Sex offenders on online dating sites

Sex offenders on online dating sites

in the case of restricting sex offenders from certain online venues, the question isn't whether the aim of protecting children and adults alike from sexual abuse is necessary, but rather whether these are effective, beneficial and fair ways of going about it. case raised questions about whether such laws prohibit sex offenders from participating in web-based forums, which have become virtual town squares, as they re-enter society.

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what's more, the breadth of these restrictions, and the inexactness of who is targeted, raise an issue unlikely to garner much sympathy: fairness to sex offenders. states have laws that require sex offenders to provide information about their internet use to authorities.

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    major concern, in terms of both effectiveness and fairness, is how some of these approaches inelegantly lump together all kinds of sex offenders. the ruling was unanimous, with new justice neil gorsuch not participating, chief justice john roberts and justices samuel alito and clarence thomas cautioned that kennedy's "loose rhetoric" could prevent states from taking any measures to restrict convicted sex offenders on the internet.
  • Sex Offender Screening on Dating Sites Is Messy—But It Needs to

    “it is unsettling to suggest that only a limited set of websites can be used even by persons who have completed their sentences. many of those sites now are more widely used by adults than children, the north carolina law makes it illegal for a registered sex offender to access a website where he or she knows minors have personal web pages.
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    there are already strict restrictions placed on where sex offenders can live in the real-world -- how far can we go in limiting their existence in the virtual realm?" after all, these days so much normal social interaction happens online.
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So Which Social Networking Sites Can Sex Offenders Actually Use?

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“this language is bound to be interpreted by some to mean that the states are largely powerless to restrict even the most dangerous sexual predators from visiting any internet sires, including for example internet dating sites,” alito wrote for the three justices., to the legal concerns: the aclu filed a lawsuit in response to an earlier version of the louisiana law, which seemed to apply not only to social networking sites but to most of the internet, claiming that it was "overbroad" and would infringe upon "free speech rights under the first amendment.

US Supreme Court overturns NC sex offender social media ban

"not all sex offenders are the same, and it is usually a mistake to treat them as if they are," says cantor. argued that prohibiting him from using social media sites is a violation of his rights to “free speech, expression, association, assembly and the press under the first and fourteenth amendments.

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"one of the best ingredients in rehabilitating sex offenders appears to be helping them reintegrate into their community, not isolating them," he says.. Supreme Court has overturned a North Carolina law prohibiting registered sex offenders from using Facebook or other social networking sites that minors can join.

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we have more definitive evidence on these differences -- which would require hard-to-come-by research funding -- cantor says, "these people would best be treated on a case-by-case basis: an offender who used networking sites as part of his offense would be banned, but offenders using them for pro-social purposes, such as participating in support groups, would be encouraged. similarly, the online dating sites are only screening out sex offenders who provide identifying information that matches what is on the registry.

Nobody knows how dangerous online dating really is—and dating

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are echoes here to the debate over the online classified site backpage, in which there is general agreement over the goal of eradicating child trafficking but disagreement over how that can be achieved. bullying poses a greater threat online than sexual solicitation, and children's greatest threat of sexual abuse comes from someone they know -- a relative or family friend -- not from a stranger on the other end of his or her xbox.

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, so banning sex offenders from accessing most sites on the web is unconstitutional, but what about banning them in more limited ways?. appeals court panel that ruled in the case said it could prohibit a registered sex offender from accessing google, amazon or even a cooking tv channel website because the sites provide secondary social networking forums.

Sex Offender Screening on Dating Sites Is Messy—But It Needs to

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the revised version of the louisiana bill more narrowly focuses on sites just like facebook, but it could still include professional networking sites like linkedin, she says, and it's still "infringing upon a group of people's first amendment rights. the online dating sites, which are presumably aiming to help protect members from being assaulted on dates, target all manner of sex offenders (while still allowing in suitors with, for example, a domestic violence rap sheet).

to begin checking for sex offenders in wake of lawsuit

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.com says it will begin cross-referencing members against the National Sex Offender Registry after a lawsuit filed last week in California, in which a woman claims she was raped by a convicted offender she met on the dating website. 2008 legislative package came about at a time that state attorneys general across the nation were raising concerns about social media sites such as facebook and myspace, hoping to protect users from sexual predators using the networks.

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. supreme court has overturned a north carolina law prohibiting registered sex offenders from using facebook or other social networking sites that minors can join.. supreme court overturned that ruling, saying in a 4-2 decision that the “incidental burden imposed” upon convicted sex offenders “is not greater than necessary to further the governmental interest of protecting children from registered sex offenders.

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