World of tanks matchmaking is rigged

for example … basketball is team sport you will never win alone, tennis is individual sport you will win if you alone will be good … simple is that … wot is “team sport” you will be always in need of good teammates and you will be from time to time in bad team., the one crying for skill base mm is the bad player or average player not unicum. if your win rate is so important and you are in the 50-55% region wtf would you want to have skill mm. other thing is if you've played 'enough' games v higher tiers, it now tries to give you one as top tier. so i think you should buff the power to weight ratio of the elc back to near 30 hp/ton and maybe also make the gun have something like 140 pen with standard ammo and like 190mm pen with prem ammo. it has to be in the limits of 99%, so everyone with higher wr than 49,5% will slide down to 49,5 and everyone below will arificially go up./05/2016 17:14posted by bzalalways someone chirping in with the same straw man arguments. that is so not how chances are supposed to work. so the argument that majority of players are weak is not because they end up on “nob tim” all time. xp (with x2), while first team got some shit like +50xp, -10. gets even more frustrating when the other team is full of unicum platoons. lets say i have 53% wr and 61% wr in my most played tank, then using wr as a skill measure i would severe overperform meeting other players that has 53% overall wr unless they also have special tanks they perform very good in.? sure there are some inflated stats, but there are some players who play fair and have worked hard to reach 55-60% solo. you see it often when most of one team is below average in skill while the other team is mostly composed of players in the top 15% of skill. i asked him on his opinion and here’s what he had to say on the matter (translated from russian of course). have (in any way) racist or nationalistic implications which may create offense to a certain nation, ethnic, religious or racial group. for this reason i consider winrate and avg dmg/spot dmg ratios as a whole to judge ones “skill”.. it is a lot of fun to play, especially in stronghold battles, and it's not op at all..I have no idea why wg think it's fine for bb to have +3 mm, but not cruisers or destroyers. i personly dont take average wr and dmg serious unless you have 300-500 games in a particular tank because then one can exclude additional bad and good games and additional luck and rng. shouldn’t the distribution be comparable to a standard bell curve? the enemy has 4 tier 10 tanks and you get 3 tier 10 tanks and 2 of them are arty… on a (mostly) citymap. content for names, avatars, images/video, signatures & clan logos, have no place on the world of warships forums or within the world of warships game, due to their extremely offensive, annoying or inappropriate nature. game in randoms is according to me, simply to not use gold ammo and illegal mods. in general it is an indication of experience, granted with the several betas in this it's not always the case.’s not however how human mind works, human mind looks for patterns and finds them, it also prefers patterns that are more strongly connected to it’s emotions. warnings and official notifications are set off in red, this font color is reserved by moderators and administrators. random games are the gutters of ghettos, where all freaks, racists, mentaly and physical ill people, pedophiles, homos, noobs, bullied and bullies and elitsts gather. when the user is died he will find something how it happened. team battles are a step into that direction but still there is alot of work on that since its quite restricted and yet without any real mm. the ones with pro status could only get into pro games/7v7/skirmish/cw/tournaments, but no random battles. and the real good persons winrate will be falling down. beta status was just a lame excuse, but if this mm problem persists after the game goes live in 2 weeks, well u guys know what we should do then. are not allowed to post threads or comments that advertise or solicit any non-beneficial, non-wargaming related businesses, organization, or website. there are probably numerous ways of implementing something that could be called “skill based mm”. that is the point of random mm and i can understand why you feel that way. in fact there are several people who are unicums and only play solo., but based on edrard’s maths up in the topic, it’s easy as f*ck to understand, how long unicums and black terribads would have to wait in the queue to get a worthy opponent in the opposing team. is no requirement for a user to use his or her real name or to use any other form of identification that can be used to easily trace identities, and all e-mail addresses that are provided will be kept private.;dr version — “yes, i know that this game is broken, no, i dont want to have to fix our mess, so i will use math to hide behind like any good politician! you’ll probably watch the close, hard fought loss right to the end, whereas in the massacre, you’ll probably just turn the tv off early and go do something else.

World of tanks bad matchmaking

i think thet kind of pseudo-league would solve this as well., so you get more exp for 1 point of damage v a higher tier than an equal or lower one in wot, so i imagine it's similar here. also, i have not been able to find that word in any article related to any actual real world multi-player game. this helps other users and moderators maintain an overview and to be able to respond faster with an appropriate answer to players questions. spending a large part of your game time grinding tanks and crews (everyone doesn’t gold-out everything from the start) *does* have a notable influence on w/r, that you’re omitting as for most logic related to your beloved “skill mm”…. the good player can be real good player only when another players are worse than he is. any other moderators message is considered to be an ordinary one and is equal to a message of any forum member. there is not a single chance over a good amount of battles that you will always get the bad team. it took you thousands battles to get one tier x, you either a liar or really bad. ( it always fun having 2 tier 10 tanks in the team while the enemy has 4 of them… and no, i don’t talk about the cases when the enemy has more of the tier 8s too, so it gets kind of balanced out. so yeah it doesnt suprise me if most players really want skill mm because they are not really good and certanly not way above average. (may be similar to nixxxie) is keep it the same as it is now and shuffle the teams that were originally selected to get them as close as possible to 50 percent chance to win. sites or images that display illegal content, pornography, nudity, gratuitous violence, nazi symbols such as swastikas, obscenities and any other content that goes against the standards of this community will be moderated. found a good article that explains it from the perspective of football, it’s not the same game, but it should give you a much better idea of what “performance analysis” actually is (yes, it has a fancy name. say 90% of the time you got above level 30 that all of the other players also are. before beginning a new thread, look to see if an active thread on that topic has already been established using the search feature. not skill mm but a mm that after choosing match tiers, calculates average of winrate, efficiency or whatever metric is deemed best by wg. am a player (different nick in wot from here) with over 6200 battles and 52,95% overall win rate (statistics for today this moment) (in tiers 9 and 10 this “tier win rate” is … worse to be honest …). as well as negative portrayal of religious and political figures is prohibited within the forums. having the same amount if tanks is messing with the random aspect of the mm and would be mediocre in the long run. of you saying a 50% win rate is a sign that the matchmaking is good and working are wrong. contain an allusion of racial or national supremacy, as well as discriminative propaganda on any level. challenge is still there, improvement is possible, skills are closer, more levelled chances and more interesting battles. some form of unbalance between the teams are needed to obtain the current., on 30 march 2017 - 08:13 pm, said:I personally think the hp/ton for the elc has been nerfed far to much because it went from 36 to 25 and on the leopard from 27 to 25 which is a huge diffence for the elc but not so big of a difference for the leopard and the key feature for me at least was not the boomstick with 170mm pen which is now 120mm wich is also nerfed by a lot but it was that amazing mobility., so i get battles like today: 14 battles in t10 teams with bots e-100, a pair of teamkillers, afk people and an enormous amount of tomato with t10. ammo spam is not an mm issue, its a situation created to make wg increase their income (since you need prem account to spam gold). i don’t mind having 6-7 bad players on my team as long the other team has 6-7 equally bad players (or equally good). in order to register on world of warships forum, registrants must be thirteen (13) years of age or older. that’s right, edrard, the creator of the first efficiency rating – so he really understands this stuff. i mean, if it was really as big a deal as some people would try to have you believe, don’t you think all the football nerds out there would have been using it for decades before computer technology even reached the level necessary to support multi-player games? problem is, there are ten times more useless cocks than statfappers so waiting time before battle can be longer. dont know the words to express in how many way this was a dumb post by u. sort of skill mm will be a plain nerf to all above average players and a slight buff for those who are below average. this category includes, but is not limited, to:Conducting conversations in foreign languages, outside designated forums. Public Test - Light Tanks Rebalance (±2 Matchmaking) - posted in Archive: Commanders,   Please share all feedback regarding the light tanks rebalance (±2 Matchmaking) below in this topic. if they just add up the personal ratings for team one and get 75k and then for the other team and they get 35k there must be something wrong right? forum and game name and password changes - account administration department.-player games have existed for far longer than any sort of video game. rng in terms of gun handling is not a issue anymore since the shot will go to the center more often, no matter the accuracy. do the same like you, currently with 22 tier x tanks.

