She still loves me but is dating someone else

She still loves me but is dating someone else

” finally, he asked if the reason i wasn’t responding was because i was too dumb to understand simple english. a couple times i actually found myself thinking, “wow, you might be the perfect guy. the thing about older men is, they rarely look good. he has since moved into a family member’s house. a month ago he even told me that he sees his future with me and one week later he says he hasn't been in love with me for a few months now. there might be instances when you see her with this new guy, but you should be completely cool about it. and the editor took me on some pretty epic dates: there was dinner on a boat in the hudson river, a beach weekend in the hamptons, martinis at the carlyle, and a series of other rendezvous that made me feel like i was living in a woody allen movie from the seventies. the truth is, they are only hurt because they love you. there is a good chance you will both end up together. he obviously has feelings for her too though he says he can never love anyone like he loves me. something as simple as a casual text message is a good start. breaking up with someone you are still in love with is surely one of the hardest things you might have ever gone through. i broke up with my ex almost 4 weeks ago, and even though it was like our last goodbye he texts me cute stuff and all of a sudden we start fighting or idk. i’m pretty sure i’ve never felt more gay than while watching him fasten the leather strap around his un-manicured balls. was looking for an experience, but this was the wrong one. them play their game while you actually try to improve your life., i spent a couple of weeks dating a 32-year-old respected magazine editor who on paper is clearly an appropriate partner choice for me. next time, make sure that you approach your relationship with a bit more maturity and responsibility. i’d share the interesting things and post some comments there page and some how she still get offended although they weren’t negative. a simple and straight ‘yes’ is the best answer to this! this would flood in her mind doubts about breaking up the great relationship you guys had cherished.

I love a girl who is currently dating someone else, but I feel she

they will pull away and won’t talk to you for weeks, and then suddenly push to spend time with you. subscribe our spectacular newsletter and be up to date with all new stuff published here + receive free gifts just for our folks. she loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband. as you both grow, there is a chance it will work out in the future. everything went down hill he basically told me again he was done and to leave him alone and he said he hated me (not the first time) . all you have got to do is to give it some time. during this no contact period if your ex contacts you, then you can be sure that they are thinking about you and they still have feelings for you. dated this girl for 4 years i ended up doing 10 months in jail i was her man she was my woman we have started to try to do a new life and the stress got so hard for her that she took my ring off i love her with all my heart and i want her back on the 7th month i was in jail i asked her if she was dating someone she said yes a month went by and i asked her are you sleeping with him and she confessed yes i know that she wasn’t with me technically but i wanted her to be there for me when i got out we’re going to start a new life before i went in i felt betrayed but i understand that she was lonely i’m trying to win her back and i’m trying to tell her and explain to her what i feel for her but it seems to be not working she says she loves me and she cares for me very much and she doesn’t want me out of her life and i know she has a problem with commitment what do i do she’s the girl of my dreams i asked her not to see me no more after she told me that but she kept coming back to visit i asked her what are you doing here you’re with another guy and she said i miss you i wanted to see you and i wouldn’t be here if i didn’t want to be here how do what what do i think about that please help me i want th i want to be with this woman the rest of my life. after i broke up with my verbally abusive ex-boyfriend, years ago, i fell in love with everyone who so much as held a door open for me. this mature behaviour you show would confuse her and she would soon start to get frustrated and in the end would lead to messing up her new found relationship. i recently found out that she is dating someone else. things were good up until the end of summer about some of about some issues from she’s had coming from other family members which is hard for me to explain. to text your ex back – the art of using text messages to get your ex back [with 53 examples]. it could be that they confess their love to you when they are drunk and they become completely cold the next day. your ex is cold one minute and hot the other, then you can be sure they have feelings for you. doesn’t mean that you should just leave it to her new boyfriend to mess it up for you to clean up and take control of. has some relatives we were friends we with on social media before we even hooked up and started dating. i ended up leaving her while still in love with her.” but when you’re still in love with your ex, as i am now, all the new people you meet are stuck being compared not just with your ex, but with a romanticized version of your ex who is actually far better, smarter, and more attractive than they are in real life. there is never much true love or passion in such a temporary relationship. (although i will say that, despite the vastness of this city, i’m constantly perplexed by how difficult it is to meet someone who hasn’t already slept with someone i know.

