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amy soon confronts jimmy about him not calling her back and the two make up, but it is too late for everyone else. but when ricky discusses this with his mom, nora helps him realize that amy's probably upset that ricky's going to college and she might think he's leaving her. after amy comes home she explains to ben that she and ricky should try to be a family for their son. on, she is betrayed by the two, who had become friends again and bonded over their annoyance toward amy. meanwhile, amy tells ben to quit delaying to act on his intention to break up with her and jack tells grace that he is dating madison. amy, in spite, has a private birthday party for her and john in secret. ashley, therefore, tells anne and george, and also attempts to convince her parents to withhold the information from amy until after ben tells her. shortly after the school year ended, ben took a job in italy, where he got space from amy and met maria mancini, with whom he had a fling. while at the store, anne's ex-boyfriend from high school, josh, asks anne to kiss him and amy meets jimmy who is the son of anne's ex-boyfriend. at the same time, a confused anne attempts to sort out her relationship with george and their family, encouraging that they see a therapist. the start of the show, amy is a freshman at ulysses s. grace feels dirty from finding out that she could have gotten an std from when she had sex with jack and she gets into a fight with jack about it. ricky pays his foster parents sanjay and margaret a visit to let them know that his tests for stds came back negative and see if they will let nora live with them.[1] season two regular cast members include shailene woodley, india eisley, daren kagasoff, francia raisa, kenny baumann, molly ringwald, mark derwin, megan park, and greg finley ii. amy points out that adrian doesn't know how difficult is to be a teenage mother. jack secretly moves into the bowman guest house with tom, and ricky and anne exchange insight on amy's musical future. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. the two get illegally married (the secret wedding of the american teenager), though the marriage is deemed invalid by both amy's and ben's parents because of their ages and the fact that they used fake ids. ricky is still reluctant to let nora meet john and lies about having the flu to get out of taking john to see nora, but amy talks him into letting nora see john. season, amy juergens must deal with juggling motherhood and high school, while her family and friends experience relationship challenges of their own. further on in the season, amy goes through a rough patch when a rumor goes around school that her mother, anne, may be gay.'s probable that amy's birthday is in june, as it is revealed in lady liberty that amy's family and friends forgot about her birthday. adrian overhears her parents arguing about her decision and becomes overwhelmed, deciding to run away to ben's house for the night. ben wants to marry adrian before their baby arrives since adrian will not live with him unless they are married and leo wants him to consider waiting to get married until he does not have to ask him if he can marry someone. a distraught amy bumps into ricky and seeks his advice. he is frustrated and storms out, because he needs have sex. leo encourages ricky to think about college, and anne accuses amy of rushing things with ricky as a way of competing with ben and adrian. david tells amy that he will buy her a new car, while ashley starts her first day of high school and meets a new gay friend, griffin.

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an insecure adrian meddles in amy's love affairs with jimmy due to an increasing fear that a single amy and ricky might just connect.: ben visited amy at her summer program in new york and told her that adrian was pregnant with his baby. leo and ruben get together to discuss the possibility of ben asking adrian to marry him, but cindy is hesitant about adrian and ben getting married. they break up, ricky calls her and decides to comes down to visit her in new york. elsewhere, ricky takes mac's (a boy adrian previously slept with) girlfriend, zoe, to his apartment and has sex with her, and amy drives home with john after getting her license. anne tells david that she won't move into his house, while david urges anne to think through her and george's relationship, giving the car to anne instead of amy. when amy and ricky arrive at the butcher shop, ben tells amy that he would always be there for her. elsewhere, anne and george visit mimzy who informs them that she married eugene and george tells anne he wants to marry the next day; ricky and amy decide to have a small party at ricky's apartment for john, leaving ashley alone for the night with grant and griffin; and cindy and ruben, adrian's parents, have a small wedding of their own. elsewhere, amy and ricky's relationship become strained when ricky decides he wants to see his son after amy's seemingly endless vacation staying with mimzy (anne's mom), adrian's mom takes a job offer in new york, only to have adrian struggle with the decision to stay with her father and go with her mother, and upon the arrival back at school, the gang's parents explain their mistakes so their son or daughter will not make the same ones. to deal with motherhood, amy suspects that anne could be pregnant. though she gets support from her friends and family including ricky who decides to stay at her house while shes in new york to watch john. calls the girls into the bathroom to tell them that she and jack had sex in ricky's apartment and that the sex was bad and jack cried afterwards. her refusal, ricky enlists george's help in getting amy to reconsider his custody proposal. the beginning of season 4, amy decides that she and john should officially move into ricky's apartment since they were practically already living there. everyone has been pressing ricky to give amy an answer, but he does not want to consider amy and him getting married until they have both graduated from high school. meanwhile, madison and lauren babysit john, ashley's developing feelings for grant escalate into a kiss, and george and anne seek counseling from dr. ricky then proposes to amy in the 13th episode of the season.[35][36] it was later revealed that john schneider, who portrayed the role as grace's father, marshall, left the show due to multiple shows and projects he has. after forgiving ben, ricky tells him that amy will never forgive him for his indiscretion. while ricky encourages amy not to get caught up with ben and grace and tells her that he likes the attitude change he sees in her, adrian's parents tell her they will get married, therefore causing her mom not to take the job offer in new york. he explains that ricky's cheating is a result of adrian's refusal to make peace with the mother of his son. ashley's home schooling is not going very well as she is just sitting around at home doing nothing until katelyn, the guidance counselor, has some rules set down for her with her home schooling. later, jimmy comes to invite amy out for pizza and amy decides to leave john with ricky and adrian instead of taking him with them. ben's father tells him that he will take ben to new york so amy can be up to date. she is also the wife of ricky underwood (she married ricky a couple of years after the series finale events, confirmed by brenda). adrian and ben prepare to go to the hospital, ready for the arrival of their daughter, but something tragic happens. meanwhile, ben asks leo for his job at the butcher shop back and plans to go to italy for the summer, grace goes back to school, gets back together with jack and re-kindles her friendship with adrian, ricky becomes jealous as he asks adrian for a commitment and makes her promise not to have sex with anyone but with him, and david proposes to anne. everyone returns from their summer vacations, they all look to their futures and think about what happened between each other; ben asks leo if he needs to work on a relationship or if a relationship just happens, while george makes a big revelation to anne by telling her that he lied about his vasectomy.

