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you clearly sound like you have had some experience with getting hurt by someone who just happened to have an ed, but that’s no reason to stigmatize everyone who does. the outcome doesn't exactly depend on your own ability to save them. have you ever sat down and talked with someone who suffers from bulimia? maybe try to actually understand the mindset of these girls instead of calling them attention whores. great man has helped me influence a friend – one who a female – for the better. i’m not saying someone with an ed can not date while they are still sick, i am just saying that if you care about your partner you would take the initiative to admit you have a problem that you need to fix it if you want to have a healthy relationship, because healthy relationships are not one sided. if you knew anything about eating disorders than you would understand how uneducated you sound in this post. i couldn’t step on a scale or look in a mirror without breaking down. woman is not starving herself or binging and purging because she wants to be perfect for you — she wants to perfect for herself and perfectly controlled! ‘joining a victim group’ which i would never call it, is something that you think people want or would feel “special” about? the thing is, i have never, not once blamed my mental health on anyone.’m bringing it back to this one powerful word: control. have fun avoiding “toxic” people because it would seem to me that you are one. you were being oppressed in your environment and not allowed a voice, and your boundaries were violated. a comedienne, writer, columbia university graduate & ex- mtv personality, laura will work for self-validation and chocolate.– and this can really hurt a patient in the futrue, especially if the diagnosis is-god forbid-wrong. i have never blamed someone in my life for hating myself or me not wanting to eat. find it flawed to saw “i know 1 bipolar/bulimic/etc girl and she’s bad so they all must be”. how can you type these things knowing another human being will take this article and these comments as the reason to kill themselves? but to choose to recover is to choose to live. do you realize how many girls (and guys) we turn to healthy methods to lose weight because we don’t want them going through what we are? by the way: if you think that if you tell her she’s too thin when you’re in bed together thinking she might fatten up for you, think again. just want to say thank you and god bless you to those of you who have stood up against these stupid and evil haters.[…] you may remember my post on why you should never date a girl with an eating disorder from a few weeks back; this is not a retread, it’s a different spin on the same […]. someone pointing out that it’s probably not a good idea to date/marry/deal with your ass… well, that’s just a public service. the ones who are positive, even in the worst of circumstances. should we not do what we can to remove suffering and make them happy? who are you even to be writing about something you blatantly don’t understand? root of eating disorders doesn’t lie in body image, or even food for that matter, but in self-hatred. i suggest you research your facts before drawing such ridiculous, damaging conclusions about mental health issues. an eating disorder takes discipline and control to a whole other playing field., while men are socially conditioned to not admit any of these problems and view admitting having emotional problems, mental problems and ed’s as a sign of weakness. more than that, this is hurtful to anyone suffering from a mental illness. he is part of the reason that we feel this way, this is exactly our pain, this is our shame, this is why we hide and keep trying to be perfect. would be wise to just stop dating women if you’re worried about monsters. now that i am dealing with my issues, i can see that i have been a horrible, moody cow in my relationships and used the disordered eating as an excuse, when no one made me vomit up my meal to begin with. people who have ed’s usually have some serious mental problems. this is longer than i expected it to be, may not even be clearly written, whatever, take it for what is it. you can't change someone you're dating, and people can't be helped if they don't want help.’ve figured the author would be one of the ugly little dirtstaches in the comments. you're the one caught in a cycle of addiction or you're the care-giving lover, here are three quotes from the film that can help us all realize with how to love someone with an eating disorder — even if that person is you:"it's just, like, maybe she wanted to be blind. also claim that people with eating disorders will file false charges of domestic abuse and whatnot. parents divorced young, mother had a revolving door with men, father ignored them etc. but that’s what you appear to be making them out as by writing this crap. it simply seemed to trickle away as i found other ways to cope with my feelings of anxiety, depression, and past abuse. time to be nice to myself and everyone else, cut the crap and stop using food to make myself feel better, face my issues. please, please educate yourself more by reading credible sources about eds and other mental illnesses. won’t lie that its not hurting me but my family and friends tell me just be glad she’s gone and you don’t have to reproduce with someone like that. you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, national eating disorder association (neda) is here to help. someone who is the moon that soothes instead of the sun that burns. the only reason people with these problems let them out and tell people in my experience is because they want to help other people struggling so that the ones struggling don’t feel as alone as they did when they went through that. for being asshole enough to point out the loopholes in my physical ex mental illness! it was mine and no one could take it from me. eating disorders, like other mental illnesses, tell you that everyone hates you. this is extremely offensive to some people and it has many untrue facts. all of you reading this with racing minds, crying, feeling sick and hurt…smile, you strong soul. who the fuck would choose to do this to thenselves? i can just be this weight or that size or look like this instead of this. bitching and moaning about how you hate them isn’t going to do anything, you obviously are some gross 50 year old virgin who has nothing better to do than be a sexist, gross, weak (obviously), stick in the mud. best thing to do is be concerned and keep asking 'how are you? how dare you insult and belittle these people who are suffering.’d also like to point out that in this post, men with eating disorders haven’t been addressed. what you failed to mention in your article is that eating disorders go so far beyond being skinny.

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i would never do any of that because it’s been done i me, and i wholly blame myself for that, and i would never want anyone to feel the way i’ve felt when someone does something like that to me. said that, there are “wannarexics” or people who do fake eating disorders for attention. would i like to point out the men who inject themselves with steroids in the name of body image? no spiteful vendetta is worth feeling this way and hurting yourself every day..Ed: i removed her name; publishing it here is a liability, to both you and me. understand that there are people in this world who are starving, who are going to die because they can’t afford food. i have never depended on anyone for anything, nor has anyone (save my parents as a child) paid any medical bills for me, nor do i take drugs of any kind, nor do i ask for help. two serious relationships i had in that time were great.  the crazy person gets labelled, they’re fed a narcotic (often one with less benefits, and more side-effects than a placebo), they get to feel special because they’ve joined a victim group, while the psychologist pats himself on the back and ignores all the damage he’s caused in the world. most of us are the type to “poke holes in condoms” that would end up with us being pregnant, then we gain weight., you claim that “toxic” people are always out get everyone and make them miserable. you de-humanize us in the eyes of our peers and ourselves. eating disorders are — quite appropriately — considered an illness that can affect people of all ethnicities, genders, ages and socioeconomic statuses. if someone has chosen to be in your life, let them in. we are still human beings and we still have feelings. anorexia, when i was 12 you had a lot of control over me, and you took that control at my weakest point. criticize dsm all you want but your basis for your pitiful opinions is on personal experience alone and probably google.’s no limit to the stupid things girls will do to lose weight / avoid weight gain, rather than simply exercising more. don’t know who you think you are making assumptions so broadly like that but you are wrong. by this, i mean people with so many truly amazing qualities — real beauty. used to struggle with one and im glad i got rid of it because i almost forgot what it was life to live a normal life with no worries about looking at the ingredients of the thing you were about to eat because you think people see you different and they do but with eating disorders you think everyone including yourself is saying your fat and overweight when your just struggling to. credited her husband for how he's treated her eating disorder. they aren’t a choice that you can get rid of when you are satisfied. is by far one of the most stupid things i’ve ever read and i say stupid because clearly you know nothing about eating disorder at or even what a mental illness is and how people have to deal with it every day. you have a voice, don’t waste it being a moron. since we’re being sexist, isn’t it your job as a man to feed your children and keep them healthy and safe. i have never felt inclined to actually waste my time commenting on articles, but this is absolute filth and should be removed.  these are the men and women who’ve discovered fascinating things about the mind. but what you don’t expect is to make long-lasting friendships. tend to exist in people who have suffered from hardships, other serious mental disorders and quite frequently sexual abuse. i never realised how much i put on my husband in regards to this being his fault until recently.*, 31, who's suffered from anorexia since the age of 16, says one of the worst things you can do is tell someone to "just eat. most importantly, you probably didn’t know writing the simple word “smile” on my order would change my day for the better. i didn’t even care about relationships, i couldn’t bring myself to, all i cared about anymore was those numbers, those obsessive habits that took over my life.  to stay mentally healthy you need to:Surround yourself with positive (non-toxic) people, and-. don’t think that choosing not to eat food should be on the same level as depression and other real mental illnesses that no one chooses to have. screams “there’s so much misogyny and prejudice about mental illness in the world” louder than a good old-fashioned article about &. do the world a favor and don’t write about things you have absolutely no knowledge or qualification to comment on…. can deal with people with cancer for they are going through something they did not bring upon themselves.“despite everything, i believe people are really good at heart. you should seriously be ashamed of yourself (though, of course you’re not). eating problems stemmed from being sexually assaulted as a child coupled with my mother’s eating disorder being thrust upon me at a young age.’m going to go out on a limb here: with catch phrases like “psychology is a pseudo science” and going on and on about how people with eating disorders can simply shut up and eat, you are coming off as a clueless drone of scientology. also make bold claims about how eds aren’t “mental diseases” or how half the mental symptoms are bs. yes, some people can drop the behavior cold turkey, and others can taper off after a few months, but for many, it's a lifelong battle. this is a 33yr old woman named — —, living in —, mi. this is the dirtiest stain on the clothing of humanity. less than 2% of women who have filed charges for rape are false. you love a woman with an eating disorder you’re holding the hand of a woman who will never measure up enough in her eyes, even if she does in yours. i do not have an eating disorder and i do not pretend to understand what it feels like or how it works. when i developed an eating disorder, i didn’t speak a word about it, i erased my social contacts, my friendships, distanced myself from my family, stopped even trying to be in a relationship. are literally the most idiotic person alive, you should stop, eating disorders are a choice you little shit, what kind of misogynistic loser are you, you probably so against people with ed’s because you wish you had one you fat fuck..she worried and complained about her weight when she was above her baseline yet didn’t seem serious about taking healthy steps towards attaining her goal. becomes a way to avoid the complication of all that other terrain. can't change someone you're dating, and people can't be helped if they don't want help. not because i want people to feel bad, but quite the opposite. why jump to unfair conclusions about every single person who has an ed? is absolutely ridiculous and, although i’m not going to stoop to your level, realize your words above are mean. as a historian at mcmaster university, and as an infantry soldier in the canadian forces, i'm a scholar, author, film maker, and a god fearing catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature. victim groups (read: enabling groups) would have you believe that she sees a distorted version of herself in he mirror: that she’s been so brainwashed with “patriarchal, misogynistic” imagery of skinny women in hollywood, that she looks at her 110 lb frame and sees a whale. she hurt her head over a year ago and got a concussion and used that as an excuse to not do things for over a year. ignore assholes like this and keep living your goddamn life. any inner turmoil was kept inside and so the only “complaint” i ever got in relationships was being difficult to read or not letting them too close.

