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and the next time you come crawling, if you don't stop being such a bitch, maybe i will bite you. was the first to know about buffy and spike's relationship?[13] this insight foreshadows spike's later role as the "truth-seer" of the group. and kaye’s qualification of buffy and spike’s relationship as the pleasure friendship is just one piece from a much bigger picture.  they both desire the other partner to make them feel, but while spike is in love with buffy, buffy is using spike for sex. soon afterward he is kidnapped by the psychotic slayer dana, who believes he was responsible for kidnapping and torturing her as a child. spike later mentions in a conversation with riley finn, "dracula?  spike is still rendered harmless to humans due to a chip that has been implanted in his brain by the initiative, and being that he is still a demon, one should wonder why buffy does not dispatch him in his impaired state.[7] william showed a strong capacity for loyalty and devoted love, which remained after his siring.  after four seasons of mutual loathing and disgust however, they were about to embark on a journey that was at many times both rewarding and unfortunate for both of them. among his favorite targets are angel, xander, giles, and (to a lesser extent) buffy.  their kiss is not like any kiss that buffy has shared with angel and riley – it is not a sensual, soft, close-lipped kiss that is framed in glorious close-up, but rather a hungry, open-mouthed, lunge that is framed wide in order to include their bodies, which are being heatedly pressed against one another.”  spike is not asked to stay on the grounds of utility or principle. now, buffy and spike’s have entered a new phase in their relationship – the pleasure friendship that milavec and kaye argued for them. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.  this conscious attempt to ignore who he is and what he has become fails him, and he later removes his shirt: “it didn’t work. and spike’s lust for one another is given further emphasis in “smashed” when they consummate their relationship, an act that is as violent as it is perverse. poncy bugger owes me £11, for one thing," because dracula tossed spike's signed copy of bram stoker's dracula in a fire in 1898.  when buffy is determined not to sacrifice dawn to save the world, she goes further to say that she will kill anyone who even goes near her, a pointed comment that gives insight to her apprehension, even for her friends. and spike are fighting in an old house and it some how leads to sex as the house falls apart all around them. during this time, her relationship to spike deepens and she is able to talk to him about things she feels she cannot share with the scooby gang. week, sarah michelle gellar reminded us of the buffster's romances with a tweet that this january, buffy summers turned 30-years-old. in their new capacity, spike and illyria secretly rescue humans and benevolent demons, evacuating them into the care of connor, nina ash, and gwen raiden.  by the episode “crush,” spike has accumulated a buffy shrine, a mantel that represents his shift into obsessive love. reappears in the season three episode "lovers walk", in a drunken depression after drusilla, offended by his alliance with buffy, dumps him for a chaos demon. buffy is struck by the idea that it is possible for a slayer to have children.", set in or around episodes of buffy in seasons two and four; "who made who" is set during the buffy episode "lovers walk" and depicts the disintegration of his relationship with drusilla when they were together in brazil. quizzes can be found here:Buffy and spike trivia questions & answers | 'buffy' couples quizzes. definition of the relationship that develops between buffy and spike is a frequent topic of debate. plus, he might be the only teenage boy to ever claim he wants to "die young and stay pretty.  other characters have had one-sided feelings for another, such as willow’s crush on xander, but in each case they are already emotionally rooted in friendship or the bond that inclusion in the scooby gang provides. after a while spike gets bored of waiting so he goes to angel's apartment to find the ring and leaving marcus to torture angel, he gets to the apartment only to find cordelia and doyle aiming at him with weapons and demanding to know where angel is. the short story "voodoo lounge" from the collection tales of the slayer is a sequel to this novel.  i’ve seen the best and the worst of you.  having wept openly at the sight of her lifeless body, spike fights alongside the scoobies all summer and continues to look after dawn.[47][48] in the dark horse presents #24 season eight tie-in, "always darkest", spike and angel appear (again in a dream sequence) at buffy's side when she is fighting caleb, but to her dismay the two start flirting with and kissing one another. his apparent death at the end of buffy's final season, spike returns in the fifth and final season of the spin-off series angel. is revealed that spike had his chip taken out in the previous episode, much to the censure of giles, whose feelings on the subject will become critical within the next few episodes. he even went out with the scoobies to save giles from a vamp-ridden funeral home on his first date with buffy. they spend three nights together, one of which spike describes as the best night of his life, just holding her.  the robot may be uncanny in appearance but is a simplified and degrading version of the real thing that spike programs to talk dirty and pleasure him. spike was initially conceived as a disposable villain to be killed off, but proved so popular with fans that joss whedon decided to merely injure him instead,[12] in the episode "what's my line, part two", in which spike is crushed by a collapsing pipe organ and left paralyzed. though their sex is not loving and romantic, it is the first instance where a confidant becomes a lover."[56] he is able to withstand excessive amounts of pain for extended periods of time, particularly when properly motivated, as seen in the episodes "intervention"[24] and "showtime".  ultimately, it is spike that buffy bestows the champion’s amulet to and it is angel who she sends away for the final and decisive battle against the first evil.

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at some point over the next few decades, spike and drusilla part company with darla, and spike's reputation for bloodshed and chaos eventually rivals even that of angelus. when she refuses him, he grows desperate and unsuccessfully tries to rape her. what episode did spike first realize he was in love with buffy?  here, milavec and kaye argue that buffy and spike have the pleasure friendship because it is fueled solely by passion: “spike is irresistible to buffy because he is a monster: monsters are evil, evil is dangerous, and danger is exciting.  rhonda wilcox notes that, “the hero must embrace darkness to become truly strong – to save herself; and as the sixth season proceeds, buffy embraces spike” (3).  while it is easier to classify buffy’s relationships with angel and riley as one term, to do so with her relationship with spike is far too limiting.  this is brought to the forefront in “never leave me” when spike asks buffy for the second time to kill him when the first evil is still relentless in its pursuit of him.  when the date turns into a rescue mission, even wood senses the history between buffy and spike and knows that there’s no competition. beginning of the sixth season finds buffy gone and her friends and sister carrying on the fight against evil without her – and then there is spike. he adopted the nom de guerre "spike" based on his habit of torturing people with railroad spikes – possibly prompted by criticism of his poetry: "i'd rather have a railroad spike through my head than listen to that awful stuff. flashbacks in "fool for love" (season 5) show that spike was sired as an adult in 1880.  subsequently, when the first evil reveals that it has unfinished plans for spike down the road, spike offers to leave town, citing that with the addition of wood as another demon fighter, buffy will manage fine without him. andrew shows the first the gun and asks it questions about its intents and potential weaknesses. twist is that spike’s antics with courtly love are not just methods for winning over buffy’s feelings, but are revealed as a remnant to his human life in the appropriately titled episode “fool for love. spike displays unabashed grief after buffy dies in the showdown with glory,[25] spike honors her memory by remaining loyal to the scoobies, fighting at their side and serving the role of baby-sitter / older brother / protector to dawn, helping willow and tara to raise her in buffy's absence. that clan (unknown to spike) was favored by dracula and he sought revenge for their deaths. as part of its after the fall franchise, idw also published bill williams' miniseries, spike: the devil you know (2010), which follows spike's journey from los angeles to las vegas, where he acquires a spaceship and a crew of alien bugs after learning from wolfram & hart of a prophecy concerning the impending apocalypse (featured in buffy) which has driven them to abandon this dimension.  “real vampires don’t wear shorts: the aesthetics of fashion in buffy the vampire slayer.  she will not tell her friends and sister about the relationship, and her despair over why she keeps “letting him in” is unclear even to her.  having revoked his invitation in “crush,” spike asks buffy to hand him the weapons through the door only to receive a second invite less than half a season after being ousted. the entire buffy series thrived off of moral ambiguity, and spike and buffy's relationship excelled in the gray area. is the last thing we see spike say to buffy before she dies? spike appears unconcerned he missed the chance to talk to buffy who, along with willow and xander, has gone to find magic to save dawn at the deeper well in england.”  it is here that the audience learns about spike’s human past as a social outcast and rejected lover.^ "exclusive interview: chris ryall and mariah huehner discuss angel leaving idw". after being sent to counselor buffy for cheating on his homework, buffy pulls him into an empty classroom and seduces him while under a love spell. principal wood does explain to buffy that his memory of his mother is "fuzzy" since he was only a young boy when she died.  probably just enough to confuse the sensors or whatever in spike’s chip. parker is every college turd who sets you up with sensitive observations about the world, screws you hard in a dorm room, and never has the decency to call you back.  however, unlike the first model, which accurately paired riley in his deserved category, this is not a true reflection of buffy and spike’s relationship. as an ensouled vampire, spike's need for violence remains unapologetically intact.  he makes several attempts to draw attention to his behavior to better buffy’s opinion of him, such as passing the temptation to sample a victim in “triangle” or appearing unexpectedly to help her stake a vampire in “checkpoint.[11] spike attended woodstock in 1969, whereupon he accidentally became high after ingesting the blood of a hippie, he claims to have spent the next six hours following the incident "watching my hand move". buffy's date, she and wood are jumped by a group of vampires. willow suggests that it would be good for buffy to "move on.  the three key elements of having a complete friendship are therefore utility, pleasure, and an unconditional value in the partner for who they are. but his mother, as a vampire, taunted william and insinuated he had always had a sexual fascination with her. euphoric with his newfound vampiric abilities, he adopted the poses and trappings of a cultural rebel, affecting a working class east london accent and embracing impulsiveness and extreme violence. these are spike's last depicted activities preceding his arrival in sunnydale, california. there is a mislead in which the viewers are led to believe that andrew is successfully persuaded by the first evil to kill the girls.[55] in spike's first appearances the wound still looks fresh, but it gradually fades until, in angel season 5, it is barely visible. upstairs, buffy is getting dressed for dinner when spike appears in the hallway, and tells buffy that he feels fine about her having a date with another man, although buffy tells him he doesn't have to be noble. plus, buffy and spike's flavor of passionate, super strength sex is unparalleled.[9] in 1900, spike killed xin_rong, a chinese slayer while in china during the boxer rebellion."fool for love" 2nd flashback: months after being sired, william, now called spike, has through acts of public mayhem forced angelus' vampire group (himself, spike, drusilla, and angelus' sire/paramour darla) to flee london; spike first learns of the existence of the vampire slayer.

