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about a hundered years ancient than her- schel, and he writes that mahapata. in support of his hypothesis, he cites research by veteran geologist ks valdiya, author of saraswati: the river that disappeared, on paleoseismic activity in the lower himalayas to trace the approximate time of the mahabharata. his sayan method, and called nirayan pushya as sayan ashvini. danino, member, indian council of historical research: "scholars, while broadly agreeing that the epics were composed a few centuries bc and ad, disagree on how much in them is embellishment or interpolation". the field has been widened to include genetic studies and natural sciences, but to little or no avail. the winter solstice as fixed on 22nd december, and it is referred. astronomers and vyas had discovered it at or before 5561 year b. and they held bharat war and kali era as one and the same. quest to prove the historicity of the epics by dating them affirmatively is an old pursuit. rohini, jupiter was in nirayan shravan, and sayan swati (near vishakha),While the mars was in nirayan anuradha, and sayan magha, rahu was between. when the jupiter was in shravan and rahu in uttara ashadha.’s bridge – its satellite image and oceanographic evidences:Ram-sena first camped in koddikarai but after surveying the sea area, the location was found unsuitable for constructing the bridge., the pandava dynasty will end in kaliyug, and magadha dynasty. the heading "50,000 year old relics" as follows:Spectacular culture and physical relics dating back to 50,000 years. almost all the details of travel narrated in all these five phases in valmiki ramayan tally with the existing geographic locations and memorials preserved. he was a nationalist par excellence who left his kingdom to help the small kings located all over india to save their kingdoms from being usurped by wicked king ravana of sri lanka and his relatives and devils like khar, dushan and maarich representing him in india.

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crossing yamuna near sangam they reached chitrakoot on uttar pradesh (up) and madhya pradesh (mp) borders – memorials here include valmiki ashram, mandavya ashram, bharat koop etc which still exist. misra belongs to kampilya, which, located in farrukhabad district of uttar pradesh, is considered the birthplace of draupadi and the capital of the kingdom of panchala. of these places have similar geographic features, flora, fauna and memorials as have been described in ramayan. top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. ram, laxman and sita travelled along godavari, from agastya ashram they went to stay in panchavati – a place with 5 vatavriksha located on the banks of godavari in nasik. but should that stop our quest for learning more and more about our most ancient rich cultural heritage? in yuddh kand, sarg 22 (shlokas 45-73) valmiki has given graphic details of lord ram carrying out research and exploration to identify a suitable location for construction of the bridge. was far advanced in the ancient times, and the ancient indian. kennedy and cavalli-sfroza, have concluded that genetic profile of people of the indian subcontinent has remained the same for last more than 55000 years and that for last 11000 years this profile is of culturally developing people who had started speaking a structured language and were taking cooked food. such northward migration continued for several centuries and finally when these people from south india reached the banks of himalayan rivers, they got climatic conditions conducive to long term development of civilization on the banks of these rivers providing security of water, food and shelter for a very long time. lankan government wanted to construct a land route over this submerged bridge whereas government of india wanted to blast it for shipping i..This pro- posed date has been examined by a few scholars and has been verfied. his paper on the war's dating will be part of a book of research on the mahabharata that i-serve plans to bring out later this year. ashadha, jupiter is in revati, saturn in shatataraka and rahu in jeshtha. he sent his wife and children to be brought up and educated by maharishi valmiki who is stated to be shudra but was a great scholar in the ancient world. however, during last 30-40 years, several new scientific tools and techniques have been developed, which are capable to determining the dates of any ancient events in scientific and precise manner.

