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is unemployed and single, and one day she joins a dating website. “two night stand” marks the directorial debut of max nichols, the son of mike nichols of “the graduate” fame.

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night stand official trailer #1 (2014) - analeigh tipton, miles teller romantic comedy hd. after a bouncer refuses to let her into the club on the grounds that she looks too young and she is without id, she sees her ex-fiancé, chris, and later decides to have a one-night stand with one of the men she saw on the website, alec.

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    night stand trailer 1 (2014) - miles teller, jessica szohr romantic comedy hd. night stand is a 2014 american romantic comedy film directed by max nichols and written by mark hammer.
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    night stand movie clip - messaging (2014) - analeigh tipton, miles teller romantic comedy hd. instead, the two awake to a massive blizzard that maroons them in alec’s apartment, which is an especially inconvenient situation since, in the light of day (and without the aid of alcohol), megan and alec realize they can’t stand each other.
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    night stand movie clip - great idea (2014) - miles teller romantic comedy hd. for screenreader movies ‘two night stand’ movie review: not exactly what you’d expect the inside track on washington politics.
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every tinder story on the internet has taught me anything, it's that one-night stands are awkward. lauren adams as voice of darella, dating website customer service agent.

Two Night Stand

new clip from two night stand sums up every online dating interaction ever.” “two night stand” can’t quite overcome the same pitfalls with its familiar theme — a one-time thing becomes something more.

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” but, as with most romantic comedies, the story falls apart with the formulaic injection of tension and the ensuing resolution, which is utterly outrageous even by rom-com standards./1ghowmttwo night stand movie clip - messaging (2014) - analeigh tipton, miles teller romantic comedy hda snowstorm forces two people who made an online connection to unwillingly extend their one-night stand.

Two Night Stand Movie CLIP - Messaging (2014) - Analeigh Tipton

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film follows two people who meet online and are forced to extend their one-night stand because of a snowstorm. night stand premiered at the american film market in early 2014 and distributor eone came on board soon after its screening at the grove.

This New Clip From Two Night Stand Sums Up Every Online Dating

Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton share a talky, uneven Two Night

two night stand is about megan (analeigh tipton), a down-on-her-luck new yorker still getting over a bad breakup, and alec (miles teller), the guy she meets online strictly for the purpose of sleeping with him, because that's the world in which we all live today, ladies and gents.” nichols said it was “essential” that her character’s ‘date’ alec understand that “he’s never met a girl like her and can’t let her go.

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alec wanted to have something to rub in her face when she broke up with him, and so he had joined the dating website. out this new exclusive clip from 'Two Night Stand,' starring Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton!

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in this new clip from the film, megan and alec have their first encounter via video chat, and it basically sums up every online social interaction between strangers that has ever happened. but an unexpected run-in with her ex is the nudge megan needs to sign on in search of a one-night stand.

'Two Night Stand' movie review: Not exactly what you'd expect - The

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after a 10-second video tour of his apartment to ensure he’s not storing bodies in his lair — this is the stuff of parental nightmares — megan heads to brooklyn for a little distraction. forced to spend more time together, the two end up telling each other what they did wrong the previous night, convinced that they will never see each other again, and megan suggests that they "try again".

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” the two night stand shoot was only scheduled to take 19 days and some of the planned locations were without electricity post-storm. sign up *invalid email address got it got it as her life falls apart around her, megan (analeigh tipton) decides to give online dating a shot in “two night stand.

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