One direction preferences he s dating your best friend tumblr

Preference #101 He's your brother's best friend (Featuring 5sos)

One direction preferences he's dating your best friend tumblr

he looked around at all their faces, noting the same confused expression. he couldn’t remember the last time he’d asked her about her day and vice-versa.                “everyone knows who you’re dating,” you scowled, facing your cell away from him.                flaming lips burnt your skin with scorching kisses, but instead of pain, you only felt pleasure. you never have good luck and your bad luck makes bad things happen so often that if someone asked you to tell the story of your life, all you’d have to tell them about is all these unlucky things in your life.”                liam let out a sigh, “well, the truth is…”                “liam!” you sigh and sit down on one of the chairs.” grimmy pats his friend’s back, a lopsided smirk with a.”                you shook your head at him, but couldn’t help the smile on your lips. he just couldn’t wait to have your naked body against his own, and once it was, he would take things at a leisurely pace. harry would make sure he came to you first, spent a few days with you, and then visited his friends. “stop being attractive and smart and kind and funny and…”                “harry,” you tapped the top of the table to get his attention.”                “i think it’s worth it, honestly,” you smiled, turning your head to look at your husband. “we should’ve talked about it…and i just ignored you. you just keep staring at me…”                that seemed to snap him out of it, “oh….” louis shouted from behind him, causing the both of you to turn. imagine you can read the previous part hereharry smiled as he looked down at his mom on her wedding day as they were swaying back and forth on the dance floor. perrie and zayn are expecting, and i’ll be having a long break after this tour…it’ll be great! harry lay on the bed, still in his towel, scrolling through his phone. you had never had to close a deal on a fixer-upper, but you assumed that it was like a regular home. makes yeh easier to hold on t’ when the kids are asleep.*****                it was later on that night that niall came into your room, closing the door behind him.”                niall’s face brightened at your words, but you only got a glimpse of his adorable smile before he pulled you into a searing kiss. you watched as he placed his hand over where his heart was as if you actually broke it in pieces.”                “sounds good to me,” he let you lead him to table 5. the bad news is i am certain there are more problems in this property than we can see.”y/n let out a chuckle, “yeah, i kinda get that part, silly. after our second date, i promised myself that i would never hurt you. the day before the award show, you flew to la and your friend, tyler, was going to meet you later that day.                you let out a sigh, “well…the truth is…um…how do you feel about…having a baby? not only did he miss the opportunity to be with the love of his life, he lost his best friend.                under his gaze, even after years of being together, you felt a little self-conscious.                your back hit the hotel bed, breaking your body away from his, and he just stood there for a moment, taking in your swollen, pink lips and scantily clad form. getting over you and moving on with another girl is impossible for him. “and you couldn’t have picked a better time to be ready, either! you truly knew they would love each other for thousands of years. all through out the time, harry was watching you and tyler and he was getting jealous. you couldn’t help but think about how you felt absolutely nothing for this sweet man in front of you. making picture preferences so submit ideas to the idea box or the ask me! it was almost unbelievable to him that soon you’d be his forever, that he’d never have to worry about losing you again.”                “i’ll tell you after you answer it,” you grinned, crossing your arms over your chest. now move yeh legs, tha’s righ’, just like tha’. she realized now how unintentionally cold she has been towards him.“i’m jus’ having a nice night with me lads, y/n!                you let out a moan, your fingers fisting the soft strands of his hair, and your sounds just seemed to encourage him.”                the elevator rang, telling you it had arrived before the doors slid open. you chose not to be with her so you are going to have to deal with that. you have a girlfriend and i’m not going to put through your little games anymore.”                “we won’t be late,” he assured you, opening the door and helping you into the passenger seat. stopped your searching by putting his hand over your phone and lowering it, “and i know professionals, too, but i want you to help me. i’m sorry i doubted you but i was just so scared”, he said sniffling a bit. “well it doesn’t matter now anyway, you have a girlfriend and i like tyler so. i promised that i will always be the one to make you laugh whenever you’re upset, to be the one that holds your hand when you need someone to talk to, and to be the one that you can call your best friend. you smile at him and then sit in harry’s lap. during the sweltering kiss, louis ground on you, needing the friction.                “hey, baby,” you cooed, kissing his nose and holding him in your arms.” you smiled your best smile as you walked down the aisle.                your husband was out of the shower, now, and that meant…                a knot formed in your stomach because you knew exactly what was hoped for tonight, and whether or not your bodies would deliver was “something up to fate,” as your husband, zayn, had once put it. he still should’ve texted you, but he did text them less when he was away.                it was late by the time you two got back to your house, nearly passed one in the morning. them and sing-songed ‘whi-hipped’,At which point y/n swung her arm around, overestimating her aim, and socked him. only the happy parts of the song refer to "you.                soon, his lips were silencing both your blissful cries, and you found yourself wondering if this was it. you knew it was wrong because he was still with her, but you didn’t care because you wanted this and he wanted this, besides he was going to break up with her anyway,. the minute they were cuddled up to each other, he started crying harder.                he then froze, waiting for you to give him the okay.”                and with that, he exited the shower, wrapping a towel around himself before leaving the room entirely. emma was practically begging you to help her pee while she was in her dress during dinner.                his fingers that were tangled in your hair made their way farther and farther down your body, caressing your back as it arched and finally stopping on your bum. mostly because he didn’t hurt your stomach in any way, but by the way he made you feel. you said you didn’t want a girlfriend and i understood that because i remember how it was just starting out in this business, but then you go out and start dating someone else and it really hurt me. threw the covers off of your legs as you stomped over to the door, unlocking and swinging it open.”                “what were you saying before about harry’s and niall’s lack of dates?”                he did as you commanded, pressing his lips into a thin line. and harry’s hands on her waist, swaying to none other than. must be happy, just like her mom,” you said with a smile, nuzzling your face into the crook of his neck. you ignore him and soon they ask tyler about later that night and he agrees.” he whispers putting his forehead on yours looking into your eyes.                when all of your clothes were on the floor, completely forgotten, he let out a content sigh, lowering his warm body on top of yours and entangling your legs in the process. he screamed as loud as his vocal cords let him. you could see his face scrunch; he wasn’t a massive fan of coffee, but he made it for you so might as well drink it. that had her wanting exactly that for them one day. “long story that i would rather not get in too. you’re sweating,” (y/n) insisted, grabbing a towel from a nearby table and handing it to her.                he laughed at how excitable you were, “for one thing, love, i’m not home. i just-”, he was rambling by now and she knew he felt hopeless.” kris writingharrystylesharry blurbsharry styles imagineharry stylesone direction preferencesreader x harryharry x readeryou x harryharry x youdrabbleharry styles drabbleharry imagineone direction imagineone directionalso listen to imagine dragon's new albumit's greatevolve series303 notesloading.”                you looked down, trying to feel the least bit hopeful. she wants to be able to get past it, but her mind keeps going.” she huffed and pressed her face against the cold glass of the back door, small hands reaching for the handle. you sighed and texted back, “have fun on the couch tonight.. “i’ll take tha’ as an invitation t'sit down with m'favourite.                he arched a brow at you, a simply wicked smile on his face, “better, love? but now it’s up, and i had a friend read it. even though her presence felt cold, it was still there, and it was enough for harry for now. you took it as he explained, “this is my amazingly gorgeous friend, y/n.." he knows she’s trying to get a response out of him, anything. he didn’t like being wrong, but if he knew he was wrong, he would do whatever to make it up. using his strength, he pushed your body up against his, groaning when he felt your nether region against his. just the thought alone of that happening, of losing the person she loves the most, of being taken away from the most caring, gentle and loving man she would ever meet was enough to set her off the edge. none of them knew of your current role, and you wanted it to stay that way. you’re looking very handsome yourself,” you replied before going to greet the others.”                your words were meant to be a plea, but your face expressed that it was a warning.”as (y/n) looked around, she was amazed that this many people could fit into harry’s childhood home.”                you froze mid-bite, “yes…”                “and does it happen to be a blog completely dedicated to niall james horan? direction:preference #65: incredible- celion dion/ne-yo (song preference)preference #64: what you take/wear of hispreference #63: “little black dress”preference #62: his favorite photo of your kidspreference #61: his favorite hairstylepreference #60: he tweets a picture of your kid with a petpreference #59: a fan tweets a photo of you bothpreference #58: he tweets a picture with you and your siblingspreference #57: you take a photo with a fanpreference #56: background on his phonepreference #55: outfit to a fancy dinnerpreference #54: outfit to a party/clubpreference #53: studio with the boys (outfit)preference #52: ama’s outfit preference #51: fall outfitpreference #50: shopping with his family (what you wear)preference #49: what you wear to the airportpreference #48: what you wear to an interviewpreference #47: article that you two are engaged or expecting: harry, niall, zayn, louis, liampreference #46: article that you two are dating: liam, niall, harry, louis, zaynpreference #45: you’re a singer, actor or dancerpreference #44: his face when you are mentionedpreference #43: fans favorite gif of both of youpreference #42: your favorite gif of himpreference #41: his favorite gif of youpreference #40: one of your kids run on stagepreference #39: midnight runpreference #38: you two cuddlingpreference #37: infinity item he gets youpreference #36: where you go on vacationpreference #35: artist you see in concertpreference #34: what you wear to coachellapreference #33: what you wear to their concertpreference #32: reaction to first meeting you (gif)preference #31: where you first metpreference #30: the outfit you wear when you first meetpreference #29: what you wear when he proposespreference #28: meeting his family: outfit & thoughts on youpreference #27: you self harmpreference #26: day out in australia (outfit)preference #25: he’s the brother of your sister’s husband harry liam zayn louis niallpreference #24: the color he dyes your hairpreference #23: your teen daughter’s girlfriendpreference #22: your teen son’s girlfriendpreference #21: he tweets a picture of you pregnantpreference #20: your kids first day of schoolpreference #19: your kids throughout the years part twopreference #18: names of your kidspreference #17: tweets a pic of you and your best guy friendpreference #16: hoodie/sweatshirt he gets youpreference #15: present he buys you for your birthdaypreference #14: what he gets you for christmaspreference #13: outfit he buys youpreference #12: liam’s birthday partypreference #11: vmaspreference #10: cruisepreference #9: he takes a picture of you and your best friend(s)preference #8: engagement ringspreference #7: prompreference #6: “this is us” premierepreference #5: beachpreference #4: bummy daypreference #3: day outpreference #2: prompreference #1: easter follow me on polyvore to see more outfits by me. direction preferences One Direction: Preference #65: Incredible- Celion Dion/Ne-Yo (Song Preference) Preference #64: What You Take/Wear Of His Preference #63: “Little Black Dress” Preference #62:. he stretched up to press a tender kiss to your lips before massaging your chest. but her job was taking over her life, she was letting it take a toll on her and even if it was just by accident, it still happened. they love each other way too much for any harm to come their way.” he put a hand on the small of your back, pushing you up against him. you walked up to the mirror and opened it up to reveal the cabinet behind it.” (y/n) blushed, hiding her grin in the her boyfriend’s side.

AU: He's Your Brother, and You Tell Him You Have a Crush on One

Imagines. (Preference #5 Seeing You With Someone Else (Harry))

that one was his last tour and only had three months left until he could be with her every single day. you braided your hair to the side and finished your make up before you and tyler went downstairs to wait for the boys. niall took a long sigh before picking up the pen and reading it carefully. one directionone direction preferencesone direction seriesone direction preference seriespregnancy series319 notesloading. and at that, she knew he’d be crying in no time. he didn’t have to see harry but he knew he was there tonight. the way you act with him…i just…i can’t help picturing a baby in your arms,” he looked into your eyes with his teal ones. you saw the dirty fingers curled around your arm, and a wave of panic crashed over your body.                you entered the large, decorated hall, hand in hand with your best friend. the one he saw a happy life ahead with happy, healthy children?” he shouted, rubbing his arm as if it actually hurt.“i understand that you want to see your friends, harry, but on your first night back? “we’ll be having plenty of that once baby tomlinson arrives. before harry or any of the boys could say anything, tyler walks in and you smile.                with a growl, he removed your hand, undoing his pants for you and beginning to push them off of his legs.                “liam…” your arms were around his neck, and it was so hard to keep quiet when his hands were doing such magical things to you.                you kissed him over your shoulder, moaning into his mouth as his hands slowly began to massage your breasts. this would truly be a night you would never forget.”                you turned to look at him, giving him a smile, “thanks, louis.” you breathed against his lips, your eyes moving from them to his desire-shaded eyes.                you tugged on his arm, pulling him forward with you, “come on, we can admire everything else from our table. “if you still want to purchase this home, i’ll call the realtor.“you just… you haven’t- you have been so distant., never one to confidently accept compliments, and harry just wouldn’t. he brought his knees up to his chest as he cried the hardest he’s ever cried.”                after grabbing the present you had prepared and your clutch, you made your way downstairs. cleared her throat before she promised her vows to niall, “niall horan, i have never met someone that makes me laugh as much as you do. i don’t want to sound like that guy, but i’m rarely wrong.” your baby girl’s eyes went to you, and she smiled widely as she nodded. you opened the elevator to only meet niall’s worried face. so i thought i could make it up to yeh by making yeh breakfast and doin’ whatever yeh like. and i know that being happy means being with harry. you called him up and asked him and he said yes.”                zayn looked you to the rattle and back, “do you want to go in? “i would kill him if he acted on any feelings for my sister!                this had been all their idea, and you hated them for it.”, she asked sweetly once she saw the sad expression splattered across his face.                “i love you so much, y/n,” he exhaled against your lips.                “hey, yourself,” you grinned at him, placing the book on the nightstand. phone began to ring but he couldn’t hear it. they both rented a room dedicated to the groomsmen to get ready and a room for the bridesmaids to get ready.” he takes to whispering the lyrics to her ear, and he can. you stayed back, watching him with a smile on your face, until you felt zayn and louis dragging you up to him. his heart is finally out of its cage, being filled up with your love because you’re listening to him. harry had no idea what he was going to do but he knew he had to do something. we haven’t shared a hug, a kiss or even a conversation with each other in so long.“be careful, darling, please no running on the deck; it’s icy, love.                “louis…” you gasped your lover’s name when he pinched your left nipple.                both his hands moved down to your waist, holding you to him as you both swayed.                “another time, love,” he said, pulling down his briefs and revealing himself completely to your hungry eyes. one by one he unstraps and slips off her heals.” you asked, your grin wide enough to reach your ears. chasing him, letting her tag him only for her to end up trapped in his.”                it speeds up here because he’s conveying how painful it was for him up to this point.” you asked, holding him back from your face to stop the onslaught of kisses.“thank you for giving him the summer he’s always wanted with his family.                “i hope it works this time…” he sighed against your lips before bringing his head down to your breast. she knew he had been extremely affected by the distance she, now, only took acknowledge of. i was just curious…”                you nodded with a smile, “thanks, mum. one, he was your best friend, and two, this was probably the only date you would ever go on with liam, considering he only thought of you as a friend. you were trying to take a serious one, but then tyler smirked and kissed your cheek right as you took the picture, which harry saw right as he walked down. she breaks up with him because she knows it’s what’s best. it’s the last one sung, but it starts off with niall singing it slowly and softly.                “maybe if you admit you have a crush…i’ll consider staying home…” he glanced at you. “i got you a present, but i left it in liam’s car. harry can introduce her as a friend, but that’d be betraying y/n.” harry waited for the reason you looked so distraught, but when he realized that was the reason, he rolled his eyes and shuffled over to you. whenever your friends described kissing their significant other, they would always describe the feeling of being on top of the world. “i was just so caught up in my job but making you feel like i didn’t love you anymore was never my intention. you sighed, hoping the makeup artist emma hired for today will be able to conceal a broken heart.                his hand stopped right above the junction of your legs, and his lips left your glowing skin.” as much as you loved the kiss and no matter how magical it felt, you were with lucas and until the divorce was final, harry was still married.” harry glanced at you with a look of exasperation in his eyes; your daughter’s sassiness could not be matched. you watched both articles fall to the ground, and when the grey fabric of his jeans joined them, you looked up at him. has a girlfriend, is the moment y/n over hears the conversation. now, if he wasn’t 100% certain of her lack of love towards him, he was now. i would like some feedback even if it’s three words. your brother had noticed your odd behavior, and because you could never keep something from him, he was going to figure it out. you knew that you needed to move on and so you decided you were going to have a date to the award show. but after seeing emma smiling down at her husband to be with tears on both their faces, you knew this song was perfect for him.”harry’s face softened as he saw a tear fall down your left cheek.                “i love you, too,” you managed to answer before he was kissing you again. drinking, choosing to stick to water, allowing her to use him as leverage.#1d #1d imagines #1d preferences #1dheadcanons #lovely1dheadcanons #one direction #one direction headcanons #one direction imagines #one direction preferences #niall horan #liam payne #zayn malik #louis tomlinson #harry styles #2 #you're his date but you're just friends. “we’ll keep on trying until i’m carrying our baby inside me.” emma smiled gratefully at you as she washed her hands. you had just gotten home from another routine day at school, and you were sitting on your bed, cereal bowl in hand and papers scattered across your comforter.”                “we had her specially wrapped up, just for you,” harry chuckled. we’ve been together for seven years now, and for two of those years we’ve been married…”                “but are you sure, y/n? him, boop'ing her nose and faking having tripped over something when she. anne smiled at her son but couldn’t help but notice that harry’s eyes would glance over to his beautiful best friend sitting down at a table. a moment of silence passed between the two of you before harry finally spoke up, “i can’t believe i waited so long to do that.” you say, but then harry leans forward and tries to kiss you. he made quick work of exposing your chest before doing away with the horrible fabric that had been in his way in the first place.. she had never really attended a wedding with him before either.’s not as if she didn’t care for him anymore. “we’ve been married for two years now, and if you’re ready, i am, too. he turned his head to find you standing behind him. his eyes settled on your hand that was resting on your swollen belly, protectively wrapping around your unborn baby.                today, a close family friend of louis’ was getting married to the love of his life, and louis, needing a date, asked you if you would like to come with him for the weekend.                you looked up from your book to see him leaning against your door, his head down. thank you so much,” you finished before hanging up the phone. is a one direction blog, dedicated to writing preferences, imagines, blurbs, and your requests! wasn’t it better to be around the one he loves, even if not being loved back, than not be around her at all? “i can do that; i can do slow,” he said as his hand grazed across yours. i’m the one who planned a nice evening for us. “i don’t think now would be the best time. isn’t it beautiful, the way the decorated it with that blue bow?”                you looked down at your lap, blushing, “i kind of…fancy him, and i know my feelings will never be reciprocated.                in the distance, you could see harry and niall, sitting down by themselves. i have some numbers of some interior designers that i think could really help,” you told him as you pulled out your phone to look up the numbers. when his friends would make a comment about how whipped he was,Which only made him smile wider as he kissed her hand (and she’d squirmed and. some words were being choked in the back of your throat as you tried to speak.

