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it means that if you had your period on october 11, your conception may have occurred around october 25. though it's an estimated date, knowing when you may have conceived can help with figuring out due dates and other pregnancy-related issues. your doctor tells you your due date, don’t get too caught up in it. 2 weeks ago from united statesjuliana, without any other dates like your lmp or due date, i can't take a guess. keep in mind that even if a man doesn't fully ejaculate, some semen can still be released. it is not possible to be sure of the exact date, but you can use certain methods to get an idea about it. do they use the last period to date a pregnancy? therefore, you can calculate your ovulation date to get an idea about when conception occurred.

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is possible to go for an ultrasound screening to know the date of conception. some say conception is right at the moment when sperm meets egg; others say it is when the combination of sperm and egg implant into the uterus. though technology helps, there is no surefire way of finding the exact conception date. here’s a primer:Your doctor will calculate your due date by counting from the first day of your last menstrual period, or lmp. if that does not happen, the egg will move to the uterus and disintegrate. in a 28-day cycle, conception is more likely to occur about 14 days after the first day of your last period. learn more about faint positives on a pregnancy test, visit what does it mean when the line doesn't get darker on a pregnancy test? by knowing more about ovulation, conception, and implantation, it's easy to see how the date of conception is an estimated date since it's nearly impossible to pinpoint any of the three times in your cycle.

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 2 weeks ago i’m 12 weeks and 3 days preggo, is there anyway to track my coception date? the due date is an estimation of when the baby could come. date 4/12/18 please let me no what you think is the any possible way guy#1 could be a possiblity because he was a mistake. what it means is that if you have a normal cycle and you are 6 weeks along, your baby is about 4 weeks old. if i go by either date for my lmp sept 1 sept 2 and sept 3. these dated are based on the measurements of the baby and of the uterus and how they correspond to average measurements.'s guide to the stages of conception, from ovulation to implantation. you would like to try to figure it out and you have regular cycles, here's how:Using a calendar, mark your last period on the calendar and figure out your possible dates of ovulation (use the information above).

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 2 weeks ago i found out the first day of me period was september 2nd i went off my period on september 7thi had intercourse on september 9/10 and september 19/20my due date was june 9who is most likely the father ? 7 days ago i had my period last july 30 to august 5 after my period im with guy #1 its august 7 and then i had my period last september 10 and im with guy #2 last october 02 and my expected date of my period is oct 10 but it didn’t come, i used a pt and its positive, who do tou think is the father of my baby? of conceptionyour date of conception, or the date of when you became pregnant, is an estimated date that can be figured out using the date of your last period. on average, a baby arrives 40 weeks after the last menstrual period of a woman, which is how most doctors and health care professionals date a pregnancy. try to think of it this way: each time your body has a period, you’re preparing for pregnancy, so it makes perfect sense that the first day of your menstrual cycle fits into figuring out your baby-to-be’s due date. due date is probably the most important date in all of pregnancy, besides the day that your baby actually arrives, of course. cee 3 weeks ago i had my period june 11 -17i had sex with guy 1 on june 20th but he pulled out my ovulation date was the 24th i had sex with guy 2 on the 26 he didnt pull out but it say my conception date is the 25th who is thr father any help plz. here's how to find out around what day you became pregnant by reviewing the process of ovulation, conception, and implantation.

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does that mean you'll deliver in 40 weeks from your last period? you know the answer to your question, "what does conception mean? in the coming weeks, we’ll calculate your pregnancy from your last menstrual period (lmp), and also from your gestational age, figured out by the date on which you actually conceived. sex takes on an entirely different meaning; it is no longer just about pleasure, fun, and enjoying each other. there may be some issues here because they do not measure gestational date by conception date, but they consider the first day of your last period to be the first day of gestation. advice 6 weeks ago hello my last period was september 2 my conception day was september 16 i had intercource on september 9/10th and september 19/20th which is most likely the day i got pregnant ? when can possibly be my conception and who could be the father of my baby? you have intercourse during day 7 of your cycle and you ovulate on day 10, it's possible that conception can begin on day 10 or 11, depending on how quickly the sperm find the egg.

