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    if you assume one layer per year or something like that, it’s like the dating methods, you are assuming things in regard to the past that are not necessarily true."[24] during his rebuttal, nye asked, "why should we accept your word for it that natural law changed 3,000 years ago and we have no record of it? nye is best known for hosting the 1990s television series bill nye the science guy. of two humanist groups – the american humanist association (aha) and the center for inquiry – praised nye's decision to participate in the debate.' i want to passionately deal with what i believe, and i want bill nye to passionately speak on what he believes. there were multiple times i believed he could have hammered nye on some of his inconsistencies but in my opinion chose not to.: i just want people to understand, too, in dating the age of the earth at about  4 1/2 billion years, no earth rock was dated to get that age., and then sin and death entered the world; so there was no death before sin --that means not having billions of dead things before man sinned.
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NOVA | Radioactive Decay of Carbon-14

bill nye—rebutting nye’s argument that kentucky is backward technologically. i used to enjoy watching him on television, too; that's bill nye the observational science guy.  for instance, as bill states, "it's hard for many of us to accept that when you die it’s over. scientists, both christian and non-christian, generally agreed that nye won the debate, at least in terms of the science presented, although they debated how convincing the victory was.[23] metropolitan nicholas of the greek orthodox church, who was trained as a scientist before taking holy orders, also criticized both nye's and ham's approach to the debate, saying that "research that is done to challenge god, has the disease of prejudice."[9] others expressed concern that nye's relative lack of familiarity with evolution – his formal training is in mechanical engineering – and inexperience in debates might lead some to conclude that ham won the debate.: what bill nye needs to do for me is to show me an example of something or some new function that arose that was not previously possible from the genetic information that was there. billion people, where we used to be barely able to feed a billion. Dan and phil online dating,

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andrew snelling, our phd geologist sent that to a lab in massachusetts in 1994, they used the potassium-argon dating method and dated it at 45 million years old. billion years old and the existence of dinosaurs and humans is separated by about 60 million years.” i mean, you said , even if you came to faith,  you’d  never give up on believing in billions of years, if i heard you correctly,  you said something like that recently, so that would be my question for bill.[8] nye also offered radiometric and carbon-14 dating to show that a young earth view is wrong. creation: bill nye, ken ham debate the origins of life".. nye criticized the lack of undergraduate programs in nuclear medicine in kentucky. in fact, different dating methods on the same rock will [often] show all sorts of different dates.[10] in an op-ed for cnn, nye answered critics, saying, "in short, i decided to participate in the debate because i felt it would draw attention to the importance of science education here in the united states. Not quite dating catherine bybee epub

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i just want to remind us all, there are billions of people in the world who are deeply religious; who get enriched by the wonderful sense of community from their religion. there are billions of people in the world who are devoutly religious; they have to be compatible because they're the same people who embrace science.[12] two humanist groups—the american humanist association and the center for inquiry praised nye's decision. clip, nye speaking:  these people with their deeply held religious beliefs, they embrace that whole literal  interpretation of the bible as written in english, as a worldview, and at the same time they except aspirin, antibiotic drugs, airplanes, but they are able to hold these two worldviews., we can look at methods and you can see that there are many methods that contradict billions of years, many methods that seem to support thousands of years, and as dr. i don't believe people should go away saying 'bill nye won' or 'ken ham won.. the overwhelming majority of people in the scientific community have presented valid physical evidence, such as carbon dating and fossils to support evolutionary theory.: 2014 in kentucky2014 in religion2014 in sciencebill nyeboone county, kentuckycriticism of creationismdebatesevents in kentuckyevolution and religionfebruary 2014 events in the united statesreligion in kentuckyscience and technology in kentuckyyoung earth creationism.

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, the majority of nye’s statements and questions have been addressed on our website or by other organizations who teach a young-earth creation. after the nye video was posted, the yec ministry answers in genesis (aig) posted a video response featuring aig scientists david menton and georgia purdom.[23] ham argued that these various dating methods are untrustworthy because they often give varying ages for the same artifacts. point is, all these dating methods actually give all sorts of different dates. nye was worried that a large number of people in the us do not accept the theory of evolution. there’s hundreds of dating methods out there, (slide: list, not legible) hundreds of them."[23] science blogger greg laden, who had earlier expressed concerns about nye's lack of evolutionary expertise, believed nye's victory was as lop-sided as the seattle seahawks' victory over the denver broncos in the recently played super bowl xlviii. when bill nye is talking about aspirin and antibiotics, jet planes, smoke detectors, he does a great job of that.