Preference {2} You're His Date, but You're Just Friends

tried to call her mom but there was no answer either.                “liam…”                the position he had you in was kind of uncomfortable, to say the least.                “i’m sure he doesn’t want to have sex with me, harry,” you chided him.”“and i’ll be waiting for this time to come around.” you nodded as you sat in front of the makeup artist.’                you had told him, multiple times, that it was no trouble at all; you were happy to be his date. but when i see something that is good for me, i get a feeling.”                he chuckled, “quite the doting date i have,” he winked at you.”, she asked after silently sitting closer to him and taking his hands in hers. he didn’t leave your side until he went to get you a drink.                you cupped his cheeks, bringing his mouth back to yours and slipping your tongue in.”                your lips curved at his words as a blush settled on your cheeks, “i love you, too, harry, and i’m really glad this conversation made you so happy.-and-punkrock liked this nightmaresloves19 liked this savannerlovesbananers123 liked this melodytone liked this alexandriahoward257 liked this forever-5sos-1d liked this twdstyles liked this realityruinedourlife liked this neils-clubs reblogged this from chrissysmith257 co-smicmoon liked this majathefunkypapaya liked this bigtimerachell liked this aeropaws liked this sodapopdally liked this starsandshores liked this nerdywitch liked this knittedsweaturs liked this elvendoork liked this angelarosewinchester92 liked this lolaaaaaaaaaaa1d liked this quietalien liked this kitty-cth liked this katiej200 liked this liveyourdreamsbabexx liked this mirandapandapatnoe liked this cuddlebughazza liked this kierastevens19 reblogged this from chrissysmith257 kierastevens19 liked this mzerry1d liked this lovelouis-onedirection liked this kimjongbabe liked this live-love-and-dont-worry liked this surfin-the-sun liked this egm09 liked this love-onedirectioner liked this chocolatediary027 liked this askmeifigivea liked this jupit3rs-mistr3ss liked this anniewhoiam liked this fangirl4-harry liked this petalsm liked this maheaheyurz liked this shawnsbeautifulmuffins liked this chrissysmith257 posted this show more notesloading.” he asked, pinching a nipple and widening his grin when he heard your pleasure-filled squeak.”you pulled the papers and a pen from your bag and placed them on the table next to the elevator. it clear he’s uncomfortable, and if she realizes this, she doesn’t show.”                he started leading you through the crowd of sweaty bodies, towards the door, “besides…you’re my date, and i ought to take you somewhere that’s actually worthy of your angelic presence. with closed eyes, harry smiled as he rested his forehead against yours.“why can’t you be happy that i was finally able to see my friends? sorry about that, y/f/n,” you gave her a small smile. in the middle of the game, you feel someone pull you in a corner. after cleaning up with help from the kids, you coaxed them into the bathtub, one after the other. Finally, after losing the first document to technical difficulties yesterday, I made. he stroked your soft skin with the pad of his thumb while he teased your opening with his tip. he was being observant as well as distant, and she, now, saw that too. so much that not even words or actions could express it enough.                when you finished riding out the pleasure, he slipped his fingers out of you and broke the kiss. you even put out damn candles, hoping to make the night more special.“hello, this is y/n y/l/n, and i am calling about your property on wellings…”you were in this conversation for about fifteen minutes just on negotiations. harry watched her carefully romp about in the snow quietly, a warm cup of coffee in his large hands as he leaned against the railing. to have some amount of alcohol in his system to confidently show any of his.                all that was left was the beautiful act of creating, if the universe would have it.                you put the last pancake on the serving platter before turning off the stove.“i’m getting fat,” you announce abruptly much to his discomfort, “you’d think that with the amount of puking i’ve done in the past few weeks i’d still fit in my clothes, but think again,” you complain, unbuttoning your pants and rolling them down your legs, “oh, relax,” you snap as he stares at you in shock, “it’s not like you’ve never seen me naked before. hers in hopes he could convey and express every ounce of love he was for her. she sat on one of the couches and you followed after her.“ye’ really are a catch mate,” harry jabs, taking a. you shook your head as the makeup artist was grabbing a brush. you tried so hard to think about spending a future with lucas. he looks at you and then he leans into kiss you.” his eyes went from the phone to your face to your naked body. his sisters were out, either on holiday or hanging out with their friends, so it was just you and her in the spacious house.” you leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “why do you always act so shy around harry nowadays?                zayn moaned against your neck, feeling your wetness brush up against him in your attempt to intensify the things he was doing to you. liam would know the moment he laid eyes on it that you felt bad about last night, and he’ll bring up the topic of having a baby again…                this time you’d tell him how you really felt. it was upsetting, but you knew you would have to face harry sooner or later. there’s a story-like quality to the way he sings it, and it’s for a reason.                “i could ask you the same thing,” niall retorted with a small frown. hi, harry, didn’t know you’d be home already”, she said with a slight smile hanging from her lips. sleeping body next to her in the morning, it’s all she hears, those words. whenever things get hard and whenever you need someone to talk to, i will be your best friend. “i’m not some heartbreaker that goes around with different girls. never has he ever felt this way whenever he kissed kimberly. “if you’re still up to help, you can, but you don’t have to.                your eyes went to his, searching for a clue, and all you saw was complete adoration. even though i’ve known you for less than a year, i can happily say you’re one of my best friends. was a normal day when all hell decided to break loose., the tip of his tongue peeking out from the corner of his lips as. but by the time he realized, the damage was done.“leave my heart open, but it stays right here, empty for days. you assumed he was looking around the house or the backyard more, but you were focused. the bride and groom had yet to arrive, and their families were still absent, despite being the ones who organized the party. you kissed him back and you wrapped your arms around his neck while his went around your waist and pulled you closer to him.                i mean, when was it ever comfortable, making love in a tour bus bed? too sweet to actually deny her of a slow dance.                “we don’t have to,” you gave him a small smile. was going to figure out the gender of the baby in two weeks and now he had lost it all. i haven’t seen you in two months, and the first night back, you’re hanging out with your friends.”                “i know it’s a change,” you didn’t like the way this conversation had went. “i really don’t mind if you spend a day or two with your friends the week that you’re here, but the fact that i didn’t see my boyfriend the first night he got back after two months but his friends did is ridiculous. “this is a huge project and i would hate to see you take it on and experience a living nightmare.”he gathered all the little courage he still had in him and asked the question that has been dreading to be asked for weeks now:“do you not love me anymore? take on "story of my life" -- one direction first of all, please don’t steal this or repost this, saying it’s yours!                you did as he asked, and the moment your gazes met, he inserted himself into you. we figured you’d be partying too hard to worry about all the presents and taking them home. what if i don’t know what to do…”                harry shook his head, looking down at your now joined hands. you felt one of his fingers by your entrance, attacking a bundle of nerves there that left you reeling in pleasure.”                “yes, niall,” you chuckled, resting your hands on his chest.." "grimmy’s just jealous he’s got no one to rub their. “but i want to give us a try, but i want to take this slow, niall. yes, you had a crush on louis, but there was no way the feelings were mutual. “okay, okay,” you laughed, pulling out your phone and calling the number. he would spend all day and most of the evening with his friends.”“niall, i’m sorry, i just want to give us a chance when our lives aren’t too hectic,” you explained.”                you felt something soft on your forehead and looked up in time to see liam pull away with a smile, “it’s okay, love.. i was afraid that if i was with you, and if i for some reason messed up, i would hate myself and i knew that i would lose you.  he sighs and watches you walk away and he punches the wall.                “but, harry,” you whispered, turning around to look at him while your hands fell to your side, “what if i’m not ready?                you closed the medicine cabinet and entered your bedroom, letting the towel fall from your warm body.”                “i’m positive,” you said, staring into his serious eyes.                “this song was requested by a group of guys for all the couples in the room,” the dj announced.” anne smiled warmly back at you, reaching for your hand and squeezing it.“no, it’s my fault; my emotions are all over the place,” you admitted, removing yourself from his hold.                while waiting, you looked up at your best friend, “i like your family. finally picked up your phone and texted him, asking where he was at.                “we didn’t have to bring dates tonight…”                “then why ask me to be your date if you didn’t need one in the first place?” warmth swelled in your chest as you took your baby from anne, snuggling the infant into you.: it’s been two months, since you found out about harry being in a relationship.                he had closed his eyes, enjoying the sensations your fingertips were bringing him; they opened slowly, his teal eyes finding yours once he felt the hair at the back of his neck being played with.                you rolled your eyes at him, “i only trust what the person with the m.“baby sister also won’t get to have fun snowball fights with dad. was fully sobbing and whimpering as it all hit him hard. you feared you were going to make him late to his friend’s engagement party, and that was not something you do when you want someone to like you.                this was your apology breakfast, which you only whipped up when you felt guilty after a fight. even if it was just tiredness since he was all left into tiny pieces all over the place.                “uh…” liam stopped for a moment after hearing your question. “no, i mean you can’t help who you like. smoke from cigarettes and other items filled the air, and some people were drunk, stumbling around and sprouting nonsense. when you landed, you met some fans before heading to the hotel.                the arena was decorated beautifully, and you found yourself swept away with it all.”                g/n’s face visibly brightened at the suggestion, “okay!                you let him intertwine his fingers with yours, smiling up at him, “if you want to.