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    was all over 3 months ago, our second child is now 3 weeks old and we share a 6 year old together too. but an hour later, walking into the specified bar in the west village, i immediately understood why people take the time to screen each other via text. although he posed it less as a question and more as an offer, adding that he’d had a few threesomes in the past that were “ok or whatever,” but he’d be willing to have another if it’s what i wanted. when i recounted this story to my best friend over a ptsd brunch the next morning, she—ever the competitor—immediately informed me of the time she slept with an older guy who, after he came, had to put on a full-face oxygen mask “to keep him alive. convince her that you are going to work on the mistakes you made the last time. their heart is still in love with you but they are trying to convince themselves that they should stay broken up. out why texting, calling, or emailing your ex is the single biggest mistake you can make if you want to get back together with her. next, naturally, he asked me if i was into threesomes. but this does not mean that they want to get back together. doing the right things and having the right mind set for this is really important for that to happen. sometimes he says he will leave her if i guarantee and make an action plan to be with him, but when i recently called over the weekend and told i was in his neighborhood looking for an apt, he was mean and i felt he thought i was pressuring him. casual conversations and meet-ups can slowly be turned into slightly flirty attempts to get back with her. then there’s this period where you just feel numb and find yourself staring at inanimate objects, having really cliché, intro-to-philosophy-type thoughts like, “what is happiness, anyway? she goes to church alot and she always keeps me in her prayers. give her enough time to figure out her true feelings for you. even if this rebound guy turns out to be a nice guy, there still won’t be much connection between them.’m not trying to make a sweeping statement that modern dating is doomed, or to echo carrie bradshaw’s claim that dating in new york is somehow harder than in other places. this curiosity would in the end get the better of her and work in your favour. i was not supportive in his work or his depression, and found out that his own depression had intensified to the point where he said he doesnt feel connected to anyone including his family, but only has feelings for his children. then she changes her profile a little to where i know longer have her as a friend but i can still follow heri. but men gain weight in all the wrong places; they look like pregnant trolls.
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    do understand that the chances of it getting serious or working out well is going to be very very slim. i know we are meant to be together but i want him to realize this on his own. however, i wanted a second opinion from an outside point of view so i hope you can share with me your thoughts and opinions on this. never act rude with the new guy she is dating. you have heard that her rebound relationship isn’t working out well, do give her enough time to ponder over the mistake she made. this time it honestly feels like he’s done for good but i can’t really say because i’m basing it off emotions. and the reason they are an emotional mess is because they still have feelings for you. we are so off and on how would i know if this time he is done for good? ex of 4 years broke up with me 2 weeks ago because she said she doesn't feel the same. to contact her is a thought you should surely stay far away from. it is important that you act mature and cool about the new relationship she is in. my plan is to live my life and work on me, hopefully this rebound won’t last. went boat ride to get together, then we went to the an amusement park afterwards. so i have no idea how long she has known her current boyfriend i know this and that is they just became friends on facebook at the beginning of the month and now as of the 12th she is in a relationship with this other guy. you may be right and he may really feel like he is done with this relationship. and on the other side, a patient approach is going to do you wonders. i know this makes me seem like a horrible person and him too.?” to the complete non sequitur “i was on tv this week.: casey geren; makeup: yumiin this story:breathless, sex & relationships, first personrecommended for you. rebound relationship is a quick, stupid decision taken by your ex-girlfriend to get over your broken relationship. when women gain a few pounds, they just become more pillowy and fun to cuddle.
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    meanwhile, stay clear of doing anything stupid that could worsen your case. she blocked me from facebook, and blocked my cell number at one point not sure if i am still blocked on her phone. i dont really know where to start about my issue. basically, he was apologizing and practically begging for me to give him a second chance. don't trust him like i did before and because of that i don't believe he's being honest and truthful about his intentions. about it, why would someone spend so much time and energy into hating you or being angry at you? bottom-line is that you have to be an even better version of the person she was once in love with. is the key to getting back your ex-girlfriend from her new guy. to make a girl horny and wet every single time? but the funny thing about heartbreak is, it doesn’t even matter who you meet, because no one stands a chance. he was wearing high-waisted khakis and had overgrown nose hairs, but he was really sweet, and was becoming funnier with every sip of punch i took. if you are not sure whether or not he is being truthful, then you should give him a chance to prove himself. i’ve learned over the years is that a lot of men have trouble dealing with rejection. Luckily, there are a few signs that will tell you whether or not your ex still loves you. primed by my screening of nympho, i was eager for an atypical experience, so i agreed to go back to his apartment. is common with short actors, this guy was very fond of himself, and within minutes he was playing aloud a recording of himself singing a song from his upcoming off-broadway show. he blocked me on all social media but will often unblock me and add me back on things etc. i had caused him a lot of stress in his career path and i was often jelous as i was lost in my own career and got angry over this and other pathetic little things. is going to try to make you jealous, do not fall for that trap. it has been 7 months since she moved out of my house and left me. this is also the phase when you begin the dreaded coital dance known as dating.
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What if your ex girlfriend still loves you but has feelings for someone

