Pros and cons of dating a married man

Pros and cons of dating a married man

i get clingy and fight with him when he is unable to take my call or reply back. he cares for me a lot and is not in a hurry to have sex with me but i have kissed him twice. we continued sneaking around on and off for years, but not once did he mention being with me… even after his divorce (that did not involve me). and he said that he was already committed to her before i came in his life but when i came in he didn’t want to lose me again like before so did everything that he could to be with me. just found out via fb that the guy i’ve been dating is married.. despite he been telling me that i am the ones that he loves… i am in the same situation as you excepts both of us doesn’t have any kids… i got divorced and now he told me that we are a mistake and his wife is the victim. i placed alot of thought to it because we started to make me feel at times that he loved me and others that he just wants the sex. found it very hard and was often emotional, also dealing with the stress of separating from my husband and making sure my own kids were okay.* * * *a relationship will never flourish if built from the ground up on sneaking around, mistrust, and false hope. we started as friends but got closer and started to get an deep emotional connection that later became also physical. 2 months later, now i’m pregnant with another man’s baby (the 1 time i have a ons…sad! when i was 31 i started an affair with a younger man by 7 years. i was not ready to date and they gave me what i needed desperately emotionally and physically. statistics have revealed a fact which might make you go all glum and sad, but needless to say, we still recommend you to face the reality before it gets too late. you are wrong to think that you should reveal what you and he are doing to his wife. secondly, there is no comparison to a failed relationship with a single man.. he’s not going to tell his mistress it was his wife that told him to “get out” that would be breaking his pride, and the reason why he’s cheating to begin with is because of pride and insecurities. we have kissed, hugged, talk , and get lost into each other’s eyes. i am a strong woman, but i need that push to walk away like other women do. started my job about 3 months ago in a coffee shop, i didn’t think my boss fancied me at first but he would say to me ‘why are you the way you are’ and ‘why you so beautiful’ telling me how much he enjoyed working with me and always quite touchy and he would tell me he liked me but i brushed it off because he’s married. from my lens with couples i counsel, affairs can trigger so many adrenaline emotions that it’s easy to get caught up but in the end feelings will become involved regardless of expectations and someone will get hurt it’s usually the wife or the mistress. i can understand the married man who truly wants his cake and eat it too, but what i’m talking about is that scrotumless man who straddles the fence of staying or going. i said i’ve been ok as me and my hub went on a two week vacation together. during the separation we became friends again and he admitted to me in an unguarded moment that most men do not cheat because they don’t want their wives..he has always expressed his self to me and ive always had a crush on him.’m guilty of having an affair with a married woman for almost 2 years. married man wants to fill a voidhowever, filling the void may backfire on him, as the relationship may escalate from occasional lunches during work hours or early dinners disguised as “working late”, to the more intimate texting and instant messages all night long. i’ve been married with my highschool sweetheart for 14 years. if i do find someone single legally lol and free and available, im destin to be cheated on. i feel happy, guilty and selfish at the sane time. but then, i had told myself the same thing many times before, even before i hooked up with my first committed man way back in high school. just talk, laugh, drink, go to dinner, and enjoy the time we have together…it’s a crazy situation. embarked on a physical relationship that was probably wrong because i should have waited until he had definitely left, but it felt like mutual comfort, something that we both needed and i was head over heels in love with him..never then i see a txt message months later another woman txt about going to sleep with no panties on n stuff like that in thw middle of the night i called right away told her off n told him too he said he was sorry but that his buddy wrote her as a joke that she was really fat n ugly n that nothing happen well she said he didnt makw it seem as if he were tooken n that we were seperated n i was th crazy gf who wouldnt except it was over n all this crap n he told me the complete oppoaote! don’t you go take a long look in a mirror and while you do hear these words: you are an idiot of the worse sort, if he wanted out of his marriage he would be divorced, if he cared about anyone other than himself he wouldn’t be involved with you, what makes you think that he could lie to his wife everyday by not telling her about you but he isn’t lying to you about her? and, everything he said in the beginning about not liking his wife, sleeping on the sofa, not wanting to be in the same room with her has started to change.) and now he’s back trying to have me in his bed again, in spite of my situation. he appeared for so many years to be my perfect match, but lied to me from the get go. i guess my purpose now is to find out how and why i was so easily deceived. though i am a bastard and had to be adopted due to my dad cheating. goodnight take the fuckin dildo out of your ass and chill, stop bein all butt hurt.’m not going to demand he leaves his unhappy marriage…he has to decide if i’m worth the upheaval to his whole world and come to me willingly or not at all..he stated he still want things to remain the same, because it’s not definite and he prefer to be with me…i agreed. i like him but i know it wld work out, so i see it as for the benefits that’s all and the care. he told me that she had herpes and made it out like she was disgusting and he would never sleep with her. a few months ago he got into an accident, he survived but a couple weeks after the accident i got a message from a female on facebook claiming her cousin is pregnant for him , he told her that he is going to leave me for her and some other things too. so i asked the question and his response was don’t worry it will. else and believe me it feels good for you to call your man anytime of. when i asked for a divorce- he started crying and saying that it was a mistake. then sunday just last sunday 8-21-16 they talked and she knew about me, he told her and she told him she will forgive what he did and start again because she still loves him. he wont torture his wife anymore, he’ll torture the mistress, her “idiotic” opinions (which usually are on another planet, because that’s where she’s living) won’t come out of his mouth anymore at home, and she’ll be giving him her “idiotic” opinions to him only. if you are so unhappy in your marriage, then own it up, get a divorce and then start a new relationship. recently he said he had to stop before we went any further because he really wanted to have sex with me but he cared for me enough to stop he told me i needed to find a man who could care for me like i deserve…. like i said some side chicks are sleeping with other men too and who knows who they are sleeping with? i asked my husband to leave and he did, never coming back. i don’t want to talk to people around me because i am not a bad person and i wasn’t looking for love, it just happened! he played so many mind games with me he was making me think i was crazy for not trusting him. if your husband is having affairs he doesn’t respect you or fully love you and your marriage is not right. know exactly what you are going through as i’m going through the same 🙁 i’ve been seeing someone for just over a year now and he is the nicest caring man i have ever met. a man doesn’t lose custody of his kids just because he leaves his wife. when she was 26 and single, he was 41 married with kids. it’s now a month ago and i haven’t heard from him again. and the biggest lie he fears is with his kids. he will never leave her for me, but i´m ok with that, and genuinely happy for us to still evolve as humans and lovers overseas and decades. her husband is his bestfriend… he doesnt know about anything.. the comparison between the married man and hypothetical single man is simply a false comparison. find it funny that women like you will destroy a man or woman who cheats while married, but have nothing to say about women and men who begin having sex at 16. you women need to really understand that these men will make you believe we are the worst in order to get w. but this was just my first story in many to come. he’s still married but he and his wife is going through some marital issues. i am still fighting for my life and now my world has been turned on its head. if a man tells you early on that he is married there is nothing left to discuss. and he always asks how i feel about us and if he’s hurting me and if i wanted to end “our thing” i could because he wants me to be happy. what if the girl just came up to him and started kissing him. i didn’t know he had someone when we first started talking and having sex. so glad i was able to help u end it, and i wanted to tell u that there is light at the end of the tunnel. dday was may14th… i have been with my husband for 22 yrs & 6 kids together. forgave him, but you can’t forgive “the other woman”? you block his number and stay firm he will leave…please escape from him and it is better to be alone than in a wrong relationship. i love him and don’t want to lose him over wrongly understanding the situation. and you have to have some serious character to over come it… getting it at home or not. otherwise he’ll give into temptation and feel guilty for having an affair with me. in his eyes if i be the good little side kick i will benefit and have him. i don’t feel bad because i did not know, i don’t feel bad for her because she is stupid enough to blame me and not her husband and somehow still wants him?.and i’m sorry but the other woman is not the only reason and certainly not the main reason. i’m his friend first, and he is unhappy in their marriage, and as a result, participating in deception. i thought he was lying until i had several people including his best friend’s wife (my darling spy) telling me that since we separated he had lost interest in the mistress and was avoiding her and suddenly she wasn’t his type. since you are doing this and it is okay, will it be okay once he gets tired of you to go and do this with the next girl? ended an affair with a married man and i am married myself. i just dont understand you, you haven’t made a mistake. while you were out there cheating leaving her by herself she could have found a man to do the same thing. divorce has financially and the only thing men care more about than a piece of tail is money. i was so taken in by him in the beginning, totally blinded and wrapped up by the fantasy affair fog. he said he couldn’t keep in touch in any way or form… i was really taken aback and couldn’t quite understand what was happening… why couldn’t we talk on the phone occasionally? his paranoia right now is that his soon to be ex wife will tell his kids dirty details and they will blame him for the divorce. he want to remove me totally from his life and move on. he told me his wife wanted to do whatever it took to make their marriage work i felt like crap… here i was stepping into a marriage he was never going to leave, and this poor woman loved him and had no idea, and that’s not the person i wanted to be…. im really in need of help to stop the addiction of this man. i believe you both just did what you wanted to years ago and found a reason to do it now. he has a lot of guilt and cannot face telling people the truth. but again, you respected your side chick and she was trustable. silly me thought he meant it and i gave him time. he makes the calls and i only call if i miss the call. i still want my future with you, i just wish i wasn’t such a coward and could just tell her it’s over. but i also know that there is a difference between lust and love. sit back and think about how scummy a disloyal married man is. but idk what to do anymore i love my job and i like him as my boss but i dont want to stop this thing we have going on. has happened since the beginning of time and romanticising it is a huge part of the problem. look at all the similar cases and use your willpower to get out!  the woman goes through self-esteem issues and starts to wonder why she is settling for less than what she deserves.: home wrecker - the other woman in an affair - lovepanky. i didn’t know he was married at first, but i can’t make that an excuse.. trust me, you will suffer, the kids suffer, the entire family unit will suffer and it will feel more like a curse than a i could find a suitable man mynage to settle down with because he was not leaving his wife.