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bill and i, we all have the same observational science, we’re here in the present, we can see the radioactivity, but when it comes to entertaining that question, we’re not going to scientifically be able to prove that. a related book by bill nye, undeniable: evolution and the science of creation, was released on november 4, 2014. of all, bill, just so-- i just don't want any misunderstanding here, that is, the 45,000 year old wood was inside the basalt.:  bill i do want to say that there is a book out there that does document where consciousness came from. we expect that we'll agree with most of what bill nye will say about the science of evolution.[23] he noted that nye charmed the "evangelical audience" with his style, while the ncse noted that ham – "no mean orator", according to the ncse – "sometimes rambled far afield, and [his presentation] often raced by so quickly that it was hard even to know what he was saying". scientists were critical of nye for accepting ham's invitation, claiming his participation in the debate gave ham's views undeserved legitimacy, but two humanist groups – the american humanist association and the center for inquiry – praised nye's decision. and this discovery is something like—this question “without radiometric dating , how would you view the age of the earth”, to me  it's akin to the  expression, well if things were any other way, things would be different. Witney carson and cody simpson dating

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although schulson agreed with nye's underlying scientific message, and allowed that nye "had his moments," he wrote that "it was easy to pick out the smarter man on the stage. far as dating goes, actually the methods are very reliable. there are billions of stars, billions of stars, more than 6000 light years from here. and the point is, all such dating methods are fallible, and i claim there is only one infallible data method, the witness who was there and knows everything, and he told us.[28] following the announcement, nye told the associated press he hopes the project "goes out of business", adding "if [ham] builds that ark, it's my strong opinion, it's bad for the commonwealth of kentucky and bad for scientists based in kentucky and bad for the u. and we have radioactive decay dating methods that bound that.? background radiation, and their model of 15 billion years or so, they can only get it about half way."[21] in a letter published in skeptical inquirer after the debate, nye wrote that by "a strong majority of accounts, i bested him.

Ken Ham Bill Nye Debate: Science and fact versus fiction and fantasy.,

The Great Debate of 2014: Creationist Ken Ham versus Bill Nye the

thing i would very much appreciate you addressing, there are billions of people in the world who are deeply religious, and i respect that. ham asked nye for an example of something that could only have been invented from an evolutionary worldview. related book by bill nye, undeniable: evolution and the science of creation, was just released.[8] "i am by no means an expert on most of this," nye later admitted, but added, "in this situation, our skeptical arguments are not the stuff of ph. 5 arguments for and against creationism from the ken ham, bill nye debate". when he is talking about evolution and millions of years, i'm challenging him that that's bill nye the historical science guy. ham, how can there be billions of stars, more distant than 6000 [light] years, if the world is only 6000 years old?[6] on january 2, 2014, ham announced on his facebook page that nye had accepted his invitation to a debate at the museum.

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that we as have rocks with rubidium and strontium in them, uranium – uranium, and potassium-argon dating, that are far, far older than you claim the earth is.: bill, i just want to let you know that there actually is a book out there that actually tells us where matter came from. genesis flood narrative, which nye repeatedly referred to as "ken ham's great flood", was a major topic of discussion, with nye arguing that a boat constructed according to the parameters given for noah's ark in the book of genesis would not float. cited radiometric dating, ice core data, and the light from distant stars to argue that the earth must be much older than young earth creationists like ham theorize. "bill nye, ken ham discuss humans and dinosaurs with piers morgan; reactions to creationist debate". they worship together, they eat together, they live in their communities and enjoy each other's company; billions of people.: well, we remind us, there are billions of people around the world who are religious and who accept science, and embrace it, and especially all the technology that it brings us.[5] aig founder and executive director ken ham also objected to the claims in nye's video in a post on his blog, answers with ken ham.

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conflict: young radiocarbon date for ancient fossil wood challenges fossil dating.[3] the video featured bill nye, best known for hosting the children's educational television program bill nye the science guy during the 1990s, lamenting that a significant portion of the u.^ a b "university of cincinnati geology club to broadcast bill nye, ken ham debate on creation". "bill nye, ken ham creationism debate preview: mass media coverage surrounding event"., founder and chief executive officer of the young earth creationist (yec) ministry answers in genesis (aig), challenged nye, a science educator best known for hosting the 1990s television series bill nye the science guy, to the debate after taking exception to a youtube video featuring nye lamenting the refusal of a large segment of the u. i want bill to tell me, in a view of the universe that is a result of natural processes, to explain where the rules of logic came from. i do want to make a distinction here, and for bill’s sake: we build models based upon the bible. there is no absolute age dating method, from scientific method because you can't prove something is either young or old.