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: ben and amy's relationship grew increasingly strained after the birth of amy's son. is worried about home schooling not being right for ashley and her lack of friends and griffin suggests to him to get her a study buddy to make her want to go back to school. meanwhile, ricky and ben have an argument over who really deserves to be with adrian, and both ben and adrian's parents pressure them into marrying each other. later, jack and ben discuss things and try to decide where they stand in grace's life. by her friends, pediatrician, and sister, who have all figured out that she is pregnant, amy reveals her pregnancy to her mother (love for sale). ben suggests an alternative of their parents buying them a condo to a big wedding to adrian and adrian throws herself into finding the nicest condo possible while amy rushes home to see ricky. tom is the vice president of human resources at a company owned by milton and his former girlfriend tammy is working for him. when ben informs amy about adrian's pregnancy, she becomes upset. ashley later reveals in a fight with their mom that amy is on the pill. the family decides upon the name robert for anne's new boy, and grace tells her mother that she is breaking up with jack. betty and leo happily marry each other; at the same time, anne tells george she isn't ready for a wedding, and adrian wants to tell ben that she could be pregnant, but a decision is not made. during all of this, she has a hard time with summer school, balancing her large amount of work with her friends (from chicago that she met in new york) and having fun. coming clean to his father, ben remains stressed about his urgent situation with adrian as he and leo disagree on how to go about it. meets ricky's foster mom at the clinic and admits to her that she does not want to be a teenage mother but after talking, she has a change of heart and tells ben that she will not go through with the abortion. anne questions whether george actually wants to get married, contrary to his original claims, and suggests that they finally split up without hurting their children. amy decides that not having ricky in her life is a good thing for her and john. amy mentors kathy, a pregnant freshman from texas, who gives birth to her daughter in the episode "hedy's happy holiday house. she also chooses to go to hudson university in new york, where leo offers her the basement floor and ben the top floor of a three floor apartment while she's in school. meanwhile, grace starts a trend when she decides to take care of herself and not worry about others. she remained hopeful that the writers won't just turn these new problems into issues of the week, instead allowing time for the characters to grieve marshall's death, deal with anne's accidental pregnancy, and explore the more emotionally complex aspects of teenage sex. secret life of the american teenager - all the ricky/amy kisses (s1-4. madison and jack are worried they won't be able to keep their promise about not having sex. with permission from grace, jack and madison decide to get together. after george knocks on anne's apartment door, josh answers and explains anne is with mimsy and might come back home. 1 scripted series premiere of the 2008/2009 season to date in women 18-34, women 18-49'and viewers 11-34, and the no. while there, ashley abruptly announces ricky's plans to visit amy and jack informs madison that he plans to visit his parents in phoenix; while in new york, amy and ricky discuss the possibility of becoming a couple. ricky and adrian kiss and ashley witnesses the whole thing, leaving her heartbroken. ben and adrian's baby is revealed to be a girl.

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an interview with the creator of the secret life of the american teenager, brenda hampton, it was revealed that after the series ended, amy attends college in new york, and ricky and john moved to the city to be with her. ricky later visits ben at his home and takes him to see amy in an attempt to get them back together.: jimmy finds a condom in amy's purse and realizes that he's not ready to be in a relationship with her and her son. meanwhile, grace offers ben her friendship and ashley and grant begin seeing each other regularly. later ashley and ricky kiss despite ricky telling ashley that it is a bad idea. meanwhile, lauren and madison face the consequences of lying to their parents about where they slept after ben's party and anne and george announce to ashley that they will marry after amy returns. when amy goes away to new york, she discovers that the music program is for teen mothers. tells her mother that she will go to italy with ben, while ashley delivers the message to amy that anne and david are engaged. is still amazed from amy asking him to marry her. adrian and ben figure out their real feelings for each other and if they want to get married or not. amy and ricky plan on having their special night out of town, but when the friends and family of adrian and ben arrive at the hospital to hear the bad news, everyone is devastated. lauren's stepfather and mother end up finally separating, but lauren does not know that it is because her father and mother are getting back together. however, when he doesn't return her call, amy turns to ricky for "kissing lessons," which her sister sees the beginning of. they live in an apartment together, even though amy stays in the dorms for most of the time. adrian later admits to her baby that she is still in love with ricky. though she didn't and was just saying that to make ben happy. million people watching the season two mid-season premiere, the episode became abc family's most-watched telecast ever in key 12-34 and teen demos. the last moment of the season shows amy, ricky, and john eating dinner at ricky's apartment sharing yet another day together. ben reveals to henry and alice the underlying reason for breaking things off with amy which was fear that having sex with her may result in a second pregnancy. going against both her father's and adrian's wishes, grace has sex with jack and later learns that her father died in a plane crash. adrian and amy give each other advice about the respective men in their lives and how to get want they want from them. while amy and anne take a mother/daughter vacation, ben, ricky, jack, grace, adrian, ashley, griffin, lauren, madison, henry, and alice all skip school, only to be pursued by the new guidance councilor, dr. although amy's father, george juergens, knows that they are sleeping together, he refuses to let amy go and live there. adrian tells ricky she wants to openly see other people. meanwhile, george plans a romantic date for anne, but after she leaves to care for a sick mimsy, george and ashley spend dinner talking about her feelings for ricky. amy's life is further complicated when her mother reveals that she is pregnant, possibly with her boss and boyfriend david's baby. and george lend a hand to amy and anne because of their hectic schedules. at the same time, ashley reaches a breaking point urging george to tell anne that the baby is his and grace gets accepted into a medical school for the summer.