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buffy and spike do have utility and pleasure in their complete friendship, it does not exist for these things alone. while i had some real reservations (the potential rape scene is sickening and haunting) about naming spike the #1 love interest of buffy, i also know there could be no other. buffy's comment suggests that she was, in fact, in love with spike, despite her numerous protests throughout season six and seven.  the other two elements are gained in this episode when buffy is exiled from the summers house and appears adamant in committing herself to defeat.[43] upon learning that buffy is now dating the immortal, spike and angel travel to rome on the pretext of business but spend most of the time there trying to find buffy. when they get to the seal beneath the school, they fight and kill the demon woman and find xander not too badly hurt.  regardless of whether or not a viewer believed that buffy and spike’s bond had reached a true romantic level, the end result is an admirable model for a meaningful relationship, for buffy and spike were utterly loyal and devoted to one another in the end. meanwhile, xander's date appears to be going well until he learns that she is a demon who has, like other demons, been motivated to work for the first.  when buffy and spike acknowledge the ability to feel something through their partner through sex, they both engage in mutual enjoyment. buffy finds out about "buffybot", she tells spike it was what? canonically, the character appears in issues of the comic books buffy the vampire slayer season eight (2007–11), angel: after the fall (2007–09), buffy the vampire slayer season nine, angel & faith (both 2011–2013) and several spike limited series, spinning off from both buffy and angel. “dead things,” buffy’s sexual affair with spike has become so unpredictable that, as resnick quite accurately points out, “it’s frequently unclear to both of them whether he’s currently her lover or her ex-lover” (61)." but, somehow, the 250-year age difference doesn't give me the wiggins quite like some of buffy's other failed relationships.  they have a history that progressed to this point rather than one that starts from it, an early indication to a more mature and messy adult relationship, even in light of being currently driven by lust and not love.  indeed, complete friendship is a rarity, but buffy and spike have it. spike continues to appear in season ten, in which he and buffy finally resume their relationship, despite their own doubts and outward interference from angel and harmony.”  spike is grateful for being re-evaluated in buffy’s eyes, but spah notes that she is “willing to stand above him on the stairs and assume this elevated role” (5). oh, i'm sorry, it's only just because her mother just tragically died and she was trying to save the world.  i love what you are, what you do, how you try.  buffy may not trust him, but she values him in a conditional manner.  she then turns to her confidant spike, and he in turn delivers “rest in peace.  it cannot simply be severed, but the elements that now comprise and define it are left intentionally ambiguous for their sake… and the sake of the seventh season. category is for questions and answers related to buffy and spike, as asked by users of.”  what undercuts a pleasure friendship is that it is built on passion alone, and once the danger and excitement is gone, so is the appeal.  what is important to take away from this argument is that unlike angel and riley, the tendency for buffy and spike to be inconsistent in definition is precisely what made them compelling and authentic in its change over time.[5] spike's skills of analysis allowed him to realize willow was barely holding it together after oz's departure even though giles and buffy thought she was doing better, to be the first to see through tara's abusive and controlling family,[58] forced buffy and angel to admit that they were more than "just friends"[13] and identify when and why some relationships, such as between buffy and riley, are not meant to last, masterfully feeding riley's insecurities in an effort to sabotage his relationship with buffy, so spike can pursue her.  though it begins with buffy and angel in a kiss, they enter an argument mere minutes later over, not coincidentally, spike. currently the character is in the canonical comic buffy the vampire slayer season eleven (2016–present).  it is all a clever trick on the writers’ behalf, however, for spike is not after the removal of his chip but rather the restoration of his soul. seventh season finds buffy and spike estranged and ambiguous to one another.  buffy’s complete friendship with spike is both different and separate from the one she has with angel, as it should be.. is actually the last man buffy has sex with in the series. is also rare among vampires because he does not fear slayers; he seeks them out and has killed two by the time he arrives in sunnydale. principal wood and buffy are walking to a restaurant, the short scene in which a vampire suddenly appears before them is taken and re-used from the beginning of the season five episode "the gift", when a young man is running away from someone and becomes cornered, and sees a vampire emerge.^ a b joss whedon, david fury, daniel attias (2001-02-13).  in “intervention,” he has a robotic buffy sex slave made in order to give a physical outlet to his fixation.[7] spike and dru were modeled on sid vicious and nancy spungen; punk, "badass" vampires to contrast sharply with the more ceremonial tradition of the master and the order of aurelius from season one. lynch's spike series features some collaboration with whedon to connect the idw and dark horse series' continuities.[33] when spike's chip begins to malfunction, causing him intense pain and threatening to kill him, buffy trusts him enough to order the initiative operatives to remove it from his head."fool for love" 3rd flashback / darla 5th flashback: in 1900 china, spike kills the chinese vampire slayer. the kindling for what could have been buffy's most reliable, healthy relationship.  everyone believes that he is a liability and it is significant that the first person that asks buffy to dispatch him is spike himself. in angel: after the fall, spike has adjusted to los angeles' new status as a literal hell on earth; he and illyria both serve together as the demon lords of beverly hills, living in the playboy mansion after the death of hugh hefner and served by a harem of human and demon females known collectively as the "spikettes. this surname became official with the publication of the canon comic buffy the vampire slayer season 11 #7, in which buffy calls him by it. but there were also times when he showed astounding amounts of human emotion and responsibility for a supposedly "evil," soulless creature.

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after the senior partners revert time to before the fall, spike begins a loosely affiliated relationship with the reformed angel investigations company, collaborating with angel and his associates while maintaining independence. in the season, spike and buffy achieve an emotional closeness; he alone stays loyal to her when the scoobies and potentials mutiny against her, and his words and encouragement give a depressed buffy the strength to continue fighting. the thing about parker, though, is that his behavior towards buffy is probably the most believable and most human of all of her love interests. this ability was relatively useless in a fight; he was unable to pick up a wooden bar to hit the demon tezcatcatl in "the cautionary tale of numero cinco", and required a few moments to properly punch a cyborg strangling gunn in "lineage".^ a b "introducing spike" buffy the vampire slayer season 4 dvd featurette. spike begins smashing marcus's things and shouting about how he is going to work alone from now on until a hole that was in the ceiling lets sunlight in and sets the back of his hair on fire. when tara says it's a molecular difference, buffy breaks down and asks why she lets him do those things to her and reveals their relationship. a newfound imbalance to their emotions, victoria spah argues that buffy and spike’s relationship throughout the remainder of season five corresponds closely to courtly love, a term commonly used in romantic medieval literature.  at first, spike’s resolve appears motivated by a desire to kill buffy; he angrily speaks about giving her what she deserves and calls her a bitch.. aubert, but in "fool for love" the slayer who spike kills on the subway is played by actress april weeden-washington. says that the "buffybot" was gross and obscene and that it wasn't real.  and though buffy finally tells spike that she loves him and spike doesn’t believe it, in many ways, it is unimportant in the end. promotional poster for brian lynch's idw spike series was drawn by artist franco urru in response to the spoiler leak controversy for the dark horse comics series buffy the vampire slayer season eight.  when dream spike tears off his shirt, he is also symbolically removing his evil front and reveals the vulnerability that is beneath it. was the controversial scene where spike, pushed too far by his feelings for buffy and her treatment of him, attacked buffy and attempted to rape her.[13] spike's first act in sunnydale is to attack buffy and a large group of people at her school, making his first appearance the deadliest of any of buffy's "big bads", as he very nearly kills buffy, but buffy's mother distracts spike long enough for buffy to recover.  it is rather a segment to a much larger picture, a note that will be expanded and elaborated upon further.  what you did, for me and dawn, that was real.  buffy’s opening song, “going through the motions,” draws immediate attention to the slayer’s growing emptiness in her emotions since her resurrection.^ a b joss whedon, jane espenson, michael gershman (2001-04-24). we're happy buffy decided against pursuing anything other than hospital waiting room flirtation.[7] in 1977 he fought and killed a second slayer, nikki wood, aboard a subway train in new york city, taking from her a black leather duster which he wears throughout his appearances on buffy and angel until it is destroyed in an explosion in season five of angel, whereupon he gets a new one that looks exactly like the old one ("the girl in question").[50] idw had planned to launch the series as a bona fide ongoing series, and as such it establishes a support cast for spike suited to his position headlining the title. as james marsters put it, "i was supposed to be the one who stood at the side and said, 'buffy, you're stupid, and we're all gonna die'.[34] when nikki wood's son robin tries to kill spike, he unwittingly frees spike from his hypnotic trigger: the song "early one morning", a favorite of his mother, which evokes spike's traumatic memories of his mother's abusive behavior toward him after she turned; after spike is able to address these issues, he realizes his mother had always loved him, knowledge which frees him from the first's control. was the name of spike's date, who he brought to xander and anya's wedding to make buffy jealous?  buffy’s refusal to do so demonstrates what gregory sakal notes as the universalist viewpoint of redemption that she lives by.  spike’s one-sided feelings, on the other hand, are rooted in a history as buffy’s hated adversary. the infamous 'seeing red' bathroom scene, what colour was buffy's robe? what episode does spike first tell buffy he's in love with her? buffy and spike’s bond was portrayed as fairly ambiguous in the seventh year, it is finally able to be given a concrete definition in “touched,” the episode that at last enters them into the highest level of their bond – the complete friendship, the relationship that milavec and kaye also argued was the case for buffy and angel. went into the basement of the magic box, where she found spike trying to steal burba weed.’s wet dream reveals his underlying erotic desire for buffy.; mtv movie news; text refers to spike as a breakout character. when nobody can remember the name of buffy's sister, he phones her boyfriend xander, and also warns him that the rogue slayer simone doffler has been seeking a way to become the ultimate vampire.  for buffy, having been in a relationship with the cursed vampire angel and the good college boy riley, no one would ever have dreamed that the follow-up, in what would become her third and final relationship of the series, would be spike.  they successfully reached all three levels of aristotle’s friendship models in addition to other varieties of love along the way, ultimately developing a bond that was both genuine and unconditional.  when buffy is faced with questions regarding her mortality, she turns to spike for answers, and while he rivets her with his accurate insight to a slayer’s inherent desire for death, he simultaneously courts her in many ways during these lessons: he refers to their history as dancing, kneels before her in the alley, and even leans in for a small kiss – very chivalrous indeed. spike-centric stories, however, have been published subsequent to angel's finale episode. says to spike, "i'm not ready for you not to be here", showing her attachment to him. especially when you're a teenager chosen by fate to battle against vampires, demons, and other forces of darkness. being captured by the initiative and implanted with a cerebral microchip which punishes him with debilitating pain whenever he harms or attempts to harm any non-demon life forms, spike turns to the scooby gang for protection, bartering his knowledge of the initiative. returns to sunnydale alone in season four, in the episode "the harsh light of day", briefly living with harmony kendall, a shallow former classmate of buffy, now a vampire. the name william pratt may allude to horror actor boris karloff, whose birth name was william henry pratt, and can also be understood as the british slang term "prat", describing a person of arrogant stupidity. plus the dude started letting vampires suck his blood when buffy wasn't giving him enough attention.