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, the bottom line is that as a christian i have a foundation, but as a christian i would ask bill a question, "what would change your mind? behe, a biologist at lehigh university and an advocate of intelligent design, felt that by "talking on about the age of the earth [rather] than on the elegance and complexities of life", both ham and nye lost the debate. "the bill nye-ken ham debate was a nightmare for science". in the scientific community were critical of nye's decision to participate in the event, claiming it lent undue credibility to the creationist worldview."[4] by september 2012, the associated press reported that nye's video had been viewed 4. scientists from both camps generally agreed that nye won the debate. the end of the debate, ham admitted that nothing would change his mind concerning his views on creationism, whereas nye acknowledged that, if enough convincing evidence was presented to him, he would change his mind immediately." he believed that ham's simpler presentation made him sound like "a reasonable human being", while nye lost his audience by "sounding like a clueless geek, even if his points were scientifically valid".

Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' Talks Creationism Critique, Religion

[21][23] nye also calculated that, if there were 7,000 "kinds" of animals on the ark, on average, 11 new species would have had to come into existence every day for the earth to contain all presently known species. the debate bill nye presented many statements and asked many questions. this is to say, when people make assumptions based on radiometric dating, when they make assumptions about the expanding universe, when they make assumptions about the rate in which genes change in populations of bacteria in the laboratory growth media, they are making assumptions based on previous experience. me illustrate it this way: if bill nye and i went to the grand canyon [canyon slide here], we could agree that that's the coconino sandstone and the hermit shale there at the boundary, and they’re sitting one on top of the other, we can agree on that. video clip: nye speaking:   â€œyou can show the earth is not flat.[6] ham asked nye how he could explain the laws of logic and physics in a naturalistic worldview. the point is, there are lots of assumptions in regard to dating methods, and there is no dating method that you can use that you can absolutely age date a rock – – there's all sorts of differences out there. debate between bill nye and ken ham on the question "is creation a viable model of origins?

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me illustrate further with this video clip, because here i observe that bill nye is equating observational science with historical science, and i also say it's not a mystery when we understand the difference.  billions of dead things buried in rock layers, laid down by water all over the earth. you see, there are lots of assumptions in regard to radioactive dating.  so you see i have a question for bill nye:  how do you account for the laws of logic and the laws of nature from a naturalistic worldview? during the debate, ham advocated the legitimacy of a yec model of the universe's origins, while nye cited observations from a variety of scientific fields to defend the scientific consensus that the earth is approximately 4. nye cited observations from a variety of scientific fields to defend the majority scientific consensus that the earth is approximately 4. for instance, i've heard bill nye talk about how a smoke detector works, using the radioactive element americium."[6] of ham and aig, nye said, "this guy and his beliefs are in their midst, and we can't have this way of thinking for our science students, to have people like this organization try to insinuate themselves in our schools is not appropriate and a formula for a darker future.


"[4] in a follow-up interview with the associated press, nye said, "if we raise a generation of students who don't believe in the process of science, who think everything that we've come to know about nature and the universe can be dismissed by a few sentences translated into english from some ancient text, you're not going to continue to innovate. when he separated out the minerals amphibole and pyroxene and used potassium-argon dating, he got dates of 0.[5] soon after, ham began trying to convince nye to visit aig's creation museum in petersburg, kentucky, which presents a yec viewpoint that the earth was created by god approximately 6,000 years ago and dinosaurs and humans once co-existed, in contrast to the scientific consensus that the earth is approximately 4. and the debate was nye's to lose and he won.  if there was a global flood, you'd expect to find billions of dead things buried in rock layers, laid down by water all over the earth.[3] ken ham released a book after the debate titled inside the nye ham debate: is creation a viable model: revealing truths from the worldview clash of the century."[10] in preparation for the event, nye had lunch with scientists who specialize in evolutionary theory and traveled to oakland, california, to meet with the staff of national center for science education (ncse), an advocacy group for teaching evolution."[7] nye told the associated press that he didn't mind holding the debate at the creation museum: "it either makes me anxious, or it's an opportunity to influence that many more people and, frankly, have that much more fun.

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