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ben plans a romantic evening out with adrian at a restaurant that he rents out for just them and he asks adrian to marry him. meets a girl named heather, who is pregnant, and asks him to hang out with her over the weekend. grant high school and is a french horn player in the band. meanwhile, wanting to have sex with amy, a frustrated ben quits his job at the butcher shop, adrian believes god is telling her to quit having sex, and ricky influences grace to pay respects at her father's funeral. on aug 11, 2010i dont own this show abc family does. amy's family and friends are also torn on the issue, with ricky, ashley, and george convinced that amy should keep the baby, while anne stands behind amy's decision to put the baby up for adoption. "monday cable ratings: pawn stars down slightly; plus real housewives, secret life, wwe raw & more". anne and george disagree on an appropriate time frame to remarry, and ricky tells amy that he is seeking the right to take john on weekends. the party that ricky was throwing for john is later rained out and after learning of amy's deceit, ricky decides that john should have a party with just them, and allow amy to spend the night as friends. amy gets upset over this, and ben tries to protect adrian by talking to amy, but ricky insists it's a girl fight and they have to stay out of it. on the night of his graduation, he is valedictorian and he calls her up to propose to her. circulate about the high school that amy's early semester departure is due to a second pregnancy leaving madison, lauren, ashley and ricky to combat the rumors. meanwhile ricky tries to convince ben not to marry adrian to take the pressure of marrying amy off himself. cindy confronts adrian about what she has learned the night before and the two have a discussion about adrian's options. ashley and griffin have a sleepover and talk about griffin's sexuality, while ben regrets having maria over before she goes home to italy. and ricky | the secret life of the american teenager | 3x17 - clip 2. refuses to let ben come over to say goodbye to her and john for the summer, but instead agrees to letting ricky take john to his new apartment for the night. "monday cable ratings: kobe-dirk playoff dominates; will syfy move 'sanctuary' back to friday? before margaret has nora come to live with them, she lays down the ground rules for their house to nora especially about her having no men or women in her bedroom. jack and madison make a decision to pause having sex and lauren has a new boyfriend. amy makes plans to go with him, planning on taking john with her, but her plans are foiled by her parents and her responsibilities as a new mother. when ricky gets a call from amy, he hangs up and ashley receives a text message from adrian, saying that she will have the baby. madison and lauren are upset about not being able to see jack and jesse, while jack and jesse talk about how badly jack wants to keep grant away from grace. ben revealed his and adrian's predicament, amy only talks to john. ben decides to get engaged to amy after finding out about the pregnancy, thinking it will help her situation. "monday cable ratings: 'pawn stars' & 'wwe raw' jump; 'nurse jackie' premieres down; + 'being human,' 'rj berger' & more". the incident with ricky has already spread and causes ben and adrian to have sex for both revenge and comfort. soon she and ricky get into an argument and can't go back in the apartment.