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we never fought, i never wanted saved (conversely i actually just wanted independence), i just wanted someone to laugh with. only thing i would like to say is that this is horrible, horrible stuff. lol along with being anorexic (both restricting and purging subtype) i have anxiety and panic attacks. actually agreed with you on the majority of your post, and i am a 20 year old white female with an eating disorder, and a feminist. hitler didn’t have an eating disorder and he was, by any standard, immoral in the least. “oh hang on im just gunna go put my anorexia on the shelf so i can go and actually have a social life with real friends and actually fucking eat like i want to every day! tbh you can replace eating disorder with paranoid schizophrenia and you’d still sound like the same degenerate cunt you do now. if you’re so concerned with wasting food, it would be a better idea, for example, to lobby against major fishing companies because they operate on a surplus or against your local restaurant because they don’t give poor people free food. another uncounted hefty percentage just self medicate in the other typical manners. some think we should not, others think that we should because it is a disease, just like bulimia, and the patient can not help it.'s national eating disorder awareness week, and this year, the social push behind #nedawareness has been "let's talk about it. cannot believe how sick and ignorant people like you can be. she sees a psychologist every week and is prescribed to different pills. article reeks of ignorance and intolerance in the highest form: generalization. she gave me this intense feeling that she wanted compassion and love. you’re not analyzing anything you’re just spiting over these people, and why? so how is it that a perfectly healthy individual would go to such extensive lengths to “seek attention”. which the medical world just released as a self inflicted condition? today is the day she will welcome their new child into the world.” but now it’s more like “eh… wasn’t able to shake it completely and life is good enough that it’s just a physical thing, and i can’t fall in love anymore, so who cares? that maybe we will do whatever it takes do be beautiful and loved and happy and you just dismiss us like we aren’t worthy of it. more you understand about the way our mind works the better equipped you will be to help us. power, control (not over other people, but trying to control your own life) i have tried to commit suicide twice.’ve been dating this 33yr old who suffers from bulimia, hepatitis c, former drug user and recent alcoholic. someone you love has an eating disorder, it's impossible not to get involved. of course, this can lead to furballs blocking one’s intestine, which could be fatally harmful. anytime we have a disagreement, she’ll ignore me to piss me off so i contact her (that one is an insecurity issue of mine…. females from money arent the only people who suffer from eating disorders. someone who sees the very best in people even when you think they aren’t worth it. my other coping mechanisms weren’t so great either, but eventually, i started to learn new ones thanks to therapy, maturity, and self-evaluation.’s been through some sort of trauma in life, but that’s no excuse to spread that poison into other peoples’ souls. they are survivors, and some of the kindest acts i have witnessed come from those i’ve seen in treatment centers. even though we talked her out of that school, she still judges herself because others judged her. from my experience, something good comes from all destructive things. the case of the girl with the eating disorder, it’s just a lesser form of the victim mentality: it’s your fault that she has to throw up to be beautiful, it’s your fault that you take her to restaurants without healthy menu choices, it’s your fault that she never resolved the issues with her father, ad nauseam. comments on this post are just as disgusting as this post itself. i did notice though was that she was full of excuses for many things and saw the doctor for many different reasons. may avoid sex and intimacy due to shame over our distorted body image. yes i was sexually molested as a young girl, yes my mum dieted from as young as i can remember, yes i worked at a pub where men would pinch my arse as if i was an object, and yes i have always been shy and suffer from low self esteem. he is so uncomfortable with himself that he has to write extremely offensive articles and publish them on the internet, so he can get thousands of comments and attention. a lot of the things you said about people with eating disorders is true, and i think why there are so many people so quick to go on the defense here about that is because it is hard to accept that your problem (and/or solution–especially with ed’s) lies completely within yourself. this relationship doesn’t work out, i don’t think i will ever date someone with an ed ever again. it’s the least i can do and say after how long you’ve been silently living in pain. patience with your friends and family when they unintentionally say things that hurt you as they try to help you. girls with eds that some of you misogynistic men have dated didn’t deserve those girls. you can connect with her on her shelbie mae fb page.. start by bringing us to places that don’t involve food. because i had been severely restricting my calories for a few months and was starving so i went on a binge the night before.’s awesome that you think we’re sexy, but we’d really like to know we are loved on a deeper level.” in most cases there are other solutions – learning better coping techniques, standing up to bullies, and owning up to the things you did to get bullied in the first place – but rather than confronting the problems within themselves, they embrace the model of the victim, and project all their blame onto the outside world. idgaf when you wrote this you are a disgusting cunt. i had to pin down one moment that made me stop and question what i was doing it would be this: while filming for a television shoot, i had to stop every hour on the other to take a dump. men and women equally share the affliction of ed’s.  both the mind and the body are complex, anti-fragile systems, and when such a system goes wrong, it usually happens due to one of only a handful of errors. there are few situations that take more strength than this to overcome. this is not an attempt to say we can’t help ourselves, or that we can’t change because it’s not in our control. generalising eating disorders is dangerous and insulting, and the conclusion that it’s just based around body image and not eating is ludicrous. out of any mental illness, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate statistically. i’ve spent 0 a month on personal training for the last 5 months and nearly have a 6 pack and she is still overweight. it disrupted the whole day of the shoot, but i shook it off and figured i would stay away from laxatives … for a while. i’ve battled anorexia for a couple of years, you fail to realize that there are physiological symptoms that accompany eating disorders. these girls already have enough to go through, and now you are telling the world they are evil and insane. i do believe that a lot of individuals with eating disorders have changing emotions/moods frequently, but this is mainly because they arent getting enough to eat half the time (which, hey whadoya know causes cognitive decline and mood swings) and are constantly seeking validation and approval from people who dont give a shit (most of the time–this is just my opinion).

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have an eating disorder, and yeah, at first it was a mental thing like ‘oh my god i use food and starvation and over exercise to cope with powerful emotions. of saying all girls that have this disorder are the plague, why don’t you just keep your mouth shut? what do you do when your addiction is necessary for life? i have tried endlessly to overcome it, but somehow it takes a mental disorder to convince you living in hell is the only way to feel better. also saw posts about how there’s starvation going on. she had witnessed terrible things in her past, that would harm any person.. i wish you’ll have a merry christmas with an eating disorder in one of your gifts. with gastric bypass, or inpatient treatment for anorexia, their is common ground: the patient has to want to get better. enjoyed this post, it’s on point and a great response to the hate from these vile women.“that maybe we will do whatever it takes do be beautiful and loved and happy”.’m not arguing, i just wanted to add my experience to the mix. don’t be surprised if the woman you love says “no thanks, honey” to sex more often than not. the toll-free, confidential helpline at 1-800-931-2237click to chat with a neda helpline volunteerfor crisis situations, text “neda” to 741741 to be connected with a trained volunteer at crisis text line.*, 32, who is currently receiving treatment for anorexia nervosa, advises people to be compassionate:my friend laura has been supportive and patient. it’s also considered cyber bulling for the hurtful things you say and in-case you are new to the internet you should know that it’s illegal to bully even if it wasn’t to their face so either take the post and comments down or i’ll have the police do it for you :). i’ve been going through this for several years and despite the fact that i live at home, no one in my family knows; i have done everything in my power to not attract attention. really think having an ed is fun and just made up? and misogynistic at that, and i’m not even a damn feminist. learned this lesson when i dated a bpd chick for a mercifully short period of time. and that person knows, and your loved ones, and you, and a lot of other people who have loved ones suffering this know, you deserve love, care, compassion, and understanding. adding more of a curveball into promoting a body image that is not safe by going out with a women with the condition. the future, please educate yourself before you formulate an opinion on something like mental illness and post it on the internet. you’re a moron who has no right to say anything about a person battling a mental illness. sort of girl who has an eating disorder is the sort of girl who’ll poke holes in the condoms, who’ll file a false rape accusation, who’ll start an argument the night before you go to a job interview, and who’ll give you the silent treatment when you take her on vacation. and it would be a tragedy if people like this added to the lack of love you are feeling inside.  either:A virus or bacterium got in, and is eating you,You suffered an act of violence, or:A design flaw needs correction. if you think this is how mental illness and addiction work than you’re on acid, and having a pretty confusing trip apparently. you should never date a girl with an eating disorder – stares … | the perks of being a psychology student. calories and fat filled my mind, and gaining weight became my biggest [. yes eds are a form of self harm in a way but it’s directed in one direction. the best help comes from within hence going out with a person with anorexia is really just putting more flame to a fire.. we’re afraid for you to know how deep insecurities penetrate our minds. just ignore these people – they’re stuck in the old world of hysteria and male dominance. why don’t you back to jerking off your tiny dick and stop complaining about things you don’t understand? the more you tell her she’s so thin, the more she’ll be compelled to race to her delusional idea of perfection: the thinnest woman alive! this is due to social conditioning as women are more socially conditioned to be expressive about problems, mental disorders, emotional problems, etc. i do think that be afraid of food is less dreadful than be afraid of people. i just wanted to point this out before i continue my post, so other readers who adamantly disagree with you will read this and maybe understand the different points of view. i would date someone who has gone through bulimia or anorexia. why not take into consideration the opinion of someone who has studied mental illness for years and can back their information up with facts? i have delt with an eating disorder for many years and i am doing much better., if your saying girls with eds are so terrible, then so are guys. you are not a mental health professional with unbiased experience and extensive knowledge on eating disorders or any mental illness for that matter. not a doctor, not a scientist, probably not even someone with a high school degree. please stay away should any of you come in contact with her. they’re lacking humanity and respect, so would you ever even want to be involved with one? i could respond by describing what it’s like to have clumps of hair fall out every time you brush it. this is one of the main reasons i will never go into clinical psychology, i am more interested in research anyway. that with a deep feeling of insecurity and shame from post-traumatic memories along with repressed feelings and bam: i was in eating disorder hell. these women are suffering a complex disease you will never understand until the day that you die–not because it’s unmitigateably complex when you get to the root (this is a disorder of love; love of the self and the fear of messy emotions we can’t express, of which women can be effected as easily as men.” at first i was reading this and i was like “huh, it must be satire” but then i was like “even if it is, kind of does make a point, since i lost my ability to be truly sympathetic or empathetic with people…” so thank you sir! you could be the one to help us begin to see ourselves as beautiful. always take these disorders also being an indicator of a person’s soul. there is never a time in which an anorexic or person struggling with bulimia says, “yes, now i am the perfect weight and can stop this nonsense. please encourage us and look for beauty that’s not skin deep. i have tried to self “heal” so many times, or just stop. on the same token, she had this name “bulimia” that said she was a victim of a real-life disease, floating around in her body, harming her. and i know that i should be grateful for what i have, for the fact that i have enough. i will admit,i have been desctructive towards people- in terms of being mean. i dont see how i could be in a equal relationship with my mindset as it is, when you get down to it, dating someone with an eating disorder is just really hard. it was never about anyone else and i didn’t even realize i was sick at first. we’re afraid you might be turned off by the way our minds work. i don’t know anyone with an ed that goes around blabbing about it looking for attention; in fact, they go to great lengths to hide it, especially from those they love.

