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absurd because it is 2013 and we do so like to pride ourselves on how open and inclusive we are, only we are not. many studies — such as those that use speed-dating interactions as 'stimuli', with third-party individuals watching a speed date and being asked to judge the romantic interest of others — would not be affected. (tv show)relationshipssex photographer captures women before, during, and after orgasm in glorious photo series teespring is now selling eat sleep rape repeat and other pro-rape t-shirtswe talked to a doctor of threesomes about how to have the perfect threesomepair caught performing lewd sex act in pub garden full of stunned drinkers.'s an emotional betrayal, it's awkward as hell and it's just plain icky. the subtext seems to be: “it’s a shame how many beautiful women there are in media images and how many ugly men there are in… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestmegalodon4 years 4 months agoyes, i agree., if we are to have an opportunity to be healthy. now there’s a conversation, how much do white women sexually objectify men of color? i explained that i might feel otherwise because the video… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guesterin4 years 5 months agoi don’t know how to communicate with you in an affective manner mike. being honest, showing respect, and having trust in one another is the key trinity to bffs.  |    share hide replies ∧guestogwriter4 years 5 months [email protected]: forgive me for laughing (you certainly must have heard me wherever you are) at the absurdity of your request. it wasn’t until like 2005 i think that videos started becoming far easier to find since more people had broadband and macromedia/adobe flash video helped to increase popularity dramatically with online youtube-like sites."the results from older studies are likely to be changed if we repeat past speed-dating experiments with women rotating instead of men," says kurzban. if one thing increases over 20 years and another thing increases over 20 years, then one causes the other, right? the correlation between the stats and the ads, though, are largely unstated and assumed.  |    share hide replies ∧guestmichael rowe4 years 5 months agoerin, since the issue is objectification and stereotyping, would you please also publish a list of the number of men playing mooks, criminals, sleazebags, murderers, abusers, and/or idiots?” in the first point you are basically telling me that i don’t understand something that you apparently believe you do understand. i had no preconceived ideal that the men used in the advertisments would be male models. of the reason for the effect, finkel and eastwick's findings have the potential to force a re-analysis of data collected from earlier speed-dating studies. what it would feel like if the roles were reversed. and i actually agree that men get the short end of the stick when being protrayed as loving fathers or even loving husbands without having to be some bumbling idiot. it would be like if latinx people talked like white people on dates. the fact that the video’s role reversals are so humorous is because the men are so clearly not conventionally attractive. i’ve also dealt with bullying in my real life. i think i got to the point myself where i didn’t care if people agreed with me… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestarchy4 years 5 months ago“so in this article about women’s objectification, lets talk about men.” unless you know him personally and have spent considerable time with him under a variety of… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestiben4 years 5 months agohi ogwriter i was not angry at you,but at all bullying that takes place in some of the debates on gmp. role reversal at the gym – video“), and joanna schroeder and her husband switch clothing in a gender-bending experiment (“switcheroo: a confrontational gender-bending experiment“). who do you think those calvin klein and david bechkam underwater ads made the biggest stir amongest?

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watching those men… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestjmundstuk4 years 5 months agoi disagree that advertising tells us what to think and how to be. american indians should never have been slaughtered, we should have never had slaves, women should have always had the right to vote. you can distinguish between the two and it’s nothing more than an urge for a wild boot-knocking, then stop right there because it’s definitely not worth it. instead of movies like the hangover that show a bunch of 30- 40 something guys acting liek frat boys and trying to keep their wild escapeds from their… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestwellokaythen4 years 5 months ago” “well, i am a man and i love looking at beautliful women, that’s just my biology. when we thought of gender “reversal” for these advertisements, we thought it was going to be substituting highly conventially attractive men in place of the highly conventionally attractive women who are usually in such ads. become less choosy when they, rather than men, move from table to table.  |    share hide replies ∧guestchris2 years 8 months agoit was brave of these men to do this role reveral to try to show how absurd the sexual exploitation of women is but for it to be an actual role reversal in which men would be able to feel what women really go through on a daily basis, the men have to be perfect looking (sorry to these guys in the video), but all women in advertising are perfectly thin, with perfect skin – not one wrinkle, very large lips, large breasts and they never look above 30. yes, you may (as many people tend to) get completely wrapped up in your own feelings and give the middle finger to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise, but if one of your besties decided to start humping your ex, would you be supportive or forgiving?” instead, the argument goes “this thing that versace does is really uncool because of the way it makes men think. in any event, a fair analytical question would be to ask what others things have happened in the… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guesterin4 years 5 months agogoogle it. friend of mine linked to this video with the caption:advertising companies spend 5 billion dollars a year to tell you how to think about the other gender and your own gender, so what would it look like if gender roles in advertising were reversed? of us are well educated even about africa’s history and some of us have learned and listened to what our man have told us about their life. please stop trying to make it sound like… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestiben4 years 5 months agohow large percentage of the 39% is lesbians looking at lesbian porn? it’s hard to tell the two apart, especially if you’ve not been in a relationship or hooked up with anyone in a while. look at the number of gay or semi-gay characters in tv today; at the increased sexualization or objectification of the male body/male beauty when selling to women. for instance, i’ve often thought, on this very website, that it would be nice to read about men’s issues, especially the autobiographical ones written by men, “without the other side always feeling the need to say, ‘but, but, but…what about me, me, me! i’ve been called a lot of names, thought about poorly because i’ve shared my opinion on topics. i had no preconceived ideal that the men used in the advertisments would be male models. just because women aren’t depicted not being able to change a diaper doesn’t mean women aren’t also getting the short end of the stick. allure of proximity "it was astonishing that simply reversing which sex rotated demolished such a well-established sex difference, one that has frequently has been attributed to deep-rooted psychological adaptations," says finkel. certainly, with regard to fostering deeper understanding among diverse groups, relationships become more complex so, more communication is needed.” believe it or not, men don’t like being told by people-who-are-not-men how they think. studies that were referenced are listed in the video’s description on youtube.’ you speak as if objectification was a one way street(as does the video). psychologists have worked out that they can get swarms of student participants in mate-choice studies by offering speed-dating opportunities on university campuses in return for the right to analyse the dating behaviour during the events. among animals, females are usually the picky ones, because they make the larger reproductive investment. drew diaz4 years 5 months agocute in 73 or 74 i appeared in a film version, super8, of othello where i, the only white cast member, played the moor… i’m hoping it never surfaces….

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 |    share hide replies ∧guestmichael rowe4 years 5 months agonow, how about a video showing women who can’t change a diaper, can’t look after kids, can’t cook dinner, can’t shop, and can’t get dressed without asking a man if what they’re wearing “goes together? i mean, consider this; except for some physical differences that may appear to be significant, i am just like you, a human being. every day women are give millions… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestiben4 years 5 months ago“or that or their own partners out right ask them to perform acts that they have seen in porn movies”. because they did it in friends, it doesn’t mean it’s ok in real life, guys. it’d be as dumb as me going… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestmichael rowe4 years 5 months agoiben, this is a forum for men to discuss men’s issues, first and foremost., and in case you’re still in tv fantasyland, the fallout isn’t going to be resolved by spending thanksgiving in a box, a la joey and chandler. i might not have these perfect, flawless posts, i might get a little passionate, my language might not be up to your standards; but i also don’t have ill intent in my heart. initial thoughts:the reversed images were more interesting than i expected. when somebody is bullied because she shares how she feels then i loose all respect and know it is better for me to find another online community for important discussions. may think i sound like a ball-buster, but really it’s about being a decent human being. upthread, archy tried to explain to you that, as someone who is not a man, you might in fact be completely wrong in your understanding of how men relate to pornography. erin knows, as i have often complained, the same women who complain so loudly about all of the slights they endure on this site and in the world,are guilty of benign exclusion, and probably worse. later, the participants note down whom they would like to meet again.: 12 infuriating pieces of dating ‘advice’ married people love to dish out to their single friends. for how long have men been dating women significantly younger than that? i left gmp for awhile because people here don’t know my issues.… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestarchy4 years 5 months agoiben, this is a site for men. ask why the men are looking at porn when they have a partner,… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestiben4 years 5 months agoarchy. that’s part of the shock value, because we have also come to expect exceptionally “beautiful” men to be male models. these opinions belong to the author and are not necessarily shared by metro. i predicted that you would use angry and abusive language, and in that i was correct. sheer concept of seeing one of my mates with an ex is something that’d affect me for a number of reasons. worry less about ads than about articles, to be honest. is making a video about how women are objectified in the media demeaning toward the ways men can be objectified by the media? the fact is, if men on this page feel like pushing back against that, as long as they stay within the terms of service parameters, that’s more than their right. at least put the twink in with the right product and the bear with his appropriate prop. a place where men and women can come together where it’s not just about women and it’s not just about men; but where it’s about each other and giving each other face time and a place to be heard” create a website like erin.