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katelyn, the guidance counselor, discusses the possibility about applying for college with ricky. george tells him he handled it and that he told leo that ben must apologize to amy. ben holds a grudge against alice, because she doesn't want go to the baby shower. ben regrets his father's wishes to call amy and inform her about adrian's pregnancy when adrian announces to the school that she will be keeping his baby. gets her chance to befriend amy by bringing her water. gets upset when jack fixes a cabinet and adrian's father asks her to improve her relationship with amy. when ben and adrian visit grace to tell her the news, tom overhears the conversation and relays it to jack. tired of being judged and under credited for taking care of both amy and john, ricky reaches a breaking point, and adrian tells ricky that they both need therapy if they are to make things better between them. remorseful for cheating, ricky decides to take responsibility for the broken window. meanwhile, ricky advises ashley to not have a sex life, george gets his infected hair plugs removed and jack tells madison that he loves her; ricky also questions ben's motive to tell amy that he loves her, only to then avoid her. ben asks to be a part of the pregnancy, like he was with amy's, after he realizes that he should do the right thing and not fake an engagement. ricky suggests to ask her father, but ashley decides that she should leave a note instead. adrian has a beautiful shower and at last, there is peace. adrian pushes ricky to have their parents meet before her parents' wedding, and ricky reluctantly agrees while insisting that no commitment is to come of it. adrian and ben continue to look for a condo, but ben cannot agree on a condo to buy with adrian and he does not want to move out of his house. tech dominates; 'the closer & 'rizzoli & isles' get bigger & much more".[9] the episode stands as the series' 2nd-most-watched episode in viewers and is tv's no. grace believes that she and jack should talk at a teen abstinence group at her church, presenting their reasons why to wait to have sex. remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. he suggests that ricky ask ruben a favor, to see if he can help with the process at all. she complies and visits adrian who is very sad about mercy's death. amy is thrilled to hear this news, but later at the wedding party for leo and betty boykewich, amy sees ben and adrian leave the party together to go to his room.'s friends offer to throw amy a baby shower before the baby arrives. elsewhere, amy gets invited to a musical program in new york for the summer that would presumably help her get into juilliard, but decides not to go because of john; adrian tells ashley that she plans to have an abortion; and ricky forces ben to face the truth about adrian's pregnancy. ricky urges adrian to undo the trouble she has made with amy and threatens to never come near her again unless she does so. ben tells her that she could visit adrian and try to make her more happy. bink finds that grace is the one who is responsible for the campaign, and calls her mom, only to make both of them clean up the school. said amy's favorite food was beef jerky covered with cheddar cheese.

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however, shortly before the party, amy goes into labor and is rushed to the hospital (whoomp! meanwhile, at the mother daughter dance, rumors fly around that george and anne will get married again. he and madison talk and realize that they actually do love each other but aren't ready to have sex yet. however, amy later realizes ricky is john's father and he has just as much right to him as she does. they realize that they never tried to be together since amy was always with ben so they talked about trying to be together. tells ricky that they shouldn't be together; george and anne overhear the conversation and suggest that he should allow the family to have some privacy for a few days. and ben are planning to get married and amy and ricky are under a lot of pressure because of it.[2] on march 2, 2010, bristol and sarah palin visited los angeles, where bristol filmed her scenes for the episode that aired on july 5, 2010 on a closed set. she spent the summer prior to the series at band camp, where she met drummer ricky underwood and lost her virginity to him not realizing it after 2 seconds. amy at first decides to have an abortion, but backs out at the last minute and decides to keep the baby. when amy decides that ricky would be a good father to john, the mediator grants ricky joint custody of john. later, ben goes over to amy's in hopes of a reconciliation only to find out about the kiss between amy and ricky. griffin realizes the boy, named peter, he was set up with was in denial about his sexuality, and encourages him to talk to his parents. amy considers having sex with ricky, but she demands for him to be tested for stds before they do and ricky decides to ask the girls that he has slept with if they have any stds to find out what his chances are before he does. close friends of amy suspect ben and amy's breakup, ben's friend from italy, maria, visits. finally, aided by grace and ben, amy makes the decision to return to her high school and continue her freshman year as a teenage mother (back to school special). ashley talks to ricky about amy, when he tells her that amy's the only person he cares about, besides john, leaving her heartbroken. calls camille, leo's secretary that he met at ben and adrian's wedding, and asks her out on a date. betty tells ben that she will be moving into his and leo's house and ashley asks ricky to go to betty's garage sale while george watches anne. thankfully for her, the whole situation blows over due to a situation between adrian and grace. million viewers, and second-best numbers ever in adults 18-34 with 1. life - ricky & amy - "i want you, now & forever". at the same time, ben insists upon going out with grace, and ricky asks ruben if his mother could appeal her case. jack tells grace that no one is to decide or judge adrian's actions and ben reveals his secret to his father. in the last episode of the season, amy accepts her mother for being gay. a "just say me" campaign starts, and word of it spreads fast. jack and tom discuss if either grant or jack would be better for grace and adrian explain their feelings for grant and ben to each other. amy has george and nora check up on ricky to make sure that ricky is not cheating on her while she is away and george decides that nora is attractive when he ends up meeting nora while he is there.

