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you can also use our '€˜change settings€™' option to change latitude, longitude and timezone of your current location. above table contains only fard, witr and emphasized sunnah (sunnah muakkadah) prayers. or subtract the given number of hours to/from jeddah time to get the time in these cities.

Weather for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

asiasaudi arabiatime zone asia/riyadhmakkahjeddah jeddah, saudi arabia makkah what time is it? in the standard method (which is used by imamas shafii, hanbali, and maliki) the asr prayer time starts when the shadow of an object is equivalent to its height, whereas in the hanafi method the asr prayer time starts when the shadow of an object is twice its height. calculate the prayer times for a given location, we need to know the latitude and the longitude of your current city or town, along with the local timezone for that location.

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Prayer Times in Jeddah, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia

check jeddah prayer times conveniently while on the go with islamicfinder. above table contains only fard and emphasized sunnah (sunnah muakkadah) prayers. islamicfinder is detecting longitude, latitude and timezone of your current city or town automatically.

Current Local Time in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Time difference between Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and the world

if you face any difference in prayer timings according to your current location then please confirm these latitude and longitude first. forgive us our sins and our transgressions (in keeping our duties to you), establish our feet firmly, and give us victory over the disbelieving folk. time zone converter (time difference calculator) jeddah time difference to major world cities los angeles -10 hours mexico city -8 hours new york -7 hours são paulo -5 hours london -2 hours berlin, frankfurt, paris, madrid, roma -1 hour mumbai +2:30 hours hong kong +5 hours tokyo +6 hours sydney +8 hours the sun in jeddah: today, october 21, 2017 sunrise 6:21 am local time sunset 5:53 pm local time city information map: jeddah alternative names country & time zone population alternative names chiddaciddaciddaeciddeciddäciddədjeddadjeddahdjiddadschiddadzedadzeddadzhidadzhiddadzhiddaedzhiddatdzhiddedzidadzidddziddadzsiddadzuddadżuddadžedadžeddadžidadžidddžiddageddagiddagidogorad dzhydaieddajedjaddahjeddajeddahjidajiddajiddahjiddejidájudahjuddahtzentayidayiddazhiddagdhjadajdhjdtjeddajeddahaji dajidajiddajittayid dahĝidoğiddaτζένταџедагорад джыдаджидаджиддæджиддаджиддатджиддежиддаջիդդաגדהجدةجدهجدہޖިއްދާजेद्दाहজেদ্দাਜੱਦਾஜித்தாജിദ്ദญิดดะฮ์ჯიდაジッダ吉达吉達지다 country jeddah is a city in saudi arabia.