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it’s propitious that you should say “someone is bullied because how she feels,” because one of the hallmarks of the gmp has been the unfortunate donnybrook that has occurred, time and time again, when men have expressed… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestiben4 years 5 months agohi michael rowe the first time i posted a comment on gmp i asked if i men wanted women to take part or not. pulling something closer makes the object being pulled more appealing, whereas pushing something away makes the object less desirable4,5. media smothers us with the woman’s perspective, he wants men to be able to have a perspective without women smothering it. These couples demonstrate how things would change if men and women reversed roles in various relationship situations. the questions you should ask is ‘what would it look life if media representations of women’s roles were reversed? i expected something along the lines of the role reversal for the “avengers” poster, but i think because the ads weren’t cartoons they were provocative, and in a really good way.  |    share hide replies ∧guestiben4 years 5 months agoto all of you: i have decided to withdraw from this website.” — the good men project4 years 5 months ago[…] what they feel would actually be a much more proper role reversal. the question in the title asked what if “the gender roles were reversed” in these advertisment tropes, so some people assumed that the gender roles would be reversed but the other factors and attributes would be controlled and constant. the only thing i disagree on is the intent behind the ad. if you believe you are a far more articulate, understanding and knowledgeable poster than i am, god bless… read more »0  |    share guestarchy4 years 5 months ago“you want to demonize me for that? i will come and take part in the discussions if it is monitored.  |    share hide replies ∧guestarchy4 years 5 months ago“if i want realistic portraysl of porn, then i will spend time with real people. doughy guys posing for perfume are not the same as waifish girls doing the same thing. in between those two sentences are several flawed assumptions and probably some axes to grind. my workouts were ‘losing their steam’ and i was in danger of backsliding. i can understand that you don’t like being… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestarchy4 years 5 months ago“i can understand that you don’t like being told what you think as a man.  |    share hide replies ∧guestbobbt4 years 5 months agoas it’s been pointed out , not just on this’reversal ‘ video but on the other ones you had posted with it (they seem to have dissappered) all the women appear as buff gorgeous and in the one video, ridiculing men at the gym, in control. i actually think it’s a bit belitting on your end to infer that i’m the one that is missing it but it also infers that *you* are someone that gets it. in speed dating, men walk around a room and visit a succession of seated women for mini dates just a few minutes long. however, the authors behind this concept apparently had a different kind of “reversal” in mind. for example, you say: “i… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guesterin4 years 5 months agomike, i think the problem is that we both feel that our experiences as men or women are being denied unhealthy. there’s such an emphasis on impossible behavior and appearance, with non-advertising photos to illustrate, and i think it does more harm than clearly out-of-this-world scenarios featuring nearly alien-looking models.. , so here we have another video disparaging men(this is becoming somewhat the norm).  |    share hide replies ∧guestarchy4 years 5 months agowhere are the videos like this about objectification of men? you take a few ads that are overly sexual or silly, put some completely unrelated statistics between them, and try to come up with some crazy conspiracy theory claiming that all advertising campaigns’ main goal is to demean women and make them feel bad about themselves when really, advertising’s main goals is-and always has been-to sell products. your 21 year old son dating mid-late 20s women hardly even seems like something to mention.

