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tj really is a strong example that the mind and body are capable of powerful things! after all, these wwe athletes are traveling almost all the time, and so for most of the year, they are really only seeing the people they work with. naomi and jimmy uso don’t acknowledge their relationship on wwe programming, they mention it very frequently on social media; both naomi and jimmy uso frequently post photos together on social media. the shield return to action at wwe tlc: tables, ladders & chairs 2017, here are five times the hounds of justice dominated legendary competitors. is currently away from the wwe due to a legitimate injury. bludgeon brothers are ready to dish out punishment: smackdown live, oct. See what the online dating profiles of Dean Ambrose, Paige, Goldust and others would look like on WWE Matchups. a lot of wwe romances, this one began when the two were placed in a storyline together. shield successfully turned their triple powerbomb into one of the most feared tag team maneuvers of all time. shockingly attacked roman reigns on raw, and he has officially joined the miz's team against the shield at wwe tlc: tables, ladders & chairs. was their appearance on the nbc show meet my folks that led to them being discovered, and shortly after attending a wwe diva casting they were offered jobs. a long time, the relationship between dean ambrose and renee young was something that nobody in the wwe ever talked about. smackdown live women's division squares off in a six-woman tag team showdown. two actually met in 2006 during a wwe diva’s search.

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she’s currently working on the independent circuit, maria had a long fruitful career as a wwe diva and while her dating resume might not be as long as other divas, she has had her share of relationships inside the wwe. and jimmy uso, though, began dating in 2009, and in 2014, they got married in hawaii. most have been involved in some sort of relationship with a fellow wrestler at some point in their careers. shield reunite on the road on wwe ride along (wwe network exclusive). but it all had to end after a relatively awkward and uncomfortable situation with the wwe forced her to retire. “because we’re in the same industry, she truly understands that there will be fans that are looking for a different sort of admiration, but it takes two to be disrespectful, and i would like to think that in most every encounter, i try to treat her with as much respect as i can. relationship between john cena and nikki bella has been thoroughly documented on the shows total bellas and total divas. post shared by wwe murphy (@wwe_murphy) on apr 8, 2017 at 1:17pm pdt. post shared by brie bella (@thebriebella) on apr 27, 2017 at 7:52am pdt. big red monster teams with road dogg & billy gunn to battle dean ambrose, seth rollins & roman reigns on the grandest stage of them all: courtesy of the award-winning wwe network. of may 2017, here are all of the wwe superstars who are in relationships with other wwe employees. the wwe, off-screen relationships between wrestlers are almost as common as on-screen feuds. other wwe diva has generated more hatred and controversy throughout their career than melina has. the WWE, these are all of the current superstars who are in relationships with other WWE superstars off screen.

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kane & the new age outlaws: wrestlemania 30 (full match - wwe network exclusive). post shared by natbynature (@natbynature) on dec 19, 2016 at 8:36am pst. in her time with the wwe, massaro had two pretty noteworthy relationships that seemed to create some tension. certainly some of wrestling’s most popular personalities, wwe divas are loved and obsessed over by tons of fans. to signing with the wwe, the bella twins were contestants in the 2006 international body doubles twin search. other relationship documented on total bellas is the one between daniel bryan, the smackdown live commissioner, and brie bella, a wwe superstar. and bryan are about to have a child, a baby girl who was due earlier this week but who is a few days late. april 2011, brie won the divas championship, then nikki won it a year later in april 2012. the duo might be similar in most aspects of their lives, but their love lives are vastly different.'s kareem jackson: protests might be screwing ratings, 'we feel how we feel'. she had another short fling with kenny dykstra a few years later and the two apparently broke up after james’ apparent affair with john cena (his name appears a lot on this list, doesn’t it? her sister is living the married life, nikki bella is still trying her luck in the dating market. in fact, young and ambrose dated for a long time before even publicly acknowledging that they are a couple. this all coming from the mouth of randy orton who claimed she’d been with “like, 10 guys” on the wwe roster.

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now nikki recently won the divas championship again, making her a two-time divas champ! tj really is a strong example that the mind and body are capable of powerful things! “actually it was shortly before our story line ended we kind of started dating each other. miz and maryse’s characters on monday night raw are married, and they are married in real life as well..Though no longer with the wwe, ashley massaro enjoyed a memorable career as a diva. he has made some iconic costumes for superstars like paige and summer rae, but he’s also made all of sasha banks’ gear as well. the former baltimore ravens cheerleader has dated a handful of stars along with a couple of wwe stars. she retired earlier this year after being caught in the cross-hairs of the ongoing battle between her husband and the wwe. she dated david flair, son of ric, for a period of time early on in her wcw career.) she seems to have finally found stability with nick aldis (aka magnus) and the two are currently married and had their first child last year. they turned down the offer because they didn't want to relocate to tampa, and it wasn't until several years later that their mom met with wwe reps again and convinced her daughters to give wrestling a shot. as a result, their love lives become a major factor in some wwe storylines. may recall when nikki revealed a big secret to her family on last season of total divas—she was married for three years! it didn’t take long for her to find another major wwe superstar to keep her company.