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”  spike may be buffy’s confidant, but it is not real in the sense that it is driven by love, and spike knows that. a 'breakout character', spike proved immensely popular with fans of buffy. a 7th season episode buffy let's it slip out that she does, or did in fact at one time love spike. christopher golden's 2000 novel spike and dru: pretty maids all in a row depicts spike killing a slayer named sophie in the 1940s, contradicting the two slayers whom spike is later established to have killed; the second slayer spike killed was established as new yorker nikki wood. his hair is peroxide blond for the duration of his time on buffy and angel, although in flashbacks it can be seen in its natural medium brown state as well as dyed black.  as crusie notes, it is significant that buffy does not have sex with him until after she already knows the chip does not work on her because “it means that in the heated proximity of the rough sex they become addicted to, they’re both easy to kill” (92). accidentally puts a spell on spike and buffy which makes them fall in love, and get engaged!  so wrong that you’d have… that she would have to get rid of what came back, and i wouldn’t let her. he kidnaps willow and xander, and forces willow to conduct a love spell for him to make drusilla love him again, even coercing buffy and angel to help him in exchange for the safe return of their friends.[53] in issues of angel & faith, spike helps angel defeat a demon in possession of giles' soul, but leaves london where they are based without hesitation when he learns that dawn is gravely unwell back in san francisco. but under influence of the first evil's hypnotic trigger, spike unknowingly starts killing again.  spike’s journey for his soul is a clear indication that it’s still all about buffy for him, but buffy herself has also demonstrated here that she will still rely on him when necessary – the tie between them is still there. my parents told me 3rd and 4th flashbacks: in 1880, william sires his mother anne, who, as a vampire, turns against him, forcing him to destroy her. she gets drunk with spike, and calls him "a neutered vampire who cheats at kitten poker. 1894, spike and angelus developed a rivalry with the enigmatic immortal, who later had spike sent to prison for tax evasion.  their bond, “whether agape or eros,” directs how both of them will act (brandey 4). was not impressed when spike attacks a couple of muggers - the complete quote goes as follows: spike: "i thought they were demons.[8] although angelus did enjoy the company of another male vampire in their travels, he found spike's recklessness and lust for battle to be unnecessary risks. when vampire gunn causes illyria to revert to her monster form, memories of fred from spike and wesley are transplanted into her to restore her humanity.”  this leads up to the climactic moment when, to his horror, spike awakens (literally) to the realization that he is in love with buffy. (though he still spars with buffy, provided he has no real intent on harming her) his inability to bite is comically compared to impotence, much to spike's constant humiliation;[17] in "doomed", he attempts to commit suicide by staking himself at xander's house, but is stopped by willow and xander. was the first of the scooby gang to find out about spike's soul?^ dilullo, tara, "pieces of eight", from the official buffy & angel magazine #93 (uk, april/may 2007), page 23-24.[5] in 1943, he was captured by nazis for experimentation and taken aboard a submarine, where he was briefly reunited with angel. spike is a vampire and played various roles on the shows, including villain, anti-hero, trickster and lover. the first flashback occurs in buffy season five's "fool for love", and reveals william as in fact a meek, effete young man (and an aspiring poet) who lived in london with his mother, anne. drusilla does, however, make it seem that all vampires are capable of exhibiting human emotions (such as love) when she says to buffy, "we can love quite well.  and yet, spike is the one that buffy personally counts on to protect dawn because she instinctively knows that he will. the collection also featured the christopher golden stories "the queen of hearts", "all's fair", "paint the town red" and "who made who? spike was described as an "antihero in the true sense of the word, spike is morally ambiguous and ready to fight pretty much anyone, for fun. knows what spike and buffy ended up doing at the end of 'smashed'. vigeous (when a vampire's natural abilities are enhanced), but he "couldn't wait" to go after the slayer and recklessly leads a mass assault against buffy at sunnydale high, which fails and results in the deaths of many aurelian vampires." xander enters and reveals that he too has a date that evening, with a young woman he met at a hardware store.  noticeably absent since spike’s return is his leather jacket, a symbol of his demon persona that was revealed to be a trophy taken from the slayer he dispatched in new york.  the fact that buffy and spike are the first to make the shift from confidants to lovers is not insignificant. addition to possessing the common powers and weaknesses of vampires, spike's age and experience makes him a highly effective, skilled, and versatile fighter in both armed and unarmed combat. after buffy finished in 2003, spike appeared in a comic story from the canonical tales of the vampires series. girl in question 2nd flashback: spike and drusilla visit italy.  spah defines this in which a “knight or lover finds himself desperately and piteously enamored of a divinely beautiful but unobtainable woman … his desire to impress her and to be found worthy of her gradually transforms and ennobles him” (1). spike is a devoted caretaker to drusilla in her weakened condition, and initially hopes the hellmouth's energy can help restore her strength. pulp television: torment, trauma and transformations in the l word – rebecca beirne ». following the cancellation of angel in 2004, whedon considered creating a spike film spin-off. spike continues to appear in the ongoing angel spin-off series by idw, under the pens of kelley armstrong, bill willingham and others. precisely what spike and drusilla make of these developments between their "elders" is unrevealed. the series' narrative, william was an unsuccessful aspiring poet in the victorian era who was mocked and called "william the bloody" because of his "bloody awful" poetry.

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did buffy sarcastically call spike at the beginning of 'smashed'? what episode was spike and buffy's first kiss (under magical influences or not)? endeth the lesson: the relationship of buffy and spike” – suzie weis.^ a b "a buffy bestiary" buffy the vampire slayer season 2 dvd featurette. we fight series of flashbacks: in 1943, spike, temporarily adventuring without drusilla, and two other vampires are abducted by nazi agents onto a nazi sub.'s story before he appears in sunnydale unfolds in flashbacks scattered, out of sequence, among numerous episodes of both buffy the vampire slayer and angel. angel, still ensouled, briefly reunites with the group; when spike and drusilla, neither of whom seem aware that angel is ensouled, boast of spike's deed, angel pretends to be impressed but is actually disgusted.)[9] during the final episodes of angel, spike is the first to vote for angel's plan to wound the senior partners by massacring the circle of the black thorn. i don't exactly have a reputation for being a thinker. when buffy's decision sees the world lose its magic, spike is the only one to be emphatically supportive of the decision she had to make.  confidants in the series, to a large extent, have been nonsexual and are people that are turned to when they want to talk about love relationships with other people. however, spike did exercise patience throughout the later half of buffy season two, when he used a wheelchair for several months after a brutal battle with the scoobies in the episode what's my line left him paraplegic.^ joss whedon, brent fletcher, elizabeth craft, david boreanaz (2004-01-21). due to his own research into the prophecies concerning this apocalypse, spike is able to lead buffy and friends to the site of the final showdown with twilight. often nicknames people, both as insults and as terms of endearment; for example, he calls dawn "little bit" or "the niblet". learns of principal wood's past and that his mother was a slayer, though she doesn't know which one. buffy tells spike not to leave because she isn't ready for him not to be there. has a habit of pithy remarks and glib insults, even toward the few he does not view as antagonists.  spike is wise enough to know now that buffy is not keeping him alive because of love, but is riveted by her admission of belief in him:Buffy: be easier, wouldn’t it?  it is clear by his reaction in “afterlife” that had spike known about the plan, he certainly would have stopped it, as he reveals (as well as giles later on) his painful content with leaving buffy in the ground for her own sake: “willow knew there was a chance that she’d come back wrong.  it is also spike that buffy spends what they believe may be their last night on earth together in a long shot that frames them on either side of the basement before fading out. he finds her at the restaurant with wood in a slightly romantic moment, and they all rush out to rescue xander, driving in wood's car, the three of them awkwardly together with spike in the backseat. it's also revealed how giles survived the bringer attack: when the bringer approached, giles heard his shoes squeak (though he claims to the potentials that it was instinct) and overpowered and killed him. as angelus, he tormented the scoobies and snapped the neck of the beloved ms. back at the house, buffy expresses mixed feelings about the date, and is unsure over whether she is interested in him. season seven, a re-ensouled spike must cope with the guilt of his past actions and try to win back buffy's trust. this spike quote from 'wrecked': "you're gonna crave me, like i crave _____". alongside drusilla, darla (julie benz) and angelus (david boreanaz), giles thinks william acquired the nickname spike for his preferred method of torturing people with railroad spikes, but it is revealed it is because his poetry was 'so bad you could stick a railroad spike through your head'. this is why you don't go to frat parties with dead-eyed older men, folks. she stopped him, and he left town for africa, where he regained his soul.  according to anthony bradney, it is when spike is able to step back from his trademark attitudes that he truly shines by simply letting “love command his behavior, not hope of any reward” (4). in the final scene of the episode "lovers walk", he can be seen singing to a cover of "my way" by gary oldman, who portrayed vicious in the film sid and nancy. in the explicitly canonical whedon stories of 2007, spike and angel first appear in a joint cameo in buffy the vampire slayer season eight (dark horse) as part of buffy's sexual fantasies. dracula by peter david, a sequel to the buffy episode "buffy vs. owen's only fault was that he was too ready to join the battle with buffy—and when you have no super strength, you'll wind up dead fast. fred is killed by illyria,[42] spike mourns her death and decides to join team angel in her honor." he replies, "no, you don't; but thanks for saying it.[24] in the days and hours leading up to the final showdown with glory, spike fights by buffy's side, earning her trust and a re-invitation to her house.  in “sleeper,” the first evil (the major villain of the season) bypasses spike’s chip and coerces him into feeding on humans again. was just before buffy ended their relationship, telling spike that she couldn't go on because she was using him. buffy grew a lot when angel finally left her, but for what it's worth, those crazy kids really did love each other. spike also notes that dracula's fame has done more damage to vampires than any slayer, since it made their weaknesses more widely known. / and you can’t tell the ones you love, / you know they couldn’t deal. inasmuch as buffy knew of the "theft" as of "sleeper," spike presumably shared the detail with her in an undepicted moment.[57] while not as skilled or as sadistic as angelus, spike also proves himself to be effective at torture, noting he had gained "screams, various fluids, and a name" from doctor sparrow.