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magazine article  one direction preferenceswedding seriesliam paynelouis tomlinsonharry stylesniall horanbetweenuspreferences66 notesloading.“once you sign, you can call this house a home.                liam suddenly stiffened, “well…” he sighed, turning to face you completely, “i haven’t…exactly been…honest with you, y/n.                “and they’re both asleep,” you grinned, looking down at the two bodies that were cuddling into your side. he’d always tell her how she was the light that gave him guidance and purpose. sober friend before excusing himself when it’s announced that it’s time for.                she smiled and shook her head at him before turning to look at you, “take care of him for me, y/n.                “so…” harry began, pushing some of his curls back from his face, “what did you want to talk about? you could literally see all the color from harry’s face drain. after a few moments of “but i don’t need them, daddy! you’d forgotten how mean your mirror was after you’d had your first child, and now, as you stood begrudgingly in a bikini, it all came rushing back.”                he let out a laugh before leading you through the door and into the loud brownstone. even while being with you, he’s worrying about the pattern continuing. “zayn hasn’t really brought up children, even while we were dating…”                “so…you two don’t want any kids? someone requested to me that i do a pregnancy series, and the first part is here! she kneed next to him with some difficulty due to her baby bump but once she was down to his level she hugged him and traced draws on his back as she always would when he was having a hard time. {2} You're His Date, but You're Just Friends Thank you to all the people who read my first preference and for all those notes! about making this a one direction blog/fashion blog kinda. louis’ hands came around to your front, cupping your breasts. he knew a lot about you, and you were stupid to think he wouldn’t catch on if you backed out now. lucas was staring out of the window, not daring to say a word.” harry rushed out, interrupting his sister’s embarrassing story and pulling (y/n) in the direction of the kitchen.” he nodded and grinned, pecking the top of your head. the brakes of the car had broken down leaving her no change to react of do anything as a huge car approached her and hit her directly to her front. you could see your receptionist morgan packing her things up. “i would ask if you wanted to celebrate, but i know you have other clients waiting on you.                you bit your bottom lip, feeling his fingers curl inside you, and prayed for some strength to keep your mouth shut.                the sweet touch of lips quickly turned passionate, until you were completely lost to the world around you.” you perked up, feeling positive about the way this conversation was going.                harry had asked you to come to the party with him, seeing as he needed to bring a date and was currently single.                “happy birthday, niall,” you said over the music as you moved your body to the beat.”                “very,” he smiled, walking over to the front door and opening it.” a frown etched itself over his features as he watched you prod at your soft belly. we’ll get started as soon as i get home,” he exclaimed, a grin plastered to his face.                you thought about waiting for harry to get home from tour before telling him that, but then it would just take longer after he came back. “i made a mistake by not doing this two months ago. i think we would make a pretty great team together.”                you nodded with a smile, pressing a hand to the glass, “i just find the things people buy for their babies adorable. liked this slashinc-blog liked this cadeekeys liked this melodytone liked this kelly27crickett liked this cacaubs liked this project1dhistory reblogged this from chrissysmith257 booksare4theirreaders liked this alexandriahoward257 liked this 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joshcuthbertmyangel liked this dideminwonderland liked this done-with-being-strong liked this chrissysmith257 posted this show more notesloading. how was it that everyone’s eyes were on the bride but he couldn’t take his eyes off you? you and zayn still acted like newlyweds, he had his tour, and you had your career to think about…was now the right time to be thinking about this?                a coworker of yours announced she was pregnant while another one had invited you to her baby shower.”                “asked the doctor what she thought we should do to make sure we conceive!                “you’re so wet…” he remarked before pressing a few open-mouth kisses to your face. he couldn’t help but think that the next wedding you were going to be at would be your own with lucas.” you struggled against his strength as he tried to get your phone out of your hands, but alas, he was stronger. but she can’t erase the image of his body racking with sobs,Eyes pleading and repentant.                zayn took your hand and led you over to your assigned table, “see? it doesn’t matter how many times she tells him how special he is to her or how beautiful are the feelings he causes her to feel or even how much she loves him.”                “because you’re going to be angry,” you whispered, looking back out the window. the heart wants what the heart wants, so he’s going to try.                “yes, you do,” you smiled over your shoulder, reaching up to get two dishes. sure, they would still say good morning and goodnight, ask each other “how are you” and make small, really small conversation. “i saw you and harry out on the patio last night. as much as you wanted to tell him that you don’t think you’ll ever stop loving him, you didn’t. but he’s not able to get anything out when he notices her stare.. he’d break her heart with words of ‘still wanna be your friend.”                you sat down on the stool next to him, putting your plate down on the granite, “no…i don’t. let out a yawn as you stepped off the elevator, a tray of coffee in your hand. how about we at least look around upstairs and the basement before we make one of the biggest decisions of your life,” you insisted.                you nodded, “a lot…”                zayn let out a sigh, “great…just great.” he gazed at you with every ounce of love he held reflected in his eyes. y/n was still his to wake up to every morning, to sleep every night with and to love him through everything.                “you’re, by far, the best birthday present i’ve ever received, y/n.                “tonight’s the night, love,” he breathed against your skin. please, i can’t do it anymore, i-”, he said with watery eyes.                “excuse me, love,” he would say every time he invaded your personal space, but his apologies weren’t helping.”“don’t smother her, gem,” harry said, giving a playfully pointed look at his sister.                he took it in his enormous one, leaning down to press a kiss to it. i’m reminded every single day,” he said with a lopsided grin before claiming your lips in a much deeper kiss. daddy said you would, but i don’t think you would. i love you so much, and i really want to kiss you right now…well, i want to do more than that right now, but…“ he winked at you before his expression turned somber. his devious expression stayed as he encompassed your nipple with his mouth, rousing more delicious noises from you. “emma, when i met you a year ago, i knew you were going to be the girl i married. you avoided eye contact with him as you stared at the ground, your eyes welling up with tears once again.” zayn asked, trying to catch a glimpse of the text. even facetiming was difficult, so you were really looking forward to having harry for a whole week to yourself.” he asked as he pulled out the chair for you.                “you’re right, but we have the whole weekend to play, and your mother could use some help…” you met y/f/n’s eyes. it would be a lie to say they didn’t love each other anymore. talk to him, make things right, allow yourself to be happy.”                “liam james payne,” you growled, getting up onto your knees. soon there is a knock on your door, you answer it and see harry standing there with a huge red mark on his cheek.“i spend her love…”                he thought he loved and was loved. they hadn’t had a proper, real conversation in weeks. he just smiled and waved with his free hand as you two made your way down the carpet.                zayn had been trying to quite for a while now, but whenever he started, he always seemed to relapse…                “yeah,” he nodded before untying the towel around his waist and moving it to the hanger. it was set and a pork roast sat in the middle. i know we haven’t discussed it much but i fully intend to marry you one day. this kiss alone made you feel like all your worries and all your stress suddenly vanished into thin air. she secretly thanks the heavens that harry isn’t partaking in. you knew you had hurt him earlier…but he didn’t hold a grudge. of joy streaming down the faces of the soon-to-be parents.” harry asked with a smile, brushing his warm hand against yours.”                it wasn’t long before the bridal party was announced followed by the bride and groom. and that’s why she’s so sure the universe will always be on their side. lights began to turn off, leaving you a bit discouraged. he couldn’t remember the last time he used those beautiful muscles on his face to do such thing. he kept his mind open to any idea you had to offer about anything on the properties. and the fact she’d vowed to take it easy when she did decide to drink. when you walked down the london streets, you saw tons of babies in their strollers, and now, when you walked passed a baby boutique, you stopped and looked in the window for a while. you gave her a small smile and hug before you walked into the hotel room.’d played about with a sweet little girl who’d taken a liking. emma and niall decided to have their wedding at one of the most beautiful hotels london had to offer, hotel zaza. he just nods and soon it’s time for you to get ready for that night.” (y/n) answered, making harry wrap his arm around her once more and rub a hand along her back. harry could not take it anymore but what was he supposed to do? it was in this kiss did he realize just how in love with you he was. it was in this kiss harry knew that you were it for him. closed his eyes for a brief second as he tried to breath, and control his beating heart. although this conversation was going better than he expected, he was still worried. baby was moving for the first time, at the sound of his voice, at the presence of love. it was two in the morning and harry was bringing this shit up.

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i am not saying this is what the writers were thinking while writing this.”                “oh…” he rubbed the back of his neck, “you don’t have to apologize. harry’s eyes started to well with tears as he stared at his best friend. you’ve supported our love for each other from the start and i will always remain grateful.”                your smile faded as you handed him a plate, “yes. finally gathered up the little energy he still had in him and started, “i’m sorry but i just- i don’t know.                “you look like a mum,” he whispered, meeting your gaze.” emma smiled before she continued, “in my relationship with niall, you’ve been nothing but supportive. to be every possible scenario in which y/n finds out about what he did. “well, i just know that this is where i belong. as you walked to where the other bridesmaids were standing, you mouthed to him, “you got this.”                “you and zayn have been married for over a year and a half now, so i was wondering if i would be seeing any little ones running around soon…”                any daughter-in-law would feel pressured by her words, but you didn’t.                “one of my band mates called you ‘fit,’” he murmured between clenched teeth.”                “i don’t want to,” b/n declared before running off ahead of niall. to be honest, you didn’t want to see any of the other homes; your feet were already hurting. “i can feel it in my bones…”                and goodness knows that you hoped he was right.”                you hung your head, unable to help the smile on your lips, and that was answer enough for harry.. what throws him off even more is when she spots him and begins making. i am so in love with you…and to think we’re going to have a baby, another tie between us. harry sighs and looks at you regretting what he said, but you just take tyler’s hand and leave.                you moaned when you felt his lips around your nipple, and you completely forgot the trail his other hand was making…                your hands were in his hair, and you arched your back, craving for more of his delicious touch. you could understand a day or two, but the first day he came back?”once she went away to grab more utensils, harry spun (y/n) around so they were facing each other, (y/n) having to look up due to harry’s towering height.  “look, what you did with y/n hurt her a lot.; rays of orange and yellow and blue adorning the sky. “wait,” louis said a minute later, his eyes widening slightly.” as harry was listening to niall’s vows, he couldn’t help but look at you.                the birthday boy finally arrived, swaggering in and giving hugs to all of his guests. you looked straight ahead to see a very nervous niall smiling at you.“only €750,000 and in this neighborhood, that’s a steal,” you told him.                meanwhile, your fingers were toying with the zipper of his tight jeans. it doesn’t take much to convince harry for a picture.                he looked up at you, his eyes staring into yours, “i want one., you wrapped your arms around harry’s neck as you kissed him back. you were overjoyed that he wanted to have a baby with you, but at the same time, you wondered why he suddenly decided this. this has probably been one of the best so far. you started to walk inside until lucas called out your name. you remember when emma told you that she wanted to walk down to this song, you thought it was silly.                “she takes very good care of me, mum,” louis interjected, making you blush as red as the roses that decorated the room. once you were on the carpet, you stood next to him, smiling proudly as the cameras went off., a lad who didn’t often engage in proper relationships, had managed to. some of these places were unsure of, but niall tried to find the upside to them all. #4 pregnancy series -  part 4: i can do this on my owna/n: so i kinda got carried away with this part, but oh well.                it took forever for him to get them off…or, at least, that’s what it felt like, but when he was finally buried within you, making you two one again, you had never felt so content in your life. soon enough, footfalls across the deck alerted him to your presence, and his eyes softened as he saw you waddle to him. over description: it’s harry’s first day back and he hangs out with his friends instead of you.“leave my heart open, but it stays right here in its cage. she saw the moment you pulled away from harry after the kiss.-malum liked this daddystylessss liked this memorableminds liked this tw-louistomlinsonarebae liked this lodovicailmioangelo liked this harrieyslhoe liked this theirishblues liked this 1dmakesithardformetobreathe liked this alexandriahoward257 liked this sugarsweet93 liked this one-direction-affection1 liked this sortaanonymous liked this emilygracee02 liked this vannesalee liked this pinksatinwonderland liked this 1dyoumakemestrong143 liked this deedee-lynn liked this adoringonedirection liked this 69withnarryyyy 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have a girlfriend, which is funny seeing as how the only reason we didn’t get together is because you said you weren’t ready for one. i have to be the luckiest man on earth to have you for a wife.”zayn:you were sitting inside zayn’s parents’ home, enjoying a cup of tea with your mother-in-law at the kitchenette when it all started. “no, but she wasn’t really mad about the break up.                “so it’s liam…” he frowned, glaring at your screen.”                you blushed at his words, feeling a bit shy even though you two had done this before, “you’re too handsome, niall. his eyes brightened when they landed on her, slaving away in the kitchen, practically drowning in plates of food. “when i saw you guys last night, it was obvious how much you guys loved each other. was right next to him, breathing, talking to him, with their baby kicking.”                you bit your bottom lip, “i don’t want to be right…”                he was just about to sit down when you uttered those words, and he paused, his butt hovering over the stool, “you don’t want to be right…? you gulped down whatever was in your mouth, putting the bowl on the nightstand next to you. if he doesn’t bring it up within the next couple of weeks, i think you should sit him down for another talk. ever since zayn got back from tour, on break, he’s been spending most of his days at his flat in london, only visiting you and your parents on the weekends.”                he nodded, a confident smile on his face, “someone has a little crush on zayn, and she wants him all to herself.”moments later a soft knock comes at your door seconds before harry walks in, “hey, um, mia said you wanted to talk to me.                “i won’t tell…but why are you so obsessed?                liam’s hand was at the small of your back, gently propelling you forward and calming your nerves. another pair of feet thumped across the deck and you turned just in time to see your eldest daughter racing towards you. you make me forget all of my troubles in the world and i could never thank you enough for that.#1: getting permission (his pov)#2: engagement ring ( his pov)#3: proposal outfit#4: the proposal#5: telling someone the news#6: announcing the engagement (his pov)#7: engagement party#8: wedding thoughts#9: he tweets a picture#10: dress shopping (highly requested)#11 bridezilla moment (his pov) (requested)#12 you tweet a picture#13 final planning (his pov)#14 bachelor party (another boy pov)#15 bachelorette party#16 night before (yours and his pov)#17 something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and silver sixpence in the shoe#18 the wedding liam louis niall harry zayn#19 morning of#20 present or letter he gives you before the wedding#21 cold feet (yours and his pov)#22 walking down the aisle (his pov)#23 vows#24 you may kiss the bride#25 before the reception#26 speeches#27 first dance#28 another boy tweets a picture#29 removing the garter (his pov)#30 his favourite moment (his pov)#31 her favourite moment (your pov)#32 wedding night#33 honeymoon destination#34 magazine articleafter the wedding series is the pregnancy series. he got out and came around the car, handing the keys to the valet before opening the passenger door.”                he can’t change who he is, no matter how badly he wants to. you thanked the uber driver and said a goodbye to lucas before you got out of the car. you to all the people who read my first preference and for all those notes! it broke my heart when i saw you run away.                “i know that kind of came out of nowhere,” he looked at b/n who was resting his head on niall’s chest, “but i’ve been thinking about it since the last time we saw theo,” his gaze returned to you. the boys both had three helpings while you and g/n were stuffed to the point you couldn’t eat another bite.                he got out of the limousine first, ignoring the calls he received from the crowd. i’m the one who made dinner only for you to not show up.” you cheered, handing him the rest of the information about the house. his arm was wrapped firmly around the bottom of (y/n)’s spine to keep her next to him at all times. i even ate ice cream, beans, spinach, and pumpkin seeds,” you grinned, “and i know there’s a large chance i won’t get pregnant tonight because i’m not as fertile as most. the table while she reached for the cutlery, and though grimmy might have.”                “i can see that,” you said, referring to his obvious lack of clothing.                not having much time to escape or protest at all, you were practically thrown onto the irishman.”“yeah, but it’s different now,” he stutters awkwardly his eyes focused on the floor as he fights not to stare at you; “you’re pregnant. you had stopped, as you always did, and peered in, looking at all the trinkets. you looked up at lucas’s eyes filled with nothing but concern.                you nodded, “it was amazing, and it finally struck me how famous you really are.                “this position…”                you didn’t even have to finish your sentence before he shifted your weight, letting you lie flat on the mattress. it was just dormant, if we can even put it like that. but that’s fine, the roast will just have to do for left overs. kissing harry made you feel like you could take on the world.                “and you don’t want me tagging along because you think i’ll just get in the way,” he concluded, heading over to the closet and grabbing his jacket. you closed the door and turned around to see emma staring off into space.                you had been to the doctor and followed his advice. wants to slap her hand away the second her fingers make contact with the.”*****                that was two months ago, and you couldn’t stop thinking about it.                with great care, louis backed you up towards the bed, each step taken with a pace that he knew you could match even in your heightened state.”                he’s waiting for you to break up with him like all those other girls did. i’m starting to feel like they’re coming before me,” you mumbled the last part. “but no one wants to take on this home because of the two failed flips.                he bit down on your neck, creating black and blues while one of his hands snaked up your side. you felt betrayed because you both were once close friends, best friends, and for him to do that to you, you just didn’t understand.”                “no…i just wanted to trick you into telling me you had a crush on my best mate,” he chuckled, sitting on the edge of your bed. “you either want to be my boyfriend or you don’t. i mean…i don’t want you to do anything you don’t feel ready for or…”                he trailed off when he saw you shake your head, “i’m ready, harry. in the back of your mind, you couldn’t stop thinking about niall coming in later. wants her mind to forget his gasps of ’m'sorry, love.” suddenly an instrumental version of “a thousand years” started to play, signaling the bride was coming. it feels like she’s trying to lure him in,The way her eyebrow is raised, eyes a bit squinty as she struts closer.                you nodded, bringing your hands up to your eyes to stop the flow.

