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then i got pregnant around june 2009 and we had our first daughter in jan 27 ( our little aquarius) then we had another one in 2011 ( our little cancer) after the second things started to get more aggressive and we would argue almost everyday. am 15 and i am dating a 16 yr old and he lives more than an hour away we see each other every two weeks it’s worth it keep trying to make it happen if you like him. yes, you should be “slightly fiery” – scorpios have lots of fire in them, even though they’re a water sign. none of them will understand the lack of trust coming from their partner, lifting their ego high, knowing that there is no reason why they would continue sharing anything with the other scorpio anymore. trials and tests we both have for one another to prove that loyalty is worthy and of value. scorpio and scorpio compatibility is virtually impenetrable to anyone else; this couple are so wrapped up with one another that nobody else is welcome, even as a friend. started to notice that he was treating one of the other girls we worked with (who was also a scorpio- 21st nov) the same way he had started with me.  although we’re toxic for each other- we’re also drawn like magnets! sign - traits, horoscope, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. this makes representatives of this sign turned to the dark emotional issues and this is something they will both understand in each other., i too have become involved with another scorpio and i must say, we have this amazing connection between us that i’ve never experienced with anyone before him. we just couldn’t get sick of each other at all. when scorpios hold a grudge, we hold it well, like we’re holding an angry rottweiler on a leash inches away from tearing apart a hamburger. they belong to the element of water and are deeply emotional, while valuing each other’s lack of emotion, shown at the beginning of their relationship. he stands out like no other has stood out to me. he breathes his breath into my mouth ,speaks words,( nasty things of coarse- lmao come on now – we are both scorpios) breathes in a whisper his words i to my mouth and takes my breath away. i’ve since dated other signs & no one gets me in that deep sense the scorpio did. their topics can easily become dark, not because they both want to talk about depressing things, but because they understand each other in areas other people don’t want to deal with.  we had met, but did not know one and other and had barely talked. they will fight to make up, manipulate obviously to make each other angry, and do things out of spite. when the other companion has truly captured our heart and loyalty.

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just try to deprive a scorpio of a kiss on the first date and see what happens. to make him build his hopes on me while i’m still with another guy.  l u 2, since the very first day, and even have hope we will have the magic to learn about being humble, otherwise, withouth the desire to become a beter human being, it will be impossible for you and me. everything wasnt even that bad in our relationship, at one point we were so in love and did everything amd anything for eachother, we cared so much for eachother, we always wanted to be with eachother 24/7. especially since both our family is rooting that we will be marrying each other. if the date is going really well, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t end with a kiss. this couple can quickly become obsessive about one another, to an extent that isn’t healthy for either of them. the great thing is that we understood each other and could rely on each other to be there … as family… until death if need be. two scorpios meet, they make intense lovers, wanting emotional involvement more than anything from a relationship. we have the same friend circle so we see eachother so now and again. idk how he can just just talk to me every other day. hope these tips will help you with your scorpio date. both wanted more with one another but our situations prohibits us from being together .  we could reach and achieve anything together,  and i never felt such a warm “hug” from any other women. we were inseparable from day one and most of friends were sooooo jealous of our relationship as we were friends, advisors, lovers, confidantes in one with each other. feel like we feel eachothers emotions,and think of eachother even when we want or don’t want to. wondering if anyone has been a female with a male scorpio but the catch is my male has the same bday as my oldest child my son who are both scorpio n then my scorpios son (single daddy) is also a scorpio so we have two october 27th bdays, mines 11/11, his 13 year old is 11/2…we got into our first fight or rather bickering match is what it became today and i’m worried cause we kept over exposing what were trying to say n then reading each other wrong…. she also knew other women spoke about me to her, but i had to notice only her (can bet you the other females were not scorps), as laser focus, probably the other gals did not have the intensity in their looks, but as usual they do! we started to have what i can only explain as silent arguments- these mainly consisted of glares, flare nostrols, stiff posture and blanking one another. when i found he had been texting other women my heart had been ripped to shreds and set alight. Scorpio partners can be a challenging couple as they face each other with things they both want to dismiss.