World of tanks matchmaking unfair

i don’t support skill based mm in the strictest sense, but i could support some minor tweaking to rid the game of the worst match ups. and since some players have higher winrate than others – it’s all on them :). im saying that if you play better in the long run and make more damage, spotting, kills and assistance damage then you will probably get slightly better wr because you have become better than the average. so the theoretical potential for higher scores is only useful if that potential is realised, and often it won't be. sadly its not in the humans nature to strive to become better, they are satisfied with the current mediocre state and like to complain and blame everybody. server is too small to segregate it into two groups. i still learn tier 9 and 10 level of game play (for example more hp in enemy tanks in general and better guns and worse enemy artillery). this does not require segregating the player base based on stats. how many of those games are like wot and have the game characteristics of this game?'t surprise me at all they've done nothing better than wot, because they've had 5 years to address those remaining issues (and distribution of battles is one of them) yet haven't. on the other, the pedigree of wg and mm is craptastically awful. he did a run with an e50 at start of game, tried to kill someone (fired one shot) and then died. for quite a lot of time, i didn’t care about it, so after 3k games , my wn8 is ~900 , when i’m constantly pulling ~1300 wn8 matches on an average day, sometimes around 4k …..And also, i want to get cv but i need to get past tier 3/4 bb first. numbers edrad used are not really important since there is completely different skill distribution in low tiers and in high tiers, not mentioning that he is using the numbers by number of players not number of battles played (if there is 20% of good players playing 40 battles per day and 80% of bad players playing 10 battles per day then percentages of good/bad players you will meet in battles will not be 20/80). see this almost every game when half my team consists of players who are level 10 and we get stomped because i'm the only 1 trying to move the payload., it's definitely disheartening when you die n-th time in a row, along with all your teammates, and 3 people on the opposing team are constantly on fire. is a case study on why, no matter how smart you are: don’t give input into subjects you don’t grasp. in sweden we often say “blame the society” and it is similar in wot, many players say blame the mm, blame the game, blame the “nob tim”. i would use percent win chance in the tank the person is driving. do realise the elc is a regular tier 5, the tank was too good with tier 6 mm so it had to be nerfed a lot for tier 5. let’s see what is the chance of 3 unicums ending up in one battle randomly:C(10,3)/c(1000,3) = 0. need to play a total of 10 battles to post in this section., anyone who suggests that someone kill themselves should be the one getting their act together, or better yet, get banned. are super unciums playing solo with no gold ammo having 65% wr, how do you explain that?/05/2016 17:41posted by bobafettskill level and game level is not tied but whatever. think that skill based mm should work … but principle should be fair distribution of idiots. it stacks together the toons of unica in one team and the baddies on the other team. all players that are equal face eachother (50/50% win chance) then it all is up to the rng, server lag and general luck of the draw who will decide who wins. 8 games in tier 6 mutsuki  tonight had 1 tier 6 game , 1 tier 7 , 2 tier 8 games and 4 with tier ix ships ( carriers and cruisers ). is a fine line between player wanting to pad the stat or a player wanting to utterly destroy and humiliate everything that is red.. for skill based mm to work, it would have to base its definition of skill on something other than win rate and right now, win rate is the best overall metric of play. administration reserves the right to update and modify these rules as the needs of the community dictate to ensure the smooth operation of this community. category includes:Creating posts or threads to discuss or dispute disciplinary actions taken against a player in game or on the forumscreating posts or threads to discuss or dispute moderators, moderator decisions or actions. issue with this is that because bad players outnumber good players, the good players would receive good mm far more often than bad players, thus allowing their w/r to inflate drastically as they would almost always be top tier. moderator status is confirmed by “group: "forum moderators” inscription under the user nickname. this goes for all stats like avr dmg, spotting, pr, assistant dmg, kills, dmg ratio, survival, hit ratio, avr xp, income. i can say tier 3 bb are unfairly underpowered for the current matchmaking, dd can outrange you. the system will settle down to some sort of steady state but the over 50% cohort will find it more difficult to have the win rate they once enjoyed because of the increased competition for hp.. first about me – you need to know who puts this words that i will say.) is fighting the majority (that are average to below average).

World of tanks matchmaking broken

contain logotypes, symbols, emblems or figures connected in one way or another with organizations, that violate or were violating existing laws and rules (for example, using different variations of nazi symbolic, abridgments and signs as well as credentials, names and surnames of nazi leaders) which may provoke strong negative reaction/association or promote national/ethnic/religious hatred. now there is nothing keeping the match maker in check to stop it from curve-balling too far away from this average. was one of the things i wrote in a lengthy thread on some mm principles. / 18 go to page:Ok first of all i'd like to say the game is great. is a few well balanced tanks, many too nerfed tanks and a few op tanks. and because of that he should stfu because he is weaker than me (in that tank and in that specific scenario).) and they are presenting various edrards and other retards with formulas to preach that it is not necessary. then why in my games do i get 2-3 lvl 10's on my team who are also useless against a team who are all lvl 20-35+?, all players have the same good luck and bad luck. is a pvp game, thats why it is a great game, these type of players need to be kept away from people that actually want to play the game, sitting in k1 for 20k battles is not playing, botting is not playing, afking is not playing, having no positive impact on a battle is not playing. i end the game with 4 golds as lucio including elimination in a team of all 30+ wtf is that? can understand why skil mm would benefit you, because you would meet more players that are as bad as you and hence you both would get 50% wr after some while, without becoming better., this could result in 50-50% winchance battles, but there is the deviation in tanks to give variation. to mention the insane camo it has facing tanks with like 320m view range and new players who probably have 75% crews so have less than 300m view range. disputes on game or forum bans, or disputes against moderators or their decisions and actions. still think 49% is too low of a percentage to say that they don’t help their team. by saying “every time”, i’m using a hyperbole / exaggration, to show the difference in hit/penetration ratio between standard+sometimes gold and full gold is big imo. should always choose your targets so that you can pen them, not to challenge heavys frontally with scout! on mathematical expectation, the most probable group you will get is:1,5 very bad + 12 bad up to above average + 1. line: many of the tanks have been nerfed too much, ru 251 has been balanced correctly, with nerfs that it needed and with buffs to justify its place in tier 9. course all this makes the assumption that skill mm would only have you play matches with people around your skill level. point is, to have above average stats you must play against average to below average players a while and the current mm allows you to do that. however, i do think a quick and simple swap algorithm could be run after mm has picked the players/tanks to swap similar weighted mm tanks from team 1 to team 2 to even out player ability.. in the interest of fairness (a foreign concept to some of the staff over at wg i would wager) i will also say this (and i have said this before) — in a game setup like this, relying on stats for mm wont work. i dont believe putting skill mm into randoms is the right way to go. for example, skill match making that i would like to see is:1,5 very bad + 12 bad up to above average + 1. sure, if you predominantly play tanks you can carry in and do everything yourself, it works. cries about his “noob” team should know better and act better, by carrying them.'m not seeing many high tier dd's so i suppose they are padding out by dragging  poor old low tier ships to make up dd numbers. makes it worse is that if everyone stays for the next game, it'll likely repeat the outcome, because the automated system needs a few games before it figures out "well, those guys are getting steamrolled - better switch things around". course if you're level 1 to 5 you are going to be at a disadvantage with just things like abilities and map awareness but since i've went passed level 30 i don't think i've encountered a player less than <15 and generally they're all in the 30-40 bracket. i certanly dont master all tank good, that is why i play few tanks at a time so i can become good at them. in most cases the team with an average level of 30 is going to beat the team with an average level of 20 and yes this does happen quite often. for me, it has always been about stats the player has on certan tanks, nothing else. even if you count the activity, if it takes league(which has terribad matchmaking too, but better than this) takes 40seconds to find a "good" gamehow can i believe that overwatch finds a good game in 5seconds? the key is to try performing consistent and hence you will benefit. at least on na forum the only one crying about sbmm is red and yellow…. putting certain ships in matches where it'll be outclassed by everything is bad game design. but force all players to meet equal ones and have the same amounf of bad and good players is not a good idea, it will become mediocre to constantly meet the same amount of good players and retards. share all feedback regarding the light tanks rebalance (±2 matchmaking) below in this topic. knows what mine is i don’t give a s.