scientific dating of ramayana and mahabharata

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mahabharata’s bhima may have married the most modern woman ever. rishyamook and kishkindha are located in hampi, bellary district of karnataka. exists a long tradition of astronomical dating of indian epics (done by studying celestial events like eclipses, comets, and planetary positions mentioned in texts), some by scholars, and now with easily available software packages, increasingly by amateurs. saayan jyeshta means nirayan poorva bhadrapada,So this is the description of one and the same planet named by vyas as. 22 days are left for 21st october and we have to go behind upto 16th. in the 5th century ad, saptarshis should be in anuradha and not uttara. arrow-bed for 58 nights and he had fought for ten days. dismissing it as artistic licence, since the two are not found in the same forest, she later found out that in the forest of dandakaranya, the two had co- existed, and valmiki had weaved this into the ramayana. thus he was 25 years old at that time (5114-5089) and there are several shlokas in valmiki ramayan which indicate that shri ram was 25 years old when he left ayodhya for his 14 years of exile. it is certainly more than 10,000 years old and has been growing and developing indigenously." the research was published as a book, plant and animal diversity in valmiki's ramayana.(more comprehensive details are available in the book ‘historicity of vedic and ramayan eras’, recently published by i-serve). an insect is sitting near one o' clock position on your watch or clock,One may think that the insect is between 12 and 1 while other may think.'for at least two centuries, scholars have tried to answer the question, with no consensus,' says michel danino, a french-born indologist who was inducted recently into the ichr, and a guest professor at iit-gandhinagar. history has recorded that shri ram belonged to surya vansh and he was the 64th ruler of this dynasty. according to a recent news report, the ichr will soon be taking up research projects on new approaches to writing ancient indian history based on sanskrit texts, and revisiting the theme of aryan immigration into india.

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is need to gather, dig out, search, and analyse all the evidences, which would throw more light on ancient indian civilization and culture. consequently the civilizations of the world naturally and simultaneously started developing near the rivers which initially started flowing due to the melting of glaciers near the equator e. day workshop and farmers training programme on “natural farming methods and present adaptability at amangal mandal, mahabubnagar dist on 04-06-2016. chitra, rahu in purva and sun in anuradha with no eclipse. a quick search on the internet would have you believe that astronomy has already proved the veracity of the ramayana and the mahabharata, with countless websites carrying contradictory data. as these are 'seen', rahu and ketu are out of. after crossing the boundary of kosal desh, they entered shringaverapura (srigraur) which was kingdom of nishadraj guh and is famous for kewat taking them across ganga in his boat (20 km from allahabad). and therefore we have a scope of one nakshatra on either side to. scholars have neglected this fact and have assumed that this sahadeva. Dating of the Mahabharata War and Scientific Dating the Ramayana and the Vedas by Dr. story of shri ram‘s life was first narrated by maharishi valmiki in the ‘ramayan’ which was written after shri ram was crowned as the king of ayodhya, maharishi valmiki had a great sense of astronomy as he has made sequential astronomical references on important dates related to the life of shri ram indicating the location of planets vis-à-vis the zodiac constellations and other visible stars (nakshatras). with laxman and sita, shri ram extensively travelled through this land of rivulets, water bodies and dense forests in and around mp and chhattisgarh. has crossed the star of vishakha and intends to go in anuradha, so. 'we are studying various tribal and caste groups mentioned in the mahabharata,' he says, 'the second thing about [the epic] is that we know that it happened somewhere in the kurukshetra region; to understand this further, we are also studying the genes of the present kurukshetra population to see their affinity with other indians and world populations. dialogue on india's ancient past often resembles the battlefield of kurukshetra, cleaved into two factions, the left and the right, mythology versus history, truth versus bunkum. all the major genome studies carried out so far have revealed an amazing correlation of this genealogy with the genetic profile of humans settled in north, south, east and west of india since the holocene (about 11000 years bp) to the present.

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. pushkar bhatnagar of indian revenue service had acquired from usa the software named ‘planetarium gold’ (of fogware publishing) which is used to predict the solar/lunar eclipses and distance and location of other planets from earth by the scientists and astronomers. misra, chairperson, draupadi trust: "we associate draupadi with her five husbands and the cheer haran (disrobing), but she is greatly misunderstood. report on the national seminar on preservation and promotion of sanskrit and samskruti held on sunday 21 august 2016 in kmit, hyderabad. after crossing malay parbat, chandan forests, many rivers and ponds they went along kaveri river. pushkar bhatnagar has given very authentic and convincing details of these dates in his book titled ‘dating the era of lord ram’ published by rupa and co’. it is clear that the epic dating enterprise will be getting a fillip in times to come. as per ecologists this ecological cycle has been repeating itself and will get repeated after every ice age and during the beginnings of all holocene cycles. the dci crane that went to pick up the dredger pieces also broke and sank. ram moved from place to place to spread the message of unity by showing very high level of respect for the people from backward tribes and those considered untouchable. intent on reclaiming the historic site and developing it for cultural tourism, she is currently in talks with the government of uttar pradesh. making use of software to convert solar calendar into lunar calendar, it was found that this date also happened to be the 9th day of shukla paksha in ‘chaitra’ month and the time was around 12 to 1 noontime. sunder kaand there is a reference to lunar eclipse when hanuman spots sita in ashok vatika (5/19/14, 5/29/7, 5/35/87). as i searched for correlations in ancient texts, i realised that while writers can make up stories about people, they cannot fake plants and animals, which are described so accurately in these texts. kishkindha kaand there is a reference to solar eclipse (4/15/3) on the day bali was killed. armymen of lord ram utilized various tools and implements for uprooting trees like saal, taar, coconut, mango, ashoka, arjun, bakul and bilva etc (6/22/47). valmiki ramayan it is mentioned in ayodhya kaand (2/4/18) that dashratha wanted to make shri ram the king because sun, mars and rahu had surrounded his nakshatra and normally under such planetary positions the king dies or becomes a victim of conspiracies.

