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, says how he feels about having a future with you. he’ll remember when he messed up and adjust his behaviour. a smarter woman into his life and suddenly that ego has a purpose, a direction, and the wisdom not to screw everything up. what do you think i should do,and how do i know he isn’t faking it? people have a slightly different taste for the women they are attracted to – but they are all a combination of strength and femininity. why are people automatically resisting the idea of being confident, well-read, financially independent and being responsible? you need help with your university paper and want someone to come and read it at 4am the night before submission?) bottom line if he can’t afford a) to take off a couple of weeks a year to go to europe, b) k each a year for private school tuition for future kids c) a summer house on the beach, and a d) winter cabin for ski trips–then a man really is not of the social or economic caliber to get married or start a family so i don’t want him. every man loves to feel needed, only creepy daddy-type guys seek to acquire importance by seeing you helpless and entirely dependent on them. when our appetite is whetted by this vision of a high-value guy, it motivates us to be a high-value woman. don’t be offended if he accepts your offer, and don’t be surprised if he pays. this newsletter matthew will show you:Where to find your ideal guy and the types of men you want. years 7 days agoso…i’m immature because i eat salads?'ll tell you she had a wonderful meal at the best french restaurant in the city, but she won't tell you who she went with. i’m a woman and i’ve seen in real life and read plenty of articles that do the same thing, if not worse, that this article did- but to men. i feel like there are men who would posses a few of those qualities at a time, but not all of them at once. of these are important to him, even if eventually you become the most important thing to him.” the definition that the author is using is denoting maturity levels, and i appreciated… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestanonymous3 years 3 months agoand i believe this article is written in cyrillic script! you don't know by now that dating is a game, you are either in denial, or you're the world's most hopeless, romantic sap (with a lot to learn). he trusts me and i trust him, we understand each other, we’re close and talk about very personal things with one another that we don’t tell other people, and he is a friend with benefits. i bet he sees you as high value, you sound like his best friend. hussey helped co-write the get the guy book and is a wealth of knowledge on dating and relationships. i’m looking for a high value guy, but i know i need to step up my game and be the type of woman he would be attracted to. you matt 4 encouraging me/us to stay optimistic & to give moral strenght & advices to help not losing faith in beautiful human values., most men are not well-versed in picking up such signals.  |    share hide replies ∧guestjohn3 years 3 months agoif this article is true, my wife is definitely a women. doesn’t mean he wants to pay for everything, but he’ll work hard to be the kind of man who can protect and serve you, whether by being emotionally strong, financially independent, or by being able to treat you to incredible experiences and indulgent surprises. i’m sure there are a number of men out there that possess several of these qualities at one time– all of the time. am so confused regarding this man…what he has for me is it mere lust or he loves me ? am going to assume “more” is exclusivity, a good way to phrase it is to say you really just want to see him.! i really thought about it and i couldnt add anything more about this high value guy! refuses to ‘settle’ for you and his desire to have multiple partners stems from feeling trapped somehow or stuck if you will, in the relationship. all, she isn't texting or calling you non-stop, she isn't initiating dates and she isn't tagging you in instagram photos or tweeting at you. we are different and that’s what makes relationships fun, exciting and beautiful! even came to a point i wanted to renounce man cuz i want to feel like a respected goddess in his heart but rare are man who get it…or who want just one woman! postswhat i learnt about blogging, love, and creativity after writing 100 posts about datingmatt invited to give a guest lecture at oxford universityhow talking less can make you a happier, more successful, more attractive personadvice on dating older men and how to make it worksovrn. the last thing she wants to do is appear eager, needy or aggressive. girls eat healthily to let everyone else know that they are eating healthily. i can look back on past relationships and see that they all had some of these characteristics but none of them had all of them. then i realized: it can only be a constructive and useful exercise to talk about how the best men ought to behave in relationships. i’d now add an 11th point: girls object to having their behavior evaluated and demand universal acceptance, whereas a woman demands a man who can discern the qualities of a responsible adult and desire a relationship with her. if you love her and can’t imagine your life without her, then don’t allow yourself to lose her. if it phrased as something you are going to do because of how you feel about him it set a better tone than something like. has no interest in indulging complaining and doesn’t have time to waste endlessly going over old problems or moaning about the past. you deserve to have all your needs must be met just as his do, if you want more then to settle for something less just to keep him doesn’t do either of you any good.

