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When do spencer and toby start dating again

wren moves in with melissa to the hastings' barn, and he and spencer connect shortly after, culminating in them kissing and having sex — and being caught by melissa, who ends her relationship with wren and kicks him away., spencer moves to georgetown in order to get involved with a future political career in washington, d. benson: that scene was super emotional, because we were saying goodbye to each other, and tyler and i have such a strong love. but alex never saw charlotte again, and she reveals that she is going to kill ezra. alex eventually corners the two, and spencer jumps on her before she can kill ezra. ailes and bill o’reilly’s accusers on harvey weinstein: ‘society is finally paying attention’. the real spencer responds with the correct response and alex is arrested along with mary drake.[12] alex confided the secret that he was accepted into a tennis clinic to spencer. mona, dressed in a black hoodie, steps out from behind her and knocks her out. when the game was over, alex returned to london but she couldn't stop thinking about the liars, even though wren tried to dissuade her. hastings is a fictional character, one of the five main characters who appeared in the pretty little liars novels and its television adaptation. while i'm all for a great flash forward, especially since one tree hill and dawson's creek did it so well, not everything is a-ok in future pretty little liars land. she implies to spencer that wren is dead and that she had his ashes made into the eternity stone she wears on her necklace. marlene king, and appeared in each of the show’s 160 episodes during its seven-years-long run, from its premiere on june 8, 2010 to its finale on june 27, 2017. that we know that mary drake is spencer’s mother, will we find out perhaps a different truth about her father? spencer struggles with the idea of her father being the killer of jessica dilaurentis. alex was the one who asked toby for "one last kiss, just to say goodbye" in "the darkest knight". and through the flashbacks, we are shown when alex drake impersonates her sister. the girls discover what 'a' costume is and decide to also go to the graveyard party and try to find alison before 'a' does. at the end of the day, he wants what’s best for her and she wants what’s best for him. spencer's father sees this and suspiciously takes the stick, and later burns it. spencer also suffers from drug addiction, which she began taking to help her improve her grades at a university of pennsylvania summer school. her role as spencer, bellisario was nominated thrice for choice summer tv star: female in the teen choice awards, in which she won one. toby leads spencer in the woods to see who "red coat" is. ian and spencer kissed and alison saw them together, and later she threatened to tell melissa. consensus is that spencer broke the, like, rules of feminism when she hooked up with caleb.. spencer and caleb are co-dependent before they're even a couple. and ezra leaves aria, upset because aria admits she knew for a while she couldn't have children. the first half of the season focuses on spencer finding out who the black swan was: her sister. don't read any further if you haven't watched the series finale of "pretty little liars. did not cast andrea with that in mind, but once andrea knew that she was going to play mary drake, she really did a lot of homework and started studying spencer. spencer starts to investigate who's behind the carissimi group and who charles is. is basically evil for making toby look as sad as he did in season 6 episode 14. having to stay in rosewood after charlotte was murdered, she starts working on her mother's election campaign for senate, while the daughter of the other candidate is yvonne phillips, toby's current girlfriend. she is part of the extremely rich, powerful, old family hastings; spencer's parents, veronica and peter, are both linked to politics and her sister, melissa, is likewise intelligent and uses her sarcasm and success to affect spencer psychologically whenever possible. aria receives a phone call and cries to her friends that she can't have children. and the same thing when we came back from the dollhouse and hanna started pushing him away — she went to hanna and told her that she had to be better. toby sneaks into her house to retrieve it, not realizing spencer set it as a trap to confirm her suspicions. she doesn't tell her friends, rather keeping it to herself., the liars reveal what to expect in break-up flashbacks, how the new love interests differ from the old, and how one couple has the healthiest relationship this time around.