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sanchez 9 days ago i asked my obgyn wen the baby was conceived she said it was may 22 does that mean anything different? if means that conception can happen as long as 5 days later than you have sex, provided that ovulation occurs on the 5th day after sexual intercourse. a fast-swimmng sperm can reach an egg in only 30 minutes which then leads to conception! when i got my scan, the doctor wasn't sure if their was 2 sacs which means could be twins so could they be measuring smaller if i am carrying twins? learn about how ovulation, conception, and implantation occurs during a woman's monthly cycle. 2 weeks ago from united statescee cee, how do you know your ovulation date was the 24th? the date of a woman’s last menstrual cycle is one of the first questions that a pregnant woman will be asked to help determine her due date. smith 5 weeks ago my period started around september 1st , 2nd or 3rdi had sexual intercourse on sep 9/10th with guy #1 and on sep 19/20th with guy #2i told the doc my period started on sep 2nd and they said my conception day was september 16th and my due date was june 9thwhich guy is the father #1 or #2.

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 4 weeks ago from united statesmom of 2, i'm sorry, but your question doesn't make sense. i have a due date of sept 3 going by period or 8-31 going by ultrasound. if it is a viable pregnancy, meaning that the ball of cells is growing normally, it will try to implant or burrow into the lining of the uterus where it can grow into a baby. the problem is that a large majority of women do not have a 28-day cycle, which means they may not ovulate 14 days after the first day of their last period.'s a primer on conception:Each month inside your ovaries, a group of eggs starts to grow in small, fluid-filled sacs called follicles. are several things that go into the calculation of a woman’s due date. women think that their conception date is when they had sex. 2 months ago hey i was with guy #1 on july the 10th the same day as my ovulation date but i was also with guy #2 on the 13th of july which one could be the father?

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the scan, doctors can determine an estimated due date and a possible conception date. yet, if you have intercourse on day 10 or your cycle, the same day you ovulate, conception can begin that day or the 11th day. prenatal paternity tests can be invasive tests, meaning that a needle needs to be placed into the mother's abdomen and into the space where the baby is growing." Find out how to find out when you got pregnant by learning about ovulation, conception, and implantation during a woman's monthly cycle. about two weeks after that, (roughly 4 weeks ago) is when conception may have occurred. since it is nearly impossible to know the exact date of conception, it is more reliable to count from the last period since the gestational period of a human being is roughly 40 weeks from the last period. it is probably the most important date in all of pregnancy, besides the day that your baby actually arrives, of course. no; conception most likely occurred during the days of july 8th-july 12th from any intercourse that happened in the days before or right after those days.

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: if your last period was june 28th, your estimated due date is april 4th.?Authormarissa 13 days ago from united statesbellaro, even though you didn't see or witness any semen, doesn't mean there wasn't any. unfortunately, that doesn't rule out guy #1 since sperm can last a few days inside. doctors use this date because many women just don’t know when they last ovulated. it is however possible to tell when conception occurred when you go for in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination. 2 months ago my duedate is august 22 based on my first ultrasound on may 4 my baby is 24wk2d i had sex with my bf on november 23 25 27 29 to december 1 to 2. for instance, a woman may think she is about 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant with a due date of august 10th and a conception date of november 17th, but her scan says she is about 13 weeks pregnant with a due date of august 6th with a conception date of november 13th. 9 days ago from united stateskirsty, based on your lmp, you should be around 7 weeks along and may have conceived between 9/4-9/14 (estimated dates).

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control doesn’t increase your odds of infertility, although it may take you longer to get pregnant once stopping the contraceptive, advises dr. but since no one is pregnant before conception, this is a source of confusion on every pregnancy until the way we count is explained. did being with either man fall within your ovulation dates? however, this doesn’t take into consideration the differences in cycle length from woman to woman, the fact that some months have more or less than 30 days, or other discrepancies.” so while your healthcare provider will give you an estimated due date based on your lmp during your first prenatal visit, only an ultrasound can give you an accurate picture of your baby’s exact arrival day. being that you were with both men during these dates and you are not certain when you ovulated, there's no way for me to take a guess. 2 months ago from united statescameron, if she's 6 weeks pregnant, that would mean 6 weeks ago she had a period. baby is still about two weeks shy of her conception date, but your body knows to prepare for her.

