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If It Were, We'd be Dating: The Tale of Brittany and Bisexuality on 'Glee'

while some bisexual tropes, most notably the depraved bisexual, continue to linger, they seem to be on the decline. knew she loved santana and knew she liked guys like sam and artie as well.” although the trope is more benign than other bisexuality tropes, such as the “depraved bisexual” (the character’s bisexuality is correlated to evilness) or “anything that moves” (the character is so sex-crazy he or she doesn’t discriminate based on gender), it often leads the trope “but not too bi,” in which a character is nominally bisexual but almost exclusively dates the opposite sex while on screen. naomily was the heartfelt, realistic story of emily’s relentless pursuit of naomi (and the conflict this caused with her identical twin katie as the two struggled to sort out what it means to develop independent identities) and naomi’s struggle against her own answering attraction to emily. they kissed with their mouths open and also with their tongues on fox. when it is only used to further the “sexiness” of a female character for male viewers, for example, that’s clearly an improper use of the trope. kurt and blaine really did change things for every other broadcast network. you might be okay with it, privately, you might personally refrain from beating him up yourself. the lesbian blogger community didn’t quit when the show’s creators chided them on social media, mocked them inside the show, or tried very hard to ignore them." she looked nervously towards me for a reaction, but i was excited by the idea." she snapped the word impatiently, but that didn't bother me.’s “bi the way” tropeby karen froston september 20, 2017in the movie “the haunting,” theo says to nell vance regarding whether she has trouble with commitment, “well, my boyfriend thinks so. gay women, however, have been hyper sexualized and used as ratings bait for over a decade. i’ve been in love with you since the day we met. we were thirteen the first time santana told me we weren't dating. from variety:The half-hour comedy centers around an unlikely friendship formed when a woman, amy (lynch), claims to be the guardian angel of another woman, allison (yet to be cast). no show is perfect on all of these fronts, of course, but the amount of wrong on glee was too overwhelming for me. below is a list, not meant to be comprehensive or authoritative, but rather a diverse sample of eight quotes from lesbian storylines on tv shows that in one way or another feel “iconic:” “i think you need someone to want you… well, i do want you. yeah, a guy marrying the guy who attempted to rape him and blamed it on the alcohol, who made him answer to a compliment how his boyfriend was so much better than him, that not a problematic message at all… kurt would’ve been better off marrying dave than blaine, which is pretty damn telling. author would like to thank you for your continued support.” first, a point against: from a studio standpoint, casual bisexuality in characters provides no-cost minority demographic points. point in favor of of the “bi the way” trope is that nowadays a character’s bisexuality can advance social acceptance of the sexual spectrum in a low key, almost subliminal way. i think that for younger lesbians and bisexual women, brittana helped us feel like we could be who we are and fall in love with who we love even in this new era of cyber-bullying and other ways people try and tear young girls down.

If It Were, We'd be Dating: The Tale of Brittany and Bisexuality on 'Glee'

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over the last decade, networks have become significantly more sensitive to portrayals of queer women and for the most part have approached bisexuality with good intentions. see, a lot of people would tell you that i don't know a whole lot. i’m probably apart of a very small group but i just wished they would have ran this season a little longer or introduced the new characters sooner. 8 backlash, a horrific pandemic of gay teenagers committing suicide after being bullied, and the rise of twitter. was so important because too often, when a bi character dates a guy after dating a girl, it’s seen as “going back to boys”. to share on facebook (opens in new window)click to share on twitter (opens in new window)click to share on tumblr (opens in new window)click to share on pinterest (opens in new window)click to share on reddit (opens in new window)click to email this to a friend (opens in new window)click to print (opens in new window). when it is used to remind viewers that sexual orientation is a transcendent but not necessarily a primary characteristic, that can be good. he probably changed as many minds as kurt did, because like burt, a lot of americans didn’t know any gay people until kurt came out. and i’m afraid that glee’s gonna go down in history as a show with a good heart that occasionally made off-color jokes when, to me, espescially as i became more aware, it was a show that was more often hurtful than it was uplifting. i’d thought making out with girls was just an extension of aforementioned sluthood and couldn’t possibly mean i wanted to like, date one. but the legacy wants to ignore the hurt it more often caused to the so-called underdogs they were supposed to be championing. the show painted her as a super math genius in the end, but her real genius was her superheroic empathy. brittana never did it for me, even after santana came out, it just never felt authentic (until the wedding). but you know what, brittany remains one of the best bisexual characters i’ve ever seen. santana only got mad with me when she didn't want to talk about it. gay men are more prominent, but up until very recently, they were never seen in sexual (or even overtly romantic) situations, especially on network television. "alright, san," i said slowly, trying to puzzle it out without sounding stupid. plus, she ended up with santana and she was never treated as “now a lesbian”. walter thompson innovation group found that only 48% of 13-20-year-olds (generation z) identify as “exclusively heterosexual,” compared to 65% of millennials aged 21 to 34.“a bartender who breaks the stereotype of the all-wise counselor knowing the right thing to say and the right drinks. santana took advantage of this more than once, one example being when she bullied rory into essentially forcing brittany to defect from new directions and join the troubletones, which she had previously told santana she did not want to do. you don't love heather morris after watching this go to the doctor. i promise,” line from the movie “titanic” or “here’s looking at you, kid,” from “casablanca.