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“pretty little liars” is known for its crazy cliffhangers, and the season 7 summer finale was no exception, going out with a bang — literally.[6] it was later revealed that alison asked ian to kiss spencer. it was romantic and sad and you’ll feel everything for them. both pleading to be the "real" spencer, toby figures out who the real spencer is by asking what is her favorite poem in the book she gave him in "the darkest knight". alert: do not read ahead, if you have not watched the “pretty little liars” season 7 summer finale, which aired on august 30. but i hope she reads this and talks to her producers and helps me! spencer decides to believe her, but is still a little suspicious. i don't care what went down between the two; they always get back together. real spencer responds with a line from the poem in french. red coat lands in a helicopter, and spencer catches a glimpse of her face and says "ali? alert: do not read ahead, if you have not watched the “pretty little liars” season 7 summer finale, which aired on august 30. spencer has a permanent rivalry with her older sister, melissa, who is also competitive. they drive and see wilden's car dug up from the lake. “pretty little liars” is known for its crazy cliffhangers, and the season 7 summer finale was no exception, going out with a bang — literally. final scene is of alison and emily's students who find themselves in a very similar scenario to the first episode of "pretty little liars.[20] when spencer returned to rosewood, she and toby resumed their relationship. later, they broke up when "a" sent fake messages to alex, making him believe that spencer told his secret. in the mid-season finale, spencer moved to georgetown to study and she had a pregnancy scare and she and toby realized they wanted different things in their lives, leading to a break up. the #squad is at stake, and, even though hanna said it was ok for the two to start dating, deep down she must be a little upset about the development.., and they realize that spencer's twin must have bought the house that toby built. they have happy days together, until spencer had to leave london, and they kissed.." down, but everything goes down when the stalker kidnaps hanna. caleb doesn't trust mona and believes hanna is making decisions without thinking about how they affect their relationship. spencer, along with the other liars, caleb, mona and toby, elaborate a plan to take "a. when joey and rachel liked each other in friends, and it seemed cute until they actually hooked up? elliot rollins, on a flight to paris, and the two fell in love. during the final book, spencer meet with wren again after months and they restart their relationship, with melissa's blessing. as jenna is preparing to shoot her again, out of revenge for her and charlotte, mary drake comes in and knocks jenna out. hanna finds the key to a's new lair and gives it to spencer.: it’s almost like spencer can indulge in flirtation and fantasies without having to act on them because he’s taken! spencer's field hockey coach is her sister's ex-boyfriend, ian, whom both ali and spencer had a crush on. the series' chronology, spencer had a brief affair with ian thomas, her sister's groom at the time. in last night’s episode, ali (sasha pieterse) revealed that she’s pregnant and then she made out with emily (shay mitchell), bringing hope to all #emison fans. seeing toby again tempt her at all to go back to the familiarity?: he actually reminds me a lot of ezra, so clearly aria has a type — physically and mentally. did brant daugherty react when you told him he was being killed off — and getting his head chopped off? kim: just like with ian, spencer kissed a boyfriend of melissa. throughout the story, the sisters make up, and in the later books they share a strong bond. “pretty little liars” is known for its crazy cliffhangers, and the season 7 summer finale was no exception, going out with a bang — literally. this, spencer begins to try even harder to work out who a is, in order to make it safe for alison to come home.

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these last 10 episodes really reflect the full-circle-ness of the show and where we hope to go in these final 10 and having that triangle play out felt very appropriate for us as storytellers., marlene king breaks down the summer finale’s biggest burning questions. when i first sat down to talk to julian, he had never had a scene with ezra… so that was really the originator of the first scene we’ll see him in. alert: do not read ahead, if you have not watched the “pretty little liars” season 7 summer finale, which aired on august 30. spencer and toby begin dating again in the series finale. in order to keep aria away from jason, spencer informed ezra that they found pictures of his girlfriend aria in jason's shed. while the "spencer", who we saw kissing toby and then having sex with, was actually alex drake, her twin sister, also known as a.[19] spencer goes to london with melissa and she meets colin there. she is portrayed as a competitive girl who strives for perfection in everything she does. leaving, she sees toby and almost leaves without speaking to him, but then rushes to him, hugs him and kisses him in front of her shocked family. wren and alex quickly began a relationship, and alex reveals that she took over the game as uber a when charlotte, spencer's half-sister, died. they get back together and have sex for the second time in a motel. she does find him attractive and it ends up being something forbidden that blossoms into something more.: it’s always fun and flirtatious to see someone that you were in love with. “it’s a driving engine of spencer’s emotional story as we come back in april. in the season finale, spencer and the others are arrested as accomplices to mona's murder; however, on the way to prison, their van is hijacked by "a. the person you’re in love with isn't always the right person for you and that’s a hard thing to accept. spencer's rivalry with her sister melissa is put to and end when melissa reveals that she's the one who buried bethany young, in order to protect spencer. hanna's fashion designs are taking off and her husband caleb rivers sold software to their friend lucas gottesman, the couple are in a fight about mona vanderwaal, who has completed her treatment and come to live with hanna and caleb in the loft they bought from lucas. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.[7] their relationship continued till spencer said goodbye to wren and told him that she couldn't stay with him anymore. it is revealed that during the five last years she and toby broke up because of the distance and the different future plans, and, following, she started a thrilling flirt with caleb rivers. she grows closer to toby, even having sex for the first time in the episode "the lady killer". she's the most academically gifted of her friends, and in the running for valedictorian. the two then make up passionately kissing as spencer smiles happily while kissing him. she was the only one who could ever stand up to alison, although they always made up.[14] their relationship remained stable, until "a" threatened toby's life to spencer and she decided to end up things. she meets him at a diner, and he reveals he only joined the 'a' team in order to protect her.[15] they hook up again when spencer discovers he was working to take "a" down and they reunite at the town's square. it is spencer that keeps digging into the "a" information, and is the one who eventually finds "a's" lair in the season 2 finale along with discovering a's identity. trust emily's opinion on important issues such as this, and she thinks caleb and spencer hooking up is a terrible idea. and yvonne were in a car crash, so they could also be dead. i say spencer’s single, but you don’t know if toby’s single or not. she meets the real chase at the end of the novel; though they do not begin an official relationship, it is implied that they will stay in touch. two might have made the decision to move on, but there are still residual feelings between hanna and caleb. bellisario: spencer and caleb were always incredibly close because they think alike and have a huge love for hanna banana. spencer and jonny were friends while jonny was living in the renovated barn of spencer's family. they open the trunk, gasping and horrified at what they see. is subject to their demise… “a” is the equal opportunity killer so everybody is subject to their demise and it’s possible we’ll see her in flashbacks. pennythistle: zachary is veronica's boyfriend's son, and spencer kisses him even after she discovered he is gay.

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she is essentially kidnapped by "a," and during a scuffle accidentally pushes "a" off of a cliff, almost killing them.: the biggest trouble that spencer and toby have always had and the toughest thing, even when they were still in high school, was that they were growing into different people. throughout the final book, the two become closer during their mission to take down "a" and her accomplice. spencer has a huge fight with alison ending their friendship by telling alison "you are dead to me" the night she went missing. there’s a little bit of friction there, but liam is a very smart, put-together guy, and i want to believe aria is very in love with him. melissa tells her she received the dress at her door - with a note threatening her to wear it - and she assumed that it was mona. throughout the series of books, the two discuss the implications of their individual successes of life, such as becoming the valedictorian of their classes and having winning essays. wakes up locked in a room and encounters her identical twin, as emily and alison learn that mary drake escaped from prison. as soon as they arrive to the house, they find furniture identical to the tables and chairs in spencer's own home. is he using his influence as part of the hastings campaign to frame spencer and her friends for charlotte's murder? “pretty little liars” is known for its crazy cliffhangers, and the season 7 summer finale was no exception, going out with a bang — literally. the love drought leads spencer to other men — jonny and colin. afterwards, spencer hears a piano being played as she gets out of the shower.. alex, jealous of spencer, wanted to have everything she never had, a family, friends, and even toby, who she had "fallen in love with", so she kidnapped the real spencer, pretending to be her all the time. the season 3 finale "a dangerous game", it is revealed that toby is alive. her newly engaged and condescending sister, melissa, moves into the family barn which spencer had been turning into a loft for herself. spencer and melissa's relationship gets awkward again when melissa lies to spencer. while spencer and toby are making out in toby's truck toby believes he spots something in jason dilaurentis's upstairs window but tells spencer to ignore it. at aria and ezra's apartment, the girls are looking for any clue as to what happened to ezra. when caleb just got back from ravenswood and they both started drinking and not really making the healthiest decisions, she was the one who told caleb he had to be better for hanna. alert: do not read ahead, if you have not watched the “pretty little liars” season 7 summer finale, which aired on august 30. she begins to withdraw herself from her friends, and becomes emotionally unstable. she does seek toby's forgiveness on several occasions, but he seems to ignore her and stay brooding. they end up playing scrabble in toby's room, and after toby falls asleep, spencer finishes their game. know ali ends up engaged, so where does it leave emison? do you promise to do that every day for the rest of our lives? we will find out who charlotte’s father is, and we’ll find out how spencer came to be and her sort of entire family dynamic. it's too rushed, especially as toby's eyes light up whenever spencer