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with ricky's urging, ben and amy talk and decide that they would give their hopes and dreams to another after adrian tries to tell ben that she had a false alarm. attempts to track down his mother, and ashley calls urging him to return home. he also asks ben if he is sure about breaking up with amy.: anne mentions how everyone forgot her sixteenth birthday and it was horrible, possibly referencing the film sixteen candles which molly ringwald starred in. at the end of the episode, amy tells ricky she wants ricky now and forever. when adrian talks to amy, she realizes that she is torn between ben and ricky even further; she takes this realization to ben, who in turn realizes that he should follow leo's advice of marrying adrian. amy and ashley both are away at their mother's condo with john to visit anne and robbie for the weekend. their relationship sparks the discussion of interracial dating, as jesse believes that lauren is not interested in having sex with him because of his race. ben calls adrian and they both agree they don't want to get married. elsewhere, jack apologizes to tom for trying to take his fatherly place and attempts to teach tom to throw a football, but tom intentionally throws the ball at jack's groin. ashley has to engage with other home schooled students and george finds her a study buddy named toby and toby and her might get along with each other. gets upset that another couple has had sex in ricky's bed and that ricky has slept in his bed with lots of different girls. offers advice as well as forgiveness to ricky for leaving, and ben seeks ricky's forgiveness. she ends up moving to new york city for college and leaves ricky and john in california. amy calls ashley and tells her she is giving up the french horn and ashley informs her about ricky. the last day of school, ben worries about amy not returning his calls, thinking it is a sign of a dwindling relationship. adrian realizes she doesn't have any friends, so she decides to invite every girl who has slept with ricky. the character would be a "significant male character" and the death would be a terrible tragedy. juergens is one of the main characters and was known for being the pregnant girl at grant high school during her freshmen year. ben then realized he didn't enjoy spending time with amy as much as he used to, and after several weeks of struggling to work things out, he and amy ultimately broke up. elsewhere, anne is put on bed rest and george tells amy not to go out with ben, but amy refuses to listen to her father, believing he is not the boss of her. anne advises amy to immediately confront her issues with ricky and amy realizes she would do just about anything for john. elsewhere, jeff urges grace to focus on herself and her future rather than adrian's situation but grace argues that she wants to be there for her friend inferring that perhaps she would rather focus on others problems rather than her own. puts to rest rumors of her pregnancy by informing ben she is menstruating; amy is confused about ben's mixed signals when he begins avoiding her. adrian says yes and they kiss and tell each other that they love each other. this is complicated by the fact that amy's mother and father's marriage is on the rocks, and that the two are on the brink of divorce. ricky goes to amy and reiterates that he's never leaving her and john and that he's buying a new bed, as well. the beginning of season 3, amy hates ben due to adrian's possible pregnancy.

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elsewhere, ben is deeply convinced that he wants to be with amy and regrets having anything to do with adrian or grace. soon meets jimmy, her mother's high school boyfriend's son, on a trip to visit mimsy, her grandmother, and really likes him.[38] she interacted with ben in a way that got amy jealous. she and madison are no longer friends because she took lauren's side after madison slept with jesse. jack and madison end up breaking up as madison wants to date some guy that she had worked with at the food court over the summer and jessie and lauren end up breaking up because jessie will be going away to college next year. amy is envious of adrian and ben getting married and feels that ricky and her should be getting married instead of adrian and ben. meanwhile, jack reveals to madison's father that they have been having foreplay and grace's mom tells grace to avoid having sex; leo attends therapy and amy arrives home early. grant and grace are ready to have sex after abstaining from it all summer, but grace balks when grant suggests that she gets tested for stds first and she is concerned to find out that jack had a treatable std at one point. they soon fall in love, and the two stay together throughout the season, even after amy confesses to ben that she is pregnant with ricky's baby (what have you done to me? ricky makes it clear to adrian that they are too young to commit and grace invites madison over, griffin assures george that he is watching over ashley, and adrian informs an angry amy that george accepted her father's offer on the house. he also tells leo that he wants to get back together with amy. while anticipating amy's departure for new york, george raises some concerns about ricky moving in by instructing ashley not to overstep her boundaries. meanwhile, when ricky asks leo for a raise, leo gives ricky the apartment above the butcher shop and the raise, and david asks anne to move into their own home.'s foster parents sanjay and margaret agree to allow his biological mother nora to live with them at their house and bunny has given nora a job at the butcher shop. meanwhile, adrian finds out what ricky did the previous night. in addition to this, people start saying that she picked the 4th of july because it was a "gay" holiday, despite being completely untrue. meanwhile, ben tries to figure out where he fits in amy's life when she refuses to let him babysit john. jimmy doesn't call her, madison and lauren instill worries in amy that she may have done something wrong. ben goes to amy's house and viciously puts amy down. ben tells grace that because of his history with amy, he can no longer date her, but assures her they will stay friends, leaving grace upset. camille says yes, because she's excited and because it gets under leo's skin that she's going on a date with george. season 5, amy and ricky run off to get married but don't go through with the wedding because the director of the chapel they go to is crazy. nora confesses to ricky that she is dating another woman which dumbfounds ricky to find out that she is a lesbian. george and anne are finally separated and george firmly talks to amy to get her to change her mind about her having sex with ricky, but amy reminds that she has already had sex with ricky once before. ashley fixes dinner for her and ricky but ricky bails on her to talk to adrian. and ricky | the secret life of the american teenager | 3x17 - clip 2. middle school, amy always got good grades and earned an award for perfect attendance. ricky has a surprising visit from his biological mother nora who has been let out of prison and she says that her staying with him is only temporary.