Pros And Cons Of Dating A Married Man - Advantages

! if any bitch or my husband ever cheated i would beat both your asses and i would make sure i made both your life’s hell as long as i could . i was all for that 6 months ago, i am 43 and hes 38, lets face it i, m not getting any younger, but that did, nt matter to him he has been attracted to me for 2 years. yet, four years later and we are still in this mess. so we went out for work drinks and we ended up kissing, he took me back to his, even though i wouldn’t let him do anything we still fooled around in his bed..exuse …juat manipulating u to thinking its not working out bcuz he’s such a good guy n loved u so much but the guilt is too much too bare. ive heard everyone tell me what to do and im still not ready to pull the bandaide off but i need more to just quit. met a married man a year and a half ago. strange reason, i have now, after so many years, and he’s married! carefully think of what you wanted and what in turn are you getting from this fling with a married man. this man is my ex n we were deeply in love. walk in public holding hands, kissing and not worrying about someone seeing. once her family found out and she finally knew who i was he decided to go back to her and work on things and told me not to contact him. wives blame their husbands and these husbands have to endure years of drama in am attempt to mend their marriage. i always seem to end up talking to/seeing/kissing men who have wives/fiances/girlfriends etc and i don’t understand why. feelings of self-pity, dissatisfaction and even paranoia can haunt you from time to time. been 3 yrs im in the same place, always attending gatherings alone, spending holidays & birthdays alone, sleep alone, he says its getting closer to him leaving ,all that has changed is im older,wasted 3yrs, & she considers me the home wrecker. i am destroying the community by telling women to stop and respect themselves. single men just don’t seem that interested in me, i’m normally the one leading conversations, trying to meet them, just being myself and zilch. does she have to just suck it up and live with it or cut it off and look for what she wants elsewhere?’ve been with a married man for three years and he left his wife for other reasons they were in therpay and whatever else . yes, it was a mistake and i do not even know if i’d accept him should he divorced. after my divorce, i became the “other woman” for a while! if i could do this again id say goodbye immediately and never have sex with the guy.! as my situation stands it’s been almost a year now, i am not married to my fiancée because i don’t love him in that way anymore but i am there because of my son and as for the married man, i am in love with him but he’s not leaving his wife. he said, he loves his wife and is no longer in love with her, they’re not compatible and the only reason he is staying is for financial reasons and admittingly fear. i don’t understand why i keep doing it to myself. there are several positive elements of having a love affair with a married man, the downsides are many and potentially devastating. need help, i’ve been to my husband when i was 21 for 11 years now. i’ve had one penis since i was 16, my husband has been my only love. i respected her and never lied, but since that wouldn’t fit your narrow view of the world, what does it matter. the nature of the beast is such that recovering with friends and family is ruled out and i have to live in the same part of town where every street is painted with some memory. actually i took several counselling sessions and they helped a lot to understand. she could cheat on her husband, why wouldn’t she be able to do that to me. his great respect just makes me respect and love him so much more. i didn’t believe him and was hurt he did that to me so i broke things off with him. i only sometimes feel bad about being with him because my sister’s fiance left her after 5yrs for another woman and here i am sort of doing the same thing as the “mistress. my husband rarely gives me any physical affection, so it helps me to be touched by my lover. i too feel like such a doormat bc i also treat him to gifts and i hate it.’m so sorry yo hear that but i’m also in a,relationship with a married man and i don’t know what to do. we connect and it feels like we still in love. now, i just believe that he wears one huge mask everyday and fools everyone… i knew him for 3 years before all this happened, he wasn’t a stranger i simply jumped in bed with… sometimes i ask myself if all of this really happened… i’ve cried so much over these last few weeks and i still cry a little almost everyday… how could this have happened? you are dating a married man, your life becomes a continuous game of hide and seek. i plan to have them half the week and always be here for them., m having an affair with a married man & i am married. i know that i was not to have slept with a married man( who also has a mistress), but have struggling hard and been hurt by his act, with my ignorance for 3 months.! ive tried several times, and the last one was final. can’t see anything positive about himself or his future because he feels lost without his wife and his wife ia his future so facing the fact that he might have to,live without he is consuming him he’s distant from you because he’s on in toes ready to drop you as soon as she snaps he finger he’s he’s getting ready to profess his love for her by leaving you chances are he already begged her to take him back a exaggerated amount of time oferring to to leave you if it was up to him hewould hahave left you a long time ago to work it out sure he was ok at first until reality sunk in,that he may beatuckk wwith you for now and that she might really never forgive hom and take him back he’s sobbing to you all hos stress but not telling you ita for his wife do you really think this divorce isn’t destroying him?’m 21 and i don’t know how it happen but once we were alone it just escalated from there. it’s been 2 years since the revelation and has been a slow uphill battle back to normality for my mental state at least. you’ve been played and this is as good as it will ever get. the problem is i thought it was all in good fun but i have realized i am in love with married man in some way it think it would have been easier if he had fucked me because it would make him a scumbag but this make him a martyr.  she will get to the point where she must make a decision whether she would be able to deal with never being first in the man’s life, and the thought of it never progressing. i met his wife when they were still dating and they both invited me to their wedding, although i declined. and he would leave her only if she cheats on him. i need some advice will she really leave him alone idk what to do i don’t wana leave him but i also don’t wana keep getting hurt this isn’t the first time he’s done this , i love my husband very much. truly you would only get hurt and i have to say in my younger days it would have been worse and i would have never stayed and he would have been left with nothing. | party ideas | horoscope 2015 | pets | finance | figures of speech | hotels in india :You have already spelled disaster for yourself by falling for a married man. i guess then you’re a man who who played by one of these sluts and you probably kiss these hoes after all the cum in their mouth from the last dude lol. if he also understands you as well, the satisfaction this brings will often be more fulfilling than sex. his father had died, so he will come into some money, and this new woman also has money. i should know as my husband stayed with me for almost fifty years while he led a double life. advice but if the married man knows what he is doing, this stuff will of course fall on deaf ears. needless to say the attraction was mutual, and we ended up spending the night together. i don’t want to condemn this…just don’t condone this crap because…no matter how careful you are…you will end up in a mess of emotional betrayal and may be involved in something you are going to be accused of even though you may have not even done anything “physical”. i had messed with her while i was single and she was married but she was in the process of a divorce..he talked about how this was our chapter 2 and how everything was going to be okay. have found different reasons for dating across board, most of them we may not find noble from our perspective, but believe me, they are needful. guilt and fear will be ur friend for a long time i know,I just about started an affair with an old friend not long ago, the feelings he made me feel again was so good! i know the ow does not believe that i am a good woman because i found out from communicating with her that he has totally bashed me. we are human and we make mistakes no matter how good of human beings we are. there are two ways to wait: 1 – in the pool of sadness and hope that gets revived just enough each time to last to the next time we are together; 2 – with the bitter but powerful truth in my heart and without illusions, free. this went on for 3 years, his girlfriend found out and they broke up twice but no matter how hard we both tried we kept gravitating towards each other. i have called my pastor for help and i am breathing as much as i can. i’m just drained and i did this to myself by getting involved. he’s ruined my life, i’ve become introverted but god when we meet it’s everything, we have a beautiful time and it’s just like the old days but when we come home he can barely find time to call me but finds time for viber……. guess what, he moved on to the the next and she is probably crying her eyes out as i type this. i i’m torn between accepting our special friendship now and then or cutting it off like you did please advise. (called me last night) everytime he calls i call her, she’s put up with it for 16 years and still hasn’t left, but neither has he. long story short we started dating it’s been 6 months now and he told me that he was going through a divorce and he had been with his wife for 20 years. then i got divorced and after 8 years i found him on fb. which doesnt feel so good of it, we started in april of last year with a date out to eat from a kiss to a getaway you know, as time went by i started to like him alot more and started to have feelings for him i started to see a friend i made and i dumped this nice guys for my lover, idk why? remember, a man who is genuine by heart will never deceive any girl for someone else. so you start to resent him and argue with him., married women… it has nothing to do with you and nothing to do with self esteem…sometimes it happens in a whirlwind of attraction and chemistry and one thing leads to another…. maybe there are things that aren’t perfect but that you and hubby can work on together. i love him, i’ve loved him for 17 years, he was the first male i’ve ever loved, and i know that he sincerely loves me too, as our history dates back before this affair.’m clinging onto an hour a day phone call and the odd “i’m thinking of you constantly” text. she’s the type of woman who loves the attention of men and comes across as the female buddy to any man who will give her the time of day. i said to him: “and her reaction is, hey honey let’s try it together again? it’s all about consequence …if they think they can get away with it they will. i knew he was married, i saw his ring finger, so i downplayed the connection and said i was tripping. once he said he didn’t want to be a freak, being in a relationship with a woman that many years younger. this time, she is more than likely already aware of the fact that he is unhappy in his marriage and the more time she spends with him she makes sure to plea her case as to why he should be with her instead. if you had read my post before this one, i was telling a guy how we should stop this behavior and he tried to insult me because i was telling things that happen and things nasty ass people will do to be spiteful. am surprised no one has told you how little marriage and kids mean to men. it has all the techniques necessary to facilitate resolving conflicts, increase self esteem, learn about forgiveness, and re ignite the passion that you both once felt. it is the single most devastating and humiliating experience i have ever been through. i know and we have talked about it he cant go anywhere more because he already has his life made with his wife of 12 years he rarely talks good about her i know they have been having problems since before i met him. i guess he was addicted to the thrill and ego inflating situation of being with such a young and pretty woman. it ‘s so fun to get on the net and judge people. article, as well as many of the comments here, are making a lot blank statements, false assumptions, and over generalization about these type of situations.. and i have to to stop myself from loving him. i lived in the moment without fear or worry and i felt so good about myself. during the whole time we were together, he often posted pics of him and his family. i tried and even he tried numerous times to end things but one of us came back each time. if a man or woman is unable to have sex for some reason or another, does that automatically mean their spouse is doomed to celibacy? he told me she was beneath him and compared her to another acquaintance of ours who is basically just used by guys, but can’t seem to keep one. my point is, mistresses must stop believing that they hold the key to happiness over married men. in love with a married man too but o don’t want him to leave his wife for me, all i need is to be loved and i love him so much in a way that i can’t hide it. i found out my husband was cheating on me with a coworker mostly long phone calls and lots of text messages! i advised her to read some books on how to spot players and cheats. ( i had changed my number) he was screaming and yelling why was i so cruel, how could i just vanish like that. he came to my place and i knew then that our connection had moved beyond that of just friends. i told him we needed to do the right thing and end things between us.

Having an Affair with a Married Man - A True Experience

and i blocked his number without even giving him mu last goodbye. i got out of the drive thru, told him if he calmed down we coukd park and talk. am in it, and keeping myself sane by playing my own game, taking care of myself and not limiting my future to just him anymore. my it took me a long time to build my reputation, plus my wife couldn’t make it on her own, my mistress would be better off without me… she will be shattered, but will pick up her pieces and go on. i am in the same situation except i work with the man and we often see each other outside of work but only for sex. if you get involved with this married man trust you will be walking yourself down a road to experience more hurt and pain. not true that men do not leave… get some stats they leave all the time — i know plenty of second marriages that have lasted 25/30 years and are still going strong and that started out while the people were married. it is painful and recovery is the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do.. it’s really sad when there are kids involved and they are the excuse for staying… when those kids are grown and out of the house, it’s just not fair to then call it quits, as if the obligation is over, leaving that “significant” other to go back to dating after their good years have passed. i will not send my soul to hell just to date someone else’s husband! getting involved and then wondering where it might go is no way to be. am married but was going thru hell and i started seein this gal and tnou she made me happyn mademy time worth,i couldnt leavemy wife for her and i ended up hurting an innocent girl and i so hate myself. a static moment of darkness and confusion later, i see this guy pal of mine kissing me! and even if you don’t, you will be plagued with guilt everyday. when i confronted him, he told me he already told his wife and that they’re reconsiling. they just seem to gravitate towards me, most of the time they don’t tell me and i find out a few weeks/months down the line and i break it off instantly. and that i know for sure since he calls me up every night to talk to me and he is alone in his room. sometimes he says i’m sweet and funny, at other times he says we shouldn’t be doing this. the problem with my husband is that he doesn’t kiss me or hug me unless he want to have sex with me. in retrospect, i realize now that he was the father figure that i so dearly wanted and lacked as a child but i could not see this at that time. i didn’t know he was married until a month after we began talking, but to this day, i have stood my ground and have only remained strictly platonic friends with him because of the fact that . we held off on saying it because there as so many distractions and peripherals and white noise, we just had trouble weeding through it all to figure out what was real and what was not. i am now 30 and met this guy online who is also married, it feels good to just talk dirty to him. people like to say nowadays that waiting to be physically intimate is old fashioned and passe, but women of older generations understood men in a way that women today do not. it is shameful for a person to behave unethically and expect tobe above the consequences of their actions. was a guy who wanted to build a life with me and have kids with me one day. have accidently found this discussion and really know what you feel. he could not give up on me and he could not give up on his children.!I agree that women fall for the potential of a guy and not for what things really are. cheaters who don’t tell and continue to have sex with their spouses are rapists. you dream he will step up and confess his live for you but he wont- he will deny you and find excuse after excuse to stay with the wife he claims not to love. just a word of caution to those mistresses out there, you aren’t dealing with a real man- they are liars. ladies get some therapy learn self love and how to live without the attachment of someone elses man.. although, the article was written from a standpoint of wanting an actual relationship with the man… you seem to be content with what appears to be whoring yourself out for your money and benefits and whatnot. to make yourself feel better and to gain your respect back from him, try advising him to stay with his wife and tell him to stop adultry and just try n advice hi in every positive way that you could regarding the issue of cheating or leaving his wife for another and trust me you will move on gradually because what you are doing is probably saving someone’s marriage which will make you feel better about yourself even if he doesn’t listen to you, at least you tried your best to advice him and trust me there’s is greater feeling than feeling good and not being a part of that rubbish. as a marriage and family therapist, people cheat for so many different reasons. let’s discuss seniors-yeah, most people think by the time a man is 65 years old he is past all that cheating mentality, but not this one. i cantell he gets mad and jealous when i talk about other guys or if someone flirts with me. mistake of getting involved with a mm who said he was unhappy in his marriage for many years. i recently met a man, from facebook, and yes, we met for a drink, one day. after this a few more things happend and i started to realise he fooled both her and me for all this time. i hope that they are happy today and will enjoy their soon to be 50 th wedding anniversary. there is this constant fear of getting caught and with time, you tend to get tired and exasperated due to it. they think he is unhappy at home and he can’t leave because of the kids. i did for a long time and it got me nowhere, so now im stepping up for myself, and if he doesnt like it then he can leave me. he is the most potent and addictive and deadly drug on earth. not all man choose the wife ,because we love her…choosing the wife over the mistress or the lover does not mean that we didn’t love them to begin with. met this guy online, who lied about his personal life, he said he was divorced for 8 years, after i met him in person, got to know each other for three months, and had sex with him, i discovered that he was actually living with his 20 years younger mistress beside his wife who is living in another state. understand how you feel believe me it will be one of the hardest things that you have to do. he needs real help, and a mistress adding fuel to a fire makes things worse, cruel, and destructive. a mm is in no position to give you everything you want and need and you end up settling for what little time or emotion he has to give you. when a married man pursues a single woman he lies, lies, lies and that woman believes those lies and becomes involved and by the time they realize the truth or when he says i’m married or whatever, the other woman is already involved and difficult for her to part ways. he was not married when we met, but he did so within the