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Stars in the sky dating and friendship agency

'" says simone van sluytman, manager at stars in the sky, "but no, we're a dating agency. resources: dating to sex information and resources about friendships and relationships to support people to have a great life contents general resources and education support safety and harmful situations social media and safety consent, rights and informed choice friendship and socialising puberty and periods masturbation sexual health - contraception, stds and stis dating organisations that offer dating and relationship support relationships, including same sex relationships sex (being ready for sex & having sex for the first time) marriage pregnancy, babies and parenting abortion advice. in the sky is a dating agency for people with learning difficulties. about sexuality, safe sex and contraception for people with learning disabilities all the resources in this range of materials from the family planning association (fpa) - including the award-winning 'all about us' cd or dvd - can be used by teachers and other professionals working with people with learning disabilities, as well as by their parents and carers.

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but stars in the sky remains in the background, offering help and advice should things get rocky. while events like our festivals can't make complex practice like stars in the sky's spread like gossip or wildfire, they are part of a more positive story about what happens when charities and social enterprises get ideas. based on a three year, qualitative research project carried out across the uk, the report describes people's experiences of 'coming out', relationships, discrimination and abuse. the dvds are aimed at young people with learning disabilities and cover a range of topics including the ways bodies change in the transition from childhood to adulthood, sex, relationships, contraception, consent and emotions linked to sex and relationships.


in the sky worcestershire we arrange members only social events in worcestershire, giving people opportunities to meet new friends and make relationships. exploring issues for men and women with learning difficulties who are gay, lesbian or bisexual “secret loves, hidden lives? great place to have fun, make friends, and find love! beyond words - loving each other safely this book aims to help young men understand their own sexuality, choose what to do in a steady relationship and know how to stay healthy.

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physical attraction is also covered and the booklet looks at developing a relationship, ending a relationship, being on your own, personal safety and making choices. education and children and young people with an asd this webpage from the national autistic society contains advice for parents on how to talk to a child with asd. the booklet explains what dating is, how to keep safe, and other good ideas. "they (commissioners) say to us, 'can't we just do friendship?

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dating  happily are a dating agency based in london which provides a safe environment for you to make new friends and start relationships. i believe conditions for innovative projects like stars in the sky can be improved. luv2meetu aims to provide support to people with learning disabilities to widen their circle of friends and develop friendships and relationships – helping to combat isolation and loneliness and improve overall health and wellbeing. it also looks at responses from staff and services, meeting other lesbian, gay and bisexual people, and dreams for the future.

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for the service has grown quickly and the project is now a popular success, with more than 200 members across london. in the sky is a dating and friendship service for adults with learning difficulties. stars in the sky is helping to solve a real problem of social isolation. support productions - dvd resources a range of dvds about sex and relationships for people with learning disabilities including 'you, your body & sex', 'jason’s private world', 'kylie’s private world'.

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readers can use this book as a starting point to explore their own relationships, and the role of families, friends and carers in supporting them. lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans: covers sexuality, being lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or trans, talking to people about your sexuality, bullying and safe sex. ‘n’ dates mates ‘n’ dates is a dating and friendship agency for adults with learning disabilities in oxfordshire. on sex from change sex and masturbation: easy read booklet from change which explains what sex and masturbation are.

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Love4Life is a FitzRoy friendship and dating project based in Fareham, Hampshire. offer is a mixture of parties to bring groups together and matched dates, discreetly chaperoned. the event will help to connect them around opportunities for innovation and to explore how they might collaborate in the future. about sex and relationships: the views of young people with learning disabilities change talked to a lot of people and this is what they found out about the views of young people with learning disabilities about sex and relationships.

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a photostory about a gay man with learning difficulties > a booklet about challenging homophobia and heterosexism for people with learning difficulties and the staff that support them >.” draws on first-hand accounts to explore the lives of gay, lesbian and bisexual people with learning difficulties. the book has advice on safer sex and a list of resources and places to go for help. topics covered include deciding when to have sex, using contraception, oral & anal sex, privacy and consent.


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to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic and bullying for young people with disabilities and those with special educational need pupils who have a disability or have learning difficulties are significantly more likely to experience homophobic bullying than their mainstream classmates, according to a charity which has produced a guide for teachers on tackling the problem. it also gives a list of useful resources and suggested reading. today stars in the sky is attending the innovation exchange independent living festival of ideas, looking at innovation around independent living for all, along with other innovators, commissioners of public services and social investors. about dating: easy read booklet really useful easy read booklet produced by mencap on dating for people with learning disabilities.

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with her friend pauline, and the support of hail's lydia jones, she established stars in the sky. and whether it's a smile, a cuddle or sustained sexual relationship, it shows what we all know; that romance can transform lives. (being ready for sex and having sex for the first time). people with learning disabilities to have relationships an easy read guide for people with learning disabilities and supporters created by rotherham metropolitan borough council.

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and they know that soon service users will have more power over resources - that citizens may choose to commission projects like stars in the sky for themselves. they support adults with a learning disability to make new friends, to date and to develop relationships. beyond words - falling in love this book traces the ups and downs of a relationship, until the couple is able to make a commitment to one another. there are franchises, backed with local authority funding, starting in birmingham, essex, leeds and the isle of wight.

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the anti-bullying alliance's new guide, 'tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic, bullying for disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs' recommends that: teachers must take reports of bullying seriously.-n-mates dates-n-mates is scotland’s national dating and friendship agency run by and for people with learning disabilities. 'all about us' and 'talking together' can be used by people with learning disabilities, either with support or on their own. 2 meet like 2 meet is a dating and friendship agency for adults with learning disabilities in south wales.

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we support adults with a learning disability to make new friends, to date and to develop relationships. it's essentially independent (would you use a state-run dating agency? how to find usexamples of our work40 years of bild's workbild's trusteesjobs at bildpbscapbscapbs' advisorsabout pbsabout active supportpbs resourcescapbs consultancycoaches networkcapbs pbs trainingcapbs eventsbild pbs publishingcapbs webinarspbs coursebild's pbs missionpbs awardspi accreditationbild pitasaccredited organisationsbild pi training accreditation scheme - induction workshopseventsbild conferences and training eventsthe bild events calendar ijpbs 2017 autumn conferencean introduction to active supportcapbs active support coaches programmecapbs pbs coaches programmefoundation level 1a: introduction to positive behaviour support how to complete a basic functional behaviour assessmentpractitioner level 1b: next steps in positive behaviour supportrestraint reduction network 2018 conferenceusing happiness as an intervention in behaviour support plansour servicesall about bild's servicesbild pitasbild communitiesjoin bildworkplace trainingbild eventsbild booksbild journalsbild consultancyqualifications supportroom hireresourcesfaqsthe bild factsheetsfor bild memberseasy read informationchild sexual exploitationageing wellrelationshipslooking for advice? its work is efficient - the agency's brief intervention can make a lasting difference.

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