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buffy’s regard for spike becomes increasingly degraded, spike’s regard for buffy becomes increasingly obsessive.  when buffy is on the staircase, he calls her and she stops halfway to listen: “i know you’ll never love me.[35] it is unclear whether they resume their sexual intimacy during the third night; creator joss whedon says on the dvd commentary for "chosen" that he intentionally left it to the viewers to decide how they felt the relationship progressed, though whedon had earlier stated on the commentary he personally felt having them resume a sexual relationship would send the wrong message. buffy threatens to kill spike if he ever tells anyone about their relationship.  as spah puts it, just as courtly knights face slim chances at their love coming to fruition,  “for spike there is a certain glory and exaltation to be had in facing desperate odds” (3).^ a b joss whedon, david fury, jane espenson, alan j.  according to wilcox, “in sum, at this stage buffy’s desire for spike and her desire for death are equivalent” (3).”  and when glory finally does capture dawn, it is again spike that buffy counts on to protect her in the climactic fifth season finale, “the gift.[43] much like angel, he is highly proficient in various forms of martial arts, and his typical fighting style blends karate, kung fu, and others." in the second scene with andrew and the first, andrew is wearing a wire that willow has set up and the others are listening to his conversation with the first through willow's headphones.  she articulates this sentiment afterwards: “the robot was gross and obscene … it wasn’t even real.  dream spike wears all black as a symbol of his inherent evil, and dream buffy dons a pair of flaming red leather pants, a shade that attracts the eye and is a stimulant for eroticism.  she clasps his hand by weaving her fingers through his and it catches fire, a powerful symbol to their bond. years ago, it was spike who rationalized to buffy why he could be a good man and why he was worthy of her respect. many of these novels and comic books concern spike's backstory in the periods between the events shown in flashbacks in the television series.  this is not to say that their sentiments have not changed however, for buffy connects to spike in ways that she cannot with anyone else – note that he is the only one that she allows to touch her without an initial flinch when he takes her bloodied hands in his.  instead, he stays in a life that doesn’t fit him, helping her friends and protecting her sister, knowing that he’ll never see her again and still loving her hopelessly” (90).[9] his trademark look includes the leather duster, a black t-shirt or v-neck shirt and black denim pants, usually with heavy boots or doc martens.  while the intended victim, drusilla, is nonetheless a demon and her death would have been no big loss, especially to the slayer, the notion wins nothing for spike because he is “without an innate desire to do good but rather a selfish desire for personal gain” (spah 4).  if there weren’t a certain satisfaction in the thrill of this predictable chase, spike would have thrown in the towel after the first generous helping of being punched in the face. he was noted for killing two vampire slayers; one at the end of the 1800s during the boxer rebellion, the other in 1970s new york, where spike acquired his trademark leather duster.  buffy is adamant: “that’s not why i need you here… i’m not ready for you to not be here.  it is also not a coincidence that the other couples of the series are shown in a montage having sex when buffy and spike are not. he also included the scar on spike's "vamp face" prosthesis, albeit slightly altered as though the skin has stretched.  left intentionally ambiguous, it is for the audience to decide how they spent their last night together – all that is certain is that their last night was spent with each other, which ultimately does not undercut its importance.^ a b c d e f g h i joss whedon, douglas petrie, nick marck (2000-11-14).[27] the relationship is frequently violent, with buffy most often initiating both the violence and the sex between them; the violence is made all the easier when spike finds that (as a side effect of willow's resurrection spell) his chip now does not stop him from harming buffy. first arrives in sunnydale in the second season of buffy the vampire slayer, in the episode "school hard", accompanied by drusilla. kaye argue that the three major relationships that buffy has during her run on the show can be classified under aristotle’s three levels of friendship – riley as the utility friendship, spike as the pleasure friendship, and angel as the complete friendship.[8] manipulated by lindsey mcdonald into "helping the helpless", spike becomes a sort of rival to angel; resembling the heroic champion angel was in earlier seasons before becoming disillusioned and corrupted by the bureaucracy of wolfram & hart. oz gives angel the ring who then hides it in the sewer, just as he is about to leave for another case he is ambushed by spike who hits him with a wooden plank, angel defeats spike but spike warns him that he will get the ring one way or another.  and spike does ask for her help in a step towards his own redemption. told buffy 'nice work' after he watched her kick a vampire's but in "school hard.  rather, this paper will argue that buffy and spike qualified, at different points, as all three of aristotle’s levels of friendship in addition to several other varieties of love.  milavec and kaye argue that buffy and riley have a utility friendship because they share a common goal in fighting evil and accomplish this together.  according to clemons, “clothing first and foremost serves as a reinforcing agent for the character’s development and change. he had a strained relationship with drusilla's sire angelus, who continued a sexual relationship with her despite spike's strong disapproval. xander nursed a strong, loyal crush on buffy in the early seasons, but he never got anywhere with her." however, the character ended up staying for the second season, and then returning in the fourth to replace cordelia as "the character who told buffy she was stupid and about to die. he finds it and attacks buffy in daylight, but she wrests the ring from his finger and sends it to angel. after the revelation of spike’s soul, buffy and spike’s relationship has never been blurrier.[2] the character was intended to be a brief villain, with whedon originally adamant to not have another major "romantic vampire" character like angel.  this is in and of itself problematic because buffy and spike’s evolution over time, unlike riley and angel, constantly brought major reinvention. which might be the best comeuppance for a handsy teeenager i've ever heard of.”  and he’s right – to say that buffy removes the chip solely on principle is inaccurate.