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there is substantial difference between a) saying that a man likes to look at beautiful women and that has some biological basis and b) saying that women are simply pieces of meat., yeah, clueless white people ― the next time you’re about to say anything that sounds remotely similar to what you hear in this video, think about how outrageous it would sound if the roles were reversed. if you cannot understand how phrases like “pissing contest” are inherently insulting and unproductive, then i cannot help you. they’re a really weird, incestuous group of mates, if you ask me. but you shouldn’t let them beat you down so that you don’t have a voice. clearly, since there’s no comparison, it should be a short list.  |    share hide replies ∧guestogwriter4 years 5 months [email protected]: i wasn’t laughing at white women, l though i must admit that from time to time i do. i’m sorry, but there’s no way i can hide my unshakable, moral compass on this one – it’s weird and wrong and awful for a number of valid reasons. because they are much more largely female-centric, i guess it does not really satisfy the conversation i would like to have with men included in on the topic. the women normally in these ads would be “out of their league.  |    share hide replies ∧guesterin4 years 5 months agothank you again iben. put a male model in suspenders licking a popsicle, and it’s a very different feeling.. “how could you [possibly know if he is a beautiful man or if he’s a creep? and maybe men should have a debate site for men only to focus on their issues.“it was astonishing that simply reversing which sex rotated demolished such a well-established sex difference. however, the new research, by eli finkel and paul eastwick, social psychologists at northwestern university in evanston, illinois, demonstrates that tinkering with the speed-dating format alters human behaviour, dramatically changing the outcome. you’ve shared numerous steamy, intimate encounters – so knowing they’re now getting that from someone you’d have a beer with is a tad uncomfortable, right? they pander to the people, because they want to sell to the people. big alarm bell was when joey’s girlfriend kathy cheats on him with chandler. comments on "what would it look like if gender roles were reversed in advertising? does the fact that men are sometimes protrayed as being stupid in the media deny the fact that women are dehumanized in the media? not only is that his best friend, but he massively betrayed him. i do not know whether idris elba is a good human being or not. even the roles in that video, which you assume are empowering for men, are actually… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestdeborah turner-davis4 years 5 months agoexcellent points adam. familiar with friends will be fully aware of how often they swapped and shared partners. … i’m here to be sincere and honest about the issues i face. in particular, some of the language that was used was fairly ambiguous (even potentially misleading) about the relationship between advertising and gender roles.

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    for instance, the sneaker industry has created a never ending money stream because people will buy these products even if they don’t need them. i don’t object to the attempt to challenge the objectification of women, but women isn’t ‘gender’ and by treating them as if they were you try to render my sex invisible. not have a pissing contest with you about what a crappy human being you think i am while you obviously think your amazingly awesome and wonderful and i’m the one that needs to change while you believe you don’t.“i’m sure you’re going to respond to this comment with a tirade justifying why you think it’s okay for a woman to tell men how men think, but it’s not. so you’ll be damned if you’re gonna give someone else’s penis your blessing. have you had a look at the roles that media prescribes to men? not to mention a video about objectification should already exist in a world with 3billion men and hopefully over 5billion people that care for them. you want to see more of this, check out a video of gender reversal at the gym (“women power-lifting and men sipping smoothies? put another way, is the change in violence against women different from the change in all violence, in women on men… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestdaniel kershaw4 years 5 months agothis video has been doing the rounds on facebook and it seems everyone has been hopping on the bandwagon about how insightful and clever it is.  |    share hide replies ∧guestworkingdog4 years 5 months agoi don’t think the reversed-role ads seem ridiculous at all — they’re wonderful. in light… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧gold membertom brechlin4 years 5 months agoogwriter …my friend, as usual you are spot on. here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.  |    share hide replies ∧guesterin4 years 5 months agomichael, i’ll tell you what, if you want to write an article about how men are objectified in the media, i will post that list. because that’s not a realistic portrayal of porn, that’s a realistic portrayal of sex. with regard to an article about how men are stereotyped and… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guesterin4 years 5 months agoi am going to share with you what i agree with and what i disagree with and how i can see it from a differing perspective. the strong version of this claim would be… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestdarklady4 years 5 months agoit’s a good piece, but it would have been stronger if the men had been as “hot” as the women in the ads being lampooned.  |    share hide replies ∧gold membertom brechlin4 years 5 months agoi tivo, or whatever it’s called, everything i watch …. in particular, in your response you seem to be assuming somehow that advertisements are being elevated to the singular source of all gender ideologies. but what i find disturbing about the video is how the author(s) take things out of context in a way that would make michael moore proud. i’ll be the first to admit that when i was younger i bought vitaminwater just because of their ads featuring my favorite singer, kelly clarkson, and i knew i was doing it just because i wanted to be like her. maybe and that is one big maybe, ads don’t affect you. cellphones with video n pics however about 2005 onwards saw a stupidenous increase in amateur content since more n more people we making their… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestbobby4 years 5 months agoalso erin, you’re somewhat behind the curve with the young-old coupling. if what we agree on is true then it just seems to me white feminists should first do the work on themselves before they go around proselytizing, judging and pointing fingers at others; while pretending that they are leaders in fairness and equality.” so, part of the shock value or humor value to women seeing this video is how silly these men are to think they could ever interest a beautiful woman like, say, me the viewer.: the 6 types of relationship you need to have experienced before you even consider marriage. to be honest, i responded to these ads way more with real men in them than a male model. their ex undermines the latter two, bringing a sense of betrayal i personally wouldn’t ever forgive.