Can I Get My Ex Back If She's Already Dating? | Love Dignity

my mentality is to respond to the questions and continue with no contact and focus on me. i had depression for many years and whilst my partner was so supportive i was too wrapped up in my own issued to realise he too had depression and constantly repressed his feelings allowing them to fester. im trying to say is she says she does not want to be my girlfriend anymore but she does want to spend time with me when i ask her. tell her that the time apart has made you realize how important she is to you.’s been 3 months since i caught my ex with another guy i love her and miss her her name is alma born 7/7/70 my name is sean born 7/4 /67. she is probably looking for a friend and that is exactly what you have to be for the time being. this is perhaps the most effective way to win your ex back for good. why don’t you take this simple quiz to find out your chances of getting back together? 10 proven & tested text messages that guarantee to make him/her fall in love with you or get back to you with no questions asked. reality is, it’s hard to find someone who you can imagine having sex with more than twice, who doesn’t make you want to kill yourself as soon as they start talking. one of my responses was how he can't just dump me and when it doesn't work out with the other person to just come running back to me, he responded saying how it wasn't like that at all. you’ve read the 5 step plan, i recommend you start no contact with your ex after the breakup. is we live in the same house and i do see her now and then,And sometimes i concede to my urges and ask her to come drink some coffee with me. can do everything mentioned above to get back your girl but do not lose your self-respect while doing so! your ex calls you when they are intoxicated, then it’s an obvious sign that they still have feelings for you. who is now recovery and receiving physical therapy the person was in a rehabilitation center, one even she called out of the blue and left a voicemail on my home phone. truth is your ex is hurt and probably confused about their feelings for you. but one day he texted me and we started talking like normal for a couple of days . she had me unfriend all her friends and family on social media which i do didn’t want to do. he still really wants to be friends but how can i win him back? the problem is instead of breaking up with me which he says he couldn't do because he can't live without me either, is he dated someone for the last year and a half and now they are engaged.

Does My Ex-Girlfriend Still Want Me Back or Is She Just Using Me?

if i call or text him he’ll answer or text back but it won’t be nice but he’ll still answer . the reason why he broke up with me: he said that he loved me but didn't fall in love with me while we were together, then later said he realized he was already in love with someone else. it’s helping me cope with my issue and guiding me with proper steps. this guy most probably would not be compatible with your girl and sooner or later, she would realize that it was just a big mistake she made. she would appreciate your honesty and the effort you take to correct your mistakes. one day she noticed that about of a bunch of porn was posted on my page and she grew discussed. and this sad phenomenon has only been exasperated by online dating, which allows men access to countless more women who don’t want to have sex with them. Seeing someone else doesn't mean you she doesn't love you.” eventually, after you’ve regained at least some of your dignity, you enter the classic “i’ll show them! your girl back isn’t exactly rocket science but it is a science nevertheless. i have been seeing this man, who turned out to be the loverall of my life and soulmate, for four years. this is when your brain tries to trick your heart into thinking that you’ve moved on, and you suddenly have tons of energy for things you’ve never cared about before, like alphabetizing your bookshelves and figuring out what the best food podcasts are, even though you never cook and literally don’t own a single pan. take it slow and do not scare her with a surprise move. i really need some advice i cannot stop thinking about my ex girlfriend. it was when he attempted to grind with me to a lana del rey techno remix that i finally made my escape. because someone says they hate you, doesn’t really mean they don’t love you. are they going out of their way so that you know that they are dating someone new? fleszer is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. seeing you actually improving in your life is going to make them second guess their decision to breakup. use the vulnerable state she is in to your advantage. called her on social media and did a video chat with her a day after i got the voice mail while i was at the rehab with one of my family members.