is around."spencer has got everything and i got nothing," alex told wren in a flashback. the love drought leads spencer to other men — jonny raymond and colin. later, spencer is arrested for bethany's murder; however, she was released shortly after when the p. however, they discover that colin is actually a 33-years-old married man with a child, and team up to get back at him by spiking his soda water with viagra before a tennis match.) aria tells her friends that she and ezra plan to look into adoption after their honeymoon. in the episode "person of interest", they spend time together in a motel room, as spencer's parents have a hard time understanding her connection with ali's murder. toby does some yard work for the hastings and digs up spencer's old field hockey stick which she gave to ali before she died., toby catches spencer before she takes the drunk moms home. here are all the many reasons caleb and spencer shouldn't hook up ever again. later, toby is seen in the police station, professing his love to spencer, but she unwillingly ignores him. spencer weary, looks for herself and spots two figures in the window presumably spying on toby and her, spencer wants to "show these bitches she isn't scared of them" toby protests thinking that it won't end up going over well when spencer's father comes out of the house. the bar, aria's mom ella montgomery, hanna's mom ashley marin and spencer's mom veronica hastings share a bottle of wine at the party and reminisce about the time they were trapped in the basement.

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after failing to track mona down in the woods she is found by a hiker in the morning with small injuries to her face and arms and is admitted to the radley hospital in a catatonic state. alert: do not read ahead, if you have not watched the “pretty little liars” season 7 summer finale, which aired on august 30.[9][10][11] spencer and alex santiago were dating during early the first season. the following episodes, spencer is told to stay away from toby for her own good by her mother. hits mary with an axe, but before she could kill them, spencer and ezra break out of their cells. finds toby in his hotel room wearing nothing but a towel. … aria wanted to forget everything that happened in rosewood and look for something new, but she’ll always be in love with him. pilots 2017: the complete guide to what lives, dies and still has a pulse. spencer later discovers that wren came back to rosewood for her. after ashley marin is suspected to have killed wilden and is taken into custody, spencer supports hanna while her mom defends ashley's case. “pretty little liars” is known for its crazy cliffhangers, and the season 7 summer finale was no exception, going out with a bang — literally. she’s on “chicago med” and very unavailable to us. hanna, the kissing and fumbling always seemed so natural and cute. spencer and toby resume their relationship and start dating again at the end of the series. or at least, mary drake claims to be spencer’s mother. whatever the reason they broke up, #spoby are forever, and this whole sorry situation must be rectified. first off, caleb should know better than dating his former girlfriend's bff. it turns out that alex knocked ezra out when he asked her too many difficult questions and that he is being held in the same place as spencer. the series' five years jump on the mid-sixth season, spencer and caleb rivers discovered their feelings for each other; they had sex and started dating later. alison's return, spencer has a hard time getting used with her domination. thomas: spencer and ian kissed prior to the first chapter of the series, and their flirt was condemned by alison, who threatened to expose it to melissa, who was ian's then girlfriend. as the police arrive, spencer is reunited with toby, who says pretending not to love her back was the most difficult thing he's ever done. spencer hosts a fake party at a lodge where the girls are supposed to meet "red coat", when an unknown figure starts a fire, trapping aria, hanna, emily, and mona in the burning house. and toby cavanaugh had a friendly relationship in the second half of the first season, which was later evolved when they first kissed. spencer is on the rosewood day field hockey team, and plays tennis at her family's country club. aria and ezra's rehearsal dinner, hanna and caleb continue to fight because they brought mona to the party, and byron gives ezra his blessing for his marriage to aria. at this moment, caleb, hanna, emily, aria, alison and toby find them.“that was a huge revelation not just for spencer, but for the pretty little liars and the show and the storyline,” creator marlene king told variety and reporters on a conference call this morning, seemingly confirming that mary drake truly is spencer’s mother. it turns out emily's mom gave alison her grandmother's ring to propose to her with. spencer is willing to do whatever it takes to win, often to the detriment of herself and others.“pretty little liars” is known for its crazy cliffhangers, and the season 7 summer finale was no exception, going out with a bang — literally. he was discovered by the police and, before being arrested, kissed spencer. the girls see redcoat and follow her to spencer's garden and she turns around and we discover that it's alison and that she is not dead.. toby looked so sad when caleb told him about spencer.'s computer skills come in handy when the girls need something, but could he be responsible for any of the crazy blogging and hacking that's going on in rosewood of late? he’s more of a man than caleb was and she likes that. she calls toby and tells him, “i know this may sound weird, but i don’t think spencer’s spencer. spencer and caleb should never have hooked up, because clearly spencer should be with toby, and caleb should be with hanna. in the episode "hot water" she tells the girls the truth about toby. spencer’s fate remains to be seen, someone in rosewood is definitely dead.