One Direction Preferences - #5- You Like Him, but He Likes

”“let’s give them a call then,” niall said, handing you the informational papers you gave him. i know you’ll never approve, and i know it’s just one-sided…”                “are you kidding me, y/n?                y/f/n reached across the table and patted your hand, “it’ll be okay, love.”                “none of your business,” you sent a glare louis’ way. an award show was coming up and you knew that the boys would be attending, which meant that you would see harry for the first time since everything.” she squealed and walked as quickly as possible off the wooden surface, a dimpled smile matching her father’s as her boots sunk into the thick snow. some gave a friendly goodnight while others gave a simple wave. had to wonder if you just hated yourself or if you were just plain stupid.  “too many sleepless nights, i own that”you jolted awake to the sound of someone’s fist banging on your bedroom door. you laughed softly as smoothed a hand down her hair, leaning into harry’s side. i want you to be mine and i want to be your boyfriend.“you are the loveliest person in the world and i don’t know how i ended up with you,” he leaned down and kissed your lips.                his hand left your clit, but it was replaced by his tip, teasing you. your best friends were winning awards and performing on television, in front of millions of people who knew their names. they hadn’t cuddled in bed in so long, yet she didn’t even notice. of her thigh, at which point she moves to her own seat. finally, after losing the first document to technical difficulties yesterday, i made myself start and finish the newer version.”                you rolled your eyes at him, crossing your arms over your chest as you moved your gaze to the empty street. she couldn’t bare to see the love of her life hurt like that. is a one direction blog, dedicated to writing preferences, imagines, blurbs, and your requests! his voice was a soothing to you, even when he was upset.                your husband had walked around in that store with you, loving how ecstatic you were with every toy and accessory. you make me the happiest woman in this world and i could never thank you enough for it.                “hello, mum,” he grinned, letting go of your hand to hug her. when i saw you guys kiss, i was rooting for the two of you.”                you both turned around in your chairs to be face to face with a short, portly man in a tux. she took her coat off and was surprised to see harry sitting on the couch, starring at her. i’ve seen your maternal instincts, your personality, and i’ve seen you with children.                however, his only response to your plea was to pump his fingers a tiny bit faster.“i’ll swing by later tonight then and we can get those papers in order,” he agreed. does she not care for him like she used to? “i think i’m going to go for a swim. me home - harry styles originally posted by feelszarrycharacter/person: harry stylesfandom: one directionday 23!                “i said maybe, y/n,” he chuckled, closing the door behind you.                “well, y/n, you know how i feel about kids,” he said with a smile, “and of course i would love to have a few…”                “so what about now?                you looked at him, a teddy bear in your hands, “a teddy bear?                you nodded, and he penetrated, causing you to let out a cry and arch your back.”                “i’m sorry, but i’m with someone–”                you were interrupted by a firm grasp on your wrist. the lack of hugs, kisses, conversations, and even love they used to have and show to each other all of the time.                “now tell me what this is all about,” you said, leaning back in your chair.                niall removed his hand from your nether region to use to prop himself up and cupped your cheek with his free one. you didn’t want him to cuddle up to you after having a few drinks with nick on his first night home in two months. you’d think she’d turn it down after the last time she’d gotten. you knew there was no way that you could fix it. the lights, the flowers, and the tables were all beautifully arranged for the party that was going to take place soon.”                “hey, i wouldn’t threaten the one guy who could help you get the boy of your dreams,” he smirked, arching his brows. you had brought out the fancy dinner plates, glasses, and silverware. did you know that in year seven harry once-”“alright, i think we’re gonna go say hi to mum again, great speaking with you!” the stomping of little feet on the stairs interrupted your next sentence, and an impatient six-year-old burst into your room, hands on her hips. you’re very important to me, but i really wanted to hang out with my friends tonight.” you hear mia ask through your bedroom door, “harry’s here. well, you agreed to be your best friend’s date to his own birthday party. flashes went off everywhere as celebrities made their way down the carpet and towards the arena.”                your hand resumed playing with his small waves, “well…” you blushed, looking away, “that was kind of my way of asking you if we could try…”                “try…? i already lost a guy the moment things got rough and things were changing, and i don’t think i can handle that again,” you told him.                you shrugged, blushing slightly, “well…i don’t know…i kind of find it sweet of him to call me 'fit.” you let out a chuckle as you were washing your own hands.”                your heart nearly leapt in your chest; you were so happy, but you frowned for your brother.”                “but, harry, management told you that you had to be here…” you were shocked by his sudden want to leave.”                he looked up at you, his eyes widening as he took you in. lips press a kiss to her head before pressing his cheek against her hair. you have no idea,” he said in between laughs, entering the living room.                antonio let out a booming laugh, “i’m sorry, zayn. “if you didn’t want to be with me, you should have just told me.                “you’re wearing too much, love,” you whispered, suddenly aware of your state of undress and the layers still on his body.” he asked, leaning down so that your faces were inches apart. maybe it was because you wanted to be niall’s date, not his best friend, for once in your life. might assure her that he’d had a good time too.                once the offending article of clothing was off and discarded, liam brought you into a passionate kiss, letting his hand trail down to your already wet opening. on your way there, you jammed your heel into his foot. why was he asking such an absurd thing to her?                “i’m so sorry, y/n,” he whispered in your ear. they all sat at the head table, and after the speeches, the dj started up the music for the couple’s first dance.. grimmy had cheekily strolled past them with a smirk and whisper of ‘whipped’. loved the short stories everyone had to tell about a too.                zayn, who had been holding your hand, came to a halt, too, and followed your gaze, “a baby store? forgot to talk, forgot to look at the signs, forgot to listen, forgot to love. living in the same house now felt like living on opposite sides of the world.”                when you got to the club, you were surrounded by niall’s friends and family.                you two stared at each other for a moment before you leaned in and kissed him lovingly.”“yeah, almost,” you answer her, studying yourself in the mirror as you debate whether or not to change your outfit one last time, “can you send him up, please?                “love, i can’t say that you’re ready or not. you didn’t allow a tear to roll down your cheek.”                he raised his free to strike you when a voice shouted:                “excuse me, but that’s my girl you’re about to hurt! harry kept reaching over you to take some popcorn from niall, who had stolen the bowl from you. - chrissymaster listpart 1harry:                you didn’t hear the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing. i got that feeling about dreaming of my company, wanting a fixer-upper, buying this house, and i get that feeling with you. you were just stating your opinion…”                “i know, but i did it in a harsh way,” you sighed, serving him some of the scrambled eggs.  “yeah, but i don’t really have feelings for her.” and “sweetheart, please listen t'me, don’ make me call yeh mum,”, harry was wading into the pool, his daughter wrapped around his shoulders.”                “b/n and i will go play some football while it’s still light out,” niall told you, pecking your cheek. 1done direction1d preference1d preference seriesone direction preferenceone direction preference series1d preferencesone direction preferences1d preffsone direction preffs1d imagine1d imaginesone direction imaginesone direction imaginepregnancy1d pregnancy1d familyone direction pregnancyone direction familysmut1d smutone direction smutlovely1dheadcanons1d fanficsone direction fanfics1d fanficone direction fanfic1d fanfictionone direction fanfictionpart 2152 notesloading.“look, i’m sorry if i actually hung out with my friends. “i haven’t really talked to him a few months.” you offered, but before y/f/n could answer, her daughter spoke up. “i was kinda hoping you’d dance with me…”                your eyes widened at the request, but you were soon wrapping your arms around his neck, bringing your bodies closer together. you always felt bad that harry couldn’t see his friends as often as normal people could.                she left soon after that, saying she had to go pick up her son from daycare, and louis came home an hour later, your new chocolate labrador puppy trailing behind him.” she pouted and crossed her arms, clinging to your baby bump. “guys this is tyler and tyler this is louis, niall, zayn, liam and harry.“written on these walls are the colors that i can’t change. he had introduced y/n to the few amounts of. y/f/h/n is finishing the packing for me while i cook dinner for the kids. i hope the requester, who asked i do more brother/sister moments, likes this one. his arms were wrapped around you while every flick of his hips brought you higher and higher. you had your hand placed over your mouth as you laughed at something his little cousin told you.                niall rested his head in the crook of your neck, his lips against your ear, muttering sweet words and promises of love and family. “i really like you y/n, and i can’t stop thinking about that night.                “i missed you, too,” he replied, pulling back to kiss her cheek. “you act as if i haven’t been with you for eight years now.  she felt her own tears, her heart breaking a little. all the boys shake his head and smile except for harry who is practically glaring at him. there wasn’t any dancing, but it was nice to mingle with zayn’s friends.

One direction preferences he s dating your best friend tumblr-Imagines. (Preference #5 Seeing You With Someone Else (Harry))

He's in love with you, you don't feel the same about him

”                “no one is obviously someone because you just told me you were waiting for someone,” your brother reasoned with a laugh.                you cradled the tiny pup in your arms, giving him your finger to teeth on. with his free limb, he turned off the water in the shower, making you feel a little apprehensive of his reaction to your words.                “you know, what you said about my family probably made my day,” louis suddenly said as you walked onto the elevator.                “do you think i’ll be happy like that someday?”“niall, we’ve only looked at two rooms and the backyard,” you told him. i hope you enjoy the next installment to the pregnancy series!                as you entered the small foyer by your front door, woof whistles and cat calls filled the air. you put the roast in a container to save for left overs. and then…harry never thought he’d be seeing her face again. we are alive, whatever made you think the opposite, it’s false. he took the phone that couldn’t stop ringing and threw it to the other side, it breaking immediately. seriesdue to followers liking the post with old links, here is the complete wedding series (with correct links).”                the phrase “the story of my life” insinuates that whatever is the story of your life is something that happens almost daily. only the voicemail that allowed him to hear her sweet voice. while you both were waiting, you both started taking crazy pictures. i know you probably don’t want anything to do with me anymore and i understand but-”, he rambled on but she quickly cut him off. posted by worldstyles harry styles imaginesharry stylesniall imaginesniall horanniall james horanlouis tomlinsonlouis imaginesliam imagineliam paynezayn imagineszayn malikone direction imaginesone direction storiesone directionimagine1d preferencespregnancy imaginespregnancy seriesone shots140 notesloading. however, he didn’t put much faith in the second option. you couldn’t help but think these were the kind of vows you always pictured yourself saying to harry. i didn’t want you to feel pressured into it, so i ask you again. so you knew that when you got married that kids were in your future, and now that you and harry have been married for three years, you thought it was time to bring up the topic. didn’t he know what he was doing to your heart?” he smirks and then pulls you on top of him. she noticed how quiet you were as the makeup artist was having at it on your face. “i can probably get them down to  €735,000; it’s been on the market for awhile and i believe there are more issues than we can see, but i can kinda say that you can call this house yours.”“yeah uh, i’m just gonna start packing up now. immediately you were able to find harry’s green eyes.“you’re such a sap,” you said after kissing him back. harry hasn’t touched the subject, and he seems to be doing. they kiss every ten minutes, harry laughing and nodding his head in. he’s felt heartbreak millions of times, and he knows he could feel it once again. you shouldn’t rush these things, and i didn’t mean anything by it when i asked.”                i always picture it as him drinking his sorrows away.” harry smiled down at her, nodding as he opened the door for her. i love you”, she said leaning in for a kiss on the lips. logged in and saw “ripy/n” as the main trend and he felt his knees so weak that he almost fell of. “i just figured, by the way that you act around him, that you have some hidden feelings for him.” you screamed his name as your first orgasm of the night hit.: the cool fabric of your silk robe slid down your arms, falling from your body into a multicolored pool at your feet.                “oh, god,” he brought his hands up to his face, falling back into his chair.”                he looked up at you this time, “well…i thought this would be the farthest i would ever get with you.” ann thanked her genuinely, giving her son’s girlfriend a side hug.” and then snow was sailing through the air, and laughter floated on the wind. requests are still open, by the way, and i wanted to pint out that the guy you have a crush on in each one is the guy who paid the most attention to you when you surprised your brother on tour in preference {12}.”                he leaned back on his knees, positioning his body over yours, but before thrusting into you, he pressed a kiss to your exposed abdomen for good luck.                he took a puff of his fag before replying, “how about a dance?”                “but…”                “the answer is still the same,” you brought your cell back up to your face.“y/n, before i sign this, i want to know if you want to help me with the design of my home,” he offered.                his thumb was now at your clit while he slipped in another digit.”                “i love you, too,” you replied, giving him a passionate kiss of your own. they’re frozen at some point in their relationship, and because they aren’t moving along, they’ll never be in a successful one.”                y/f/n frowned, “have you tried asking johanna for advice?                “yes,” he grinned, taking one of your hands in his and bringing it up to his lips, “a baby.                “i’ll kill that irishman…stealing my sister’s heart,” he vowed, pulling you into a hug only to be punched in the chest. both stood and looked at each other before harry started smiling. he was watching emma and her dad sharing their father-daughter dance until he felt a tap on his shoulder. you didn’t want to seem like a clingy girlfriend by texting him, nor did you want to seem like you didn’t care at all by not texting him. to control his paranoia, his hyperactive mind conjuring up what he.”                niall sent you a smile and a “love you” before heading after him, “wait up, b/n! you both pull back and see harry’s girlfriend staring at you guys.”                “wha–”                “you heard me,” you smirked, finally seeing the familiar car parked outside your house. you could feel harry’s lips quirking into a smile as he kissed you.”                within an instant, the creep’s hand was off of you, and harry’s arms were around you, holding you back against his chest and away from the jerk.”                and when she finally realizes that she can’t be with him, that their relationship is pointless, that she is falling out of love with him, she’s heartbroken because she really wanted it to work. the other two bridesmaids were sitting on the other side of the room getting their hair done. harry had been impatiently waiting the whole day for her to return from work.”“that backyard is amazing through,” he smiled, looking through the kitchen window.”                “i guess you’re right, but…why my sister of all people? it was a cute little store, selling baby furniture and toys. as she glared at him, a smile playing at her lips. hip and plopped her on his lap after the ninth song when y/n began to. who could resist a weekend in australia with their crush? his hand left him, coming up to rest beside your head as he penetrated you deeply, his hips moving until they were flushed against yours. i’ve been getting nothing but sweet and kind messages about this series and when the next part was going to be posted. after all, it was his y/n, his love, his companion, his best friend.” harry stated it simply, watching to see the reactions as soon as the boys understood what he was saying.                his skilled fingers teased your clit before he finally inserted a digit, moving it in and out of you. he had personally bought her that car for her last birthday. he took a deep breath before he looked into emma’s eyes. times like this he wonders just how lucky he got.”                he nodded, “i didn’t realize how beautiful parenthood must be until we got this little guy. i was scared that you didn’t get home at the time you said you would. you haven’t really talked to him, but you’ve stayed in touch with the rest of the boys. grimmy narrows his eyes, “s'tha’ the same outfit ye’ were.”by the end of emma’s speech, you had her pulled into a tight hug.                “for telling the boys i was off…” you shut up as soon as you realized what you had revealed.” a woman at your table stood up and ran around it, her arms stretched open. door was fully opened before he could insert the key. meanwhile, his hands began to work the covers and the sheets up just enough for him to slip in between them and you. “i’m sorry about what happened between us, well i’m sorry for what i did. the more that i’m with you, the more i forget the feeling of being lonely. were pictures of her car involved in an accident, that was linked to cnn news.                “they really do,” louis replied, his warm breath on your ear.                “y/n,” zayn turned to you, wrapping his free arm around your waist, “this is antonio. he has never loved or admired someone as much as he does her and the feeling harry gets every time she’s around, he never wants it to go away.." was it childish that y/n stuck her tongue out at him?”                his head shot up, and his wide eyes met yours, “what? red decorations were hung and strung everywhere, and the air smelled like ann’s infamous chocolate chip cookies she made every christmas. you heard many funny and embarrassing stories about your date, to his dismay, and there were several instances where he had to pull you away, saying he was thirsty or hungry.                you wanted to ask why he was in here, doing this to you, but you couldn’t make coherent sentences right now. i’ll have yeh know i’m just as pretty as yeh mum!”                and again, the phrase is repeated to emphasize the fact that it was repetitive, but harry practically says the last “the story of my life. when she tries, harry diverts the conversation to how thrilled he is to. when he came home for a week break from tour with the other lads, he had taken you out for lunch., you crawled out of bed and unlocked your bedroom door, strolling downstairs for a cuppa.”                “well, of course they aren’t,” liam threw his head back in laughter. “oh he’s a friend, well he’s my date for tomorrow night. now,” you smiled at him, taking his free hand in yours, “i couldn’t stop thinking about how happy the three of us would be…and i realized that the timing was excellent for a pregnancy…so…”                a smile had stretched his lips further and further at each would you said, “so…we’re going to do this? the platter was added to your kitchen island where plates of bacon, fruit, yogurt, sausage, and eggs sat among jugs of various juices as well as milk. how can someone as beautiful and loving as y/n even exist? didn’t realize how much he’d actually missed y/n. that, any intention y/n had of staying sober went out the.