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concept is best demonstrated in the scene when buffy and spike return to the summers home for supplies.  in “first date,” it becomes a point of conflict between buffy and giles when he learns that buffy authorized the initiative to have spike’s chip removed, rather than repaired, when its deterioration threatened spike’s life.  buffy sees differently; as bradney puts it, “since spike has gained a soul, he has to be given a chance to be good of his own free will without being electronically muzzled by the chip” (5). capable of developing sound battle strategies, spike (particularly in the days before receiving his chip and being re-ensouled) often loses patience with anything more complicated than outright attack, as mentioned in the episode "in the dark". at some point post-1977, billy idol allegedly "stole" spike's look and made it famous as his own (as revealed in season seven's "sleeper"; see "appearance" below); spike's thoughts on this are unrecorded.  and who wouldn’t want that kind of bond with another individual? we're introduced to principal wood's mother as a slayer in a flashback from "fool for love", when the principal sees his mother in the final scene of "first date" she is played by actress k. (the blonde glimpsed in rome is later revealed to be a decoy buffy, set up by andrew wells, who had researched the history between angel, spike and the immortal, and thought the idea would be "hilarious".  kaveney notes the pleasure friendship of season six as “passionately sadomasochistic” and the complete friendship of season seven as “chaste bed-sharing love,” a sharp contrast that marks the growth and evolution of their bond (29). when they arrive at the location they find out that spike had lied about releasing angel.  “the gift” marks the final point of evolution for the season as buffy and spike enter a utility friendship – the relationship that milavec and kaye argued was also the case for buffy and riley. spike's actions are motivated by love in all of its incarnations (love of objects, love of life, love of a specific person).”  in it, he acknowledges buffy’s desire but rejects it simultaneously: “you’re scared / ashamed of what you feel.[20] he explains to buffy he was able to defeat two slayers because he sensed and exploited their secret desires to be free of their burden. it was taken away from him by an angry buffy who subsequently gave it to angel in los angeles. idw's angel: after the fall, spike does not appear until the second issue, written by brian lynch with art by franco urru (the creative team of spike: asylum and spike: shadow puppets) with plotting and "executive production" by whedon himself. sired by the vampire drusilla (juliet landau), william became an unusually passionate and romantic vampire, being very violent and ready to battle, but not as cruel as his companions.  he is asked because buffy herself is not ready to be separated from him, and spike stays with her, even with the knowledge that staying could bring further harm to everyone involved.  spike believes that he has failed buffy, and can only make up for it by protecting her sister in life where buffy, having died, cannot. at the house, spike tells buffy that as the first has revealed to have plans for him, that might endanger others, he will leave town." other buffyverse vampires to appear on the list included drusilla (at 10th place), darla (at 25th place), vampire willow (at 32nd place), harmony kendall (at 31st place), and the master (at 39th place). she also discovers that wood knows she is a slayer, and that is why he hired her as a counselor.  this conveys buffy’s desire to feel something, but not necessarily love. in the comic spike: asylum #002, spike's jar of blood has a label giving his assumed human birth date in 1853, about 27 years before he was sired.[1] for creator whedon, spike is the "most fully developed" of his characters. he also tells buffy and angel that they can never be friends because of their love for one another. mutant enemy approved the story, even though idw did not have rights to a buffy-only character like halfrek, because of her importance to spike's backstory, on the condition that the story's timing was deliberately ambiguous.  kaveney notes here that “before she kissed him in ‘once more, with feeling’ she reprised her song ‘i touch the fire and it freezes me’” (57). third level is the complete friendship, which “includes both utility and pleasure but does not exist for the sake of either … each party values the other for his or her own sake” (milavec and kaye 174). the man had a surprising, self-assured charm to him that was really stabilizing for a mid-apocalypse buffy.: angel (tv series) charactersbuffy the vampire slayer charactersbuffyverse vampiresfictional characters introduced in 1997fictional characters who have attempted suicidefictional people from londonfictional poetsfictional vampiresfictional vampire huntersfictional mass murderersfictional gamblersfictional immigrants to the united statesfictional english peoplefictional matricidesfictional ghostsrevived fictional charactershidden categories: webarchive template wayback linkscs1 maint: unfit urluse mdy dates from december 2014pages using infobox character with unknown parameters.  the fact that their first sexual encounter takes place after a knockdown fight that brings walls down is an easy metaphor and foreshadow of a literally destructive companionship. the excitement of a brawl with the mayor's vampires helps him see that drusilla left him because he had begun to go soft; he resolves to win her back by torturing her until she likes him again, and tells buffy where to find willow and xander.  the episode “seeing red,” which provides buffy and spike’s final scene together of the season, is easily the most controversial and upsetting episode in the history of the series but one that needs to be addressed. is seen as something of a paradox amongst vampires in the series, and frequently challenges vampire conventions and limitations. spike also retains something of his literary intellect from his human side, routinely referencing poetry, songs, and literature; on occasion he even waxes poetic on the nature of love, life, and unlife as being driven by blood, reasoning that blood is more powerful than any supernatural force because it is what separates the living from the dead. has a punk look which strongly resembles english rock musician billy idol; humorously, buffy claims that billy idol in fact stole his look from spike.  the scene supports the metaphor of light and dark as spike sits in the shade because the sun was “low enough” for him to be out. is tara who determines conclusively that it is a minor molecular attribute to spike’s defective chip towards her: “funneling your essence back into your body, it altered you on a basic molecular level. he begins as "evil" and obsessed with drusilla, then becomes a depressed drunk after drusilla leaves him for a chaos demon because he is not "demon enough" for her anymore. however, his memories of her start to quickly fade and recordings he makes of himself talking about her turn to static. later he becomes corporeal, due to a mysterious gift that arrives at the office of wolfram and hart.  in a climactic moment, buffy, in a manner that wilcox notably points out is similar to when faith beat on her own body, pummels spike in the face mercilessly while insisting that he (or substitute she) cannot love or feel anything real because he (she) is dead.  white is the color of purity; black, the color of evil or death; green, the color of jealousy; and red, the color of lust or sensuality” (clemons). in the final scene of the episode, the first shows itself to wood in the guise of his dead mother (she is the slayer seen previously during the 1977 flashback in "fool for love") and, though it does not say so explicitly, leads him to conclude that it was spike who murdered her.

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^ joss whedon, marti noxon, douglas petrie, david grossman (2002-12-17). is this same bond that carries buffy and spike into deeper loyalty and devotion for one another despite their ambiguity in definition.  through the lust, they are able to express the same desire to feel through the other partner, but they do not feel equally.  when buffy sacrifices her life to save dawn’s, her death may have finished their story but as creator joss whedon and company soon figured out, that wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.  as lorna jowett puts it, “buffy relies on spike’s strength, at once a characteristic of real masculinity and a symptom of his monstrosity” (165). the negotiation between the slayer's duties and the desire for a normal life has been a constant motivation for buffy from the beginning through the end of the series. although, ironically, his personality remains pretty much the same, whether he has a soul or not – in stark (and more entertaining) contrast to angel. is having a conversation with willow about her upcoming date with principal wood and when willow says something buffy thought was in reference to spike she said "does everybody in this house think i'm still in love with spike? dark horse also gives the spike title a new stylised logo, distinct from the angel-typeface logo used prior.  in addition to obsessed lover however, the courtly lover in spike is also still active. he reunites with angel and seems genuinely pleased to see him, but is disgusted to find that angel has a soul (whether or not spike in fact knew that angel's acquisition of a soul is why he left the group nearly a century before has never been made clear) and is in love with the current slayer, buffy summers. questions and answers about 'Buffy and Spike' in our ''Buffy' Couples' category.  “red, black, and white carry special significances in american culture. wanted to know why spike could hit her and if she came back (from the dead) wrong. appears significantly in a number of canonical expanded universe literature concurrent with and subsequent to the television series, including both buffy and angel comic books.  their hands being consumed in the flames and the flinch in their eyes tells the audience that unlike before, they feel every ounce of it.  as laura resnick puts it, “in equal measures, spike regularly repels us and wins our admiration” (61). the two shared a brief flirtation before he was kidnapped and turned by vampires.  no longer in a pleasure friendship but certainly not close in any way, the restoration of spike’s soul only adds to this complexity.  “his demon nature and his human nature are so incompatibly extreme that trying to incorporate them into one persona makes him mentally unstable at first” (resnick 62). when he wakes up he's surprised and he says "oh god no, please no. resurrected by the amulet in the los angeles branch of supernatural law firm wolfram & hart, he spends seven episodes as an incorporeal being akin to a ghost; he starts to understand being one when he battles "the reaper" matthias pavayne. assuming he was in his early to mid 20s when he was sired, spike would be in his 140s during the series. second level is the pleasure friendship, which is defined as “a relationship based on mutual enjoyment, regardless of whether or not either party is especially beneficial to the other … the members get together to indulge passions and escape the toil of everyday life” (milavec and kaye 174). 'all the way', what did spike say he stirred into his blood to make it "all hot and spicy"?: [when asked if he has seen spike] "yeah, yeah, i know the guy.[29] he is at once horrified by his own actions and intentions, while also somewhat remiss that he did not go through with the rape, since he is still essentially a demon and has had no problem committing such acts in the past.  when the real spike lunges upward in bed, he is panting and his limbs rise uncomfortably beneath the sheets, suggesting an erection. my parents told me 1st flashback: in 1977 new york, spike fights vampire slayer nikki wood while her young son robin watches from a hiding place.  recall that the utility friendship is “a relationship based on mutual benefit, irrespective of whether or not the two parties especially enjoy each other … the individuals establish a relationship in order to accomplish a conscious goal” (milavec and kaye 174).[6] william's surname is given as "pratt" in the non-canon comic old times and is written on the label of his jar of blood in the comic spike: asylum #002." spike said this to lure buffy into the alley behind the bronze. the minute you find out he's associated with the military operative the initiative, and his saltine personality is going to run all season 4, you just want their relationship to end already.  when glory finally does learn dawn’s identity, it is spike that she enlists to help protect her in “spiral. buffy is resurrected at the beginning of season six, she is despondent and detached from her friends.[7] when angel loses his soul and rejoins spike and dru, spike's initial celebration soon turns to resentment when angelus starts pursuing drusilla as a lover and taunting him.  buffy reasons that instinct is telling her that spike can be a better man. and drusilla are major enemies of buffy for much of the second season. gone is the notion of courtly love, obsessive love, and the perversity of the previous season – spike has entered another league in his emotions towards buffy, even without her in the picture anymore. when the coat was destroyed by a bomb from the immortal in italy, spike heartbrokenly declared it to be irreplaceable; but the italian branch of wolfram & hart quickly supplied him with a whole wardrobe of new ones, nearly identical, which he happily began wearing. they prevent the seal from opening again, but during the course of the fight, wood finds out that spike is a vampire and that buffy cares about him very much, making him uneasy.[31] buffy guards and cares for spike throughout his recovery, telling spike she believes in him,[32] a statement which later sustains him throughout his imprisonment and torture at the hands of the first. in the follow-up series season nine (2011–2013), spike bases his ship in san francisco to be near buffy, but eventually leaves due to the complicatedness of their relationship, setting up the miniseries spike: a dark place (2012), which follows spike and his insectoid crew aboard his spaceship.  in essence, the indefinable bond that is reached between buffy and spike is a model for a meaningful relationship that any individual would want to reach with another.. won the hearts (but, let's face it, mainly the loins) of all of our favorite sunnydale ladies, including buffy's sister.