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the most obvious is that there are probably at least thirty times more men for bisexual women to date than women, meaning they are statistically more likely to fall in love with a man than a woman, all things being equal, but it wouldn’t be surprising to find that the trope of bisexual female characters always ending up with male characters also subconsciously influences bisexual women and incites a measure of biphobia among some lesbians. burt was kurt’s safe space and the springboard for his dreams.” the combination of context and the powerful emotions behind the words resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression. sometimes i think it's kind of funny, but mostly it's really sad to me that she does these things and then fights them. they had a bi girl dating a guy and her sexuality wasn’t erased. that “we’re changing the world” spin thrown at you while watching the show and continually seeing all of the shit you’ve described – “racist, misogynistc, transphobic/misogynistic, fatphobic and so on and so on” – just makes me pull the stink-eye. i'm not stupid enough to think i'm smart, which sort of means that i have to know something i guess, but that's not the point. think the super-butch-but-aggressively-hetero character is often played for laughs and as an obnoxiously self-congratulatory bid for progressive points from people who would never script a queer butch character. i was raging at santana’s unchecked and out of character flaming biphobic rant. "i'm going to get us through high school on top," she promised. don’t mind me, it’s just that glee was the very first show i ever saw queer characters and it will always have a special place in my heart.: fiction m - english - romance/friendship - santana l., yes, there was a lot about how the show treated unique that was a straight up mess, but there was also something revolutionary about her.’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of casual bisexuality on screen. there are more lgbt characters on tv today than any year previously. her arms folded tightly across her chest and she looked the way she sometimes did at school when she didn't want anyone to know she was bothered- blank. i remember watching santana come out to her grandmother and i cried because i knew my own grandparents would act the same way. she was upset and she didn't want to talk about it, which was fine, but i wished that look would go away.“"it also makes a great “reading in bed” prop for when you’re not having sex. hope that you were realizing that your prince charming was princess sarcasm. still, there was an edge of worry to it all, and i wanted it gone. on “new girl,” cece parekh turns out to have once hooked up with megan fox’s guest character reagan. that would mean all kinds of terrible things, like the possibility that you, too, were gay!