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paul *-8 hourscastries-7 hoursmalabo-2 hoursstanley-6 hourscayenne-6 hoursmale+2 hoursstockholm *-1 hourcharleston *-7 hoursmanado+5 hourssucre-7 hourschatham islands *+10:45 hoursmanagua-9 hourssurabaya+4 hourschelyabinsk+2 hoursmanamasame timesurat+2:30 hourschennai+2:30 hoursmanaus-7 hourssuva+9 hourscheyenne *-9 hoursmanila+5 hourssuzhou+5 hourschibougamau *-7 hoursmanokwari+6 hourssydney *+8 hourschicago *-8 hoursmaputo-1 hourtaipei+5 hourschita+6 hoursmarion island (prince edward islands)same timetallinn *same timechișinău *same timemary's harbour *-5:30 hourstarawa+9 hourschongqing+5 hoursmaseru-1 hourtashkent+2 hourscolombo+2:30 hoursmazatlan *-9 hourstbilisi+1 hourcolumbia *-7 hoursmbabane-1 hourtegucigalpa-9 hourscolumbus *-7 hoursmedinasame timetehran+0:30 hoursconakry-3 hoursmelbourne *+8 hourstel aviv *same timeconcord *-7 hoursmexicali *-10 hoursthimphu+3 hourscopenhagen *-1 hourmexico city *-8 hoursthiruvananthapuram+2:30 hourscoral harbour-8 hoursmiami *-7 hoursthule air base *-6 hourscórdoba-6 hoursmidland *-8 hourstijuana *-10 hoursdakar-3 hoursmidway-14 hourstiksi+6 hoursdallas *-8 hoursmilan *-1 hourtimbuktu-3 hoursdamascus *same timemilwaukee *-8 hourstirana *-1 hourdanmarkshavn-3 hoursminneapolis *-8 hourstokyo+6 hoursdar es salaamsame timeminsksame timetopeka *-8 hoursdarwin+6:30 hoursmogadishusame timetoronto *-7 hoursdelhi+2:30 hoursmonaco *-1 hourtórshavn *-2 hoursdenpasar+5 hoursmonrovia-3 hourstripoli-1 hourdenver *-9 hoursmontevideo-6 hourstromsø *-1 hourdes moines *-8 hoursmontgomery *-8 hourstunis-2 hoursdetroit *-7 hoursmontpelier *-7 hoursufa+2 hoursdhaka+3 hoursmontréal *-7 hoursulaanbaatar+5 hoursdiego garcia+3 hoursmoronisame timeunalaska *-11 hoursdili+6 hoursmoscowsame timeürümqi+5 hoursdjiboutisame timemumbai+2:30 hoursvaduz *-1 hourdnipro *same timemurmansksame timevalletta *-1 hourdodomasame timemuscat+1 hourvancouver *-10 hoursdohasame timenagoya+6 hoursvaranasi+2:30 hoursdouglas *-2 hoursnairobisame timevatican city *-1 hourdover *-7 hoursnashville *-8 hoursveracruz *-8 hoursdubai+1 hournassau *-7 hoursverkhoyansk+7 hoursdublin *-2 hoursnaypyidaw+3:30 hoursvictoria+1 hourdushanbe+2 hoursndjamena-2 hoursvienna *-1 houreaster island *-8 hoursnew delhi+2:30 hoursvientiane+4 hoursedinburgh *-2 hoursnew orleans *-8 hoursvilnius *same timeedmonton *-9 hoursnew york *-7 hoursvladivostok+7 hoursel aaiún *-2 hoursnewark *-7 hourswake island+9 hourseucla+5:45 hoursngerulmud+6 hourswarsaw *-1 houreureka *-8 hoursniamey-2 hourswashington dc *-7 hoursfairbanks *-11 hoursnicosia *same timewellington *+10 hoursfakaofo+10 hoursnorilsk+4 hourswhitehorse *-10 hoursfort-de-france-7 hoursnouakchott-3 hourswindhoek-1 hourfortaleza-6 hoursnovgorodsame timewinnipeg *-8 hoursfrankfurt *-1 hournovosibirsk+4 hoursyakutsk+6 hoursfreetown-3 hoursnukualofa+10 hoursyamoussoukro-3 hoursfunafuti+9 hoursnuuk *-5 hoursyangon+3:30 hoursgaborone-1 hourodesa *same timeyaoundé-2 hoursgalapagos islands-9 hoursoklahoma city *-8 hoursyaren+9 hoursgeneva *-1 houromsk+3 hoursyekaterinburg+2 hoursgeorge town (cayman)-8 hoursoral+2 hoursyellowknife *-9 hoursgeorgetown (guyana)-7 hoursorlando *-7 hoursyerevan+1 hourgibraltar *-1 hourosaka+6 hoursyokohama+6 hoursglasgow *-2 hoursoslo *-1 houryuzhno-sakhalinsk+8 hoursgrise fiord *-7 hoursottawa *-7 hourszagreb *-1 hourguadalajara *-8 hoursouagadougou-3 hourszürich *-1 hour * = adjusted for dst or summer time (196 places). zone difference or offset between the local current time in Saudi Arabia – Jeddah and other cities worldwide.%rise – 7:34 amset – 7:16 pmmore sun & moon in jeddah+ show more twilight and moon phase informationsolar noonsun in south: 12:07 pmaltitude: 57.

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Time and Date :: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia :: Time Genie

637 km saudi arabia: neighbouring countries united arab emirates iraq jordan kuwait oman qatar yemen other time zones with utc +3 africa/addis_ababaafrica/asmaraafrica/dar_es_salaamafrica/djiboutiafrica/jubaafrica/kampalaafrica/khartoumafrica/mogadishuafrica/nairobiantarctica/syowaasia/adenasia/baghdadasia/bahrainasia/kuwaitasia/qatareurope/minskeurope/moscoweurope/simferopoleurope/volgogradindian/antananarivoindian/comoroindian/mayotteast: arabia standard timeeat: east africa timeeedt: eastern european daylight timeeest: eastern european summer timefet: further-eastern european timeidt: israel daylight timeiot: indian ocean timemsk: moscow timesyot: showa station time new york london hong kong singapore são paulo frankfurt tokyo sydney. current local time injeddah, saudi arabia time zone: utc+3 asia/riyadh universal time coordinatedgmt / utc utc+3 daylight saving timedst there are no future daylight saving time rules for this time zone. saving time (dst) is the practice of setting the clocks forward one hour from standard time during the summer months, and back again in the fall, in order to make better use of natural strong daylight.

