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beck also worked to put michigan’s medical marijuana laws in place.(c) in all arrests and prosecutions for violations of this section, appearance tickets and the relevant procedures set forth in michigan public act 147 of 1968, as amended, shall be used. we provide it to you free, all we ask is that you keep us in mind should you need a personal injury lawyer, a marijuana lawyer, a grand rapids criminal defense lawyer or a litigation lawyer to help you with a car accident, a lawsuit, a criminal charge, or legal issue. answers to your questions about the michigan medical marijuana program or finding a marijuana doctor in michigan, please submit this form online and you will receive a reply within 24 hours. however, the civil penalty for the non-criminal violation (similar to a parking ticket) is a monetary fine. the grand rapids city ordinance does not protect you from being charged with operating while impaired by illegal drugs (ouid), also known as 'drugged' driving. six months after grand rapids voters passed a charter amendment to decriminalize marijuana, the city is implementing the change this week. wording of the amendment is straight forward:Section (a) contains the standard definition of "marijuana" as used throughout the michigan penal code. since passage of the grand rapids charter amendment, state and county police officers are still choosing to write marijuana criminal charges using the state's possession and use of marijuana laws, even though the person was inside grand rapids city limits. three additional bills signed by the michigan legislature in september 2016 initiated the creation of regulatory and licensing frameworks for dispensing of medical cannabis by licensed medical marijuana doctors in michigan and dispensaries to patients with qualifying conditions. clients throughout western michigan, in grand rapids, ada, east grand rapids, kentwood, cascade, wyoming, byron center, forest hills, lowell, caledonia, cascade, rockford, holland, grand haven, hastings, hudsonville, grandville, kent county, barry county, ottawa county, newaygo county, muskegon county, allegan county, ionia county. caregivers are also allowed to grow plants in michigan when patients are unable to obtain or grow their own medical marijuana.

Weed dating grand rapids mi

city of grand rapids was prepared to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana today. noteworthy, is that almost without exception, every single person caught within city limits and charged under state law by state or county police officers has been a passenger or a driver of a car. however this ruling only applies to patients registered with the state or who qualify under section 8 of the michigan medical marihuana act. the charter amendment was patterned after similar laws passed in the 1970's by voters in the university of michigan college town of ann arbor, michigan." that’s the message from state troopers looking to eradicate illegally grown marijuana in michigan. in grand rapids, michigan, and west michigan communities of ada,East grand rapids, kentwood, cascade, wyoming, byron center, lowell,Caledonia, cascade, rockford, holland, grand haven, grandville, kent. proposal to amend the grand rapids city charter, title xviii miscellaneous provisions;by adding section 296;  restrictions of marijuana as follows:(a) no person shall possess, control, use, or give away marijuana or cannabis, which is defined as all parts of the plant cannabis sativa l. 1 — “the michigan medical marihuana act” — was approved in november 2008, effectively removing all state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana by patients possessing the medical recommendation from their physician, stating that he or she may benefit from the medical use of marijuana. the prosecutor argues it’s against state and federal laws for grand rapids police officers to issue only a civil infraction for marijuana possession. registry program associated with the special programs division and the michigan department of licensing and regulatory affairs, the michigan medical marijuana program (mmmp) continues to regulate the michigan medical marijuana act approved in november 2008., what happens if a state police officer or sheriff's deputy busts someone inside city limits for smoking a marijuana joint? on tuesday people in detroit, flint and grand rapids voted overwhelmingly to make small amounts of marijuana okay to possess under city law.

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six months after Grand Rapids voters passed a charter amendment to decriminalize marijuana, the city is implementing the change this week. so if he’s not going to rule on it we might as well implement it,” sundstrom said. for years grand rapids police officers wrote marijuana tickets and citations using state law. to be clear, only grand rapids police officers are mandated to write violators for the civil infraction. a drugged driving conviction costs about ,000 in fines and costs, not to mention criminal defense lawyer fees, driver's license sanctions, and skyrocketing car insurance rates. voters overwhelmingly passed a city charter amendment in november that makes marijuana possession a civil infraction. mcqueen”, a michigan supreme court ruling in february  2013, declaring dispensaries are illegal. however, it is hoped that enlightened county and state police officers will choose to use the civil infraction instead of the draconian state criminal laws. previous to this marijuana ordinance, grand rapids did not have a law that criminalized possession or use of marijuana. the michigan courts have repeatedly characterized the medical marihuana act as a "narrow exception" to criminal laws. the grand rapids city attorney's office is likewise prohibited from referring marijuana violations to the state prosecutor, federal government, or attorney general's office. people caught by grand rapids city police would get a ticket and a small fine.