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  though spike acknowledges that god help him, he still loves buffy, buffy on the other hand remains generally uncertain, though the clairvoyant cassie newton’s prophecy to spike that “someday she’ll tell you” in “help” hints that buffy’s support of spike transcends beyond mere principle.[5] spike's grand-sire angelus became his mentor (leading spike occasionally to describe him loosely as his sire): "drusilla sired me, but you, you made me a monster.  at first, the plotline appears to be recycled because the audience has already seen this, even before the predicament of an implanted chip came into play – spike has a plan, buffy stops the plan, and spike fumes until another plan (for another episode) is conceived. the 2005 idw comic book spike: old times, by peter david, depicts spike's encounter with the vengeance demon halfrek, explaining his recognition of her in buffy episode "older and far away", and clarifying that she was in fact his beloved cecily.[12] spike is in fact a fan of sid vicious' band the sex pistols and punk band the ramones.  similarly, their sex scene in an alley in “doublemeat palace” is also lustful. was placed first in sfx magazine's "top 50 vampires" on television and movies list.  you faced the monster inside of you and you fought back. dracula" and expanding on the characters' century-old rivalry established in that episode. buffy slays most of them, and thinks that wood has set her up until she sees him take out two of the vampires. throughout season two, spike and dru are the canon's most prominent example of affection between vampires, displaying the humanity and intricacies of vampire relationships.  spike protected dawn’s identity not to win points with buffy or to nullify his behavior with the robot, but because he’d rather die before seeing buffy endure the pain of this loss.  during the retreat back to his crypt however, the flare and feist in his rage appears more elevated than usual: “i’m her pet project. often displays insight and skills in perception and observation, especially with regard to relationships and personalities, so long as the relationship in question does not concern him personally. golden's 2006 novel, blackout, is truer to the series' chronology by depicting spike's fatal encounter with slayer nikki wood in 1977. though buffy is disgusted by this, her hostility towards him fades considerably when she learns that spike refused, even under intense torture, to reveal the identity of the key to glory, nearly laying down his life to protect buffy's sister dawn. work, buffy tries to hunt for clues as to whether principal wood is good or evil in his office. when the others return and dawn is restored buffy thanks him for staying with her sister, spike says all that matters to him is that dawn is safe again.  for milavec and kaye, buffy and angel’s relationship is total in devotion and loyalty, and this is why they are understood to have the complete friendship.[28] believing he still has a chance with buffy after seeing her reactions of jealousy and hurt when he has a drunk sexual encounter with anya, spike corners her and makes aggressive sexual advances."[8] whereas new vampires in the buffyverse often delight in killing their families once they become evil, william was a notable exception. joss whedon credits this antipathy as what convinced him in the episode "lovers walk" to bring spike back as a cast regular. had previously appeared in the season 1 episode of angel "in the dark", spike goes to los angeles at the same time as oz arrives to give angel the gem of amarra, spike's objective was to get the ring and kill angel. both are unsatisfied; buffy is ashamed of her dark desires, while spike obsessively craves the love, trust, and affection that she is unwilling to give.[39] after this, spike takes on angel to prove which one of them is the champion spoken of in the shanshu prophecy. dracula, in which their mutual hatred is caused when spike, along with darla and drusilla, slaughtered the romani (gypsy) tribe who had cursed their patriarch, angelus, with a soul, although it is unclear if either spike or drusilla knew precisely why darla was so angry with the tribe.  / and i just wanna be alive” implies that she currently does not feel alive and sorely wants to. the first discovers that andrew is wired and is not pleased, but not before telling andrew that it isn't time to use spike yet for the first's purposes, hinting that he will be used in the future.'s that glint in his eyes when he looks at buffy, that devilish lilt in his voice as he offhandedly calls buffy "love.  the fifth year for buffy and spike began with a relationship based on mutual hatred to a relationship based on imbalance, with spike becoming a courtly lover, an obsessed lover, and at times a hybrid of both.  jowett states that “he is aware of the binaries of gender but cannot transcend them because his role (villain, lover, or hero) depends on ‘being a man,’” so he therefore sets out to gain what will make him the man that buffy deserves (165).  what is clear, however, is that buffy is ashamed of herself. tells buffy that her date with principal wood will help her to "move on", to which buffy asks: "why does everybody in this house think that i'm still in love with spike?"[5] in "the weight of the world" spike mentions having spent "the better part of a century" in delinquency, suggesting criminal activities other than killing for blood.  the only relationship that is even remotely similar to this unique position is xander and anya, though she is human and the scoobies never experience firsthand the treacheries from her former demon life that she talks about, save for cordelia’s wish that was later reversed – and yet this is also a treachery that only talking can convey, as none of the originals recall anything about their doppelgangers until they are told about it.^ a b c d joss whedon, dan webber, david semel (1998-11-24).  “buffy in the buff: a slayer’s solution to aristotle’s love paradox."first date" is the fourteenth episode of seventh and final season of the television show buffy the vampire slayer. buffy and spike no longer have a utility friendship, a pleasure friendship, or a concrete foundation for any other definition, what are they to one another?" it's that heart-wrenching, "no you don't, but thanks for saying it," after buffy finally confesses her love for him. upon discovering what he has done, he begs buffy to stake him, but she refuses and takes him into her house, telling him she has seen him change. his analytical skills also help him in battle from time to time; for example, in "time bomb", he identifies illyria's fighting style as a tae kwon do/brazilian capoeira / ninjitsu hybrid.[4] the character appears substantially in expanded universe materials such as comic books and tie-in novels.[40] cordelia comments on this strange turn of events after coming out of her coma in "you're welcome", exclaiming to angel, "okay, spike's a hero, and you're ceo of hell, incorporated.  it is here that they regain the element of pleasure in their complete friendship – while it is not sexual, it is physical and sensual and above all, powerful.

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he's one of the many, many characters who takes advantage of buffy's trust throughout the series. the murderous vampire spike was first introduced in buffy the vampire slayer’s second season, he appeared to be just another ordinary adversary for buffy summers.  at her lowest, it is spike who comes through to her with strength and love:A hundred plus years, and there’s only one thing i’ve ever been sure of: you." how spike and illyria got to be lords of los angeles is detailed in the spike: after the fall (2008) miniseries, which also introduces a human friend for spike in jeremy johns. spike tells buffy that although he knows she doesn't love him, she does treat him like a man.  though buffy begs him to come with her, spike knows that his life is required to at last achieve redemption; buffy knows this too, and she needs to let him go. however, it is revealed that andrew is committed to helping buffy and her friends, telling the first "i'm good now. you've got – the dog racing, manchester united, and you've got people: billions of people walking around like happy meals with legs."[21] spike appeared in every episode thereafter with the exception of "the body"."[36] even as he burns and crumbles to dust, spike laughs and revels in the destruction around him and the burning presence of his soul, glad to be able to see the fight to its end.  he last asked for her help in season four’s “pangs,” back in a time when his only use to buffy was his utility in having something to offer her in return. was spike looking for (for buffy and his relationship) when he got his soul?  dream spike then grabs dream buffy roughly by both arms and submits her to a hungry kiss, though she willingly returns it. angel, working for the us government, helps spike seize control of the sub, and the two escape and then part ways.^ "beauty and the beasts" buffy the vampire slayer season 2 dvd featurette.”  in an act that is both monstrous and human, spike attempts rape in order to force buffy to feel something for him.  it is her bond with spike, “whether agape or eros,” that also leads her to this decision (bradney 4). spike was always so much more than just a big bad." after a demon's spell makes them express their emotions in song, and buffy sings "i want the fire back",[26] buffy and spike begin a physical relationship, consummated two episodes later. we were glad when cromag buffy, under the influence of tainted beer, smacks him over the head with a branch.  to better understand their reasoning, it is necessary to take a closer look at each of aristotle’s three levels and how each suitor qualifies.  though spike is already well on his way to africa at that point, the fact that buffy even agrees to the idea is something. buffy is moved by this unexpected loyalty and kisses him, saying she will not forget what he has done. bounce between agape and eros of buffy and spike’s bond becomes even more prominent when buffy accepts a date with robin wood, a high school principal by day and demon hunter by night.  first he arrives at buffy’s door for the first time since she witnessed his post-soul disorientation, blaming it on the “ghostly types” from the school basement rather than the soul. first level is the utility friendship, which is defined as “a relationship based on mutual benefit, irrespective of whether or not the two parties especially enjoy each other … the individuals establish a relationship in order to accomplish a conscious goal” (milavec and kaye 174). both buffy and xander went on to other fulfilling relationships with angel, anya, and spike, but the xan man was the true beating heart of the whole production." willow means that it will help buffy move on from her "super-self-reliance". 4th flashback: in 1898 romania, spike and drusilla, under darla's orders, attack the kalderash tribe who ensouled angelus, later called angel. written by series writer drew goddard, "the problem with vampires" establishes his adventures in prague prior to his introduction buffy episode "school hard".[20] in season four, spike was introduced to fill the antagonistic role that cordelia had in seasons one to three; as joss whedon explains on the dvd featurette, "all of our characters got to the point where they were loving and hugging, and it was sort of like, where's cordelia? his sense of humor is dry and sarcastic, and he carries himself with swagger.  “she demonstrates this belief in her willingness to accept spike at face value, in spite of his being a creature that she would normally destroy … to buffy, it is not for her to decide who is redeemable and who is not. so, buffy and spike’s relationship becomes blurry following his attempted rape of her.: a team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as. he explained that the shirt was supposed to show buffy that he had changed and give him confidence (because the first was messing with his head and he did not want buffy to think he was still evil or crazy). after buffy leaves, wood opens the case, displaying a large collection of blade weapons, into which he places a bloody dagger. illyria criticizes his (and others') ability to adapt, calling it "compromise. gave spike a very short yet tender kiss to thank him for not telling glory that dawn was "the key. he is proud of this accomplishment despite the fact that his victories had more to do with the slayers' state of mind than a special prowess on his part (or "luck," as he reveals in buffy episode fool for love). season five, after some erotic dreams, spike becomes aware to his horror that he has fallen in love with buffy. gallagher's 2005 novel spark and burn depicts the struggling early-season seven spike remembering an account of his life, amounting to a chronological character history of spike's life from the 19th century to the time of the framing device. for love 1st flashback / darla 3rd flashback: in 1880, william is rejected by cecily and sired by drusilla, with whom he immediately falls in love. angelus regarded killing as an art, not a sport, and killed for the sheer act of evil; spike did it for amusement and the rush. for example, when he wants to create disharmony among the scoobies, spike divides-and-conquers with "the yoko factor", exploiting tensions that exist under the surface to alienate buffy and her friends against each other.