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 |    share hide replies ∧guestanonymous3 years 3 months agolisten, i’d probably be a “women” according to your article… but holy shit, you are the last kind of person i’d want to date. you aren't interested in going to the ballet with her, she will go alone or with friends. being said; another quality that would be a must on that list is the ability to make me, at best, laugh; at the bare minimum smile. it isn’t titled “10 things i like in a woman,” it’s trying to make a broad statement telling men how to assess if their woman is mature or has quality. for example, i’ve often read comments asking “why not write a piece about what men have to do in order to keep a great woman?’s why: even though he’s fine with you over-taking him financially, a high-value guy still wants to be someone who can provide for you in all kinds of ways. i cannot tell you how rare that is in a woman. he doesn’t measure his life in competition with yours, because (would you believe it? dynamics between man and woman have been gradually changing for the past few decades, but the essence of the partnership basically remains the same. moment you break up with her (or the moment she realizes you ghosted her), she does the only thing that brings power back to her: she never speaks to you again. trait i would add to this excellent list is that he is willing and able to resolve differences in a mature fashion because he’s committed to making the relationship work. and their opinions aren’t really their own, but are the opinions of others they heard and took as their own. class speaker at my son’s 8th grade promotion ceremony spoke so eloquently about the right to an education that all kids in this country have…something that many of them take for granted…. doesn't flinch if she finds out your ex was a model or ceo. i am always reading a good advice like yours to ease the pain of what i am struggling as of now. currently located in manhattan, paul hudson primarily devotes his time between writing for elite daily and the two entrepreneurial endeavors he is currently pursuing: a mining company in turkey and a video content platform called lilhub. however, the girl with game knows there is a reason behind the "silence is golden" proverb.  |    share hide replies ∧guestrachel lea3 years 3 months agoyou couldn’t have said it any better. if he is trusting you with his deepest dreams and feelings, that is trust indeed. are just too busy with real life to bother updating their facebook statuses.?0  |    share hide replies ∧guestkris3 years 3 months agothis is very false and idiotic. and i just saw another post on facebook today about not settling for a relationship with a “boy” because you’ve “already got a pussy and don’t need another one. too dreamt of such a man, and was firm that wont let any man in my life who doesnt beleive in commitments…. if she has any combination of these 12 qualities then you should never let her go:1. this shows courage and a real man, in my opinion. having said that, some people out there might argue the accuracy of this article and they might challenge the existence of such magical being. pelizzari12 special qualities a woman has that mean you should never let her goby paul hudsonsept 10 2014shareevery once in a while – on very rare occasions – we meet the woman of our dreams. enjoy it (and for god’s sake let him know how happy his effort makes you ­– positive reinforcement works! there are no value qualities on your list pertaining to respect-trust-forgiveness-honesty. comments on "10 signs you’re dating a woman, not a girl". doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily move quickly, but it does mean he wants to invest in the relationship and make your emotional connection stronger so that he can share his world with you. / advice & confessions / 10 signs you’re dating a woman, not a girl. i agree with what ariana said in regards to how crucial and significant the article is, i am marking it too. she is the one who breaks up with her boyfriend or husband if he cheated or demonstrated negative and unhealthy behavior. appeared at elite daily / photo elite dailyalso read stephen michell’s response to this article: 11 signs you’re a boy trying to put women and girls into boxes about the author: a young writer, philosopher, and entrepreneur, paul hudson has been writing for elite daily nearly since the start. i felt like it is a good list to go over every now and then to make sure that we are on track and more of like a self reminder of what needs to be worked on, i guess. high value guy, especially one well to do and attractive, will screen out women who seem to always expect him to pay for things. might not text you every day or call you back right away, but if you ask her out (in advance), she will gladly accept. he won’t say trite phrases or go through the motions if he thinks he’s just using cheap sentiment to soothe you without addressing the real problem. i just don’t want to give up my job and in 20 years my husband runs off with a younger model leaving me with nothing. studio10 signs the woman you're dating definitely has gameby margaret makrouhifeb 12 2016shareif you don't know by now that dating is a game, you are either in denial, or you're the world's most hopeless, romantic sap (with a lot to learn). so sometimes he’ll need love and reassurance that everything will be ok. if she wants to stay at home, cook, clean, and take care of the children, then make sure she’s the kind of woman that wants to be the best stay-at-home mom she could possibly be. a better way to say it is he wants to be there for you.!0  |    share hide replies ∧guestlauren3 years 3 months agoi, as a woman, was not offended by this article at all.

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i’m afraid it is also entirely too good to be true and i doubt such a man exists.) or always want to have serious conversations, or asserting that sticking to what you know is… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestanonymous3 years 3 months agoyes. if a girl is raised to believe a real man takes care of her financially, emotionally, or whatever, then she needs to find a man that has the same ideas.  |    share hide replies ∧guestme3 years 3 months agoyou must be a girl. so in the end, i don’t know if i really should keep on thinking about this future scenario of having a typical man-woman-children familiy at, especially when good material is so rare ;). you mean i don’t have to go to narnia or wonderland to find them? he is nothing more than an attractive male who asked for her number. this is about maturity, and finding a responsible adult as your partner. its recognizing him when whe he is in your life that is key! now i think i want to date a high value man so thank you for this amazing article. tv is great tv – the rest is pretty much garbage. all of us were so wise when we met the loves of our lives… and believe me when i say that we’re regretting it. girl with game is elusive in character, especially in the early stages of dating. doesn't respond to your bullsh*t "i miss you texts. we’ve being dating for almost a month now, and he said he wants us to have a baby..ok so the guy i’m dating is a douche bag and the guy that’s into me is essentially a keeper. can read the comments and find out who’s who.  |    share hide replies ∧guestlindi3 years 3 months agonehhh went down hill for me after 2….“great guys are always looking for ways to be better. it’s not the same sort of love that men experience – men always were and always will be more egocentric than women. it took me a long time to learn that a high value man wouldn’t rush into a serious relationship., if he is a high value guy, he will listen to what more means to you.. trying to define what makes a “real man,” differentiating between “men versus boys,” and trying to shame grown men by referring to them as boys, etc. her personality, career, family or social life and personal enrichments all come out slowly, after you two have spent time an appropriate amount of time together. expecting someone to “just know” is a recipe for relationship disaster. they do their best to see the world, meet people, explore possibilities. a real woman will sit down and have a burger and fries with you, with no fuss. if a woman is raised to believe being independent and self-reliant is the way to be, then she better find a man who is confident enough to… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestamy glass3 years 3 months agooh, you mean the same thing women do and have been doing to men for decades: i. he loves seeing what you make of your life and cares about protecting your dreams. isn’t to say they are non-existent; they’re just difficult to come by. so you think when you drop hint x, y and z it’s obvious the response you want. women believe they know how to listen and be a friend, but to their girlfriends, men can be different. this of course also requires emotional maturity, something that i’ve seen in only a small percentage of men. i fall so fast and hard, this is already steering me away from the no-no’s (though really nice ones! realize, a high value guy has his own values of what he wants to improve on.. girls can’t wait to update their facebook status to “in a relationship” – women forget they have a facebook.” my experience is that a woman will either run for the hills or rock his world in the bedroom a short time later. i agree with the general sentiment– that women who have have some life experience/growth tend to be comfortable in their own skin/have opinions, etc. isn’t to say that women don’t drink their fair share. mentioned earlier, high value guys want to make you happy. is wise enough to know you don't give your attention to any man who hasn't earned it yet. communication is important to me, because it allows us to talk about the things that are going well, and the things that could use work.! i was really amazed about your 15 sure signs you’re dating a high value man. i suppose related to that i would add “gives you your space”. it was interesting to read and inspiring to find out all the featuers and behaviors a high value man…i am quite doubtful that such man exists, it looks as an ideal.