Scorpio and Scorpio - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

Scorpio and Scorpio Love Compatibility: Is this Bond romantic or

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we were hot, we were very hot, and it seemed like there wasn’t another person in the world. 18 months now and we still occasionally pass messages to say we will always love each other…. still, often enough, they will see each other as true and honest, leaving their insecurities aside, trusting each other without too many words. in this way, scorpios are like leos – we love to be complimented, though unlike the leo, we’ll pretend that we don’t. two scorpios will vie for the same role in a relationship: they both will want to dominate, be right, and are often too proud to compromise. the scorpios have a desire to love and to be loved passionately and this comes equally true once the scorpio man and woman are together because no other zodiac sign can love with more sensuality and purity with which they love.  we stared at each other and said absolutely nothing before we first kissed.  and rushed in to absorb one and other after we knew. postsscorpio and cancer: avant garde meets the traditionalscorpio and pisces compatibility: will they drown or buoy each other? even though i’ve none him for such a long time we rarely speak, and only see each other once in a blue moon, infact his birthday is only a day before mine crazy huh :/ even though i rarely see him, i still get butterflies in my stomach, it’s pretty ridiculous that after 7 years of really liking him i still get butterflies like i’ve just met him for the very first time again. rebounded from amare’s engagement news by aligning with another scorpio, rap sensation future. scorpio partners can be a dream come true when it comes to sex, as much as they can be each other’s worst nightmare. intensely jealous and possessive, they also tend to be very faithful and loyal to one another – if only because they know the fury they will face if they’re not. they will be able to expose their deepest levels of nakedness with one another — going way beyond the nude bodies to reveal unguarded souls. i also remember reading what happened two scorpios get together. if they’re a scorpio, they’re probably gonna have sex with you anyway, and probably on the first date, and if it’s going really well, they’ll just take you into the bathroom. the relationship was very deep and we were in sync with one another. i’ve had two scorpio-scorpio romances…that budded and then  ended up feeling like a brother-sister relationship. other scorpios, like apparently nick lachey and vanessa manillo, who were born on the same date, will find this eerie sense of kinship too fulfilling to pass up. the problem with that arrangement was how deeply we fell inlove with one another. the begining of our relationship it always felt like a competition who can out do the other with kindness he does something for me like wash my car and i would return the favor by washing his, he would buy me an outfit well next day i would go out and buy him some shoes ,he would put gas in my car or put money in my wallet ……i would go to his apartment clean it wash his clothes.

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tried to make it work but i couldn’t trust him any more and it brought all our other issues to the surface. on-again, off-again relationship between scorpio ciara, a singer, and scorpio amare’ stoudemire, an nba star, lasted many years until he ultimately proposed to an old flame, who is also the mother of his children. when we argued, it was very hard… both typical scorpios fighting for the power., who are suspicious of everyone, will innately trust each other — and for good cause, because they will respect that the have met their natural match and abandon their typical games. i just don’t think any other sign can emotionally give a scorpio female the passion and emotional connection we need. when she had her day off work, he’d be flirting outragiously and touching with the girl we worked with (a gemini)- of which an other member of staff walked in on. both know what it’s like to deal with deep, turbulent emotions, so they make allowances for one another’s moods and feelings. it’s exhilarating finding another me but in a male form.  or to my surprise, we will, in a “distant” present be forever happy, “probably killing each other on the bad days, and being where few women have been before on the good days. i live an hour away from him and we both promised each other that we weere gonna try and make long distance relationsip work, one week he comes to me and the other i go to his but the problem is that he plays football and i work so it will be very hard for us to see each other its all lovely know but i feel like this is going to ruin our relationship and i dont wan it to get to that point and i hope it dont.  we aren’t perfect, however we know how to treat the other. and that he wanted to take me out on a date. as for where to take a scorpio for a date? she has facebook spies and gets angry if i merely compliment another women. don’t drive them too crazy, and be gentle with your jabs – scorpios are really good at getting their feelings hurt over absolutely anything and everything.  we understand each other better, we get along amazing (always did), the love we share for each other is indescribable, the passion & loyalty we have for each other is amazing, untouchable & so much more. of course, this is assuming the date is going well. and yet you still love each other (even if you aren’t on speaking terms)., i too have become involved with another scorpio and i must say, we have this amazing connection between us that i’ve never experienced with anyone before him. for if there’s one thing a scorpio absolutely can not tolerate, it’s being lied to; which rates right up there with a lack of mutual respect from others, especially when they’re, too mindless and natcissistic to listen to you, let alone value what you have to say…. we just explored each other inside and out on such a deep level- mind, body and soul!