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she just saw things in other people (especially santana) that they didn’t see in themselves. this was a great reminder that this show has raised a generation of queer kids and that it made me cry almost as many times as it made me yell at the tv. her jaw clenched and she dropped her fisted hands to her sides, staring at me with those blank eyes.(most glee fans also agree that glee ended at the end of season 2, and i more than agree with them). maybe some of the sue storylines in early seasons owe a little something to this trope, but she’s definitely her own complicated phenomenon. we were having one of our weekly sleepovers (something that was happening more and more frequently as santana got older because she liked to get away from her empty house) when i first noticed it. and as the audience, we wanted naomi to be brave and want emily back as well. for the show never discrediting any of brittany’s relationships, even in this season she was shown as essentially having forgotten about her sexual relationship with artie when she invited him into her room to talk about wedding planning and he had to remind her that he had been in the room many times in the past. gone are the days of bisexuality as a sweeps week gimmick for viewership; if bisexuality triggers no outrage among fictional characters, then real life viewers are primed to accept it as well. i continued to stare at her, hoping the ice would melt, and her dark eyes eventually swung in my direction. sports culture (especially football culture) is still rife with homophobia. i had just come out around the time that glee started and seeing kurt’s relationship with his awesome dad gave me comfort after being so horribly rejected by my family. i’m going to miss sue, but i’m excited to see what’s next. it was another one of those things that didn't matter to me much personally – i didn't do well in school and it really didn't make a difference to me which grade we were in – but it mattered to santana so i was enthusiastic too.. how are we supposed to believe that a person so confused-verging-on-delusional, clearly portrayed as unintelligent at the least and mentally dysfunctional at worst, could make her own safe, well-informed sexual choices?) and me too, during its run, i had some trouble accepting certain episodes, but now re-watching everything in perspective i have the feeling that every single thing that happened in these six seasons (even the most unpredictable) had a reason to be and probably no other show in tv history had a link so tight between plot, fate and audience. ‘cause i understand that series finales bring out the misty eyes and sentimentality, but glee was a really important and powerful show for me for the reasons listed above (and more) but it was also the show where i learned that just ’cause folks are gay doesn’t mean that they can’t be y’know, racist, misogynistc, transphobic/misogynistic, fatphobic and so on and so on. 1 2 3 »share on facebookshare on twittermore you may likeae exclusive: the cast of 'fun home' backstage in dallas, texas! as the series comes to a close this friday night, we wanted to look back on the times glee didn’t make us want to remove our eyeballs and donate them to a haunted fruit basket. it was a long moment before she began to relax, and i took advantage by slipping my fingers through hers with a little smile of success. we learned to settle for “tolerance,” like that was all we deserved and all we could ask for. brittany loved who she loved, and when she was dating someone, she was with them."copyright disclaimer under section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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it was one of the few things she was not confused about at all (after her questioning period in season 2, of course). would be a more valid point if not for the fact that the character was written, for several seasons, as if she were continuously confused (about everything). and they got married, in the end, at a double gay wedding."britt… we're starting high school next year," she said slowly, and i nodded eagerly to show i understood. she knew that (because really, if brittany 101 was a class, she'd have the best grade of anyone too) and she smiled, i guess because she knew i was only excited since she was. the karofsky/kurt storyline also provided a triumphant twist that happens in real life all the time and also happened on queer as folk, wherein the guy defending the gay guy isn’t gay, it’s the guy attacking the gay guy who is. it was all so simple and familiar, but somehow it must have been different to her. It has clear and positive uses, as well as downsides. i really do think they did more right than they did wrong (and i realize that is an unpopular opinion). they shared some of the most romantic moments and duets on the whole entire show. she did not graduate on time because she had a gpa of 0. "don't worry about it, britt," was what she said this time before looking away again, but i knew i was going to worry about it. episode iii: moo-hattan on the rocks14 halloween costume ideas from your favorite tv shows, movies, and moreplaylist: sometimes queer trans girls find love in the south, too. even sam never hinted that he was better for britt because of his gender. when santana came back and wanted to get with brittany again, brittany made it very clear that she wasn’t choosing sam because he’s a guy, just that things between her and santana wouldn’t work out at the moment. she was a black, plus size, supremely talented and fashionable trans girl who had a group of friends who actually cared about her and, when they weren’t being completely ignorant, tried to support her in her transition. they danced at kurt’s junior prom, but kurt’s senior prom took place during glee’s third season. despite all the show did wrong with unique, they did make is so that trans women of color like myself had someone on tv we could look to and see ourselves reflected back. that said, it changed hearts and minds and i love it for that. casual one-off referencing of same-sex inclinations is so common that the site tv tropes lists it as a trope called “bi the way. i was younger and i was really scared, but santana lopez was the first lesbian that i had seen anywhere and she gave me the courage to be myself. i was happy just to share a cardboard castle with you. nope, you sure can’t, because jane lynch as sue sylvester is the only one.