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it means you should chart your cycle and know how many days between periods to be able to determine ovulation. i'm not sure how you know july 10th was your ovulation date, but if you took an ovulation test and know for sure, that's fine. it is necessary for conception to occur within 24 hours of ovulation. due datewhen you get a positive pregnancy test, the first thing you'll want to find out is when the baby is due to arrive. help 7 weeks ago my last period started either sept 1st , 2nd , or 3rd i can't remember remember exact dayi had intercourse with guy #1 on sept 9/10 and guy #2 on sept 19/20i told the doctor my last period was sept 2nd by going off the pregnacy wheel the doctors said my conception date was sept 16 and i was due on jun 9thwhich guy is most likely the father ? sex becomes more about the goal of conception and less about the process itself. the doctor will usually figure on average 40 weeks, or 280 days from a woman’s last menstrual period to calculate her due date. he’s very serious when it comes down to things like that so he times it right and makes sure that he doesn’t leave any semen in there.

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 5 weeks ago hi marisa so my last lmp was on the 16 august 2017,i had sex wit my bf the day before my period n about 3 days after, is there's chance that i could be pregnant now as i haven't seen my period for september yet i have a 28 day cycle and if i'm pregnant wen did it happen the conception and ovulation thing is just to confusing for me to understand, please help me. know what conception is, you need to understand what ovulation means. the egg usually lives for 24 hours after release, and if it is fertilized by a sperm within this period, the conception will take place. due date is probably the most important date in all of pregnancy, besides the day that your baby actually arrives, of course.“by the time you’re ‘late’ for your period, that period which will never come, you are already two weeks past the time of conception.. from the date of my lmp i'm 4 weeks and 6days so who could be the father or when did i get pregnant. keep in mind that only five percent of babies are born on their due dates, so they are not reliable indicators of when a pregnancy will be “done”. this happens for several reasons: curiosity, due date estimation, or paternity issues.

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it just means that your baby was ready to enter the world a few days sooner than expected! you also know you need to know when you ovulate to get an idea about when conception occurred. doctors will also look at the size of the fetus to help determine the due date.: if your due date is april 4th but you deliver on march 28th, does that change the conception date? predictor kitsfirst response ovulation plus pregnancy test, 7ctusing dates to determine ovulation is just an estimation. what date did i concieve as i missed my period ? 2 months ago hey, my date is 10/3/17 and my first day of my last period was 28th of december. the exact moment of conception is debatable, but it begins when a sperm burrows into the egg within 24 hours after ovulation.

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as you can see, none of these are an exact science, which is why due dates are only an estimate. means that for a 30-day cycle, you need to add another two days to the number 14. essential updates about your growing baby and what to expect each week. remember that due dates are only an estimate, and really should be thought of as a time frame of a week or two before or after in which your baby will arrive. if an egg is there within the 30 minutes, conception can occur right then. it just means that the measurements from the scan correspond to someone who is 13 weeks pregnant, and the dates are estimated based on that. it tells you the date within one week depending on gestational age. the baby and your body actually decides when the time is right for the baby to be completed with development and to be delivered.

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 2 months ago from united statesalexis, you could have become pregnant from either of the dates you mentioned. like basing your due date from your last period is an estimate, an ultrasound scan gives fairly accurate estimates as well as to when your baby is due and when he or she was conceived. can use your dates to try to figure it out, of course, but your best chance at knowing without a doubt who the father is would be to have a paternity test done once the baby is born. most of the time this is done to determine the due date, but sometimes it is done just to make sure the pregnancy is progressing normally. conception is the process that begins when an egg and sperm meet inside one of a woman's fallopian tubes within 24 hours of ovulation.. with the due date being may 1st, 2018whose the dad? maybe they’ve become frigid, or unable to obtain or maintain an erection, or are just so uncomfortable that they don’t actually want to have sex anymore. clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.

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