Ex Girlfriend Dating Someone New? You Can Still Get Her Back!

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but eventually, i matched with a handsome enough 30-something who was ok with skipping the small talk. doing this could help you understand and fulfil all her expectations! the fact that they are doing this means that you are on their mind most of the time. if he is still like this when you go out, there is a good chance he doesn't mean what he said and you should remove him from your life. funnily enough, despite tinder’s reputation as a hook-up app, most people don’t want to meet soon after matching, but rather engage in hours of meaningless texting—about the latest trendy food hybrid, about how brooklyn is so expensive—which is something i can’t stand doing with friends, let alone strangers. let me remind you that when we dated, this a a lady that did not have much. fast forward to a month in a half after the break-up, and he texts me saying how he's realized how he was the happiest he's ever been when he was with me, how i was his best relationship, how he couldn't stop thinking about me after the break-up but was afraid to say something to me. not only is it a pretty immature way of dealing with the breakup, it’s also a very ineffective way. once the doctor took his clothes off, he looked way older than 50—he may have been pushing 60. anyhow, during the first two years he asked on various occasions, hundreds of times, for me to tell him i would be wit him, even one day, and i didn't have to say when.’s great that he felt he could finally put down some of his shield to share his feelings with me. i am in love with her and i want to marry her at one point i mean before the breakup and everything went down hill. luckily, there are a few signs that will tell you whether or not your ex still loves you. however, we still meet up occasionally and everything seems great when we are together. which is weird because normally he’ll just block me but he didn’t . last time we spoke i restated the fat that i wanted to start a life with her. to make the situation worse, the doctor then took out a cock ring from his bedside table, which he informed me was necessary for him to stay hard. by no contact does that mean deleting him on all social media? he broke up with me because his feelings weren't the same as before. after all this time he finally opened up and i now understand the breakdown. it’s because they are an emotional mess because of you.

I love a girl who is currently dating someone else, but I feel she

When You Fall For Someone Who's Still In Love With Their Ex

i did the no contact for 7 days, and then she texted me on day 8! did the right thing by refusing him when he came back., if you feel you can't live without this guy, you should get professional help immediately. rewind and realize your mistakes and the next time, improve upon them! i realized that she was fed up with my partying habits and wanted me to mature. behavior simply means that they are confused about their feelings for you.) i’ve met some really great people in these past months, too—a beautiful artist who looked like a young richard hell, a hot androgynous ivy league girl who could talk about books and movies for hours. a couple months go by of little communication, we she informs me she’s a got a good career, a nice house, and working on getting the rest of her furniture which i assume she already has by now. truth is your ex is hurt and probably confused about their feelings for you. had an argument a month before he was due back and he said that he was done, and that was that. after the tinder fail, i watched **lars von trier’**s nymphomaniac, trying to will myself into the headspace of the film’s main character, who takes great pleasure in fucking strange men—something i, too, used to find sexy and exciting, before my ex-girlfriend tore out my heart and threw it in the trash along with my will to live and my problematically high sex drive. she gave me a change before we broke up, but my feelings and pain came out when i drank again. in fact, since you and your ex were in a meaningful relationship, i am sure that they still like you (or maybe even love you) and they still have strong feelings for you. compared to the beautiful strong relationship that you both shared, this new guy is never going to be a good substitute for you. then even perhaps taking her up on that offer and consider marrying her but making sure i well prepared with any necessary legal documentation in case something happens were it doesn’t work out and we file for a divorce, i don’t suffer and she won’t suffer also. night a went a to reggae night club trying to take mind mind off things, and help me feel better yet the depression would not disappear. she started asking questions about the logistics of a future road trip before a wedding we were supposed to attend; it's 4 months down the road. it is important that you sell yourself as the best guy she has ever been with it. and no brownie points for guessing that a sulky guy isn’t. but i feel that it is over for ever, as he said he is going to save up for his own place and speaking in ways that highlight that we are over and that is that. then he will stop talking to me and say he doesn't want anything to happen between us anymore.