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contact our grand rapids, michigan, marijuana criminal defense lawyer at (616) 676-8770. sundstrom is basing this line on the ballot language, which copied similar language in place in ann arbor; except in grand rapids, the language left off the word “sale. rapids' city charter amendment will not protect you from state or county cops. these officers have the discretion to use the grand rapids ordinance or the state laws, and are either choosing or have been instructed to use the state criminal laws..delaware florida hawaii illinois massachusetts maryland maine michigan minnesota montana north dakota new hampshire new jersey new mexico nevada new york ohio oregon pennsylvania rhode island vermont washington west virginia.(e) no grand rapids police officer, or his or her agent, shall complain and the city attorney shall not refer for prosecution any complaint, of the possession, control, use, giving away, or cultivation of marijuana or cannabis upon proof that the defendant is recommended by a physician, practitioner or other qualified health professional to use or provide the marijuana or cannabis for medical treatment. (1)detroit (1)east lansing (2)farmington (1)gaylord (1)grand rapids (3)kalkaska (1)ludington (1)muskegon (1)southfield (1)sterling heights (1)troy (1)walled lake (1)warren (1). the bicyclist had the misfortune of riding his bike right by a sheriff's deputy who was in plainclothes investigating a drug case. more serious charges like manufacturing, possession with intent to deliver, or maintaining a drug house would still be turned over for potential criminal charges. currently, michigan's law classifies marijuana possession as a misdemeanor with the possibility of a heavy fine and jail time. the city of grand rapids now outlaws the use and possession of marijuana – but then mandates a token civil fine for violating the law. michigan patient registry fee is  for new and renewal applications.

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/ 8:50 state representative jeff irwin (d-ann arbor) formally announced legislation today that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. city of grand rapids has joined ann arbor, detroit, flint, and the states of colorado, washington, and many others by making the recreational use of marijuana a non-criminal activity under city law. the state police officer or sheriff's deputy can choose to either cite the person using the grand rapids civil infraction or the state's one-year misdemeanor law., whether growing or not; its seeds or resin; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the above, unless such possession, control, or use is pursuant to a license or prescription as provided in public act 196 of 1971, as amended. 2013, the michigan supreme court abolished the zero tolerance active thc rule for medical marijuana patients. the person thought they would be protected from prosecution since: (a) they were not driving a car, and (b) they were inside the city of grand rapids. in michigan diagnosed with one of the following severe, debilitating, or life-threatening medical conditions, are afforded legal protection under the michigan medical marihuana law:Cancer, glaucoma, hiv/aids, hepatitis c, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ptsd (post-traumatic stress disorder), crohn’s disease, agitation of alzheimer's disease, or nail patella;. office represented a person who was smoking weed while riding his bicycle inside grand rapids' city limits. this decision means the grand rapids decriminalization ordinance is constitutionally valid and will remain the law. this has the net effect of decriminalizing the recreational use and possession of small amounts of marijuana within city limits, as most marijuana busts and arrests in the city are made by city police officers. the statement needs to also include that a marijuana doctor in michigan believes medical cannabis may ease effects or symptoms of that particular condition. the sheriff deputy chose to charge the person with possession of marijuana under state law – not the grand rapids civil infraction ordinance.

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ounces or 12 plants per patient amounts contained in the michigan medical marijuana act. represent college students from calvin college, aquinas, grand valley state university, cornerstone university, grand rapids community college, michigan state university, central university. public acts 281-283 take effect in december, market analysts expect medical marijuana in michigan to rake in over million annually. in several michigan cities passed proposals to ease legal restrictions on marijuana. our site also provides physician locations, hours of business, peer reviews of michigan marijuana doctors and information about dispensaries licensed by the michigan mmp. they must be at least 21 years old and have no illegal drug felonies on their criminal record. grand rapids marijuana ordinance makes no mention as to the minimum age of the person who may possess, control, use or give away marijuana. the city of grand rapids was ready to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana this week. michigan driver’s license will be required for domestic air travel. the metropolitan enforcement team (met) operates under the michigan state police, operating both on the ground and in the air to locate and eliminate illegal marijuana plants. the michigan supreme court let stand a court of appeals opinion which ruled that the grand rapids city charter marijuana amendment does not contradict state law. people caught possessing marijuana were usually arrested and “typically spent only one night in jail, including sentence and conviction,” mish said.

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ferris state university, university of michigan, and western michigan university. city of grand rapids is waiting before it implements a charter amendment that decriminalizes marijuana possession. you are searching for a medical marijuana doctor in michigan who can assist you in obtaining an mmj id card, our website lists dozens of physicians in the state of michigan who will evaluate your health status for the purpose of recommending you for medical marijuana. you or a family member has been charged with or accused of a crime, you need immediate advice from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. the grand rapids ordinance goes a step farther than the state medical marijuana law, and allows for the recreational use of marijuana.” “that’s one compelling reason why one would continue to look at the street level drug transactions, possession with intent to deliver marijuana, as not covered by this charter amendment and therefore the police would continue to report them to the prosecutor,” mish said. grand rapids marijuana ordinance allows a broad 'medical use' defense that far surpasses the defense recognized under state law.(d) no grand rapids police officer, or his or her agent, shall complain of the possession, control, use, or  giving away of marijuana or cannabis to any other authority except the grand rapids city attorney; and the city attorney shall not refer any said complaint to any other authority for prosecution..Attorney bruce alan block is a grand rapids, michigan criminal marijuana defense lawyer. decriminalizegr, the group behind the ballot initiative, has taken issue with the city's delayed implementation. when the michigan medical marijuana act passed in 2008 we asked: "why did the federal government outlaw cannabis in 1937? (d) prohibits a grand rapids police officer from filing  a complaint to anyone but the grand rapids city attorney's office.

