Scorpio man dating pisces woman

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Scorpio man dating pisces woman

this intrigues pisces and draws them to scorpio, curiously tickled by scorpio’s sensual and seductive nature. and it’s been a tough few months because i have been friends with my pisces friend for the last 4 years now. 31 yr old male pisces here has been with nothing but earth signed females (taurus, capricorn).: if you do puss a pisces off to the point where they say “leave me alone” do they just need space and time? i keep on forgiving him and trust him that he will changed and be a responsible man for us. female in love with a pisces male, the thing scorpio craves the most to be loved so fully & naturally, pisces gives…you are so right with the usage of the word devotion…scorpio needs this and i have found pisces is the only one who can give such a true level of devotion. are no two signs capable of understanding the emotional needs of the other better than scorpio and pisces. i saw the pain and longing clearly in his eyes, many times, but was unaware that he was about to leave and desperately wanted to talk. many years later and out of the sudden i permanently think about him lately and realize how much he actually opened up and cared for me. love my pisces but she is slowly pushing me away.’m a scorpio woman an just realized that i’m crazy for a pisces male should i tell him what are my chances with him ? scorpio man is strong willed, intense and justified with his convictions., the good news is that the scorpio man and the pisces woman will have a relationship that will last a lifetime. m a scorpio women , dating a pisces for more than a month. i’ve always been attracted to pisces for years without knowing it. so now we have started communicating and finally got together and i will say the first kiss was awesome and i’m looking forward to so much more with this scorpio woman. pisces and scorpio both seek each other’s affection more than anything else, because they feel like you have known each other for an eternity, even if they just met recently. we were friends freshman year of high school and i liked him but wouldn’t dare try to break up him and his girlfriend. find out more about scorpio & pisces, order scorpiomystique’s 10-page e-booklet:Scorpio x pisces e-booklet. think i’m in love with a pisces man and i believe his feelings are mutual for me.

Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

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i think this is the gift and curse of pisces females. Dating match advice and information about characteristics of the Scorpio man and what it's like dating a Scorpio male. i freaked out silently when i found out she was a pisces because i had heard of the legendary bond between pisces and scorpio. i met this pisces guy a year and a half ago in my computer class, and at the time i was in a pretty bad relationship with another guy so i was always stressed. and pisces both find conventional vanilla sex unfulfilling and want something more intimate and intense. there’s this pisces woman in my life an all i can do is think of her. although pisces woman appears to be quite the absent minded creature, her thoughts and ideas are on a much higher level in regards to technical and spiritual ideals which are deeply admired by her scorpio man.! i’ve been hurt by him one to many times. it is always hard to break up with pisces… because they have ability to open your heart and i let them very close to me. am a pisces female and i have known a scorpio male since the day i was born..I’m a scorpio female and my partner is a pisces everything this article says is so true. ladies, if you are interested in dating a scorpio man, do not be overly sentimental, he hates the gushy romance part of dating. i am a scorpion woman in love with a pisces man. a scorpio man will be adamant, pushy and extremely headstrong in this relationship, a balance will be provided by the pisces woman who will impart laziness and creativity to this equation. know about the love compatibility of scorpio man and pisces woman. currently, there is pisces girl in my school thst i fell in love with as soon as i met her.’m a pisces female and my scorpio guy who’s 4 years older than i am has a 6 year daughter. with the last pisces man we were together 8 months and also engaged. we started to fight and he ended up telling me to choose between dating him and being loyal to my parents..but if he has blocked you everywhere there is absolutely no chance he will come back…… even though scorpio is a water sign they are not as dreamy as pisces….

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Compatibility Between a Pisces Woman and a Scorpio Man: A Good