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at all the miserable, self-loathing, blame-everyone-else eating disorder broads above. very ideology is why some ppl commit suicide or never recover from their very real mental disorder. all his points hit home and in this short time it was a shock for her but she has made out to be a better person in the end. follow this journey on beautiful people do not just happen. she can hardly contain her excitement, but she also can’t hide her obvious worries. i felt like a crazy person as we tried to get to know one another. i’ve been trying to recover, but this just made me feel like shit." doing so is almost of a mockery of how simple you think it is to "turn off" an addiction or disorder. anyways, she’s a mess and hasn’t contacted me since. it’s not like we woke up one day and thought, “gee. this post, and the comments have opened my eyes to opinions which i would have considered selfish and uneducated in the past. with the ignorance and arrogance and small mindness shining through this article i most definitely would not want to date you mr man. like we are afraid for you to know how deep our insecurities are, we are also afraid for you to know the real us. aren’t reserved for the privileged or rich or even white. women do not see a whale in the mirror but they do not see themselves all the time either. you happen to love a woman with an eating disorder, i say to you now: be patient, good luck, and here’s what you need to know:We’re not trying to please you. i was not in a good place in my life, but i was in love with her and wanted to help her.  this is the problem with diagnostic criteria like the dsm series; they label thousands upon thousands of personality disorders, without ever asking what the motive cause behind them is. over eating / obesity in the 1st world- self inflicted wound. definitely think that the mental health field is too quick to treat symptoms and gloss over deeper psychological issues. by the way, i think someone is in your backyard watching you., this is (partly) why i don’t go for girls. white females from money arent the only people who suffer from eating disorders. let me just be the place filler until they get there.: females aren’t the only ones who suffer from this disease. i really hope you never get into a relationship with someone with an ed or mental illness… for their sake. it’s your reality check not mine though, so good luck with that bud.’m a male, and i have an eating disorder, but i don’t go around begging for sympathy! none of the people throwing mud at eating disorders are smart or aware as a sociopath (or as nice lol). to learn to override your thoughts and feelings, realize that your life is worth living, accept yourself, even like yourself, persist with friends and family as they try to understand and face the stigma and misconceptions of mental illness day in and day out takes real strength. to have to put up with a woman who puts her own body in peril? you’re talking about how ed people have no soul and are out to get attention and ruin lives, but i don’t see too much science supporting that. but by writing articles like this, realize you are affecting someone’s life. matter how much you want to "save" someone, you can't. for you to write this in such depth, anger and ignorance makes me feel like this was personal, which is fine, but you don’t need to victimise everybody who is suffering because i am no monster. guess i won’t get any responses because you’ll all be too busy using your hands for something else because none of y’all are getting laid tonight lmao. ed’s are a terrible affliction and are very destructive to people on so many levels, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. you see someone on the street who could lose a few pounds don’t point it out. while eating disorders may seem to be all about appearance it’s really about the inside parts of us that hurt. you sound so unintelligent despite the fact that your ultimate aim was to sound intelligent, you have completely misinterpreted what an eating disorder is so you look idiotic. it’s also selfish because people with eds are so draining to be around, they gag at food and make it impossible to hang out with. came across this article and read it, like i do everything (very well-read, well-traveled, articulate). i’m here because i found this article, and see if it really was full of horrible people who don’t deserve to be called human. you big tough “for amurika” men are classless uneducated swine. someone who is the moon that soothes instead of the sun that burns. i don’t think there is anything braver than embarking on a journey you cannot rest from, even when you are so scared and so exhausted. and by the way: until that eating disorder is conquered, she will never drop that false belief of perfection. why don’t you actually do some god damned research on eating disordered women? by marya hornbacher could also give you a great view of the eating disordered mind; perhaps will you open your eyes to something other than the typical “medical attention-whore” stereotype you’re stuck into. it’s not going away because i want it to or because i change my home life or because i take a pill. i’m of the same belief as danny having witnessed severe poverty in many places. but, the generalization that all people with eating disorders have bpd is kind of hasty. im honestly trying so hard not to try and fuck with you douches. no, you should stereotype, no you shouldn’t write so surely about something you haven’t experienced, and yes you’re by and large incorrect. they have chosen to see how beautiful life can be.” resentment of parents for parenting choices and relationship problems manifests in an obsession with small piece of tissue whose removal was ordered by their parents. so ya, i realize some people are like that, but you have to actually get to know them and not avoid them like they are made of rat poison. binges were orgasmic — sometimes better than sex (another harsh truth) and every single bite of food felt like someone was going down on me. these men are wanting women to fit they’re mold, and if a woman doesn’t they pull the catch 22: “crazy. each person has a trigger, or some traumatic event that happens typically. eating disorders have the highest fatality rate of any mental illness.  suicide is the perfect embrace of the victim mentality, refusing to take responsibility for anything, and laying your own self-destruction at the feet of those around you. every girl with an eating disorder i’ve met has been extremely nice and supportive.

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this probably has to do with self-love, or the sense of feeling loved. let me whine and explain why i deserve your attention. but most of the time you seem to deem me unworthy. saw someone compare eating disorders to cancer, and i actually started laughing. you’re an incredibly vain and vindictive excuse of a human shell.  more specifically, she’s engaged in hidden self-harm – committing a slow form of suicide in the privacy of the bathroom stall. after many failed attempts, they both realize this just isn't how it works. going into life with this mindset, you cannot fail to appreciate how pretty a pink and orange sky looks, or how fun it is to mess around with your friends, or how good a cup of tea is, or how fuzzy a hug from someone you love feels, or how refreshing raindrops feel on your face, or how electric it feels when you make someone else smile. says,really developing an eating disorder is an avoidance of actually processing feelings. the three ignorant people above who did not add anything to truly counter aurini i have to ask. self harm becomes an addiction and usually stems from a mindset of low self worth and a feeling of undeserving. if any guy tried to do what you said all women with eds wanted a man to do, i would have laughed in their face and told them to back off. if anything you say about this girl is true, she just sounds like a toxic person who just so happens to have bulimia. the insurance company that sees me as just a number. stereotyping isn’t right with any other “group” of people, don’t make stereotypes about people with a mental illness. against us all when we aren’t all like that.[…] read this: 10 things you should know about dating a girl with an eating disorder read this: every stressed college student: stop and read this now read this: how to get over someone you never dated cataloged in […]. well, if you tell her she’s lost weight, she just might burst with excitement determined to not binge again until she binges again, only to feel ashamed and defeated. i wish i could go through life in imaginary land.  all of us screw up every once in a while, and treat our friends poorly – sometimes trauma can take years of concerted effort to fully heal from – but regardless of our backgrounds, we’re morally obligated to get better, and stop hurting others. each day isn’t something you just have to get through, but something you decided you want, and fought so hard to have. how repulsive that you unintelligently belittle a womn with an eating disorder. to fish, the average recovery time for an eating disorder is 10 years. much as we try to hold in our feelings and the negative inner thoughts sometimes they get the best of us. eating disorder is not an easy plight: you don’t need to drink alcohol to live, but you damn well need to eat if you want to stay alive. if the author and followers followed modern science as well as information on eating disorders, they would know that science is actually showing a major genetic component to eds and bulimia is not only known as an ed in north america but rather internationally. the dating waters while in recovery for an eating disorder can be hard. i am also not saying that you shouldnt date a person just because they have an ed either. someone whose strength is not in bravado, but in their quiet. potential result of this: something like a hairball building up in intesting, potentially fatal. some people are truly brave and let people help them get better, but a lot of people don’t do this. does this mean that everyone without an eating disorder is immoral? i realize that math is racist and sexist and hetero-ist to small-brained little rabbits like you. you think you’ve met a disciplined woman before, think again.  huffpo stumbled upon it, completely missed the satire, and thousands of self-entitled college girls decided that the appropriate response would be to start making death threats. also contrary to your article, eating disorders do not discriminate.’re comparing one experience with one person to the whole world. before you go on writing about things you obviously do not understand maybe you should take a good look at yourself! though, i can tell that you probably wouldnt even care by reading this. i don’t know what started it, but i am fully aware that fixing my daddy issues and blaming my boyfriend aren’t going to make anything better. this article did nothing but triggered more feelings of guilt and regret in me, but i guess your intention was to make us feel (even more) horrible about ourselves. also know that you can only rely on yourself to recover. later at a restaurant because i didnt hold her hand while we were inside.“i bought this on a whim to read as i was resting for the night, and i do not regret it one bit! as someone who suffers from mental illness and struggles with disordered eating and self harm, no one chooses to be this way. those types of girls (and those that enable then) are terrible prospects. i’m friends with everyone i meet, and i’ve been told multiple times i’m the sweetest girl that person has met. now, i’m not going to get angry because i truly believe that you have some underlying mental health problem yourself, but i feel empathy (you obviously can’t being a sociopath) so i’m just going to make the suggestion to keep your mouth shut. i’m a diagnosed anorectic with bulimic tendencies for seven years now, and there’s nothing that i love more than being alone in a quiet space with no one around. before you spew more complete shit from your posts, take a good look at yourself.  the reality is that a girl with an “eating disorder” is a vicious and spiteful schedule ii case (usually a borderline or a histrionic), and while tuthmosis is correct about them being demons in the sack, they’re demons outside of the sack, too; they are toxic people who should be avoided at all costs. the comments got me thinking: “eating disorders” – are they actually a thing? check out our submit a story page for more about our submission guidelines. i mean, you shouldn’t be on your lazy ass postimg, but pproviding? other mental condition derives so much protest from its “victims” as the bpd; further evidence that all you eating-disorder girls are bpd. sure, we know intellectually that no one is perfect, but our brains aren’t functioning how they should and so our minds keep telling us: keep doing this until you’re perfect.  as a result, mental health becomes just another for-profit-at-all-costs machine. the fact that you are actually ignorant enough to tell us that people with legit eating disorders are toxic pisses me off more than anything. the justifications, and look at the behaviour: she’s engaged in self-harm. life is based on relationships you’re just one more person who picks up people not to be threatened by them. this is where fish says therapy comes in and can be really helpful. if you’re trying to prevent “toxic” or “negative” feelings/people, maybe try changing yourself first. soldiers were not understood when they developed ptsd, this sort of thing happens and its horrible, but society is getting better.