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that doesn’t appreciate being put in a ‘box’ by no think literary geniuses. i usually want:1) graduate or professional degree from a top school (like if he was a lawyer he would have to have gone somewhere that big law recruits from. only gives her time and attention to men she likes or wants to get to know, but her standards are in check. only girls chug down free booze in order to get hammered – it allows them to make poor decisions. that would be a fun read… and it will underscore the difference between a boy and a man. was going through your list generally, and of course i would want to find all of these in one man…someday…but i started to apply them to my last relationship. i can tell you that if you read the advice and continually apply it in your life, your chances of success increase dramatically.’s just the way things have to work if you want them to work.  |    share hide replies ∧guestomar3 years 3 months agoi once dated a woman. it sounds romantic to think of the edward cullen obsessive-love type boyfriend, but in the real world a high-value guy is capable of falling loving without obsessing (he can still be passionate and intense, just not in the creepy stalker-esque way vampire romance novels portray it).’t the whole “end of men” fiasco all about how today’s young men aren’t living up to the standards that women would like in a marriageable man? he looks at me and knows and responds to what i need just reading my body language and expression. reads books not to show off, but because he takes education seriously. your boyfriend just introduced you to his attractive, funny and cool “best friend”, who also happens to be a. are a very good man & i wish you to be totally blisfully happy! in a high value guy’s mind, if he is still with you when that time comes you are the one he will ask. she is who she is, so you can either take it or leave it. running away or quitting at the first sign of conflict is the mark of an immature boy, not a mature man. but the meaning behind some of those is different to me than it would be to him. won’t get insecure because you happen to be a lawyer or have a phd, nor will he fret about your substantial paycheck.  |    share hide replies ∧guestrachel3 years 3 months ago“mansplanation” : when a man comments on, or explains something to a woman in a condescending, overconfident, and often inaccurate or oversimplified manner., depending on his personality he may already be feeling all those things that make it more, he may just not care about societies labels.) he has self-esteem and measures his life on more than just achievement.’ll jump out of bed and into his car to come and save you before you’ve even put down the phone. when others were happy to jump right in, this was a distraction making quality men difficult to decipher. women are so confident in their own skin that they do not care what they are wearing – they know that they are sexy because they are sexy. as someone who used to be obese and is healthy now after yes o hard work i don’t think caring about your health and body makes you less of a woman. girl with game has supreme confidence in who she is. doesn’t need to be asked twice to come and help you out of a bind. weren’t created to entertain men – if anything, it’s probably the other way around – but having a woman who is lively, energetic and hungry for adventure will add a dynamic to your life that will only make you happier. you won't be getting a phone call from her on a school night when she has to study for finals. it’s knowing that you are exactly where you ought to be and that there is nowhere in the world you’d rather be. one secret all desirable women use even if they aren’t aware of it 15,935 views. made me see that such “perfect” noble man still exist in this world,And that many people are looking 4 better & higher though simple too..sometimes it’s nice to loose control and let loose, clubbing is not always about being seen by the opposite sex, sometimes it’s just about having a reallly time and having a good story to tell your gran kids one day……and the fb one, for me that’s a man who is uncomfortable about being in a relationship openly. let’s be exclusive, or where are we going, or what’s the status of our relationship.  |    share hide replies ∧guestleia3 years 3 months ago“girls talk about trivial matters…” this sounds so derogatory towards “girls”…. exist but just not for long on dating sites, because as soon as they find what they believe to be a high value women they are no longer on the dating sites. i met him, his thoughts impressed me a lot, he is quite liberal, rational and open. for him, supporting your success only means more excitement and adventure. i know that this guy you wrote about is really what i should hold out for. i’m pretty sure that the competition would be fierce and he would be snagged by the time i blink my eyes in astonishment.” pretend his confident answer included elements of all 10 items in the article. that means he’s looking for a woman who compliments him, not someone who is a prettier version of himself. you look into her eyes and see your soul reflected in them, then you’re home.