World of tanks skill based matchmaking

’m not asking something great, i’m just asking for a balance based on the skills, not on the damn tanks, i don’t want a team with 4 e-100 if they are all damn tomatoes dead in the first 2 minutes, just add the possibility to choose between a random match and a skill based match so everyone will be happy. if you suspect that a cheat or hack exists, provide the necessary information to support, it is not to be discussed within the forums. other words, you have below 50% wr…skill mm will bring your wr to 50% automaticly no matter how bad you are since there is always 50% win chance no matter if you become better or worse. of these rules/guidelines may lead to users being sanctioned temporarily or permanently within this forum or even in game bans of a players account on severe or repetitive offenses. your gonna have full on blow outs either way but this makes it more consistent in terms of skills. but the amount of people who succeed is still so low that they are rarely seen or heard. other hand, medium players, have to deal with so unbalanced battles, some of them autowin or autolose, depending only on mm, and low skilled players have most of the battles completely unbalanced. so you'd go into battle thinking you'd see 380m, but in fact your view range was probably more like 260m. the poor old dd also seems to be getting +3 levels in mm as well. in reality those numbers look like this:Let’s say we have 1000 players. the problem is this is the expectation or the average battle. players like me who avoid getting into clans are going to be lucky if they can maintain a near 50% wr, never mind damage etc; strictly and solely due to the fact that at least 75% of the time you will be the singularly most competent member of your team – but not in a tank to do much about it (ie, grinding through the weak tanks to get to the good tanks). clearly states in wg terms of use policy, that “actively not participating in battle is against the rules., on 30 march 2017 - 07:13 pm, said:I personally think the hp/ton for the elc has been nerfed far to much because it went from 36 to 25 and on the leopard from 27 to 25 which is a huge diffence for the elc but not so big of a difference for the leopard and the key feature for me at least was not the boomstick with 170mm pen which is now 120mm wich is also nerfed by a lot but it was that amazing mobility. need some kind of mm adjustment, the moment you click “battle” its just a lottery of how many tomatoes you will have in your team, even in tier 10 battles 10 or more can be orange/red low bobs, which will be a certain loss. and if the player performs badly and numbers/ratings drop lets say 55%/8000/1500+, he would be automatically kicked from pro status. numbers and a nice move to put the bad players into a box with the average and above average players. submitted this with a note that unfortunately, he doesn’t have time to explain or answer any questions, but i think the underlying message is clear. because they are pimping their stats in platoons on useless fags like you, so you are one of the reasons why to implement skill mm. on sanctions received or questions and suggestions relating to rule enforcement are to be submitted to support and are not to be discussed within the forums. so why don’t use those the same way they use vehicle weight? would of said it somewhat differently but i concur on your above statement. posts or polls that are not aimed at conducting a discussion. those numbers are accurate, then this is an excellent idea. on mathematical expectation, the most probable group you will get is:3 very bad + 3 bad + 6..And also, i want to get cv but i need to get past tier 3/4 bb first. is the logics of a 5 year old … sorry westy … you probably have no idea what you’re talking about , as wr has nothing to do with how good of a player you are … even wn8 or eff isn’t the best, casue fe. in addition to the above we also request you not post ascii art (pictures created by using letters and symbols on a keyboard) they are usually quite large and can be misinterpreted based on display issues. line: lttb seems to be a bit overtuned, i have not been able to test other tanks yet. think both whine because they think they’ll get more comfortable play which is… quite the opposite. showcase that skill mm was completely misunderstood, cause what we want is not skill mm but skill balanced mm. posting on these forums users are to be reasonable with font size and color. i can say tier 3 bb are unfairly underpowered for the current matchmaking, dd can outrange you. and this also contrubutes to the random mm situation we have. but in things like artillery/light tanks/specialized snipers, where you are still dependent on your teammates no matter how good you are, chances are if the rest don’t want to work with you, you still lose. world of warships is a massive multiplayer online game with a mixture of genres, and the key words are “massively multiplayer. that skill mm would actually improve the wr of unicums bcoz the better players they get in their teams, the less they have to carry and risk a death and defeat in the process while doing it. one and only answer is to force people to have a certain win ratio, or dmg dealt ratio, or whatever, before being able to buy t9 and t10 tanks, or in other words: you have under 50% win rate or under 800dmg per game? and tomato-stomping battles are more determined by team distribution than skill (1450wn players are not much better than 1200wn yellow, they are just more consistent and their contribution is more about not suiciding – and passive game is not the best for victory – they are not spotting for anyone, using others as meatshield and that’s all. lets say i have decent stats in a is3, should the mm match the enemy player to also have the same decent stats in his is3 or in another tier 8 heavy? and i am better and better accepting that i can only do “my own work” and when i will be better i can do work for one – two – three more tanks maybe.

