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of a kind also found in: dictionary, thesaurus, legal, acronyms, wikipedia. meanwhile, carrie starts dating matt, despite kevin's advice to the contrary.

Two of a Kind

also: kind, of, twotwo of a kindvery similar individuals or things, as in patrice and john are two of a kind-they're true hiking enthusiasts. of two of a kind, starting from the top-left going clockwise: sally wheeler (carrie), christopher sieber (kevin) and mary-kate & ashley olsen.

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of a kindvery similar, typically in interests, dispositions, or beliefs. *note*: this is the pilot episode of "two of a kind".

Two of a Kind

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this idiom uses kind in the sense of "a class with common characteristics," a usage dating from about a. “unfortunately, she’s encased in the kind of body and face that stops people from seeing beyond it.

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some other two of a kind novels were just made up by the authors. of a kind is an american sitcom that aired on abc as part of the network's tgif line-up, starring mary-kate and ashley olsen in their first television series since full house ended in 1995.

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