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you think if she lived and jax went to prison she would have waited for jax?

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think the way we saw it end was definitely her waiting for jax.

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Charlie Hunnam suffered 'nervous breakdown': Sons of Anarchy

by the same token, jax isn’t another tony soprano. Novel santhy agatha setelah dating with the dark 

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21 episode of sons of anarchy introduced winsome (gang related‘s inbar lavi), a prostitute who trades information on her abusive pimp’s whereabouts to jax (charlie hunnam) in exchange for a new job at diosa.

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as executive producer paris barclay, who directed the episode, tells ew in our full postmortem, it wasn’t until showrunner kurt sutter saw the chemistry between jax and winsome that he decided to play with it again in episode 10.


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never believed that jax would do it, even though that seed was planted throughout the season.

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so we will definitely be seeing jax’s butt again.

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'Sons of Anarchy': Inbar Lavi on Jax-Winsome chemistry and her return

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[spoilers ahead] say what you will about tara betraying jax — and, surely, team gemma will have plenty to say — but her death on tonight's season-six finale was tragic.

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i will also say the relationship that is built between jax and winsome is somewhat healing for both of them. Funny online dating subject lines -

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she’s timid, but something about these guys, and i think specifically with jax, makes her feel safe, and they do gain her trust..

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not just because she didn't actually rat on jax (he decided to turn himself in), but also because she and jax had finally reconciled.

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but i feel like people have been loyal to her because of her connection to jax and her loyalty to jax.  Dating site for vietnamese-

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i had to put that in the back of her head, and i think jax and the gang come in at a perfect moment when she’s really ready to drop out of her life as she knows it and make a run for a better one.

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