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did you cast her knowing that she would always be spencer’s mother? alert: do not read ahead, if you have not watched the “pretty little liars” season 7 summer finale, which aired on august 30. spencer is the third known member of the a team. alert: do not read ahead, if you have not watched the “pretty little liars” season 7 summer finale, which aired on august 30. she is found by ian, her mother, and her sister. works in a toy store in france and has a handsome french boyfriend.[8] spencer and wren seek each other again in the second season. after doing some further investigating, she reads alison's autopsy results and finds that she was struck in the head with an object similar to a field hockey stick. spencer later arrives home she wants answers, and gets some, finding out that her father did something illegal for the dilaurentis's implying that they had something on spencer's family but not giving away that information. it was alex, not spencer, who was with hanna when hanna was kidnapped. as she promises to meet him later, she walks downstairs to find her dolls alex and mary drake, who she is keeping prisoner.: pretty little liars characterscharacters in american novels of the 21st centuryfictional characters introduced in 2006fictional double agentsfictional drug addictsfictional stalkersfictional stalking victimsfictional north american peoplefictional characters from pennsylvaniafictional femalesfictional twinsdrama television charactershidden categories: cs1 maint: unfit urlarticles using infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields. spencer goes to the church to get melissa's phone and ian is in the church waiting. the aftermath of the liars' abduction orchestrated by "a," spencer's old addiction surfaces again in order to relieve stress. the scene pans out and shows mona watching the events unfold at the brew cafe. the beginning of the series, spencer was against emily hanging out with toby but eventually grew to like him and has been spending more and more time with him.. -- the mysterious figure who has been torturing the liars alison, spencer hastings, hanna marin, aria montgomery and emily fields after charlotte drake died -- is none other than alex drake, spencer's twin sister. has passed since the unveiling of "a", and the girls think they are safe - little do they know they need each other more than ever. spencer finds out that charlotte was killed in a copycat manner off a murder she wrote an essay about in college, leading her to start thinking that the police could blame her for charlotte's death. cast tells thr about “fun and flirtation” with spencer and toby, potential for aria and ezra, a “super emotional” hanna and caleb flashback, and a “flame” in alison and emily’s future. pieterse: she’s trying to help her sister and so is he, and it [starts with] a conversation and having a few things in common. early in the series, spencer's sister melissa was dating wren kingston."oh my god, do you remember how we get out of there? secondly, spencer must realise she is still madly in love with toby. in season 5, toby becomes a cop, which makes his relationship with spencer tough, since spencer wants him to share all the information the police has, but toby starts to prefer his duty. she really likes the smart ones, and he’s really grounded..Wren met alex in london while she was working as a bartender and told her about spencer. and just before she left london, charlotte gifted alex with a record of patsy cline's greatest hits. assumes spencer's identity and meets the other girls at aria's wedding, where she reveals that the father of alison's daughters is wren. in the last half of the last episode, we find out that spencer was locked up inside a "cell". the girl in the red coat drags everyone out of the house, and hanna wakes up, face-to-face with alison. she then makes an arrangement to see him in private at the town's festival, only to be sent a fake text (presumably from "a") telling her to meet toby in the clown house. she is unknown by doctors at the time and is simply known as, 'jane doe'.[17] then, spencer started to believe that there were some reasons why toby joined the a-team, and she discovers that he's alive and joined the team in order to protect her and to act as a double-agent. starts dating a boy named alex who works at her country club. said that caleb and hanna’s breakup is one of the most heartbreaking scenes she’s ever written. the car crash is just saying nobody really does ever leave rosewood… it’s really more of a metaphor than anything else. the rest of the girl's arrive shaken by the ordeal and finding out their tormentor's real identity. it was one of my favorite scenes that i ever shot, and i can’t say what it is because that will ruin it, but it was super emotional and very real. and back in her prison, spencer talks to mary, who tells her that she sold alex, who ended up at an orphanage in england.

