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small time scam artists, black and blue, sell boom boxes and broken tvs from their van at the parking lot. luckily, aj johnson is the complete opposite, a proto-kevin hart whose every word cartwheels from his mouth in reckless abandon.‘blade runner’ breakout sylvia hoeks joins ‘girl with the dragon tattoo’ sequel (exclusive). los angeles, two rival gang leaders are also trying to be music producers. master p plays black, a small-time hustler who cons his way into a surplus of cellphones – this was in 1998, fyi, when portable phones were a luxury, not a necessity; there’s even an underlying attitude that cellphones were just a passing fad, which is fascinating in retrospect. two months after its release, it was certified platinum by the riaa with over 1 million copies sold worldwide. by 1999, it simply wasn’t cool to like no limit. this isn’t a stoner comedy, but i implore you: watch this movie stoned. truly was a valiant effort, this film, and it’s important (should you find discussions of i got the hook-up to be important) to note that the movie itself was not a failure. some headcheese for this dissection of tobe hooper’s super-weird franchise. i want everyone to see this though, for a laugh. he is a sarlacc to his co-stars, a bottomless, spike-throated maw that feasts on presence and charisma.

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also, keep an eye out for joe estevez, the f-list brother of martin sheen that’s currently enjoying a late career resurgence (if you wanna call it that – i do) on tim heidecker’s decker. mystikal smokes angel dust, and it’s so goddamned stupid. showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your watchlist and rate your favorite movies and tv shows on your phone or tablet! and, when that happened, this film hit the bins every bit as quickly as all those silkk the shocker cds. they used to cap every aisle in the wal-marts and targets of yesteryear, but these days you’ll find them mostly in prairieland truck stops and struggling video stores. links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page. up by october 31st for an extended 3-month trial of youtube red. i’ve seen a lot of movies, and nothing in anything is funnier than the way johnson says “bubbles” in the below clip. jesus, this was a long time ago, so used vhs tapes were probably running . does a reliably admirable job of crossing his eyes menacingly, and old-timers john witherspoon and helen martin bring the dirty every bit as delightfully as betty white would a decade later. Got the Hook Up (1998) SoundTracks on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more. i'm quite sure a few people turned on a couple of cameras and yelled "do something".

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i mean, this is the same guy who turned the strained cries of his toilet-screams into a catchphrase – by the way, p’s signature “uhhhhhh” literally begins and ends the film. suspects - guilty til proven innocent [full album] cd quality.. crime comedy film, starring anthony johnson, master p, ice cube, c-murder and directed by michael martin. shady concert promoters (cube and epps) get into hot water when their chance to book a superstar rapper goes awry. - i got the hook-up soundtrack [full album] cd qualityyoutube. out of their van, black (master p) and blue (johnson) deal in tv sets and boomboxes, but then a driver mistakenly drops off a cell phone shipment. autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. no limit’s aggressive branding very much makes their film, but its slapdash nature and incoherence simply goes to show that this type of comedy takes more finesse than you might think. bald, menacing vince vaughn glowers at the center of brawl in cell block 99’s teaser trailer: watch. lorraine's boss dalton and the fbi are also closing in. big ed, magic & fiend) 01:10:4021) bang or ball (mack 10 and road dawgs) 01:12:34i got the hook-up is the soundtrack for the film of the same name. limit soldiers compilation - we can't be stopped [full album] cd quality.

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it remains in the bin:Of course, there’s also the fact that i got the hook-up isn’t that great. got of gambino family & full blooded) 58:3717) call it what you want (steady mobb'n) 01:01:2018) what you need (ghetto commission) 01:04:1719) drama (skull duggery) 01:07:1520) we got it (mr. he’s hilarious because he’s john witherspoon, but the character itself is built on icky foundations. manson on twiggy ramirez rape allegation: "i am saddened by jessicka’s obvious distress"2here's our first look at christian bale as dick cheney for adam mckay's upcoming biopic3the 100 scariest movies of all time4twiggy ramirez, longtime bassist for marilyn manson, accused of rape5ranking: every john carpenter movie from worst to best. complete dissection of the antiheroes and creeps from the horror master. kid has been invited to a party at his friend play's house. was an error trying to load your rating for this title. violets’ video for “english tongue” is a religious experience — watch. but after a fight at school, kid's father grounds him. is a genius straight a student, blade is juvenile delinquent. when his best buddy and roommate dee loc (snoop dogg), suggests that sean get a job busting . business is on the upswing, but then the local crime boss, roscoe, and his enforcer, t-lay (tom lister jr.