first year, after a decade of dating he is expecting his first child. i never ever looked at him as anything more than just a ‘good friend’, and things between us were pretty.. it is only a desperate, needy woman with low self esteem that would continue a relationship with someone who is clearly unavailable. if your tempted set him free and because you did the moral thing good things will happen to you, trust me. i’m going through the same situation “but i didnt know he was married at first” i had to find out on my own had i never found out on my own i don’t think he would have told me. mistresses will say that her married man isn’t sleeping with his wife, she is this, she is that she isn’t this she isn’t that. i know that this story has all the makings of a disaster, but i’ve never loved a man the way i love him, even before the affair. the biggest sacrifice i’ll ever make is letting him go b/c i know in my heart that i will always love him and always wait for him … keeps me from letting others in…. and our trust issues are eating away at what we me,he is probably going through a tough time in his marriage now and just needs someone like you to pass time with and even if he is not going through a tough time or whatsoever, men are just selfish, later on he will change and you would be wondering what went wrong. i know that he will never ever leave his wife and son and it breaks my heart, when he says that he loves me i truly believe him as i can see it in his eyes, i am so in love with him but i know that it’s so wrong and unfair on his wife and his son but by the same token i just can’t give him up, thing is hun i’m gonna get badly hurt as one day he is going to leave me as i know he wants a brother or sister for his little boy in the future 🙁 makes it even worse staying with him rly, must be a mug! though i do find him attractive and there is a lot there, i may not want him at all if he were single because he’s too demanding and not my true love. yes we make mistakes but we cannot keeps making these bad choices and expecting good to come out of it. i need to leave but its a drug and he says he can not say goodbye to me either. trust me, i google and try to find success stories…but lets be honest… they are few and far between. i think anyone that goes out with a married man is a stupid fool who thinks nothing of themselves! very good information, but to attack men’s character and assume their motives generally makes this article feel too personal to trust now. it’s 2 deep 2 go n2 but trust me u will always win and his feelings are the only ones hurt because he can’t believe he was taken so fast. it’s not arrogant or egocentric to be cautious or to allow yourself to feel anger at these dramas…but, just let it go and be happy that you can find someone who is going to be “true”. theyve been going to counseling since the separation and have a great relationship with him. he said he wants us to be together and that he loves and misses me, wants to have me the proper way, but until he can fix his situation, he has to back off. after a few days he contact me again and said he was sorry for his behavior but that he acted this way because his daughter got very ill. but it is very hard and i feel sad because i loved hm so much. i let go and it’s hard but i know it was all so wrong.  they probably have kids together and that is the only bond they share. my liar happened to be a man and he crushed me in the end. he does nt want to b seen with u it’s bcuz he doesn’t see the relationship going anywhere look it up google it or sumthing he doesn’t want to b with u like that he don’t care about u like that …don’t b blind a man won’t introduce u to family n froends n make his ex wife aware if the relationahip doent mean anything he is obviously lying to u about the way he really ffeels n y. so instead of changing and becoming a better person by dealing with their problems, they pretend they don’t exist in another (phony) life. me girls; a relationship with a married man is never worth it, especially if he has kids. and, yes i’m wrong for getting involved with a married man. if the man you want is married go get him or leave him alone and go settle for someone else. with tears in my eyes and no money or gas in my untagged uninsured car i went to the store rum stet behind walmart, stuffed as many boxes as i could and quietly began extracting me from what i considered to be our family and our home. you for this i’m 22 years old and i’m dating a 42 year old married man and to be honest i am so inlove with him and lately i have been thinking about myself and the future we would have and reading your article did give me a peace of mind regarding our situation. after the sex, i felt incredibly guilty as a woman, mother, etc. in that time the sex slowed down to silch, and i became sicker. the thing that gets me is that he actually wanted the wife to end the marriage because he didn’t want to be the one to say it and it would lessen the guilt on his part if she did the ending. now i’m stuck, sharing custody of my child and watching the married man and his wife pretend to be happy, while he sees me on the side. want a particular married man and i know he likes me. she makes me laugh, makes me happy and love her kids as well. he’s been spending every hour of the day with me for a year now and only goes home to sleep (i’ve seen his bedroom; it is seperate from hers). i have been with this man since i was 17 and love him completely… hard to believe that he didn’t think of how completly this would destroy me or his family. have been seeing a married man for about 6 months (did not know he was married for weeks into it) and hes always said he shouldve never married her. we have chemistry and i do feel he cares to some degree, but i am finally pulling the plug, i deserve better. so, wives, step up to the plate and assume responsibility for your own failed marriages (look within; stop blaming the other woman! i think he is selfish and didn’t leave because he doesn’t want me to be with anyone else! also, consider this, a man who is leaving someone for you can as well leave you for someone else. we met at a reunion and the sparks were still there. the wife is a demanding and high achieving chinese scientist, perfect fit for his family. the way i left things, i pretend i don’t see him and he won’t come and talk to me. im 25 years old, very beautiful and i’ve only been in 3 long term relationships. he contacted me 2 months later after i ran into him and his family at the zoo. read on to know the pros and cons of being involved into a relationship as controversial as this one. you say she’ll pick up her pieces and go on, but actually she may always wonder what was wrong with her personality/what she did wrong to feel that despite the feelings you shared so deeply, you still chose your wife over her..The same thing always happens to me too, i’m always the other woman. to make a long story short, we continued to have sex more frequently, exchanging “i love you’s”, going out on dates, visiting each other on lunch, and so on. a few days later i received a text at 2am from his mistress from his phone, telling me (his wife) to “stop texting my man, you’re old news and we’re in love…). she would have to leave him and that will never happen.. a mistake is when you , when you are presented with your wrongs ,or short cummings, then to stop, evaluate, and not repeat the action, and to use those experiences to become a better person. the only thing that eats me up is that he is married. i have no qualms with a woman getting hers, hell it’s 2010 and itf a man is realistic he knows that he wasn’t the only one getting his rocks off throughout life. have had a number of brief affairs with married men and when i was younger, it was hard to keep control over it, but now it is exciting. it lasted for 13 years and in between he was married, divorced and then remarried and had a daughter who is now a teenager.

Dating a Married Man — The Pros and Cons of Living in the Moment

while dating a married man, take it for granted that you can never hold the numero uno position in his life. we met up and had a lovely time and i thought this was it, he had sorted his shit and was ready to be with me. i started working at fedex and i met this guy. marriage comes with baggage , car’s , mortgage , friends and family…the only thing that bonds us to a mistress is the feeling… the love can be their for them, but it’s much harder to face everything else that comes with the wife. the only advice i can give u is to mentally prepare to be hurt because it will all end in tears, ur man is being very selfish by not choosing between the two of u as is mine, in a way maybe we should be more strong and delete their numbers and erase them from our lives, easier said than done tho hey? in most cases, married men and affairs just go hand in hand. you’re believing a man who is lying to his wife, but somehow youre. and actually i have never been than whole, that proud for myself for being strong and preserving mu dignity. their post was about leaving the marriage and taking the high road while doing it. we started going out with each other and i started pushing away my fiancée more.’m a single woman who met my married lover months ago, out shopping one day. a lot of the time, it isn’t even about the sex, or that you’re not satisfying your man, or that you got married for the wrong reasons. here’s my mess: we were together in school and liked each other but never told each other that. plus this was a love marriage and they had to convince their parents for it. in love with a married man for 16yrs and got a daughter for him now his wife no that he has been seeing me,i so hurt and blue i dnt went to lost him. i explained to him that it was his actions, and his responsibility for his actions in having an affair, that led to the divorce. now you know what you need and now you know you will never get it from a married guy. after being married to a man for 15 years i found out that he had been cheating on me. things progress and he has true feelings for you, tell him to get a divorce then come talk to you. i slapped him, and though i feel my anger was justified i feel awful about that. we exchanged a few of phone calls and text messages but he only really seemed to show that he cared about me when he saw me… meanwhile, my husband convinced me to keep trying. the ones that win have a different tactic and they do not have a reason to be blogging or on this site telling you about what it is they did right.’m the wife… my husband and i started our relationship in an affair. many other things count, and it is left for each one to decide what’s most important. at first it was just flirting it felt wierd knowinh he is married and all but now its alot more then that. we even started meeting over in my place or his, on the pretext of doing homework, and a few months later, his pelvis was often moving in synchronized motion against mine. hiw about your husband slept with her raw enough and got her pregnant! never mind that he lied about everything and i believed him. unfortunately, the women he involved himself with believed they were going to have something more with him, and when he kept “choosing me” (i don’t say this with pride), two women couldn’t handle it and attacked me directly by posting slanderous information publicly and even going into my home while i was away, and egging my house. yea its the i love you, i never loved her, cant leave bc of the kids, but yet he calls and lets her know he is okay, etc…if he didnt care about her he wouldnt call her he would call and check on his kids. he claims they both recently signed papers and he’s going to show me. i prepared a thoughtful “sultry” basket of chocolates, massage oil, wore sexy lingerie, and in return i got “are you expecting a gift? been reading almost all the stories in here…made me feel halfway there in ending up things with this married guy iam seeing… iam successful in my careeer, single, i have few suitors, and i just came out from a long term relationship, i was on the process of moving on, and finally found comfort with my family and friends. i don’t know know where i stand like how my her longer do i have to wait : i shouldn’t have to wait for anyone love doesn’t wait . the man who does the lying and cheating is truly the cause of the entire situation. he moved away from his family for a job and sees them about once a month. told me he loved me, that his wife was cold and judgemental and didnt like sex. ladies don’t do it…i should have went with my gut when i met him at 16yrs old …and saved myself a lot of heart ache. within 2-3 months i knew i was in love and so did she. in fact every now n then remond the married man, that way the two of you wont get carried away. i left his room the next morning feeling utterly exhausted and awfully guilty. he said they weren’t meant for each other and i was his soulmate, but maybe he is the one with the problem? oh and sometimes i refer to him as my boyfriend and he quickly reminds me i’m not. all of us deserve to be loved and to card for by the right person who will always their in our side especially in time we need them most. that plays into their accomplishments of their entire existence and “being”. yes, the “other” woman should have some respect for herself, but i know for a fact that married men lie. i’ve had texts from him telling me how much he misses me and i finally asked why he tells me this when it was his choice to break things off. although i have to admit that although he was gorgeous and kind, i would not have married him even if he were single, due to the fact that he smokes and drinks. people are selfish, and i hope you drained the bastard of his money (or at least got something shiny out of him). now i’ve made up my mind never to have an affair with a married man, however charming he may be in the first place, or however much he sweet talks me. i am engaged for over 3 years now due to the fact that every time i made up my mind to get married to my fiancée which i have a son with i catch him in some flirting situations with other females but i stayed because of my son. i finally had it , filed for divorce, and took him to court for every penny he has. think women have affairs because there is a void there husband cannot fill. it is not supposed to be permanent, and no person that builds a relationship, whether platonic or sexual, should never, ever want to end someone’s marriage or destroy their family. remember that when you’re 60 and you can’t get it up anymore and she desires a young man who is not impotent. ive even tried online dating to get out of my comfort zone in hopes of liking someone else. about when a single woman keeps pursuing a married man? he and i met when we were 13 years old, we were each others “first real loves. i have many favorite things that i truly enjoy in this world – the sound of the goal scoring horn at a rangers game in madison sq. unaware as i was at the time, i married a serial cheater. you aren’t already involved with a married man, you may actually think this is funny and repulsive. so are you okay with your daughter being a married man’s mistress? i am married, but on occasion, my husband and i experience strife and manage to overcome and become closer. i have seen many men (and a few women) cheat on their spouse with either one or numerous partners. at other times he keeps his distance, hands in the pocket. a woman sleeping with a married man is not the issue. they love the chase, fun, everything of dating but step it up 10 notches because they’re married. she always asked about marriage and i have always put it off. i am really confused and he claims to have been too and after not talking in a couple months. although i had my suspicions, and i asked if he was married and he said no, i later found out that his meaning was that the marriage itself was over not the paperwork.: how did you allow yourself to be put into their situation and expect a favorable outcome ? if i choose not to have sex with him for a whole week, his fine, and he will still spoil me and go do with me everything else i want to do. in fact i don’t even love the guy, sure i have feelings for him but i know that he is someone else’s man and therefore not made for me. what you are in essence doing is staying in your lane, not all married men want to wife the goomah, most of them would be happy to be used up as long as the wife doesn’t find out. he cheated on his wife in both marriages and flaunted it in front of her with this woman who he was now living with.’m married and in love with a married ex boyfriend from 10 years ago. as much as i would like to believe what we had was “special”, i read these posts (especially yours) and think, “same story, different guy”……boy, do i feel stupid! in addition, just because you are not witness to the fall out between a husband and his wife does not mean that it doesn’t occur. we started sneaking around our spouses to see each other and be intimate. in the process, he demanded i respect her in memory and basically told me that at any given point i should be aware that i’m ‘replaceable’. so it is grown man shit to cheat as long as he doesn’t say anything or as long as he washes in between? i will tell you all one thing and this applies to both women and men when you truly love someone with all your heart you won’t cheat on them, if you do your relationship with your spouse is lacking something.. like you he also told me that i am his true love, his future, his last wife, and he loves me very very much. had sex in her apartment with his wife in her bed while she was away and desperately still wanted to be with him because she believes his lies.. shortly after that, i started dating a great man and we’ve been together ever since. i knew he was unhappily married, and the more time we spent together talking the faster we fell in love. five years later, i had lost two good friends, one guy and a girl, one screw buddy [read: how to get a fuck buddy] and one devastated girl pal. i know it’s already gone too far, but i lived this exact same scenario with a man who was probably not a bad guy. he is not yours and why want the fungus, anyway-he’ll is 99% bound to bring the same to your marriage. he then said he want a break from me for a few weeks (exactly when she had holiday and would be at home) and if i not agree with it then it would be over. but i have learned not to trust him and that he is capable of anything. i sent him an email describing it and years later he confessed. you can also try out experimenting things with the married man, which your partner is not interested in. but he’s too scared to admit his mistakes and won’t take responsibility. there is nothing you can do if a man decides to stop or start a new relationship. but the things she says in court “are red flags” and it rolls it her direction. it is just as much the fault of and lack of integrity of the cheated-on spouse for the demise of the marriage. knowing that people make mistakes and having the courage to stand by them regardless. wouldn’t you advise your daughter to stop that behavior and let her know that if a man really wants her that she is worth fighting for? we were only together for four months if you exclude the numerous times i’d try to end it and only get sucked back in..until i met this married guy, stunning of course, he is way successful in his field, he isnt my type either but the chemistry and conversations with him what attracted me most, it feels so warm. the mistress knows he is only with her for a short time so she keeps everything perfectly waxed and pretty & is on her best behavior at all times. and excerpts used on this site are protected under article 107 | fair use clause of the law. he has nwo a new family and a second son… this i say because i know that it is hard to do something “bad” (like sending away your husband and divorcing him) but accepting this burden you melt it into the wisdom and liberation that inevitably come. he and i were both in relationships so we let it go. it is like an addiction – you have to collect yourself and break it. as a single guy it feels like a kick in the teeth when you put effort into pursuing a beautiful, lovely woman that you assume is available, only to hear that she’s taken – by a married man. the town i live in is misogynistic and being a woman who was involved with a married man requires a scarlet letter. at least that way everyone is in the know and thus they are agreeing to take the risk of increased stds. i totally lost respect for him, and obviously he doesn’t have respect for me either, it is worthless, but have wasting my time for 17 months. his wife recently found out and he said he wanted to stay with her and “work it out because of the kids”. have shown me more compassion than the man i thought truly loved me, and i wouldve done anything for. for some reason i just wanna have a one night stand in my life. he comes home next week and this time he says, even though nothing is planned but he has meeting on his mind.