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 |    share hide replies ∧guestthe mad jewess3 years 8 days agoi love this article! a woman, he is right… learn to respect an individual’s opinion. © 2017 gtg uk services ltd - all rights reserved • privacy policy • terms and refund policy • disclaimer. we are so used to seeing articles bashing men that we don’t even notice it. but they don’t eat salads in front of men just to go home afterwards and chow down on a pint of ice cream. one might seem like it immediately invalidates the previous point, but it doesn’t. nevertheless, women are born with/develop maternal instincts with age.“damsel in constant distress” is not sexy to a high-value guy. i would say a guy who doesn’t have these things would cause more pain than anything because these things really are pretty basic and essential for a healthy, mature guy. i have had quality guys who were over the moon and ready to just dive in. girl with game has mastered the hardest skill in the game of dating: how to handle it when a man breaks up with her or ghosts her. i’m lucky to be dating and hopefully soon marrying one of these! you mean i don’t have to go to narnia or wonderland to find them? relationships and life is hard enough without bringing a guy who isn’t worth it into the equation. the junk tv versus reading comparison is stupid as hell, too. don’t enjoy filling their lives with meaningless pop-culture garbage that gets regurgitated over the decade. he wasnt narrow minded like other guys, neither possesive nor clingy, he told me i can have my freedom, nothing would change after i commit to him, i can do all those things which i enjoyed when i was single and give them my priority. he is strong in himself, he will communicate respectfully, he is not afraid he will “damage the relationship” as what kind of relationship is it if you can’t talk. feminism should be about promoting equality, not about silencing and shaming people you don’t agree with. is a wonderful post stephen, it really “hit the nail on the head”. he loves sharing his life experiences with his readers and makes sure to practice what he preaches. as i am sure most women are aware–any quality man has a quality prenup. liked this, but i really liked the reference to mccarthy. some people may even have game without being aware of it., from my experience, here are the sure signs you’re dating a high-value guy:He cares about seeing you play at your best.’ve spoken many times in these blogs about what makes a high value woman. he needs to know his value to you has nothing to do with the material things in life he can provide. doesn’t want to get healthy because you asked him to, he wants to do it because he takes pride in caring about his body. it’s not an age thing – some women are younger than girls. that’s… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestkaty3 years 3 months agomy favorite thread i have ever read. he doesn’t feel ok simply shrugging his shoulders when he promised to pick up your shopping on the way home and just forgot. thank you so much for the wisdom and god bless you more so that you could help more people like me in times like this. he may love you, based on the info you provided it is more like a platonic love, non-romantic. he kicks himself when he promised he’d book that restaurant and it totally slipped his mind. everyone has a right to their own opinion, woman or man. then he takes a sip of beer and asks her, “what about you?, you said this a few ways, but the biggest thing a high value man does is meet my needs..and much more, simple easy to follow advice that works! wish i am not just @ dreamer or expecting too much… cuz aren’t dreams existing in our minds to become living creations & possible & beautiful realities? a 13 year old girl spoke so well and maturely for herself and for her fellow classmates…. both situations are very hard, especially when you've unveiled and accepted the truth. men (not boys), we have to make sure we don’t get stuck dating a girl, it’ll probably be the worst decision of our lives. The dynamics between man and woma…Get the guy / matthew hussey's dating advice blog / 15 sure signs you’re dating a high value man.  |    share hide replies ∧gueststeve horsmon3 years 3 months agolet’s pretend the article wasn’t published here. i think the author of this article intends it to be more used to demonstrate a difference in maturity levels.

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! thank you for taking time to write this lovely blog! yes these are all questions you want answered, and they will be in the course of the conversation. she'll mention she moved from los angeles a few years ago, but you won't know why. a woman, on the other hand, although confident enough to allow her man to pay for her sometimes, also makes a point to cover the bill herself from time to time – for both of them.. when our men are *mostly* high-value men but are lacking in some key areas, we can gently nudge them towards perfection by making suggestions and praising them for even small achievements. girls aren’t really sure what their purpose is – they’re hoping to find a man to pick them up and show them the way.  |    share hide replies ∧guestnami chati3 years 3 months agolet me rephrase that, because ‘jonathan g’ has a point:Number one way to tell you are dating a judgmental person:He thinks that his arbitrary definitions of woman v. short, the high-value guy lives to see you playing at an extraordinary level. are designed by nature in a way that allows two such opposites to join and make a whole. yes, you probably will, but jumping in your car to drive in the middle of the night to read a paper is not one of them! showing him that you notice and appreciate what he does for you is the best reward you can give him. a very valuable tool to use indeed and i am sure you did a lot of work to get this out for our benefit, so again thank you. value guys, like high value women, don’t rely on a single personality trait. i met my high value man at the right time and i happened to be the right woman for him.’ll invest in the relationship without losing himself in it. the best way to say it as the phrase “provide for” has negative connotations of paying for everything, taking care of your emotions (no matter how unreasonable they are), etc. all can stand to grow and my suggestion to you is, be what you want or aim lower. i see more condescending, overconfident, and inaccurate banter in your comment than his. we love a person beyond imagination and we aren’t sure why. they will probably do it eventually when they happen to be on there and remember to do so, but they won’t go running onto the site the second they believe an updated status won’t freak out their new man. i’m sharing with all my guy friends, some who are high value, others who try really hard to be but aren’t quite there yet.. she doesn't call or text you all the time, but she accepts dates. on the other hand, there are many women out there who do not fit that description.) do you have any resources for us to learn your definition of respect & how and when to apply it? some men will say what you want to hear in order to get what they want. unfortunately we have been done for almost 2 weeks thats why the pain is still here with me. i am at peace knowing that i have