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when she returns home, anne sees george outside with another woman, and tells ashley that she doesn't think it would be a good time for her to be back. he wants to know why amy is holding him at arm's length. meanwhile, ricky stops over at amy's house to pick up john for the night and amy informs him her mom has gone with david for the night. amy then persuades ricky to ask her and john out on a date to try and make their relationship work. later, madison and lauren are convinced ricky is acting on his unresolved emotions for amy.: amy decides that she needed to take a break from her life with ricky and john to focus on her future and believes that she still might have feelings for ben. ben asks leo to get engaged with amy, and leo tells betty that they will plan a wedding. amy attends adrian's shower along with other girls who appreciate adrian for her wonderful qualities. ricky's foster parents tell him they want to play a more prominent role in his life. friends and family of amy's realize they have forgotten her birthday the previous day, betty gives ben an old ring of hers in order for ben to give it to adrian. and ben are trying to fall asleep in their new condo but adrian's body is feeling odd. at school, ben insists on talking to adrian about where they stand while adrian refuses his efforts and continues to ignore grace; amy also receives news that she is to leave for new york the following day. she is furious that ben waited so long to tell her, and that she was the last person to know. asks Amy out on a date and they kiss again. ben's father remains upset with ben's decision to have sex with adrian and feels he should apologize to amy, adrian, and ricky for his irresponsible actions. ben and jack both tell madison about adrian's decision, and she attempts to tell ben to tell amy before anyone else does. grace tells tom and adrian that george told her that he lied about the vasectomy, and the secret flies around the school, only to arrive at amy, who asks ashley if george told the truth. this incident causes another conflict between them when amy realizes the custody agreement means that ricky will get john for his first birthday. marc molina, the school guidance counselor, resigns at the end of the school year, while anne starts pushing the divorce after she decides to accept david's marriage proposal. despite her pregnancy, amy starts dating ben boykewich after he asks her out. ben sees this and becomes jealous, but realizes that ricky and amy are john's parents so he calls amy in order to reveal his feelings for her, and apologizes for his actions. meanwhile amy gets much needed support for her chance to attend the music program and adrian's parents suspect that something is going on with her. elsewhere, both grace and grant's and griffin and peter's relationships continue to evolve. ricky sends adrian a text message saying that he loves her. meanwhile, ben continues to support adrian by spending the night at her house, and henry and alice sleep at his house. amy tells heather that she and her family will be there for heather when the baby arrives if she needs them, and thanks george for being there for her throughout her own pregnancy. while the relationship starts as an act, adrian starts to enjoy amy's company, while amy feels it is nice to have someone besides a boyfriend in her life. trying to mediate things with amy, ricky tells her that he is afraid that if she ever leaves, he will never see john again.

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no longer regretful, adrian reassures ben that they are both friends, while ricky offers forgiveness to his mother as he struggles with his decision to abandon his son in order to escape his troubles. griffin tells grant that it would only hurt his and ashley's relationship if he transfers to ulysses high school in the fall. ricky learns about adrian's plans and becomes upset that adrian will be moving next door to amy. secret life of the american teenager - all the ricky/amy kisses (s1-4. adrian and ben are a couple and amy and ricky are dating and ricky has been faithful to amy during the summer. after finding out about ben and adrian, amy visits jimmy to find out why he never called her and both apologize for their actions. ricky and amy discuss nora getting to meet john, but ricky explains to amy that he does not want nora to meet john until he is sure that she can stay sober from alcohol and drugs. amy embraces engagement to ricky underwood and cancels their wedding, saying that while she loves him, she is not "in love" with him, nor is he in love with her, and that he is only marrying her because of john. ben becomes upset when leo explains that he passed the news of adrian's pregnancy onto ruben over dinner and cindy comes home to the same shocking news as she learns of her daughter's secret. anne reminds george that it is time for the both of them to get lives of their own while amy sees ricky to withdraw her marriage proposal to him and thinks about moving in with him. amy finally acknowledges that john, ricky, and her are a family. visits ricky, looking for advice on his current situation with adrian, while ricky's new interest, zoe, overhears the two talking. ruben and cindy discover adrian has fled, and madison believes jack is cheating. ricky tells adrian that he doesn't see himself marrying and raising a family with anyone, including her nor amy, in the future. on aug 30, 2010ricky asks amy out on a date and they kiss again. meanwhile, amy goes out with ricky; and grace and grant prepare for camp. while in labor, amy flashes back to the first time she met ricky, as well as the events at band camp that led up to their having sex (one night at band camp). by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. she tells her two best friends, lauren treacy and madison cooperstein, who accidentally spread the news around school. elsewhere, jeff and kathleen marry, but grace isn't excited when they decide to have their honeymoon at home. grace's mom finds comfort when george visits her and leo asks betty to marry him. amy at first sets her mind on giving the baby up and has an arrangement with donovan and his partner, but the latter two back out at the last minute, preferring to remain foster parents. meanwhile, jack asks ricky and grace's family to stay with them for his senior year, but they both deny his request. ricky walks in on ben and amy kissing, but ben gets angry when he discovers ricky spent the night and leaves. one is happy about amy's plans to move in with ricky -- including ricky. they married after both of them graduated and were all too happy to have george move across the hall — so convenient. ricky contests amy's going away with their son and amy prompts ben to rethink leaving her behind for the summer since ricky is getting his own place. amy is still having concerns about moving in with ricky - but he is ready now.