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, complex systems (even anti-fragile ones such as ourselves) have millions of ways in which they can go wrong, but only one manner in which they can go right, and in a certain sense this justifies the endless lists which you find in the dsm. i assure you that most girls you “relate” this to aren’t really suffering and they only want attention.! you have zero scientific or pshchologal research to back this bullshit article. but when you know what it is to be hurting, you begin to understand other people, to get a glimpse of their hurt — in fact, you feel it yourself and are compelled to show compassion and be there by their side. in other words, the presence of an eating disorder is as much a reliable predictor of various socioeconomic, cultural and personality traits in a person as a sprained ankle is: not at all.. we need to hear why you enjoy being with us. why does a bpd choose to cut herself for attention? you know what you have lived through, and you know how truly wonderful you are (or you may struggle with self love, but those who know you love you and see what you may not). never wanted anyone to know what was going on so no one in my family, friends or relationships knew.-destructive people will always try and destroy those around them. the prosecuting attorney, on the other hand – a complete monster. i have an eating disorder and i am none of this! wednesdays, it’s best to put on a dress or something loose enough to hide the painful, jutting corners of your hips. honestly dont even need to explain myself or my story. you can live without a cigarette, that addiction can be broken, albeit with difficulty. but surely some people truly deserve to win darwin awards…. i can understand that it’s sometimes pretty serious but to constantly post facebook updates about it and see a doctor every week for a year straight because you hit your head seems a little extreme for me. your best girl is dealing with an eating disorder, encourage her to get help. sometimes jumping into a relationship for the long haul can be hard because we still need some alone time. (don’t give a fuck what your name is): why don’t you sign up to be a suicide line author and tell them all to kill themselves. she wants to have the reigns over everything in her life but most especially, food. they know what it feels like when the whole world is crashing down on you, and to feel broken at rock-bottom. i’m not going to insult you or anything because all you’re giving to people is pity, and to all of those who agree with you, be ashamed. think you made some very valid points, specifically on the issue with mental illness and psychology. you are sociopathic, so maybe you should just pop a pill and have everything disappear because i tell you now, there is no magic pills to cure eating disorders, we continue through life alone. girl with the eating disorder, like all of those who revel in their own infirmities, rejects all notion of responsibility for her choices. but no hun i didn’t stick my fingers down your throat or take your food away from you, you did that all to yourself. eating disorders, anorexia nervosa specifically are the number one most deadly mental disorder, beating cocain use! bulimics for a start are not found just in n. so why would anyone choose to have an eating disorder. no one chooses to wake up feeling horrible or fall asleep crying at night. go as far as to assert that women with eating disorders are the most sane and intelligent women you will ever meet. all despite the fact that there have been plenty of badass, manly men throughout history who have been circumcised and they have absolutely no way of knowing if their sexual arousal would be greater if they were uncircumcised. have never read something so completely ignorant in my life. think about yourself in an anorexics shoes or better yet, your wife who you didnt know was, even your husband. women with eating disorders have what they have for many different reasons. don’t want attention; i hate it actually, but i really needed to point out your flaws. you’re not good enough because you’re still not perfect. more likely it is feeling you don’t deserve that food and nourishment. cannot sum up the disgust i have for you, you horrible, vile, awful, intolerant human being. i suffer from anorexia and have for the past 5 years.  big insurance demands a diagnosis, and big pharma demands that we cure it with a pill.  if this were how mental illness actually worked, you’d expect the same mental illnesses springing up in every country, and every culture; but you don’t. they women who live with this symptom live in constant fear of meals, but can’t escape the necessity of eating.” in all reality, i always think i’m the one who did something wrong. explain why we’re going to have to delve into the pseudo-science which underlies much of modern psychology. i am a kind, smart person and it tears me up inside that others could judge me so harshly before even knowing me. the mind and the body are just the physical state of where one person is at spiritually. thankfully, i can squash that whisper in my ear, but it’s hard. someone who sees the very best in people even when you think they aren’t worth it. when you’re in the trenches of an eating disorder, you set up these insane goals for yourself and then when you reach these “goals” you’re still not happy! don’t notice any bpd, but i do kind of notice the victim mentality. girls with eating disorders aren’t the issue – your insecurity over your dick sizes is. but whatever you believe about the nature of mental disorder, to say that people suffering should be ignored or abandoned – whether they’re in ‘real’ poverty or just sprained an ankle – is ludicrous, and frankly shocking.“i bought this on a whim to read as i was resting for the night, and i do not regret it one bit! a thorough exploration of mental illness, to help you avoid toxic people as well as to prevent you becoming toxic yourself, i highly recommend the writings of ricky raw at his blog the rawness. i would never, i repeat never, poke a hole in a condom or give you the silent treatment when you took me on vacation, not would i lie cheat or steal in any way that would hurt someone., eating disorders not only affect females, but males too so you’re hatred towards women is made clear here. so i guess i’m thanking you for helping me see that this was never a mental disorder, and that since i dont even like me, so why should anyone else. particularized symptoms might vary tremendously, but the underlying mechanism won’t.’m sorry but on what qualifications are you basing these opinions? having said that, people with eating disorders need to take more personal responsibility-personal accountability for their ed’s, seek out therapy and treatment(s), and not play the victimization card and blame others for their ed. i honestly couldn’t understand where tuth was trying to take that post of his.