a woman in my life. things you can actually learn to be better at dating and relationships… 28,187 views. they are endlessly curious about you as their partner and want to understand your mind. girl with game is going to reciprocate enough attention for you to know she's a presence in your life, but not enough for you to know you have her. even high-value guys will sometimes get it completely wrong and screw up badly (we have to be realistic, after all). so grateful for the wisdom both you and matt have imparted on matters of the heart. that said, dividing people up by whether they like tv or reading (or- gasp! it’s always unexpected and almost never at a convenient point in our lives, but she appears nonetheless and changes your life forever. a woman who will keep you on track and tell you when you’re wrong can very well make or break your life. if you want to know how she feels about you, you'll have to simply ask her directly. also needs to be a problem solver in relationship, he’s dedicated to the relationship so when he encounters a problem, he’s not seeking to change partner first but to solve problem first. i love dating a man that acknowledges, understands and even embraces these facts. is it a bad thing… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestbill speidel3 years 3 months agooh how adorably cute, a boy is learning to mansplain thanks to the wonders of the internet! also, a high value man realizes that not everyone thinks alike, because he pays attention to individuality not fitting the world into stereotypes. i knew what to look for, could quickly weed out the ones that were definitely low-value and when i met someone who was high-value i knew how i needed to be too to attract and keep him. just because you get turned on, doesn’t mean it’s her fault that you did. is aware of the kind of lover she is, and she knows she will take you to paradise. mentioned how malala in pakistan was shot because she spoke out about this…she also mentioned how 200 girls in nigeria were abducted from their school so that they could become sex slaves/servants of armed militants…. they say that behind every great man is a greater woman – they aren’t lying.

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be quite honest, i would settle for having this person as a friend (yes, even with bennies) because if he was all he said he would be or was, he would help me to be the high-value woman i’m sure he would command, but that if i became, i would see no need to marry. all females are capable of it, but few actually take care of business. nevertheless, he will care about your feelings on the matter. and he will listen why a label such as boyfriend-girlfriend is important, or meeting others important in your life (parents, friends) is important to you. usual i find what you say incredibly useful and fascinating to read. who are well-balanced have multiple sources of joy in their world. we’ve been together just over 3 years now and i’m still raving about your programs! if she isn’t kind then she isn’t worthy of taking up a part of your life.!It hit the nail on several points but the parts that i liked were having difficult conversations and helping d other to grow. in fact, he may be taking it slow to see if you are., on the other hand, have the uncanny ability to devote themselves entirely to the person(s) they love. because he cares about big ideas like truth and honesty. one… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestpiper jones3 years 3 months agoeh, i don’t think that’s really the tone of this article, though. ogilvy meant by this is that leaders in life are willing to do the difficult action that no-one else will. the exact steps to finding, attracting and keeping your ideal guy? couldn’t not comment after reading this article in particular. but it never hurts to be reminded of the standard of treatment you should expect from any man in a relationship. hold being high value over his head, ‘he would commit to a single woman,’ etc.  |    share hide replies ∧guestmylala3 years 3 months agoi have helped raise my daughter to be confident, well-read, financially independent and responsible and yes, she is a girl. qualities he described he needs in a woman, i cant meet those, i myself told him each and every flaw i have and he motivated me to change for my good, he always listen to my problems, he encourages me to complete my education and get a job and become independent. he’ll stroke your hair and tell you you’re incredible. i’m here to help you every step of the way. i think that was a great list of good qualities – but not of a high value man, but an extremely exceptional man. i am talking with a guy who is like this and plus he keeps on saying ‘you build a relationship and not rush into it’, so i really get the part of the guy not moving quickly. which is why others respect him and look up to him. they are responsive in the face of failure and spring into action at the sight of problems rather than falling apart. i know plenty of older females who would be considered “women” based on the traditional age standard, however i know that based on this article they would be considered “girls. if he really loves me why dont he want to get committed, and if doesnt love me why he is so keen on bringing positivity and happiness in my life……. woman likes to remind her man that she only keeps him around because he respects her and treats her well, and that she doesn’t need his cash. you'll know she paints, but she won't tell you where her art is displayed. i also understand that there are plenty of women who want the very same.'ll see it in the way she walks in her stilettos, her sheer black tights, her natural hair, her soft, red, manicured hands and her coy, mischievous smile. i am guessing that women that are not so confident, well-read, financially independent or responsible are probably suffering from being slighted educationally by influential people in their lives who are perpetuating 1950s household chauvinism. and that does not matter because i know for a fact that matthew is a living example of all you have talked about and i am pretty sure that you are as well. i swear i almost get this feeling he wants more from me, but i’m scared to say anything, because i would rather have him in some way than no way at all. then prepares herself to play the game with another contender who might be a better man for her. girl with game is the girl who knows how she should be treated. doesn't expect you to control her happiness, just as she doesn't want to control your happiness. feel like these traits could go on and on, so i’m fascinated to know what you think i’ve missed or what you might add to this list. she means that much to you, then understand that she means that much to you. lies in the eyes of the beholder – as long as you find her to be incredibly beautiful, according to your definition, then she is worth holding on to. who are interested in you for the material things you can provide them are a dime a dozen.”, and more recently, a reader who asked “how do i tell the difference between a high or low value man? he’s loyal and wants to find ways to bring you closer together, which means he thinks about the future with you and discusses it openly." (you don't break up with someone if you're going to miss him or her.