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he has successfully handled cases where clients were accused of possession of marijuana, manufacture, delivery, possession with intent to deliver marijuana, maintaining a drug house, improper transport of medical marijuana, and similar offenses. hasten to remind any over-zealous reefers that possession, sale, and use of marijuana, if not in grand rapids or if not for medical reasons under state law, are serious crimes. bill 4851, signed april 2013,  requires a “bona fide physician-patient relationship”, mandating that physicians "maintains records of the patient’s condition in accord with medically accepted standards” and “provide follow-up care”, in addition to protecting the patient from arrest with a registry identification card and valid photo id. grows are still a target for federally funded law enforcement agencies here in west michigan.:  we remind our readers that the feds outlaw any possession or use of any amount of marijuana anytime, anywhere, for any reason. city attorney catherine mish says the city had about 400 people caught using marijuana, another 800 possessing the drug., marihuana, michigan medical marihuana act, marijuana lawyer grand rapids, marijuana lawyer michigan, marijuana attorney, marijuana in west michigan, west michigan marijuana lawyer, kent county marijuana laws, marijuana act western michigan, marijuana laws kent county, medical marijuana act attorney, michigan marijuana laws, marijuana legal help, marijuana laws for grand rapids, medical marijuana in west michigan, marijuana in greater grand rapids, medical marijuana attorneys, medical marijuana act for michigan, west michigan marijuana help, marijuana medical laws in western michigan, west michigan marihuana, grand rapids marihuana lawyers, marihuana consults in west michigan, medical marihuana act for greater grand rapids. of the city of grand rapids, kent county, michigan voted overwhelmingly (58%) to enact a charter amendment that decriminalizes the possession and use of small amounts of marijuana within city limits. sundstrom plans to ask city commissioners at their meeting tuesday if it’s okay to go for it by may 1st. a michigan medical marijuana doctor can recommend up to two and a half ounces of cannabis to patients possessing an id card.(f) should the state of michigan enact lesser penalties than that set forth in subsection (b) above, or entirely repeal penalties for the possession, control, use, or giving away of marijuana or cannabis, then this section, or the relevant portions thereof, shall be null and void. michigan medical marijuana act requires doctors state in writing that a patient has been diagnosed with and suffers from a debilitating condition.

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Rapids Marijuana Ordinance Explained – Michigan Marijuana Defense Lawyer Bruce Alan BlockSmoking or possessing pot in grand rapids now 'decriminalized'.. - there's a growing crowd of people who say they'll protest the prosecutor's decision in grand rapids on thursday.(g) the people of the city of grand rapids specifically determine that the provisions herein contained concerning marijuana or cannabis are necessary to serve the local purposes of providing just and equitable legal treatment of the citizens of this community, and in particular of the youth of this community present as college students or otherwise; and to provide for the public peace and safety by preserving the respect of such citizens for the law and law enforcement agencies of the city. this definition does not include the mature stalks of the plant, fiber produced from the stalks, oil or cake made from the seeds of the plant, any other compounds, manufacture, sale, derivative, mixture or preparation of the mature stalks, except the resin extracted therefrom, fiber, oil or cake, or the sterilized seed of the plant which is incapable of germination. but now, grand rapids city manager greg sundstrom says the city will wait for a decision on the actual merits of the case. “we’re on the same side,” sundstrom says of the group, “the city commission has given very clear instruction to me to their city attorney that we are to implement the charter amendment as voted by voters. it is not a criminal offense, and is punishable only by monetary fine. county circuit court judge paul sullivan is deciding whether he'll allow a new grand rapids ordinance de-criminalizing marijuana to take effect while it’s challenged in court. michigan medical marihuana act states that qualified michigan medical marijuana patients may legally possess up to two and one-half (2. this means that although state law strictly prohibits possession and use of marijuana except for limited medical reasons, a person busted in grand rapids for non-medical possession or use of marijuana will be punished by a  fine (this assumes, of course, the possession/use occurred within city limits and the person is busted by a grand rapids city cop). the michigan marihuana registry is mandatory, and does accept other state’s registry cards. grand rapids officials have said they will refer marijuana cases to the state prosecutor's office that exceed the 2.

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