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a spartan love story, part 2 closes down spartan academy for good, transfers 300 spartan students to centerscore high and finally brings colt and denni together after 5 seasons of ship teasing. the game's story is continued through some shared characters (notably autumn and wes) with high school story, a spiritual successor of sorts. dances and balls: dances are a common occurrence considering that this is a game about high school..3 (12/21/12): walkthrough for a fallon christmas, magic school: book 2,And a contribution from anna. how the mighty have fallen: by homecoming, taylor was the alpha bitch of centerscore high with all of the cheerleaders under her thumb until jessica and zoe expose her relationship with brendan., and i still got what seems to be the perfect ending (highest gpa,Track star, successfully dating one of the two girls, sierra in my case). high-school dance: includes the homecoming dance, the winter dance, and the final dance of the series prom. certain ones, like the cheerleaders, have strict rules like never dating a nerd.    troublemakers the fifth and final series of surviving high school, composed of only 28 episodes before being cancelled. that you'd be dating the cheerleader if you're a football jock,I chose that you have been dating beth.. what document starts with the phrase, "when in the course of human. autumn's bullying storyline from surviving high school enables her to help a student called hope in high school story, who is being cyberbullied; this storyline helps to raise awareness of the issue of bullying and cyberbullying in high school age students. for the great easter egg ending for football: halloween with mal and.

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the story followed loads and loads of characters who attended centerscore highnote named after the original creators, centerscore (later twin branches high) as students, and released a new episode every week. point he starts crying, the correct response is "let him cry. for the dating raven and dating lisa paths, which you'll. valentine's day episode: the whole plot of football: valentines carnival. that apply to a new start: all for nothing: in season 2 of the new girl, sam and paige are enemies before becoming close friends at monarch prep., the ten dollar price point is extremely high, but this does..5 (1/3/13): walkthrough for full court pressure and an addition to magic. la rsistance: season four: school rebellion introduced principal/dictator dyre who started enforcing strict and bizarre rules on students and gave the most absurd and harsh punishments to rule breakers. secret relationship: brendan & taylor keep their relationship a secret since news that taylor is dating a nerd would be detrimental to her alpha bitch status. after-school cleaning duty: ben, spencer, howard, and hector have to polish the lizard statue. from matt clark for how to date lisa in football season. enemy mine: owen and nate manage to save their differences for later during a football game. held back in school: over 20 characters have stayed back a grade, some more than once.

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by the end of the last straw, zoe is left on academic probation, sam and nicks text messages are exposed to the whole school, and howards dreams of going to kingston are destroyed. 7-foot, 440-pound high school lineman is the biggest football player we've ever seen. will be the vampires' captive on the football field at the end. high school is an ios visual novel published by electronic arts. teen drama: it's a game completely centered around the lives of everyday high school students.. in football, every play begins with the ball at which field position? over kenji and the game says howard should start fresh. she was called an underdog during homecoming given that most students at the school didn't even know who she was until the nominations. early installment weirdness: in the very first episodes of the classics, howard tells linda that he thinks school spirit is lame. some examples: in season 1 finale if you fail at the football game, you can see your team losing. you're dating raven, then she won't ask you how she looks, and only. both steps 4 and 9, you have to choose what's in the walkthrough. mystery meat: mystery mystery, served at all the public school cafeterias.

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boarding school of horrors: monarch prep soon changes to monarch prep butterfly detention center, the former being a luxurious prep school turned into a strict juvenile hall. be fun to write a walkthrough for it after seeing lots of questions on..75 (5/3/10): walkthrough for football: big man on campus and new year's. you fold when she has a 6 or higher, and bet to the max when she.’s also a fun magic school short story in this, but it’s. a new start takes place over a course of 53 episodes and features new additions to character appearances, the game's icon, music, and a shift in focus from a multitude of characters to a smaller amount. with a star next to them, it doesn't matter what you choose; my. and katherine chen to the history section of football season. kahn for the dating raven and lisa paths for football: valentine's. downtime downgrade: owen and paige in the time between a new start and ''troublemakers'. was reading your walkthrough for the different episodes (which i've used. high school: the main setting of the series, centerscore high (later renamed twin branches high), and features other schools including their rivals wilson high, all-boys prep school spartan academy, and spartan's sister school monarch prep..79 (5/27/10): walkthrough for guys versus wild and an addition to the wrong.

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your character and go through eight weeks of high school. twelve across "classics" and "the new girl", seven in "a new start" and four in "troublemakers" one-gender school: spartan academy is an all-boys school and its sister school, monarch prep, is its female counterpart. Surviving High School on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), Walkthrough by dmikester..04 (12/8/10): walkthrough for holiday cheer and the truth about colt,Part two, and a contribution from jesse david hollington for. off, including ways that get you a higher voting percentage than what i. in a 100 point walkthrough and you’ll get full credit. - surviving high school football star series iphone gameplay walkthrough (episode 1)youtube. catapult nightmare: howard has one on his last day of high school. you're a jock (it is called "football season") so being a bookworm with a. hijacked by tom prince: in the crosstown races, part one, it turns out the tom prince was the one who burnt down the wilson high library and framed howard, hector and brendan to sabotage centerscore's chances in the titular crosstown races.    classics the original weekly series, and comprising of the first 41 episodes, these episodes took place after football star and followed the everyday lives of several students at centerscore high. walkthrough, i'd be happy to post it and give you full credit. after howard goes back to school, zoe starts to have feelings for owen again.

