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even though that at first you might have thought this to be a hotspot for the typical lazy stoner that is looking for an equally clouded partner it is actually for both the recreational users of marijuana and the medical users as well. "as a person who uses the benefits of cannabis, i thought it would be nice to have a way to meet potential dates and friends, alike, who supported cannabis use. of all the cannabis related dating apps out there highthere might be the one with the catchiest name and the prettiest face.

Online dating for pot smokers

., use of the drug has become a bigger topic on online dating sites. there works just the same as most mobile dating apps, allowing you the functionality of browsing through profiles, chatting and emailing. call themselves the cupids of cannabis, which might be right seeing that they are currently number one dating site for cannabis users.

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Online dating for marijuana smokers

guys call themselves the cupids of cannabis and are currently the number 1 cannabis dating website. 420 singles is literally run by a single person, ryan, who started the 420 dating website after feeling that it was lacking from both the cannabis industry and the dating industry. high there describes its target audience as “medirecreational” users of marijuana who do not want to be judged in the dating community any longer for the cannabis use.

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'"for a more personal touch, there's molly peckler, a 32-year-old california-based former matchmaker who launched highly devoted in june 2015, a service offering cannabis-friendly life coaching and dating coaching services ranging in cost from ,000 to ,000. are now marijuana dating apps and websites for those who appreciate having the presence of a third, Mary Jane, in their relationship. whether you consider yourself a “stoner”, “midnight toker”, or a ‘light consumer of cannabis’; “420 singles” is here to fill the gap – by offering a niche dating experience.

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"as a daily smoker of cannabis myself, i came up with the idea about five years ago when dating sites were becoming more and more popular," lozano says."a number of cannabis-friendly dating sites and apps have gone online in recent years, including my420mate and high there! marijuana and dating go hand in hand, so it was only a matter of time before this happened.

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., use of the drug has become a bigger topic on online dating sites. works like almost any other dating website, except that its target audience is cannabis lovers. the latest version of this application even allows you to make a video statement as a part of your dating profile.

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says career often influences if someone tolerates a potential mate's marijuana use. you also have the functionality of making your own dating profile. while most dating sites offer the possibility to connect with people with the same interests through messaging and online chatting, the step towards meeting each other in real life or offline is rarely made.

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it is very understandable to have some reservations about discussing your cannabis use or being afraid of rejection because the other person you are trying to date clearly has an issue with weed we have compiled a short list of dating apps that aim to bring you into contact with other like-minded and cannabis friendly people. it has an app that is tied to the online platform and their aim is to ‘reach the dating community of anyone that accepts the use of cannabis and supports its legalisation, not just the hippies and stoners’. it is designed for tech-savvy people, giving people the functionality of browsing through dating profiles from their iphones.

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the “420 singles” website was launched in 2011; our dating app was released in 2016."so how does one become a cannabis-friendly life and dating coach, exactly? so why is it still in issue in our dating game?

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can fill out your own dating profile which allows you to be matched up with other cannabis lovers. filters are a matter of preference for smokers, but there are benefits to using joint tips. they see this as an additional way of connecting with your potential partner.

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much like tinder and other dating apps, users see photos of other users, along with information about how far away they are. "in terms of the dating, what i'll do is i'll help people to figure out what they need in a compatible partner, and then i will help develop and implement online and offline dating strategies, so they can meet someone locally and bond over cannabis."peckler says that, regardless of how you go about meeting the love of your life, if cannabis consumption is an important part of your life, it's best to be upfront about it with any potential mate.

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