Why is world of tanks matchmaking so bad

what is more, you do not want to have a bunch of really bad games to be balanced out by yet another bunch of equally bad, users can also report any bugs and errors on the corresponding forum thread.’m pretty sure more than 1/3 of matches are guaranteed wins at the moment, there is a long way to go before people who ‘don’t care’ lose all their free wins. the administration reserves the right to delete, update or modify any information which is considered inappropriate on these forums. and some times yes, it happens that one team has more good players than the other and that is just random. skill mm will force all blue and purple ones to meet other blue and purple ones and here is the differance, this current mm dont force any player to meet equal ones.- the tanks had worse view ranges than their tier 8 enemies. good players rely on bad players to populate the game and to get better. rules allow "light" discussion other games; however any kind of direct promotion, solicitation, or linking to other games is not permitted. if less than 25 battle use the persons’ overall w/l record. the sub 50% cohort will have their average win rate rise because those at the top of the cohort will have less competition for hp and will die a lot less and the topmost players will find their win rates climb to well over 50%. if unicums were split somewhat evenly give or take 1 or 2 then it’d not only be fair but more of a skill based game. i only have like 5k games and my win rate is shitty 48% but my wn8 has been 1300 the past 1000 battles and over 1200 the last 3000. new players i'm sure also want to be matched with new players so they can learn the game together. why in earth rush to t10, when gameplay is much enjoyable in t6-t8. called so many things bad ideas, and they ended up in the game anyways. you want to be sure that if you will be good you will win – play sport that is individual one. i want to fight the unicum, but i might also want to cooperate with them (and not always be in an opposing team when there’s only one, as a weight). about the other way of having skill mm though, in which you have the matchmaker pick players for the battle the way it does now, but then shifts the players with similar tanks between teams to make the average skill level more balanced? the reality is the matchmaking does not match players with and against players of the same skill level and you have to be blind to not see this. gold or not is a question of dignity and balance.: didn’t read every post but saying this specifically to ensure its said., on 31 march 2017 - 09:17 am, said:Chinese line: 59 16 has been balanced well, wz 131 has too long aimtime, wz 132 is a great tank, when played correctly. fix is to address the chinese tech tree as a whole and get it up to par to other similar nations with similar guns. this skill mm would ever come (and i dont want such a thing) i hope that they just make it so to only balance the top 3 players on each team, that way you dont impact the game to much, yet you take away the whine ”i lost cause our top tier’s where noob! put into teams full of brain dead,window licking tards who seem to think playing with single digit fps is ok gets frustrating. are not allowed to abuse others, make personal attacks or behave disrespectfully. his pr or purple cocks farming together against red cocks? in the moment he switches to gold, it all makes no sense anymore, so you have to camp / sidescrape or fight hull down against him., if any of the staff of wg had to actually come up through the ranks of tanks without the help of the company and without the help of clans, they’d get to taste just how severely unbalanced this game is becoming; especially for those not wanting part of any clan. of them, 100 are really bad, 800 are bad up to above average, 90 are good and 10 are unicums. so they had no idea what they were doing, and the game gave them no hints. begging includes but is not limited to: requesting users to transfer real money to the virtual wallet, asking for additional gold/credits, and requests to transfer game gold/credits, promotional codes, pre-order codes, or anything similar. i see a reason to one day got for the chinese light tank line. (if i did i would play wowp more) so my skill based mm proposal. can’t eliminate such games (they are a part of the game where eliminating 1 enemy increases your chances to eliminate another) but at least you can mitigate the influence of having bad luck and being in absolutely retarded team. i would be okay with a skill mm of a different type… might put some strain on the matchmaker but i love to see teams of a similar number of good and bad players. have no idea why wg think it's fine for bb to have +3 mm, but not cruisers or destroyers. have been in light tanks general not light tanks mm. boy, talk about how long it takes wg to listen to players. report should contain the complete description of the dispute with the corresponding screenshots attached if needed.

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i know is i unwind each day with wot and i love it., the fact that you want to adjust mm according to win rates is baaad from the start. is a “guaranteed win” – unless the whole team suicides or afks, of course..and this skill mm would be boring as fuck after a while.. i don’t care much for a league with only good or only bad players, but rather one where there an is equal amount of game-carriers and freeloaders on each team, especially a way to balance platoons against similarely strong ones.” while playing this game and posting on its forums, you will encounter thousands of other players who share different experiences and come from vastly different backgrounds. its about having two teams where one is all red-yellow and second is all green with some blues. noobs isn’t the problem, its the number of unicums being grouped together versus tomatos. that is an assumption that would obviously unfairly stack the deck against the whole idea of having skill mm. depends bzal there is a 20% experience boost whilst in a group, so i think bobafett is right in his theory that what has level got with skill., it looks good on paper, but reality isn’t like that …. i can say tier 3 bb are unfairly underpowered for the current matchmaking, dd can outrange you. matchmaking system is not broken the system works the best it can or do you want to wait 5 mins for each game while it finds the perfect balance? not so much for the various nerf to the lower-tier lts, more on those in the proper topic. making players choose the maps would be a disaster because players would only choose those maps that would suit them. interest in case that you have a bad mm is to pull out your fingers from your a**: if you think that you are a good player, westy, do the game be yours!. meaning if one side has a platoon of 3unicums it should get another 2 solo unicums if the opposing team is made of red and yellows… thats what i imagine when it comes to skill mm. people who are stuck in the below to average situation, they are the ones who complain and want skill mm because they think “noob tim” is the reason they are not very good. thing that many topics of skill based matchmaking skip over is getting rid of the landslide/steamroll battles and the battle with predetermined outcomes due to very large skill differences. with the game is one thing but general fps experience and skill is greater than the level significance in this game or all the low level players who have wrecked my in 1 v 1 would lead me to believe this. i must admit, this topic is not exactly a favourite of mine.. the problem is, one small mention of ‘skill mm’ and everybody loses their minds! these rules are obligatory for all registered users on this forum. so useless cocks will be always playing only with other useless cocks and pathetic statfappers only with other pathetic statfappers. the only real differences are that the teams aren’t random, and a physical presence is required. unreleased content / hacking data files: showing unreleased in-game items, equipment, or areas that have been unlocked by hacking into client data files; discussing or displaying any data not available through normal game play;illegal drugs or activities. we don’t need ladders, we don’t need team battles we just need a better system of sorting teams. unless there was some sort of pre booking system where you said what tanks you wanted to play over the next hour or so. the difference is: playing for your own dmg,credits,xp or playing to win.'s an issue for a lot guns on the whole chinese line. line: this one seems to be the weakest, with big nerfs and weird buffs to allmost all of the tanks. administrator status is confirmed by “group: administrators, game master, developer, support” inscription under the user nickname. in practice although the theme is the same, there are deviations from team-to-team. is so few unicums that actually the game would put them against eachother maybe once in 10 games.“based on mathematical expectation, the most probable group you will get is:1,5 very bad + 12 bad up to above average + 1. balancing factor involving skill, any more control in the hands of players in this game, any less “random” factor (25% rng is more than enuff to hide any manipulation) would make wg have less influence with their rigged, bullshit, cheating, noob-protecting matchfaking system (tailored to maximize profit)…. divide all players let say to 4 groups according to personal rating. that is not really important, the main point is that game would be much more fun and much less good (greens and blues) players would be still playing if half of the roflstomps were changed into rather equal battles., what i want is to know that every time i hit the battle button, mm will generate a battle where there’s a *roughly* 50/50 chance of winning for each team. some have the best mm there is: eat or be eaten(cw, e-sports leagues). in your oppinion you will allways put an common guy to fight in boxing game vs myke tyson.