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     |    share hide replies ∧guestmike l4 years 5 months agoi used the word “tirade” because i specifically expected a response with sentences like: “you find me lacking. i would like to see more women stand up against standards fashion magazines set and pit… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestaliyah4 years 5 months agotook the words from my mouth erin! not that i won’t provide you with my the benefit of my experiences, but that you made the request speaks to the chasm of misunderstanding that exist between men and women.  |    share hide replies ∧sexist advertising – what if roles were reversed? i’m also a lil nervous putting my face on it and getting trolled, had enough bullying in my life and videos of that type ted to get trolled a lot. not all past speed-dating research will have to be re-run, says todd. anyway… there is so much to cover it is hard to know where to begin. will always be helpful to read content from other authors and. i don’t believe it’s causing us to hate ourselves or be sexist, and… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestogwriter4 years 5 months agoerin; i believe you are sincere in your desire for men and women to be more inclusive, but honestly, you are talking about white men and white women. during eight events, men rotated around the seated women, and during seven events, women moved between seated men. i came here to understand men better and i have learned a lot. so you’re probably not going to be keen on your mate bringing them down the pub. i can only tell you what i, as a woman would like to see.'s trending nowmore trending stories »turns out dogs knowingly pull 'puppy dog eyes' to get attention from humansthere's a stunning town in puglia that'll pay you to live theremum shares genius trick for removing a splinterphotographer captures women before, during, and after orgasm in glorious photo series the only people kfc's twitter is following are five spice girls and six guys named herbmore trending stories »news videosmore videos »theresa may hails progress with european councilgrandparents wave at bus granddaughter rides to work dailynazi gets punched in the face outside richard spencer talkman hugs white supremacist outside richard spencer eventmore videos ». because i totally agree that men get their own unfair protrayls. i think that i have heard black women say how demeaned they feel in society because usually it’s lighter… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestogwriter4 years 5 months [email protected]; hi erin.” my guess is the disparity in articles, if say 95% of articles of objectification are about women then the male side is very under-represented and hence you get the whataboutthemen comments. if that isn’t good enough for you, i really don’t know what to tell you. put channing tatum nude next to a woman’s high heel, and it’s a very different advertisement. up by october 31st for an extended 3-month trial of youtube red. if i’ve learned anything about bullying, practicually no one hasn’t infact been bullied to varying degrees. they told us it was because women tend to have purses and other things to carry and because 'it seems more chivalrous'," says eastwick. the reason the response isn’t just “yeah, that’s not cool of versace” is because the argument being made doesn’t stop at “this thing that versace does is really uncool. i am scandinavian,so things are a little bit different here than in the us,but racism exists here as well unfortunately. dunno if there is a male version of miss representation or feminist frequency. if there is a match, the organizers help the people to get in touch. the authors also lowered… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestwellokaythen4 years 4 months agojust speculating here, and maybe reading too much into it, but this presentation seems to suggest men who are not really worthy of the women usually portrayed in advertisements.