Time in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia now

to our e-newsletter today and receive latest news and updates about our products. weather in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and forecast for today, tomorrow, and next 14 daysSearch for a city or zip to set your location. now you can log-in to your athan account and keep a track of your prayers!

Current time in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - daylight savings time 2017

kitts)-7 hoursknoxville *-7 hoursroseau-7 hoursbeijing+5 hourskobe+6 hoursrovaniemi *same timebeirut *same timekolkata+2:30 hourssacramento *-10 hoursbelém-6 hourskomsomolsk-on-amur+7 hourssaint-denis+1 hourbelfast *-2 hourskrasnoyarsk+4 hourssaint george's-7 hoursbelgrade *-1 hourkuala lumpur+5 hourssaint john (ca - nb) *-6 hoursbelmopan-9 hourskuujjuaq *-7 hourssaint john's (antigua)-7 hoursbelushya gubasame timekuwait citysame timesaint-petersburgsame timebengaluru+2:30 hourskyiv *same timesalem *-10 hoursberlin *-1 hourkyoto+6 hourssalt lake city *-9 hoursbern *-1 hourla paz-7 hourssalvador-6 hoursbhubaneshwar+2:30 hourslagos-2 hourssamara+1 hourbillings *-9 hourslahore+2 hourssan diego *-10 hoursbishkek+3 hourslas vegas *-10 hourssan francisco *-10 hoursbismarck *-8 hourslhasa+5 hourssan jose (cr)-9 hoursbissau-3 hourslibreville-2 hourssan jose (usa) *-10 hoursblanc-sablon-7 hourslilongwe-1 hoursan juan-7 hoursbogota-8 hourslima-8 hourssan marino *-1 hourboise *-9 hourslincoln *-8 hourssan salvador-9 hoursboston *-7 hourslisbon *-2 hourssanasame timebrasilia *-5 hourslittle rock *-8 hourssantiago *-6 hoursbratislava *-1 hourljubljana *-1 hoursanto domingo-7 hoursbrazzaville-2 hourslomé-3 hourssão paulo *-5 hoursbridgetown-7 hourslondon *-2 hourssão tomé-3 hoursbrisbane+7 hourslongyearbyen *-1 hoursapporo+6 hoursbrussels *-1 hourlos angeles *-10 hourssarajevo *-1 hourbucharest *same timelouisville *-7 hoursseattle *-10 hoursbudapest *-1 hourluanda-2 hoursseoul+6 hoursbuenos aires-6 hourslubumbashi-1 hourshanghai+5 hoursbujumbura-1 hourludhiana+2:30 hoursshenzhen+5 hourscairns+7 hourslusaka-1 hoursingapore+5 hourscairo-1 hourluxembourg *-1 hoursioux falls *-8 hourscalgary *-9 hoursmadison *-8 hoursskopje *-1 hourcanberra *+8 hoursmadrid *-1 hoursofia *same timecancún-8 hoursmadurai+2:30 hourssrednekolymsk+8 hourscape town-1 hourmagadan+8 hourssri jayawardenapura kotte+2:30 hourscaracas-7 hoursmajuro+9 hoursst. it is a voluntary prayer which is offered between the time of ishaa prayer and the fajr prayer (before dawn). above table contains only fard and emphasized sunnah (sunnah muakkadah) prayers.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Makkah) » Current Local Time & Date, Time