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ashley quickly walks in and out of ricky and amy's much heated kissing. jorge returned for a select number of episodes to wrap up his character's storyline and eventually departed the series after its january return. "monday cable ratings: 'pawn stars' & 'wwe raw' down against b-ball; + 'being human,' 'rj berger' & more". meanwhile ashley continues to struggle with her home schooling and she is determined to make home schooling work out for her and george does his best to explain to amy to not have sex again with ricky and figure out how to be a good father to both amy and ashley. and grace end up having sex and make a promise to each other in case they fall out of love with each other in the future they will tell each other easily, but they tell each other they love each other. amy reaches out to adrian, asking if her offer of friendship still stands. tries to persuade ricky to have sex with her and amy takes a stance against her actions. instead, he calls out and visits adrian to confront her about his disbelief of her false alarm. maria kisses ben, while amy tells ben she hopes they could still be friends. "monday cable ratings: 'rizzoli & isles' & 'the closer up; 'the big c' down slightly & much more". jeff, kathleen's husband returns from africa and offers her to go with him. bink promotes the mother daughter dance around grant high school, and girls around the school ask their mothers to join them at the dance." jean bently of ew popwatch says that now that the whole "teen going through a pregnancy" plot has played out and the "frustrated young mother" thing is going on, we have room to explore some other topics. it improved nearly one million total viewers over its season two mid-season finale, and was no. amy ultimately decides to keep the baby shortly after finding out that the baby is a boy (that's enough of that). the two of them end up having sex, which they consider to be an act of revenge against ricky and amy. in the pilot episode, amy takes a pregnancy test and finds out that she is pregnant. after becoming jealous about him and zoe, ashley tries to make ricky jealous by pretending to date grant. adrian tells grace that she wants an abortion, and grace urges to get an early pregnancy test to make sure she is actually pregnant. leo hides in his office from ricky and leo's assistant tells ricky that leo loves him like a son. elsewhere, amy asks ricky if he knows anything about ben having sex in bologna and grace and adrian pay a visit to ashley and george's house. takes matters into his own hands, hoping to smooth out his relationship with both david and anne. however, she refuses to see just and denies that she loves him. 1 scripted original series/season premiere this summer in adults ages 18–34 and across core female 18-34, 18-49 and 11-34 demos, ahead of such high-profile series as usa's royal pains and burn notice and tnt's the closer. than caring for john and being married to ricky, it is also revealed that amy's love of the arts leads her to a career in documentary films, while ricky is currently creating a high-end fast food chain with leo. amy and ben break off their relationship shortly after the new school year starts. jack admits to his coach that he had sex with madison and as soon as he started having sex with her he wanted to stop. meanwhile, george gets a dog, which upsets anne, amy fails to go out with ben for the night, heather and ben go out on a friend to friend basis, and ben decides that he is not the right friend for her.

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ricky takes the case to a mediator after using adrian and amy's idea against them. amy then decides to attend a school specifically targeted towards aiding teenage mothers but is talked out of it by her father. ricky shows up at amy's unexpectedly to lend her a hand but she receives his help unwillingly. jack and madison reconcile and grant and grace have a sleepover at grace's house. while amy is at school she sees ben who is still depressed, and asks if she could do anything to help him and adrian. at the airport, ben prolongs saying goodbye to amy and at the same time, ruben and cindy disagree on whether or not it is allowable for adrian to have an abortion. amy finally gives birth to her son (and unto us, a child is born), whom she and ashley name john, ashley saying that it's "a basic name for a complicated life". tom continues to search for a job, madison reveals adrian's secret to lauren, and jack asks the coach if he can move in with him for his senior year. instead of doing this for the right reasons, he decides that doing this would get back at amy, thus causing leo to convince ben that it is a bad idea. ricky has opportunity to cheat amy with karlee, toby's stepsister, but he refuses. amy's friends take her to a new york nightclub for her birthday, which her family, friends, and ricky forget; after finding out about amy's night out, ricky sleeps with a new girl. in the meantime, ben questions if he loves amy, while amy thinks she should start over. elsewhere, adrian believes that ricky is just using amy for sex and grace wonders if adrian is considering marriage. meanwhile, ashley persuades george to visit anne to rekindle their relationship, and griffin sends his cousin grant to get to know ashley. adrian and amy team up against ricky by devising a plan for the custody hearing by having friends speak up on amy's behalf for the mediation. meanwhile, ben receives a call from amy, who tells him that they would talk when she returns home and leo suggests that ben hold a party to celebrate the end of school. Juergens is one of the main characters and was known for being the pregnant girl at Grant. amy tells ricky she loves him and tries to have sex with him but ricky turns her down and then she proposes marriage to him. this leads the students to start a rumor that amy herself may be gay as well because they believe it to be genetic. amy lies to ricky and her own family, as well as their friends saying they are married. wishing grant would return her calls, ashley talks to griffin about her complicated relationship with ricky. george has dinner with nora, but he ends up meeting nora's distract attorney girlfriend ollie at the restaurant with ruben and george feels embrassed to think he was dating her. elsewhere, ricky and adrian don't really trust each other even though they promised to commit. even though they just had a doctor's appointment adrian is worried about the baby. elsewhere, george notices anne's new figure and wants to improve his own. ricky or anyone else knowing, amy throws a little party for john and herself the night before his birthday. meanwhile, kathleen finds out that jack is living in the guest house and tells jack that he can stay, ricky gives an emotional goodbye to his mother, and ashley admits to being in love with ricky. keeps an e-diary where she admits to still wanting to be with ben, being jealous of adrian, and believing that ricky and adrian could have been happy if they'd stayed together.