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the cousins work nights at a local mall as security guards. tell your mama she gotta rub this every wednesday at 3:42 standing on one leg with al green playing in the background, her money will pop out.. craig zahler’s follow-up to 2015’s bone tomahawk looks like it’ll please b-movie aficionados. is a rookie in the sheriff's department and the first black officer at that station., it was the collapse of no limit – a fate brought on by overambition more than incompetence – that banished i got the hook-up to the bargain bin. bloody, messy, and unforgiving dissection of the voorhees’ reign of terror. must be a registered user to use the imdb rating plugin. and i can’t say it enough for aj johnson, an actor that made waves in the mid-to-late ’90s, but seems to have dropped off imdb. it peaked at #3 on the billboard 200 and #1 on the top r&b/hip-hop albums. and day day have finally moved out of their parents houses and into their own crib. guys were peeling the no limit decals off their cars in my school parking lot.", which made it to #16 on the billboard hot 100 and #11 on the hot r&b/hip-hop singles & tracks.

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less funny kid brother of Friday, House Party, and Booty Call. got the hook up was the first film from master p’s no limit label to be released in theaters and was co-written, co-produced, and co-starring p himself, who clearly saw this as a launching pad for no limit’s burgeoning filmic division. seemingly important characters drift into the ether, plotlines devolve into quizzical shrugs, and white fbi agents turn out to be black dudes wearing white guy masks. 100 scariest movies of all time2fox news: radiohead's music "is just elaborate moaning and whining for ring tone sounds"3carrie fisher once gave a cow tongue to a hollywood producer who sexually harassed her friend410 bands who changed their name and found fame5ivanka trump remembers her 90's "punk phase" and mourning kurt cobain's death for 24 hours. none the less, kid sneaks out when his father falls asleep. soundtrack containing hip hop music was released on april 7, 1998 by no limit records. kitamura and alejandro brugues will also be directing respective installments. showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your watchlist and rate your favorite movies and tv shows on your phone or tablet! legends mick garris, joe dante, and david slade team up for horror anthology film nightmare cinema. i’m talking movies like friday, house party, and booty call, all of which you’re, sadly, just as likely to find gathering dust in the bargain bin. the soundtrack was a huge success, debuting at #3 on the billboard 200 and #1 on the top r&b/hip-hop albums. black’s scheme, however, soon draws unwanted attention from the fbi and a local crime syndicate.

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worth the time it takes for this sobering album to truly sink in. years of once: an oral history of john carney’s hit musical. fact, i got the hook-up rounds out its supporting cast with a host of the genre’s best character actors. i can't imagine that a script was written for this. an irish indie film with next to no budget became a cultural phenomenon. carson is a young man living in the projects who has to survive a three-day weekend after his opportunistic neighbors find out he's holding a winning lottery ticket worth 0 million. racial tensions run high in the department as some of j. and not only does he populate the cast with no limit rappers, he frontloads the soundtrack with their songs."american gods" stars reflect on show's wide appeal the cast of "american gods" chat with kevin smith on imdb live at ny comic con about the show's success and how the series will continue to veer creatively from neil gaiman's source material. i still don't understand what the f'n thing was about. broke buddies feel lucky when they come upon a truckload of cellular phones and begin selling them out of the back of their van. p - good side bad side [full double album] cd quality.

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. there’s still plenty to enjoy here, as, like most urban comedies, i got the hook-up adopts an episodic structure that ensures any number of comedic vignettes or cameos (what up, ice cube! cell phones were important in this film, that's what the "plot" of the movie centered around. friday perseveres because it leavened its absurdity with resonant themes about manhood and survival; sure, we see john witherspoon taking a shit, but we also see him bestowing life lessons onto his son. 100 scariest movies of all time2fox news: radiohead's music "is just elaborate moaning and whining for ring tone sounds"3update: tom petty "clinging to life," not expected to live4the 100 greatest debut singles of all time5ranking: every david lynch film from worst to best. when dj's equipment shorts out and lonzo is cut out of the action by a record producer, the two join forces, . he ends up getting shot at and start to second guess his job as a bounty hunter . when, by mistake, a shipment of cellular phones gets to them, it doesn't take long before fbi and gangsters are after them. r for pervasive strong language, crude sexual humor, nudity, drug content and some violence. with the help of loudmouthed cohort blue (aj johnson) and love interest lorraine (gretchen palmer), black is able to score big bucks selling them under the table. to the bargain bin:It’s impossible to discuss i got the hook-up without discussing no limit, as master p always ensured his content was indistinguishable from his brand. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.'ve seen plenty of horrible movies in my life but this one takes the cake.