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she also rediscovered draupadi, and through her work she has introduced the question of gender to the debate on the epic's historicity. incidentally, the astronomical dating of the ram era has been placed around 7100 bp (dob 10th jan, 5114 bc) and ramsethu is found submerged at about three meters depth at present, implying thereby that in 5100 bc this sethu was above the sea level and could be used as a land route between rameshwaram and sri lanka. mars comes in dhanishtha, jupiter and saturn in bharani and rahu. and karna fixed the day of war on amavasya (udyog 142). they found more than 189 (+60 identified later on) places, most of which still have the memorials connected to the events relating to the life of shri ram and sita and also match the description given in ramayan (see map). tracing the winter solstice and the autumnal equinox indicated in the text, he has found a time bracket of 1,000 years. few years back, nasa had put pictures on internet of this bridge, the ruins of which are found submerged in palk strait between rameshwaram (dhanush koti) and mannar (thalaimannar). rajiv nigam, scientist-g and head of palaeoclimate project, geological oceanography division, national institute of oceanography, goa, in his paper on “sea level fluctuations during last 15000 years and their impact on human settlements”, explained that between 7000 – 7200 bp the water level was about three meters below the present level. kings from various dynasties and calculated the average of each king. she turned to botany and zoology to establish the historicity of the ramayana. "every animal and plant mentioned in the epic is still found exactly where they are described: chitrakut, dandakaranya, kishkindha and lanka," krishna says. kashmir to kanyakumari and from bengal to gujarat, everywhere people of india believe in the reality of shri ram’s existence and most of our festivals revolve around the events related to the life of shri ram. ramayana project is ongoing, and the plan for the next phase is to collect dna samples from communities that claim direct lineage from rama and then look for a consensus result--if any--that traces his male descent via the y chromosomal haplogroup. story of shri ram, when appreciated in its true perspective, would emerge as the biggest unifying factor for india and it establishes many ideals which we need to emulate today.'s clear rahul gandhi is taking a chapter out of narendra modi's political playbook.? the answer is simple, that these two planets, uranus and neptune were.

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the way a poetic description of an astral event in the verses is interpreted is subjective and it lacks scholarly agreement. scholars, while broadly agreeing that the epics were composed or compiled a few centuries bc and ad, disagree on how much in them is embellishment or interpolation: critical literary studies trying to pin down their 'original core' have reached diverging conclusions.- according to a press report the brazillian nuclear phy- sicist and researcher. in the first part of the project that lasted for three years, he studied the gene pool of the three main tribes mentioned in the epic, bhil, kol and gond, to establish their continuity since ancient times with contemporary tribal and caste populations of the indian subcontinent. 'this is because a complete solution will have to harmonise the literary, social, geographical, cultural, archaeoastronomical and archaeological data. this is exactly the time and date when ramnavmi is celebrated all over india till date (fig. take the case of the discrepant dating that astronomy throws up for the mahabharata. there was a fair amount of opposition when y sudershan rao, a little- known mahabharata researcher, took over last year as chairperson of the indian council of historical research (ichr), and stated soon after that the ramayana and mahabharata are not 'myths' but true accounts of the period. ram and laxman extensively travelled through these areas in search of sita. there is need for the print and the electronic media to take note of these facts and create atmosphere which would motivate our young and educated youth to carry out research and unearth true facts about ancient indian civilization and wisdom and would also encourage them to put across the results of their research before the world fearlessly and with a sense of pride. the bridge is composed of a series of islands, rocks, and shoals and it is stated to be 30 kilometers long. "the ramayana is botanically so precise and rich," she says, "valmiki must have been a fantastic life scientist. shri ram tried and succeeded in establishing victory of good over evil. clues from the pauranic and vaidik texts have been deci- phered to provide.-disciplinary scientific research reports, prepared during last three- four decades by making use of such scientific tools and techniques, were used for dating the events narrated in valmiki ramayan and resuts were amazing![archiveorg scientific_dating_of_ramayana_mahabharata_war_vedas_dr_p.