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buffy is ending (for real this time) their secret relationship, she says that it "makes things simpler, for a little while. to buffy's date with principal wood, anya attempts to remove a stain from the shirt buffy wishes to wear. this is a reference to the episode "conversations with dead people" in which dawn makes a pizza stain on one of buffy's shirts and dismisses it thinking buffy will assume it's blood.  the scene is shot in a blue and gray tint that is ambiguous in that it is neither overtly light nor dark.  milavec and kaye argue that buffy and angel classify the complete friendship because they achieve the rarity of valuing each another for who they are. is a very nice little scene, which takes place just after buffy renews spike's invitation into her home. spike admits this to an inquiring buffy in the season 5 episode fool for love, and the impact of his revelation has probably not been completely felt as of the completion of season 8. crispin's day speech while in conversation with giles after buffy tells them her plan of attack on glory. in the final battle inside the hellmouth, spike, wearing a mystical amulet, sacrifices himself to destroy the turok-han and close the hellmouth.^ "''wizard universe'' – whedon says that "money is standing in the way" of the project". to say, spike’s utility is but an occasional convenience – his information may be valuable, but he is not a constant resource she can rely on, given their obvious mutual hate as well as his continued desire to kill her." he's just your normal high school dude (with some violent, mutant friends) who soon came to realize courting buffy, especially an "oh no, i killed angel" buffy, is no picnic.^ buffy the vampire slayer season eight #3, "the long way home, part three". has an intimate dream about buffy at the end of which episode? in what episode do buffy and spike first have sex? after his romantic overtures were rejected by the aristocratic cecily, william wandered the streets despondently and bumped into drusilla. the end, spike sacrifices himself and ensures buffy’s victory, an act that destroys his kind so that buffy’s may live.  but despite having crossed buffy’s moral line and giving her no reason to trust him, she still holds him in certain regard when it’s spike that dawn wants to stay with for protection during willow’s rampage with black magic. here's a ranking of our favorite underbaked cookie's love interests—the good, the bad, and the parker abrams.  in their essay “buffy in the buff: a slayer’s solution to aristotle’s love paradox,” authors melissa m.'s flashback appearances, in chronological order, include:Lies my parents told me 2nd flashback: in 1880 england, william, pre-spike, tends to his ailing mother anne. is notable in that he's the first kiss on the entire series for buffy. a hundred plus years and there's only one thing i've ever been sure of.  in fact, spike goes to great measures to conceal the fact that he has regained it to begin with in “beneath you” for fear that buffy will not understand. note that as the series' central character, spike receives his own stylised logo. tipton's spike: lost and found in 2006 is a season five story that acts as a sequel to the 1999 buffy/angel crossover episodes "the harsh light of day" and "in the dark", featuring the immortality-bestowing gem of amarra in 2005 los angeles.  buffy’s final word in the series, “spike,” is further proof that while he may be gone he will never be far from her memory. you don't just lose a soul over any old fling.  perhaps the reason that the imbalance between buffy and spike has existed all this time is not solely because their feelings for one another have never been mutually shared, but also because they have always been, at their core, two separate beings; one with a soul and one without.  and i understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are.: buffy the vampire slayer (season 7) episodes2003 american television episodesscreenplays by jane espensonhidden categories: pages using deprecated image syntax. the first appears to willow, dawn, amanda and kennedy in the guise of a horribly maimed jonathan, threatening them before disappearing. if he hadn't had a personal vendetta against spike and started to randomly hook up with faith, he and buffy could have had a bright future.  the role reversal provides the potential for buffy and spike to build a newfound bond that will ultimately become more meaningful than any other they have shared. the episode’s final number, buffy sings to spike, “i touch the fire and it freezes me / i look into it and it’s black. as a soulless vampire, he exhibits quite a few human traits such as love, loyalty, and aesthetic appreciation. in season eight, spike and his crew come to buffy's aid to help prevent the end of the universe.  for milavec and kaye, when buffy desires to date a wholesome good guy like riley, she does so for all the wrong reasons and fails to connect to her partner emotionally.  her task is to protect and help – not to judge” (sakal 250).  regardless of whether or not the audience believes that they are in love or not, buffy and spike reached a bond that is understood as complete and total. marsters says "spike was supposed to be dirty and evil, punk rock, and then dead. whedon appreciated lynch's writing of spike in asylum so much that he commissioned him to co-write the canonical continuation of the series, angel: after the fall, in 2007.[22] he becomes a more active participant in the scooby gang, jumping into several of buffy's fights to provide assistance, whether she wants it or not.^ a b c joss whedon, david fury, drew goddard (2003-03-25).  and while buffy admits that spike is not her boyfriend, he nonetheless has a place in her heart just as angel does.

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  roz kaveney describes this as “an element of irresponsibility: she wants to believe that she [was] not choosing this,” the ‘this’ being sex with spike (32). spike looks for the ring but finds out that marcus took it. principal wood asks buffy out on a date, she jokingly admits that she would have otherwise been "watching a reality show about a millionaire. crestwood college student who lead the cult of machida (basically a group of sewer lizard worshippers), tom took high schooler buffy to a frat party and drugged her in the hopes he could make her into a ritual sacrifice.  similarly, buffy also steps back from her attitudes when she displays her first genuine regard for him. infamous 'building collapsing' scene - after spike discovers his chip doesn't work on buffy, they have a spectacular fight, ending with spike and buffy having sex for the first time, as an abandoned building collapses around them. progeny of a slayer himself, principal wood understood buffy's whole tormented ethos pretty well for a normal high school principal. he is also capable of easily operating various vehicles, such as various cars, a yamaha xjr400 motorcycle ("bargaining"), and a winnebago ("spiral"). is wise to end the relationship, but to have spike go from an erotic pleasure partner back to the confidant that he was before their connection turned sexual, is simply not logical for them. when buffy rejects his advances, spike attempts to prove his love by kidnapping her so that she can witness him killing drusilla for her, to little avail; in her disgust, buffy un-invites him from her house (something she had not bothered to do in almost three years since their alliance against angelus) and alienates him from the group.^ 411mania interviews: james marsters (buffy the vampire slayer, angel), march 10, 2012.  spike, on the other hand, is and always has been the one more emotionally invested. if buffy wanted a little monster in her man, she found it in him.  the difference here is that spike is no longer beneath buffy; he is not an empty shell that a human once inhabited, for like her he has a soul – an asset that has proved so often in the past makes all the difference. still, buffy managed to slay a few hearts during the show's seven season run. spike was transformed into a ghost-like intangible state following the destruction of sunnydale and the hellmouth and his subsequent materialization at wolfram & hart, he was capable of walking through solid objects. tells xander and willow to put some ice on the back of buffy's neck in "normal again. then has warren mears make a robot in buffy's likeness, programmed to love and obey him. he drives in broad daylight in vehicles with blacked-out windows, and on several occasions travels outside during the day using a blanket for cover. enough, but do we need to point out that he shared a body with a god from a hell dimension? the episode, the first again appears to andrew in the guise of jonathan, and attempts to get him to kill the potential slayers staying in the house, using the gun that willow brought to the house in "the killer in me", while she was possessed by warren.  this model is an accurate reflection of buffy and riley’s relationship because “buffy deliberately chooses riley with a particular goal in mind: to have a ‘normal’ boyfriend” (milavec and kaye 175).  like riley, it is beneficial to have spike by her side right now; they are both strong warriors and they both share a common sentiment for dawn’s wellbeing, but they do not share a common sentiment for each other.  in “out of my mind,” spike sets out yet again to have his chip removed so that he may taste the blood of the slayer, and yet again, he fails. i've seen things you couldn't imagine – done things i'd prefer you didn't., moved by his unconditional belief in her just as spike was moved by her unconditional belief in him in “never leave me,” asks him to stay with her through the night and hold her. but underneath it all, he loves deeply and earnestly in a way that remains achingly human. lastly, writer brian lynch teamed up with franco urru to produce the story arc spike: asylum (2006–07), depicting spike's stay in a supernatural medical facility. his next character development and change was after he escaped the initiative, realized he could not harm any human being because of the chip they put in his brain, and saw his only option as going to buffy and the scooby gang for help. spike reveals angel's location and tells them that the only way he will release angel is if they find him the ring. scott tipton's 2006 comic spike: old wounds is detective fiction set during season five, and also features allusions to spike's activities in the late 1940s. she consoled him, drained him of blood and made him drink of her blood, thus transforming him into a vampire – "siring" him, in the jargon of the series.[45] following angel's cancellation, spike immediately appeared in the angel miniseries spike vs. the enmity between spike and dracula was explored in the comic series spike vs. willow indicates in the season premiere, buffy’s friends have planned on her return all along whereas the unknowing spike has not, a point which makes his grief over her loss and his resolve to stay true to his word to protect dawn all the more genuine. he was initially unable to make contact with objects around him until he learned how to focus his abilities through desire, allowing him to make brief contact with people and things if he concentrated enough. he hands buffy right over to spike in exchange for becoming a soulless bloodsucker himself. discusses the removal of spike's chip with giles; giles doesn't believe that it was the right thing to do, while buffy is convinced that it was. / this isn’t real / but i just wanna feel” while spike sings, “you can make me feel” right before she plants a classic hollywood kiss on him as the curtains close (literally).  when spike discovers that his chip no longer activates with buffy, the two engage in foreplay in the form of a full-fledged fight that culminates when buffy mounts him, pulls a zipper down, and begins to thrust erotically. the buffy series, spike's character changes and develops the most out of them all. he also wore a red long-sleeved shirt fairly often, particularly during the earlier seasons of buffy, and a bright blue shirt early in season 6 & 7. spike heads to a remote area of africa, where he seeks out a legendary demon shaman and undergoes the demon trials, a series of grueling physical challenges.  by now, buffy and spike have utility again due to their common goal as warriors in the fight against the first evil. he has also been shown using video game systems and a computer, treating injuries, and playing poker and pool.