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however, traces of their friendship are seemingly gone by the time the a new start reboot rolls around, where they barely recognize each other, let alone is their former friendship mentioned. distracted by the sexy: colt and the other boys cant help but stare at denni when she shows up at the prom after party in a revealing dress. some of the characters from surviving high school now feature in the sister game high school story by pixelberry studios..5 (11/22/09): walkthrough for football season, a summer fling, as time goes..2 (3/1/12): walkthrough for the spartan games, part 2, the floating isle,And a contribution from ria with an alternate ending for 300's a crowd. additional content may be purchased in the in-game store known as "more episodes" which offers previous episodes, continuations to "the football star" and "the new girl" stories, premium content, special episodes and classic surviving high school episodes. season finale: season one: a new start - episode five. high school is a visual novel game developed and published by electronic arts. it follows centerscore high, a typical high school with very recognizable cliques of students. prior to the september 2012 update, the game came with two free playable stories: "the football star" and "the new girl". you're dating lisa, then you must tell her she looks terrifying, and she. xanatos speed chess: now that she has become head cheerleader, jessica's dream to rule to school is achieved. better as friends: spencer and sam come to this consensus after only a few episodes of dating.

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dating sim: a big part of this series, although there's more to it than that. this ties in with a bullying theme carried through high school story and their partnership with the cybersmile foundation.    football star the first series of surviving high school and the only series to act as a simulation rather than following a weekly series..03 (12/6/10): walkthrough for the truth about colt, part one and a. anything with a star means the choice doesn't matter for..9 (3/4/11): walkthrough for the new regime and a great contribution to. for cause of death, which is put a star next to the choices that. the upcoming surviving high school novel adapted into game form. mary sue: though she was called one in the new girl as well, zoe becomes a very obvious one by a new start when she is no longer naive and shy. the game was comprised of several smaller series, each taking place after each othernote in order, "football star", "classics", "the new girl", "a new start", "troublemakers". The game revolves around characters that go to the school Centerscore/Twin Branches and face dr. while getting into a fight with the college guys from football: big man on campus it can also be implied that they perform back-to-back badasses. high school team for answering my occasional questions and for.

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highest gpa, by the way, seems to be anything above a 4. this same exact storyline repeats in the a new start reboot, with owen being john, zoe being beth, nate being adam and ben being howard.. we could start by going to a… ---> burger joint. after pulling a successful prank on wilson high, ben and spencer form a friendship despite having almost opposite personalities. that apply to football star: betty and veronica: beth (betty), john (archie), raven (veronica) with lisa serving as a third-option love interest. but when ben accidentally cheats on her, she ends the relationship and her and colt eventually start dating. denni will be the vampires' captives on the football field at the end..8 (6/15/12): walkthrough for the super new girl 4: reign of dyre and a.. i'm starving… ---> i have meal points at the dining hall. belligerent sexual tension: owen and paige up until the moment they started dating. after winning a football game, howard is about to admit his feelings for zoe until they're interrupted by linda, putting him and zoe's relationship to a halt. not a full walkthrough,But let me know if you want it via e-mail and i’ll work on it. walkthrough is for the "order" path; if anyone wants to send me the.

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it isn't showing up for me yet,But i'll write the walkthrough for it as soon as it does. this walkthrough is fully credited to luke dowler, who let me know that a. from the app store, i can get back to updating the guide and you can. bland-name product: this game loves to parody this trope: break a leg revolves around brendan playing the main part in a high-school adaption of 'spamlet', by wilford shlockspeare. games, had a high gpa and were the homecoming king! school clubs are serious business: there are various clubs, including the cheerleaders, newspaper, autoshop, ogres & elves (nerds) and so on, which form the cliques at the school. a centerscore high student ends up winning the spartan games despite the fact that the spartans have experience and from the start of the games had the advantage. the update also replaces the original megapack with a new megapack entitled, season 1: a new start. kahn for an excellent walkthrough for the new girl that confirmed the. the walkthrough for this, i want to thank everyone for reading this. story branching: football star uses this, although the regular episode do not. it doesn't last long though since jessica films them kissing in the locker room and then has zoe unknowingly air it on the school announcements. follow the walkthrough and you'll get a perfect score and the bonus.

