear louis calling you and he gets to where you and your sister are at, “uhh, what’s going on? i just have a flat so… i’ll call someone else. you were laying on zayn’s shoulder, while he was softing your hair, “that feels nice. i don’t know how i would have told liam he was most likely not the father. your confession ran through luke’s mind the rest of the day, even if he was with (y/s/n), the only thing he could think about was you and your feelings.

I M A G I N E S: You're Dating Harry but Niall is an Over-protective

His little sister is secretly dating Niall

                “no reason…” you left your messages, returning to the home screen.”                he did as you commanded, pressing his lips into a thin line.”                “none of your business,” you sent a glare louis’ way. “(y/n), you immature little-” she says causing a scene. the shadowy figure got out of the car and started to walk to your door.” “i can do that give me your location and i’ll call it in.” louis ran a hand over his face before heading up the stairs.” he asked, strolling over to your side of the queen bed.”                your heart nearly leapt in your chest; you were so happy, but you frowned for your brother. “i actually just wanted her to find a phone number of someone who could. (y/s/n), i’m sorry, you probably think of me as a cool poet type considering i work here, but i’m really childish and (y/n) really get’s that…. “i would kill him if he acted on any feelings for my sister!” zayn and you make eye contact and he says, “what just happened?”                “liam james payne,” you growled, getting up onto your knees.” harry smirks and presses his lips to yours and he says against your lips, “why would i won’t her, when i have you? you smiles and put the glass in the sink returning to the dining room.: you were going on a double date with your sister and her boyfriend liam.” you walk away, but he doesn’t let you, “i had a crush on you too, but i didn’t think you liked me so i moved on to your sister..” you sister looks at you both confused and says, “together as in…” niall then interrupts, “dating.” he pushed his plate forward and stood from his seat. temporarily closed*you can still send in your request but it will not be done until i get the ones i received before finished so you might have to wait if that is okay :). “i’m fine,” you said calmly and his face softened.” your sister says from her room, not knowing you’re here. “you’re growing feelings for her again…” you said sipping your starbuck’s tea. as you were leaving she sounded in denial that michael didn’t fall for her. when you entered you greeted a few familiar faces your sister has introduced you to. the room goes quiet and she then says, “i appreciate that.”                “very,” he smiled, walking over to the front door and opening it. “it’s not your fault,” he said violently getting up. “he just asked me if you were mad at him or something. your sister comes out of her room and she was about to say something but stopped when she saw you, “y/n, what are you doing here? “i know i said i was okay with this before…but i'm honestly not.” he asks looking at you and putting his arm around your waist.

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#1d preferences  #1d  #1direction  #1d imagines  #harry styles  #harry imagine  #imagine harry styles  #liam payne  #liam imagine  #zayn malik  #zayn imgine  #zayn mailk  #louis tomlinson  #louis imagine  #niall horan  #niall james horan  #niall imagine  #one direction images  #one directionimagines  #one direction  #1d preffs  #one direction preffs.” 1 week later it’s your sisters doctor appointment and she asked you to be there for her.” he mumbled his eyes narrowing a bit as harry leaned forward pressing his lips to yours once more.” “that you are the coolest girl i ever met without even trying. all of a sudden you felt a hand grab yours and yank it a bit, “slow down so i can keep up would ya,” he said with a smile as he looked you in the eyes, then let your hand go. your sister then looks at harry and says, “get out! you were feeling slightly awkward from these feelings that were emerging and you excused yourself to get refreshments for the both of you. it’s a family and friends get together and i’m almost 99. it was obvious that she grew an interest to calum and you didn’t know how to react to it.”                you hung your head, unable to help the smile on your lips, and that was answer enough for harry.” you laugh and say, “oh, i can’t so you can continue playing around with whoever was on that phone?” liam nods and you go to where your sister was talking on the phone, “yup you’re off the hook. liked this mirandapandapatnoe liked this jennifuz liked this glittersoleil liked this sugardaddyharrystyles liked this georgiapeach575 liked this fleurdelys0 liked this behind-my-life liked this salemcalum liked this willy-wonka-is-my-soul-animal liked this unsteady-x liked this bemylooveer liked this zainmalekh liked this labatty liked this foolishboys liked this s-infulpassion liked this artronaut liked this valerie18luna liked this onedirection3ehotties-blog liked this imvirgo reblogged this from zaynical frannie2345 reblogged this from zaynical thelioninhighgarden liked this kristinamaay liked this spideybelle liked this im-just-a-mississippi-girl liked this eleanors-attire liked this louehcasm liked this emmasunshiine liked this no-deniallxx-blog liked this undrlou liked this synnelie liked this rockmybednowstyles liked this misssalvatore1995-blog liked this rebirth-of-destruction liked this green-and-orange-4ever-blog liked this lanadereys liked this feilkoblet liked this lukes-tribe liked this recklesswallflowerx liked this teenagedreamm101 liked this lipstickstainsonmycigarettes liked this thatgirlgemma liked this 1dislifeziall liked this onedirection3ehotties-blog reblogged this from zaynical chillywillypiggy liked this onehoran liked this zaynical posted this show more notesloading. “well that’s rude, i feel like if he is helping us today i should at least know his name. he looked outside and waved at zayn before turning to talk to you again.                you looked up from your book to see him leaning against your door, his head down.#1d #1d blurbs #1d family #1d imagines #1d preferences #lovely1dheadcanons #1dheadcanons #one direction #one direction blurbs #one direction headcanons #one direction imagines #one direction preferences #request #requests #au #he's your brother #bsm #1d bsm #niall horan #harry styles #louis tomlinson #liam payne #zayn malik #preference 14 #you tell him you have a crush on one of his band mates. “a bit rude don’t you think…kissing my sister in front of me liam. you entered the store a bit irritated, “hey (y/n)."i used to get the feeling, and sometimes i still get it, that sometimes i was fooling somebody; i don't know who or what, maybe myself. he then places a kiss to your cheek and says, “i’m glad. Sorry if this is confusing :) also sorry if you have already wrote a preference about this I'm.” you were about to hang up, “why did you call (y/s/n)?                “and you don’t want me tagging along because you think i’ll just get in the way,” he concluded, heading over to the closet and grabbing his jacket. the limo ride to the restaurant was interesting since your date and liam continued to argue about what music to listen to.                you immediately sat back on your bum, pouting, “why are you so mean to me?                “i-i don’t know what you’re talking about, niall,” you said, playing with the bottom of your plaid pajama shorts.’”                harry jumped up before you could finish the sentence, his green eyes almost the size of golf balls before narrowing into tiny slits, “you don’t find him fit…do you? although you dreaded visiting your sister, you had no choice as your parent’s wanted you to help her move in.”                well, he wasn’t necessarily wrong, but you weren’t going to tell him that. “i was excited to have a date now it’s battle of the boy’s,” you said playing with your hair in the mirror.” he growled, pulling back the chair adjacent to yours and nearly making it topple over.” he said under his breath as harry pressed his lips to yours quickly and zayn let out a small chuckle.

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