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G-Dragon and Taeyeon Rumored to Be Dating, Agencies Respond

idol couple who are caught to be dating by careless actions. useless taeyeon is the ugliest girl, she needs tons of makeup for that her face can looking some decentxhyoeunishereview profile. first, they compared a recent instagram post by girls' generation's tiffany, featuring taeyeon dancing to the same song g-dragon uploaded a while back. in her post, taeyeon has her hand in front of her face  as if she is holding a gun. trying to think my queen is dating that ratxtwinklefairyview profile. g-dragon uploaded a filtered photo of him blowing a heart smoke, taeyeon’s profile description soon changed from a christmas tree to a wind blowing emoticon..p kept looking at g-dragon and taeyeon back and forth, as if there was something special between the two.

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the idea of the two dating had been circulating the rumor mill for a long time now. inside and ugly outside---► ugly bitch taeyeon is too overrated and fake. i do everything that is same as my cookie will people think we are dating? many netizens have been unable to ignore these types of claims, due to the dating rumors about exo's kai and f(x)'s krystal before their dating news actually broke out. netizens also brought up another instagram post from back in april, when taeyeon and g-dragon uploaded selfies using the same photo app around the same time period. many are interested in whether or not the rumors hold any truth to them.” the agency representative strongly denied the rumors and further commented, “it is not worth mentioning.

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Netizens compare G-Dragon and Taeyeon's Instagram activity and

compare g-dragon and taeyeon's instagram activity and conclude that the two are dating. once again believe that Big Bang's G-Dragon and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon might be dating. sns proofs may seem far fetched, some netizens have argued that taeyeon had also left secretive clues on instagram while secretly dating exo’s baekhyun.'m not saying that i like taeyeon or hate her but she's really pretty in this picture so i don't see your pointxhyoeunishereview profile." on the contrary, some fans still expressed disbelief, saying, "no, they are not", "i think taeyeon is still dating baekhyun", "this is totally not true", and more. useless miekochie is the ugliest girl,she needs tons of makeup for that her fake face can look somehow like real and decent much more worser than taeyeon . the rumor mills have been abuzz all day with new found ‘evidence’ that taeyeon and baekhyun are back together again!

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two were spotted sporting similar coats, but what sparked the curiosity of shippers was taeyeon’s patch that said “love peace” … minusone?-dragon started signing his name in the shape of a butterfly, which is how taeyeon signs her name.’s agency, sm entertainment, has responded to the rumors and stated, “it is groundless talk. on may 1, 2016may 1st - koreaboo update dating rumor abt bigbang gdragon and snsd taeyeon. fell in love with and sought hani after seeing her tomboyish personality, and the couple has been dating for ten months.’s g-dragon and girls’ generation’s taeyeon have become caught up with dating rumors that are quickly spreading through messaging apps and sns. in february 2014, news broke out of k-pop idol veteran taeyeon of girls’ generation dating monster rookie group exo’s baekhyun.

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  • SM Entertainment Calls G-Dragon-Taeyeon Dating Rumors

    read : last september: snsd taeyeon and exo baekhyun end their relationship”. idol couple who are caught to be dating by careless actions.” he answered, “i usually light cherry scented candles at home…” then a few days later, taeyeon attached a cherry emoticon to an instagram reply that had nothing to do with cherries whatsoever..BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon have become caught up with dating rumors that are quickly spreading through messaging apps and SNS. to follow, taeyeon’s recent instagram posted a video that features a very similar bag in a different color! it be possible that our kid leader of snsd and world famous leader of big bang are dating? & taeyeon ~ gtae : 2013-the beginning___we fell in love at the first sight.

    Netizens find even more 'evidence' to prove that G-Dragon and

    .p said anything bad abut taeyeon so why should you say anything bad about g-dragon? year, when dating rumors between the two surfaced, both sm entertainment and yg entertainment completely wrote off the rumors as fantasies. from exo and krystal from f(x) have confirmed their relationship after rumors of secret dates, saying they became lovers after being ‘close friends. like stop trying to think my king is dating that ratxmyungna345view profile. once again believe that big bang's g-dragon and girls' generation's taeyeon might be dating.! BRB recovering the pieces of my mind that was BLOWN ;DDD What are your thoughts on the rumors let me now in the comments below. 1st - Koreaboo update dating rumor abt Bigbang Gdragon and Snsd Taeyeon.
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      2015 - bigbang and snsd (gd copying taeyeon at the end). i have soon other guy celebs using the same filter as g dragon so does it mean that 2 guys are dating ? tweet +1 redditare snsd’s taeyeon and exo’s baekhyun back together again? some g-dragon‘s fans have revealed that they don’t mind that it’s taeyeon, as long as it isn’t kiko mizuhara (due to kiko mizuhara’s conflicting rumor images). do you think g-dragon and taeyeon might really be another celebrity couple? they know each other, but they are not dating,” the rep from keyeast explained. taeyeon was like this before too with you know who", "i've been hearing rumors about them ever since taeyeon and baekhyun broke up.
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      to fans from both camps, baekhyun recently purchased a new jean jacket and taeyeon also purchased a new jean jacket. rumors began swirling online that the hallyu stars had been in dating for a year, their entertainment company, keyeast, quickly told the media the truth.[gdragon x taeyeon] gtae moments mama2015 - our little coincidence. read : g-dragon and komatsu nana dating rumor confirmed with new evidence? see also: g-dragon talks about the mental strains of being a top idolrecently, netizens have taken online to provide evidence of g-dragon and taeyeon's ongoing relationship. including the butterfly, there’s a fish next to his signature, which is taeyeon’s astrological sign – pisces. we're friends", therefore gd don't like the racist ugly plastic fake overrated petite girls as taeyeon, taeyeon is the worst female leader of kpop.
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