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trejo related the story of his life and his sacred dream to brigham young and told him that his most fervent desire was to translate the book of mormon into spanish and to take the gospel to his people. 1883 elder moses thatcher of the council of the twelve, who had been given the responsibility of overseeing the translating and printing of the complete book of mormon into spanish, called trejo and james z. dictionaryfeaturing more than 1 million translationsspanish translatorquick and easy results from 3 translatorsverb conjugationsconjugations for every spanish verbinteractive flashcardsimages and audio help you learn fasterlanguage guideexpert articles on how to use the spanish languageword of the daylearn a new word each dayreport this addid this page answer your question? was asked to help, and after a careful revision and comparison with translations in other languages, in 1948 we were able to publish in its entirety the doctrine and covenants in spanish.

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the publication of the doctrine and covenants and pearl of great price in 1948, all four of the standard works were now available to the spanish-speaking people throughout the world. (go out with) [+girl etc] salir con; pololear con; (chile)intransitive verb1 (show age) pasar de moda2 to date back to [+time] remontarse a; to date from datar de3 (go out with sb) is she dating? however, if you are addressing spanish markets (follow the link to read more on “a guide to breaking your business in the spanish-speaking market”) or spanish speakers in the us and you have dates in your documents or websites that need to be translated from english to spanish, we would strongly recommend to maintain the popular m-d-y format. to say "language" in spanishreport this adreport this adfeedbackfeedbackspanishdict is devoted to improving our site based on user feedback and introducing new and innovative features that will continue to help people learn and love the spanish language.

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Date in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation - SpanishDict

áéíóúñ¿¡translateenglish to spanishspanish to englishdatela fecha, la citadictionaryconjugationexamplesphrasesnewlooking for the adjective dated instead? no direct translation how long have you and your girlfriend been dating? more »account optionssign inhelptranslateturn off instant translationenglishspanishfrenchdetect languagedetect language—afrikaansalbanianamharicarabicarmenianazerbaijanibasquebelarusianbengalibosnianbulgariancatalancebuanochichewachinesecorsicancroatianczechdanishdutchenglishesperantoestonianfilipinofinnishfrenchfrisiangaliciangeorgiangermangreekgujaratihaitian creolehausahawaiianhebrewhindihmonghungarianicelandicigboindonesianirishitalianjapanesejavanesekannadakazakhkhmerkoreankurdish (kurmanji)kyrgyzlaolatinlatvianlithuanianluxembourgishmacedonianmalagasymalaymalayalammaltesemaorimarathimongolianmyanmar (burmese)nepalinorwegianpashtopersianpolishportuguesepunjabiromanianrussiansamoanscots gaelicserbiansesothoshonasindhisinhalaslovaksloveniansomalispanishsundaneseswahiliswedishtajiktamilteluguthaiturkishukrainianurduuzbekvietnamesewelshxhosayiddishyorubazulu englishspanisharabicafrikaansalbanianamharicarabicarmenianazerbaijanibasquebelarusianbengalibosnianbulgariancatalancebuanochichewachinese (simplified)chinese (traditional)corsicancroatianczechdanishdutchenglishesperantoestonianfilipinofinnishfrenchfrisiangaliciangeorgiangermangreekgujaratihaitian creolehausahawaiianhebrewhindihmonghungarianicelandicigboindonesianirishitalianjapanesejavanesekannadakazakhkhmerkoreankurdish (kurmanji)kyrgyzlaolatinlatvianlithuanianluxembourgishmacedonianmalagasymalaymalayalammaltesemaorimarathimongolianmyanmar (burmese)nepalinorwegianpashtopersianpolishportuguesepunjabiromanianrussiansamoanscots gaelicserbiansesothoshonasindhisinhalaslovaksloveniansomalispanishsundaneseswahiliswedishtajiktamilteluguthaiturkishukrainianurduuzbekvietnamesewelshxhosayiddishyorubazulu translate text or webpagemaximum characters exceeded type text or a website address or translate a document. spanish version of the holy bible presently in use among the spanish-speaking members of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints is published by the american bible society.