the similarities (shes a sun moon double pisces) and has the same mars and saturn as well, were so striking, i knew the relationship could go the distance.’m a pisces female and i really like a scorpio male. am a pisces woman and have a complicated relationship with scorpio man.’m a pisces woman who’s inlove with a scorpio guy, we’ve known each other for 2 years now, we never met physically but we chat everyday using bbm, facebook or we call each other sometimes & have long talks on the phone, he spends a lot of money to call me. you will have to be very, very romantic and make a very sweeping and sincere gesture, but they do forgive and heal quite well as long as you really won’t keep doing whatever upset her initially. i’m a scorpio with a moon, saturn and 10th house in pisces. but don't tell him about these online dating tips, it's our little secret! you belong to the scorpio man but his sexy manliness makes you feel good under his protective, jealous arm. anoda 2 years i was on whtsap ad we wer frds,i hav av alwayx worried f i can gt a man wo understand me,he does.’m scorpio woman into pisces man he’s a real mean he’s always been a smartass but when he’s drunk he talks to me real nice an gives me crazy eye contact i’m confused. he is a man who is calm and serene, unruffled on the outside but hardly anyone knows about the passion beneath his surface. he is also able to share his inner most secrets and dreams with his pisces woman and entrust that she keeps them with her and only her. dad is pisces, my best friend who i flat with, and a number of my good friends, a mixture of whom are no longer in my life and some still in, all pisces. as you all know, it’s so hard for scorpio to be vulnerable and risk getting hurt, so i’m struggling to decide whether or not to give this lovely pisces man a shot. i hope my pisces come back home to me too. pisces looked like someone who would also protect and care for them, and who genuinely cared about scorpio’s well-being and happiness., if the scorpio man is tender and caring enough, the pisces women possesses the needed boundaries, and their lines of communication are open, this sexual relationship can be a fun and magical playtime for both. she is a strip dancer very good and an art that i enjoy she is wanted by many men but she setteles for me. yall im a pisces girl mouth of march 16th and his is nov 18th. oh and i am a man that longs for a living woman. My ex wife is dating a black man 

Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle

now yes the pisces man does love endlessly and they are very affectionate people. problem is that pisces is sensitive, easily hurt, and can be slippery or distant at times, while scorpio is naturally suspicious and can sometimes seem cold and uncaring. scorpio men have the least compatible match for dating with gemini, sagittarius and libra. for this reason, you will never find a rude, crass, ill spoken pisces woman. dating a pisces man and this seems very accurate so far! when she(pisces) know she is in the lions jaw, she submits herself completely to scorpio.’m a pisces and last year i met a scorpio girl in a class. while going through this my pisces guy saw me going through this…at the time he was in a relationship with an aquarius whom hurt him also…. am a scorpio woman and my best friend was a pisces. may seem a lot, nevertheless, you are a pisces, just be yourself. pisces is able to draw out the goofier, loving, and more care-free side of scorpio’s nature. most compatible dating matches for scorpio men are cancer, pisces, capricorn, taurus and virgo. my scorpio is dating a taurus so what do i do i know he cares for me but i just dnt no. i’m a scorpio woman who’s totally interested in this piescies guy. so on a degree i somewhat don’t get along with pisces. you can never tell how things will roll with a scorpio man. getting in a relationship with scorpio is no less then a dream come true for any woman as he is one man who gives loyalty, admiration and tender love altogether making a woman to live her life to its fullest.’m a scopio male n jst met ma pisces wman. long as pisces constantly reassures scorpio of their loyalty and faithfulness, scorpio will bask in their attention and make them very happy.’m a 37 1-2 year old scorpio female and this is what i can say about my experiences with pisces men.

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i met my scorpio man 4 years ago i think it was love at frist sight. my heart have been broken so many times but for the first time i like someone n it feels so right. being a pisces female and was insanely in love with a scorpio man i truly understand all of these comments. pisces has a wild sexual imagination herself and has no problem adapting to scorpio's variations and experimentation..let’s put it this way, she has challenged me in my all knowingness in the music almanac., never tell your scorpio man that you are reading these online dating tips because he is the one who needs to have the upper hand, he is the one who is "in the know" of peoples motives! pisces girl, i loved a scorpion guy, he was ma friend from last 2 years r so, we used to like each other as friends, than i had an break up with ma ex, than he only helped to get me out, later we had gone to tirupathi, there we both realised that we have fallen for each other, than we both confessed our love to each other, he loved me so much to the core, he used to come to bangalore just to surprise me, i was so overwhelmed with the love. a scorpio woman dating a pisces , i can say this is 100% accurate. there seem to be a select few signs that show up as important people in my life, and pisces is by far on the top of that list, along with other scorpios..I’m a scorpio woman and my boyfriend is a pices. but his man penetrated through my heart all the way to the other side! completely feel you but i’m a pisces woman who fell deeply in love with a scorpio man. she lives in rhode island but to me that isn’t a problem bc i can an will drive to see her with one command from her. scorpio wants to go deep to explore all their dark and forbidden emotions, and pisces can easily slip into scorpio's dark forbidden emotional world. touch on the negative aspects of this relationship, pisces woman may tend to go beyond her inability to stabilize her thoughts or ambitions. and pisces complement each other, or rather, they complete each other. with time, scorpio develops more trust in pisces than they do in most other human beings. because of the domination/submissive elements of a scorpio/pisces sexual relationship, there's one aspect of this partnership that's more important than any other: trust. scorpio helps pisces add stability and structure to their daily routine, while pisces helps scorpio let go of the stress and enjoy the natural chaos of life. i never have to wonder whenever a pisces man comes my way largely due to the fact that these pisces men are the ones who seek me out.