Dating a Married Man - It Isn't Ever Worth It

#1st let me get my negative comments out and #2 then proceeded to try and help..perhaps he ( or she) should have left with integrity and pride before stealing the pride of their spouse through their betrayal. then 4and a half years ago my husband died, the guy heard, called me and after a few months started seeing each other. this went on for 3 years, his girlfriend found out and they broke up twice but no matter how hard we both tried we kept gravitating towards each other.  the other woman can’t call him or see him when she wants to. texted me and i will never chase a man who doesnt respect me any more than that- after doing so much for him for so long.’m sorry but he did not leave his wife for you he is with u bcuz she left him its not that he didn’t have tha ballz 2 leave her its that he did not intend 2 🙁 if she did not file and wanted 2 work it out he indeed would not have filed becuz he loves her and would have began to keep his distance from you to end things and work things out with her and said he needed time to himself he’s embarrassed of what others would think and wanted it to die down so people would not think badly of u 2 he is consumed with guilt but is not being honest y? if the man or woman cannot offer it, then move to the next one. so to the other woman you have ruined a family in so many ways and i can only hope that in the turmoil we can grow! his wife found out and she rang me it was really hard but i tried so hard that it was nothing more than business as they had a business, as i didn’t want to split them up! however, you suggest that”women should grow up and move on with integrity and pride”. he claims that he loves the fact that i speak my mind and tell him how i feel about things but when i tell him that i can’t do this anymore because it’s wrong he says ” i thought everything was just fine i’m falling in love with you and i hope that we can work this out because i dont want to lose you. he didn’t hold back the fact that he was married and with a kid too… he has met my entire family… we even started a business together. hobdragon- contact us- submit an article- staff positions- partners | linkssocial media- google+- facebook- twitterrooms in the hall- the 100 man laws- beauty and the eatshall of honor- badass of the month- hotties of history- reel men of cinema- top ten lists. whenever and however it does ends trust you heart will ache and you will cry for days because you love him and have built your world around him and his lies. how we know if the guy we are dating is married? i asked him if he was coming over and he told me not this weekend.’s confusing because i love him but i just want him to be happy, and he does feel he loves his wife and do not want to leave her.! i’m only about 2 weeks out of the relationship and am still trying to come to terms with him telling me, out of the blue, that he is not leaving home. it feels like i’m constantly seeking emotional pain out to constantly hurt myself. he rented a flat for a couple of weeks, but realised he couldn’t do it and begged her to take him back. she blasted him a few days later and confronted him about me. i don’t criticize women for falling for a married man, after all, they are the victim, not him. it’s the antiquated hard wiring in men’s brains that 90% of them cheat married or not. i don’t want his children to suffer…but i do wish sometimes that he had to deal with the destruction like i had to when my marriage ended and i had to move away. That is around 45 million American women who would be interested in living a ‘bit on the…Browse >home / dating a married man - it isn't ever worth itfeb 01worthless love – dating a married manby senior editor nia syrah355 comments +112 tweet19 share2k share1 pin11shares 2kthe cycle of the love affair with a married man almost always ends in broken hearts, hurt, and wasted time. it’s so painful but he’s my addiction and my drug now and i can’t leave him. i don´t dislike her, but i feel protective of his well-being and happiness, and i am aware he is under pressure around her.. my lover has left his partner of 10 years, dumped me after our affair of 4 years and run off with a blonde to start a new life – just before his 60th birthday. as a man his job is to try everything to keep me and to get what he wants, doesn’t mean i have to give in or go along for the ride or the flow and my life hasn’t stopped because of him either. a lover of fine wine and food, i tend to break the bank of those who can handle me. recognize the red flags and also understand even if he leaves, you will wait out the divorce and child custody situation – it does take time and it will be messy, you may be the transition girl, he may decide he never wants to marry again because its so painful…. out a way to meet with his wife, and tell her what’s going on. also treats me like his inlove with me, i’ve been married before, divorced now, and had a few exclusive love relationships, but i swear that, there is no man i have ever been with that treats me as precious as this man treats me. it didn’t made sense and i still believe he lied also about that and that she still doesn’t know..he no longer calls me, he hardly text,if he does it’s one or two words… i’m so mad…not with him but with myself to have gotten involve with a married man…i feel used and i don’t know how to get over this because i started to fall for him…sigh. she’s pregnant now and i have been talking to her about how unhappy i am with my marriage. she lost her 30’s waiting and pineing for a guy she was never going to get. but i make up for that in many other ways. when she would come home from work he would go sleep and then go to work in evenings and while he was on work he would contact me again and we talk again for hours. so write a list of the pros and cons of your marriage. we had been taking antibiotics for other ailments uti’s for one, and so eventually the std went away, but not before ruining my insides.: my husband had an “affair” with our cousin but his family doesnt see anything wrong with it? he suggested we just being friends, but i can’t have friendship with someone breach basic human trust. was reading all the comments and thought this is the right place to seek help. but despite the problems and the obstacles we face in this difficult relationship, we somehow fight to stay together. and ladies, please be careful not to allow yourselves to be proxy for being an alibi to a man who is keeping a “side chick”-for whatever reason-be it an emotional relationship or a (most likely) sexual relationship. couples stay together in developing countries despite polygamy and many cases of sexual infidelity, because they focus on the needful. present day is i make enough about 2000 a month to be able to live on my own however she doesn’t and that’s where the dilemma comes in.. self esteem gets shot and no back up to keep it high. i am also quite an attractive woman and have guys chasing me… but i have decided to stay alone for a while and understand why i have gotten myself into this painful experience. the issue here may be cheating or pretense which clearly goes beyond being married or not. they manipulate and control their spouses with their filthy black hearts. what if the relationship between “cheaters” is about fulfilling the unfulfilled part and it is mutually satisfying without it being demanding or more than either is able to give? if our affair was ever to be discovered i would feel so bad for him and his wife. i miss the all day texts and night time calls but i’ll invest my energy in those that can give me more than small fragments of their life. even if he does leave his wife and marries you, eventually the day-to-day realities of being married will replace the fantasy. you will cry for a while and maybe days at a time but you will notice yours tears will become less and less. i’m beginning to be involved with a married man, no i didn’t know he was married at 1st in fact 3wks went by before i guessed it, i’m in a position now where i’m new to the state, not meeting viable men and when we began talking and as things moved along i’m not crushed by this however on the other hand he will probably be as i’ve got things to do, people to meet, places to go and successes to have sooo not payin attention busy doin my thang i don’t have time for nothing but what i desire, now this should be a wake-up call for alotof people as many women these days don’t give no f_ _k about the married thang as men been runnin this game for years so don’t hate bcause i’m cocky, charming and daring more than enough not to be engulfed in his drama as it’s all about me not him, he gone give me money, sex when i want how i want and gifts thats what he’s here for (when i want to be bothered with him) lol definitly done flipped the script (oh please don’t give me all that you should be ashamed of yourself crap as i’m not, won’t be and have a life and things to do (as i mentioned before men have been coldblooded and such for years about time a true princess with swagger moved past it and is now runnin my own way of doin things) peace.. i’m divorced, sadly never had children and that time has passed… our feelings our mutual , the sex can’t be as good as it is without a deeper connection and chemistry…. being a mistress is frustrating, degrading, confusing, lonely, and the dishonesty is overwhelming. we tend to stay out of politics here at hall of the black dragon, i found it prudent to address the brand new go-to excuse for predatory language--in regards to women[. i love him and wish him the best, and when i recover from this trainwreck i will never- ever do this again 🙁. i only sometimes feel bad about being with him because my sister’s fiance left her after 5yrs for another woman and here i am sort of doing the same thing as the “mistress. i bet you have a few kids…2-3 different dads…typical black women…so easy to have set with and inpregnate…you are scum of the earth… “but yo momma black”…. is it wrong for a married woman to seek intimacy with a man if her husband is unable to offer that intimacy she seeks? i met a married man, he did leave her and stayed with me for 3 weeks. javer had a long term extramarital affair (6 years) with a young black woman who was 26 years younger and had an abortion with his child.” if this man is a real man, he would have respect. i try and do things discreetly out of respect and it bothers him. you do not owe anything to that woman but you owe yourself some respect. this article hit it dead on when it said, “married men dont leave! who is having an affair should read and take notice to that comment for sure. involved with a married man is actually a relationship with no direction. never get involved with married men or men in serious relationships with girlfriends. he compares hers to mines and he says that my pussy is the tightest that he has ever been in and i make him feel so good about himself and the sex is amazing like i was made for him, he would say. tell your husband you want out…regardless if its for the affair or not. i found out that the guy that i was with was married by doing a background check on him. damn i hope your wife never has a side ho and respects him enough to let him know and never lie to him but doesn’t have the respect to tell you. you wouldn’t want your lady suckin a man off and coming home and kissing you or your children would you? know what i need to do but can’t pull myself away…i’ve tried and failed and i’m desperately unhappy…. i honestly love him, as well, and thought he was just lusting at first but now i think differently. i don’t know of anyone who marries to remain celibate and without intimacy. like us on facebook twitter pinterest and we promise, we’ll be your lucky charm to a beautiful love life.. but if this guy is really truly concerned of me, he wouldnt have to say those things, he would just have to let me go and enjoy my youth… i have to face it,he is selfish and greedy,with me and his wife… i want to walk and run away before it sizzles, but im stuck. ex cheated on me and i didn’t take everything he had when i left him; i could have, but i was the better person. but if you both want it equally as bad, you will work through it and it will be okay. hes feeling guilty for hurting the woman he loves so bad she can’t forgive him he feels like crap for making such a huge mistake that was not worth it. we somethimes discuss women in general and the types he likes. marriage is a life long commitment and has nothing to do with sex. wife i confronted him n found out had a couple of affairs n wen i was ready to leave he begged n cryed for weeka nonstop texting calling 24/7treating me at work by me floqers take me out on dates this is wen he got back on his feet 7 mmoonths pass n still o would tell him to pick,up,kid child for visits n he wouldn’t agree unless i tagged along he insisted on me going no was not an answer visiting our child was an excuse to help himself inside my house to beg for me n tell,me how beautiful i am n how he didn’t deaerve me n wouldn’t leave without me so i finally gave in n he promised but idk aboutt trusting a cheater i cight a woman messing my husband n wrote back she was way to sexual n open wen i wrote her like they talked like that before he said he met her once n she liked n friended him imdb n that i was crazy he lovedm n would nevernever n that she replied that way because o wut i wrote that they never talked like that of course i thought it was bull n hhe reassured me that she was way too old for him had too many kids already divorced saggy boobs butt ugly. we tried to end our relationship several times and i cried every single day. sister was involved with a married man for 19 years, they were and are very much in love. most women have been with 10+ guys before marriage and did all sorts of scandalous isht. that’s always a deal breaker for me in deciding on a man being marriage material and obviously, your husband isn’t marriage material if he’s dabbled in this prior to you even marrying him. but after a while, i grew up and gave him his final walking papers. i have been approached by several married men all giving me the “unhappy” approach. we were friends when we met and i never had an intentions on being with him it just happened i guess and we’ve had our ups and down but i’m lost and confused and in only 21 he’s 20 something years older . i was dating lying about the circumstances surrounding his marriage, but he. if they really do, would they not care about who they hurt and come out with it and tell everyone? don’t blame the other woman right out of the gate 60%of these men lie about being married or rationalize to get the woman emotionally underpinned and it’s the husbands fault. talking, laughing, sharing our deepest thoughts and our frustrations about our marriages. i can pretty easily spot when he is lying and when not. years but he promised me we would be together forever but these days i accuse him of being online everywhere else apart from the app we use to chat, and he ignores me and pushes me aside and i just want to die. don’t try to justify your actions on sites like these, get your friends to help you emotionally to onvercome this situation and put it behind you.. you have to treat this like death and actually mourn the relationship in a sense. he sent me a dozen roses, danced with me in the rain and took unofficial vows with me. he won’t let me go and when he’s in his convincing mode i give in every time. is it okay for the french to have lovers and mistresses but not so in america? i’m a broken woman i love this man so much. since then he says he can’t stop thinking about me and that this is messing with his head because he’s in love with me and how there’s just something about me because he’s never been attracted to brunettes, only me. no wonder this world has so many sexually transmitted diseases..he lyed to gehe wasn’t unhappy …if a man is unhappy they’ll leave the wife n n this would b the perfect opportunity but he wasn’t unhappy so this was a mistake. so he sat down with her and their parnts requesting a divorce, and his parents and wife told him it was unacceptable and that he’s stuck. 