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as long as it is so i strongly rely on myself for fulfillment. however, i am having a hard time believing that they exist in numbers that would be sufficient as to accommodate the number of single, high-value women out there who will now be looking (and fighting tooth and nail) for them. you’re going to have to make them just as well. most guys out there also possess the ability to meet all of these qualities, but you may not always meet them at the right point in life. i’m guessing because those are obvious base building blocks, but that can appear deceiving if only reading this article. i think a high value guy also appreciates and understands that we are are biologically and neurologically programmed differently than men. this article just shine light on the high-value guy i now have in my life directly due to having purchased get the guy & keep the guy. to get the best results, you must use the advice i give you. finding your other half is a journey of its own – usually a grueling one at that.!0  |    share hide replies ∧guestmadelyn ryder3 years 3 months agoi don’t think this is a particularly good article, but i identified with more points in the piece than i have the objections to it.. girls stick to what they know – women are always searching to widen their horizons. this sort of woman isn’t for me, but clearly some people are looking for just this. plus, you cobfirmed what i knew but just wouldn’t accept early on.” if your sweet mum called your dad at 4am to read a paper (doesn’t make sense, but let’s say they were sleeping in different locations in this example), he’d be like “bloody hell, you have got to be kidding…”. high value man will not expect you to read his mind, even when he thinks it’s obvious, he will talk to you before he acts in a negative manner. just realised my husband is one of the high value men. either way, odds do not look good for him to just decide you are the only one.  |    share hide replies ∧guestanonymous3 years 3 months agothis whole article seems very passive aggressive.  |    share hide replies ∧guestjohn anderson3 years 3 months agoif i take this article as i believe the author intended it as a discussion of maturity level, it’s ok and gets a lot of things right in general. girls believe that their men should understand them so well that they simply know what they are thinking, how they are feeling and what they are “hinting” at. however, not everyone feels the same way about everything… and thats what is so great about our world.. girls expect their men to know how they feel and what they’re thinking – women use their words. for example financial independence is usually a sign of maturity, but any person can run into “rough patches” in their lives like having to take a lower paying job because your employer is down sizing. it is no wonder why i am such an admirer.(speaking of reducing someone and try to fit them into a concept) a person is always more than a silly article’s concept. a lovely reminder how lucky i am to have him. courtesy: tumblrfor more of his thoughts and ramblings, follow paul hudson on twitter and facebook. note: while i do believe – and have seen proof – that the advice and programs i provide can help you improve your love life , please understand that not everyone will experience the exact same results. thing would be, he takes interest in some of your passions. sometimes it seems so demanding to be a high value woman and “never stop trying to impress your partner” when all we really want is someone we can call and say, “i feel so overwhelmed today” and be encouraged. if you (not you personally) can’t take it back, you need to stop giving it. there’s also an element of time and timing that is really important here.  |    share hide replies ∧guestmarylin3 years 3 months agoreading this i agree with most of it, but i believe there has to be a balance from both girl/woman descriptions; having scored 10/10 in this article doesn´t make you better than somebody that didn´t. she's the girl whose love life resembles more of a calculated chess game than an abstract, "what the f*ck is happening? seeks adventure not to impress you, but because he wants to grab life and suck up experiences while he’s on this earth.’ve come to really appreciate matt and stephen a great deal and i adore them, but sometimes they can be guilty of painting a picture that we’d all love to jump into, but one that only mary-poppins can enter. she isn't being manipulative to see what she can get out of you. i beleive a high value man would be honest and loyal and get committed to only a single woman matching his standards rather than being stuck with someone who doesnt have those qualities he wants in his woman just to overcome his loneliness.! once again you’ve provided a super great cheat sheet and organized / spelled out something vital for us perfectly. really enjoyed this article, however, finding a guy with those qualities seems too good to be true. is the girl who notices the red flags right away, and she doesn't delude herself in an attempt to prolong the relationship.  |    share hide replies ∧guestanonymous3 years 3 months agopersonally i find the word ‘woman’ used to describe someone my age (20) seems a bit forced. if you wish to one day start a family then you want to be sure you found a woman who wants to be, and is suited to become, a mother.’ll usually see this in the amount of thought he puts into gifts and trips, particularly if it involves things he’s clearly decided based on your previous conversations.  |    share hide replies ∧guestnicola3 years 3 months agoit’s not that anybody thinks the “women” things are bad, or that the “girl” things are good; it’s that we balk at the idea of having a man define who we “should” be….