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to find mutual understanding, they need to lead separate lives and give each other enough room to do so. i moved in with him in july 2008 and from there we did sweet things for each other, we lived pretty much in a shoe box, but it didn’t matter cause we were at our happiest peak. better to become obsessed and consumes with than another scorpio. another thing i begin to notice is that to keep them happy , just keep the vibe positive when you are around her ..our relationship is unfortunately broken,and we have hurt and lied to eachother to much to make it work. in general, every scorpio needs someone to balance them, for they go to extremes of all kinds, and when together, they will rarely have the patience or the tenderness to balance anything, let alone each other. it got all very complicated and confusing- as we were treating each other like we were the people in a relationship, and completely forgetting our poor partners, who we must have been put through hell- in a way it could have be seen as being very selfish, but as fellow scorpions i know you will all understand the predicument. we went from seeing each other nearly every day to only bumping into each other at the shops or in the streets every now and then. person either of us hasn’t been able to read is each other n it’s driving me bonkers..any tips for me and any tips on how to resolve or bicker matches cause another day like today and i’m afraid we won’t make it…it’s like i couldn’t stop being a sarcastic bitch n he a dick ugh so confused never had this level with anyone not even my ten year taurus…. if they distance themselves from a situation, they might realize that none of them actually endangers the other. i m in a relationship with a cancer man for two years but recently he moved to another city. the scorpio/scorpio couple will rarely be out of one another’s sight and will view everyone who comes into contact with them with the utmost suspicion. we game played and both knew we did it to get attention from one another…. they certainly get it from each other, but scorpio, perhaps more than most signs, needs a partner to complement, with enough differences to keep things interesting. lost each other in a serious of bad mistakes many years ago, and and don’t know if we will ever be able to gain trust on each other. for mature scorpios who don’t need stimuli from other signs, this could be lasting. a scorpio’s perfect date is like a fast-talking 1940’s film, with the two leads exchanging rapid-fire quips and scintillating banter. compatibility - the compatibility of scorpio with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life. the scorpio man and woman alone make each other feel alive with the intense passion and devotion they have for each other. this makes them susceptible to judging their own reflection in one another.