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the way she never apologized for being a hbic who wanted more power. suddenly, lesbian fandom had a way to talk to the people who made tv, and there was a justified fire inside them, and they were not backing down. i looked up slowly, staring at santana with wide eyes. the archivesmargaret cho gets cho-dependent: autostraddle interviewhow the south made me a queer feministtrauma queen: an autostraddle book review and interviewlatest comments. and, of course, falling in love with your best friend is a lesbian rite of passage. i didn't like seeing her look like that with me. it was meant as a joke: “sex isn’t dating; if it were, santana and i would be dating. well, glee may not be the perfect show (but which one is ? like (sort of) sorry to use my first comment to be contentious but, is there also going to be a [x] things that glee did wrong list? morris is a fucking talented dancer, though, so i could get over how i never really “got” brittany’s character, even when everyone else thought she was hilarious. your hot take tees, gal pal hoodies, "butch please" enamel pins and lavender menace tri-blends in the autostraddle store! because i want us to be able to do this, but we can't if we… you know, hold hands and stuff. but she said it during a perfect storm of prop. and sam still hasn’t found a permanent spot on a roster.: sometimes queer trans girls find love in the south, too.. show “skins” brought one of the most iconic teenage lesbian pairings on tv: naomily, the portmanteau of emily fitch and naomi campbell. i kept looking over at her at the funny parts we normally laughed at, hoping to see a smile, but her mouth didn't so much as twitch.’ve heard it said so many times before, but i’ll just say it again: no one hates glee more than glee fans, but most glee fans i know still recognize just how much of an impact this goddamn show had on our lives. references to characters falling along the sexual spectrum can be found throughout film and tv, from “glee” (the famous “sex isn’t dating, if it were, santana and i would be dating” line was originally a joke not intended to lead anywhere) to “warehouse 13” (h.’m not disagreeing with you, really i’m not, because i love agent may – but i was genuinely surprised that she was over 50.“"fulfilled by amazon" was like, wow, valerie, just @ me next time. seeing i was in absolute agreement, she grinned and used the hand wrapped around mine to pull me in for a tight hug."i didn't get it, and i didn't like this idea.

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i hardly ever got that look and it always made me feel edgy when she directed it at me. fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. disabled characters can be queer and have sex, you know. they made out at school, in cars, in their bedroom, in hotel rooms, in fake elevators, and at prom. let’s think just for a minute about how amazing it actually was to have a character like unique adams on network television. the vampire slayerclexafaking itgleekarmylaw and orderlesbian tvlesbian tv charactersnaomilyskinsthe 100willow and tarawynonna earpxena: warrior princess facebooktwitterpinteresttumblr. in one solid hour of prime-time television, we saw loyalty in spades: a group of popular girls tell their boyfriends they have to stand up for kurt. from her relationship with santana, the best examples of britt’s sexuality being treated as legitimate was when they were broken up.. they had a teenage trans girl of color who was a part of the main cast. so i moved even closer and poked at her shoulder, my eyes still locked on her face. and for all glee has done, it never insinuated that brittany was confused or experimenting or any other of the negative stereotypes. she wasn’t an insatiable sex maniac who would do anything with anyone. don’t want to start an argument, but your reply definitely comes across as “girls with cognitive disabilities or in general aren’t that smart and therefore say illogical things can’t be certain of their sexuality and can’t make informed sexual choices”. has been a very weird, very gross dichotomy between the way gay men and gay women are represented on tv for a long time. what are we to make of these glimmerings of queerness that ultimately go no further?"i nodded again, though i didn't understand the comment really. amy raudenfeld’s confession to karma ashcroft on “faking it” had all the emotional, tragic overtones of adolescent love. their first time having sex was as important as rachel and finn’s first time having sex. will be in a few chapters all about this length. her hand squeezed mine gently and i smiled again, my head dropping against her shoulder.’m not saying women who aren’t that smart can’t have sex; i’m saying brittany was always presented as a character that did not make very well-informed choices and therefore was definitely not some kind of bisexual role model. and when the mechanic from lima, ohio was okay with it, middle america felt okay with it too. no one will think we're dykes if we only do this.