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• stone panels excavated at nagarjunakonda in andhra pradesh of 3rd century ad showing ram-bharat milap at chitrakoot. they roamed around in dandak aranya area and visited sharbhang and sutikshan muni ashrams in satna. sun are fixed and in that they are seen retrograde from the earth apparently.” as a result all efforts made on behalf of the government so far to destroy remains of ram setu have failed and consequently sethusamudram shipping canal could not become a reality. use of this bridge as land route between india and sri lanka depended on the fluctuations in sea level for thousands of years as it was sometimes above the sea level and was at other times submerged under the seawater. this is the sky just before the battle of kurukshetra, according to bhatnagar, an astronomer who has spent the years since his retirement-- as additional director general from the positional astronomy centre of the indian meteorological department--extracting astronomical references from the mahabharata. by next year, the results of their work on krishna and the mahabharata will be out. rajan, an archaeologist in bengaluru who has been pushing for re-excavation at dwarka (in the current state of gujarat) by using new underwater technology, believes that the asi does not want to relate the excavation at indraprastha with the mahabharata as the topic is a little too politically charged and sensitive. the mahabharata, though, is not as yielding in botanical information as the ramayana. thousands of years later, when some of these himalayan rivers became non-perennial or started drying up, some of these people started moving towards central asia and europe. the problem is exceedingly thorny and may never have a final solution. and we use this information and look into the human genome (dna), which preserves information back several generations. bhatnagar's dates are close to those of rn iyengar, one of india's best known civil engineers and a scholar on the history of science, who has pegged the mahabharata at 1493-1443 bce. 2 to 7 of map 1) and reached on the banks of saryu river. using at times sayan names and at times nirayan names of. location and physical features of areas, covered under ravana falls, ravana caves and ashok vatika in and around nuwara elya hills in sri lanka, will persuade anyone to believe that valmiki, the author of ramayan, was fully familiar with all these places.

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he got the kingdoms of small noble kings restored to them and acted as the biggest unifying factor. badrinarayan, former director of geological survey of india, under whom geological aspects of the sethusamudram shipping channel project (sscp) were studied, “ramsethu is a natural formation, the top portion of which appears to be man-made” because in between marine sands, there is assemblage of corals, sandstones and boulders etc. with the help of various yantras they transported these stones, trees, creepers, and boulders to the seashore (2/22/60). after crossing forests of sandalwood, many gardens and water bodies, they went towards rishyamook. vyas in sanskrut, has been translated and adapted into numerous languages. this year, they were to dig for stratified deposits, but the project is stalled and the lead excavator vasant swarnkar, superintending archaeologist with the asi, has been transferred. inscription is of 5th century ad and scholars hold that it throws. krishna has also authored sacred plants of india and sacred animals of india (published by penguin), books about research done on the vedas and epics to authenticate their historicity. valmiki in 1/18/8-10 of ramayan has given details that shri ram was born on 9th tithi of chaitra month during day time when the position of different planets vis-à-vis zodiac constellations and nakshatras (visible stars) was as under:1. are people, however, who are committed to delving deeper for answers by applying imaginative cross-disciplinary ways of thinking and analysis to the epics. valmiki ramayan contains graphic and poetic details of eight constellations during hanuman’s return journey from sri lanka to sunaabh hill in the middle of the sea which apparently took about four and a half hours from 6:30 am to 11 am. oceanography, dona paula, goa, 403004, has discovered under the sea,Dwaraka and dated it as between 5000 to 6000 bc. he has been conducting genetic studies on the tribes of the ramayana. and then we see how this information coming from their genome is in concordance or vice-versa with the mythological information,' he explains in an interview over email. and swati, by sayan way means it was in nirayana. "sruva", formation of wells and lakes, but never has written.