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you’ve had your heart broken before, so just like the married person is trying to fill a void, the mistress is trying to fill a void. but when you and he both stay in your lanes with this whole thing, the only person who loses is his wife (i know you don’t care), this means i have 0 sympathy for that dude, drain the hell out of his money if that’s your thing, karma has it in for him. and so everything he says is carefully worded to keep you happy with him.’s never talked to any other human like he talks to me…. two years of marriage, my husband and i decided to have a child. all i know at that time was that my husband started behaving badly towards me, as he had done once during our engagement period. then there was the lies and trying to keep his house and the waffling back and forth. before you become a mistress or continue your relationship as one, please, remember that you are not only screwing around with your own emotions and your own life or the man’s wife’s, you are screwing with the emotions and life of his children, family members, friends and everyone else’s he is connected too.?Reading all these stories made me feel better knowing am not the only person struggling with getting over a married man. have a lot of things to tell you, if you’re having an affair with a married man or want to know about married men and affairs that are just waiting to happen. then you will be the secretnin his closet and you wilk live to resent that feeling if you start to care for him. click here to read about what falling in love with a married man can do to you. i hadn’t been able to get him out of my head, even after the two years that had gone by, but i was sure i’d be able to handle it. said we should talkas friends once a month or something and he misses e, etc. i thought we had something special, amazing, but when it came down to it and he had everything in place to be with me, he sweet talked me all the way up until an out of the blue text message. it takes two to tangle and put the blame where it belongs. well, that would be because of people who are willing to become involved emotionally or physically or both with someone who is already married. i fell out of love and no matter hoe hard i try i can never love him the way i did before. he was very charming and charasmatic, promising me that it would all be okay and getting cross with me if i ever voiced doubt. whatever the situation is, you are likely to have some great sex with a married man, even if most of the excitement comes from the possibility of being caught..and, gave me a reason to go to that website for a good laugh. what if he did leave his wife and married you, will you have as much sympathy for the next woman when you call him and he tells you where he is with her? wish i’d read this 3 years and a black hole of a heartbreak ago. dealing with a married man situation requires truth on both ends and forward progress. she moved on and we would always manage to find our way back to each other. not sure if a story or the truth, but what i saw in the end is an unhappy man because he is married to someone whom only cares about what he has financially to offer him and a man that simply needs to be loved.” he will never leave those kids, and what kind of woman am i if i ask him to? needless to say we don’t talk any more and myself and the girlfriend patched things up and actually get on quite well. that is, if they even tell you they are married. very few men have been seen to leave their family for another woman and you certainly don’t consider your cards to reign supreme all the while, do you?’m curious after 6 months if he is still with his wife and has he tried to contact you? he always texted me how much he loved and missed me. returning home, my husband and i continued as normal, trying to get me pregnant. i don’t think having kids involved should cause people to stay because like the poster stated above, kids know what’s up in the household and it’s worse for them. i accessed his facebook page several times a day, i sometimes ended up seeing his in the corridors of where we met… he hardly ever replying to my emails or anything and, when he did, it was either like 3 words or something about having to stay away from me… and then there was this day when i sent him a message about meeting him because i missed him so much (i had not done that) and he said yes. loving it and hating it all at the same time. women go deaf, dumb and blind over the “what ifs” of a man they find attractive, married or not. maybe i should have asked him outright what was going on but i was too high on the thought that he still loved me and there was obviously still chemistry between us.  after they meet and exchange conversation, he realizes what he has been missing at home and decides to pursue his happiness with her on the side. a few months ago he got into an accident, he survived but a couple weeks after the accident i got a message from a female on facebook claiming her cousin is pregnant for him , he told her that he is going to leave me for her and some other things too. of us are married and work together in different states. even if you or your married lover has no plans of getting a divorce, the excitement of a new relationship may prove too hard to resist. my world came crashing down when i finally gave birth to a beautiful healthy girl, and had to explain how a blue eyed blond with a fair haired husband could give birth to a dark skinned baby. we have the same boyfriend girlfriend relationship and nothing’s changed but him dethroning me and removing my title . off the relationship or end the marriage do not hurt your husband if you want to stay in your current setup. he just wanted sex, and not too much at that… i’m trying to get do new things (wine and astronomy courses) to try to pull my thoughts from revenge (he’s not friends with his wife on facebook (? honestly she has worked just as hard to get the “wealth he has earned” as a housewife she stayed home and took care of the children (if he has any) and him. always ready to blame the other woman instead of your cheating unhappy husband. i believe you do love him and cared for him even before and he the same for you at one time or another. or was it part of an economic system that extended the family and ensured greater security (financial and physical)? went from man of my dreams to mortal enemies in hours. like the mistress my husband cheated with, he told me he was helping her because she used to be a drug addict (she was an old friend). let’s all just keep sleeping around and then come on this thread and cry. if he leaves her, his family would basically dissown him as they love her very much and do not allow divorce in his family. and because of my fear with my past relationship and the fact that everyone always leaves me, i let the insecurities show…calling him, asking him what went wrong…he says my insecurities are making me rant but i know he’s changed. i’m by no means excusing his cheating but really, people more often have an affair when their needs are not being met and more often its on a subconscious level.. i need help and have much more to the story if there’s any way you can contact me…. i decided he was right, we had to sort our situations out, so i stayed calm and concentrated on sorting out my own are correct that relationships do fail and that is a part of life, but one is healthy part of life (should your choices be good people where it just didn’t work out) the other is not…. it isn’t that you can’t stay away, it is that you are selfish and a horrible person. think how you would feel about that other woman trying to steal away your husband. i decided to give in to my inhibitions and i stopped fighting the chemistry and the connection. i know you never deserve to find out and that’s really all that there is, but please let me remind you there is only one person to blame and that is your husband, men and women will always be attracted but when you take marriage vows to honor and respect its your job to walk away…. he’ll plead with you and make all the excuses in the world but don’t cave. i guess it all boils down to not getting everything you want and need in the relationship. pick up the pieces and move forward with your life. for the first two years we went everywhere, had beautiful times, and now he’s got a job and is cutting back our meetings and phone calls… i am so in love with him that is hurts and when he doesn’t text for ages i go crazy thinking something happened to him and can’t do anything until i know he is ok… but these days he just doesn’t make an effort anymore and is on viber all the time where she is, and i’m just terrified he’s rekindling with her, but i love him so much and can’t deal with this pain. even if you are single, you'll still be labeled as " the other woman" which can carry as much if not more negative stigmatism as the adulterous husband.  this in turn will make the other woman feel even more humiliated as she thought he didn’t like his wife like that. 26 years old and recently involved with a married man, its been good and bad as well just that idk if for the fact i always been wanting to have somethings to do with this guy and also my coworker i agreed to being his 2nd choice. he is now calling me, everyday, unless, his wife is there, and of course, no evening calls.’m in the same situation and im desperately in love and hurting …how are you dealing with things since you broke up? he wants to wait for the wife to leave him because he is too afraid to leave and worries about losing respect de his children. he is very narcissistic yet has this sweet and caring side to him as well…which always sucks. he suddenly stopped making time for me and then would reappear with something like, “i miss you, the talks we had, the things we planned on doing together and so forth. save yourself the heart ache and have him come clean first and then see how much you guys click and how much he really wants to be with you. he has made promises and not kept them i love him and idk if he does to me but i got so attach to this guys. god, did any one who is cheating realize the court systems take this into account, they know it’s potentially “emotionally abusive” when a cheating married man tries to get his children in a divorce hearing. after my divorce and being at a low point of my life i sought out married or attached men for a couple of years. he will not stop seeing her and tells me ” nothing is going to change” i have only been with two men in my life …. she has opened my eyes and made me rethink my life. i would never do this without his consent, but i know eventually, this will end badly for one of us anyway. if the husband would keep his lying, cheating ass at home instead of pursuing other woman and work on what is lacking in his marriage or make the decision to divorce these situations wouldn’t exist. again, it amazes me how “grown” men like you wouldnt drink from another person’s cup you didn’t know, but you will f**** someone who (if knowingly) is desperate enough to do all that nasty shit with a married man?! he couldn’t walk at the time so i put my feelings away and helped him through the ordeal. in the beginning, you think it is all fun and games and do not think of the repercussions or even realize the damage it end up causing your soul but it does destroy you in the end. of courae loved his wife and hthey always tell the mistress that thier unhappy to use her and justify cheatingbut will admit that nothings missing from the relationship but just bcuz u. however we seem to be going through the same problems alwys and at the same time. where do you people get this idea that wife and kids is a bundle of some sort.: re: new comment posted on worthless love – dating a married man. the man does not know how to give true love to another. message:64 thoughts on “having an affair with a married man – a true experience”.  if the man is not a total ass, he will feel the guilt every time he looks in his wife’s eyes, and he will try to ease the guilt by taking her out on a date, or suggesting a family vacation, etc. we met once on that week and then once again the following week, but then, a few days later, he said that he couldn’t go on seeing me, that this was really difficult for him, he really cared about me, but that he was going through a time of getting to knowing himself better and that he really could keep that up… he had been rather distant in the last two encounters, so i was really starting to accept the fact that it wasn’t working… but i was devastated. the love affair with the married man starts with a man who married for the wrong reasons and thus never truly felt fulfilled in his commitment to the wife. i couldn’t continue being with two people…it was destroying me emotionally and physically. the ones that win have a different tactic and they do not have a reason to be blogging or on this site telling you about what it is they did right. one day you will come to the realization that you have wasted years with a man who is not yours and probably will never be yours. well, i stayed away for a few days, but then i sent him message asking him if he was in fact a scumbag, if i could have been so wrong about someone, if he was in fact happy in his marriage and on, and on, and on (huge message)… and asked to tell me what had happened, because, otherwise, i would think the worse of him… i said how i’d given myself to him with all my heart despite knowing how wrong it was to get involved with a married man etc and asked him what had been his excuse for getting involved with me… the next day, i sent him a message saying the even though he hadn’t replied, i knew he couldn’t be such a monster… he replied a couple of days later. however, i often felt taken for granted, underappreciated, and romance was exceptionally lacking. i have been in a situation for about 9 months now where a married man has fallen in love with me. boyfriend is married but they have been separated for 2 years & the divorce is being finalized as i type lol. if someone is married, no matter how bad the person says it is, run the other way! in summary i am not dating him to break his family but for d benefits, sex, lots of money, advises,care and love and i know it wld nt last anywayz. i’ve made it very clear to him how considerate he was towards my feelings last time we saw each other and he didn’t come to talk to me… supposedly, i can’t talk to him because it’s too painful, but i really i don’t want to talk to him and i don’t want to pretend that nothing happened for other peoples’ sakes… i want to tell people how two-faced he is, but i know no one will believe me… everyone thinks he’s absolutely wonderful… just as i did a few months ago… not to mention that he could really hurt my career, so i’m cautious… i keep wondering how a man who says he’s so close to his mother and to his daughter can treat women (his wife, me) like this… what goes on inside the head of a man like this?. and for pete’s sake block this cat from your phone! it went on for a long time- three years-i ended it and told her, in writing. a part of me wants to inform his wife of what’s going on and put everything on the table and let the chips fall from there, even if that results in them repairing their relationship.. and your story inspires me so much, i pray that youd be able to move forward and love yourself more… lick the wounds silently, and grieve,grieve for he has died in your life.’m going thru this now as we speak, i’ve been with my husband for 7 years and married for 7 months now and and he’s already falling in love with his coworker, he tells me he won’t leave me cause of my daughter but yet he continues to message her i’ve confronted and she tells me she’ll not fight for him nor wants to fight for him and says she’ll stay away .’m engaged but not happy i guess i’m still here because we have child together about 2 months ago i met this guy and we started talking, from the start he was honest he told me hes married and i know i’m wrong but i’m starting to catch feelings for him idk if he is towards me since he set his rules which one of them was no feeling, he tells me that he will never leave his wife because they have 2 young children, i asked him why he cheats he reply that he hardly has sex with his wife and that they don’t communicate a lot since he’s a workaholic, so he’s looking for someone that gives him what he’s wife is not doing…idk what to do today i told him that i broke one of his rules he asked me which one i said feelings then i said i messed he reply back with yes fuck that i don’t understand what that means and he hasn’t texted me since. when he is with the other woman after you, what is he saying about you to her? he’s pissed at me for ending it (i half-heartedly tried to end it several times for over a month) and now i’m certain he’s tired of it. your conscience wouldn’t allow you to face your own self and you would lead a life of misery. 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the romance dream breaks when you have to deal with “real life! he said he wants to take me out and he wants me to be his girlfriend, the only thing stopping me is the woman who he’ll be married to a year next month. am patricia i was in a similar situation with my husband , thanks to solver king they made my marriage fun again. i’m not going to have children & don’t want long term relationship so married men are perfect. was dating a married man & didn’t know he was married until recently. that your man’s wife has done and would be doing all the necessary formalities that is expected of a partner, such as taking care of the family, looking after the house or even his favorite dog, you are free bird. any woman that takes on a married man, needs to be pitied for her self esteem is most of the time, really low. this a cowardly way to handle the situation and nothing short of him growing a set of balls and leaving is going to change that fact. petersburg, fl (check her out on facebook) is dating a married man in her physical therapy assistant program (pta) at south university. when we were both in our mid thirties with three fast growing daughters, the sob cheated on me again, having an affair with a woman in her early twenties who was the mother of a seven and a half year old son.’m happy to say ,i’m involved with a single woman now.. now i am dealing with my broken heart since i knew he was still married. have been having an affair with a guy for 4 years we used to work together, i met him after my ex had an affair, and the girl ended up pregnant, that was the end . asks for nothing from me, except that i grace him with my company and time if i am able. it is a bubble that can burst any moment and sting the eyes to cry..He told me from the start that he was married and couldn’t leave her but told me the usual she’s cold, i don’t love her, arranged marriage etc.’s something about a married man, or even a guy who’s got a girlfriend, for that matter.! saying that someone having a relationship whilst already married- well, thats just ridiculous. it is now obvious that this man knew exactly the role he needed to play in order to have me as his young sex toy and if he did really love me, he wouldmhave ended it after a while., i was involved in a long term extramarital affair with herb j, who was 26 years older and was the cfo at the company i worked for at the time. i feel like he took advantage of my vulnerable situation regarding my partner dying and never had these feelings for me at all . she’s desperate , thirsty and will do anything to get that attention. he worked nightshifts and when she would go to work he would sleep and the rest of the day he spended time with me. why is monogamy preferable when 48% of married americans are likely candidates for divorce? i feel like i am between a rock and a hard place. so, with the dreadful c word not posing as a hindrance in your relationship, you can simply enjoy the fruits of dating. i completely relate to this article and want my self-respect and self-esteem to return and replace the want for the connection we had. yeah she calls and he keeps it short with her. every woman is beautiful in her own way and i’m sure you are one of them so please wait till your own man come from you. raise your standards and show her it is not acceptable. (we are all around 60 years old, nobody married, no kids). i feel guilty and afraid to meet with him again. i am recently married, four months about, to a wonderful woman. he pursued me presenting himself as free, divorced and a “renter”. just please manage your expectations and your emotions, and if you really love the other person, you should try to inspire them to be the best