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they consume your feelings about yourself, your value, your worth. recovery involves battling with your own mind every single day — facing your most terrifying nightmare on a regular basis. this man does not deserve the energy of your hatred.  far too many of them, however, act like autistic savants, or scheming manipulators; rather than try and understand the mind, they describe particularized manifestations of mental illness, and call it a day. they effect not only western culture, but have been recorded throughout history in various cultures. i guess when it’s a man suffering from an eating disorder, it’s suddenly real, yeah?? eating disorders are one of the top mental illness people feel shame over having and try the hardest to hide. people who think like you are just ignorant because you’ve never dealt with someone like us..It’s been about 13 years since i recovered from my eating disorder. you know what, believe what you want, but i just hope you never have kids because you are going to fuck them up something awful. so recovery involves breaking down these false beliefs and recognizing that you are worth so much to your friends and family. physical disease, variations are predictable: factors such as climate, living conditions, and population density adequately explain why any given disease is more common in country a than country b; add in the genetic variations between ethnicities, and your theory is complete. for many people, thanksgiving brings pleasant memories: warmth, laughter, sharing, seeing family you haven’t seen all year and of course, stuffing your face to your [. also uses her past bullemia as an excuse not to workout in fear that it will trigger it again. i have seen more pain and suffering than any of you will ever see. and hope that they wake the fuck up before it’s too late. but it seems illogical to respond to such a negative article in such a negative way. of saying something terribly hateful to those who commented or to you, the writer, i an simply going to say this: i have an eating disorder. all of you who have suffered from an eating disorder i am sorry you had to see something like what he wrote. i want to thank the author so much for writing this, as it’s something i will be rereading a lot! remember, someone out there is waiting to be there when you need them to say this when you’re crying over nasty blogs. data for ed’s are skewed because women tend to be more vocal and demonstrative about ed’s than men, and are more apt to seek treatment and therapy than are men. so while maybe a person didnt consciously acquire said eating disorder (because it has been found to be genetic and certain neurotransmitters firing or not firing sufficiently can be a trigger) they most certainly can be their own solution. everything about the poetry in this book is amazing, heart breaking, and soul searching. you feel worthless and scared all the time… and it’s not to spite anyone. woman in eating disorder recovery shares how her friends can help or don’t help her cope. the first few weeks of november go by, my anxiety has been getting worse. if you want to stigmatize an entire population of people with a mental illness because someone gave you a hard time then i suggest you keep your uneducated opinions to yourself. eating disorder is not about trying to look good for a partner. you get older, things are not black and white; they are sort of all kinds of gray.! the article you wrote makes me feel so good about myself.”, and so they get caught up in always being the victim, always being coddled, never having to live up to their problems. why do you think you are important enough to write (i’d say essay but that might be stretching it) ramblings on something you a) know nothing about and b) nobody cares about what you know nothing about. find it funny that you would say such things to label all girls who have eating disorders… when in reality, you know hardly anything. for me, i was an exception in that there was no defining event that stopped me from my eating disorder. you aware that you’re using the same type of discrimination, generalization and stereotyping that’s employed by the same type of people who justify racism by saying things that start with “well i once knew this one black guy. people may also unhealthily cope with past sexual abuse through an eating disorder.  work out, wash your hands, and avoid people who are infected with something – there is a huge moral component to this. i don’t bring people down, and i’m not a raving monster that needs to be avoided because i have something wrong in my head. not being able to get through a meal above 200 calories without feeling like i just murdered someone, i mean the guilt in some of our conscience is that heavy. because people like you tons of teens and kids are struggling with serious mental disorders and don’t get any help on time because of the misconception of ed nowadays. or what it is like to have a mind so cloudy that you are unable to construct a sentence or concentrate long enough to hold a conversation. eating in public or in front of a new person is scary so please get to know us when food is not present first. he, most likely, has no job, no girlfriend, no success in his life, and nothing better to do than write shitty books that no one will need. the kind of person who always wants to do the best for those they love. but if you stop being friends with them because of their toxic personality, they blame you for their problems. i have no obligation to expend, no, -waste- my finite time and treasure in this world to help you with whatever the fuck your problem is, or however the fuck it started. you should never date a girl with an eating disorder - us message board - political discussion forum. screams “there’s so much misogyny and prejudice about mental illness in the world” louder than a good old-fashioned article about “five reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder. and to draw the conclusion that we who have eating disorders would poke holes in condoms or falsely accuse someone of rape is insulting and too illogical to even argue. im not borderline lmao i am a highly sensitive person. if i date someone with cancer, does that make me a radiation oncologist? studioshow to love someone who has an eating disorderby kelley lordmar 2 2017sharewhen someone you love has an eating disorder, it's impossible not to get involved. loving a girl with an eating disorder can be hard, but work at it and maybe you could be the one that helps her blossom into a confident woman.’re in love with a woman and you tell her she’s too thin thinking your great care and concern will keep her from eating just one grape for dinner tonight. how dare you generalize every woman who has ever faced this terrible symptom in your limited understanding., and those of you who like to threaten self harm? i keep myself alive for everyone around me and i keep it to myself for everyone around me. you sound like a petty little boy who has possibly been rejected from his mother, if not a woman who you used to love who had problems with self image. or what it feels like to have a feeding tube inserted through your nose and down your throat. out in an eating disorder is just as hard as with drugs. nor do we try or want to destroy everyone close to us. i think this specifically was a nail on the head:It’s a passive-aggressive attack on those whom the suicide wants to feel love from; their parents, the peers who are bullying them, it’s a dumping of bad karma on “those who’ve done me wrong.

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i suggest all of you guys visit some therapists and get to grips with your mommy issues. i didn’t even read two paragraphs and can see you are a horrible spiteful little person whos the only toxic cunt here! article is by far the dumbest article i think i’ve ever read. best friend has an eating disorder because she’s in professional ballet and treated like a whale if she isn’t sickly tiny like them. but i wouldn’t expect anything else from stares at the world. this:click to share on twitter (opens in new window)click to share on facebook (opens in new window)click to share on google+ (opens in new window). eating disorders have been shown to have a genetic component- and yes this is noticeable across different cultures!  for both mental and physical illness, the solutions are:The application to the physical body is obvious; the number one thing you can do to improve your health is eat a nourishing diet, and take care of yourself. can attest that diet is an important part of mental well-being.…just because i know in my case, i can specifically relate to this. furthermore, if you treat the women in your life the way you treat people with eating disorders, you should expect such charges in the first place. now i’m sure that you’ve all heard about the drama surrounding tuthmosis’ post 5 reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder on return of kings – if you haven’t, just scroll down to the comments. the matter is not black or white, its grey, and thats why i understand why some people would be adamantly against it. it is heart wrenching to be surrounded by people who are kind and loving, yet they despise themselves so much. or what it feels like to be trapped in your own head and tortured by your own thoughts. barista, you didn’t know me and you didn’t know my story. i don’t know what to do at this point. but even worse, you take out all your problems on everyone else and whine loudly and widely for attention. in no way shape or form does this person understand anything about mental illness or eating disorders. my sister is a notorious attention-seeker (though doesn’t have an eating disorder) and my biggest fear is becoming like her. whereas i was in a bad place in life, and making strides to recover, she was in a bad place, and seeking to punish herself. we would go out and you would be with my knowledge and say i was beautiful, but on the inside, i would feel like nothing. sometimes there are early childhood traumas with dysfunctional families that underlie ed’s. you can have a support team with loving friends and family, but they can never fully heal you — they can only help you. btw i’m loving the amount of posting you’re doing. never once have i let anyone know and never ever will i let anyone know, because it is all my doing to myself. amount of misogyny on this post and in the responses has me laughing silently into my tea. husband could tell you story after story of how hard it is to be with a girl who’s “mostly” recovered from an eating disorder. most ed individuals just want to be validated, they want to know that what they are doing to themselves is acknowledged and will often project their feelings onto their significant others: “i’m killing myself, why dont you care! is a flight from suffering, but there’s often a great deal of spite involved in it, too. 20% of people who have anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa die from their disease, yes disease. – i did a video warning people about how dangerous borderline personality disorder was some time ago, and the comments on their mimicked, almost word-for-word, the comments above:I caught borderline when i was…. there’s so many people out there who are compassionate and empathetic and who will love you for you. the people (like me) who strongly disagree with the content in this article:1., author, i think you run the risk of sounding prejudiced. real kids die of starvation all the time because they don’t have the money to eat, but these petty rich people starve to fit into a dress. bulimics for a start are not found just in n. i would love you to your bones and hate myself at the same time. valentine healed her and left her a letter signed "your valentine. everything about the poetry in this book is amazing, heart breaking, and soul searching. nor do we try or want to destroy everyone close to us. i’m sure i’ll use it in the future. mental illnesses are just as real as a physical illness like cancer. you’re line of thinking that people with mental problems should be avoided like a plague, then there would be very few people that you wouldn’t be avoiding. all honesty, woman like this shouldn’t become mom’s. and you know what they say about “birds of a feather”. okay, i’ll explain this in a way that you’ll hopefully understand. that’s right, big guy, men you know could easily suffer the same mental illness you construe as feminine and weakness) but because you clearly have low emotional (and general) intelligence let’s just break out down:Eating disorders are life threatening and nothing to make fun of. can you imagine being so unhappy that you intentionally put your body through that?’t post this bull shit when you don’t know the fucking facts. when you let damaging, negative thoughts marinate in your head, they get even worse. just like an alcoholic struggles to stop drinking we struggle to stop self-destructive patterns. it’s always about them and their disorder and how you’re unwillingness to validate their behavior makes you a horrible person. i am sorry that man had a bad experience, but don’t let him get you down. someone who is strong for others because that is what is needed in that moment. also came to realize some things about myself through your post.  but while symptoms might vary between diseases, the fundamental aspects of them do not. i’d do anything to hide my eating problems, as would practically anyone else with an eating disorder. that’d be like saying all gun owners are gonna go out and shoot someone. the idea of dating someone because their illness makes it easier for you to get what you want is repulsive, if not sadistic, which is why i wanted to challenge that article and the prejudice surrounding mental health. the names are an excuse handed over to an already sick person, making them cling to their state, instead of get out of it. opposite of love isn’t indifference, i guess, it’s hate. sure i ‘chose’ to be a monster defined by numbers, obsessively calculating my intake, the intake of others, my weight, my width.