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cast tells THR about “fun and flirtation” with Spencer and Toby, potential for Aria and Ezra, a “super emotional” Hanna and Caleb flashback, and a “flame” in Alison and Emily’s future. he leaves and spencer disturbingly begins to rip her own half of the picture of herself. zachary's father caught them kissing and send zach to military academy. she is the half-sister of alison and courtney dilaurentis, as her father had an affair with jessica dilaurentis around the time of spencer's conception. a sleep disorder also recur due to the torture she had faced while being trapped in a's dollhouse, and it heavily intensifies the addiction, making spencer ask for help from dean, and old counselor, and sabrina, the new-in-charge at the brew who gives spencer brownies with marijuana. melissa now thinks that spencer has been texting her as ian after finding his cell phone in her purse which was planted there by "a. toby becomes a cop, which makes his relationship with spencer tough, since spencer wants him to share all the information the police has, but toby starts to prefers to keep quiet. although 3 of the girls (spencer, hannah, mona) claim to have seen ali, it is still not 100% sure that it was her, because it is possible it could have been a hallucination due to the effects of the fire. and curtis: after enlisting a blogger's help in finding "a", spencer meet with blogger chase and they share a mutual romantic attraction. it is later revealed that she had abused them before and was addicted to them the summer prior to ali's disappearance.: the way marlene has described it is that there will always be a very special relationship between ali and emily … they will always have some sort of flame there and some love for each other. spencer chase the other red coat who leads her to a's lair., at the lost woods resort, the gang comes together to surprise aria and ezra with a party before their wedding. while looking for alison, the girls find themselves separated in an old house, spencer comes across 'a' while looking for hanna and knocks 'a' out, however as she tries to unmask ezra, she herself gets knocks out by ezra.' there she and her friends discover that there are two red coats, one being cece drake. she eventually ends up being sent to rehab by her parents, and upon getting out, and meeting ali in new york, is reassured that although her and alison did fight whilst she was on the drugs, she did go back to sleep in the end. the towel comes off and they find themselves in bed. when a document about yvonne's mother leaks and caleb takes the blame, spencer goes crazy, and toby fights with him. however, melissa saw them together and banned wren of her home. moms don't reveal how they ever broke out of the basement they were locked in, but they do leave together, wasted. wren does kiss spencer and they are caught by melissa, who insists that wren move out. after fighting with both spencer and toby, spencer's father tells her to go home, spencer ignores his wishes and gets into toby truck and they drive away, while spencer's father yelling at her to get out of the car. emily and alison are happily raising their daughters grace and lilly together. overwhelmed by both her investigation and school work, she begins abusing amphetamines. spencer and toby play scrabble, sleep in the same bed, and eventually kiss near the end of the episode. as much as we talk about it, i’m still hoping to get her into the finale, but we haven’t figured out how to do it just yet. but there's clearly still a lot of love between them, and there always will be. gives the key to a private investigator and gives him a picture of toby and her, before ripping it in half. though the show’s main ‘ships are all broken up now — including spencer (troian bellisario) and toby (keegan allen), aria (lucy hale) and ezra (ian harding), hanna (ashley benson) and caleb (tyler blackburn), and emily (shay mitchell) and alison (sasha pieterse) — the cast tells the hollywood reporter that they will all undergo major changes in the back half of season six.“people know i love the character of toby so you can read into that what you want to read into that,” king teases about toby’s fate., who has been watching through the resort's windows this whole time, takes off her mask and reveals that she is actually mona. in the episode "out of sight, out of mind" she finds toby's dead body and tells him, "i love you". saw at the end of the episode that apparently jenna does not know who a. meanwhile, mona disappears from hanna and caleb's apartment, and melissa, wearing a black hoodie synonymous with the a-team, is watching spencer, toby, emily, alison, aria, ezra, hanna and caleb from afar. she also supports toby in finding out the truth about his mother even though she does not approve his trusting a for clues. spencer says that toby is staying in the area to help veterans, and hanna says she is pregnant. spencer finds herself attracted to her sister's fiancé, wren, whom "a" warns spencer not to kiss or "a" will tell. she is known to have a dark side; she appears to suffer from rage-induced black outs, which leads her to question whether she had anything to do with the death of her friend alison, and also shows signs of ocd.., and it’s clear mona has no idea who it is. mary then cradles spencer's body and reveals that she is indeed spencer's mother, making spencer the biological sister of cece drake.

