Sheila kwamboka and uti nwachukwu

day 2, housemates were asked to name 2 housemates one of which they would consider their "hero" the person they would most like to live with for the full 91 days and one that they would consider a "zero" the person that they thought deserved to leave the house as soon as possible. hazel finished in second place on 23 november 2008 (day 91) after a close vote result between her and ricco in which she received 38. tawana managed to survive the first eviction and returned to the house.

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^9 due to a 6-6 deadlock between hazel and ricco, in accordance with the rules of big brother africa, ricco won as the housemate with the largest percentage of votes cast. he was nicknamed hyena by the fans for his infectious laugh and witty sense of humour. as with the previous series, the show involves 12 countries within africa (angola, botswana, ghana, kenya, malawi, namibia, nigeria, south africa, tanzania, uganda, zambia & zimbabwe) each producing a contestant living in an isolated house in johanneburg, south africa, while trying to avoid being evicted by viewers and ultimately winning a large cash prize at the end of the show.

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during the rest of her stay in the big brother africa house tawana became romantically close with fellow housemates ricco and munya, but stated that she only felt feelings for munya. towards the end of the season both thami and hazel were nominated many times and in the eighth round of nominations they found themselves nominated against each other. following thami's eviction hazel found herself outnumbered three-to-one and was nominated against tawana in the final eviction of the season.

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ricco was declared the winner of big brother 3 africa on 23 november 2008 (day 91) after a close vote result between him and hazel in which he received 38. she was notorious for her gossiping sessions with ricco and lucille. hungry and without cigarettes the house was in chaos as he intended.

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by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. the house was, however, completely revamped in the inside with brand new decor and an edgier look. during his stay uti was known for often teasing his fellow housemates; the most entertaining was his continuous battles with thami.

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^5 the head of house morris chose to save takwonda from nomination and replace him with ricco. the kitchen together with the dining area and the lounge had a garden of eden theme with artificial grass on the floor and green plants crawling on the surrounding walls. a highlight of the eviction was that nigerian housemate uti had a violent outburst when he learned that lucille was to be evicted.


competed as a contestant in big brother africa 5: all-stars in which he lasted 91 days and was runner-up in the final. 7: sheila kwamboka - who i sleep with is none of your business. remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected.

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^7 the head of house munya chose to save ricco from nomination and replace him with tawana. twists to the normal nominations process are noted, such as immunity from nomination and eviction (referred to as "exempt"). 2010 sheila competed as a contestant on big brother africa 5: all-stars and lasted until the final on day 91.

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& zero vote: on day 2, the housemates voted for someone they could live the next 91 days with ("hero") and the person that needed to go home right then ("zero").^3 the head of house takondwa chose to save himself from nomination, and replace himself with lucille. the first name they gave was that of their "hero" and the second name they gave was that of their "zero".

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thami also played the biggest prank on the show; in response to provocation he threw all the meat and cigarettes over the wall. then the head of house can choose to save a nominee or save themselves from eviction and nominate a new housemate for eviction. after the nominees are revealed to the house, the current head of house can save a nominee for eviction including themselves if they are nominated and replace the saved nominee with another nominee.

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she became the ninth and final evictee of the season on 16 november 2008 (day 84). sheila will be remembered for her talkative attitude and entertaining personality as well as her relationship with takondwa during her stay in the house and her bisexuality. get a better experience, go to one of these sites and get the latest version of your preferred browser:google chromemozilla firefoxget facebook on your phonestay connected anytime, anywhere.

Sheila kwamboka and uti nwachukwu

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during namibian housemate lucille's eviction uti had a violent out burst upon learning that she had been evicted.^6 munya was exempt from nominations and immune from eviction this week as he was in the big brother finland house when nominations took place. early on in her stay tawana was fake evicted to the big brother dump along with tanzanian housemate latoya after which she and latoya were both up for eviction.

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^4 the head of house takondwa chose to save himself from nomination, and replace himself with ricco. week housemates nominate two other housemates for eviction in the diary room and must give justified and clear reasons. these nominations did count and morris and thami were nominated for eviction but the eviction will be fake.

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the two housemates who have been evicted (latoya and tawana), have been sent to the big brother rubbish dump. the house also boasted a large backyard, with the jacuzzi being replaced by an even bigger irregular-shaped pool, a diary room where the housemates were strongly encouraged to voice their true opinions and feelings, and a store room where most of the housemates' belongings were kept. also while in the house takondwa was up for nomination five times but was saved three of the times, twice by himself and once by fellow housemate morris.

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