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first episode i watched was “wheels”, when kurt and rachel had that defying gravity diva-off and i loved kurt immediately. “bi the way” trope is only as good as the intention behind it. wrapped the hand i had poked her with around one of her fisted hands, my eyes still on hers as i silently pleaded for her to open up to me. was always a limit to how much tolerance anybody could be expected to extend to their gay friend or child on television. but then i realized, all at once: but i was the slutty one who slept with all the boys. she and brittany will always have a soft spot in my heart, even after all the bull that the glee writers put the fandom through. “glee”  lurched about wildly from crazy plot to crazier plot, somehow the absolutely adorableness that was brittana managed to survive six seasons and even end with a wedding. the only thing i would like to argue is when you say that “glee has fucked up more often than not over the past several years”. she believed (among many other things) that her cat could talk and that an irish exchange student was actually a leprechaun. when i write the book on lesbian fandom, i will point to brittana fans as the ones who changed the world. kurt visited dalton and met blaine and realized that he was allowed to demand more, and one hopes that everybody watching at home knew it, too. no way i wanted to lose the comfort of my best friend. i'm not a good student and i don't know a lot about books or math or outer space. for reminding me of the things that i actually loved and that resonated about glee in its best moments. but kurt still demands more, and he transfers to dalton to find it. autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. then again, would the show have been even more revolutionary if brittana had just been two straight girls who engaged in casual, a-romantic sexual relations? although regan was praised—including by afterellen—as contravening bisexual hollywood tropes, it was still megan fox. 17% difference almost certainly can be attributable in large part to greater exposure to queerness on tv and in movies (along with more out celebrities and a more receptive society than previous generations). a mere sentence referencing queerness can be used to avoid having to show real sexual diversity among characters; a box checking exercise that enables writers and producers to continue focusing on a character’s heterosexual romances. diverse sample of eight quotes from lesbian storylines on TV shows that in one way or another feel iconic. they were thirteen years old, santana's been telling her "this isn't dating" or "that isn't dating"."nothing, i'm fine," she told me with a shrug, never looking at me.

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however, the problem was that for three and a half seasons, she was presented as child-like, operating pretty much on the level of a six-year-old while still being highly sexualized. she was playing with my fingers and i was watching, curious. the fact that her main focus was her career and not a family. can you name a woman over 50 who is playing a series regular straight butchy woman on tv? we could all live together, but they hate each other. i guess i've never really been the fastest of the two of us now that i think about it. the funny thing about her is that she seems really strong and tough. (or, for that matter, let brittany and santana talk to each other, even when santana was forced out of the closet) oh, season three. is the show with the most highest highs and lowest lows ever. high school had been the big dream since we were about eight and i knew santana was both excited and nervous about it.“and i’m afraid that glee’s gonna go down in history as a show with a good heart that occasionally made off-color jokes when, to me, espescially as i became more aware, it was a show that was more often hurtful than it was uplifting. a second point against the “bi the way” trope, when it is presented in the context of a female character already in a relationship with a male character it may have the effect of reinforcing the stereotype that bisexual women always end up with men.“fuck i missed it i let you down boss *sad charlie brown walk back to my desk*”. frankly, it makes seeing those things worse because all the spin is telling you you’re supposed to be going into a safe tv space.” boys greased the wheels of her social ambition, and her need for popularity and power was so strong that it disguised itself as desire for the boys themselves and not what they represented." i asked at last, shifting closer to her with a tiny frown. and at the end of the day, reagan was still interested in nick. santana and brittany go on a date with finn 1x14.” if she’d said that at any other time in history, maybe it would have just floated on by.. they told a teenage lesbian coming out story that hadn’t been told before.. i’ll just be here having feelings and being grateful for all these good things they gave us. and i have written about this a lot in our recaps this season, but it should be repeated (forever, really): way back during “sectionals,” the 13th episode of season one, brittany said a thing that wasn’t meant to stick. jane lynch doesn’t perform sue’s butchiness as a disposable gag–it’s very much a part of what makes her such a dynamic, charismatic character.