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’m pisces woman, i was on vacation to relax my mind cause i was stressed at work, then by chance i met a a scorpio man the moment i saw him i liked him he asked me out but with some ego vibe i relaxed him asked his number masged him we met he was surprised how independent i am and funny and natural he was drown to me like a magnet then he toke me to his place tried to get intimate he said you are different and he have many girlfriends and he is afraid to fall in love with me that was the first day! we are so sweet to each other and understand each other on that “other level” that so many signs can only dream of. am a scorpio and the love of my life is a pisces . if i were you, i’d put the brakes on this thing with the pisces like yesterday! i mean if you truly know a scorpio woman than u already know we make it happen we can’t sit back & watch our world fall apart and he knew this about me as well so he became relaxed not fazed. a scorpio it is hard for me to except the fact that someone might actually love me and have good intentions, and i’ve learned that my pisces man really does love me. Read about the Scorpio male love relationship with Pisces female. pisces and i kept growing closer, and i eventually told her how i felt after i thought she felt the same at our end of term party. sexually she's flirtatious, romantic, emotionally open, gentle, passionate, boundaryless, and predictably unpredictable. we humans when ever we go through a breakup the first thing we think is ‘did i love him too much’ but we loving someone too much is never a mistake it’s just the way we are n if someone has to feel bad or cry then it’s the person who lost u. if you are ever dating a scorpio man, you will see that he is very devoted and feels strongly about you. worked with a pisces girl for almost a year, and only within the last month of our contract did we start talking. go ahead and tell the man, when the time is right, of course. however, despite the many casual dates, and other interactions…i seek true bonded soul connected friendship and love that has a lot of passion and some space (just a little) in between. very few people, i feel, share this sense of humor and to this day it’s still one of the many things i admire about her. then i found out when we were talking about sport she was watching her new partner play soccer (private i was shocked, but i kinda knew this was her way of asserting herself, which pisces women only do when they feel threatened, and usually over what others would describe as trivial matters), my heart sank, but let it pass to protect myself by saying “fair enough. woman can always make a great match for a strong and stern scorpio man. love my pisces more then anything, no one will ever understand our love. being a timid pisces that i am it took sometime to build up courage and i approached her and explained to her what i thought about her.  a scorpio/pisces relationship only grows stronger with time, especially if both signs are able to give each other space.

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let it be your little secret that as you are dating your scorpio male that you are fully aware of his mysterious ways and understand his hidden agenda! because everytime she’d start dating other guys – i couldn’t take it so i would back off. so it's important for scorpio and pisces to remember that the underpinning of trust in their relationship is open and honest dialogue. i wish i knew years ago to not keep pushing buttons, being pisces i need the answers now and why someone feels or acts a certain way, but if i knew to give time, we probably would have never argued. pisces man is opening up a huge wound , luckily we haven’t come in physical contact yet , hes gonna break the damn that holds the hurt i so need to let go of. i would recommend any scorpio woman to wait for a pisces man cause honestly was worth the wait. love relationship brings out the best of pisces woman as she always fits to the mold of her lover and has the highest respect for her man. i don’t want to get carried away, like pisces tend to do (because we’re romantic, sensitive people! when scorpio man loses his cool, he tends to be on the brutal side with his remarks and rants. i just get scared bc i yearn for this woman and have never really felt this way about someone i don’t know. met 4years back ad a super mrk,i was seakn 4 a job he was d ass manager immediately i saw him my heart skipd a beat 2 me mayb bcos he was jus handsome.! it was strange and i didn’t trust any word, second day we met it was so fun we spend all the day togather he forced me for sex it was ok cause i didn’t want it, he asked me next day how did i find it i said my feeling was not that connected to him so i enjoyed but needed my feeling to get stronger, next day he was a bit more interested in me we spent amazing day, the day after he was cold and so confident that he got my heart, cause i was tender with him, kinda trusted him, then when i didn’t feel comfortble with his way of acting cold, i disappeared suddenly and traveled my country he massaged me didn’t reply he masged again, slowly slowly i started to warm again, we had strange telepathy, we were thinkibg about each other at the same time, we are so similar we think the same way we both have the same taste of music ppl live food everything, then he asked when i’m coming many times. a pisces female and have been in love with my scorpio man for as long as i can remember. has a tendency to be possessive and jealous of their lover, but it is in pisces’ nature to actually enjoy the extra attention they receive from scorpio. i have never felt so deeply to a man in my life and i am convinced he is my life partner but right now he is ignoring me and its driving me crazy and im learning to give him his space whatsoever. best relationship advice for dating a scorpio male is get ready to go with the flow and have fun being seduced by him and watch out for that voracious sex drive, and at the end, he will always treat you like a lady, not just his property; he wants you to remember him forever and be mesmerized by his seductive allure - a fun experience while it lasts!.Guys im a pisces girl and have a huge crush on scorpio male… everytime im around him i end up embarrasing myself in some way. this coming and going and playing hard-to-get keeps many women interested in a dating relationship with him. the problem is that sometimes he tells me that he’s in love with me,and he’s too much romantic but the day after he completely change! being older now, 37, and single right now i have truly feel like i’ve been becoming the more evolved scorpio and am quite content and simply have faith that i will meet my pisces man… sooner or later.