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turns out that the unicum ends up in something like 1 of 7 battles and so, most of the time, you will play in an absolutely standard team. i think its is safe to say that more average to below average players use gold, than unicums if we speak about the total amount. on, exonut, i was going to respect you, but bringing this religious stuff into a completely unrelated topic completely made me thinking different again. random is just that, random, a filthy pool you jump into willingly, and you’re the only one to blame if you didn’t bring your high boots or hazmat suit. thoughts on “edrard: why is skill mm a bad idea”. and some times yes there can be extreme periods of winning, but also of loosing. fine then multiply the vehicle weight by the personal rating and you get a combined evaluation of the strength of a player depending on his vehicle and his skill level. so yeah players who are progressing in stats will most likely get a slap in the face if skill mm will come. classes should be based on personal rating, not number of battles. are connected with negative historical or political personalities, first of all those who are judged by international courts for crimes against humanity, those that generally arouse feelings of suffering or disgust in the majority of people, as well as members of currently existing terrorist organizations;. when it comes to the range from bad up to above average players, the distribution of such players is linear, therefore every time you enter a battle, according to the probability theory, you’ll have basically roughly the same teams. and some times even the admin allowed that behavior and engaged in it. i rather suspect the ~15k maximum players on this server isn't within that 'required pop' threshold. it is important because it shows he is weak in that particular tank and hence dont have any advantage over me. isn't just a problem in the first 10 levels before mmr get's a chance to get some stats to seed. i suspect that this is the case for most people and if wargaming wants to keep decent (money spending) players engaged they need to do something about the lopsided games. are solely responsible for protecting their accounts from access by others. a strong player will perform good more often that he performs bad no matter the team mates. tier 8-10 battles typically boil down to either who has the most tds or who has the most autoloading tanks. users who publish this type of content on the forum will be warned or sanctioned by an administrator or moderator. you cant have 56% win rate when the opponent has 56% too, otherwise you’d have 113% (1% for draws) possible win rate which is not possible. someone proved this, i don’t get why people complain about the mm. well, at least i think that’s what it does, it seems to be mostly throwing scary looking math hoping to lend it credibility even though the math here has rather significant problems (for example, in most of it not actually pointing to anything, and sometimes the wrong math being used overall). if he die or lost the game means: his team is noob! i’m sure someone will bring it up or already did. even the people that unchecked accelerated crew xp haven't accumulated 300k, so you will still get your money for converted free xp. in general it is an indication of experience, granted with the several betas in this it's not always the case. apb(which is a terrible joke in terms of matchmaking) gave me more fair games than this. how so many people believe that is already there and whine about it. there are people who are not unicums but they have 55-60% wr solo as well and shit ton of avr dmg in the tanks. is it so hard for some to understand that a lot of people don’t care about what happens over the long term? or more precise the stats of the tanks that the player is playing actively..And also, i want to get cv but i need to get past tier 3/4 bb first. line: t37 has been nerfed a bit too much, t71 is a beast in tier 7, walker bulldog is a great tank, rest of the line seems fine. i wish these edrard-like faggots to play about 100 battles per day like me and then prove using formulas why every fucking battle is own team full of useless reddish trash with win chance under 40% while enemy team is full of mutually-cocksucking purple statfappers (in platoon). and in the end we got the same bad players against the good ones again. problem is that nobody is playing an infinite number of games. if i can’t accommodate the movement of our team -> it is my problem, and i’m a bad player.’m sure some of you may think that the comparison here is invalid since wot is a game and these are “sports. = benefit for better player further increasing his wr or whatever. like avr dmg, avr xp, avr kills, spotting, k/d ratio, survival, hit ratio, max xp obtained, max dmg done, highest kills done, assistant dmg, and wr.

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when you are tired of doing battles with 4-5k damages and you lose because your team is a special team you will go back to garage to select the mm mode. while certain language and images may not be offensive to you, consider the fact that that same language and images may have a completely different effect on someone else., but you have spewn this bs all over this thread. ffs set tier limit, i am done with that mm, even after the patch it's still bad. can include but is not limited to:Flamingtrollingharassment or defamatory remarksprofanity, inappropriate language or abbreviations there ofpersonal abuse or attacksracial, religious, sexual, national or ethnic, slurs or insults, this includes "jokes" in bad taste. reject these stats on the simple fact that no one has the time to play an infinite number of games to see this balance out. of course it was helpfully 'archived' like so many other thoughtful, positive, well-intentioned posts. the probability you get “suicider” in your team is exactly the same as it is in the opponent team. effectivelly such gold spamming guy, excludes some of the techniques you could use on him. that is why the overall wr of the servers is arround 50% cause it can’t be otherwise. that makes the game waaaay less interessting and dynamic, so if i get to see less of them, i’m very happy. of them, 200 are really bad, 200 are bad, 450 are average to above average, 149 are good and 1 is a unicum. also please do not use images related to games other than world of warships in your signature, avatar or name. “every under 49% wr plays for fun and doesn’t care about winning” is about as dumb as saying “every over 49% is a no-lifer, 11yrs old (because so much free time and daddys money), goldspammer and sealclubber”. complaint isn’t about player skill, it’s more about how there are certain factors that will decide a match outcome with 90% accuracy, especially at higher tiers, at least in my experience. or let the people, who have the tanks elited move the xp and keep in on the same tier when tank wasn't elited. or disputing of disciplinary actions is prohibited within the forums. mm separated players into brackets (or leagues or whatever) and, let’s say, that only 50%+ players played together (ignoring the issue of numbers of players in queue), all of the sudden, players close to the low end of the skill floor would be the “baddies”, and possibly have bad wr’s within this bracket/league/whatever, depending on how mm matched up the teams. must say that this topic is, for me personally, less and less important when time goes. these forums are here to provide you with a friendly atmosphere where you can discuss ideas, give and receive game play advice, and discuss any other aspects of world of warships with other players.’s another article i found that shows how to calculate a players performance (in general, he uses several sports as examples, not just one), and his formula does not use winrate as part of the performance calculations shown. it is precisely why matched teams would have very little or no influence on wr for anyone, and ‘strong skill mm’ (all players in a match have similar skill) would be both unworkable and unenjoyable. from all average players strive to just be “average casuals”, everybody can improve and some do succeed. let’s have a look at the probability of having the entire team consisting of only one of those groups:- for the bad up to above average: 3.) i’ll add here as well, for the benefit of all you “win-rate is everything” whiners, that this will make you all look like utter fools, as will any other similar article regarding this subject. all battles become passive and boring because nobody would want to make the first move cause they know they would certainly got punished for that. having a solid match every time, not being spoon fed wins due to luck. you don’t have the right to complain about your team no matter how good you are, cause if you fail to carry, you are not different from the 48% noob that died for no reason. another expert who can use math to show why it is better please. want a skill based match maker, we are tired of the huge avalanche losses, and unequal player skill disparity, and high % players who game the system to keep inflated win rates, and kill the game for everyone else. matchmaking system is not broken the system works the best it can or do you want to wait 5 mins for each game while it finds the perfect balance? point is, in all games most people are not good, its the human nature. as how the balance has swung against dd (they lost most of their protection (smokecreen) and the amount of planes in the air now is truly ridiculous from ijn cv's) i don't think i will be pursuing the dd line for much longer. i never play and i will never play clan wars or tank companies (because of work and other real life things that limit me in terms of being “available for we must win this battle tonight in game”) sooo i am learning not to angry when i lost because of teammates. point of math is that it doesn’t look good on paper, but it’s a hard, cold fact! you are a solo player that is making progress and hence you have above 50% wr. i'm sure ranked will solve these issues but at the moment it is incredibly frustrating playing casual. because i understand finally that this is just online game with random matchmaker. this is not possible in wot becauce you can be 3 people in a platoon maximum and even then there are no guarantees you will win. nobody is preventing an average to become above average and it is possible thanks to the current mm. this is a nice example that you can find logical arguments for both “yes” and “no” in any case.