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later after words with his father, ben goes to see amy in new york to tell her about adrian's pregnancy. brando eaton was cast as ashley's new gay sidekick, griffin, who has a recurring role in the season. afterward, amy and ricky agree to work together to plan john's first birthday. claims that amy told him she began playing the french horn because of her fear of the wolf (played by the french horn) in "peter and the wolf", and her wanting to overcome that fear by "becoming the wolf". elsewhere, anne, george, margaret and shakur have a dinner discussion about their children not being able to come to an agreement. adrian and ben decide to fake an engagement to hurt ricky and amy, but adrian also warns ben that if they do it, ruben may make them go through with the engagement and marriage. amy and ricky let nora see john for the first time and ricky tells nora that he wants to meet her girlfriend. on john's first birthday, anne tells amy that she and george would not attend their grandson's birthday party because mimzy had a stroke. meanwhile, amy remains angry at adrian and refuses to accept her many half ridden apologies and ricky asks amy if she thinks that they could ever be in a relationship together, but amy declares that she loves ben and doesn't trust ricky. zoe confronts adrian about her secret and threatens to reveal the news to the school, but grace steps in to defend her friend. leo urges ben not to tell anyone, including himself, about ben's doings in italy. ricky gets tested for stds at the clinic and he is scared of what he might have, but his foster mother margaret who runs into him there tells him that she is there for him no matter what happens. so amy says that she is moving in with ricky and john. juergens (father)anne juergens (mother)kathleen juergens (stepmother)mimsy (maternal grandmother)eva juergens (paternal grandmother)grace bowman (stepsister)tom bowman (adoptive stepbrother)robert scott johnson (brother)ashley juergens (sister)john juergens underwood (son). ricky, ben, ashley, and amy's parents offer to help raise the child, with grace and jack offering amy a job at the church nursery, as well as a place for her child to stay while amy is at school. before the baby's birth, amy struggles with deciding to put the baby up for adoption or raising the baby herself. as a result, she randomly picks a date: the 4th of july. is revealed that two years after the show ended amy and ricky got married and the two reside with john in new york. the secret diary of ashley juergens, amy apparently joined the band because she had a crush on an unnamed boy. confesses to ricky what happened between her and ben and is surprised to learn that ricky only kissed amy. in regards to her love life, she goes through minor obstacles, such as trying to get ricky into college and to take her to the school dance. cindy and ruben let ben have their permission to propose to adrian. tom continues his search for work to support adrian, and ben continues to seek advice from ricky about the final decision. because ben had sex with adrian, ricky gets angry with ben's irresponsible action, destroying the friendship he has with ricky, and causing ricky to leave town in anger. while at the mother daughter dance, the mothers and daughters are caught up in gossip as anne, ashley, grace, amy, and adrian discuss each other's personal relationships. living alone with her mother after her parents' divorce, amy struggles to balance her new life as a teenage mother with her life as a high school student. later, ricky promises to move into amy's room to take care of john while she is away and george and anne decide to rekindle their intimate relationship. while in his apartment, ricky gets an unexpected visit from his real mother, who explains that she has violated her parole, and therefore is expected to turn herself in.

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adrian and ben both have second thoughts before the wedding, and ricky realizes that romancing amy may be more effective than pressuring her for sex. ashley and toby test out of school and want to take a trip across united states. soon enough, they get into a huge fight over amy snooping on ricky's phone to listen to the messages he saved from adrian (who was trying to seduce him). at the same time, amy becomes furious when her and george suspect that ricky went on a date with ashley so he could have sex with her and grace's mom tells grace and tom that she met a man. elsewhere, griffin encourages ashley to make up with amy, anne goes into labor, and george delivers the baby. the episode ends with ricky telling amy that he loves her and she reciprocates the statement. leo reminds to all of them: adrian and ben will never be the same because the baby was stillborn (born dead). she is further angered when she finds out ben has been offered a job in italy and plans on taking it. amy, on the night she and john were supposed to move in, goes over to ricky's place only to tell him she isn't ready to move in with him, and they discuss how to work their way up to eventually living together. more specifically, hampton said, "and amy and ricky fell in love with each other and with new york. ben visits grace and tells her that he wants to be friends, and as he leaves, they kiss. the next day, amy meets bristol palin at her music program in new york, where she discovers the music program is for teen mothers. amy then feels pressured by ricky, her friends, and her family to set a date for this wedding. ricky demands that she pay the fine and adrian fears her father will find out. elsewhere, anne is surprised to find that amy left the music program early and ricky and amy agree to go on a date. amy is accepted into a music program in new york, but insists she can't go because of john and her remaining schoolwork. ben receives a post card written in italian and asks leo if there is anything about sex written in the card. at the same time, george allows adrian's mother and father to see the house and ben and ashley suspect amy and ricky did more together than watch john over the summer, but amy tells ben that ricky only slept over. elsewhere, adrian is confused about her relationship with ricky and tries to resolve matters between them. when amy hears about this she gets into her taxi crying and drives away. amy and ricky later have an altercation when ricky asks for more time with john and equal custody. following the first season, jorge pallo and luke zimmerman were demoted to recurring guest stars. meanwhile, ben decides he does not like betty, with whom his father is seemingly in love, and expresses to amy that he wants to have sex. madison continues to be interested in stanley, her former boss, who is in his mid-twenties and her father convinces jack to do his best to get back together with her to keep her from dating stanley. madison is uneasy with jack's decision not to have sex with her, and grace asks her mother for a sleepover with grant. upon being caught, ashley admits to her going on the pill while slipping the news to her parents that amy is on the pill as well. leo tells ricky that he and bunny both would like to offer his mother a job., grace's mom, made invitations for adrian's shower, but amy and grace are stumped as to whom to invite.

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