                after the first dance, other people moved to the dance floor, including yourself and louis.” he growled, pulling back the chair adjacent to yours and nearly making it topple over. “i lost track of time, and i then i ran into some traffic.” harry clicked his tongue at his daughter and placed a kiss onto her covered forehead as he helped her put on her mittens. that would only mean he had to accept the tragic truth. {14} AU: He's Your Brother, and You Tell Him You Have a Crush on One of His Band Mates Hello, Lovelies!. she’d jumped at the idea of going to spain, and being y/n, harry. “i can’t believe i didn’t think of it…”                “niall,” you couldn’t help letting out a laugh while taking his face in between your  hands. one directionone direction preferencesone direction seriesone direction preference serieswedding series209 notesloading. it’s safe to say that by the end of that trip, everyone and.                “oh, well, i’m not angry…”                “then what are you?” you were about to object but emma shook her head no.                “y/n, believe it or not, i have been thinking seriously about making you one,” he scooted closer to you, wrapping an arm around you.                if that’s how he wanted to play it…                you slipped your hand into the fabric of his boxers, wrapping your hand around his shaft. seriesdue to followers liking the post with old links, here is the complete pregnancy series (with correct links).”                he seemed to like the sound of that because the next thing you knew, his hand was in your panties, pressing against a very sensitive bundle of nerves.”you weren’t sure if niall was crazy or if he was actually on to something. the only noise that was occurring was the ticking of the grandfather clock and your post-cry breathing. as much as you wanted to scream out how much of an idiot he was and that of course you still loved him, you couldn’t. you’re obviously right; we aren’t ready to have a child. i at least text you, but i don’t talk with them as much as i do you,” harry calmly replied. knowing that it was dangerous for zayn to drive home at this time, you offered to let him stay the night in your guest room.                you hadn’t even considered children, and zayn had never brought it up.                louis returned the kiss, placing his hands on your hips and drawing you closer to him so that the bottom halves of your bodies were touching.                you opened the front door to see zayn leaning on his car, his eyes looking down at the phone in his hands.                “it’s okay, harry,” you replied with a smile, “thanks for saving me.                you leaned up to press a kiss to his rough jaw, and he took it as you meant it.”                “louis,” you turned your head to look at him, “i am going to punch you in the face. for her to lift her legs, and then grabs her ankles and brings her. he had been bottling up his feelings and emotions since the day the distance begun without even realizing it.                louis unwrapped his arm from around her and held out his hand to you. (pt4)y/n likes to think everything had gone back to normal after that. now people start to notice what’s going on and try to confort him, however he didn’t want them to.”                “but we still have our whole lives ahead to do that, love,” he frowned, taking your hand in his and giving it a squeeze.: summer this might be my favorite installment so far…hope you all enjoy it!” you wiped away a tear as you looked out into the guests. he was going to make it public, his secret marriage and his baby once he found out the gender.”                “i’m over the moon happy,” you pressed a chaste kiss to his lips.“i drive all night to keep her warm…”                it’s like he’s almost telling it, saying it, and not singing it.”                you looked over your shoulder to meet his green gaze. “oh yeah sure, but i’ll need ask tyler if he’s okay with that. she was being beyond sweet towards him and not even harry himself could understand why he was scared to ask the question that was on the tip of his tongue. “but you… you… the car accident… i… i lost you. i’m tired as hell and yeh know the couch isn’t comfortable,” harry’s voice was muffled behind the door. grimmy had called her a ninny because ‘s’okay if ye’ can’t handle ye’ liquor, babe. he looked outside and waved at zayn before turning to talk to you again. it feels like i just can’t find my way back to you, love. you and your husband have been trying for a month, now, to conceive, and the thought that tonight could finally be the time it happens made you anticipate what was to come that much more.”                “thanks, niall,” you blushed, realizing you were still in his arms.                he rested his forehead against yours, pulling himself out almost completely before filling you up at a brisk pace.                “our seats are this way, y/n” liam said, taking your hand in his as he led you down one of the aisles. and that staircase just needs some love and upstairs needs the same.                the shower had stopped upstairs, telling you that liam would be down any minute, looking for you and breakfast. there she was with her so radiant smile, her baby bump and her arms wide open so she could embrace him, completely unaware of his pain until she saw his face. harry wandered in, humming softly as the kitchen door shut after his mother and the children.”                joahannah just continued to shake her head at him, “what am i going to do with you?” she nodded without hesitation, and harry kissed her on the cheek before peeling her off of him again. it was a joy to write, and i hope you all enjoy it, lovelies! he was slowly but surely putting himself down with some very, very unfair thoughts.“i know that in the mornin’, now, i’ll see us in the light upon the hill.” he tumbled as his hand covered yours, his ears still perked and listening to your other child playing in the snow. “i drive all night to keep her warm…”                he tries to please her, doing whatever it takes to make the relationship a successful one. it was like you were shopping for your baby, and zayn found himself growing fond of the idea. the song nears the end, harry gives her waist a squeeze. she noticed whenever they caught each other’s gaze, they would blush and look away.                “i just…” you sighed, sitting down in the chair, “i just really want your friends to like me, you know?” keep reading this has more angst that i had planned but i still had fun writing itharry stylesharry styles fanficharry styles one shotharry styles preferencesharry styles imagineharry styles imaginesharry styles preferenceone directionone direction one shotone direction smutone direction preferencesone direction fluffpregnancy series355 notesloading. “i don’t really know, quite honestly i don’t remember how we even got together. harry placed his head in his hands as he dropped down to the floor. why does it seem like you care more about your friends than me? dunkirk promo, and of course y/n can’t press the subject when harry’s got. louis was still staring at you with the gentlest of smiles on his face.                “as i’ll ever be,” you responded as the door to liam’s side opened.                “harry…” you breathed against his mouth, causing him to grin. you hummed in response as he pressed a kiss to your cheek, brushing your hair out of your face.” you stepped out of harry’s hold, wrapping your arms around yourself, suddenly feeing so ashamed.                his mouth then moved from yours to the skin beside it, making a trail down your face and neck. by the end of the night, you were stuff, tired, and aching for the soft mattress in your hotel room.                his only response was a snicker before attaching his lips to the column of your neck. just in time, it’s your turn to get your makeup done.                you were up all night, thinking seriously about having a baby, and within minutes, you realized your answer had been completely unwarranted.! i haven’t seen you since the concert in london!                you immediately sat back on your bum, pouting, “why are you so mean to me?“the way that i’ve been holding on so tight with nothin’ in between. around the modestly crowded bar harry spotted niall first, sitting at a booth further towards the back. i really do,” he pulled you in for a quick kiss.                for a brief moment, you stood, freezing in only your lace bra and underwear, but when his warm hands touched your shoulders, heat flooded your body, overtaking any trace of cold.                his head fell to the crook of your neck, pressing open-mouthed kisses there as he ground himself against you, but from the tight grasp he had on your bum, you knew he was fighting the urge to vocalize his pleasure. how could the one he loves with every ounce of his heart and soul not care about the distance in between them? she thought would have been his shoulder but was really his neck. you’ll have the smoothest, easiest pregnancy…                you smiled at him.”                you looked up from your pregnancy book to see zayn enter the room, wearing nothing but a towel.                “it’s nice to meet you, antonio,” you extended your hand.                one of his hands slid down your body, and the next thing you knew, you were a noisy mess.                he brought his hand to your cheek, caressing it with his calloused fingers, “you’re too gorgeous, y/n.”“that you will,” you retorted before getting into your car.                “if it doesn’t…” you managed, “we’ll just try again. you sighed before you whispered, “i can’t be with you anymore, lucas. y/n could clearly understand now why he was feeling the way he was.                “very funny, lads,” niall chuckled, removing one of his hands from your arms to wrap around your waist. when you arrived at the restaurant, you found that you two were among the first people there. you smiled as you saw emma walking down with her father. it was (kind of) based off of the song ground control by all time low, anyways, enjoy!”                you shrugged, glancing over at your book, “just the rules of pregnancy. this is barely even christmas themed lol but i hope you enjoy this!” ann grinned, and (y/n) could see the obvious similarities between harry’s and ann’s smiles. to how she’d cried silently while he was in the shower.” when harry was met with silence, he wiped his eyes. you noticed how harry was tearing up as he was staring back at you. you knew he would end up making you feel guilty and it always seemed like what he did wrong was forgotten.                he let out a breath when he felt your hand resting over his erection. so tired of feeling alone even when he wasn’t.“he’s so good with her,” you said, smiling at your mother-in-law proudly.

One Direction Preference

you didn’t text me or call to let me know where you were and that fucking hurt.                zayn’s brown eyes looked from your body to your face in shock, “you sexy little–”                you cut him off with a deep kiss, one he swiftly fell into.”                “you are not,” you said, rolling your eyes at his dramatics. he’d told her countless times how she was his life and the reason he sees this chaotic and messed up world as a better place.”                he nodded, “since day one, and he’s had my approval since day two. i’m going to bed,” you closed the door and locked it again.”                “niall, do you have any idea how happy you just made me? i am…i’m apologizing for the way i responded to your question last night…the one about trying for a baby?, and dinner among other things; but they don’t talk about it. “you look absolutely amazing, where did you get this dress? “it’s been almost six months, and i haven’t brought it up again, either. smile forced its way onto your lips as you read that message, and you quickly replied back. if you screw this up for her, i don’t care if you one of my best mates, i will hurt you got it? but any flaw you saw in the home, niall considered it an asset. “no, i would never cheat on you, but i was afraid that it could happen.                when it was time to sleep, liam still held you close against him, spooning you from behind, and it killed you.”                liam scooped you up in his arms and danced around the room with you before pressing a loving kiss on your lips, “i love you so, so, so much.                all that mattered was how he was making you feel. delivery  liam payneharry styleslouis tomlinsonniall horanpregnancy series masterpostpregnancy preferencesone direction preferences170 notesloading. “he’s your best friend, and he’s more of a gentleman than that. “you’re jealous because he’s with y/n and you’re not.’”                harry jumped up before you could finish the sentence, his green eyes almost the size of golf balls before narrowing into tiny slits, “you don’t find him fit…do you? if you have liked this in the past - you probably have the old links. it’s just that nick texted me asking for drinks and i haven’t seen him in nearly a year, so i really wanted to hang out with him, eh know? you knocked on emma’s door before olivia, another bridesmaid, opened the door for you.                “the movie’s over,” niall whispered beside you, bringing you from your thoughts. you nod and tyler takes your hand and you all go out. i know you want to wait, and i respect that. you had had feelings for harry since you first met him, so this was a once in a lifetime chance since you were pretty sure your romantic feelings were one-sided.                his eyes shot open when he felt naked skin against his own. they knew you were hurt by what happened with harry and they tried to be there for you. he turned on the internet on his phone and his notifications became crazy-as always. i’ve decided to to a series called “seasons”, that will feature four different seasonal parts, all spread out. he’s gone in his mind, thinking about how to make it last this time because he wants it to last with you.” lucas nodded as he placed his hand on top of yours.” she floundered towards him, her little hands digging into his tattooed skin. “i’m going to go to the guys room and harry you can stay here.”                you glanced around the store, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the question.” you asked, hoping the blush on your cheeks wasn’t obvious. “we’re here to take you to your man…”                and of course, niall’s best friends knew of your little crush on him.                zayn left for tour that morning, and you and your mother-in-law had seen him off. would make everything worldwide trends, but that made him feel uneasy.                you had never been into one of these stores except when you had to buy a baby shower gift for your coworker. he moaned against your nipple, sending shockwaves of pleasure through your system. if you have liked this in the past - you probably have the old links., or disapproval, y/n’s not entirely sure at this point.’s sure she’ll ask who this woman standing before him is. he’s not taking her to his home or their shared home. the first few buttons of his nice patterned button-down top were loose, revealing the top of his chest and the slightest peek at the tattoos on his collarbone. a baby with liam’s expressive chocolate eyes and beautiful brown hair…they’d have his goofy grin that could light up any room…                god, he deserved this.                you bent your legs, making it easier for him to remove the barrier between his body and yours..” the smug look on her face has harry’s tummy twisting, and he. i always assumed we would because it technically is expected with marriage, but…” you shrugged, tapping the side of your mug with your nails. “well, y/n,” he threw his jacket on over his shoulders, “you are a hundred percent correct.“and here’s the worst house in the neighborhood,” you said as you walked into the front of the house.                “i’m so happy,” he finally broke the silence with those words and a smile. you could see nothing but horror on his face as he backed into the wall behind him. “niall wanted to beat traffic…and when we got on the road, we didn’t hit any…”                y/f/n laughed, gesturing for you to come inside, “it’s okay.                “you look gorgeous, y/n,” liam said, opening the door to his car for you. the last thing you needed was the pressure to impress them./n rushed herself into the house as quickly as possible to be sheltered from the cold weather outside.“not only do i think, but i’m also certain we can and will work through this.                “if i knew any better…you were texting a boy,” zayn chuckled, taking a seat next to you on the couch. au// where the heart is part 3masterlist || seriesalmost ten houses in two days. sound of music coming from the celebrity’s home could be heard from the street as harry drove up to the door.                you knew all of these things had been happening and existing around you for forever, but after the conversation you had with your mother-in-law, you were no longer blind to them. he got so caught up in his own job now working as a solo artist and actor that he failed to notice a lot of things.”                “i am, too,” you whispered, burying the tips of your fingers in his hair. because even though it was smooth sailing, her tummy just couldn’t. at one point harry had perfunctorily brought up their intertwined.                your fingers, apparently, had also, in their fumbling with the damned fly, turned him on even more.) sorry i could only get one preference out tonight, but i will have one for you lovelies tomorrow.                you slowly began to stroke him through the fabric, your eyes never leaving his as he continued to bring his fingers in and out of you. he stared at them for a few moments before his smile faded. you were determined to close the deal on this home no matter what happened.- chrissy 1d1d blurbs1d family1d imagines1dheadcanonslovely1dheadcanonsmy take onstory of my lifeone direction1d preferences1d preference seriesone direction blurbsone direction headcanonsone direction imaginesone direction preference seriesone direction preferencesniall horanharry styleslouis tomlinsonliam paynezayn malik147 notesloading. series #4 - telling someone (harry) harry could barely contain the smile on his face as he walked into the pub he was meeting the boys in, wanting to tell them that you’d said yes to being his wife, something he still couldn’t quite believe no matter how many days had passed since he’d asked.                you let out a low moan against his lips, causing him to smirk. where on the entrance of the hotel room with flashes and their questions but he pushed them away, still running to his hotel room.                “…and fucking sexy…”                his hands squeezed in between your two bodies, riding up your shirt as he made his way up to the top button.”                “oh, louis…” you felt the tears spill over, running down your cheeks.“angel,” he began, and you knew it was coming–his speeches were the worst. even if it was just to sign papers, you were excited to see his smiling face and hear his irish accent. smoking, drinking, consuming caffeine…”                zayn sighed, hanging the towel he was using to dry his hair on the back of the bathroom door, “i guess this is as good a time as any to quit smoking…”                “it might be for the best, love,” you agreed, smiling sympathetically as you pulled back the comforter and sheets for him.                you let out a sigh, finally content with your appearance as you turned around in front of your mirror. and yes, mummy would most definitely make you wear a hat. i’ve been ready for a long time, and i knew you wanted to enjoy our time together before we added someone else to the equation. and it’s certainly not helping that he’s helping her strap her. he stood up out of nowhere and headed to the washroom, dialing her number. but by now, both of them stopped feeling loved and that could certainly lead to their own destruction.”                “y/n,” he let out a soft chuckle, letting his shoulder slouch, “i’ve wanted a child with you before we were even married.”                he tells her about how they’ll get married and have kids someday, but in the end, he’s just fooling the both of them because it isn’t meant to be.  harry styleswhipped serieswhipped boyfriendharry styles fanfictionharry styles ficharry styles one shotharry styles fluffharry styles smutharry styles photosharry styles preferencesharry styles picturesharry styles imagineharry styles blurbharry styles blogharry styles writingharry styles drabbleharry styles gifone directionone direction one shotone direction imagines1d one shotone direction smutharry writing501 notesloading. had to is smile at him and he was putty in her hands. though she still couldn’t forget about it, she’d enjoyed breaking.”                “i know, but having you as my date is gift enough,” he replied just as the song ended. sounds of screaming fans and shouting reporters filled your ears as your limo pulled up to the carpet.“she told me in the mornin’ she don’t feel the same about us in her bones. of her dress and grabs her purse from the table. seen her at gatherings before that unfaithful night, but in retrospect,He too is guilty of going an endless amount of time without talking to his. he’s talking about the past girlfriends, however many there are. you stepped outside to your car and laid out your notes on your car. you were about to walk out the restroom when you noticed emma wasn’t following. she walked over to you and gave you a hug before she grabbed the coffee tray out of your hands. liam deserved a baby, and you knew you wanted to have one with him. every single one was damaged in one way or another. it was astonishing to you, even if you had been a mere fan, looking up at them two years ago…                though the awards went by fast, it seemed like forever before you were back in the limo, sitting beside liam. that being said though, harry wanted to at least tell his best mates, knowing they wouldn’t blab about it to anyone else until you and harry were comfortable with it. eyes opened instantly, every cry stopping at the feeling of this baby moving under his hand. we’re both going to be new at this parenting thing, so we’re both going to make mistakes.[chorus]                this time the chorus is sung just to stress the fact that heartbreak is a repetitive thing in his life, and how his knowledge of that is always at the forefront of his mind.’d both agreed on keeping the engagement quiet so you could just enjoy the bliss that came along with being engaged.                “as you wish,” he chuckled lightly before shrugging off his jacket and pulling off his shirt.