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we can get better and we can change, but sometimes we need someone to believe in us too. unfortunately, just because you're a good person doesn't mean you can enter a damaged person's life and wave your magic wand of optimism to save them from the broke track they're already on.’m dating a recovering bullemic who has been clean for a little over two years now. that i dare to believe is usually inflicted by the type of people who write ignorant articles like these. i have only scratched the surface, but i hope i have used that destructive article as an opportunity to show a glimpse of what mental illness is like. of whatever i was supposed to do, when life went upside down i fell down the rabbit hole of finding my one constant in the storm as controlling weight and food. do they put in your water over there in the states. you guys know you know more about eds than these people considering you have one and thus do endless extensive research on it (at least, this is a trait i see common among a lot of us), so breath easy. aurini outlines why you should not date a girl with a dating order. chooses to have an eating disorder, it isn’t fun, it isn’t a fad diet, this post is absolutely disgusting and implying that having an eating disorder means that a rape accusation is false is disgraceful! not eating disorders that are based on pseudo science, it’s your delusional gross excuse for an opinion. can hide behind name calling all you want “whorefinder” but all it does is make you look immature. so from this standpoint, women are actually more mentally healthy and mentally stable than men, since they seek treatment and therapy for ed’s, whereas most men do not. not media, not my boyfriend of 3 years, not my family. i have seen girls go out of their way to save each other. i understand why being with someone with one of these disorders can be difficult and not something that anyone wants to deal with… but this article is nothing but misogynistic, victim blaming nonsense. i have never put it on anyone around me and try my best to stay positive with everyone who surrounds me on a day to day basis. o: hiding behind name calling with his small, limp penis. past sunday, august 23rd, i purchased for her 4 nice gifts only to have her argue with me 2. it’s very helpful that you refer to us as monsters and a ‘plague’ to be avoided, not sure if you realize that it’s exactly how many of us view ourselves.! your freedom of speech gives you the right to publish this garbage, but your obviously stunted reason should have told you otherwise. the starbucks barista didn't know when she wrote 'smile' on my coffee.’s funny because you say that people with eating disorders just want to play the “victim” when it seems to me that this entire article is an attempt to make you seem like the victim… just because you may have known someone with an ed, (who apparently broke your heart) who may or may not have been toxic, doesn’t give the right to destroy others. psychology tells me these young girls are suffering, not just women. showing that it is a safe space is most important. for example, should we have to pay for morbidly obese patients to get gastric bypass? i make damn sure that no one finds out about my ed to avoid ignorant ridicule from such uncultured swines. while i dont like the way you put a lot of things in your post, wording wise, i still agree with a majority of this post. this is one of the things i dont have a direct answer to. they buy a walking stick and get their shit together. i guess that makes some sense but to avoid the gym altogether? with the ignorance and arrogance and small mindness shining through this article i most definitely would not want to date you mr man. mine was because i was in an abusive relationship for three years and i am not putting in the details but my point is shit happens and just because you don’t believe the scientific proof of eating disorders doesn’t mean you get to bash people in for having them.[…] why you should never date a girl with an eating disorder. you claim that illness is due to some obvious moral failure on the part of the sufferer, yet what of naturally occurring disease? is one of the reasons i am not in a relationship right now. to any asshole who actually believes a lick of this nonsense, go fuck yourself. again, without link, google this yourself:Latest diet trend: girls eating cotton balls dipped in orange juice, to not eat real food. you aware that eds exists in *gasp* males as well? men like this are not worth the world losing your depth, beauty, and charm waiting inside of you to be discovered by someone willing to try and care and listen. would love to know where you get your research from., and it doesnt really matter but i am eligible for mensa membership and have a genius iq. i find it quite disturbing you don’t mention the 10% of men that suffer eating disorders too. however, isn’t that what you’re doing by slamming people with eating disorders? you are not a doctor or psychologist and therefore has no idea how a person’s mind works, let alone a person battling an eating disorder. are you so bent on trashing people with eating disorders?“what absolute bunk; if you think that this is how mental disorders work, then you probably think that the depictions of lsd trips in movies are literal depictions of what you see after dropping acid. i also believe that many psychologists are sometimes pressured to throw diagnosis’ onto their patients, and without really getting to know their patients or even taking the time to require medical assessments conjunctively, they slap a diagnosis into their file sometimes after only one visit! glad to hear you got out of a toxic relationship, though. this goes for all the degenerative men commenting as well. arresting officer testified in my defence, but he didn’t have an option when it came to prosecuting me. they are often very empathetic and patient because they know what rough times feels like and when you know what very hard time are like then you are more sensitive to the pain of others. using the above knowledge she is now much happier and has quelled demons from within instead of bringing others down around them. you have to love them wholeheartedly for who they are right now, even if they fail, and you can't minimize their experience just because you think they're not doing enough. it is that we are actually surprisingly sane in a world full of insane people such as the miserable peon who wrote this moronic page and all the other little lemmings (all of whom utterly lack virtue and integrity and are the sort of heteronymous moral agents who dont even understand themselves–let alone anyone else). are diseases, that are usually caused by some sort or trauma and only manifest themselves through eating habits. sometimes we can be too wrapped up in life to notice that other people are suffering. feel like enough people have slammed you, so i’m not going to do that too much. after a while, it translated into a feeling that she wanted me to just watch her suffer. i myself rarely saw the doctor at that age and still don’t. ed sufferer who is nothing you described you ass says:December 27, 2014 at 20:22. i have met some of the most beautiful people in my recovery from anorexia. i’ve suffered with anorexia since i was in the 5th grade, not because i wanted to or because it’s what’s “popular at the time.

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, but i did make the mistake of letting a borderline into my life. never felt like a victim as it made me feel in control..i pity you because hatred for others is actually a reflection of your own self hatred and pain…get yourself figured out bud;)!"but through hlg studios, angela gulner and yuri baranovsky took the push a step further by creating a series to show people what angela's 10-year struggle with bulimia has been like. valentine, a priest who fell in love with a jailer's blind daughter. some people will come out in a place of judgment, using cognitive distortions like generalizations and black and white thinking. i dont like the way you worded that in your post, but it does hold some validity. mae loves frolicking in the great outdoors of northern michigan, going on dates with her husband, hanging out with her boston terrier, and writing her first novel beautiful bones. angela and jack are bound together with the idea that he can save her. the end, its my fault for going out of my comfort zone and dating someone with such a horrific past that i felt uncomfortable with from get go! remember you way back from the rmmb days, glad to see you’re still around. did engage in logical fallacy and ad hominem attacks towards women and made some broad sweeping false generalizations about women with ed’s. when i first began dating the man that would become my husband i was elated, but afraid., amy, you’re danger pussy: any man who cares about morality, his society, and building a healthy relationship, would avoid you like typhoid mary. you don’t have to purge, you don’t have to say no to eating, you choose to. hasn’t anyone ever told you “if you don’t have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”? she dropped me home like tuesday’s trash and kept the gifts. in addition to the inferiority and self-worth complexes that are suggested by the above, i think there may also be some parental resentment: many men who seek foreskin restoration are angry at their parents for “taking their choice away” or “forcing their religion on me. we all saw her a a glass empty – the world owes me type of personality but when we got to her we changed her personality for the better . says:I am successful, enthusiastic, happy, loving, so loving, love everyone before me. and to say eating disorders only effect certain cultures is also incredibly incorrect. i’m sorry if that hurts some of you, but it’s the honest truth. so many people have eating disorders, maybe your children or your siblings, imagine if they just died. you should also learn how to choose better candidates to date. but those who are recovering from an eating disorder do. and likening an eating disorder to histrionic disorder is laughable considering that they are separate mental illnesses with different diagnoses. and i can tell you that whatever “pseudoscience” you chose to “delve in to” is absolutely and atrociously wrong.’ve never seen such a blatant disrespect for human life. you cannot know the pain i feel and you cannot judge me, because you don’t get it. i’m stressed, i find myself having to talk down that evil little eating disorder voice that wants to rear its vicious head when i’m anxious or sad. if they knew fuck boys like this ^ managed to make you feel like less than that…it’s unacceptable. my friends never knew until i got to the point were they worried, the only reason my boyfriend found out is through my friends and him studying me. are just a complete moron, and i hope everyone stays away from you for the sake of their mental hygiene.’ve always had some faith pored into that quote, but i have a hard time believe you are anything but evil. patience with yourself as you try to comprehend why your thoughts are telling you to starve, that you are worthless and that no one could possible tolerate you, let alone love you. in a way it is similar to hunger strikes done for political reasons. someone whose strength is not in bravado, but in their quiet. fact of the matter is: you are not a doctor."hlg studiosthese are powerful words for anyone that wants to get better. i can think of many examples that prove your ignorance. not many men are going to wait for an obese woman to get skinny just like they wont wait on a woman with anorexia to get fit. honestly just stop acting like a little annoying bitch and eat the food you’re blessed to have.’s a passive-aggressive attack on those whom the suicide wants to feel love from; their parents, the peers who are bullying them, it’s a dumping of bad karma on “those who’ve done me wrong. i’m happy to find someone is pushing that message instead of the “fuck em anyways” attitude..dating a girl with an ed can be bad in some ways, but they are not necessarily destructive towards other people. things you should know about dating a girl with an eating disorder is cataloged in beauty, health & wellness, love & sex, writing & expression. maybe you should write a book about all the eating disorder girls strategically aligning to attack you while you are attending post-apocalyptic event supporting your dark enlightenment.’ve dated many “normal” women and an ed girl, and the ed girl was by far the most thoughtful and nicest person i ever dated.  disease manifestation will vary from place to place, but it will still occur in all places. in the words of elisabeth kübler-ross, beautiful people do not just happen. got you thinking that your fat and you believe it. when does it stop becoming a mental illness and start becoming just an excuse? a girl currently suffering from an eating disorder, i can tell you that about 90% of this is bullshit. she has a great caring side to her, but over the last month it felt like walking on eggshells. despite all the birthing and breastfeeding classes, as a first-time mother [. ed’s can wreak havoc on people who suffer from this affliction and are very destructive, but they can be put into remission successfully with the right treatment and therapy. there is no reason to make a person who already feels worthless to feel less worthless. we want to hear you say these things because our self-esteem may be low. maybe it gave her comfort in a world where it's shitty, and nothing is fucking anything."when angela's boyfriend jack (played by drake bell) tells her this story on valentine's day, he is clearly siding with the romanticism of st. then consider how destructive it is to call someone (a large quantity of complete strangers), who has never wronged you in any way, a monster/demon because they have an illness.” in most cases there are other solutions – learning better coping techniques, standing up to bullies, and owning up to the things you did to get bullied in the first place – but rather than confronting the problems within themselves, they embrace the model of the victim, and project all their blame onto the outside world.. (no need to answer anyway, you did use demons as a word to describe anorexics, and demons are basically scary, so let’s take responsability for your last uselesses words and accept the fact that you’re the one who’s got a problem.