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feel like this can be accurately applied to the l word as well. - chapters: 15 - words: 65,397 - reviews: 236 - favs: 353 - follows: 230 - updated: 10/28/2011 - published: 2/5/2011 - status: complete - id: 6716936. the exception of santana’s very bizarre and out-of-character tirade about bisexual people being flaky cheaters (despite the fact that brittany never, ever cheated on her) when she was getting together with dani, glee handled brittany’s bisexuality with surprising aplomb. most people will most likely gloss over all the bad it will still be the show that tried to shed light on every issue under the moon. if santana 101 was a class, i'd have the best grade of anyone. she was portrayed as over-sexualized yet completely child-like (verging on delusional at times) in the first few seasons, and then the math genius thing was sprung out of nowhere in order to give heather morris time off for her pregnancy. was just too corny for me after the 2nd season, even as a young teenager yearning for queer representation. four football players tell another football player that if he doesn’t stop bullying kurt, they will destroy him. he was a blue collar widower who went from taking away his son’s car if he acted gay to officiating his son’s gay wedding, and in between all that, he became the best father any gay tv character could ask for.’s got a cbs comedy on the way called like death angel or something. iconic lines from tv lesbiandomby karen froston october 5, 2017certain theatrical lines stick with you, like the iconic, “i’ll never let go, jack.) we’re only ever going to see one sue sylvester on our tvs. it wasn’t until we kissed in the gym that i realized why. like i said, though, santana knew me as well as i knew her. have such mixed feelings about the “butchy straight” thing on television–i feel like you could write an entire article about that! although one could reasonably and logically argue that in real life bisexual women are at least double the number of lesbians, making this shift more demographically accurate,  so many bisexual characters fall into the “but not too bi” trope (for example, angela montenegro of “bones,” who dated college fling roxie lyon for all of three episodes) that it seems that many shows are continuing to choose superficially bisexual female characters—who can continue dating male characters but allow the network to claim to have a “queer character”—than a lesbian character who can only date female characters or must remain celibate. but sometimes life feels like that: one storyline, and then another. when the number of lesbian characters went up 7% on streaming tv, this growth was outpaced by the bisexual female character count rising by 15%. then again, the vast majority of these characters are well fleshed out, so do viewers still need these offhand references to bisexuality if the intent is sensitizing viewers to the sexual spectrum? i guess it is true most of the time, but most people don't see beyond that so they miss the fact that she's all soft and warm inside (which is really sad because that's the best part of her). do really love the show though, and have probably seen the entire series 4 or 5 times through. but, following several episodes of kurt getting bullied and nobody doing enough about it, “furt” demanded more. “i even had a sex dream about a shrub that was in the shape of a person.

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glee may have been seriously off it’s rocker but i’m still glad that we had a show like this. every milestone of brittany and santana’s relationship happened because of lesbian fandom. i the only queer girl watching glee who thinks the whole “the lesbian blogger community created brittana” thing is way, way over-exaggerated? non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. they presented her as “quirky” and almost always used her lack of intelligence as a joke."if it were santana and i would be dating" - best of season 1 (part 2/3). i have to say, that for all glee’s faults, they did that well. at least with glee you have 10-15 minutes of good singing to distract you from bad plots. when she was starting to be interested in sam, both sam and britt were aware of her history with santana and respected it. hate-watching my way to the season finale, i feel more relieved that it’s over than sad that it’s going. when that hope died, by heart broke and i was hurt and angry. and, as soon as kurt came out to him for real, he was kurt’s greatest defender when he found himself being bullied for being gay. i knew when we were thirteen, about to get out of middle school, that something was bothering santana. we’d never seen a character like her before and we haven’t really seen anyone like her since. to share on facebook (opens in new window)click to share on twitter (opens in new window)click to share on tumblr (opens in new window)click to share on pinterest (opens in new window)click to share on reddit (opens in new window)click to email this to a friend (opens in new window)click to print (opens in new window). santana had more legitimate adult chemistry with dani than she ever did with brit, and brittana’s reconciliation in s5 (when santana was supposedly still dating dani, who was never mentioned again) seemed to happen for no valid reason. i didn’t figure it out gradually and then suddenly or even just gradually, i figured it out all at once, like santana did, and then all the discordant elements of my life came together and finally made sense. "but if we're going to do this, britt, we need to change some stuff. we'd been holding hands since the day we met so really it wasn't that big a deal, but it must have made santana feel better because she relaxed and sighed. they changed her character really dramatically once her and santana were together. weirdly enough, i think i’ll miss her most of all. on facebookshare on twittermore you may likelena waithe just did the impossible and here's why it changes everythingpreviousarielle scarcella opens up about anxiety and seeking helpnextbisexualbisexual charactersgleenew girlpitch perfect 2warehouse 13 facebooktwitterpinteresttumblr. glee and bisexuality, i know that glee has been super problematic sometimes.