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it’s too bad, as the dude positively crackles when unleashed. the soundtrack featured the hit single also titled "i got the hook-up!’s a fine setup, but executed with the grace of a coked-out “tiny” lister. less funny kid brother of friday, house party, and booty call.: the texas chain saw massacre series from worst to best. while he feels he need to be making more and . observable, fast-talking party man darnell wright, gets his punishment when one of his conquests takes it personally and comes back for revenge in this 'fatal attraction'-esque comic . as many of us here at cos spent more than a few friday nights hunched over those bins, we decided to scour the earth for those remaining few. i was sober when i watched this, and i still can’t tell you what the fuck happens in the third act. as an example of a ’90s-era urban comedy, i got the hook-up rarely transcends the comedic heights of its forefathers.. joe) 53:5616) tell me what you're looking for (kane & abel feat. feat Bone Thugs N Harmony & Silkk The Shocker 2) Ghetto Vet (Ice Cube) 2:53 3) What The Game Made Me (Jay-Z feat Sauce Money & Memph.

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is what elevates this project and confirms that it was worth the wait. movies are guaranteed to spark the imaginations of kids of all ages. it’s also:…where he also served as:Oh, and don’t forget i got the hook-up was:Say what you will about master p, but dude was a masterful brand strategist. feat bone thugs n harmony & silkk the shocker 2) ghetto vet (ice cube) 2:533) what the game made me (jay-z feat sauce money & memphis bleek) 7:304) from what i was told (soulja slim) 11:405) let's ride (eightball & mjg) 15:076) i got the hook-up (master p feat sons of funk) 18:507) hooked (snoop doggy dogg) 23:088) down with you (montell jordan) 27:139) shake somethin (mystikal feat. woman must contend with rival strippers and her boss in an attempt to make a legitimate living. filmography of an american master, from indy to the extra-terrestrial. by cory caudillvideo art by cory c - instagram @corycgraphics. this was how i spent the money i made jockeying a register at mcdonald’s. like dolph lundgren will make an emotional return as apollo’s fatal enemy. Two small time scam artists, Black and Blue, sell boom boxes and broken TVs from their van at the parking lot. dogg - da game is to be sold, not to be told [full album] cdq. true loyalist, master p even found a place for no limit rappers mystikal and mia x in the cast.

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they gave us a glimpse into city life outside our suburb, as well as a manic, ensemble-based style of comedy that offered a necessary counterpoint to the farleys and sandlers we quoted ad nauseum. the two friends then not only have to deal with unsatisfied customers but also the fbi. rapid ascent of streaming apps like netflix and amazon prime can be directly correlated with the decline of bargain bins, those age-old repositories where forgotten would-be blockbusters mingled with direct-to-dvd sequels and d-list cash-ins designed to parallel box office bombshells.'m bout it - original motion picture soundtrack [full album] cd quality. wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. and because the art was so strictly tied to the brand, there was no legacy, it seemed, no fond memories. million gross more than doubled its budget and resulted in the distribution of five more films, the most notable of which likely being the gary busey-starring hot boyz, itself a staple of the bargain bin. dick feat o'dell & sons of funk) 33:5611) would you hesitate (c-murder) 39:0812) itch or scratch ( fiend feat. but because of a mix up with their school records, everyone thinks each is the other one. anthony williams,Vusi madlazi returns to the south african village he left as a young boy (he was organizing against apartheid, and left in fear of his life) to bury his father. it was released on april 7, 1998 by master p's no limit records and featured production by beats by the pound, bud'da and rza. mac & prime suspects) 42:0113) keep it real (mechalie jamison) 45:3214) who rock this (old dirty bastard feat.

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