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remember, rippy the razor says it’s ‘down the street’ not ‘across the road’…. not only is your “toxic” theory unsupported by science and clearly flawed, but you seem to be a poor example of your own ideals. when she feels anxious about anything in her life whether it’s a job change, move, health issue, fight with a friend or even you, her eating disorder will rear its ugly head. most likely in the course of your life, someone close to you will have an eating disorder. for example, myself – i had an ex boyfriend and my first love that i was with for 7 years who cheated on me. might help you understand a bit more why you’re as lost as your autistic savants and scheming manipulators in this case. would you make a post claiming the non-existence of a god and then follow it up by insulting billions of religious people? just like the author said, avoid people who are toxic and like a poison in your life aka, these people.« self-destructive people will always try and destroy those around them. reasons not to date a girl with an eating disorder [return of kings] - stares at the world. two months later, my boss told me i needed to get help and i knew she was right. yes its a free country, yes you can share your thoughts. an eating disorder is all about control and often self-hatred/issues of self-esteem. you don’t even know me and i was searching for something similar, but not quite the same. over it (and her) and move on with your life. i’m so tired of society’s idea that mental illness and self harm is all for attention. educate yourself and maybe just maybe you could be a little bit less stupid and ignorant. for me, i felt as if i had very little control of life and i just started dealing with issues stemming from the time i was raped as a teenager. i drink my calories now and work for a multi-million dollar corporation with hundreds of employees beneath me. you’re admitted to a psychiatric hospital, you expect many things — long boring days, lots of medications, loneliness, arts and crafts, restraints, seeing unimaginable events and maybe, if you’re lucky, a breath of fresh air for five minutes each day. stay the hell away from that, and let the professionals handle the rabid beast. please educate yourself before posting your inane opinions for the consumption of other people who might mindlessly follow your ideas. yes eds are a form of self harm in a way but it’s directed in one direction. the sexism and racism alone is ridiculous, men have eating disorders as well as non white middle class girls! i do blame myself for this even though i know it is not my fault.” it’s they’re final resort because if you call someone crazy and s/he argues it, you can say that’s proof for being crazy.[…] read this: 10 things you should know about dating a girl with an eating disorder read this: every stressed college student: stop and read this now read this: how to get over someone you never dated cataloged in […]. they then consume your friends and family, leading you to believe you deserve this isolation. the first few months were wonderful as we engaged each other in different settings. last is deserving of compassion (aspergers – if you consider that a mental disorder – is comparable [they may need help learning coping techniques]); the second might have been avoidable, but deserves treatment (ptsd from emotional trauma); the first shows a clear moral failing on the part of the individual, and will require moral commitment to cure and prevent in the future. i chose instead to try to describe what mental illness, such as an eating disorder, feels like. it was only when i was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance after my body eventually gave up, that i began to realize how this illness had manifested itself deep in my head and that i needed to seek medical help, slowly i’ve gotten better and am proud that i am leaving some traits behind and my body is growing stronger again. i started going to the gym alot to try and lead by example, because she is a little overweight and could use the trip. as girls, we want to date and have relationships, but sometimes it’s difficult because of our baggage. well i’m too fucking pissed off to make a rational comment right now, but as someone who has suffered from an eating disorder and met so many people in the process, this post is utter horseshit. and you wanna eradicate what scares you with all your hatred. the last thing i want is attention, and same goes for the many of the other women i know suffering from ed’s. most of the world has moved on without them, including you and the people you want to surround yourself with.’re the real monster here; stereotyping isn’t the way to go. the only person that can save someone is that person themselves. you might think that this is the point where i reject the term “mental illness” for being incomparable to physical illness; quite the contrary, in fact. the ones who are positive, even in the worst of circumstances. for about two years i went through everything, from periods of not eating, to binging and on rare occasion, purging — and i thank my lucky stars i got out of that hell every single day. there is always something more to it that is rarely hurting those who hurt you. granted some mental illnesses aren’t what you typically think of when you hear mental illness, but they still are real. the food i don’t eat isn’t going to a starving child and i’m not starving myself to spite impoverished communities. ed’s are the cause of more deaths than any other psychiatric-mental disorder. on the contrary it makes me more understanding of those around me and more willing to listen and figure out what it is they need. do i get the impression that “whatever it takes” might involve sexual mutilation of the man she’s with?[…] has a piece where he quite correctly points out that rickets is rickets is rickets, you can go to any country or location or culture on the planet, […]. the kind of person who always wants to do the best for those they love. don't feel bound to the idea that you must "save them. if we were going to stay together there were things he needed to learn about me. i’m not one for violence, but may you all be shot in the fucking heads. but that doesn’t mean i want to tear others around me down. people recovering from an eating disorder or other mental illness know what it feels like to be hurting on the inside, but hiding behind a smile on the outside. i felt like the biggest piece of crap on the face of the earth. they helped me find help and i delt with it through there. she is very sweet and goes out of her way to do nice things for me. now she wants to go to the beach but to be honest i’m kind of embarrassed to go. the obese person will have to continue to change their diet and lifestyle so as not to gain all the weight back and the anorexic will have to accept that the body needs food, and food should not be used to cover the emotional problems he/she is hiding underneath. so get off your high horse over there and realize that people are different and people can surprise you and you should not judge someone based on whether or not they have an eating disorder or they self harm or they have tried to kill themselves because i swear to god you do not know how much self hatred and pain from the world it takes to put that razor to your skin or force yourself to vomit quietly so as not to wake anyone and how going through something like that makes you only never want anyone else to feel the same. gather all her loved ones around and collect some treatment plan options so she has less of a chance to back out.

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narcissism is one, someone who thinks that they are so beautiful and perfect, that only their way is right, and everyone else should be avoided or put down. it will break your heart, because it is not a lie. we don’t always love ourselves so we desire to be loved by someone else. let us consider the bulimic, who’s demanding that you pity her and pay for her “healthcare,” because she has a disease (known only in north america) which causes her to stick her hand down her throat after each meal, and buy lots of tic tacs. if a child does not have a strong connectedness to their experience, it becomes difficult for them to become connected and really navigate that and communicate that and get their needs met. a couple months of processed college food took its toll on both my body and mind: weights i could lift comfortably were becoming challenging, i was experiencing wild mood swings and feelings of futility. idea of demonic influence needs to make a come back. we respect you and all your habits and we would appreciate it if you respect us to. honestly you have no physical or mental component that “doesn’t allow” you to eat. only a heartless brat of a living creature would choose such a cheap shot at the confidence of people, particularly women already under siege and pressure. sorry if some girl with an eating disorder screwed you over, but that’s not our fault. when you look at me, you might assume i’m happy, bubbly, outgoing and full of life. forcing myself to run miles daily without eating, even after an already exhausting day. you are beautiful as you are, and there are enough pressures, just to make it financially today, socially and otherwise. i’ve seen plenty of eating disordered women, in healthy, loving relationships. plus i’d say she deserves a little love that people like you want to make her believe she’s not worthy of. not every single person with an eating disorder is going to make your life hell.[…] read this: 10 things you should know about dating a girl with an eating disorder read this: every stressed college student: stop and read this now read this: how to get over someone you never dated cataloged in […]. this was an anchor for her to stay locked into the morbid, self-hating state of mind that had understandably developed for her. i feel sorry for those who read this and are hurt by it because i know as i read this article, i was extremely offended. but to the women out there who have read this and even for a moment regarded yourself with shame: fuck this idiot. most people, i believe, would not want to admit to this, but i dont really care because this is the internet and if you cant own up to your problems you will never be able to solve them. are you so naive as to think eds don’t exist? stupid young girls are eating cotton balls dipped in oj to avoid eating real food. i also believe that many mental illnesses are caused by something that is lacking or insufficient in the brain. would you look at a 3 year old with childhood leukemia and deem them to be somehow defective, as if they had asked for their devastating illness only to miss out on school, steal the attention away from their other siblings, and be showered with teddy bears and “get well soon” balloons?  they simply create a list of observable behaviours and call that the disorder.’s a rainy monday morning and a very pregnant woman arrives with her husband at the hospital. absolute bunk; if you think that this is how mental disorders work, then you probably think that the depictions of lsd trips in movies are literal depictions of what you see after dropping acid. or, maybe you’re just a little paranoid, apocalyptic freak."hlg studiosnever love someone for what you believe they can become. you struggle with an eating disorder, you should never feel guilty for any burden you might put on others. she lost her virginity at 13, dated a 32yr old when she was 15, slept around like not other etc. she may use sex as a numbing tool in order to cope with her bad feelings about herself. you are such an idiot, and you yourself sound pretty toxic. take the time to try and understand why we do what we do—even if it makes no sense. but i do not have a mental disorder, i truly believe that my problem lies in my dieting background and relationship with myself. it will always be about the person with the eating disorder and their constant need for approval from everyone., next time before anyone post something hateful about anyone with any type of mental illness, please do a little research. go google that and notice how i just destroyed your entire (totally shitty) thesis of ermergherddd people with eating disorders are the worst types of girls. post is more for all the girls (and boys…seriously, the issue is becoming more and more prevalent among men, too, so don’t turn it into a sexist battle) looking at this who, like myself, have an ed. the debut of her short film "binge," angela made a prequel video highlighting years of a toxic relationship with her ex called "the blind girl. it is a disease of the mind that you cant help. you are just an asshole who thinks that he knows everything about something that he has no experience with at all. she’s not fat, but because she’s only 5’3, she naturally has bigger thighs, so i imagine that bothers her. we do not want to blame you for these issues. he knew that he just had to be there for me," she says. these people are hurting, and i could give a shit if you don’t believe that eating disorders exists. anyone reading this article, please know that those with eating disorders are people to. was arrested at my mothers house with a black eye and a cigarette burn on my head; she didn’t have a mark on her. you make it sound like we do it ‘for others’ or for attention..the men who care that are out there waiting to wake up next to your healthy, happy, smiling face someday knowing a flower has blossomed and they’re so lucky to be there. these are the little twisted narratives that people with eating disorders will tell themselves.(and this isn’t to make you feel worthless or bad about yourself, it’s to say stop being a dramatic,self-pitying shit and get the fuck over it. leaves them more vulnerable to then focus more on their bodies and regulate their feelings, tensions, confusion and emotional anxieties via their bodies, via something very black and white of 'i can eat this, i can not eat it. you don’t want to trigger any of the others, she said to me, gently. anyone who disagrees with the author is a crazy female with an eating disorder? anyone who disagrees with the author is a crazy female with an eating disorder? although if you do want to be right, then you should do a little more research. honestly why would someone choose to starve themselves merely to be skinny. or what it is like to have someone else decide when you can see your own family. i have studied this disease and there is no doubt that there is something horrible that has happened to every one of you, something out of your control, by a third party or circumstance that was not of your doing. i dont need to diet to be pretty, or vomit to be thin enough to be socially accepted, but i do need to undo the harsh self talk which got me in this position, and treat others with the respect they deserve after putting up with my ways for so long.