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is something that has been reveled upon since humans had eyes; it’s not something that we should be ashamed of, but rather something we should learn to appreciate properly.  |    share hide replies ∧guestlauren3 years 3 months agoi, as a woman, was not offended by this article at all. i think the author of this article intends it to be more used to demonstrate a difference in maturity levels. instead, she takes the high road, and — with supreme discipline and emotional intelligence — continues her life without you.. she doesn't contact you after you ghost or break up with her. work in scientific jury selection so i travel for a living and on arriving in a new urban area, i can look at yelp reviews for 20 minutes and find a bar that will have 3 or 4 single guys that i think are pretty high quality, during happy hour. there might even be more than a few guys that possess them all, but not all of the time and there might be a handful of them that possess these characteristics 24/7. it helped me to realize that the man i am dating is a quality man. i know men who like to take care of their woman, and they alow them not because they can´t take care of themselves. but crucially, he’ll keep trying to fulfil your needs. to be truthful, you don’t really need a reason. man worth being with delights in seeing you handle your own life (even if he loves to help now and then), and will want to encourage anything that promotes your autonomy and independence. its recognizing him when when he is in your life that is key! respect your privacy and will never share your information with anyone. we like things the way that we like them and aren’t especially open to making changes we don’t deem necessary to make. i would add also “has his own thing going on” – it’s important for me that a man have his own passion(s), whatever that is (as long as it’s not morally dubious) that i don’t really have much to do with, just as i want my own thing that’s not connected to him directly. they don’t have to be the most verbal, or communicate 24/7 how they are feeling, but it is so important to have those emotions communicated in a clear manner. stephen, you just made me believe in my dreams and that these super guys exists! mind is really subtle & playful,He’s really intelligent & wise,And has a glimpse of spirituality if not more! i am a happily married woman to a very good man who i am improving over time, but “…will jump into his car at 4 am to read your school paper…” – you have got to be kidding. it’s meant to relax you, whether that’s by turning off your mind with a some dumb tv show, or by reading a book, which… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestlindi3 years 3 months agowell said……. if you find a woman that truly loves you then you found the greatest gift in the universe.” ask yourself what this more is, and how long you have been together.  |    share hide replies ∧guestdrg3 years 3 months ago1) as a man, i am glad it’s dead on for you. women do have their tv shows – some being guilty pleasures – but they also like to spend their time with their nose in books and magazines with substance. i think that manly of the comments may focus too much on the definition of “girl” and “woman” in a traditional sense, regarding age. is nothing, and i mean nothing, sexier than a female who can take care of herself.) someone that has the pedigree but doesn’t have to (or preferably doesn’t) work for a living–i can do bad all by myself. alas i got a man who has every quality you described + the above post, except the fact that he cant stop flirting to other girls, neither can he stop checking them out in front of me, moreover he says he wants a polygamous relationship…. he was not directly attacking you, so why attack him? she gives her time, affection, love and empathy to you, but not in excess.” this sort of article, but aimed at men, is so common you don’t notice it. same goes for larger women who are happyvin their skin. as feminists, we need men like you to teach and lead us. know that woman who’s hounding the table at the clubs, waiting to pounce on the next bottle? a woman doesn’t have to have her everything hanging out in order to feel sexually appealing. we always think that there will be another chance, that it’s possible that the two of you will one day reconnect. like to be babied and taken care of, maybe they were spoiled growing up. let’s pretend a man and a woman are enjoying dinner and a date at a sidewalk table on a warm summer evening and she casually asks, “what qualities do you most admire in a woman? and i’ve realized the ones i truly respect, that is, those i would recommend to women as great boyfriend material, all share certain traits in common. you drove the points of this post very well and i thank you for taking the time to come up with this. you are lucky enough to find that woman, that rare sunflower growing on a barren desert, then do right by yourself and hold on to her as tightly as you can – never, ever let her go. girls are a dime a dozen, but women… women are a scarcity. even my boyfriend doesn´t agree with everything o it´s not about being feminist. the castle crumbles, he’s the one who starts stacking bricks to rebuild the fortress.

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if you’re ok with that, this will only raise your game. a man who values honest, respectful, and open communication… winner winner, chicken dinner! in love, deeply in love, is like finding your place in the world, your home, for the first time in your life. when confronted with these questions i have a stock answer, which is simply that, were i writing for a male audience, of course i would have a great deal more to say about what men should be doing to impress women and improve themselves (and i have much to say on both). subscribe to this mailing and receive future emails, fill out the form below and click subscribe.! thank you for taking time to write this lovely blog! some will even think they have found him and others who will say they married him…but more probable is that you will get many more women who will say 5, 10, or 15 years later, they thought that was who they married.  |    share hide replies ∧guestanonymous3 years 3 months agoi believe this article is extremely false! this guy existed in such numbers, the divorce rate would not be more than 53% of the married population because there isn’t a woman in her right mind who would divorce him.… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestselene cusping3 years 3 months agosome of the most ridiculous comments i’ve ever read here. i agreed with many points, but disagreed with a couple, like the salad thing.” the definition that the author is using is denoting maturity levels, and i appreciated… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestanonymous3 years 3 months agoexcellent lauren. the thing is, he has most of the qualities you stated above. having read the artical and with him ticking every point it’s clear i’m falling in love. great guy has no interest in seeing you scale back your ambitions so that he can feel good about himself. we have to read them with an implied disclaimer that it doesn’t apply to every situation. he might not like the “damsel in constant distress”, but the “damsel having an occasional freak out” will make him drive all night like a knight riding to save a princess. come back in about 10 or 15 years and tell us how amusingly embarrassed you are for proving the empty barrel adage. if she doesn't want to see the ufc championship with you and your friends, she won't go. think again, dropping hints to get help is passive aggressive and low value. are the 10 ways you can tell you're dating a girl who knows what she's doing:1. and despite what some people are saying, these guys really do exist! you’re thinking, poor woman, she’s so mistaken, i would totally kick ass for my wife when i’m married. are experienced in life and therefore understand the importance of experiencing life. doesnt like commitments but to overcome his loneliness he want to be in a part time relationship. even if they aren’t his favorite things, he learns to love them by seeing how special they are through your eyes (and vice versa regarding his passions). and if you communicate your standards well, he’ll strive to live up to them. is willing to let go of his desire to flirt with other woman if he sees it makes you truly sad cuz you love him! some relationships the man may be more nurturing than the woman. she says enough to answer your questions, but never to the point of disclosing private information. perfect man is able to show both being very strong & masculine even if he’s not physically very built & he can be so very sweet & subtle in words or physically by a graceful touch or little attention & he has sensibility in being attentive to your desire of being truly loved & respected & he makes you feel protected in his presence ! doesn't want to be in a situation that might open the door to unrequited love. man – and i mean every man – needs a woman who will call him out on his sh*t. but i wonder how will i meet this guy, and where? really enjoy studying on this site, it contains wonderful articles. and that facebook quote is also homophobic suggesting that first of all, women can define what it means to be a man and that any man who fails at this is not a real man or is a “pussy. a high value guy is going to be ok with a conversation about more. the book the road by cormac mccarthy, the son tells his father: “if you break little promises, you’ll break big ones. she doesn't compare her physique, achievements, age or status to other women. don’t want to patronize anyone here by assuming you don’t know a good guy from a creep or a selfish a**hole when you see one. finding a woman who will make compromises is only half the battle, however.’ll want to do more and more things that turn you on, or spoil you crazy on an anniversary to show you just how much more he loves you than you love him. and keeping it as a reminder to myself that to have a high value man, i have to be a high value woman. It’s always unexpected and almost never at a convenient point in our lives, but she appears nonetheless and changes your life forever. girls like to dress in revealing clothes because they think they look sexy – women know they look sexy no matter what they wear.