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work, quietly accomplished, has been of great importance because it has enabled countless thousands of spanish-speaking people to study the gospel in their own tongue. translation of the standard works of the church into spanish has a history of hardship, loyalty, often persecution and always financial duress. in 1559 reina moved to london, where he became the pastor of the refugee spanish protestants who had come in great number to seek protection under queen elizabeth. ivins, who had studied law in mexico city and had become well versed in the spanish language.

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this adreport this adword of the dayoct 20repiquetearto ring outget the word of the day emailpopular articlesspanish syllables and syllabification ruleshow to say "i'm sorry" in spanishhow to say "handsome" in spanishwhat does "¿cómo se dice?íandataránview complete conjugation for datarsearch historyexplore spanishdictwe've combined the most accurate english to spanish translations, dictionary, verb conjugations, and spanish to english translators into one very powerful search box. spanish version of the bible published by the american bible society still carries the following words on the title page of nearly every edition: “ancient version of casiodoro de reina (1569), revised by cipriano de valera (1602), and subsequently compared with diverse translations, and with the texts in hebrew and greek. versions of the bible in spanish were the bible of the duke of alba, completed in 1430, and a version made in one of the dialects of the province of valencia and completed in 1478.Stars in their eyes return date

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pratt was given permission to translate the book latter-day revelations into spanish. story of the translation of the bible into spanish began to unfold in a. evidence that the scriptures existed in spanish at that time is a group of manuscript versions dating from the thirteenth century that are found in madrid. on his uniform of an officer in the spanish army, he walked through the streets of salt lake city, attracting a great deal of attention.Radiometric dating means placing events in their proper sequence quizlet

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1568 reina finally completed his spanish translation of the bible and moved to basel, where it was printed the following year.; they've been dating for three months llevan saliendo juntos tres mesesmodifierdate rape (n) violación (f) durante una cita amorosadate stamp (n) (on library book, fresh food) sello (m) de fecha; (postmark) matasellos (m)date-stamp date [deɪt] noun (bot) (fruit) dátil (m);(also date palm) palmera (f) datileracollins complete spanish electronic dictionary © harpercollins publishers 2011date is a conjugated form of the verb datar - view conjugationdatarto datedictionaryconjugationexamplesphrasesnewdatartransitive verb1. the fullness of the gospel, as contained in them, is now within their reach, and every spanish-speaking person can hear it “in his own tongue, and in his own language. may also like:translation services for the hospitality sector & tourismneed to translate english into spanish?

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pratt, who was then serving as president of the mexican mission, was given the privilege of translating into spanish some of the latter-day revelations of the lord. finally a brother blanchard, a native frenchman who taught romance languages at brigham young academy in provo, addressed him in spanish. many years the only standard works to which the spanish-speaking latter-day saints throughout latin america had access were the bible and the book of mormon. the type was being set for the spanish edition of the doctrine and covenants, some thought was given to the translation of the pearl of great price.

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that year another convert, daniel webster jones, who had spent some time in mexico and had learned the spanish language, had been asked by brigham young to prepare and publish extracts from the book of mormon in spanish to be used in missionary work. no direct translation datar deto date back to, to date fromcopyright © 2006 harrap publishers limiteddatartransitive verb to dateintransitive verb datar de to date from; date back to; esto data de muy atrás this goes a long way backcollins complete spanish electronic dictionary © harpercollins publishers 2011phrases with "date"here are the most popular phrases with "date. salir con she was dating the most popular boy in the school. in 1886 the first edition of the book of mormon in spanish was printed in salt lake city. Difference between dating and being in a relationship

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balderas, a mexico city-born spanish translator for the church, is patriarch in parleys stake and a sealer in the salt lake temple. was the case in the translation of the bible into the spanish language, so also in the translation of the book of mormon into spanish we see the hand of the lord directing the course of events and raising up men whom he prepared for accomplishing his purposes. make a date with sb citarse or quedar con algn they made a date for eight o'clock se citaron para las ocho; quedaron a las ocho3 (person one is dating) pareja (f); acompañante (m) who's your date for tonight? these and other versions, although of particular interest, in no way constitute a complete list of the translations or portions of the scriptures that have been found in spanish dialects. Good questions to ask a guy your dating

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