husband, wife, parent, human being they can be. he said even if i leave him and not talk for months together, he would again come back to convince me and have me back in his life. you cant turn a hoe into a house wife and if for some chance you gind true love and marry, expect karma 10 fold. the hope of having a love affair is that he will leave his wife and marry you. the hurt may stay with her for years and years, wheras your wife, yes it would have killed her too, but at least she would have the chance of healing if she met someone else with a deeper connection. it had been years, many years later but it still hurt the same. like he is really remorseful about it and trying his utmost best to make up for it but you wont let it go. i am dating someone i know would never be mine, i would never see him as often as i like, can’t call, can’t go on dates with, someone who has to clearly dictate the pace of the relationship, and someone who is very married… and i love him so much i think id just die if someone else i love leaves me……. Read on to know the pros and cons of being involved into a relationship as controversial as this one. i know plenty of second marriages that have lasted 25 30 years that started out while the people were married. it is a lack of character and integrity on the part of the cheater. before i broke up with himm we spoke everyday, and saw each other every couple months.”and” i ended up sleeping with a married man and i just feel no emotion about it, not even guilt…i’m under no impression that he will leave his wife for me, that’s out of the question. i personally would limit the relationship to phone calls and facetime. he then confessed that he was married and they decided to get back together caouse he wanted to be there for his children. please pray for me for this overwhelming sadness and broken heart to ease up just a little. i feel like she no longer has boundaries and my husband would be considered fair game. i go through phases…so so angry with him and wanting to tell his wife he never stopped seeing me.!), but i’ve found her… i keep wanting to send her a message… maybe one to her sister… especially because he tried to have sex with me without a condom… i didn’t let him but who knows what other women are like, and that is really dangerous to his wife, evidently… at least that would be my excuse…) i can’t believe he’s going to get out of this unscathed… he really should suffer. me just say this to you adultresses and adulterers, you are a disgust to the vows of marriage, in the bible it says “in matthew 19:6 so they are no longer two, but one flesh. allows him to b gone on weekends, not come hm during the week… and believes he at friends house…really? addiction and i have an additciotn to this man and i have trouble saying no to. i am scared, and yet, i have a love for him. maybe it is a lot more complex and maybe it is something worthy of more intensive scientific study than our knee jerk reactions. they had to work together and it happened for five years til she decided to go back to university to get her mba. am a married man, as are many of my friends, 90% of whom have strayed. we deserve a full trust and a very happy life not a life full of anxiety. just a human being that went along with what the universe presented them. this week he did something shady & i caught him so i am not the only woman he is cheating with. i have tried so hard to stay away but idk the chemistry is just too strong we both cant stay away amd we always find ways to be alone and just talk and hold hands. are always the other woman because you do not see your own value. women need their emotional needs fulfilled… men need affirmation and praise through sex. trying to get me away from my husband( than boyfriend when i was 16) my gut told me something about this guy was no good. i met my 1st husband at 15 years old we had a very chaotic relationship, after 17years i left …… he was cheating with several women .’m a wife who has just survived her husband’s affair. i don’t want to talk to people around me because i am not a bad person and i wasn’t looking for love, it just happened! only that we didnt speak no more for 4months now… cause he felt guilty and wants to reconcile with his wife and fixed his marriage whereby his excuses is bout his kids. the man i was seeing i knew for a few years but never even guessed he liked me that way. how many hours or days in between women is enough for it to not matter anymore? he left me a few times and i was foolish and took him back.’m unemployed, no jobs in the area, applied for food assistance lost my house i raised my 3 children and had sleepovers with my 3 grandsons and in an instant my world collapse. and idk sometimes i feel like it may help our relationship and i can finally forgive him for shit he’s done. i searched her on facebook and she popped right up. were having lots of fun,we were quite drunk [read: how to avoid a hangover] and when the clock struck midnight, i felt someone’s lips over mine and i was pressed. enjoy life, don’t be messy, and when it’s time for it to end let it go. but, was liiving with a woman of means, him meansless, for many years, who had been his affair partner while both were married. i do work with this guy & today i bumped into him, awkward to say the least, he went bright red and said he was ok, after i asked how he was going. you make them feel emotionally dependent on your love & affection and you’ve got good sex on your timetable and time for fun when they’re busy w family. i’m clean and innocent sometimes men need to just be with a slut to know how good they got it he did really screw up with this one she was desperate enough to to get pregnant in the end he still will be with me and shes just a hore whos now hes babys mama your not going to get a married man who truly loves his wife but can’t keep his dick in his pants we resolved this issue with precussion rules and an open marriage. after 3 days he decided to stay with her and “work on things”., this bloke hooked up with a girl and she started hanging out with us all the time, which was all cool. make him constantly think of you and lead him around by his penis. people end marriages everyday where one wants out and one wants in-i know plently of couples who ended it, and one 1/2 said no, no, no, all the way to the signing. when he makes my coffee he draws a heart on the lid and said he would get it tattooed on him so i’d believe he likes me, i thought he was joking until he came in with a love heart on his shoulder. they’re always looking out to give attention and there are always girls waiting to receive any attention. i think mistresses haven’t a clue what really happens when the man is cheating. wondered if his wife had found out, but mostly i blamed myself as i had been a bit needy and emotional that week, asking him when he was going to leave etc.: falling in love with a married man | affairs with married men. it has changed the core of me, my beliefs and my sense of self. when he moved out or rather got kicked out, the wife sat with him and the kids and told them that daddy had lied to mommy and made her sad so now he needs to leave.’m amazed at how many people are in a similar situation…. i was married with a baby girl but broke up with my husband after 3yrs of sever beatings,hatred & mal-treatment from my husband and his people. and he says, he has no idea, it’s just me. i’ve been seeing/sexing a married man for four months.  often the fear of what others will think will not let him do it, as the man does not want to become the “bad guy” in their eyes as the daddy who left in their early years. i stayed with him because he is trying so hard to be a better husband. after the affair my husband i now play games, sneak around and do all things these women claim. i am currently having an affair with a married man and i would love to hear some insight. when we first met he claimed to be lonely and unsure if he wanted his marriage to work. he knows this and understands but has no intention of giving me up. he looked better than i remembered, we were both more mature, and more attracted to each other than ever before..and i phoned his wife to let her know that i was going to stop seeing her husband and that i was not the only one that he had been sleeping with at work. having respect for me, his vows before god and even still his wife, we’ve decided to part until his divorce is final. should i wait and see what happens or just move on? yourself for him to make a choice and that probably won’t be you.” and a click, leaving the other woman wondering all night if his cover was blown or not, and whether or not she will hear from him after that.’s too many single people out there to risk your health messing with a married one. he gave me money and everything i’m not stupid and i know he’s not leaving his wife i work a full time job and the extra help is love. why would any woman want to pick a guy who’s already been taken, when there are a million single guys around? men feel if they can msitreat their wife, the one whom they vowed their life , then what chance does the mistress or any woman, for that matter, have; he is damaged goods. 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but, i do not believe we should limit our encounters to only single people, or that all married people are off limits. still it was only when i finally caught him having cybersex did i realise what my husband really was. a small mistake and you can cause a wreck not just to your own life, but to others as well. im waiting for him to bolt again and when he does i will not leave a door open for him.: he said that even though he still really cared for me and that i had innumerous qualities that he looked for in a woman, in one of the times he had seen me in the corridors of where we met, i had a reaction that he could never have imagined and that that had proven to him that i was very similar to his ex and to his present wife and that, from that moment on, a future with me had become impossible, that we would never work as a couple… well, it’s a really, really long story and i’ve already written too much, but it was really unfair of him (supposing it’s true). during this time i met a married man, at first, i didn’t trust him but as time passed and he was there to talk to i shared my feelings about my situation. it always takes a step forward and then ten steps backwards.. in the right time it will all heal, and youll be fine. i lock myself in my closet and cry daily and it just wont stop. he tells me that he loves me, and asks if i am in love with him, and said that he knows that i am.. your other option is to give him a second chance, but that would depend on the type of man he is and whether or not he deserves it. it is easier said than done from a bystander with lack of knowledge of a situation and very easy to criticize. these days, a faithful man or woman in the ideal perspective is a rare find, whether married or single. i kicked him out of my house and my life. and so long as he keeps putting it down in the bedroom, we’re on good terms and i won’t have to find a replacement. i do not see my own value yet to people around me i seem so together and grounded. he just smiled at me, and started hugging me again. thought being in love with a married man would be so much different than it is. he said that he missed me very much and that he was hurt. absolute statements are angry ones and mostly check the stats on the number of second marriages…. don’t know if this is to do with my parents spitting up when i was little due to my mother cheating on my dad and leaving him for the other man. at the end of the day, it gripes my ass that the wife normally gets mad at the other woman, but gives her husband a pass.. wake up shes the victim not u …ur the stupid one cuz ur mad at the wife instead of him for dragging u in in ur pants he’s a man if they can they will n if ur stupid enough to believe them n keep ur mouth sut n keep u in lala land they will …all while not changing his feelings for his wife …u really think out of the80% of people who’ve cheat n were married.. now i have moved on, i cant trust him the way that i did before and the only thing thats keeping our marriage intact is our 2 lovely kids. a woman becomes a “ho” the minute she has sex before marriage if you want to be real “godly” about the bs. respect yourself and you won’t be sitting here asking the world what to do as if someone is forcing them to continue to make bad decisions. i told them what he said and why he said it and i told them that i did not agree with it but that i would honor his decision. he texts me every day, facetime, and times when they are out he will call me just to tell me he was thinking about me and it’s never a click and hang-up. i am honest with him and i know he’s as honest as he can be given the situation. we get one life mate, one life, let your wife find someone who she deserves, we all have to hurt people some times, and sometimes it has to be done because you love her and want that for her. i got out of mine just recently and plan to be resolute in my choice. knows his married so his not in any position to ask anything or demand anything from me, but point is, alot of other married men may be married but still make demands and expectations from their mistresses.? men who actually leave their wives and kid it’s because him and his wife are fighting over the fact he may be cheating.]taking a career setback and starting freshtips on starting your own businesscoping with an unexpected career setback can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, and it can be challenging to know how to forge ahead. we talked and he said he is now with her again and they gonna try it again. think about your selfish motive and about the family you are about to destroy because of your frivolous fling. person does not just marry and have children for fun. the other woman is not married to you, so she really isn’t obligated to respect your marriage. i looked at him and couldn’t hold my laughter. falling for him even more and goin crazy at the same time so i turn to drugs to clear my head otherwise i don’t stop thinking about him. all over the globe give up on their marriages every year, and they do so needlessly. i was expecting too find myself divorced- but my husband listened to everything, spoke to the other guy (who did not come clean to his mrs) and stood by me. you feel you are worthless=side chick-whether or not you are aware that this man is married or in a long term or serious relationship or whatever…. i care for him a lot, it has been a long relationship, but now he can’t always call as is travelling with employees ( only calls when driving) and says we are ok, and there are no problems but might not be able to call so often. it is there to provide mutual companionship based on common financial and social goals, liking creating and raising productive contributing members of society. he had a lot of financial security and material things.’ve been involved with a married man for about one year. months ago my husband confessed that he had an affair with his former co worker. i used to be this huge “stick for women” kind of woman until i stepped into reality and saw how women truly are. i knew that the fact that i was married was probably an advantage, in his point of view… he really didn’t show that he cared all that much about me, except when i was in front of him, but i made up excuses for him (busy etc). as the other woman, you will only get crumbs from him as he will never truly love you, regardless of what he says. have already spelled disaster for yourself by falling for a married man..and now i have lost my dignity because of how cross i got with him.” knowing full well that even if he did get a divorce, i wouldn’t want a man like that anyway. he didn’t lie and tried to tell her that it was more than that. you don’t want to feel the sadness of not being picked (because normally they are cowardly and never do).. since i posted, i’ve really been trying to keep busy and keep my distance. my son is now 15s and his father, now diorced, proudly acknowledges all of his children (3 through marriage, 3 on the side, and one younger child) but still don’t show give much support. think it through and get the advice of an older, wiser same sex friend. pain is something you can stand… just takes a month of everything you have got and then everyday it becomes easier!. i’ve heard from other wives and they are actually sweet.! its emotional warfare where the game isnt fair and there arent even any rules. they have been living like this 2 years and yes i’ve seen the seperate bedrooms. date with a married man, if you can date with a very available (single) man? i knew he was married and i let him know i would not get involved because i respect the institute of marriage. an affair with a married man or falling in love with him has got to be every girl’s nightmare. i got crazy upset and decided to break it off.. it was written from experience and i, too, had to get out. my past i have been with a few married men. he lied after confessing to the affair and said he did not love her and just “needed time. they are the reason you receive gifts, vacations , and romantic dates you otherwise would not . if you want to have a relationship with someone else be dignified enough to end your first relationship before you do so – whilst you are having fun and living the high lives remember you have no right to force your spouses or partners or people who have done you no hurt to force them to live a lie and damage them to such an extent with your betrayal. marriage was pretty much over when i met my married man and as soon as i realised i was having feelings for another man i told my husband it was over and we separated. think if two consenting adults develop a friendship, it doesn’t matter if one of them is married. he let me know his feelings a few months after my partner died , he said he wanted sex as he hadnt had sex with his wife for 3 years as he no longer found her sexually attractive , but he said from the start he would not leave his wife and would not allow himself to have any feelings for me. and which one of you men would brag about that nasty shit?.I am a wife of a man whos cheating we have problems like all couples but stillvery much in love we talk about thinks other than the kids and have sex everyday hes just a man thats it the woman new he was married and didnt walk away what does that say about her dirty…. you get involved with a married person, all that will happen will be heartbreak ,let down ,and all along the way frustration. i also think this new relationship your husband is unlikely to work as its built out of mistrust. i didn’t know he had someone when we first started talking and having sex. well anyways during that period she got pregnant and had her daughter with another man. i have 3 amazing kids and have been divorced for 10 years. after few months he started to snap and wanted to distance. i told him that after 1,5 year he has no right to tell me i push him since i gave him many time to end things there. that means she doesn’t respect herself and please kill yourself if you think your side ho is “faithful” to you and only you. three months of blissfulness he tells me he’s married. so instead of taking some pride in yourself and dropping the loser you go to a mighty sorceress and begged her to put a root on the other woman so that you can have the man… if anybody actually uses your services i feel very sorry for them. we didnt speak for two weeks and after two weeks he contacted me again. so after this he stopped texting or barely texted and wouldn;t call. come what may, your man’s foremost priority would be his wife. and for some reason i cant bare the thought that he wont want to be with me. i promise you that you are beautiful and will find another sexy mocha man. i am 44 and i’ve been the mistress for 10 years, my advice please, please change your number and anyone associated with him, stay away. you are awesome and i loved your response but i have to bring you back to earth a bit. he loves his children and will not progress the relationship to sexual one. now many yers later, it is hard to believe that this didn’t bother him during the six years we were ” together”. i never put fault solely on the woman, and kept my expressions of disappointment with my husband only. 19 years, (and his wife had, at points in the marriage, been aware of the relationship with my sister) the wife confronted him and made him leave. i know i genuinely fell in love with mine and i warn other women from letting themselves get that deep.’m actually goin through it right now and it’s so complicating..but he always waits for me to make the move on him and we don’t have sec when we’re together. i am here to say that i have never had an affair and never intended.  