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therefore, you should usually use the world clock instead sort by: citycountrytime zone differences around the world cities shown: capitals (215)most popular (143)popular (354)somewhat popular (468)abidjan-3 hoursguatemala city-9 hourspalikir+8 hoursabu dhabi+1 hourguayaquil-8 hourspalma *-1 hourabuja-2 hourshagåtña+7 hourspanama-8 hoursacapulco *-8 hourshalifax *-6 hourspapeete-13 hoursaccra-3 hourshamilton *-6 hoursparamaribo-6 hoursadak *-12 hourshanoi+4 hoursparis *-1 houradamstown-11 hourshappy valley-goose bay *-6 hourspatna+2:30 hoursaddis ababasame timeharare-1 hourpensacola *-8 hoursadelaide *+7:30 hourshartford *-7 hoursperm+2 hoursadensame timehavana *-7 hoursperth+5 hoursagra+2:30 hourshelsinki *same timepetropavlovsk-kamchatsky+9 hoursaguascalientes *-8 hourshermosillo-10 hourspevek+9 hoursahmedgarh+2:30 hoursho chi minh+4 hoursphiladelphia *-7 hoursalbuquerque *-9 hourshobart *+8 hoursphnom penh+4 hoursalert *-7 hourshong kong+5 hoursphoenix-10 hoursalgiers-2 hourshoniara+8 hourspodgorica *-1 houralice springs+6:30 hourshonolulu-13 hourspond inlet *-7 hoursalmaty+3 hourshouston *-8 hoursponta delgada *-3 hoursalofi-14 hourshovd+4 hourspontianak+4 hoursamman *same timeindianapolis *-7 hoursport-au-prince *-7 hoursamsterdam *-1 hourindore+2:30 hoursport-aux-francais+2 hoursamsterdam island+2 hoursinuvik *-9 hoursport louis+1 houranadyr+9 hoursirkutsk+5 hoursport moresby+7 hoursanchorage *-11 hoursislamabad+2 hoursport of spain-7 hoursandorra la vella *-1 houristanbulsame timeport vila+8 hoursankarasame timeittoqqortoormiit *-3 hoursportland *-10 hoursantananarivosame timeizhevsk+1 hourporto novo-2 hoursapia *+11 hoursjackson *-8 hoursprague *-1 houraqtobe+2 hoursjakarta+4 hourspraia-4 hoursashgabat+2 hoursjamestown-3 hourspretoria-1 hourasmarasame timejayapura+6 hourspristina *-1 hourastana+3 hoursjerusalem *same timeprovidence *-7 hoursasuncion *-6 hoursjohannesburg-1 hourpune+2:30 hoursathens *same timejubasame timepunta arenas *-6 hoursatlanta *-7 hoursjuneau *-11 hourspyongyang+5:30 hoursauckland *+10 hourskabul+1:30 hoursqaanaaq *-5 hoursaugusta *-7 hourskaliningrad-1 hourquébec *-7 hoursaustin *-8 hourskampalasame timequito-8 hoursbaghdadsame timekangerlussuaq *-5 hoursrabat *-2 hoursbaker island-15 hourskansas city *-8 hoursraleigh *-7 hoursbaker lake *-8 hourskarachi+2 hoursrapid city *-9 hoursbaku+1 hourkathmandu+2:45 hoursrarotonga-13 hoursbalikpapan+5 hourskazansame timerecife-6 hoursbaltimore *-7 hourskemi *same timeregina-9 hoursbamako-3 hourskhartoumsame timeresolute bay *-8 hoursbandar seri begawan+5 hourskhatanga+4 hoursreykjavik-3 hoursbandung+4 hourskigali-1 hourrichmond *-7 hoursbangkok+4 hoursking edward point-5 hoursriga *same timebangui-2 hourskingston-8 hoursrio branco-8 hoursbanjul-3 hourskingstown-7 hoursrio de janeiro *-5 hoursbarcelona *-1 hourkinshasa-2 hoursriyadhsame timebasse-terre (guadeloupe)-7 hourskiritimati+11 hoursrome *-1 hourbasseterre (st.◢search for a city's time difference:find the difference in time between your location and locations around the world. accurate Prayer Times and Athan (Azan) with exact Namaz Time of Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha.

Saturday is the first day of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia | Arab News

Get Jeddah's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. above table contains only fard and emphasized sunnah (sunnah muakkadah) prayers.:47:48 am astsaturday, october 21, 2017◢country: saudi arabialat/long: 21°35'n / 39°10'ecurrency: saudi riyal (sar)languages: arabicdial codes: +966 - see how to dialtime zoneast (arabia standard time)utc/gmt +3 hoursno dstno daylight saving time in 2017difference10 hours ahead offremontabout ast — arabia standard timeset your locationadvertising.

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& convertersmeeting planner for jeddahtime zone converter for jeddahevent time announcer for jeddahtime difference between jeddah and other locationsdistance calculator to/from jeddahdisplay a free clock for jeddah on your website or blogcalendar & holidayscreate saudi arabia calendarupcoming holidaysjun 15 - eid-al-fitr (end of ramadan)jun 16 - eid-al-fitr holidayjun 17 - eid-al-fitr holidaymore holidays in saudi arabiaairportsking abdulaziz international airport, jedabout 7 mi n of jeddahta’if regional airport, tifabout 89 mi e of jeddahother cities near jeddahpopup windowfullscreenexitjeddahsaudi arabia7:4748amsaturday, october 21, 2017. above table contains only fard and emphasized sunnah (sunnah muakkadah) prayers. like: 78 °fforecast: 79 / 93 °fwind: 3 mph ↑ from northlocation: jeddah king abdul aziz international airportcurrent time: oct 21, 2017 at 7:47:50 amlatest report: oct 21, 2017 at 7:00 amvisibility: 10 mipressure: 29.

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