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spencer and ezra, who had been kidnapped as well, escaped the cell, but soon were trapped with alex. she starts running upstairs and ian tries to attack her but a mysterious figure appears and pushes ian off the side and he dies. spencer is known in the fictional town of rosewood for her sophisticated charm and dedication to life goals. tv scorecard 2017: complete guide to what's new, renewed and canceled. some amazing gif reactions to footage of spencer and caleb getting together, keegan allen is clearly against the idea. in paris, wren helped charlotte and alex meet for the first time. they have a long discussion and it is revealed in "i'm your puppet" that mona somehow convinces her to join the a team. only is she too perfect, and in direct competition with spencer politically, but yvonne seems eager to lock toby down by getting him to put a ring on it. she is angry, and starts to unravel and do things she knows she shouldn't (attacking mona physically, and telling jason that alison was pregnant before she died with darren wilden, but had no physical proof). “pretty little liars” is known for its crazy cliffhangers, and the season 7 summer finale was no exception, going out with a bang — literally. she lives with her father, mother, and "perfect" older sister, melissa. jenna also senses that something is wrong when she encounters spencer and notices she has a different scent. spencer and wren continue a secret date, but break up later. says the plan was to become spencer, but wren only wanted her as alex. alert: do not read ahead, if you have not watched the “pretty little liars” season 7 summer finale, which aired on august 30. hale: we never see the scene where aria and ezra say goodbye, so in my head, they really faked it. there’s always going to be a deep connection … they’re sad when they see each other too, because they miss each other, but hanna’s moved on and done better things for her life and matured. even though it’s your first love and it might be an incredible first love, you just become different people. there’s that scene where we break up and one scene after with me. "the darkest knight", spencer is shot by uber a during the attack by jenna and noel. we last left the liars, they won the game, and a. (troian bellisario) was shot by jenna (tammin sursok), and that was the least surprising part of her storyline.: emily has always had a revolving door of girlfriends, in rosewood, which is very surprising for such a small town, that radius of girls … when she was in california, she could have had a couple of relationships out there. he played down on the floor and then digitally, we cut off his head,” king explains of the bloody scene. in the flashbacks, we are shown some examples of when alex has "played" spencer. she's also the one who comforted hanna when she was being tortured and hooked up with toby before he moved away. the midseason finale, spencer and her friends go to ravenswood after receiving a puzzling clue from 'a. wren implores alex to give up the game and tell the girls the truth, but she convinces him that she needs to become spencer. the second redcoat leads spencer and the other girls to an apartment, which when they enter and investigate, realize that it is a's lair and after finding a wardrobe with blazers and shoes that 'a' is male, we later come to discover that it is ezra's apartment and he is 'a'. once the girls are out of the house, they discover that spencer's tires are slashed and then ezra turns up out of nowhere and drives them back home. "teen choice nominations: vampire diaries and idol lead pack, linda hunt eyes repeat win". as she comes to, spencer, chained to the floor, meets her twin alex drake, who has a british accent and the initials a. "pretty little liars review: lions and tigers and bitches, oh my! she was happy and confident, but spencer and wren started flirting and secretly dating. mary comes in to comfort spencer, who takes a bobby pin from her hair. spencer's characteristics and story have the same methodology in both books and television; however, there are some perceptual differences between the versions, since the television series doesn't follows the books' scripts. in season 7b, spencer and the other liars receive a big board game called "liar's lament", and in the episode "these boots are made for stalking", it is revealed that spencer is mary drake's second child. am obsessed with pretty little liars, and i know i'm not the only one. sure, she got hanna's blessing to date her ex, but it just doesn't feel right seeing the two of them together, and i don't think it ever will. turns out, mary drake’s (andrea parker) other secret child is spencer.