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its not skill based matchmaking or leagues or stuff like that that. and this is because there are alot few blue and purple ones and chances to meet these in this current mm is not extremely big. most people want is an end to the matches where all six purples in the match end up on the same side. cutting off bad players form the good players, you further retard their development. yeah you keep thinking the in-game time/level is the be all and end all. boy, talk about how long it takes wg to listen to players. can be button “switch to gay matchmaking and wait shorter time”. in a way player skill is dynamic because not all players master all tanks as good. 70% wr is dues to the fact that in most cases they fight against teams with much lower skillset. it’s not all black and white like he’s trying to say it is be throwing few percents in our faces. further, in my personal experience, when i do get players on my team with >53% wr, they are usually the first to bloody well die. but russian cunts doing all what they can to not implement this for unknown reasons (more money for them? i just want to go nuts and drive some tanks and shoot everything i can. i personally don’t care… i would rather wait 1-2 minutes to be placed in a balanced match, than be placed in a horrible match in under 30 seconds and then suffer for the next 5-15 minutes. why an experiment is always the best way to go. simplest solution: make 3rd eu server for players seeking “fun” but not “wins”. yes i'm talking in general, yes there is always exceptions to the rule but in general low level players are worse than high level players. what that meant was players going for famous tanks like the t-34 or tiger i had to play a tier 4 vehicle that had no armour and a popgun in tier 8 battles. unicum streams of solo players they get their fair share of shit games as well. that disrupt the message boards for other users, intentional or not, are prohibited. personal opinion is, that the skill mm is definitely not needed. then i realized that the better i get at this game, the more 20%-45% games i’m able to “carry” and walk away with juicy medals out of them. my damage ratio and kd ratio are all above 1 so i should be more like 50% but thanks to the actual shit players my win rate sucks so everyone just judges me and its annoying so yes to skill mm just not by win rate. often the case is one team gets more above-average players while the other gets more below average players. is a matter of definitions when one talks about “skill based mm”. the other hand i now no longer see any reason what so ever to bother with the mid tier chinese medium tanks: type-58, t34-1, t-34-2. so actually battlefield 3 and 4 is alot worse in terms of statspadding than wot ever will be because in battlefield you could choose servers and stomp and explot them in a unfair way. what we need is something else to quench the thirst for glory to the people who live from competing., a more precise evaulation of the players skills, is looking at the tank specific stats and then comapre them with average results. and by the way i comd real mbt s for 22 years so i do know a thing or two about tank warfare but this is a game g>a>m>e. you can prove me that 90% of what is in bible actually happened like that than ill believe it that’s the reason why math is right in every cases if its done correctly. about the difference between un1c0rns who only grind a handful of lines to get their competitive tanks, and casuals like me whose objective is just to try each and every tank in the game ? look at the hundreds of posts on the forums about this. to say i had a miserable night due to the amount of planes the high tier cv's park over your head. i’m talking about the battles where the rest is all t9 on both sides, for example.) no premium tank (except starting from last year, is-6 & sp now in my garage). they seem to like deciding that some vehicles/vessels should be 'thrown under a bus' regularly. than that, the good players rely on the bad to show how good they are., again: reballancer, which will alter this probabilities after battle is assembled. so i have to grind with that to get the m-41 i all ready love? if the mm already has all the tanks selected for a battle, why not looking at the skill level as well?

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(i know that gold can bounce sometimes, in case you want to correct me on this as well. even 5% (hate winchance, but to get point across) battle is winnable, sometimes even easily.) it’s wrong to do it, as this is still just a game and even baddies can play if they want to, and. before beginning a new thread, look to see if an active thread on that topic has already been established using the search feature. they told me they felt the skills were not balanced even close in some of the matches, and it bothered them even clubbing low skill players, when they wanted more skilled players to play against.. it is a lot of fun to play, especially in stronghold battles, and it's not op at all. out of the 210 ish games i've played i'd say maybe 5-10% have been walkovers for the enemy teams and same as offence hence the fairly balanced win/loss ration and i had roughly the same stats as i had in open beta. if these changes arrive, i probably'll stop playing this decadent game. key point is that if the mm model is changed, people can’t look at wr’s under the new model in the same way. i dont think so they said about the whole mm being fixed.’t use win rate because soon everyone will have 49%, wn8 is flawed due to lack of public data. and discussions which have users’ personal data (such as addresses, telephone numbers, emails, other contact information) - regardless of whether this is their own or that of other users - will be removed. instead each team should get an equal number of good and bad players so both team have an equal chance to win. it has some balance issues and other small problems but i'm confident these will all be fixed down the line. you all disagree with my suggestion, but rather than 1 line comments, please explain to me why that would not work? line: 59 16 has been balanced well, wz 131 has too long aimtime, wz 132 is a great tank, when played correctly. it doesnt work like that all players in wot has the same fair share of rng and good/bad luck. n2wor to address his reply although slightly on a tangent solo experience in my experience is fine (on pc anyway) i have a around a 60% win rate and team work on the whole is good but i agree the tank/heal roles are not always the most desired and a xp bonus for playing them would help! to grind my usn bb (tier 3), first match, need to play against ship up to tier 5, what the hell, i am completely out tiered, and i can't do anything bed because their ship is way better. of them, 100 are really bad, 800 are bad up to above average, 90 are good and 10 are unicums. balance purpsose, if the tank is:- light tank, you have to spot your tank hp in value. in some ships that's not such a massive issue, but others don't translate well v higher tiers, especially when stock. the following list is only a summary, but it gives some idea of names, images, signatures, avatars and clan logos which are not accepted with the world of warships environment:Names, avatars, images/video, signatures & clan logos . wr itself and by the way overall stats are not precise, but we use it for the sake of arguing against skill mm. with mm adjustments, you’d have the same lottery , cause there are faar more bad – below average players compared to good/unicum. nobody beside the rerolls, who are in love with their stats, spamms so much gold. posting about or discussing issues that violate local or international laws is not allowed under any circumstance. have an association with sexuality, pedophilia, sexual abuse; or have an offensive connection to the human body or bodily functions. vs 35k of whatever rating for 15 players is extreme in statistic. you can only have “better” stats by facing majority of worse players and most players are bad. you are a bad player and you don’t realize it – until it gets announced on forums and then you are put to retards every game. as a suggestion though, wg could make something, like giving the players the choice, who reached a certain amount of wr/pr/eff or what not to turn pro. also remember, for people to earn alot of xp and credits somebody got to lose. there is such a ahigh amount of shit people that you cant have too high hopes in randoms. wg have all the metrics at their disposal: win rate, personal rating, efficiency, wn8 etc. thing is the matchmaking is obviously not working like this. may reduce the chance that top tier die so quickly that one team being crushed so easily. other words with the current mm, in the long run if you are a good player you will benefit because you will meet more bad players than good because the majority of the playerbase are bad. splitting everything into two pieces would make ppls winrate sooner or later level out around 50% , and everyone will travel around from one part to the other on a daily basis imo. but yeah tank specific stats for the tanks you currently playing are more important because your stats of all other tanks doesnt matter anything the moment you play a different tank in the game., if you are so obsessed with winning you need a hug or something or come out more often from your moms basement.