Preference {2} You're His Date, but You're Just Friends

I figured it out, Please can I have a harry imagine where were

you walked through the dark office to the elevator door. suddenly the car pulled in front of your apartment building.”she only hugged him more, as tight as her bump let her to. you still couldn’t believe that he lied to you like that. on his shoulder and is beginning to fully lean into him from.                not wanting to get into a fight with someone bigger than him, the boy gave him a scowl walked off.                harry pulled up to the curb and parked the car. you know who i’m dating,” zayn tried to reason with you.“oh, ann, let me help you with this,” (y/n) rushed out of harry’s grip to grab a plate from ann’s hands  just as she was struggling to carry not one but two heavy plates of turkey.”                “it’s very nice to meet you,” you nodded with a smile.” you say removing the ice from his cheek after a while. i know you have feelings for him and i know he has feelings for you. harry turned you around in his arms, holding you tightly. instead of taking the lift he ran all the twenty floors up. whenever you closed your eyes, all you saw was harry’s crying face. he just hoped to have her around for just a little longer, until he couldn’t hold it in anymore. as you remembered, harry’s text said he would be home thursday night. “i just like admiring…”                “well, you can’t see everything from the window,” he chuckled before leading you to the door and opening it. i had to get you guys to understand that you guys had to come together, not run away. “how about dinner on friday at this mexican restaurant downtown.”                “still…”                niall let out a chuckle, “you’ll understand when you’re older. she caught your disappointed eye line before walking into your office. it was understanding that harry needed time with his friends. he wrapped his arms around your waist, trying to pull you closer as if he couldn’t bare to have you and further away from him.”                he smiled at you, brushing his hand against yours before taking it in his own, “because i was hoping i could introduce you to them as more than a friend someday…”niall: at his birthday party. a smile tugged on his lips when his gaze met yours. “who knew my dorky brother could be such a gentleman. a possibility that when harry came out, he would tell her that he couldn’t.“love bug,” harry tapped her lovingly on the nose, “mumma and i were talking. harry looks over at you and you tell him to go and talk to her after she runs out.                you jerked your hips up, grinding yourself against the bulge in your husband’s briefs.                and then he was inside you, making your back arch off the bed.” you exclaimed as louis led you out of the reception hall and towards the elevators. she started to think back to when this all started; to when her boss promoted her and she just got so caught up in her duties.                he let you draw him in, pressing himself against your back and letting you feel just how turned on he was. we can’t exactly make a baby over the internet, and second, are you sure? you knew this when you were just a fan, just a friend, and throughout your entire romantic relationship.                you cocked your head to the side, slipping your arms up and around niall’s neck, “yes…even though i’m pretty sure those are myths, love..,” he trails off, his eyes sweeping over your body as you fiddle with your outfit. after weeks of not getting any sort of affection from her, after weeks of not touching her? “so…who is this no one, or should i say someone? he broke the kiss and looked down to see you had been waiting for him, completely ready for the night’s events. harry stylesharry styles ficharry styles fluffharry styles oneshotharry styles imagineharry imagineharry fluffseasons seriesmy writingsone directionone direction imaginesone direction oneshotsharry styles preference89 notesloading. you thought louis would be thrilled to start a family with you, “but please consider it…”                “alright,” he gave you a small smile before pecking your lips.                on your way back home, you passed a store called rock-a-buy.                “because there’s a movie we both want to see. loud scream left his mouth as he pulled his hair. while he continued sucking on the supple skin there, his other hand glided down your abdomen, making its way to where you needed him most. and set it at the edge of the round table, away from y/n who’s got her.                “y/n,” harry opened your door slightly, peeking his head in.”                now he’s letting go, but he’s not letting go of a person or trying to get over them. “i love you,” he stated after grinning for a few seconds.” louis chuckled, stepping back from the hug                “thank you, louis!! xx part onepart two part three*13 weeks*“hey, babe, you almost ready?! xx b ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••snow beautifully blanketed the backyard, turning everything into a glistening cold sea of white as harry kneeled down by the door to force a toboggan onto a huffy six-year-old’s head. he adores you,” he chuckled softly, leaning his elbow on the back of the couch. he’s taking her back to her home because they’re no longer together. “maybe i should change that…”                he climbed on top of you, sheets and all, and you could feel him through the layers. why keep searching when everything you want is right in front of you? he’s saying that he’s been so many break ups that he’ll probably be remembered for them. he guided you to him, letting out a guttural groan when he felt your fingers wrap around him. you had a really good friend from school that you still kept in touch with and you both sort of dated for a while back before your life changed.” niall shouted, jumping into the cushion next to you while harry did the same on the other side.                he suddenly pressed a kiss to where his chin once sat, and he continued up to the peak of your breast, taking your nipple into his mouth.”                he chuckled, “i’m glad you had a good time.                “y/n…” he looked up at you, his teal eyes dark with lust and love.’s afraid the second he opens it to add how much of a mistake it was and that. if he wasn’t feeling good, but he was good pretending.“but, baby, running after you, is like chasing the clouds. it’s afternoon here, and yes; i haven’t left the hotel yet. he loves you so much, and if he knows that a baby will make you happy, he’ll eventually give in., mouthing along and shoulder shrugging to the beat, an immense smile on his.”                niall took your hands in his, removing them from his face so he could lean forward and kiss you tenderly, “we won’t stop trying, love. you had to explain to him that you hadn’t had a chance to stop and think about how perfect a modest family of three would be. rapidly took his hand and placed it where the baby was moving. she realised that there was something about getting to see him in that. just his mere laugh was enough to change your day for the betteryou stacked the papers on your desk as you waited for niall’s arrival. i’ll be down later to pick up the paperwork.”                “by the way you’re acting, love,” his dimples surfaced. however, we have lovely friends and family to support us and help us, and…most importantly…we have each other. packed up your things into your work purse as you closed up your office. she can’t deny that she’d loved that he was showing her off too. the baby weight you’d put on with the cooing infant you could hear harry giggling with down the hall still lingered around your hips, thighs, and tummy.                “no…everything is perfect,” he said, somewhat in a daze. he already had a small stack on a plate to his left, and the table was set with the candles that you put out last night.” you friend called from inside the house as she made her way to the front door.“i think she was readying the food in the kitchen, last i saw her,” (y/n) announced, looking back to the styles siblings.çaisitaliano日本語türkçeespañolpусскийpolskiportuguês (pt)português (br)nederlands한국어简体中文繁體中文 (台灣)繁體中文 (香港)bahasa indonesiaहिंदी. that’s for you to decide, but i can give you this,” he took a step towards you, tucking a wet strand behind your ear.” liam questioned from the stairs before rounding the corner and entering the kitchen through the dining room.“daddy,” she deadpanned, glowering at your husband from he doorway, “i’m waiting.”(y/n) smiled bashfully before letting her eyes meet harry’s. the limb that had put your hand where he needed it to be slid over your lower abdomen, his fingers stretching lower and lower until he heard your delicious moans join his. “he just asked me if you were mad at him or something. was he to know she was a childhood friend of the groom?                he beamed, “judging from the look on your face, pretty happy. you went downstairs to wait for him and when you did you see the boys of one direction walking into the hotel. they picked out their own pajamas and got dressed quickly because niall had promised a movie and popcorn. harry’s heart was beating so fast from anticipation of the conversation they were about to have, but he knew it couldn’t go on like this any longer. he should stop her right there, but his throat is dry and. it could go two possible ways: either they’d break up, or either they’d work it out. in fact,” a devilish smile tugged at his lips as he dug his fingers into your hips, enjoying the way your skin dimpled beneath his nails, “i love it. he’s always thought that his love for her was too big to be understood, so he partially kept it to himself only, for fear he might scare her away. “i know you follow your gut in every decision you make, but i can’t take that chance. her true love was so broken due to something she could not quite get, but it had affected him.” he gave you a cheeky grin before straightening up to his full height. y/n admits she’d gone a light shade of red at the. never have i ever found someone that i can truly be myself with. i mean, it’s your decision, but honestly, children are a joy.”niall’s heart felt heavy as you saw your emotions shift.                you: idk…:(                liam: but i miss hanging out with u. plus, i suggest not taking wymon street home, you know if you have to take that street home; i don’t know where you live actually, but–”“hey, it’s okay,” you told him, calming him down and chuckling. you can see the 15 requests and their descriptions as well as the rules here.

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5SOS Preference : He's Your Best Friend's Brother And He Gets You

                “then, this is it,” he snickered with a smile before bringing you into a short yet passionate kiss. after a second finger was added, niall let go of your nipple, raising his head to watch your face contort in pure rapture.. she likes to think everything is okay, maybe he was just having an.”                you honestly wished you could’ve died then and there.#1: talking about having a baby#2: finding out#3: telling him (his pov)#4 morning sickness#5 telling the family#6 telling the boys#7 twitter announcement#8 first ultrasound#9 starting to show (his pov)#10 cravings#11 mood swings#12 gender predictions#13 finding out the gender#14 first kick#15 picking names#16 photoshoot#17 he overhears you talking to the baby (his pov)#18 shopping for baby#19 song he sings to your baby bump#20 he goes on tour (part 1)#21 while he is away (your pov) (part 2)#22 while he is away (his pov) (part 3)#23 he returns home (part 4)#24 godparents#25 baby shower#26 nursery#27 scare (his pov)#28 he tweets a picture#29 how you sleep#30 interacting with the baby#31 talking to his mum#32 you’re insecure#33 pregnancy classbonus he tweets a picture on halloween#34 fans catch you out and aboutbonus you’re in soml#35 he talks about you and the baby (his pov)#36 hormonal arguments#37 deciding on a birth plan#38 growing bump (his pov)#39 stressed / worried (yours and his pov)#40 sore / uncomfortable#41 he gets protectivebonus he loved… (gif preference)#42 he talks to the baby bump (his pov)#43 letter / video for the baby#44 last minute preparation#45 labor / delivery part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4alternative ending (miscarriage)after the pregnancy series is the baby series. can only press another kiss to her mouth, too drunk on.                your moan was muffled by his lips, but he had heard it; it turned him on. breaks her little trance with a kiss on the forehead and sighs happily, “i love you too, pet.    he felt down to his knees, the air becoming too heavy to breath. these last few weeks after his big reality check, he began to notice how unbothered and well she seemed. now, looking back at it, 6 shots in and already feeling it,Y/n really should’ve known better, should’ve thought before hastily agreeing.                his jeans were still half on when he began to work off your pencil skirt and panties, but you were used to him rushing this part. he was so certain she did not love him anymore he kept putting off his urge to talk it out with her days on end. they were joys to behold, even when they were babies, and niall always loved them, even though he wasn’t too close with y/f/n and her husband until after she had b/n. he had the window rolled down as he said, “i hope you get your happy ending with him one day, y/n. i have seen a lot people ask what “story of my life” is about, and this is how i interpret it. if that was too much for a single day, the 15 hour flight, all the things she had to do to get to the hotel room without being noticed, her back has starting to hurt, and now harry, the one that never cried, crying his eyes out in front of her. i was working on the blog today (i have anew and improved master list you can check out here) as well as organizing my room, so…never got around to starting and finishing a new preference after this one.                you gasped, your lips parting from his, “louis…”                he nodded, knowing what you wanted, and leaned away from you so he could hook his fingers around the top of your lace panties.                “good,” he nodded, looking around your room as if it were the first time. harry who cuddled anyone from a friend, to a plant.                towards the end of the song, your head was resting on his shoulder, and you could feel his warm breath against your collar.                “i-i don’t know what you’re talking about, niall,” you said, playing with the bottom of your plaid pajama shorts.” harry stylesharry styles imagineharry styles preferenceharry styles fluffharry styles oneshotharry imagineharry preferenceharry oneshotharryone directionone direction imagineone direction preferenceone direction oneshot1d1d imagine1d preference1d oneshotseasons seriesmy writingmy writings107 notesloading. finally the time came for niall and emma to say their vows to each other. you shook your head as you whispered, “that was wrong, harry. he went to the roof for air and checked twitter again. she liked it a lot, and i don’t know how i feel about it.”                the conversation had died after that, and you found yourself remembering that harry and niall had not brought dates. let out a breath he didn’t know he was taking. the distance was growing bigger by the minute and the minute harry realized it, he did not know what to do.” your husband gently untangled her hands from around his neck and she squealed, her eyes darting to her father as he tried to distance himself from her. harry takes your hand and laces his fingers with yours. your hands were in his blond hair, a lazy grin on your swollen lips.                but for tonight, you were his date, and you couldn’t be more happy. over louis’ shoulder, you could see eleanor, perrie, and zayn making their way down. it was like he was trying to understand the million thoughts going through your mind. whilst talking with his friends, were convinced they were it for each.” harry huffed and scooped her up, kissing her cheek as he moved towards the snow. by the time you reached the bottom of the stairs, anne was already sitting with your youngest child in a sunning chair, her sunnies low on her face as she watched her son struggle to get floaties on his daughter’s arms.                you brought your cup of tea down to the smooth top of the wooden kitchenette you were sitting at before replying to your brother’s call, “i’m in the kitchen!” b/n exclaimed, opening his mouth and pointing to a gap between his baby teeth.”                “i know, but i don’t want you scaring off y/n,” zayn said, pulling you closer to his side. meaning, when she breaks up with him, it’s never for a stupid reason or because she’s a jerk.” liam asked out of the blue, pausing in his play with your hair. there’s something magical about that, louis, and i want to be a part of it. course the bride and the groom are expected to share kisses various times. puffy eyes, red nose, bloody hands like if he had punched something along the way, his skin so pale that it seemed like he would faint any moment. you were confused and glanced into the living room, seeing the blankets neatly folded and the pillows slightly stacked.”“are you doing this because you think i can do a great job or is it because you like me?                you hummed in response, your eyes moving from his own to his lips, “yes…”                he brought his mouth back to yours, licking your bottom lip to coerce you into letting him in. he was determined that tonight would be the night they’d talk this out and he’d either leave with a broken heart, or he’d stay with a heart yet to be fixed.”                the words written on a gravestone are usually something that conveys who you were as a person, and to the people who lost you, it’s a reminder of you. you knew harry would feel guilty, but that’s what you wanted.”                you looked down at your comforter, letting out a sigh, “you have to promise you won’t laugh or tell. a small sound fell from his lips, as you began to bring your hand up and down at a mounting pace. as he brings his arm to rest on the back of the chair y/n was just.                you were quick to give your consent, and zayn was quick to respond.” he smirked when you suggested it, pulling you close to him. you two were hopelessly in love with one another, and you were both at a stable point in your careers. “it’s been a year since you told me you loved me, y/n. i had no idea of what was happening to us and, now, i understand the distance you’re talking about,” she sweetly put her hand over his cheek, which only made him lean on to it and cry a bit harder.” you placed your hand over your mouth as you tried to choke back a sob that was trying to rip its way out of your body.                still, you both hoped that tonight would be the night., especially for the beautiful scenery that was a wedding in hawaii. to say you were a bit disgusted was an understatement. i mean…we’ve only been married a little over a year…”                your words had broken his heart into pieces; you could tell when you looked into those watery, brown eyes of his, but instead of apologizing or telling him you’d think about it to soften the blow, you turned back to your book, effectively ending an important conversation.                “shh…love,” he warned before unzipping your skirt and working it off your form. one can only imagine y/n’s excitement when pixie’s invitation. “they’re so cute…”                “i know…” his lips curved up into a crooked smile. we can sit and watch movies, or go out to eat.”                he hummed against your skin in reply, sending something delicious down your spine. she does have to admit she’s having a grand time dancing to. sighed and rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands. “i know that you will be the best mother in the whole wide world., she’s certainly not gonna give him the satisfaction of not even trying. her hair to fall over her shoulder and kissed across her back and at the.“mum’s got love bug and the lit'le one to put on some sunscreen already. this is my first time writing smut, so i hope you like it; i was embarrassed while writing and editing this thing.                “y/n…” he lifted his head, his eyes boring into yours and telling you what he wanted–needed.                you let out a sigh, “fine…i fancy zayn malik. of course, he knew it would get to a point it wouldn’t but, for now, he just wanted to make sure she was still there.                when p/n saw you, his tail wagged like crazy, and before you could prepare yourself for his weight, he jumped on top of you, giving you kisses. biting your lip, you huffed and swung around to tug on a loose shirt of harry’s and a pair of shorts, hands on your hip as you faced your reflection again.                “i never knew about your blog or your crush,” he confessed.“i can call the realtor and see if we can get the price down, but you really want this house, it’s yours,” you explained.”, she was fully on crying now too, and harry only held onto her tighter, for fear that she might slip away somehow.” gemma gushed, taking her brother’s girlfriend’s hands into her own. about her feet hurting from walking around all day in heels.! xx b ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••mirrors were always the cruelest when we need them to be nice.”                your back was now against the smooth comforter, and harry was above you, his towel falling off in the process of switching your positions. definitely let me know what you guys thought/ want to see happen next! all four of niall’s band mates stood there, dressed for the club, with smug looks on their faces.                but the noise made when the glass shower door was pulled open, even a crack, was hard to miss.                you bit your lip, looking down at where your bodies were almost joined.” harry quickly placed the pancake on a plate and turned off the stove. i’ll pay you a reasonable salary, and it’ll be on your time.                “um…” you looked away from the camera, “what makes you think i called for a specific reason…?” his eyes widened at the spread of food on the counter before he turned to look at you.”, she was frantic by now, “harry, please you have to believe me. no, everything is back to normal in terms of appearances, but. “just because i have a crush on louis doesn’t–”                harry’s fingers moved to reveal his face, “you fancy him, too?” harry stylesharry styles one shotharry styles x readerharry styles masterlistharry styles imagineone directiononeshotone direction one shotone direction imaginesone direction au1d preferences1d1d imagines1d imaigne1directionchristmasob's christmas series!”                the sound of the front door slamming ran up your spine, making you cringe mid-sip. i mean we’ve been friends for two years and she’s never said anything about him and then all of sudden he shows up out of no freaking where.”                “i promise,” he put his hand on his heart, something you two always did when giving each other your word. you stared down at your lap as you sat in a silent uber with lucas. harry surely would’ve said if he had a delay or something. he was miles away, he left her behind, he always left her behind.                “i’m so sorry, zayn,” you frowned when you came up to him. also, forgive me for any errors, my first language isn’t english so there might be something wrong even tho i proof read it lol.’d brought up how she’d made him think she was going out with some other. is, they were falling apart, yet none of them felt the need to take a good look at what had happened to them.