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, so i did it again and typed up the walkthrough for you. school play: twin branches hosts a production of romeo and juliet. oricalcum for section 3a, the raven dating path in football season,And questions #7-11 in biology and #14 in math. "bonus" for completing all three areas is a dating compatibility quiz. paper-thin disguise: in a float is born, linda is introduced to a nice guy named alex, but people who have played "football star" beforehand will recognise alexei's character portrait. the last episode, the ten dollar price point is ridiculously high,Enough to where i still don't really recommend that you purchase these. the message on your walkthrough for 'the wrong side of town' about. shared universe: it shares its universe with cause of death, high school story, and choices. scene, the start to a potentially whole new era of shs! not going to happen considering i both go to graduate school and work a. big game: the football game at the climax of the season against the san adino warriors. to rubie for sending in this walkthrough for getting an alternative. (6/2/11): walkthrough for best party ever, broken prom-ises, part 2,And reader contributions.

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walkthrough for the new girl sent in over the weekend. in proof, she dumps zach for good and starts officially going out with hector..1 (5/4/12): walkthrough for the last straw and a great contribution from., as a note, there's a mention of a football: king of spring break.'t show up on monday as usual, and he also wrote this walkthrough! season 11 is centered around an election and its candidates have pretty crazy suggestions for making the school better. love dodecahedron: during season 7 and 8, ben likes denni, who likes ben, but also kissed colt, who sam still somewhat likes, who is dating spencer. have full walkthroughs below, but only one of them has a bonus scene. while the outline of the story is generally the same, the specifics are up to the player, especially regarding who you choose to go after in the dating sim aspect: beth, raven or lisa. section is thanks to matt clark, who sent in this excellent walkthrough. in the football star sequels, your choices carry over from the first pack. the end of season 12, shs has decided to sort of restart.     surviving high school tropes that apply to surviving high school: a day in the limelight: the majority of episodes only center around one character.

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- season 2 episode 1 - the tutor - surviving high school troublemakers. i do not like green eggs and ham: unlike the other girls at centerscore, sam is strongly against her ex-boyfriend colt when he first arrives at centerscore high. this set includes football star, football: big man on campus, football: halloween, football: valentines carnival, and football: king of spring break. two seasons later, wilson high is revealed to have been taken over by principal dyre and centerscore high is next. they were all also pretty nervous about one of the candidates winning, given that his girlfriend was planning on getting rid of all clubs at the school. long distance relationship: brendan and dinah consider their relationship as long distance, but centerscore university is literally in the same town as brendan's high school. affectionate nickname: jessica recruits all of the cheerleaders to start calling ben cute nicknames to get his attention like "blue eyes", "haircut", and "benny".. do you really like what dyre is doing to the school? high-school dance: the dance at the end of ''football star. but when taylor and zoe expose her, shes stripped of her role as head cheerleader and transfers schools..6 (8/22/13): walkthrough for a clash of queens and a correction from. death, the other game like this, if there's a situation where you can fail,It starts you over from a checkpoint, not the entire episode. belligerent sexual tension: denni and colt repeatedly bickered with each other before finally dating.

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school newspaper news hound: twin branches has a very involved newspaper that conducted an investigation into the immortals. as soon as it's released, i'll update with a walkthrough for. dowler for the walkthrough for guys versus wild and the tip about two. my football jock character, the main path i wrote was for john. chekhov's classroom: during college relationtrip, we see wilson high under strict watch. tried to develop a surviving hs walkthrough with a raven route..6 (6/6/13): walkthrough for talent show and the addition of a search. football: big man on campus, i've only tried this with raven,But if you turn down joining man, you get an extra scene with., congrats on a great job with your surviving high school faq. you're dating beth, then you must tell her she looks hot, and she..54 (12/7/09): walkthrough for break a leg, reader submissions, and a minor. love dodecahedron: during the beginning, nate likes zoe, who is still an emotional wreck over her ex-boyfriend howard, but starts to like owen, who likes zoe, but then starts to like paige who likes owen and hates zoe. from the walkthrough you made for jacob, but replaced with kenji scenes.

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the wilson high kids attack the centerscore high freedom festival for the fireworks, with the hero of the story of course being zoe. made and that are in the walkthrough did get me a perfect score, and as. denni will be the vampires' captives on the football field at the end..2 (5/9/13): walkthrough for how to date a nerd, and a contribution. however, when sara dies in a car crash with nick, he has to come clean about them dating. blackmail: nate attempts to blackmail owen with the fact that he paralyzed someone in a football game. the character autumn brooks transferred out of the surviving high school after being bullied, and now features heavily in high school story, alongside other characters with minor roles such as owen, wes and kimi. high-school dance: the first year features the sadie hawkins dance, the valentines day ball, and prom with the second part having the homecoming dance, cotillion, and a prom seen in a special. will likely not do a full walkthrough for these, since they don’t.    a new start the fourth era and the games first official reboot. the app, and i have a full walkthrough for season 1 in the. walkthrough for that episode (well, and once in this paragraph, so. by homecoming season, he develops an intense pride for his school.

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