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the couple met in new york, and then took their romance on the road (rhode island, italy, australia, and england to name a few stops), because their love knew no bounds. so what if you're a little nervous to bring him home to mom — bad boys are sexy. but, even though none of her past relationships worked out for her, that does mean you can’t (pretend to) deep your feet into the pool yourself.

Taylor lautner date me quiz

one time you pet bunny too hard and it stopped moving."your tanned skin, your sweet smile" inarguably describe lautner's charming self. these lyrics from taylor's song "back to december," on top of the apology she makes to an ex for a rough night in december, are most likely about the night she dumped lautner.

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the two met when they co-starred as high-school sweethearts in the romantic comedy valentine's day. need someone who has an edge and isn't afraid to go after you. agent told me that the pr people said it'd be good for magazine sales.

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maybe you should spend less time worrying about what people around you think about you, and more time thinking about what makes you happy. is complex, and sometimes someone who seems vapid can actually be really deep. disney's high school musical teenage stud, zac has been making our hearts skip a beat for quite some time now.

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need someone who is intelligent and successful, so don't be afraid to go geeky! Taylor Swift has not already dated you, given her track record, she's probably dated someone who is a lot like you.'s see what famous guy is perfect for you take this quiz to find out!

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guy is perfect for you nick jonas, justin bieber or taylor lautner? unfortunately things never escalated past some emails and that one face-to-face meeting. need someone who knows you well — all your quirks, your sense of humor, and what you like.

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which one of her former flames is your dream guy? co-star gone boyfriend, lucas played the next-door neighbor in taylor's "you belong with me" music video. worry about your rep a lot, but it's actually cool to date someone so mainstream, if you think about it.

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on in jealousy that something could be so beautiful and natural. city's adam young was starstruck when he met taylor backstage at one of his shows in new york. he starred as her beau in her music video "mine" and it's *possible* the two dated for a bit after the shoot.

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taylor's most public relationship besides tayvin, the two were seen out on dates often. it's a good thing this one didn't last since taylor and taylor could get very confusing (or lead to a ridiculously-fun collection of celebrity nicknames)! at the time he was taylor's "best thing that's ever been mine.

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it's actually kinda gross that you dated taylor swift at all. of the mortal instruments casting secrets that'll totally blow your mind. you should be swept off your feet by someone's smarts!

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""don't you think i was too young to be messed with? the girl in the dress, cried the whole way home, i should've known. taylor and the glee star never *officially* confirmed they were dating, the two were photographed together on many occasions.

Taylor lautner date me quiz

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taylor's most remembered boyfriend due to her very sad, but very poetic, breakup song "dear john. jo-bro joe, now lead singer of dnce, was taylor's first love interest almost a decade ago (seriously, where has time gone?"the last time" with lyrics "put my name at the top of your list" is said to be about this highs-and-lows relationship.

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yes yes a million times yes i listen to his songs all the time! the two sat side-by-side at a los angeles kings hockey game, looking cute as ever. ’cause, whether or not you’re willing to say it out loud, girl’s got great taste… at least in the looks department.

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why don't you stick with women your own age, like betty white. tbh this may actually have just been *one* date, but there's pictures from the date and he's really good-looking so he should be included. need someone who is confident (and maybe a bit cocky), the type of guy who will sing in front of a packed stadium.

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"i should write a smooth, acoustic song about how much this sunset reminds me of a girl i dated once. a year plus some of adorably-romantic instagrams and pda-filled award shows, tayvin just recently called it quits. Take this quiz to discover which of Taylor's exes you most relate to.

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