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Scorpio Man And Pisces Woman

: • A scorpio man's sexual nature • A pisces woman's sexual nature • Sexual compatibility • It's all in the water • Trust is important in overcoming problems • The sorcerer and the dream weaverWhere scorpios come to soar.? is says on your compatibility here that scorpio will get turned off with this from a pisces and yes i am turned off about it but i still feel the same way for him. to please, the pisces woman is open to all avenues of sexual expression. met this male pisces when i was a 13 year old girl.?I am a scorpio female, i used to like a pisces male. bottom line is pisces men and myself vibe together more like no other sign i’ve vibed with. i will say, i have never felt like he would cheat, leave me or be interested in another woman. just talking to an intelligent person and especially an intelligent woman that knows what i’m thinking is my type of remedy. believe that once a scorpio man truly falls for a pisces woman and they bond with each other in their unique way, the bond is everlasting. a scorpio/pisces relationship, both signs often feel like they have found someone who understands them without the need for words.’m a pisces gal and i’ve been with my scorpio husband for 12 years. since this is easily read by scorpio man, it may tend to irritate him causing argument between them. i’ve never in my 31 years felt magnetically drawn to anyone like i have this woman and it has me experiencing emotions from every spectrum. pisces i’ve fallen i love with is the most beautiful creature in this universe. have also recently met a handsome pisces who has shown interest in me. dating a scorpio takes patience and time and you have to able to deal with his strange mysterious ways, but this is part of the fun. if you lose a pisces attention can you easily get it back? scorpios really don’t believe in fairytales or love but when you me a pisces, the right pisces all of that will change., so before i go into anything: i’m an eighteen year old girl (pisces). hate my ex pisces it’s been 11years won’t stop, all we share is a child together, i want nothing from him, is he stuck in fantasy?

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Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility: The Dreamer and the Sorcerer