this a cowardly way to handle the situation and nothing short of him growing a set of balls and leaving is going to change that fact. at first i would feel horrible and would get so panicky but now its just so natural.’ve been dating a married man which i didnt know he was until 6months into the realationship and feelings had grown she recently found out about me she seen pictures of him and i text messages back and fourth from each and now iam inlove with him what should i do please give me some advice. you’re talking about black women but you’re a black man. to know more about having an affair with a married man? again, you’re mad because now you have to think about how these girls are out here who are sleeping around and guys as well and that if you’re messin around with these hoes that you gotta keep in mind when the last time they were sucking some other dude off. he says there is nothing between him and his wife. my married friend and i are in love with each other and i love the way he looks at me and treats me like a princess…and it hurts him to know when i’m in a relationship. he wishes to leave her, but she speaks no english, cant drive, and he’s the sole provider. my humble opinion, nothing is a greater test of heart than sports and combat. reflect on your own standards and do a self inventory. we started going out with each other and i started pushing away my fiancée more.
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you are looking at your past and what you and this man had together and how you felt back then and you are using and bringing those past feelings into what you have done today to make it feel some kind of right because you are trying to recapture a memory a feeling of what once existed between you two. new things are new and not made from mistakes-not orchestrated by human manipulations and control! put yourself in the shoes of someone who has to explain to children you are the reason the family separated and a major contributor to their lifestyle change, therapy, watching their parents in court and the other emotions that come with being the other woman. women can date countless men, jump from relationship to relationship and never find their prince. he is one of the most polite people i’ve ever met and not the kind of person to end a relationship badly and i accused his of all sorts of thing, but he would always say that he need this time away from me blah blah blah… there came a point where i actually believed that he did care about me but that he was going through something (he wouldn’t tell me what it was) that made it impossible for us to keep in touch… i always assumed that he was having a hard time separating… i kept on sending him loving emails and text messages…. but he would happily take me on holiday with him and not have sex with me at all or even touch me. it’s up to you weather or not you want to continue living, and staying married to that person. sadly to say i am the same blonde girl that posted in febuary and wow this is quite an eye opener seeing my post from 8 months ago! when i told him i know he will never really be my man he stops me saying that its not that he doesnt want to be or wouldnt be but he has two children and says that he just doesnt know how to leave them. i’ve lost weight, discovered a new career, and discovered that my life was better without a man who didn’t see my love and beauty. you have an affair with a married man, carefully consider the good and bad elements. will never leave and if he does, he will do you the same way he treats her and her children. you’re in love with him and don’t want it to end and don’t want to be with any other but him regardless of the fact it is wrong. year ago i would have said that a relationship with a married man was the worst think that could happen to a young woman. they know when mommy and daddy are not getting along, when daddy hurts mommy, when mommy has been crying, etc. so that weekend he didnt call at all and i fussed him out.! so my advice to you now woman to woman, tell him that you don’t want to be the reason why his leaving his wife or anything of such, he will respect you so much. when he does i like to think he is in good hands.. i have no ring on my finger and i only hear his empty promises. and, then when he finally tells her, she has been swept away in all the bliss and lies thinking he will leave his wife. and keeps uploading their happy pics on vacation killing me . when it’s secret, it’s exciting and having him touch me is exciting because he belongs to someone else. he now sticks to her because of his daughter and because he can’t effort paying for the house on his own so i’m sure he will find soon someone other again to fill the void. and now my emotions have gotten the best of me. predators of this type, a/k/a cheaters, players, dogz, are masterfully skilled at their craft and have had years of experience, of which their wives have largely conributed, by remaining in their loveless, dysfunctional “legal arrangement”, instead of growing a spine , and finding a divorce lawyer. i said did you break up because you want to be single and date others or because we fight? this happened to me before and the man (no wedding band) pursued me over a year only for me to find out that he’s a married man with 2 kids.’s a dead end and any future would have been based on lies and deception. of the prime advantages of dating a married man is that while you do not look forward to any form of commitment from his end, his attitude towards you is the same. by nia syrah · senior editor on monday, february 1, 2010 filed under married life, the dating gametagged with cheating, mistress, other womanabout nia syrah i'm a mom, a sister, a daughter. if you by any chance have sunk too deep into it by now, consider the pros and cons of the relationship you are in. i told her that whatever he tells her to keep in mind there are other sides and stories to this man’s life; kids, wife, friends and other family. the ‘mistress’ is just one of many people that married man or married woman share a moment or period in life with. you are single and having a relationship with a married man, it will not be as fulfilling as dating a single guy. told each other we were the love of each other’s lives– best friends, strong connection and said one day we would be together after our kids were grown. my life too, i’ve had my own share of commitment issues, married men and affairs. im pretty sure that was the lesson jesus was teaching when he told the disciples to love peter after he had denied jesus… i love my husband. a married man is no less than an adventure and can break the monotony of your everyday life. if you get the man to marry you what makes you think he will not get bored of you as the years go by and do the same thing with somebody else…. you considering having a love affair with a married man? the ones that win have a different tactic and they do not have a reason to be blogging or on this site telling you about what it is they did husband would say as an explanation y his coworks got him gifts was they were weirdly obsessed with him n how he would avoid her or . nobody deserves to feel less than they are worth and it’s not fair to all involved. truly admire your strength and am grateful for your advice. simply can not deny me and her a chance to be together. we spend 5 nights a week together and we often go out of town together. i was young, naive and a single mother- this is not an excuse-i was wrong-but i needed guidance and he was there. and i worry he will cheat on me one day. all the extra compliments, attention and gifts are hard to turn down and somehow these guys master the art of being sincere however the absolute hardest thing to do is to walk away from what feels like amazing chemistry and a passion you may have never experienced before. there was closure needed and things to be said and we met again one last time, which was followed by a raged threatening phone call from the wife afterwards. we saw each other about once a month and that was me practically begging him.. i am completely shocked at how many women have such low self esteem that they need to allow themselves to fall in love with a man that already has obligations! i have been to family functions where he and his mother introduced me as his girlfriend. now his relationship with his daughters is better than ever and he wants to repair his marriage. i also offered him to take his kids and live with them and the mistress and he refused. first time i ever fell in love with a committed man was when i was in high school. i was like a crazy teenager, i told him how much i missed him and that he will always be my soul mate. talk about someone they married (for better or worse) is shameful because at one point he loved this woman and those “flaws” weren’t an issue beforehand. my lover finds out after two months makes it a big deal like if he actual loved me or cared idk what to think and do after that day in august when we were in october by now. you need to leave this ugly affair, and find your own partner whose heart is completely yours. it starts off fun and games until one day you wake up and realize youre in love. what causes a married man to have an affair is a need for emotional fulfillment. the married man may fulfill you in ways other men have not..ur mad at his wife for wut calling u out after u met up with her husband after u knew he was married?.You are so right this is not healthy…we can’t talk on weekends so on monday he texted me and tells the samething remember this is what is no feelings and i started crying because how can i not develop feelings for someone that i speak to mon-fri that i spend time with. love to hear your stories and how you got it through to your head this ws crazy. he on the other hand… he has obviously thought about that. last week i met with my high school sweetheart after 12 years of no contact, i went crazy, hugged and kissed him. he keeps calling to tell me he loves me and is unhappy, but it’s up to him to fix it, not me hurting myself and others to make him happy. and i still stay with him because i love him. even when we stay at resorts, he’s quick to use his credit card or bank card and i remind him they can be traced and i offer to use mine and still then he gives me the money. during this time i met a married man, at first, i didn’t trust him but as time passed and he was there to talk to i shared my feelings about my situation. we became sexually active, he’s very good in bed, he provides for me financially, bcuz am nt yet wrking, he enrolled me in a project mgt training nd so many more things, he advises me. you will realize and probably say what was i thinking all those years. article comes with a strong assumption that the end goal of any relationship a single woman gets into should be marriage, or long term commitment . the women should be honest also with that man on his pass. i tried to break this relationship off at least 4 times because i feel guilty and ashamed for falling for a married man. your husband or wife will cheat, your life will be the same as those you chose to hurt.. i know i’m late with my response so i hope this email finds you single and still coping. now, i had to find out from a friend, who went on his facebook site, that he was married. shaking from the inside out and tears that wont stop. i don’t even care that i’m hurting some other woman because women don’t give a damn about each other anymore. it bothers me today that i did that to his wife and adult children. those shows are all scripted after all, and you cannot force real love from the black hole of a dead, divided heart spitting up from an already dead soul union. have been seeking for help, support, promising signs that together we will make it work, but really our connection hasbeen coming down to mine and may be his dreams, understanding and acceptance of the situation, but not changing it. we went away every other weekend together and i never knew because i trusted him so i never even thought he was cheating even though in retrospect i should have known but in reality i really didn’t care anymore because i was so unhappy! he divorced his wife for the second time and her husband died after they had lived together for 5 years. many of us have been there and the attraction turns to scorn when you learn that she’s merely some dude’s mistress. this married guy has me feeling special, saying everything i need to hear but wants his wife and myself to be in his life. get enough amo to always hold it over his head and if he runs or gets disrespectful to you in any way get the heck out. im now in a relationship with a married man, and im already gathering courage to leave as early as i can before i completely lose my mind. so we broke up and that following monday, i called him and told him how much i missed him and loved him. i didn’t want it too happen, and kept trying to push the guy from my life- deleting his number, trying to remind both of us why we were married to the people we are- but he just kept coming back saying he would die without me in his life. so i asked the question and his response was don’t worry it will. they started pressing me to date i met this creep who decided to lie to me for 10 mos about being married and when i doubted him he did really great at trying to make me think i was crazy. our relationship isn’t exactly secret either as far as my friends are concerned and some of them are married. best friend, who is single, is dating a married man. which you aren’t doing while waiting for a married man. me get this straight, are you seriously comparing the woes of dating single men (sans attachment, ring, promise, and children) with dating married guys who cheat on their wives? i did not know at first that he was married…i fell hard and fast for this man. i know what i am, and like i said i feel no emotion about it. we deserve a full time and attention from them not a spare time that they can give us. trust you need to move on and start dating single men and let this man go back to his wife and work out their problems and tell him when he has divorced his wife then come look you up. too hard to be around him, so i left the company we worked for and he never even said goodbye. he knew about my x husband and the abuse i suffered as a result and totally used that against me to make me feel crazy and like i was broken. i called him and told him that if he really loved me he needed to separate from his wife. i know he is bad for me and yet i keep going back for more. i have to do everything in the house and she does nothing and also doesn’t change it, we haven’t had sex for more then a year, i am not attracted to her, i just need time to end things here. so again i made an ultimatum, leave your job which was taking him away from home for months at a time, and find another job which would keep him where he belonged ‘with his family. i think it’s just from having zero expectation of ever really being loved by anyone-for what reason or, why i don’t know-but others can sense this energy i think…it’s like you are so low on self worth that you carry yourself as a victim–being a side chick is worse than anything ever–even working as a stripper or being a prostitute…it’s almost as bad as being raped i think, because of the level of denial involved in being sexually intimate with someone who is just objectifying you so much-so much-that they are forsaking their families and wedding vows. i mean this man will pay my bills, in 5 months, i’ve been on 15 vacations with him. it was like talking to a 19 year old, denying the affair and yet she knows his “ways” and seems ok with that and claims she’s involved with someone else (scary) so i made a conclusion that she’s in it for the $$$ she’s just going with the flow, but it’s been a year and i’m sure feelings have developed and she’s denying that too but won’t let go. about a month later i became gravely ill and ended up in the hospital. you can train, study and read all you want but when the jaws of life slams shut, you are typ[.
