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but what if the moment when they so actually start dating never happened?

Just Dating Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic

 her weird roommate - shannon was folding her laundry when he fell through the window and started asking questions.

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humorously, percy mentions a down-side to dating the smartest girl at camp half-blood: he actually learns things.

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so this is basically during the mark of athena, and the house of hades, percy and annabeth are starting school and leaving the safety of camp half-blood.

The Other Half (Percabeth Fanfiction) - Kendall - Wattpad

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start out as best friends, eventually fall in love, and start dating.

Just Dating Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic

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he also mentions many instances of past kissing, as well as stating that the two months he'd been dating annabeth had been fantastic.

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" they officially start their relationship, and when annabeth says she wants to be an architect to make something permanent, percy says that they were "off to a great start.

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i highly suggest you read pjo and hoo before you start this.

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begins to show slight feelings for percy, and percy also starts to have feelings for annabeth, but percy's were not quite as strong.

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