Breathless: Dating Is Impossible when You're Still in Love with Your Ex

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She Has A New Boyfriend

since then she has not made any contact with me unless i sent something to her first. we haven't talked for 4 days now but every time i post something on snapchat he is one of the first people to watch, if not the first for the most part. that’s when i started to miss her and develop feelings for again but i just did not know where to start. we were so good with each other, the only problems we had was my jealousy sometimes and his drinking when we'd go out. he ended the conversation by saying that he will always care for me more so because i am the mother of his children and he wants to be there for me.. but all of a sudden the police showed up at his house and said there was a report on him about domestic violence of course he thought it was me since he broke up with me . are a lot of things that you will need to know when it comes to making a girl wet. do not give it away that you are still sexually interested in her. but realistically how probable is it that she will want me back? he could be james dean reincarnate with a black card and a completely hairless back, but it still wouldn’t feel right, because he’s not the person i’m in love with.’s a distinct difference between beginning to date after getting out of a bad relationship and forcing yourself to date after ending a healthy relationship that you wish you were still in.»get your girlfriend back»can i get my ex back if she’s already dating? ex-boyfriend broke up with me a month in a half ago, he had wanted to be with me for years but i never said yes until now. talking to them is going to defeat the purpose of no contact. do they become extra flirtatious with other people when you are around? and when it does go away, they will realize that they are still in love with you.(i know this is mostly on myself for asking her to hang out in the first place but what does it mean. is your personality and attitude that matters the most and decides if you are attractive. to get your ex girlfriend back even if she hates you and is dating another guy. but first let me make it clear that these signs do not mean that your ex wants to get back together.—blasting from his phone, i tried my best to conceal the actual shivers of terror running down my spine.

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the reason they say they have these negative emotions you is because they still have feelings for you. it’s because they had expectations that you didn’t meet. her rebound relationship has begun to go down under, it is time for you resume small conversations with her. and my ex broke up about a week ago and he says he still cares and gets very jealous around guys and is protective but says he doesn't want to date me again? time is the only thing that can make their hatred and anger go away. i’m always reading articles about how we live in an age of “hook-up culture,” about how, for us millennials, courtship is dead. recently started having feelings for a lady that i dated almost 2 years ago in the summer of 2015. could you get your ex back even if she is already dating? believe in your ability to make her fall for you and give it some good time as well. i said it was very generous of him, and before i knew it, he was leading me into a nearby gay bar, where he suggested i “find a girl for a group sex,” despite the fact that 98 percent of the people in the bar were gay men. sometimes the idea of “getting out there” seems like torture, but you have to do it, because the alternative is a life of sitting home alone, eating bags of beef jerky while watching mob wives in your uncle’s hand-me-down sweatpants (something i’ve been doing regularly). but if you don’t want to be celibate, sometimes you have to lower your standards. but in my experience, this is far from the case. and in reality, analyzing their behavior is not going to help you get your ex back or move on. unless he is at a good place for himself and he realizes that you are at a good place too, it's unlikely you will get back together. ex boyfriend and i were dating for a year and a half and about 3 weeks ago he told me he wasn't in love with me anymore and a week ago he broke up with me. will start dating someone else but will get angry when they find out you started dating someone else. just relax and let her figure out that she is in fact in a pointless rebound relationship. therefore i just kept praying and praying and asking the most high to help me get her back in to my life again. recently an immediate family member of mind become ill two months ago. every time,i would start with "in my heart and soul" and could never finish with a solid answer.

She still loves me but is dating someone else - Äksyt Ämmät

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read this article for a more detailed plan on getting your ex boyfriend back. though these signs don’t mean they want to get back together, there are still something you can do when you see these signs that will increase your chances of getting back together. do not show that you are jealous or that you do not approve of this new guy she has found. little time apart should be used to do some introspection and self-examination. i ended up in a long conversation with an older, seemingly early-50s cardiologist. then congratulations, your ex is probably still in love with you (aside from being a little immature). and the fact that you are still on their mind means that they are still in love with you. everything works out well, it is time for you to drop hints that you want to get back with her. it doesn’t hurt to admit your mistakes and improve upon them. or not, it might be real hard for you to the digest the fact that your ex-girlfriend is dating someone else. from what he said till now, it does seem like an act and it seems like he is coming from a place of desperation. this could help you understand what she wants and why she does certain things in certain situations. 10 proven & tested text messages that guarantee to make him/her fall in love with you or get back to you this week! new guy she has made a straight jump to is in all probability just a rebound relationship she has gotten herself into. all of a sudden she wanted to break up with me since i was "holding her back",Ive always been supportive and have always been there for her. they miss you and want to spend time with you, but they are stopping themselves because they think you are not good for them. things you should take care of while she is seeing someone else. with the right steps and right moves, making her fall for you isn’t going to be impossible! even if you don't get him back, you will be free to date again and find someone you can truly be happy with. it is natural that she would be comparing you with this rebound guy and you would easily be the winner if that is the case. first met her i was in my early 20’s and i did not start dating her until i was in my late 30’s!