it's the potent sorcery of scorpio or the subtle fantasy of pisces, both of these signs deal in magic. scorpio man and a pisces woman have the potential to be a tantalizing and fun sexual match.… i am a pisces female and was in relationship with a scorpio male. man, as a pisces guy here whos spent enough years in his life to know any better, you having that scorp lady in your life who will feed you when your chips are down while she still with her two kids to feed and a hell of a lot of mortal responsibility behind it -that is whole hearted devotion, cause i never knew a woman who could do such a thing. there im a pisces my bday is on the 16th and his is on nov 18th i still love him dont matter what he did i can feel him sometimes and i know he do to i still dream about him from time to time i wish i never push him away but i just had to ..I recently got involved wit a scropio man i’m solo on love with him. the scorpio man and pisces woman made for each other? though the pisces woman will carry an air of uncertainty in the bedroom as well, the scorpio man will take charge here, just as he does in routine life and rise to the occasion. and that is why regardless of your compatibility with scorpio, every woman should date a scorpio man at one point in their lives. need so much advice right now, you see i’m a pisces who has had a crush on the same scorpio guy ever since we were kids, we became really close in elementary and everyone said that he possibly liked me, but now it’s high school and for some reason (unspecified) we don’t talk anymore, yet i always see him everywhere, either about two tables away from me at the cafeteria or every time i’m in the hallway, or even when i’m at the school clinic. pisces understands the meaning of “go with the flow”, and views the universe as a complex web of connections waiting to be made. scorpio and pisces will enjoy creating and exploring artistic realms with each other, and it is also likely that they will engage in spiritual experiences, be it religion, mediation, tarot cards, yoga, etc…. online dating tips about scorpio men are a woman's secret peek into his mind! i have read so many articles to find out what’s the matter between me and my scorpio but they all seem to have little help. lol i mean it was as if we was the only humans on the planet lol. never lie to a scorpio man because he will never forgive you and he will never forget, he may even go as far as to play cruel practical jokes or trash your reputation, so be careful not to play him while you're dating. as you are pisces so it is natural that staying apart from a scorpion is a little hurtful. with a little more effort and compromise, scorpio males are also a compatible dating match with aries, leo, scorpio and aquarius. their connection is so deep and so strong on so many different levels that it could be the only reason they should stay together. they both are generous to each other and have sureness in their togetherness with a romantic aura that prevails around them forever.

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Pisces and Scorpio - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

you are a young man and single, free and in every position to fight to have her at your side. am really sorry for u cause i love a scorpio man and he does the same with him i have double feeling s sometimes he is so cold and othertimes i feel high whrpen i meet and speak to him and i decided to completely disappear cause i am the one who is getting hurt ? pisces girl here and i need an advice if this scorpio guy like me back or if its possible for us to be together. life is far from perfect and i am even farther… but i wish i could have been with this woman, she is the one soul that i feel true love with. anyway, he left me even though he knew that i am pregnant because of a capricorn woman (who’s married to a foreigner). and she’s still dating some other guy, but somehow we got closer. scorpio man and pisces woman both love long, dramatic foreplay. mannn the people that was outside with us ended up getting mad and leaving. for a pisces woman, sex is an ethereal, almost out of body, experience. he is the best looking man i’ve ever seen, and it is impossible to forget him.’m a pisces woman totally in love with a scorpio man and i know he loves me too. can someone give me advice on this…if he might feel something still and i should wait…why he’s doing what he’s doing…or if you think he doesn’t…how does a female scorpio get over a male pisces. scorpio man always feels glad to have such a delicate lady in his arms while pisces woman deeply enjoys the relaxation she gets in the warmth of her man. if you’re a pisces woman and with a scorpio man, just give them space if they are mad, do not nag them, don’t keep poking at the little things because they will explode. a woman with child and such burdens, she has much more at stake and much to lose. will be very easy for the pisces woman to work her way around the temperamental scorpio man because she has strong manipulative powers. even if not now, you are prepared to do everything to make it happen, so you can have her back at your side and in the most concrete manner. she is quite optimistic and open-minded with her man’s career as well as with their private life. if there are any weak spots in the bond between these two, their sexual intimacy quickly fixes and permanently welds these weak spots, making them stronger than they were initially when first created. scorpio man understands how to be less suspicious and pisces woman learns to be stronger. Dating a guy not ready for relationship -