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    the love and the desire we had for each other never left either of us.  but to all my fellow scorpian men and women keep on blessing those other zodiac with our aura. they worship one another and hold the promise to be there till eternity with all of their life, with all of their heart and all of their soul. (very untrue), even though he was the one who now cheating on me with these 3 other girl, and his girlfriend. they not only complete each other but also take good care of each one’s need and make their partner feel fulfilled in their presence. will both be faced with emotions they don’t want to deal with, simply because that is their individual role in other people’s lives. one sorcerer wields a mysterious attraction over another, and they simply cannot resist getting back together for round two – or twenty two. please keep in mind we never split over arguements or any ill feelings towards one another.” not only are bruce and kris november scorpios, but son-in-law lamar odom & daughter kendall jenner are scorpios too!  she gave me strenght no other women gave me, she admire me, as i did admire her, and wish to believe i also gave her the same strenght. claimed that he did this because i still had a boyfriend, seeming to forget that he in fact still had a girlfriend (who was completely oblivious to everything- another gemini. physical features are strikingly handsome , none other than a face i can never tire from looking at. she and i have no relationship with one another on any level. we had an open relationship which meant we could date other people but would still be with one another over weekends at some point. scorpios get one another’s foibles and admire the personality traits others would shred them for. even though they will feel sad and dried out most of the time, as two members of fixed quality, they could hold on to each other for a long time. being in a scorpio vs scorpio relationship is easy but also tough if you and your partner want it it will work but if one has more fire and desire than the other then just call it quits while your ahead . been with my boyfriend not very long, we’re both scorpios with birthdays only 2 days apart, he’s a halloween baby! this time with no masks, games, suspicions, manipulations, or speeding-up the end of long time relationships, forgetting all the bad sides if you wish the same, you will have to be honest, patient, never, ever betray me again, and not what we have proved to each other, not the half honesty we should have w/ each other. the key here is to slow down, breathe in, and spend time in each other’s cozy arms.’m a scorpio female who dated a scorpio man and the passion in the beginning was amazing we couldn’t keep our hands off eachother down to the end.
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    in fact, and having seen one, too many relationships end in disappointment, based on anything but astrology, i’m seriously considering posting the best analogy thereof on whatever site and seeing if it doesn’t attract a better mate than otherwise. once both the scorpios are sure to be in a relationship and step into each other’s world, they find immense similarity in their approach and dreams giving them an easy time with each other. let’s just call it “keeping up with the scorpios! as misunderstood as scorpios feel with other signs, they like the titillation of being in a relationship with different energy provided by those elsewhere in the zodiac; it’s exciting and presents the mystery of the unknown. we were both very different people with different views but as soon as we laid eyes on each other we could feel husband we have been together for 5 years we dated a year moved in  six months from that  and we were married six months from that,,,i have been married for 3 years we are still going strong we are a “power couple” movers and shakes of our society so to speak….  but she could never read me either, and when we both tryed to figure and judge each other, some dark periods in our lives came in.” we checked each other’s identifications in the beginning =inspection for nothing but a truth ,you know. the two sorcerers sense in one another a partner worthy of their time and attention – an equal. of the problem with scorpio star sign compatibility with another scorpio is that each partner can see right through the other, for better and for worse. how do u get rid of the feeling that u are suppose to actually be with that person but your situation made u end up in other paths. when they start a battle against each other, it cannot seem to stop, until one of them is beaten “dead” and there is nothing more that can be done for them to get back in the game. how they choose to relate to each other is fascinating. i started to take him for granted, i started being meaner and bitchier because i knew he would do anything for me, and then next thing you know i start saying even meaner things because i felt like i wasnt receiving the attention any other girlfriend should deserved. another girl started work, he flirted with her and lead her on. we met as teenagers when we were 15, dated for several months then never seen eachother again til we were 27.  we don’t have jealousy, vindictivness, or any of that other negative stuff in our relationship; we trust each other, we’re open & honest with each other & we believe that’s the only way a relationship can work. i used to date a virgo and he texted and called me multiple times a day and spent hours with me a day. i absolutely love him, we get each other, we are completely honest despite how it makes us feel. this may be too volatile and even monotonous to yield a viable romance for some scorpios. november 9th scorpios, nick lachey and vanessa minnillo married in fall 2011 after dating, breaking up, and getting back together over five years.
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    • Scorpio and Scorpio: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