5 Sneaky Signs Your Ex Still Loves You (Even If They Say They Don't)

Why is My Ex Seeing Someone Else if He Still Loves Me?

.i politely responded that she doesn't need to pay me back, and that i still plan on doing the roadtrip to the wedding, and she's more then welcome to come still. might be a good idea to remove him from social media or just stay away from posting anything for a while. i tried to explain to her that i would handle this issue and block those people posted that stuff which i did. you are unhappy with your marriage, you should end it despite what happens with this guy. he has bent over backwards for me in every way, nothing was wrong with our relationship except one thing - i was and am in an arranged marriage. just say that you want some space and time before you can speak to her comfortably. not to mention that once they hit 30, almost all of them have back hair. i don’t know if this relationship can ever be re established. it doesn’t matter how much they ask you “if you still love them”, you should not reply. there are other things to be taken care of if you want to get back with your ex-girlfriend who is seeing someone else. i was very surprised when he told he didn't love me anymore and everybody around us was just as shocked. to get your ex girlfriend back even if she hates you and is dating another guy. so my question is, is this a good sign or a bad one, cuz i really wanna text him first now and meet up with him and talk. i don't want to live on this earth another day without him but instead want to live the rest of my life out with him. “wow, you talked to me for three minutes on the subway without calling me stupid or fat? it will only make them realize the next day that you are still not over them and that they still have you (read third point of this article to understand why they shouldn’t feel like they still have you). tell him you need some space and do no contact for a week or two. it really possible to get your ex girlfriend back if she dating someone else? me, this phase began with writing “living well is the best revenge” on a post-it, sticking it to the wall beside my bed, then staring at it for twenty minutes before deciding to take a nap. with better communication, effort and a lot of patience, you could turn your relationship into a long term commitment. she would need some time to get the rebound guy out of her mind and replace it with you.

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she does, yet she keeps on saying she doesnt want a relationship anymore but has to show me how guys are flirting with her. me and my ex just broke up a week ago i talked to her after the break up and she told me she was moving in order to be far from me to not have no contact at all with me she tells me i love you but i'm not in love with you after everything i done did to her no trust in her always bringing up her past and this time she did end up breaking up with me and now after she gets off from work i don't see her pass by my house cause she lives right across the street from me and also her friend told me that she doesn't want to try no more cause she might regret it at the end if i didn't change so just simply don't want to try even if i changed and it's 3 months from now that she doesn't want me what should i do. i said some bad words to her when it happened but she never officially brok up with me i walked in and found her with a guy i love her and her children will she come back. the rebound relationship might have turned out to be a truly miserable experience for her. and it doesn’t help at all if your ex has moved on to her next relationship and is busy seeing someone else. very wise friend ally once said: “the new york dating scene is a war zone. to get your ex girlfriend back even if she hates you and is dating another guy.” that might be a bit overdramatic but i understand the sentiment. but if you say nothing to them, time will eventually kill all the hatred and anger inside them and they will start remembering the good of the relationship. a guy who springs back into a lively life so fast is always attractive! then all of a sudden she’s says “my boyfriend is calling me now”! i wanted to attend which could because i was taking care of my immediate relative that was ill and was working on getting better. and why is he still responding and answering (cold messages) if he hates me and is done with me ? 2: i'm sticking with no contact, but is she asking this as an excuse to talk to me? to make a girl horny and wet every single time? your ex is trying to do is win the post breakup competition. there is literally nothing you can say to them that will turn their negative emotions into positive ones. are a lot of great cute goodnight texts that you can send someone that you are in a relationship. you’re still in love with your ex, as I am, none of the new people you date stand a chance. but recently this last month has been so much drama it all started about a month ago when he said he needed a break i was hurt so i continued to contact him very day he got sooo annoyed by it and told me we were done for good and to move on and leave him alone & blocked me . just the sound of voice had me thinking about her so much that i began to chat online with her here and there wondering how things in her life are.

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