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professor achar on email, 'different scholars have strong opinions and believe their own results are correct. the events described in the ancient sanskrut texts are imaginary and. 'my main topic of research is about human migration and origin. he entered the relevant detail about the planetary positions vis-à-vis zodiac constellations narrated by maharishi valmiki and obtained very interesting and convincing results, which almost determine the important dates starting from the birth of shri ram to the date of his coming back to ayodhya after 14 years of exile. several memorials in panna, raipur, bastar and jagdalpur still exist which include mandavya ashram, shringi ashram, ram laxman mandir and koti maheshwar etc. yet ended and the kaliyug had not started when the war took place. this place is famous for surpanakha episode and war with khar and dushan. done easily by considering the position of the sun and planet. in the mahabharat war and was the son of jarasandha. as far as the planets like saturn,Rahu and jupiter are con- cerned 50 days are immaterial because in 50 days. crossing many rivers, lakes, hills and forests they went to agastya ashram in nasik. starts in jeshtha but two thousand years ago, at the time of kaiidas,Rainy season used to start in ashadha. astronomical dating of planetary references given in valmiki ramayan with corroborating archaeological, geological, oceanographic, geographic evidences, further supported by genealogical studies duly correlated with genome studies have established with a fair amount of certainty that shri ram was actually born more than 7000 year back. on the way they visited shabari ashram in pampasarovar area which is now known as sureban in belgaon and is still famous for ber trees. magnitude and is visible to the naked eye according to the modern science. are hundreds of other evidences found not only from india but from countries like sri lanka, tibet, thailand, malayasia, combodia and indonesia.

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year, amid much sounding of trumpets, the archaeological survey of india (asi) undertook an excavation at delhi's purana qila, a 16th century fort that's also considered the site of indraprastha, believed to be the capital of the kingdom of the pandavas. she campaigned extensively for excavation at kampilya, which took place between 2010 and 2012. he helped rishis and munis in living a life of honor. beyond the political battleground, if you take a popular vote on this subject, it will show up the duality that the indian mind is so at ease with: most believe that the truth of our past lies somewhere in between received history and mythology. that the horoscope is a forged one, prepared many thousand years. we are far from any unanimous agreement, except for concurring that the vedas predate the ramayana, which came before the mahabharata..vartak, swayambhu (in marathi), ved vidnyana mandal,Back to mahabharat links. stone shiva statue dating back to 6th century accidentally discovered in kashmir. all these details of planets and nakshtras with reference to eight constellations described in sarga 57 (1, 2, 3) of chapter five tally exactly with the sky view generated by the software for the morning of 14th september 5076 bc from lanka. shri jaisurya, energy minister of sri lanka had proposed construction of land route between india and sri lanka on this submerged ramsethu. date of mahabharata war, date of ramayana, date of the vedas, dr., that the temple was constructed in 30+3000+700+5 = 3735 years,After the bharat war and 50+6+500 = 556 years of shaka era in kali era. he then looked for eclipses within that period, and one by one, he says, it all fell into place. there are memorials at the place where mareech was stated as killed; these include mrigvyadheshwar and baneshwar. zodiac sign of king dashratha was pisces and his nakshatra was rewati. names as that of one and the same person, without any evidence.

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ali khan and kunal khemu are now proud parents to a baby girl. dating of the mahabharata war and scientific dating the ramayana and the vedas by dr. krishna is a historian and environmentalist, and director of the cp ramaswami institute of indological research in chennai. the construction of this bridge was completed under the supervision of nal in five days by filling up of the gaps in the existing natural chain of land route consisting of islands, rocks and shoals (6/22/68-73). once the astronomical dating was determined around 7000 bp, it appeared that almost all research reports were corroborating such conclusions and opening before us the pages of our true history; shifting many events from the domain of mythology to the realm of realty. two life scientists from the institute, p sudhakar and m amirthalingam studied the plants and animals of the ramayana. it is evident that mahabharat was written and published after the. bhatnagar, technical director, institute of scientific research on vedas: "astronomical data from the mahabharata indicates that the war in kurukshetra would have started on 14 october 1793 bce". of researchers have combined the study of the two texts with data from astronomy, archaeology and paleogeography. the dates recreated by astronomy software cannot be taken as definitive since we do not know whether the verse being dated was part the original core or if it was added later, says subhash kak, who teaches at the department of electric and computer engineering at louisiana state university, and has worked on the history of indian science. he switches on his laptop, clicks on stellarium, a planetarium software that simulates the sky in 3d, feeds in some data, and soon we are staring at a configuration on the screen which looks like the night sky with stars glittering on it. after meeting jatayu and kabandh they moved towards south to reach rishyamook parbat. on exhibition and seminar on cultural continuity for rigveda to robotics. shri subramnian swamy summarized the report dated january 23, 2007 published in the asian age stating that “the dredging corporation of india’s (dci) dredger imported from holland had broken into two and sunk into the sea when it began work on the ram setu. stanza states that the seven great planets were brilliant and shining;. some years ago, while recovering from an illness, she started watching reruns of mahabharata on television and realised the importance of kampilya.