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“pretty little liars” is known for its crazy cliffhangers, and the season 7 summer finale was no exception, going out with a bang — literally. their room, hanna and caleb are arguing and reveal that they've been trying to have a baby. (and i guess we'll never find out how the moms got out of that basement. spencer and ali are always competing and she was the only one of ali's friends who would oppose her from time to time. alex wanted to know what it felt like to have friends like spencer's who love each other no matter what happened. he says there's no way the book spencer gifted him before he moved was hers because there weren't any notes in it. eventually tells ezra she can't have children, and ezra says they'll do whatever they have to in order to have kids. while in the lair they discover that a has not only been following them but also alison, and 'a' thinks that alison will be in rosewood that night at a graveyard party. the couples retire to their rooms, spencer, who has been going to law school full time, and toby find themselves alone. in fact, archer was acting on his own when he tricked alison into marrying him and convinced mary that it was what charlotte would have wanted. sure, her fiancé jordan seems nice and all, but he doesn't understand hanna the way caleb did. when spencer's chuckie doll orders her to "keep toby safe", spencer resolves that the only way to keep toby safe is to break up with him.[16] however, it was later revealed that toby was actually working with "a," making spencer break up with him. spencer and alex fought until the liars plus toby and caleb found them. in the same episode, however, it is revealed (not to the liars, but to the audience) that toby is a member of the a-team. in another scene, spencer visits her birth mother, mary drake, in prison and asks her for help. created in 2006 by american writer sara shepard, she is member of the group known as the liars, and is best friend to the four other members, who are also protagonists. she even has wren shoot her so that she has the same gunshot scar as spencer. desoto: they meet when spencer is visiting her grandmother's house in the companion novel pretty little secrets, and spencer competes with melissa for him. however, spencer and melissa get into a car accident and melissa is stuck in the hospital. and her fiance ezra fitz learn that their book, "then and now," will be made into a movie and are about to finally get married., hanna, aria, emily and alison are gathered at the loft when toby enters and reveals that he believes spencer is possibly being impersonated by a twin. her sister melissa was at the doctor and is asked all about spencer's case. there were some rocky moments for spencer and toby, especially when he became a cop and distance seemed to grow between the once solid pair. day: harvey weinstein scandal could finally change hollywood’s culture of secrecy. in the mid-season finale, it is revealed that cece drake is "a," and the liars finally gets peace. she returns to rosewood five years later at alison's request, and also to depose on charlotte's release from psychological hospital. spencer and her sister melissa hastings are getting along, and spencer is also reunited with her ex-boyfriend toby cavanaugh, with the two still clearly sharing feelings for each other. they met at one of her fashion events and she was taken by him because he has his life together, he’s successful and he takes care of her. #haleb also got back together with hanna (ashley benson) and caleb (tyler blackburn) hooking up in a streamy scene. toby really loves rosewood and being in a small town, and i don’t see spencer being contained by that. we're analyzing footage of spencer and caleb getting it on, it's not a pretty thing to watch. is it like for aria and ezra after they reunite for the first time?. and demands that she tell her who and where she is. during episode 20 spencer and wren rekindle their relationship, however spencer was drinking during the event.'pretty little liars' costume closet revealed: how spencer, aria, hanna and emily get their bold looks. spencer and alex both try to get the group to believe they are the real spencer, but it's toby who figures it out:"tell me your favorite poem from the book you gave me," toby whispers into one of the twin's ears. she will deny it until the end, but maybe they needed to part ways for a while to come back and be something better and stronger. a lot of ways, tuesday’s two-hour series finale was the end of a seven-season-long mystery, but it also brought the beginning of new mysteries and questions in the fictional town of rosewood, pennsylvania. this is our season of homecomings and full circle moments.

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