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and pisces are different zodiac signs with same element, and that’s what bonds them so well. she is a woman who understands the power of words and what effect they can have on other people. woman here engaged to pieces man; he makes me feel like the apple of his eye & in turn, he is the wind beneath my wings. if you don’t like to go extremes, i’d tell you right off the bat that this woman is meant for you and she is yours. scorpio man has her total confidence and has the ability to talk with her as she is a very patient listener. your writing is much helpful than any other ones out there because it focuses on the main, real things in a scorpio-pisces relationship, not wander around vain stuffs like describing chimerical beauty of how a scorpion-pisces love can be or sex life.. i booked a ticket was so expensive and surprised him infront of him he was so happy and loving, we didn’t spend much time , next day evening we spend it all night togather talking he didn’t want to have sex but minute he hug me with passion and kiss me minute he say no, he asked me what do i feel for him i said a person i trust and always miss he smiled but didn’t feel comfortable then he said he don’t know maybe he love me and it scare him how comfortable he is with me and he can’t have a gray or relation or no and he is afraid to break my heart he told  not to come close when we talk bcause it turn him on, then he hugged again and kissed like a crazy then stopped before we sleep he said i think it’s our last day i didn’t like it and we argued for a minute i told him i think i’m traveling tomorrow he said why can’t depend your trip on one person it hurted me completely next day morning he said congratulatio for the control he mean about the sex i smiled then he was so relaxed then he asked whats my plan for tonight i told him i’m invited for a date with another man his face went blue i was acting cool he was depressed then i kissed him he kissed me so much i left and disappeared for 3 days then i massged him again saying i’m enjoying beach and he is in my mind and heart he said thank u, again hurted me, i disappeared another 2 days suddenly i went to where he work and acted cool like i miss him in sweet funny way he was cold i became cold too i treated him like a friend and shut down i left to my country didn’t msg him at all and him too i didn’t cause he didn’t appreciate my exist and didn’t do any effort zero effort and he got a big ego when he have me he play mind games when i disappear he gets hurt. pisces always shows scorpio devotion, and that matters a lot to scorpio because scorpio cares about action more than words. there are times when pisces’ imagination may get the best of them and scorpio may not understand their overly subjective perspective, but those times are rare. i only wish i could have told the man i have a “thing” for on saturday how i truly felt about him. woman and i have had 3 heart- breaks by 3 pisces man. as such, scorpio/pisces sexual compatibility is one of the most magical and alluring of all zodiac sign matches. is really complicated but, i have had a crush on this canadian actor from canada (a pisces) that i have met at several stage shows based on a popular tv show that has a cult following in the states, and each time we’ve seen one another, people have noticed how much we look good together, and he’s tried to spend time with me on several occasions when he’s here touring in the states. so i asked a scorpio woman if she’d be interested in discussing plots and characters since we’re both into reading. am the only man that ever made her climax or want her to climax. pisces woman can be naive and unrealistic about the world and other people, but it is simply because she is innocent and assumes the best of her surroundings.’m a scorpio female and i’ve only gone after 2 pisces men that i can remember. pisces to be submissive to scorpio's dominance requires an extraordinary amount of trust. scorpio is drawn to pisces’ kind and warm spirit, which was obvious from the moment scorpio lay their eyes on pisces. for you scorpio woman 🙂 i am also scorpio woman and got involved with pisces man and i feel the energy between us like i never felt before and we now know each other for 9 years and i don’t know where i stand..

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scorpio man however, can be a little unpredictable in his routine behavior. pisces woman is simply courteous, sincere and caring with sprinkle of empathy and astuteness as well., i’m an aries (april 17th) but after nasa added another astrological sign i found that i was a pisces by technically and so is my mom (which is why we have so much in common) and i just broke up with my boyfriend and he is a very strong willed leo (august 7). pisces is a crazy lovable ambitious assho, can be whack with fake sauce at times. i am a piscean girl and my guy is a scorpion , his love for me is so deep that he will do anything for me he is extreemly passionate , but also there are many times we fought and i feel he is hard rock at heart never understand my feelings ,but after that fight when we meet , we get bound together more strongly than before what i feel is that scorpions are like that you cant understand them so easily but one thing they shower true feelings they hurt us but when we are not with them they get feel of left alone , and also we pisceans are too sensitive so that is way we get too easily hurted by dare strong scorpion , but never doubt their love , once they say i love you i need you in my life thats it no one can change it even though they might have many girl friends but they cant share that love , passion , intimacy with anyother girl , thankyou. let me tell you a story about an “unavailable” pisces “younger man” that i fell head over heels for. every woman should date a scorpio man at one point in their lives because dating scorpio men is a relationship full of intensity, passion and you definitely won't forget your scorpio man! this man has brought out the feeling and desire that i just want to be around him. bond that is formed between scorpio man and pisces woman must be from the perfect mold. a scorpio man, sex is part baptism, vow, death, and revival. i wanted to reveal myself to him more than i have ever wanted to any other human being. as scorpio man understands his pisces woman well such situations are hard to arise and he does take care if such thing ever happens. have been dating a piscean and he is a divorced person. is there a chance that a scorpio woman would find me to be the complete opposite of how i see myself? wonder if i’m the only scorpio who does not mesh with pisces, but rather finds them repellant.’ve known my pisces man for 15 years we only got together three years ago. sexual compatibility between scorpio man and pisces woman is one that cannot be upstaged by any other. men from any other sign, scorpio is not easily swayed by revealing a little cleavage or talking seductively (of course this can help sway him, but he won't be putty in your hands like say, dating a sagittarius man). i’m a pisces and throughout my entire life scorpios always have been the ones who immediately ‘clicked’ with me. the bond formed between the scorpio man and the pisces woman is so strong and so amazingly deep on so many levels that it would take ages even for them to solve the mystery of their love.