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hence, moon, mars, mercury, jupiter,Uranus, venus and neptune are the seven great planets mentioned by vyas. the report also revealed that on both sides of the bridge there are some raised teriformations that supported a rich assemblage of mesolithic – microlithic tools indicating the presence of strong human habitation and activity in these areas as early as 8000 to 9000 bp and as recent as 4000 bp”. this is preceding chandragupta's time,Who came to throne in 324 b.. saptarshis stay in one nakshtra for 100 years, and there are 27 nakshatras. therefore the history of growth of civilization in the world is not 4 to 5 thousand years old but it is more than 10,000 years old. also speaks of how his growing up years in varanasi gave him a firm grounding in mythological texts and sources, which he now applies to research. here they met hanuman and sugreev, and were shown sita’s ornaments. naturally,It is evident that relying on the beginning of kaliyuga era and holding. therefore discovering the physical details relating to the life and times of shri ram would be much more difficult as destruction caused by floods, droughts, earthquakes, tectonic movements, tsunamis and wars etc is bound to be far greater. but they put jupiter and saturn in rohini and sun, rahu, mars in jeshtha. used by the above, and many other, scholars contained some errors. shilpakar nal directed the armymen to stand with long ropes on either side and got the bridge constructed in five days by binding such transported materials together. (dates and tithis in years in rama samvat assuming shri rama. thereafter, they visited several rishi ashrams in madhya pradesh and chhattisgarh area, along narmada and mahanadi rivers for 10 years, and then came back to sutikshan ashram. problem of dating the ramayana and mahabharata is a difficult one, as the texts are syncretic and accretive. the basis of planetary configurations described in various other chapters of valmiki ramayan, the date on which ravana was killed works out to be 4th december 5076 bc and shri ram completed 14 years of exile on 2nd january, 5075 bc and that day was also navami of shukla paksha in chaitra month.

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it led to fear among historians that the ichr would henceforth expend all its energy dating the epics, a field that many historians dub 'unhistorical'. the first excavation at this site was conducted by bb lal in 1954; he found traces of pgw, which he then corroborated with the mahabharata. ahead of the sayan names thus the saturn in nirayan purva, and. valmiki has also mentioned that it was amavasya day and planet mars was in the middle. the idea for this research came to her while on a visit to bhimbetka caves in madhya pradesh, where she saw a painting of a tiger and a lion together. are the names of one and the same planet (graha) which was in. needless to add that similar position of planets and nakshatras vis-à-vis zodiac constellations and the equinoxes is not repeated in 25690 years. went to tamsa nadi tal (mandah), 20 km from ayodhya, thereafter crossed gomti river (point no. estimation of the gravitational constant with atomic and nuclear physical constants. 28 kaurava kings would have ruled for 1273 years and then magadha dynasty. the government needs to be persuaded to constitute a multidisciplinary team in order to carry out scientific research pertaining to most ancient events narrated in our ancient books and this team should consist of sanskrit scholars, astronomers, archaeologists, geologists, oceanographers, palaeobotanists, anthropologists, space scientists etc. he remains unparalleled as an ideal son, an ideal brother, an ideal warrior and an ideal king; that is why he is described as maryada purushottam ram! the king and later five kings would rule for 138 years. fonda: people are listening now because weinstein victims are 'famous and white'. thing will remain constant, however, as it has over thousands of years: perspectives on the two great epics will keep multiplying. author had also seen small portion as shown in figure 8 indicating contribution of human hand with marked boundaries and stone filling seen through the mask used for snorkeling.

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