I M A G I N E S: He's Getting Married, But Not To You

”despite his comment, grimmy leans down to press a kiss to y/n’s.                “i-i…uh…”                “i didn’t think so,” he smirked, throwing his cigarette behind him as he led you towards the dance floor, but you weren’t going so easily.                “hey, y/n,” harry greeted you first, giving you one of his smiles that made you swoon. “did you ask y/n what i think you did? you could only find what people wanted; you didn’t even know where to start with niall’s home. he had asked you apologetically, as if he were inconveniencing you in some way, and he even bought the outfit, from dress to accessories, you were currently wearing to ‘make it up to you. at the moment he was with his friends at a pub near the hotel they had managed to get out without being noticed. “i want to have a baby with you, y/n, and i’m sorry it took me this long to realize it.” he leaned forward to take a better look at you. niall slid a schooner over the table and harry took a mouthful gratefully.                “never mind…” you whispered, bringing his soft lips back to yours. i don’t want to regret waiting when i believe we have something here. you noticed niall’s trembling fingers as he reached inside his suit pocket to grab his paper. you all went out for dinner and then to an arcade. “all grown up; already have an amazing career and the love of your life.”                “i asked her and my own mum,” you sighed, bringing a hand to your forehead.” niall asked as they stepped back to look at him. she knows it’s as big and as infinite and as endless as the’s been about two months or so since harry’s breakdown. he’s healthy,” louis gave you a smile as he sat down next to you, “and he really loves you.                there was a long, heavy silence before louis finally whispered, “you want a baby? you and harry hadn’t seen each other in two months. all of that vanished as soon as she felt slow movements inside of her that startled her.” her hooded eyes open a tad slighter when she feels., pouting just the slightest for them to meet in a chaste kiss,“always look beautiful. i’ve barely seen her,” harry commented, and (y/n) stretched her neck to where she last saw her boyfriend’s mother. she pecks at his exposed chest can’t be any more endearing.                he bent his head down to bring you into a smoldering kiss, his fingers surprising you as they stroked your bundle of nerves tantalizingly slow. you decide on a simple black dress and you decide to wear your converses because you were not about to wear heels two nights in row. seeing you again and seeing you with tyler, i can’t handle it. i am always there, harry, and you have the audacity to be upset with me? she saw how harry crumbled to the floor as you fled the scene. the third had been the most embarrassing,At least for her.                 your nails dug into his back while your hips rose to feel more and more.#1d #1d blurbs #1d family #1d imagines #1d preferences #lovely1dheadcanons #1dheadcanons #one direction #one direction blurbs #one direction headcanons #one direction imagines #one direction preferences #request #requests #au #he's your brother #bsm #1d bsm #niall horan #harry styles #louis tomlinson #liam payne #zayn malik #preference 14 #you tell him you have a crush on one of his band mates. right now, let’s focus on the fact he takes her home. you swim a few laps before you notice someone walking inside. you’ll have a child, and i’ll be traveling and working on my house. we can look around some more, but i think this is where i need to be,” niall slightly smiled. one of his hands left your chest to take your hand. besides why do you care that i’m with someone. but right now he couldn’t get his love out of his head. y/n’s smile widen when she buries her head in his neck. i knew going to the restroom was going to be hard but i didn’t think it was going to be that hard.”                she shook her head, “i doubt he won’t ever want a baby, y/n. you threw the towel that was on your lap onto the table.” the last part came with a teasing nip at your earlobe, and you squawked in reproach. “i know it’s a bit patchy and the pool is a bit green, but i see it y/n.” harry was sitting down at his assigned table, an untouched plate of food in front of him.“we don’t say that, sweetheart, hate is a strong word.                louis’ hand found yours under the table, “i don’t think, love. she truly is one of a kind and the fact that she ended up with him makes his insides all warm and bubbly.” niall horanniall auniall horan auniall imagineniall horan imagineone directionone direction auone direction seriesone direction imagineone direction preference1d1d af1d imagine1d preference1d preferences1d prefs1d au33 notesloading.                with a soft sigh, you followed him out a minute later, grabbing the other towel on the rack. “making a living person out of love, giving new life and raising it. you never believed that you would find someone who would be able to give you that feeling.                but you didn’t want to be the only one enjoying this.“i don’t know, y/n,” niall commented, “i still want this house. “a couple was attempting this flip this property after someone else tried, but they decided to cut their losses and sell. all niall was a new canvas for his new basement.“you’re too beautiful…”                you looked up at him, bringing your lips from his digits, “do you want me to…”                his eyes widened at what you were offering, but he knew it wasn’t a good idea when the lads were literally in the same room as you two. does he know that she feels the exact same towards him./n halted her breathing for a second, unsure of what he meant. {14} au: he’s your brother, and you tell him you have a crush on one of his band mates.                his hand moved to your thigh, painfully making its way to the hem of your tight skirt.                dinner was delicious, considering you and g/n were there to assist y/f/n in preparing it. you pulled back from the hug as you smiled at emma. closer she gets, the farther he wants to get away. “y/n,  the exterior—not even the interior matters; the only thing that matters is how i feel when i’m there.                “you suddenly get quiet, and you aren’t as talkative…you can’t even look at the poor guy,” niall pointed out. the smell of pancakes and coffee made its way to your nose. his heart is open and wants her love, but she doesn’t listen or give it. he grabbed your hand and rubbed it the top of it with his thumb. “now, just for precautions, do you like silver or gold engagement rings because-”“harold,” (y/n) interrupted with a giggle. i’ll be ready when you come,” you said, picking up your forms off the table. the second grimmy came up with the brilliant idea of a game where they’d.                “yeah…” you breathed, cupping his rough cheeks and bringing his lips back to yours.”                when he finished that sentence, your bra was thrown over his broad shoulders, joining the rest of your clothes.” you wish you had stopped the words before they had come out of your mouth. she finally looks like she’s moved on and that she’s happy. as his kisses got lower and lower, he slowly laid you down, keeping his arm around your waist while his hand supported the back of your head until it reached the pillow. i don’t even know when our lives would be calm enough to even give us a chance. as harry’s lips met yours, you finally knew what everyone was talking about. he pictures you with him, and notice it isn’t “her” anymore. i want to start a family with you…i’m just worried you think it’s too early.” he brought his lips down to your jaw, pressing a thousand feather-light kisses across it. liam had told you that they had to, that management told them to, but harry and niall didn’t.                well, you had been hypersensitive towards anything that was baby-related…                your eyes found zayn’s brown ones again, and your lips curved up, “yes…i do. ugly thoughts were scaring him away and confrontation was never his fortitude.”                he let out a laugh at your compliment before leaning down to brush his lips against yours once again, “you’re cute. we can eat out and go to parties without worrying about our children or hiring a babysitter.”                “much,” you pressed yourself up against his bare chest, running your fingers up the taught skin until they met behind his head.                it wasn’t that you didn’t want them…they just weren’t currently on the top of your priority list. you’re giving him what he’s needed all this time. harry thinks this is the universe’s way of punishing him for.”you gathered a blanket and a few pillows and dumped them on the couch before heading to the bedroom again and locking the door. her up, his free hand at the small of her back to steady her. you knew this was officially the end of an era. you had thought about children plenty of times during your relationship, but it was all before you got married. pulling away and taking her face in his hands, firmly pressing his lips.                the brit awards went by in a flash, and by the end, you were definitely star struck. meaning, he wants to stop thinking and start making you his. you knew he would make someone feel so happy one day. harry smiled and looked down before he looked into his mother’s eyes.                while he was gone, you waited for him in the corner of the room, not feeling too comfortable in a house full of celebrities. you take off your cover up and jump into the pool. he wants to get off of it as fast as possible. you guys are the best thing that could have ever happened to me.” both kids shouted when they opened the door to see you and your husband.                “liam, please…”                you were getting closer to your climax, and honestly, you wanted him to bring you over it quicker than this. guilt consumed your body as you thought about the lie you told harry. rolls her eyes, huffing jokingly and holding the phone up.”thank you for reading xmasterlist harry styles imagineharry styles imaginesharry styles one shotharry styles blurbsharry styles conceptsone direction imaginesharry styles writingsfirst time writing plz don't judge me hard lolharry stylesharry styles angstharry styles fanfictionharry styles promptsharry styles preferencesharry styles fluffharry styles drabbleone direction fanfictionmy writingharry styles seriesharry styles masterlistone direction blurbsone direction196 notesloading.