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it must be painful, wanting something and not wanting it at the same time. “i made out with a mannequin,” santana tells holly when trying to parse out who she likes. again her fingers squeezed mine and she turned her head to look at me. at that point, i had never thought of santana as more than my very best friend. of course, as a third and final point against the “bi the way” trope, it can contribute to the stubbornly persistent titillation factor of having a beautiful bisexual character—but not too bi! up by october 31st for an extended 3-month trial of youtube red. i liked her better at the end, but the continuity was wrong. but when santana began to find herself in season is when this show really changed my life. in “pitch perfect 2,” chloe beale says to beca mitchell, “you know, one of my biggest regrets is that i didn’t do enough experimenting in college,” while a flustered beca tells rival female acapella group leader kommissar that she is “physically flawless,” a “gorgeous specimen,” and her “sweat smells like cinnamon,” and beca admits to feeling sexually confused around her. cancel replyyou must be logged in to post a comment. in “glease” britt tells santana that she isn’t dating anyone, male or female. she may not be as butchy as sue is on glee – her style and characterization is completely different – but she’s over 50, a series regular, and is stoic and tough as nails. he gave kurt love advice, life advice, and forced him to listen to safe sex advice. fought hard to make naomi confront her feelings, but even after a night spent together in the woods, naomi was still pulling a petrified runner, leaving emily alone to watch her go, heartbreakingly begging her to show courage. sometimes she was the villain and sometimes she was the hero, but she was one of the only characters on the show who was always entertaining. she was like that even at thirteen – really, she'd been like that since kindergarten – but i had known her since pre-school so i knew better than everyone else what she had in her. santana was my best friend, of course we weren't dating! resonated with so many lesbians who had never seen themselves represented on tv before (see above) and brittany resonated with so many queer women who didn’t feel the need to bag-and-tag their sexual orientation (see below). so it had to get better on glee before it even had a shot of getting better in the nfl. glee fans can’t agree on anything, really, except for the fact that burt hummel is the best ever. she was portrayed really differently in season one (like when she wanted to sleep with kurt so she could have a “perfect record”). can you name a woman over 50 who is playing a series regular straight butchy woman on tv? sex might not have been dating, but it led to dating and one of the first super mainstream teenage lesbian pairings in the us.

Sheila E. Talks Relationships with Prince & Santana, Wants to Turn

you could tell her story for a hundred years and never run out of hijinks. santana was an obnoxious bully 90% of the time, and as a bi girl, i didn’t think brittany was a positive bi character by any means. and burt’s father/son dynamic was the thing that hooked me on glee in the beginning. i was rolling my eyes during seasons 2 and 3 when they refused to say the word bisexual. i never would’ve predicted lesbiansim was my final clue, but there it was, and it felt right but it also felt so scary.” once upon a time, a little show named “glee” threw out a funny one-liner about two cheerleaders secretly having sex, and about 90% of the show’s audience was like, “huh? do they sensitize audiences to the sexual spectrum, or are they laziness or gratuitousness on the part of writers and producers? seeing my reaction, she loosened her grip on my hand and hooked our pinkies together. has fucked up more often than not over the past several years, but it also did a lot of things right (besides produce a lot of really good pop covers). nope, you sure can’t, because jane lynch as sue sylvester is the only one. this time, santana laughed and made comments and sang along with some of the numbers (i loved when she sang along). changes were scary, and it was bad enough we'd be in a new, much bigger school. and sports culture (especially football culture) is a driving force in nearly every aspect of american life, from the economy to what’s on tv to top 40 song lyrics. as a fat, trans woman of color, seeing unique do things like be the best singer at nationals, or have fun at a sleepover with the other girls in “glease” or have her fellow new new directioners step up and say that they’ll walk home from school with her so that she doesn’t have to be afraid anymore regularly brought me to tears. i gave up after a minute and added, "what do you mean? me a woman over 50 on tv who is not a playing a supporting role as someone’s grandma. so i nodded and santana looked relieved and we relaxed again to watch the movie. it’s like the pr on the *glee legacy* is being built around all of the possible eye-opening it might have done for middle america and how it has “changed the world” (i’m not all that convinced glee made that big a difference tbh). (maybe the only other character on the show besides santana.” sometimes you fall in love with your best friend, and most of the time, she doesn’t fall in love back (except she kind of still acts jealous and possessive towards you and maybe she really does have sublimated romantic feelings). lynch’s character is described as larger-than-life, brassy and flamboyant, and when she claims to be a guardian angel, allison can’t decide if she’s actually an angel or if she’s just plain nuts. santana’s story was the first teenage lesbian on television who felt like me, even though i was in my early 20s by the time i figured it out. and suddenly we were pretending to be a couple and there was hand-holding and kissing and three-ways.