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or better yet, if i date someone who, unlike you, has a brain, does that make me a neurologist? when people say they have no sympathy for people with ed’s, that doesn’t faze many. even if you were correct, people with mental disorders are still people and so should they not be helped? disorders are an isolating illness, so it may be tough for the person you're with to open up. in mind that people with eating disorders can become very good at hiding their problems, and you probably won’t know about it until she’s already started sleeping with you, sees this hideous trash of an ‘article’, and pokes holes in your dick, or worse., appears my comment didn’t even go into moderation, just disappeared. what you’ve described is some sort of sociopathic bitch, not a person with an eating disorder. you are intelligent people, men and women, who are coping in the best way you can. try enjoying normal meals when after every meal you have a panic attack, feel your heart racing, hear self-destructive voices in your head, get nauseated, feel physically sick, feel like a monster because there is a sudden increase of heavy guilt on you.  because i’m confident that they are not – at least, not in the way most people think. if she’s not ready, it won’t work and if she’s not ready, perhaps you need to consider how intimately involved you want to be with her. i don’t know where you got your screwed up view of us, but you need to re-evaluate it.–denying reality will not make it go away, little one. when you struggle with an eating disorder it can feel like you’re a prisoner to your body … so essentially, you’re dating or married to a “trapped” woman in chains. don’t want you to know how obsessive we are about food, weight and exercise or you might get scared away. i did not play the poor me card and have everyone else in my life spend their money. someone who is strong for others because that is what is needed in that moment. just wish it was always fatal, and very very quickly so; would weed stupid genes from the gene pool… oh i know, i shouldn’t say that, should i. i just don’t know how to tell her that it bothers given the fact that she is so sensitive about her body. before you go on writing about things you obviously do not understand maybe you should take a good look at yourself! i had this problem before i met him, and i plan to get rid of him with him. it’s no fun, it’s not like we want to go and do these things to ourselves. patience when you take a few steps backward even though you want to go forward. after weeks of eating a maximum of 1,000 calories while exercising like a fiend, i would give in to a binge. but can you imagine how miserable you would have to be, how much you would have to hate yourself, to force yourself not to eat even though you could? others above could take note seeing as how they leave empty epithets – bringing nothing new to the conversation. we may refuse to go to dinner or do something that seems “normal” to you. i do not want my family or friends to hurt. i’m caught between trying to not be a dick and being true to myself and my desires. i want to thank the author so much for writing this, as it’s something i will be rereading a lot! this is not new to the world and western culture is just a vessel for fostering the toxic environments that manifest negative self images that can cause any variety of addiction and guilt. i’m glad i’ll be working in pediatrics as a nurse because i’d be disgusted helping you vile men. in my opinion you’re the monster, and i’m going to make some uninformed judgements on you now. suicide is the perfect embrace of the victim mentality, refusing to take responsibility for anything, and laying your own self-destruction at the feet of those around you.., fully certified social worker and author of "take the fight out of food," says that most of her clients with eating disorders are using eating as a coping mechanism to deal with something else. do you think i like not being able to go out to dinner with friends and date or that i would much rather feel tired and dead than energetic and happy? you will see first hand the devastating effects on that person. you enjoy your little hate filled world where only white rich females have money and they all have the same diagnosis and ill live in an obvious reality where you are wrong and clearly uneducated. how did you react, and what do you want to tell people who hold his misconception? they also seem to teeming with self-pity to the point where it gives me a headache. not because we have “daddy issues,” or want your attention. you should however be prepared for her to refuse treatment. entire article is so abhorrently ignorant it’s sad… but when i saw the author it kind of explained it all. i say some pretty hurtful mean things when i’m upset. then ask us if we would be comfortable going to a restaurant or café. you have no idea the demons that both i and others have experienced from these disorders so back the hell off freak. to post-apocalyptic sci-fi or whatever the fuck it is you write but no one has ever heard of. or maybe you’re all single be because no one likes a disrespectful man bitch? real reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder. is a pint-sized, battery-operated, tour de force of wit and neuroticism. of our insecurities we have a desire to be loved. shares tips on how to really dress up as ‘anna rexia’ for halloween.  good diet and hygiene take discipline and forethought, as well as a community of people around you who are doing the same. and, though i don’t purge, throwing up is seriously unpleasant. attention to your own mental hygiene, so that you don’t become a toxic person. it is a deadly mental health issue that does not discriminate; women get it, men get it. dude get your fucking facts straight, like c’mon that’s just pathetic). patience is such an important virtue — in our relationships with people around us, with our hopes and aspirations and to get through the tougher aspects of life. realizing i had eaten “like a pig” (which honestly was probably equal to a little over someone else’s regular dinner out), i took laxatives and tried to puke. the hangup some men have about their circumcision comes to mind: there are men who are utterly convinced that their manhood has been destroyed and their sex life ruined because a flap of skin that may are may not be as useful as the appendix got removed from their bodies when they were infants. you're dating may never achieve the goals they've set out to accomplish, or it might take them longer than expected. because yes, take the decision of writing such an article isn’t something normal, and if anorexics are demons full of hatred, so what are you? a child is told they’re ugly all of their life, they will obviously believe it when they’re older because that’s all they know.

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  • How Dating Forced Me To Address My Eating Disorder

    i’d invite you to look at eating disorders (and other mental illness) as a cancer of the mind, because that’s very much what they are, and then i’d invite you to look in the mirror and examine the real attention-seeking, woe-is-me “victim” here. you do realize men also suffer from mental illness and eating disorders right?’d just like to ask, where is your evidence coming from? heartbreaking things you need to know about loving someone with an eating disorder is cataloged in anorexia, bullimia, eating disorders, love & dating, love & relationships, yourtango. wish i could express how stupid you make yourself look.’s go, i don’t want to spend my bday like this. people make someone else’s suffering all about them instead of being supportive and understanding. being around people like that can really fuck with your head, took me a year and a half to test the relationship waters again. you know who you are and you know the writing and positive responses to this article are born of ignorance.  she has made the moral decision not to take responsibility for any of her actions, and so long as you are the man in her life, she will pin the blame on you. be patient with us and we will let you know what we need. we can all agree that these people deserve no respect and should be avoided, but don’t over-generalize who falls into this category. realize there is a lot of socital pressures and other factors that come into play. you are just another example of the ignorance and self importance that is this generation. though i’m suffering i try my best to be happy and smile. people who are depressed often don’t eat, or become physically sickly. i want to know how getting cancer-a choice no one makes, is the same as having an ed-a choice made by many. people in recovery know what it is to be terrifyingly lonely, even if you are surrounded by friendly faces — it’s part of being unwell. however, when i love someone, i’m just like ever other woman. this: 13 things to remember when you love a person who has depression. so most, if not all, of those suffering from ed’s, when they recover they will most likely not show symptoms of bpd anymore, because a big cause of that could just be getting accurate nutrition, again my opinion. the author who penned this blog: you really should show more compassion and understanding about people with ed’s as they are a very serious issue. you decide you don’t want to eat because you’re that concerned about body image. please, every post agreeing with this article is written by the author himself. how dare you belittle something that you know absolutely nothing about.“no other mental condition derives so much protest from its “victims” as the bpd; further evidence that all you eating-disorder girls are bpd. i would say i wish you would have to suffer through the pain of it all but i would never put this pain on another living soul. i tend to be a peaceful person, but this… this fills me with a new rage. being anorexic in a civil society the polar end of being obese? there are all kinds of feelings that have to get managed. very passive agressive, and my fault for teaching to deal with me that way. point i wanted to talk about: paying for the bulimic’s healthcare. thought the comments would at least be able to bring some justice to redeem the ignorance this article just poisoned my brain with. if i can make you smile through those tears, i hope that’s possible.’s not about attention, and telling us that we’re psychotic self-pitying monsters doesn’t help anyone. when someone acts like him… they have problems they are dealing with. little girls or boys as young as 8, if not younger. the worst types of girls are the crazy slutty bitches who are narcissistic cheating liars and who usually arent very smart (meaning they love themselves–the total opposite of eating disorders) . males are more likely to be rapist and child molesters. if you’d like to participate, please send a blog post to [email protected] please include a photo for the piece, a photo of yourself and 1-2 sentence bio.’m damn well certain i’d kiss a woman with bulimia before you…not because it’s a hard choice (her mouth is much, much cleaner) despite the stigmatizing crap you would like to convince us of. in light levels, cultural values, genetic personality variations, and urban density will obviously affect the proportions – but it won’t affect the underlying causes. you should never date a girl with an eating disorder."hlg studios on youtubethe beginning of the short film breaks down the story of st. the problem with that is ee’ll never be perfect enough! pity the borderline girl who wasted her life on this moron. takes years for folks to bottom out and seek help. look at my statements, look at my friends and colleagues.“the sort of girl who has an eating disorder is the sort of girl who’ll poke holes in the condoms, who’ll file a false rape accusation, who’ll start an argument the night before you go to a job interview, and who’ll give you the silent treatment when you take her on vacation.! thanks for making me feel about 500000 times fucking worse for something beyond my control right now! but what’s more, it’s realizing your friends and family are worth so much to you, and to be human is to need other people to laugh and to cry with — to understand that relationships can seem scary and will be hard work, but have so much value. very ideology is why so many people commit suicide or never recover from their very real “mental illness”. a solid week of home-cooked meals later, i was hitting weights i’ve never done before, and my mood is much more optimistic and determined."they have gotten this far without you, and it's more important that they can continue to be strong without you always by their side. but all you probably know is my id number on a piece of paper or computer screen — either of which you will use to judge whether or not i’m worthy of potentially lifesaving and life changing care and treatments.. before trying to analyze other people disorders/mental illness you should try to understand your own. the mighty is asking the following: tell us a story about a time you encountered a commonly held misconception about your mental illness. other words, she is a monster – a monster by her own choice, even if somebody else’s making., i shouldn’t add a post because its better to stop commenting, this guy thrives on attention. for the person who loves them, if you ever want to leave, you can. essentially, she is a disordered, self-destructive person who will destroy everything around her, […]."hlg studiosthis is angela's reaction after drake desperately tries to convince her once again that he is her st. It's National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and this year, the social push behind #NEDAwareness has been "Let's Talk About It.

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