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been in love with pisces girl for more than 5 years now. im sorry you were with a sorry ass pisces… each sign has a sorry ass liar, cheater, and a sneaky prick so…. he then called a co-worker over and said “man take a picture of us”. secretive is second nature to the scorpio man and his pisces should move on …scorpions can be a good match for pisces but some scorpions are very critical about themselves & also others…. i am addicted to every pisces woman i have ever bonded with and if they would all have me, i would gladly join with them all in a glorious polygamous mess. the scorpio women out there…………i ran into honestly, the most beautiful woman of my dreams. even though he married three years ago, he still made an effort to see me after a performance he was in this past saturday. i’m a pisces woman, i feel exactly the same way about my scorpio. once the dating relationship has gotten more intimate (not sexually but emotionally) then he will let some of his true feelings show. his expectations are solid as is his trust and loyalty and his pisces woman generally fulfills this need. pisces also gets jealous, but does a better job of hiding it by pretending not to notice. it was like the wind was knocked out of me, and some beautiful human being who was completely non-judgemental, sweet and innocent just popped into my life. engaging in sexual intimacy with a pisces woman, consider the following:She can intuitively feel what you need. man and the pisces woman makes a lovely relationship with such intense devotion that they even start reading one another’s thoughts with due time. pisces is also quite in tune with their inner compass, but they would much rather go with the flow and see where life takes them rather than jump into the next adventure with a set plan. i am a pisces female i met my scorpio male a year ago,we were together for 8 months. order for dating compatibility, you have to follow his lead and give him his space. likewise, there's no sign better prepared than scorpio to have the intimate emotional soul merging that pisces desires. they like to be the leaders so for all the independent controlling women out there - you'll have to let him have the power in the dating relationship (he's a good leader, he knows what he's doing, everything he does if for a reason so you don't have to worry about pointless outings and stupid boring dates).  Online dating guys perspective-

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’m a scorpio and my roommate is a pisces; this is a perfect description..he is a scorpio and im a pisces its hard to hide my feelings cause he is always looking at me and chilling with me smiling and always draw my attention. am a scorpio female and i just met a pisces male for the first time! there's an emotional depth to scorpio that not everyone is ready to face, but pisces is ready to take on anything in the field of emotions. and i was dating someone else and so was he..Don’t go looking for a man let him find you so that you know that’s one you have been wanting to be with god has sent you him your way bc ya deserve each other you never know might end up to be your husband. so many positive aspects make up this connection in love, business, personal and intellect. she knows how the human heart loves and would never think of separating herself from such a beautiful quality. scorpio man and a pisces woman is a pair that gets a lot of attention.*i’m a pisces girl and i can tell you right now- she’s not going anywhere. domination/submissive role playing and bondage, hopefully of the silk scarf variety, are a huge piece of the puzzle for scorpio/pisces lovers. abt pisces ad scorpio ar rite,my scorpio man loves me ad i do.” hahahhahaha she’s a pisces too and it literally didn’t even look like i was crying but i told her my girlfriend broke up with me so she laughed and said “oh god, get over it! am a scorpio women who was with a pisces man for 20 long years. she will be dreamy and living in a parallel world that will agitate the scorpio man but he will eventually learn to take it in stride and move on. you’re right about fairytales and love, never really believed it until i met the right pisces 🙂. wants me to pursue him but i want him to do it because he’s a man and i believe that’s the way it should b done….) we slept with eachother once, never spoke about it or acknowledged it and had a period of time after that where we couldn’t even touch at all, we’re back to “normal” now, although he is a lot more tactile than me because i feel as though i should hold back, he has pretty much fast become my best friend… there’s so much more to this but i can’t be bothered to type it, i’d be here all night, all of guys reading this can probably relate to the scorpio/pisces thing anyway and know what i mean. this woman is strong for all that you wrote and i positively believe that she will fight for you, and fight with you, but you must do the same for her with fear or without fear! the passion scorpio man shows during love making, gives sense of security and affection to the pisces woman who in turn responses beautifully arousing the deeper passions of her scorpio man.

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