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it’s about making the experience more consistent, that’s it.-life threats include both clear and masked language and/or links to websites containing such language or images which refers to violence in any capacity that is not directly related to the game world. you can be good in both but ultimately winning is harder and requires sacrifices. the battles would be more interesting, i’m pretty sure of this.-they don’t know the game’s mechanisms like camo system.’m right with fido : bad players have their place in the game, they are useful to increase our er by the many possibilities in general:-they are easy targets: they forget to hide from direct shoots or arty shoots. is why looking at tank specific stats are more important than overall stats. either way there is no way a lvl 1-5 has played enough games to be seeded with lvl 30+ and in most cases these low level players on the team are generally the worst so yes it is a general indication of competence. sits on proof, bible sits on “i wrote this and i’m right! thought the patch was suppose to fix only cv matchmaking. but i dont because i feel my stats would get inflated and also cause huge balance errors in the game. new and experienced players together like this not work especially when the matchmaking fails terribly at balancing the number of experienced and new players on each team. have had a lot of players from major clans here on the na even discuss with me that were unhappy with the current match making system. there are other gamemodes in this game which would certainly use some kind of team/player rating based mm. those who have above 50% their wr would decrease to 50% after a while because they would also meet more equal players. is what i mean, you have 49%wr, i dont and shouldnt have to play with players like you. moreover, the administration reserves the right to delete, update or modify any names (player or clans) and avatars, images or clan images which are considered inappropriate on the forums or within the game environment. from cca 1600wn players starts to contribute much more and more consistently, because it requires more active gameplay). suggesting that people kill themselves is unacceptable in any civilized discussion! my last example of the consequences of this mm was my panther ii that had 14% of its battles as top tier (tier 8) and 56% as bottom (tier 10). users are to be considerate to those who have difficulties with english., the gun is just right, it is a tier 5 tank now for god's sake, 120 pen would be very nice for a tier 5 medium tank, let alone a light. are very few metrics in wot which would allow a skill base match maker that would actually work for more than a few weeks, win ratio certainly isn’t one of them. no skill mm i want to kill some noobs, some bots, and some slow thinking players! that everyone with a blog that has something to say against skill based mm does not know how skill mm works in the 1st place. it is highly recommended that board users do not share their accounts with others, or share their computers used to access the site with others. problem by having the equal amount of players on both sides and hence have closer to 50/50% win chance every game is it becomes mediocre. i mean, 3 tomatoes to one team, also 3 to the other, 3 orange to one, 3 to the other, etc. less skilled players, platoons make this numbers even worst, so you can see guys over 60%+ wr mostly because they dont have balanced battles who limits that. if it helps with this issue i’m all for skill mm though. make both others (eu1 and eu2) restricted as follow : eu1- players above 5000 personal raiting or 1450 wn8, eu2- players above 8000 personal or above 1700 wn8. the administration reserves the right to modify inappropriate posts and give warnings to their authors.'ve also checked the forums and seen many new players complaining they were being matched against much higher level and higher skill players. does that mean you’re bad because you are consequently losing, but first of your team, or does this mean winrates are just a extremely flawed way of calculating ones skill. fact of the matter is, doesn’t matter what kind of “skill weightened mm” devs would make, everyone would have tomatoes, carrots and like that in their teams on a regular basis. do not think the skill based mm that has been proposed is the answer. popular misconception: when the team is not doing what we expect of him not the team is noob. in fact i think there are as many noobs as unicums using gold, because the majority of the players that exist are not unicums. agree with you, we have 2 sort of players, those who want to play the game and those that want to play an arcade one. believe it or not everybody is the same skill level and there will be people who should have 70%+ win rates while others have 35%. the randomness of players making games turning the tide in wot and this is possible by having players of totaly random skill and rng.

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out of the 210 ish games i've played i'd say maybe 5-10% have been walkovers for the enemy teams and same as offence hence the fairly balanced win/loss ration and i had roughly the same stats as i had in open beta. gold/real money/platoons cannot guarantee you ownage in random battles, at least not in this game. if skill mm will come now all good players always will meet some good ones, which certanly dont have to be the case now where it is possible that you can be the only blue-purple player in the team and the rest of the players on both your team and in the enemy team are reds, yellow and green. personally think the hp/ton for the elc has been nerfed far to much because it went from 36 to 25 and on the leopard from 27 to 25 which is a huge diffence for the elc but not so big of a difference for the leopard and the key feature for me at least was not the boomstick with 170mm pen which is now 120mm wich is also nerfed by a lot but it was that amazing mobility. and if a person was skilled enough to have a 52% wr, he might be thought of as an excellent player, while a person with perhaps a 48% wr might be a really bad player. all players will end up on weak team alot more often than good teams, because there are alot more bad players than good. with 5 years of development i really would have expected this feature to be there at release but whatever. to love the amx 13 90 who managed to bounce his whole clip off a t-44. it stands the matchmaking system is so broken i think i have to give the game a rest until ranked is released. since the platoons don’t always have to consist of 3 unicums, it turns out that if you consider an infinite number of games, you will meet the same amount of good platoons and bad platoons. it's quite obvious that the matchmaking system is regular mixing new players with and against good experienced players.’s funny in all these discussions – every “above average” player thinks that they achieved it solely by themselves which is far from truth – noobs heavily contribute to better players’ winrates – simply because you get wins/xp/credits from their “noobishness” (you pen, he bounces, you angle tank, he exposes whole side etc. similarly, the impersonation of the administration or moderating team in any way, is not permitted. of course, there is a chance that you will have a team full of bad players and the opponent will have a team full of above average players, but if you take an infinite number of battles, then the amount of such battles will be equal to the kind where you have the above average team and the opponent has noobs. you shit together and better kill yourself to make a world a better place.) balancing teams while mixing good and bad players in the same team means that unicums will always have tomatos, kids and bots to feed on. but i agree that gold usage is a big problem, and skill mm wont solve this because any noob can buy prem account, play prem tanks and afford spamming gold. idk, i guess i’d just like to see mm put the same amount of tanks with comparable roles at the same tier on each team..Never mond how the fck do you promote/demote people from one league to another… no-one ever seems to mention that issue… conveniently swept under the carpet…. is mostly about players giving up before the battle happens – one of the worst things you can actually do in a battle.“based on mathematical expectation, the most probable group you will get is:1,5 very bad + 12 bad up to above average + 1. this prohibition applies to both public threads and private messages (pms). the point is, if you strive to become better majority of your stats (not only wr) will improve. an analysis of over 2,000 solo pub battles, this is what i found:Players lose less than 3% of the battles with a greater than 60% xvm chance to win. how skill-based mm has been used in games (more popular and successful games than this one) for over a decade and a half, but because someone who knows some basic statistics (judging by the simpleton explanation) flashes some numbers, it can’t work none. great game but matchmaking is horrible, solo experience on it is one of the worst i've played in by far! even if you have bad games, but generaly is a good player, that will show up in the stats. category includes:Posting discussion threads on, or linking to, cheats, hacks, trojan horses, or malicious programs. users are strongly encouraged to select a hard-to-guess password and not re-use that password on any other sites where it may be read by the owners or administrators of that site. 80% will end up working for the 20%, and this is the same in games. language that falls under this policy will always be subject to the repercussions listed, whether it is inappropriate in english or any other language. always look at tank specific stats of players, and hence a 65% wr player having mediocre stats in a tank he used against me is more important. either in whole or partly contain copyrighted or registered trade mark elements. there is 1 huge glaring issue which is obvious to me.. there can be a level 12 who is demolishing a level 30. are derogatory discriminative or offensive to people with a disability or illness. term effects are very important in a game like wot that has no “end game”, such games cant screw up out of economic reasons. mean you want rigged matchmaking, designed to get everyone to 50%?. either implicitly or explicitly are prohibited (this also contains links to websites containing the above). in battlefied there was a limited amount of vehicles, in wot there isnt. i try games after games to perfect my gameplay and it have somme reliable effects on my won experience and my benefits…i have no claims to become unicum but i stain to improve and i continue to play for fun!