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      to me then because i have very little money, very little health ability and no access. but i’m not going to sit by n let a woman tell men what they think because a woman is not a man and less even less authority to say what men think + not all men think the same.  |    share hide replies ∧guesterin4 years 5 months agothank you for your support iben. can they not both exist and should they not both be addressed in their own right without the other side always feeling the need… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestmichael rowe4 years 5 months agogood point, erin. your experience isn’t being denied because it’s logically impossible for you to state what men think because 1, men are not a… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestogwriter4 years 5 months ago“…very popular with a good chunk of men,” is hardly the kind of knowledge one can base a thesis upon."we asked executives from a commercial speed-dating company why they always had men rotate. don’t tell people what they think, if you feel men think a certain way then say that but don’t state it as fact that men think x when you are just guessing even if it’s an informed… read more »0  |    share guestmichael rowe4 years 5 months agobeautifully put, mike. i suspect a number of men are very tired of having women tell them how they, as men, see/feel/believe/see/think. "this finding reveals a piece of the mate-preference puzzle that we had not seen before, but it does not, on its own, change the overall picture," he says. to be honest, i don’t see why any 28 year old woman or man would date an 18 year old. i’m confused why you would only think women’s magazines are the only issue. love of my life was a man of color,and he is dead.” in short, who can’t do anything but lift thing and grunt? - the world's best science and medicine on your desktopThis site uses cookies. study in psychological science points out that chivalric behaviour created by the speed-dating experience may be skewing the data1. however, that depth of understanding isn’t necessary in order for simple fairness be given to someone.  |    share hide replies ∧guestadam blanch4 years 5 months agodeanna, you’ve asked the question what would it look like if gender roles were reversed, but you only look at one gender. were someone who significantly contributed to shaping the person you are today. you’re just going to charge ahead and tell men how men think, because you somehow know better than men. i suspect a lot… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestiben4 years 5 months agoerin. instead of substituting men who would usually be the attractive counterparts for model women, they substituted the kind of average, unremarkable men whom they imagined to be the… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guesterin4 years 5 months agowho is “we”? me, the whole ‘follow your heart’ or ‘the heart wants what the heart wants’ cliches should be thrown out the window here., yet without intending to come across as territorial in a caveman-defecating-on-his-patch-of-land sort of way, that person was with you and was part of your life. feel free to say “you feel like men think this” and use words to show it’s just a feeling and not an outright statement of fact and it will be all good.” there’s a massive leap in logic between these two sentences. you started by telling me that, as a man, my response to this video should just be “yeah, that’s not cool,” without considering why i might feel otherwise. kind of thing would never happen in the real world because, and i don’t condone violence, joey would’ve beaten him to a pulp and never spoken to the dude again.
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      but i can understand your health making it difficult or impossible. / bits & pieces / what would it look like if gender roles were reversed in advertising?"i would like to see the finding replicated with other populations and other methods … but if there are robust effects of motion leading to changes in mate choice, that does indeed suggest an effect of embodiment that should be explored further," says peter todd, a psychologist at indiana university in bloomington, who has collected data suggesting that women are more selective than men during speed dates3. i don’t see how writing an aritlce about the objectification of women takes anything away from the fact that men face objectification too. these couples demonstrate how things would change if men and women reversed roles in various relationship situations. women enjoy massive amounts of perspective highlighted in media, if there is a… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestmike l4 years 5 months agoerin, i suspect that you are missing the entire point. the producers of this video say in the beginning that most of these ads are in ‘womens’ magazines, am i correct? but i don’t think that points to everything all the sudden being equally… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestwellokaythen4 years 5 months agothanks for the list. so lets forget women entirely and focus on making life better *first* and *most* for men. in your question was the hidden notion that white women couldn’t possibly stoop to sexually objectifying men of color. "these are undergraduate men in this study and we know that female waist-to-hip ratio is very important to them," says robert kurzban at the university of pennsylvania in philadelphia, who has also published speed-dating studies showing that women are more selective than men2. have certain elements that mesh together to solidify a bond. since… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestiben4 years 5 months agohi og writer. the honest truth is, as demonstrated by the evidence presented, human beings-men and… read more »0  |    share hide replies ∧guestiben4 years 5 months agocan you tell us more about this :”how much do white women sexually objectify men of color”.  |    share hide replies ∧guesterin4 years 5 months agowhy does that have to be in *this* video about the way women are objectfified? my youngest is 21, and ever since he’s out of high school( and maybe even before) him and his friends have been dating women in their mid to late 20’s. and it seems like it should be easy but we are all operating against cultural differences and stereotypes we both project on others and even on ourselves. but it was not just the gender roles that were reversed and changed. yes, i have been asked to write from a black perspective about issues and yes gmp has added more black male voices. i’m not sure how much “access” you would really need.  |    share hide replies ∧guestiben4 years 5 months agohi erin you write:”i know nothing about websites or how to run one but i would be interested in certainly creating a website like that. trouble is… read more »0  |    share gold membertom brechlin4 years 5 months agoexcept sports, but commercials are times for re-fills, pissc breaks, smoke breaks or lively talk. i guarantee the same stuff would happen if it was mostly about men too. i was told by men that they wanted women in the debate otherwise things would get “even worse. further, it and mass media adjust to social changes by showing changing roles. "in scenarios with men sitting and women rotating, those seated men could have become more selective simply because they could gather more waist-to-hip information than men who only socialized with seated women. hell, i have had many white women and others sexually objectify me because i am a black man.

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