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most of the time, you will find more or less of theses traits but not all.. girls expect you to pay the tab – women are financially independent. and sometimes they may only be the high value man, for the right high value woman.  |    share hide replies ∧guestmostly_1233 years 3 months agobill, regardless of your stance towards the article or the author, blatant sarcasm and condescension are not compelling arguments- it just seems like you’re veering into the territory of personal attacks there. i know plenty of older females who would be considered “women” based on the traditional age standard, however i know that based on this article they would be considered “girls. if it is marriage or kids, those are big steps that even if he wants them it may not be the time in life to take them. but when i am with him, i can never feel that love, his eyes are always wondering of on other women, he tells me he wants to be in polygamous relationship. first thought that comes to mind when reading this article is ‘how to find such a guy? in fact, they are often one and the same – when found in a woman that knows how to hold her ground and be proud of who she is. you may suffer for years and years because you let go of the most important thing in your life. isn't using you for free drinks, free meals or entertainment. billion women in this world, and yet, there is only one of her. high-value guy who is serious about you will want to make you the strongest team in the world.! i really thought about it and i couldnt add anything more about this high value guy! i will keep the in mind as i continue dating. worth dating aren’t fussed about out-earning you or worried about who is further ahead in their career.” imagine the outrage if men wrote articles defining what it means to be a “real woman” and constantly lecturing women to “woman up” and shaming them for being homosexual if they don’t conform to any of this. to be human is to have flaws, and an actual real women most likely has traits of both “woman” and “girl” in her, and probably traits that haven’t been described here at all because they don’t fit into the societal conception of… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestanonymous3 years 3 months agoi agree, and would like to add, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…what defines a woman or man in one person’s opinion will differ completely w/ another! while it can be difficult to tell the two apart, there are 10 obvious giveaways:1. you’ll be more like, “love, you were aware of the deadline well in advance, and it would be much appreciated if you did not cram in this manner. to be fair, they aren’t completely to blame — women and girls have to deal with the same dynamic with men and boys. to all the feminists who complained about this article, you really need to learn how to respect opinions that differ from your own. society has gotten to… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestjonathan g3 years 3 months agothank you for bringing some truth, amy! whatever the reason, girls don’t like whipping out their wallets. being a woman, being nurturing is very important as well. if he is the high value man you claim an honest conversation is warranted.? or are they only illusions that we create in our minds that will someday dissipate since everything is impermanent/or cuz reality shows another play that we didn’t expect nd we become desillusionned & lose our optimism.. she is more than happy to tell you when you’re wrong. also want to add, which you touched on a bit, that a high value man is open to exploring his own emotional experience.  |    share hide replies ∧guestdrg3 years 3 months agothat’s not an insult, is it?  |    share hide replies ∧guestmarkus barkhead3 years 3 months agoas a man, i can say that this article is dead on. you liked (or even loved) has decided he or she doesn't want to be in your life anymore. you and matthew seem like fine men, but there is one thing neither of you are, and that’s married. there are guys who profess love and immediately want to plan a future together, but this isn’t meaningful after the second date- it could even be deceptive. when a woman loves you she loves you with her entire soul. when the tables are turned, you can’t handle it. feel that these days we have those that put too much emphasis on beauty and then those that are rebelling against the concept and giving little to no importance to beauty. i think that manly of the comments may focus too much on the definition of “girl” and “woman” in a traditional sense, regarding age. i know two of them who satisfy most of the 15 criteria; they are married to people close to me. too often people don’t realize what the other person means to them until they lose them. high value men go carefully into relationships and know the women they want to date very well. man needs a smarter woman to help him get through life in one piece. responses to 15 sure signs you’re dating a high value man. the difference is in the way the two types act, think and live their lives.  |    share hide replies ∧guestkgotso monaisa3 years 3 months agowow, this is so profound.

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