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and for the pressure from parents to have kids, he has refused point blank that he doesn’t want them. he was a decent human being in that *he* ended it. if i would go 25 min without sending him a text he’d get mad or ignore me and i would beg and beg until he talked to me.: well, he still wanted me, but i made sure he knew that i was doing this against my principles, against my religion, because i was simply crazy about him and because i had fought so much against it but it had been in vain… we were together a couple of times before he travelled with his daughter for 10 days (apparently his wife couldn’t go). if you don’t believe it, ask the mistresses who have given ultimatums and they will tell you what happens. sure you have those once in a million times where the man actually leaves his wife for another, but for the most part, it is a script for adultery disaster. so when the man strikes and she is smitten, judgement goes out the door and the panties drop down to the ankles. have the right to find a man who will reserve your own love and happiness, you habe that right, just like his wife deserves as well. the pain and psychological damage caused by his affair was so deep i didn’t recognise my 3 children. she said she was unhappy too and they agreed to separate and talk about divorce. they are geared towards the man as “never changing” and always doing this no matter what. absolute statements are angry ones and mostly check the stats…. takes time and cannot be found starting from a basis of lies…comon people… i understand fulfilling human urges but there are other ways to take care of those needs without having a mistress or on the flip side having to date a married person to find extra exictement in lust. if i move on with any other single guy id feel hurt and emptiness n lost well thats wt married man says. everything you have written in your article is true for the majority (out of the many affairs i know of, only two became a long term relationship) of affairs. building a life with someone with constant progression and growth is necessary for a healthy relationship. are you saying the man just can’t say no or has no responsibility here?, and by the way, you aren’t a victim either, his wife and kids are the victims. i could give people advice it would be: never enter a relationship with a married man. Well close to fifteen percent of married women have affairs. it’s not fair to be with a women who has an affair already with a married man, but if the man is truly love that women, he can accept that women of who she was and her situation. my husband had an affair with a fellow female cop. i said i’d never be with anoter married man. currently dating a mm, after a break up with my ex bf and lots of family issues, i met dis guy on a social media, we strted talkn regularly, he calls and bbm, den i askd him if he was married nd he said yes, also asked if he has a kid, and told me he has a son, by then i had fallen for him, he showed me love nd care bcuz.  unfortunately, even if she is not ready to admit it, her subconscious desire is for him to make the dream come true, and leave his wife. i’m also aware of the same way you get that man will be the same way you lose that man. i am still in medical school and my schedule is too demanding for a real relationship, so i’ve given myself some sort of rationale for this unthinkable behavior. god said vengence is mine and i will relay every man according yo his deeds. it’s been one day and i’m devastated because he said he was never going back. he married her and now he is cheating on her, and she is crying just like i did, for she thought he would be honest and faithful to her.”, “johnny has band practice tomorrow, can you pick him up?’ however, i still did not know he was a serial cheater, and let him have sex with me. we have been together for 29 years now, and every day is an emotional rollercoaster! must have been cheated on by your husband and i feel sad for you. i feel so depressed and that my life is over.. you are a willing participant in his quest for ass outside the marriage so do you (and him i guess)… and like most men, hes doing what he has to do in order to get it no less than twice a week… maybe when it’s all over you can pick your self esteem up off the floor and work on getting past those family and emotional issues…. ideally, a person gets into a relationship to find solace and not get overburdened with trauma. i’m battling through an acrimonious divorce, bleeding my bank account, losing my kids 50%, and the other guy who started with separation still hasn’t separated. now i asked him and he said yes he’s married and he wants to have an affair he said he felt like his wife was cheating on him and that’s why he was doing what he’s doing. i didn’t know the snake i was married to. i’m short and slmost dumpy yet my married man is nuts about me. have to believe this and have faith in god’s real love for me alone, but it is really difficult sometimes. in a similar situation involved with a married man i met him when i was 15 and he was 26 now i am 20 and he is nearly 31. i came clean to my husband, unsure of the outcome. nobody ever said it would be easy, and certainly nothing prepares you for the life change that you undertake in marriage. this man has even ask me to give him a child.. i am a mom of 3 and i am so hurt, so humiliated. three months ago, i met this guy and he told me he was single and never been married. it madders what those kids mean, and theres nothing she can do to separate him from them. and as complicated and tricky as it can seem, it can be a lot worse, says rebecca paul as she narrates her own tryst with a married man. we eventually decided to just be friends and we remained so for many years, sharing deepest secrets with one another, and helping each other through different stages in life. like this we were off and on on talking since i would always try to snap ties. we hadn’t seen each other in years and for the first time in over 4 years, we finally resided in the same city again. if the married man you are dating or planning to date has managed to cheat his wife, what makes you rest assured that he won’t be doing the same to you? he makes me feel so good about myself, the highest of high and in the next breath he makes me feel so bad about myself, and then the lowest of low.. weight out the pro’s and con’s of the relationship honestly and any rational mind will realise that it is not worth it. 😉 that will love you openly for the whole world to see and what to give you the world because he loves you and only you. the only unsaintly part is that his married, and his clearly cheating on his wife with me. he runs his own business and from the moment we met, there was a connection. much drama to bear with the guilt and hiding amd never being open.. we were best of friends and loverd at the same time. he’s married but his wife left him and moved out of town. he called her a ho and went on about all the different guys she was sleeping with. the woman who is in love will be destroyed while the man moves on eventually and either stays in the comfort of his marriage or finds a new mistress. can some married men chime in here and give us your prospective? it hurts because i feel used and that hes not fighting enough to try.. or an alcoholic or drug addict who spends his money on his addictions and steals with his children present because he is under the influence. the few days i have experienced will grow into a sad and heavy procession of weeks and months when i will have to put on hold my feelings, desires and dreams. read this article through tears because it’s all so true…i’m in an online affair with a married man and i’ve put my life on hold for nearly 2 years. someone suggested that was a reason so many men go on the down-low.. i have a secret lover, and a best friend in my lover that i met 12 years ago. he said he’s spoken to his mum (who lives in south america) and told her he’s fallen for someone else. since my friend has started this relationship with this married man, i find that i don’t trust her around my husband. trust me, i understand (i just posted now about my 5 years as the ow). and guilt is not a good advisor, responsibilities are yours if you accept them, with or without a marriage, so it is all in and up to you and your deep very personal morals. very thought that you are not the only one in your man’s life is enough to make your life hellish. he’s also a control freak and very over protective and does not allow me to do anything such as clubbing hanging out with mates going out or chatting to other guys as mates. again believe me, like another poster mentioned, the husband will go through years of drama at home so i don’t wanna hear the excuse to blame the husband not the other woman nonsense. hell some lucky bastards have the wife who will weather the storm just to avoid leaving the stable income, the periodic sex with spooning and the fear of the kid having a single parent or worse yet daddy issues. think i may have fallen for a man (married, ofcourse), who’s about 10 years older. there are many who aren’t as respectful and transfer diseases to their spouses..Am begining to love him that much but the fact that he is married tears me apart because i do not want to date a married man. we didn’t, only kissed and fondled, in his car. we never had sex but came close so, i do understand but! the fable about the unhappy marriage and love for kids is just to save face. i had a great guy friend who was very sweet and charming, and not to mention gorgeous and a great sense of humor. she left her boyfriend of two years to pursue a relationship with the married ex-marine. why then just single out affairs with married men then? it is unrealistic to believe that intelligent human beings will never again share common interest with another human being or member of the opposite sex for the next 10, 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years of their life. if not, without you knowing, your killing yourself and you will never be happy. i take care of 4 young children by myself: its lonely, and i feel like a single mom. i didn’t believe him and was hurt he did that to me so i broke things off with him. i got involved with a married man a few months back., a woman never really intends to fall in love, it just happens. but i cannot get this other man out of my mind. they quickly figure out how to become the man of your dreams. well he did, but then one day while i was out of town he called me and i was shocked. the man more than likely plays into this often times telling her things such as “i wish i could have met you years ago”. surround yourself with good friends and go through whatever process you need to in order to let him go. dont let yourself get attached like i have, or you’ll spend way too many nights crying yourself to sleep while he takes his wife on dates, celebrates holidays, or just lives his life.!I tried to leave then and 100 times since, but my married man is quite the talker and i guess im just too blind or too weak to not put a stop to it once and for all. he’s not trying to have someone on the side and doesn’t necessarily agree with his own actions. he was really interested in me, and that was really good for my ego since my own husband frequently attacked my self-esteem and put me down… i tried to make it work with my husband for another 3 years, but the truth of it was that i thought about the other man all the time (all the time)… i’d known the other for a year when we had a conversation in which he told me about the problems in his marriage and how his wife had tricked him into getting pregnant with their daughter and that the kid was the reason he didn’t get a divorce… how he actually saw me as a woman he would like to have his child, how he admired me etc… but at some point in the conversation, he got my name wrong. what is better and what is more fulfilling than having a good friend, a good friend that makes you a better person, a friend that also happens to be your (secret) lover? and once you heal, you will be able to understand the value or lesson this relationship bought into your life. and if it’s so wonderful -why do you have to keep it a secret? everytime when i mentioned it he was not very understanding, no, it even irritated him when i started to talk about it. if you truly love the married man let him go and do it the right way if god meant it for both of you to be together it will happen. he is very self conscious about his size and he often says that he wish he had a larger man hood. and he tells me he hates that he’s in love with 2 women and he doesn’t know what to do. the mistress may just settle now for someone and never properly get over it. it takes a lot of trust to hve sex with a married man, even of he’s your twin soul. so i did calmly and with as much love as i could. of budgeting | pros and cons of having a credit card | importance of english | pros and cons to gated communities | importance of management.

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