13 things you should know before dating a bi girl

the 2013 pew research lgbt survey found that 84% of bisexuals in committed relationships have a partner of the opposite sex and only 9% have same-sex partners, so it would be inaccurate to show the bisexual woman always ending up with a woman., however, thought about it for the rest of the night- even when we curled up in my bed to sleep, i kept thinking about it. it is probably not by coincidence that, according to glaad’s 2016 “where we are on tv” report, the number of lesbian characters on tv dropped an unbelievable 16% on broadcast tv and 2% on cable tv in 2016,  while bisexual representation rose 10% on broadcast tv and 6% on cable.” thus from a line that had never actually been intended by the writers to go anywhere was born brittana (the internet tells me that someone also tried santittany, which is hilarious), the portmanteau for brittany pierce and santana lopez.. wells and myka bering subtext aside, wells nonchalantly mentions knowing about the opposite sex because “many of my lovers were men,” implying that not all were) to “500 days of summer” (summer mentions of her ex charlie, “she was nice.“and for all glee has done, it never insinuated that brittany was confused or experimenting or any other of the negative stereotypes.”: a lesbian couple on escaping the las vegas shootingpaving the way for gay rights in kenya: one nonprofit’s storyi made all my friends reenact the planet from “the l word” for a week and now everyone hates methe bisexual character in my ya novel isn’t “perfect” — which is perfectlatest poststhe comment awards are scissoring like billie jean9 hands-free sex toyss. that was the weird season where glee got ridiculously uptight when it came to gay affection and wouldn’t let kurt and blaine get within five feet of each other, let alone kiss.” it’s a casual, throwaway line that isn’t returned to later in the movie. me a woman over 50 on tv who is not a playing a supporting role as someone’s grandma. entire glee club shames the popular football-playing boyfriend for not standing up for kurt. we were thirteen and we had been best friends since we were in pre-school and i never really thought about it. santana does things first, always, even when it isn't something she particularly wants to happen.’s suicide storyline was exploitive and terrible, and spencer’s self-satisfied meta commentary about the glory of glee was insufferable and masturbatory, but there’s no denying that having two openly gay football players on a tv show is a big damn deal.’s relationship had so much passion & romance, i wish they had developed a lesbian relationship on the show in the same way. he drove kurt to the airport so he could follow his dreams to new york, even though he knew that meant kurt would never really come home again. there was one of our favorite movies playing on the tv, but santana was sitting stiffly beside me and didn't seem to be enjoying it at all. the blow up after michael sam kissed his boyfriend on espn after he was drafted by the st. i could feel a pout forming, mixing with confusion and a sudden fear. for six seasons, lesbian fandom demanded to be heard, to be represented fairly, to be able to watch see story that was meant to be, right on their tvs. in a world where bisexual characters are sociopaths at worst and deeply narcissistic assholes at best, brittany s. i could see she was actually smiling now because her eyes smiled, too. guess this means i’ll be watching the season finale this week!

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