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  while spike enjoys sex with buffy, he continues to push for something deeper with her despite her insistence that it will never happen. in the company of drusilla, angelus and darla, spike terrorized europe and asia for almost two decades.  when small courtly favors are not getting it done, spike fills the void by hoarding several articles of buffy’s, such as sweaters and photos. the end of 'as you were', how many hours straight did spike say he and buffy had been together (sexually) once? when she is about to open a cabinet, principal wood finds her in his office and asks her out to dinner.  this model, like riley’s model, is an accurate statement to buffy and angel’s relationship because they successfully have all three elements: the utility, the pleasure, and unconditional value for one another: “each is willing to sacrifice anything.  at the same time, however, neither is ultimately willing to let the other make these sacrifices” (milavec and kaye 181). what episode in the 6th season did spike get his soul back to "give buffy what she deserved? he may be the hallmark romantic interest of the entire series, the one guy buffy could never really get over, but let's not try to pretend everything was all 5 x 5 between these two. spike set his sights on finding it and ended up locating it in sunnydale.  his shaky statement, “i’m not leaving you to get hurt … not again” indicates his misgivings with himself from the night buffy died, remembering every moment of being on the tower with the chance to save dawn and his subsequent failure to do so.  the rarity in this one-sided affection is significant because spike falls in love with someone who is an adversary not just in principle (like angel) but also in personal history. angel takes precaution and goes on a manhunt for spike, angel finally finds him, chases him through the alley, and corners him only to fall into spike's trap.  second, he wholeheartedly acknowledges to buffy that his attempted assault on her was unforgivable and that he has changed, but prevents anya from revealing his soul by starting a fight in the bronze with his usual attitude and goads that negates the previous testament.  spike acknowledges this at last, and seeks the necessary change. / whisper in a dead man’s ear, / that doesn’t make it real. cordelia and doyle find the ring in the sewer and head straight to spike. girl in question 1st flashback: in 1894, spike and angelus are imprisoned by the mysterious immortal, who seduces drusilla and darla in their absence.  when drusilla’s sires him into the demon world, it allows spike to become everything that he was not as a human, and it is significant that spike voluntarily turns rather than being forced or tricked. their relationship then grew slowly from a hostile tolerance to a confusing romantic relationship to a mutual respect and understanding. the arc serves to divest spike of the ship and crew, and sets up his 2013 crossover stint in angel & faith ahead of an eventual return to the main buffy series.^ "the top 50 greatest tv and film vampires of all time". i know buffy and xander never had a proper relationship. spike captures angel and hires a vampire named marcus to torture angel until he tells him where the ring is. what episode was buffy and spike's first kiss without magical assistance? the beginning of the fifth season, buffy and spike are easily termed as enemies.[6] she, like most vampires, lacked his unusual capacity for some of the softer human emotions, like love and compassion.  the problem with buffy and spike is that lust cannot survive on its own. still, by the end of his episode, buffy has to stake her newly-desouled crush. after single-handedly (literally, he held the baby in one hand and a sword in the other) rescuing an infant and destroying the fell brethren, spike joins angel, illyria, and a badly wounded charles gunn in the alley behind the hyperion as the series draws to an end, preparing to incur the apocalyptic wrath of the senior partners, as a way of going out in a blaze of glory that will probably cost their lives. at the restaurant, wood reveals that he is a "freelance" demon hunter, and tells her about his mother — that she was a vampire slayer and was killed when he was four years old, after which he was raised by her watcher. for marsters, the role as spike began a career in science fiction television, becoming "the obvious go-to guy for us cult [television]".^ a b c d joss whedon, david greenwalt (1997-09-29).[9] at some point, spike also became rivals with the famous vampire dracula.  the list drags on, and many have argued one over the other. during the second season of the series, spike comes to sunnydale hoping to kill a third slayer, buffy summers (sarah michelle gellar), with whom he later forges an uneasy alliance.[10] by the 1950s, spike had reunited with drusilla, and they traveled to italy. his experience in crime gives him skill at picking locks, hotwiring cars and picking pockets. when he tried to grope buffy on the way to school and she consequently broke his nose, he then told the principal (of all people) that she was a big old tease.  buffy then accepts spike as her confidant by confessing only to him that she was torn out of heaven and not hell, a level that no longer qualifies their relationship as a utility friendship. spike decides to ally himself with buffy against angelus; as he explains to buffy, in addition to wanting drusilla back, he also wants to "save the world":[15].  they fall into lust rather than love, for buffy’s draw to spike is in his innate darkness, not in him personally. was at this point that spike realised, with horror, that he was in love with buffy.[46] lynch and urru also penned spike: shadow puppets, featuring spike and lorne doing battle with the muppet demons of angel episode "smile time" in japan.  spike has access to information about demon and vampire activity in the area, which at times prove to be invaluable to buffy … without this utility, given the long-term threat he poses, killing spike would be just as permissible as killing a rabid dog that has been temporarily restrained” (2).

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spike defeats angel, but the prophecy remains ambiguous (the cup of torment is revealed as a fake containing mountain dew). following this incident, angel parts company with the group, and the other three vampires resume their travels without him.  if any part of that was buffy, i wouldn’t let her.  as richard greene and wayne yuen put it, “spike has utility. spike was then captured by the initiative and was going to be used as a government science experiment. if you set him up with any woman other than buffy, he would have been just fine, but matched up with the strength and power of a slayer, he starts to get a grating inferiority complex. as far as is known, this is spike and angel's last meeting prior to the events of school hard in 1998. violation towards the woman that he loves allows spike to finally see that he can never be worthy of buffy’s love and trust because the necessary element for that just isn’t there – a soul.  it’s out of the same horror and disgust of his actions that prompts spike on a journey to africa to transform himself. in "as you were", buffy tells spike she is using him and ends their relationship. after the first leaves, willow receives a text message with a help code from xander."fool for love" 4th flashback: in 1977 new york, spike again fights nikki wood, killing her.  but like cecily, buffy attests that spike is beneath her, a stinging remark that only serves to remind spike that though he may be a few centuries old, as carolyn korsmeyer puts it, “his human past is not so distant” (169). a flashback in "fool for love" reveals that spike received the scar from the sword of the first slayer he killed in 1900. dark, mysterious, cut, and particularly helpful with defeating the forces of darkness, he seemed perfect for the slayer.  and yet when spike’s obsessive perversity hits an all-time low, he endures fierce torture from the hell god glory just a few scenes later when he refuses to reveal buffy’s younger sister dawn as the key." buffy: "way to go with the keen observiness, jessica fletcher.[44] the image is reflective of spike's role in both franchises.^ a b joss whedon, douglas petrie, david grossman (2000-05-09)., played by james marsters, is a fictional character created by joss whedon for the television series buffy the vampire slayer and angel.'s idw series feeds into the "twilight" and "last gleaming" arcs of buffy season eight, concluding that series in 2011. spike had setbacks along the way; there were times when he reverted to his former "evil" self and tried to hurt buffy or the scoobies. proving his worthiness by surviving the trials, spike earns his soul back.[49] spike appears in season eight properly at the conclusion of the "twilight" story arc.  spike, on the other hand, has schemed, kidnapped, and tried to kill them. this ability allows him to wield powerful psychological weapons as easily and effectively as physical ones. spike meets the newly resurrected buffy once again, she descends the stairs and stops halfway as spike stares up at her from the floor’s level. spike goes to los angeles, and hires a vampire named marcus to torture angel in order to get the ring, but marcus takes the ring himself and angel finally destroys it. from 2007, both dark horse comics and idw publishing began telling canonical continuations of buffy and angel, respectively. he is slowly incinerated in the process, but not before buffy tells him "i love you.” when buffy realizes that she is in fact, completely human, she is far from relieved. he has a dream and in it he kisses her and tells her he loves her.  though buffy submits to spike in the dream, in reality it is spike who submits to buffy, and his meek “please, no” acknowledges that he’s well aware of the affliction this will bring him. taking precautions however, they then throw the ring away and just as spike was about to retrieve it, oz bursts through the wall in his van and rescues angel. buffy's love for angel was like that of an addict's – she would excuse his worst behavior and keep going back for more. the film, if ever greenlit, would star james marsters, alyson hannigan and amy acker. and kaye’s qualification of buffy and spike’s relationship as the pleasure friendship is inaccurate because they restrict it under one, and only one, conclusive definition like so many other authors have.”  the final scene of the episode, when he confesses the truth to buffy in a church, is bathed in deep blue mood lighting that jenny alexander argues is representative of the “conflicted intensity” of buffy and spike’s bond, noting that it is the same used when they first consummated their relationship (7). character's look has been compared with rock musician billy idol (pictured).  only spike knows instinctively what buffy went through, and it is in this shared trauma that a deeper bond is forged. while many vampires cling to the mannerisms and speech patterns prevalent at the time they were sired, spike has been shown to easily adjust to changing fashions and styles over the decades and displays an impressive knowledge of both british and american popular culture, demonstrating another aspect of his potential for analysis and adaptability. which doesn't exactly rush in the direction of my brain. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.  they believe in one another instinctively and their bond persists even when everyone gives them hundreds of reasons to break it.  recall that the pleasure friendship is “a relationship based on mutual enjoyment, regardless of whether or not either party is especially beneficial to the other … the members get together to indulge passions and escape the toil of everyday life” (milavec and kaye 174).

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