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    nikki bella, meanwhile, was taking a hiatus from the wwe at the time following the loss of her diva’s championship to lalya at extreme rules. relationship between naomi and jimmy uso is one that’s rarely acknowledged on wwe programming, even though they are both members of the smackdown live roster. wwe 2k18 provides the answer with this outrageous entrance mashup. banks rarely ever talks about mikaze, and for the longest time, she did not confirm the fact that they are married. in the day, nikki and dolph ziggler met when they were in tampa, florida for the wwe's then-developmental branch, florida championship wrestling. is not someone that most wwe viewers will know very well; he performs primarily on the independent circuit, but he has also worked with the wwe, serving as an alternate during the cruiserweight classic. 2014, bella and bryan were married, and their wedding was filmed for total divas. current tna star and former five-time wwe women’s champ has quite a long track record when it comes to dating colleagues. after having dated guys like george clooney and jamie foxx, stacy finally settled down in 2013 with entrepreneur jared pobre and the two now have a child together. is a wrestler who has performed on the independent circuit and who now makes costumes for the wwe., romances develop, and there are tons of wwe personalities who are dating other people on the roster. other times, though, the relationship is something that is never acknowledged on wwe programming, and so you may be surprised to learn that two superstars who usually never cross paths are actually dating. the most high-profile wwe relationship is the one between john cena and nikki bella. in 2012 she was rumored to be seeing john cena and started dating cm punk the year after.

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    she then moved on and dated test for a couple years and while rumors that the two were still dating surfaced a few years after their break up, she quickly put those to rest. bella has talked about the fact that in some ways, dating john cena has actually made her life more difficult because people always presume that she is dating him just to get ahead in the wwe. the fact that brie acts like the older sibling on total divas and is always trying to give her sister advice, in actuality nikki is the older twin by 16 minutes! perhaps those that people most obsess over in the wwe are the divas. “i just hide it because our fans are so crazy sometimes, you know? they started dating shortly after having a storyline together in which they were dating within kayfabe. harper & erick rowan are on their way to demolish the competition. three years removed from her time as a wwe diva, barbara blank – aka kelly kelly – apparently had a handful of flings during her wwe career. now married to former nhl defenseman sheldon souray, she was rumored to have been with a decent number of men in the wwe. ambrose, seth rollins & roman reigns are together again on wwe ride along: courtesy of the award-winning wwe network., solow has performed on 205 live, the wwe network show featuring the cruiserweight division. a new perspective on the shield as they enter the arena through the crowd for the first time in three years. of course they are celebrities so it’s only natural for people to want to know what’s going on with them outside of the ring. miz and maryse ouellet attend wwe’s 2014 superstars for kids at the new orleans museum of art on april 3, 2014 in new orleans city.
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      is back and wwe fans are freaking out: wwe now. post shared by leah van damme (@carmellawwe) on dec 18, 2016 at 4:27pm pst. tag team champions seth rollins & dean ambrose give their thoughts on now teaming up with wwe hall of famer kurt angle in the main event of wwe tlc: tables, ladders & chairs in a 5-on-3 handicap match. that has been reported in various wrestling news outlets, but technically, neither bayley nor solow has ever confirmed the engagement, as in general they are quite private about their relationship. the miz and maryse, lana and rusev are married both on screen and in real life. entertainment’s “superstars for hope” at the beverly hills hotel on august 15, 2013 in beverly hills, california. post shared by wwe murphy (@wwe_murphy) on apr 9, 2017 at 6:27pm pdt. complete bombshell, torrie wilson was one of the most popular and successful wwe divas of her generation. but despite their differences, at the end of the day nothing can keep these two wwe divas apart for long (not even a wwe storyline!-wwe superstar cameron -- real name ariane andrew -- says she has a rule when it comes to dating . rollins and dean ambrose cause utter carnage with double elbow drops through the announce tables: wwe tlc: tables, ladders & chairs 2017 (wwe network exclusive).“yeah, yes we are,” young said in an interview with gorilla position.“she was picked, but we didn’t start dating then,” the miz told cosmopolitan. wwe 2k18 provides the answer with this outrageous entrance mashup.
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      -WWE superstar Cameron says she has a rule when it comes to dating . lee enjoyed a successful career in the wwe and will be remembered as one of its greatest divas. wasn’t until may 2015 that renee young acknowledged that she’s dating dean ambrose, although there were plenty of rumors out there by that point. the bear claws you see on my lower stomach are in memory of him. has been signed with the wwe since 2006, but he is currently away from the company due to a legitimate neck injury. you watch this sunday's chaotic wwe tlc: tables, ladders & chairs 2017, here is everything you need to know about wwe's demolition derby. raw tag team champions and kurt angle join forces to destroy kane and braun strowman: courtesy of the award-winning wwe network. here are the 10 unlucky recipients of the greatest triple powerbombs ever doled out by the hounds of justice. post shared by wwe superstar naomi (@trinity_fatu) on may 4, 2017 at 1:15pm pdt. things you probably didn't know about the wwe divas nikki and brie bella. -- who also starred on "total divas" -- says when it comes to dating, she simply has a preference and it's for "white boys., nena fans, but john cena isn't the first wwe superstar that nikki has dated! a year after her relationship with ziggler ended she ended up with heavyweight john cena and the two have been dating ever since. nikki’s first major relationship within the wwe was with dolph ziggler.
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