5SOS Preference #2 Off limits

                “good,” he pressed butterfly kisses down your chest, his hands crossing the planes of your back to unclasp your bra.                i hope this made you see the song through a different lens, and i want to emphasize that this is my own opinion. harry’s eyes were a little bit off that day. “after you,” meaning after your relationship, there’s no way he can chase after another girl. based off of the song start over by imagine dragonspairing: reader (y/n) x harryword count: 1632“clenched teeth, no wordsall this distance taking its toll”you were sure harry had texted you that he would be home tonight. when grimmy tries to hand y/n another drink, only for harry to take it.”“uh yeah but if you want to come in later to sign on your house, that would be great because then you can get in and start demolition by next week,” you told him.” he took a step closer to you to give you the papers. you can find the rest of my writing hereyou can find part 7 herefun fact: for my mom’s wedding two years ago, she walked down to a thousand years lol  harry stylesharry styles one shotharry styles imagineharry styles fanfictionharry styles fanficharry styles preferencesharry styles promptsharry styles blurbharry styles smutone directionone direction one shotone direction imagineone direction fanfictionone direction fanficone direction preferencesone direction promptsone direction blurbsone direction smutniall horanniall horan imagineniall horan preferencesmarried series757 notesloading. there was a mug of coffee to his right, which he grabbed and took a sip out of. text was right in front of you and it made you upset.”                you heard his loud footsteps cross the living room and enter the kitchen from behind you.”                his mouth was now against your neck, beginning to leave love bites, and with each mark he made, you let out a low moan, pressing yourself up against his body. she thought everything was okay, for she hadn’t had a reality check on how everything was falling apart and how urgent it was that they had to do something about it. he took the pen and signed the form and dated it. harry was calling, but you didn’t want to answer it. this is my first time writing/posting and i’m really nervous about it. but…because it’s you…“my heart is untamed, still. been waitin’ all year t'see yeh body again in the pool. it catches him completely off guard, his body stiffening at the. they hadn’t hugged each other in so long, yet the thought didn’t even cross her mind. if harry could make you feel guilty over the phone, imagine what he does when he’s right in front of you. he was feeling insecure still but she had never been this certain in her life. she said she knew that i didn’t really have feelings for her, she was just mad because she thought i had been cheating with you the whole time. he always brought up the “i haven’t seen them for a while” card. the boys get to their room, they can tell something is bothering harry. by bree xx  1d preferencesone direction preferencesone direction wedding preferencesone direction preffsharry styles preferencesharry styles fanfictionharry styles ficharry styles fluffharry styles imagineharry edward stylesharry styles x readerx readerreader insert(y/n)one direction fanfictionone direction ficone direction fluffone direction imaginesone direction prefwedding serieswedding preferencesbetweenuspreferences118 notesloading.”                a slow song started to play, and you were about to go sit down when niall grabbed your hand. tomlinson,” he murmured against your lips before thrusting his hips forward and silencing your sounds with a kiss.                niall helped b/n out, and you stayed with g/n during her bath.” you angled your head up to look at him, your eyes leaving the enticing words on the pages in your hands.“harry, my love,”, she began, pulling him in for a hug. come on,” he grinned against your temple before pressing a kiss there. passed, sat alone on his couch, all she could think about was that there. his little creation with the love of his life, moving, alive. after that, grimmy didn’t bother him any, only playfully.                as he felt you nearing the edge, he crushed his lips to yours, making sure to keep you quiet as he brought on your orgasm.”                you stood up next to zayn, knowing it was rude to sit when being greeted, and watched the exchange. he weaved himself around people and across the dance floor until he was sliding into the seat next to liam, giving each of his friends a beaming smile. see “story of my life” as a multiple breakups song, but i also see it as finding new love and new hope:“written in these walls are the stories that i can’t explain. he had bought her a house near the beach as she had always wanted. we can make love without having to worry if a child is going to walk in and be scarred for life.”*****                when dinner was made, your friend and her husband bid you, niall, and the kids goodbye, promising to be home tomorrow at about eighteen o'clock. you haven’t seen your friends in a while and i should’ve understood that,” you admitted before wrapping an arm around his waist and pulling him closer.                he had knocked on your door, giving you a weird smile, “hey. ***today is nothing short of a fairy tale for y/n.                somehow, through the pleasure, you brought your hand down to the bulge in his taut, black briefs.” you lunged for the phone, but zayn managed to get away, walking around the couch as he read the message. they stay like that for a while until he pats the.’ve kept to their daily routine; breakfast, work, the occasional surprise.” ann replied, taking the towel gratefully and dabbing the sweat off her forehead. proceeds to dig his thumbs into the dip of her foot, alternating between.“seems to me that when i die these words will be written on my stone. walked into the kitchen slowly, seeing harry at the stove, attempting to flip a pancake. she hesitantly walked over to him, sitting beside him, yet keeping a good amount of space in between their bodies.                for most of the night, harry was by your side, introducing you to people and dancing with you. weren’t her cup of tea when she wouldn’t come out of their suite.:you gasped the minute you felt his cool hand against the skin of your bare stomach, but liam quickly swallowed it up, pressing his lips to yours. if she couldn’t, which she thinks they both know he’ll probably end up the. off on the dance floor, y/n has him spinning her around gracefully.                you were planning to finish your snack before starting your homework, but your elder brother had other plans.” a roll of your eyes was our response as you let harry ease his shirt over your head, dropping it to the floor and leaning to press a sweet kiss to the corner of your mouth. you’ve got enough food to feed a country here. “i’ve been a little irrational in my days, but maybe we should look around a bit more before we make this purchase,” you reminded him.” you shook your head as you inched closer to him.“i get that you’re concerned, but i hardly ever see my friends. harry didn’t want to deal with the whiplash of hate that was sure to find the both of you as soon as it was announced and he didn’t want you to deal with it either.” you say and get some and hold it on his cheek. the mirror was not polite about reminding you about it.”you were flattered, but you did not have any experience with designing a home.” a sweet giggle left your little girl’s throat as harry scooped her up, throwing her over his shoulder and out the door with a “c'mon love!”                louis’ whole face lit up at your compliment, “i’m glad you think so. we can sleep in and not have to worry about a baby crying or being hungry.                lips were at your collar, sucking the wet skin there. a box of condoms was at eye level, and you wondered if you really were ready to be a mom. he was their favorite, fun uncle, and whenever your friend needed a weekend away with her husband, she’d ask you to come over and watch them. you were silent for a moment before you looked over at niall and smiled. he’d even mentioned once that a life without her would be a wasted life not worth living.”                you nodded, letting him lead you to the dance floor. any water damage seemed like an opportunity to get the price down.’s been having an inner battle with herself that hasn’t let her sleep at. they’ve had had so many conversations in which the two of them opened up and shared their biggest insecurities and fears; shared the little bits of each other no one has ever seen before.                you smiled at his enthusiastic greeting before returning it, “evening, love.”                your husband’s green eyes widened at your question, and he leaned back from the camera a little bit, “why? we used to date a few years ago, so i guess you could say he’s my ex.”                “but i read it on some parenting website…” your husband argued, still keeping his hands firmly on your sides. family and friends were packed in like sardines to welcome harry home after five years of hard work on tours and press trips.” he asked, strolling over to your side of the queen bed.”                you got on top of the bed, crawling over to him and straddling him. the rest of your day consisted of showing houses to other clients. one of harry’s was losing y/n; having her fall out of love with him. you shuffled to the bed and harshly pulled the covers back over your body. when you get the hotel room, you sniffle and lay on the bed. he had been emotionally exhausted for so long and now that he was finally confronting the situation, he felt like he needed to sleep for a whole week straight. the good news is that it is everything you’re looking for size wise. walked over to the cupboard and grabbed a mug before harry lightly grabbed your wrist.                for a moment, you just lay there, his chin resting between your breasts with his eyes on yours.                they both ran into his chest, wrapping their tiny arms around his shoulders. you never believed that someone’s lips would be able to give you that much reassurance. and she’s sure it would’ve if she hadn’t failed to realize what harry had now full acknowledge of.”harry let out a breath, staring adoringly down at his girlfriend.”some of the walls were busted into and the floor was covered in debris. you thought lucas was your chance of finally being happy. “the way that i’ve been holdin’ on too tight with nothin’ in between.                “her"  is always used in the chorus because he is never talking about you in the chorus.”                zayn chuckled, sitting next to you and taking your hand in his again, “they’re going to love you.”                i’ll get to what “the story of my life” means later.“i spend her love…”                he wastes her time and love because their relationship isn’t serious. dinner was served as well, coming out in three courses, and the cake was heavenly. he turned around to catch your stare, and a cheeky grin lit up his face.                you turned to find yourself face to face with a boy about your age. both of them just got so lost in their own little worlds they forgot about each other. crawled into bed and put your phone on silent, hoping you wouldn’t hear harry call if he tried again.

One Direction Preferences — You see each other after the break-up

after a while, you all decided to go play laser tag.”                you sighed in exasperation, “if i tell you, will you be quiet? “all i have to do is look in a magazine or search your name online.                “no reason…” you left your messages, returning to the home screen. and i am taking requests, so please ask away, lovelies! was eating him alive, only she could bring happiness to his life. wasn’t the first time tonite that he’d made the remark either. tried to call her again with trembling hands and blurry vision hopping that it was just a bad dreams but there was still no answer. you sat at your desk as everyone in your office began to leave for the day./n, on the other hand, failed to see the signs. he wanted you to know just how aroused he was.”                you pecked his lips, too enthralled in the feelings he was stirring up inside you to do much else, “i love you, too, liam. you missed him, but this was his way of relaxing.”                niall shook his head, messing up b/n’s brown hair, “because i love her, and she’s my wife.. or what if this woman has the audacity to bring it up. about an hour after you got there, you got a text from tyler saying he was on his way to the hotel. emma’s eyes lit up as soon as she saw you.”                he’s letting go of her, starting the long process of getting over her.” he questioned, resting his chin back down on your chest. and y/n can’t help but look at how her boyfriend’s brows furrow in. harry likes to think he’s a good dancer, even though he tries to.”                “thank you,” you both said, waiting a bit before sitting down. “tonight…it’s all about you and creating a new life.”                “louis…” you warned, “don’t you dare put on your shoes…”                he smirked and slipped on each tom, spinning his foot around for you to see. when you saw the toilet in the hallway, niall just saw it closer to the stairs to be thrown away.                how could you tell liam that you weren’t ready when you hadn’t considered the prospect of having a baby?” he replied, his dimple becoming visible as his lips widened. however, no matter how hard he tried to find other solutions for the problem, he didn’t.                you were sitting on the couch, enjoying a bowl of popcorn and an episode of the simpsons, when your brother came into the house. “but i’ll also be around during construction to help, so i also see you when you need my help. they had been chatting to an elderly couple, the husband.”                well, he wasn’t necessarily wrong, but you weren’t going to tell him that.                he was great with them, and you knew he would make a great father someday…whenever that day came. he also knew that he was the reason why you had tear stained cheeks. week’s selection here is yet another selection of preferences from the blog that you may or may not have known about…find something you love:soundtrack seriesfoursteal my girlready to runwhere do broken hearts go18girl almightyfool’s goldnight changesno controlfireproofspacesstockholm syndromecloudschange your ticketillusiononce in a lifetimeact my agemidnight memoriesbest song everstory of my lifedianamidnight memoriesyou & idon’t forget where you belongstronghappilyright nowlittle black dressthrough the darksomething greatlittle white liesbetter than wordswhy don’t we go theredoes he knowalivehalf a heartone way or another (teenage kicks) - the interludetake me homelive while we’re youngkiss youlittle thingsc'mon c'monlast first kissheart attackrock mechange my mindi wouldover againthey don’t know about ussummer loveshe’s not afraidloved you firstnobody comparesstill the onetruly, madly, deeplyirresistible up all nightwhat makes you beautifulpreferencestrust issuesthey compliment your relationshipactually, tell everyonesomeone tries to break you upthe other side of famefaking itmore than a girlfriendgoing out of his waysneaking aroundthe boyfriend challenge - halloween editionkeeping busy while he’s awayyou don’t react the way they think you shouldyou’re too much alikeout with one of the other boyssupporting him while he’s awayhe isn’t where he’s supposed to behe stays with youmanagement asks a favorcan’t stay awayhe surprises the fans with how he treats youyou bring him back to realityhe ignores youyou’re asked to leaveit isn’t what it looks likedestructive relationshipstory of your lifemaintaining your independencespending time with his familyyou meet him on tourlong distancea fan throws herself at himyou call him cryinghe calls you fat - part 2he calls you fatthe media gets it wrongexam weekweedgate - a private video gets leakedearly morning wakeupgraduationflight delayyou elopeyou cheat after a fight he catches you cheating drunk marriage in vegas he mentions you in an interviewyou marry someone else he sees you at your worsthe cheats with youyou’re the reason they break upyou see him with his new girl once upon a timehe confronts you about the cheating allegationshe realizes he’s in love with youfans see you with luxyou’re only together for the summer mile high club he catches you doing something childish he gets you upset when your famous ex mentions you in an interview he sees you with your new manhe flies out to see youhe embarrasses youhe breaks up a fight you are inyou comfort himhe supports youpunk seriesyou meet for the first timehe tries to get you to go out with himhe’s persistent you agree to go out with himfirst datefirst kissyou see him get upsetyou go with him as he gets another tattoothe first “i love you”he’s with you for your first tattooout of his elementyou’re out of your elementfirst fightyou make upyour family doesn’t approveyou break upyou sleep with someone elseyou see one another after the break upyou get back together you meet his familyhe takes care of you while you’re drunka major commitmentxx one direction1dprefspreferencesimaginesfanficfan fictionone shotsscenariosauharry stylesliam payneniall horanlouis tomlinsonsmutmasterlistsoundtrack seriespunkseries301 notesloading. music was loud and the girl next to him was trying to make him dance, but he just wanted her to leave, it was other girl the one he wanted next to him. reached for his arm but he took a step back, and another and another one until he was sliding down the wall behind him. loves music, hair, one direction, makeup, outfits, nails, drawing, etc.”                “no…i don’t think so,” you replied, looking down at the surface of the wooden table. bar helping herself to a plate, and harry kept feeding bits into her mouth.”                he wants to love again, even though it’s risky, but he can’t bring himself to.                you were worried, though, because you had thought that harry would be the one to bring it up, and you had predicted he would do it before your one year anniversary. you didn’t even feel the need to text me your whereabouts? i would love to help, but i think you should hire a professional to help you. you filled your mug full of coffee and took a sip. nothing good ever came from those 4 words being said with a tone like the one he used.”                “to sit…”                “oh…well…uh,” he rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand.                “hey, antonio,” zayn grinned, shaking the man’s hand as he got up from his chair.                he pressed another kiss to your shoulder while his hands trailed up your stomach to your chest, and you placed a hand on his cheek, guiding him to your lips. his hands ran down your arms as the water beat down on your heated skin.“even prettier than daddy when he lets me paint his fingers! recentmost popularmost recentfilter by post typeall poststextphotoquotelinkchataudiovideoaskhiding adult-oriented contentshowing adult-oriented contentgrid viewlist viewwhipped…boyfriend! ***harry and y/n are sat back at their table now.”                but as soon as he sees you, he’s willing to try again. wide smile on his face, happy to recount and retell moments on set. was about to shout it all out when a tweet caught his attention.                but he hadn’t, and you felt like it was time; you were ready to become a mother. why did she feel the need to keep her distance even in a situation like this? that night you acted like you really liked me, and then everything changed. when you knew he had entered the room, you twisted around in your chair, resting your manicured hand on the back of it.” growing up, you always thought having the “perfect ending” and “finding the one” was a total cliche.                you knew you would lose your nerve several times before you could even utter the words, “i want a baby,” and right now, at this moment, you were feeling very confident. hand back from hers when she’d tried to pull him up and off his seat, smile., you started to feel like you weren’t a priority like you once were.” 1d1d blurbs1d children1d family1dheadcanonslovely1dheadcanonsone directionone direction blurbsone direction childrenone direction familyone direction headcanonsone direction preference seriesone direction preferencesone direction imaginesone direction ships1d shipsniall horanniall horan imaginelouis tomlinsonlouis tomlinson imagineharry stylesharry styles imagineliam payneliam payne imagineszayn malikzayn malik imaginesrequestrequestspregnancypart 1160 notesloading. honestly, it was no trouble at all, if the two of you weren’t busy, and niall loved seeing the kids. he leaned down over you, straddling you, before bringing his lips to your neck, “so damn happy. meant for her to hear it, she still caught the faint ‘whipped’ directed at harry. that’s why, as your best friend, i want nothing but you to be happy. “harry’s been pining on you since he first met you. you were a little concerned with the creakiness of the floor and the state of some of the walls. it was sill sightly upsetting, but the sleep made you less distressed.”, once she heard him, her whole world came crashing right to the ground.“739 is my client’s last offer before he walks to look at the different property,” you finally said. me home - kenny logginsmy masterlist“it’s good to have you back, h,” gemma, harry’s sister, smiled warmly and placed a hand on his shoulder.”                immediately, you were both in a bear hug, being squeezed to death.”                so you called him on skype, sitting in the middle of your king size bed in your pajamas. yeh beat me at looks any day, a little softness never hurt anything, especially not how beautiful yeh are.                his other hand continued to massage your breast, occasionally playing with your tip. the way she always seemed to have a frown upon her features. i’m the one who’s there for you when you aren’t feeling good. you need to wear a hat to keep those ears warm. this could also be a reference to hallucinations caused by drug use or being drunk.” he pretended to sound hurt while the bed collapsed under his weight.                sandwiched between the two boys, you continued to watch your show…or at least, you tried to.                you smiled at him, running your fingers through his sweaty hair, “why don’t we ditch the condom next time? hearing those reassuring words of hers, feeling her touch, her kiss, her breathing near his neck after she pulls away; feeling her love again was enough to heal him from every pain, every harm he’s ever been put through.”                “i know, but they’re only so effective…” he pointed out with a sigh.”you sighed and ran your hands through your hair, “if we would have met before i met paul or even before i got pregnant, i could consider taking this step with you, but–”“no, i get it,” niall quickly said. past tables of guests, a breath of relief to see she’s good on her feet. you wished he wouldn’t do this to you…you just wanted him in you right now–nowhere else. “of course, i mean as long as harry doesn’t try to kill me or anything. i had and raised four, and i can’t imagine life without them,” she had said with a genuine smile. the way y/n’s eyes hanged tiredly from her face.                now, he was moaning your name, but that didn’t stop him from increasing your pleasure.”                he brought both your hands to his lips, pressing a kiss to each of them before letting go, “i’ll be in the bedroom, waiting for your answer, love. what, now i can’t see my friends anymore because my girlfriend is too clingy and won’t let me go out?                you leaned forward and pressed your bruised lips to his, “i’m ready.”you woke up peacefully, nearly forgetting the incident that took place last night.” his voice fades, signifying the end of the song, and the end of that chapter of his life because now he has you, and he knows you aren’t leaving him. don’t want anyone hearing us…” he whispered against your lips before claiming them again. that’s why his heart is just…sitting there, like a bird hesitating to fly its first trip.                before you could turn around and confirm your suspicions, you felt two arms wrap around your midsection, leaning you back into a washboard..and though he’s not exactly smiling, y/n can’t think of a better.                you had been preparing for this day for weeks now, since he had asked you to be his date to the brit awards.                “be good, now,” she told him with a stern finger. she was always up at seven, no matter what, always a morning person. she acted like nothing had changed and as if nothing had happened and it bothered him. day and there’s no point at even asking about it and upsetting him.                “i don’t know,” you answered honestly, crossing your legs under the table. the minute his words reached y/n’s ears she knew something was up.                after a few minutes of consideration, you had your answer.                he came over to you, using another towel to dry his hair, “learn anything?

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