      our birthdays are 1 day apart we fell fast for each other and his wife will not give him his divorce for 1 year in half and we both gave up alot he my match but his wife has put a strain on our relationship . when we bump into each other we just awkwardly stare at each other. but are they so much alike that they seem … like brother and sister instead of passionate lovers? if they take time to appreciate each other, there is considerable mutual respect and common goals in this relationship. if they see each other as adversaries, they will sting each other for victory, meaning they will do whatever it takes to win. another scorpio man hasnt crossed my path yet, but id like to meet one! i may suspect you may decide to move on with your life, as one day i said i would move with mine with passion, but remember: it is better to have loved once, as we both did each other, and no other, that never have loved at all. that in it’s self is a whole other topic that deserves it’s own paragrapgh., he did have a girlfriend- neither of us wanted to go as far as we did with our relationship, as we both thought we were being unfair to our current partners, but once we were together it was difficult to keep away from one another. two likely recognized each other’s plutonic energy across the room. this can make them both intolerant for weakness, rough in their approach to one another and too judgmental toward each other’s emotional needs, even though they both actually share the same needs. my devotion for him died that day, i no longer had patience, any desire to have sex, i found his smell disgusting and cooking for him was a bother. when the dark side of scorpio emerges against another scorpio, it can be frightening stuff indeed. the sorcerer, so adept at hiding his or her true self from others, has no defence against another sorcerer. here are some tips on how to date a scorpio.“a loved letter from a scorpio to another scorpio” – my only and truly loved one.. so far dated a few different signs and i’m really not confident i’ll get that intense love i had. no one can understand a scorpio intellectually as much as another scorpio. had a hugee crush on him and visa versa he read me like a book and so did i mean we were inseperable we respected each other a little bit too much ! they both have some true feelings shoved deep under the surface to never be shown to each other again, or so they say as they argue, and even worse case scenarios if one or the other does not learn to compromise and give way to brighter skies. for if there’s one thing a scorpio absolutely can not tolerate, it’s being lied to; which rates right up there with a lack of mutual respect from others, especially when they’re, too mindless and narcissistic to listen to you, let alone value what you have to say….
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      they both feel loved, cared and admired in each other’s arms with such eternal promises that are to be loved above all the worldly things. have recently met this guy we known each other like 5months now we are like best friends people think we are together but we are not. story short, i lost as much as 10 pounds, i used to “vomit” in grief and desperation to have my scorpio woman back, cryed alone for months… (nothing i ever dreamed to be great in any other women could even match her ).’m a scorpio female who went out with a scorpio male for five years before finding out he had a massive internet addiction (a secret fantasy sex life online with other women, which had completely killed our own). they will instantly become close and may even mirror each other’s behaviors. my libra daughters mother had to learn that the hard way. his intensity is so amazing to me, his love making is like no other. In order for their relationship to grow, they need to be open to emotion, tenderness and cherish each other. it’s exhilarating finding another me but in a male form. and scorpio have this tendency to bring out the worst in each other. you have shared secrets, probed each other deeply, emoted together and nearly sent each other over the edge to insanity or perhaps even violence. so, when he became jealous over an innocent jester from another male towards me and told me later that he does not like being made to show his anger and jealousy, i knew it was over for us.  we’re like magnets which can’t be explained to others. to date a scorpio is cataloged in astrological sign, health & wellness, inspirational, love & sex, scorpio, writing & expression, zodiac, zodiac sign. the reason these two become so close so quickly is because they don’t have to get through the initial introductions of one another and then learn what it is that makes up the person that each of them are attracted to. remember when we met he asked me my age and i was 2 years older than him (i have always liked older  man and  he always liked younger ladies)and we both sighted really loud at the same time we giggled at that it was super funny … i remember him calling me scorpio,,we would call each other that…but he got super mad if anyone else called me or him that he would say “daisy, is the only one that can call me that” or “hey her name is daisy and unless your me you dont call her scorpio” people would always  say your boyfriend this or that i would correct them and if nelson was there he would be sooo super pissed for that so i graduated he droped out we lived 14 hours away from each other fist we would talk all day everiday but as time went by we went our seperate ways to this day i dont know anithing from him not his adress phone facebook nothing,,,,,Scorpioman-sandycarlsbad february 14th, 2013. their desires intensify and their emotions swell when they have each found another that is so much like themselves on so many more levels even imaginable; inhaling their partner’s breath in their bodies and taking their partner into their soul to experience the completeness like never before. in fact, and having seen one, too many relationships end in disappointment, based on anything but astrology, i’m seriously considering posting the best analogy thereof, on whatever site, and seeing if it doesn’t attract a better mate than otherwise. someone who is strong for others because that is what is needed in that moment. i can honestly say that i feel i shall never love another as deeply as i loved her, and believe i’ve tried… she had this aura, this presence about her. we started dating 2 months ago she and we fell for eachother so fast that it feels like we have no way of seeing eachother in the future without one another.

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