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.where both (good) teams measure each other for 10 min and wait for other team to do something. add, the us mediums (able to) using the m4a2 (tier vi 128/115 gun) are now more obsolete in terms of fire power in comparison to their same tier light tanks.'s quite obvious that blizzards mmr favors finding matches quickly over actually balancing teams and nobody on the team is going to wait 3 games of getting stomped for it to re-balance the teams. remember, the curret stats are just because of this random mm and the fact that the few players that are better than 80% of all other players gets wr of 55-70%. but because they are better than the majority of the playerbase they will also have a higher wr in the long run. cant make a skilled mm because of battle tier and vehicle weight … the most important certainties in the game …that guy edrard is foolish. play to win, which is why my stats increase on a daily/weekly basis. on the one hand the mm here is already better. posting any kind of information on this forum, all users are to read the following rules. either way there is no way a lvl 1-5 has played enough games to be seeded with lvl 30+ and in most cases these low level players on the team are generally the worst so yes it is a general indication of competence. if the player is in a well known clan i dont take the stats too serious because i know he have gotten help to get those stats or i assume it. will not work because the top player in your below 49% team will in effect be a unicum in that team so problem is still present. behaviour has no place on the world of warships forums due to its extremely offensive and inappropriate nature. putting certain ships in matches where it'll be outclassed by everything is bad game design. if these limitations are exceeded, then the disruptive elements will be removed without explanation and the offending account may receive sanctions. even if the current mm is unbalanced a average to above average player will most likely have consistent results and in the end sepparate him from the 47-48% ers.   Kandly  Blizzardactivisionoverwatch leagueoverwatch world cuphearthstone championship tourheroes global championshipstarcraft ii wcsworld of warcraft arena world championship. beta status was just a lame excuse, but if this mm problem persists after the game goes live in 2 weeks, well u guys know what we should do then. also a nerf to those players who perform above average and a buff to those who perform below average. mm would have to improvise 90% of the time and the good players would anyway end in improvised game setups that would be same as now. i keep checking his 3d model after every single patch looking for any chance of seen it back in game some day. such incidences are to be directed to supportcausing disturbances in forum threads, such as picking fights, making off topic posts that ruin the thread, insulting other postersmaking non-constructive posts, or posts with non-constructive topicsabusing the "reported post" feature by sending false alarms or nonsensical messagesnumbering a thread, posting “first! for one: there are far fewer good players than bad players, in a ratio of somewhere around 1 to 10 and really good players roughly 1 to 100.? i judge skills by looking at tank stats and good players will more likely have good stats on all actively played tanks. people tend to find and remember this extremes as excuse for their loses – like paper vs armored heavies, pre-school-kids top tier platoons, tds vs meds., on 31 march 2017 - 01:20 am, said:The tier8 french light tank is so bad sooo bad. you'd think if you can face your own or up to 2 tiers higher then you'd have a reason to think you'd get roughly 1/3rd battles in each type of battle (where you're top, middle or bottom tier). you need to accept it, random games represent the random society we all live in., bunch of retards trying to boil a persons performance down to one single variable. someone thinks that he will be less angry when he will have better teammates – he is wrong..this way if u are good u are going to kill these noobs and have good game. do you think a lot of the missions require you to be in the “top 10 by xp” ? it might take some of you longer to realise that but it's obvious to me that it's not working as it should. this is where the platoons come in – they can break the pattern by bringing 3 players of above average skill (or, heaven forbid, unicums) into the battle – that’s why wargaming decided not to implement any platoons of more than 3 players. + 1xc and other team is 13xc + 1xd + 1xa … battle ends in 3 mins by lose of 15:1 etc .“when it comes to the range from bad up to above average players, the distribution of such players is linear… let’s say we have 1000 players.. technical support service (both forum and in-game):For billing and payment issues - billing and payment department. shooting gold, buying premium tanks, running fast light tanks across field just for fun. an analysis of over 2,000 solo pub battles, this is what i found:Players lose less than 3% of the battles with a greater than 60% xvm chance to win. first team got like 19% of wining this battle, after 2 minutes there is 0-5, after 4 minutes there is 0-10 and after 5 minutes there is 0-15 (maybe 1-15) and battle ends with everyone in second team having at least +2. one is what you describe, steamrolls and the game being not challenging at all.

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the matchmaking system does not work as it should and leads to many frustrating games for both new and experienced players alike. disclaimerblizzard entertainment uses cookies and similar technologies on its websites. because i am absolutely not a good player, and prefer to play arty, but why does people use winrates to decide “skill”? there's a common refrain from all sorts, including wg themselves, that the mm is 'optimised' for certain populations. so i think you should buff the power to weight ratio of the elc back to near 30 hp/ton and maybe also make the gun have something like 140 pen with standard ammo and like 190mm pen with prem ammo. a full orange is-7 that teamkilled 2 arties because they told him not to camp. is it really maybe a problem that “i want to win” not “i want to be with good teammates” ? are some brutal examples in the replies of why people should pay attention in maths class. complain about ending up on window licker retard teams, but you have unrealistic demands. i’ve recently had an experience driving e50-m with 46% win rate(which is shit) and 3k avg damage per battle (which in my opinion is decent). bottom line is that we want world of warships to be a fun and safe environment for all players. tanks and supports are a no go to 90% of the player base. since the amount of good players is still large enough, the probability of having at least one on your team to be quite high, but let’s have a look at an example. if the button is hidden, these battles will be empty forever (see: historical battles). the most important conclusion however is that when you are platooning with very good players, you constantly, in 100 percent of cases, drop into battles the probability of which to happen is under normal circumstances 0. the unis will still carry but you should see far fewer 15-0, 15-1, or 15-2 games., the *sole purpose* of matched teams is to reduce the ‘unlikely’ but still common experience of one team being stacked (to some degree) with goods/bads and the other team not. we’ve done everything we can to make this a great game but now it’s up to you, the players, to breathe life into the world. posting multiple messages with the same content across several forums is unwelcome and inappropriate, since such activities divide the targeted discussions and makes gathering feedback considerably more difficult. this is removing the fun of the game, as you can not do something risky, because you know they will pen, every time..i dont like to have 46-48% player but u never now what might hapen in battle and that is the charm of game. i too would like to have more competitive games on a regular basis. maybe the arty, maybe the td is an op camper noob category, maybe the enemy was unsportsmanlike… the user is never will be bad. 3 minute 15:3 games (or the other way) are not necessarilly always the battles with very good or very bad teams. recorded the data from 2,000+ of my solo pub battles and put it into a spreadsheet..always someone chirping in with the same straw man arguments. on wotlabs, basically the unicum club, there is unanimous opposition to it. all they do is periodically throw you a bone of a top tier battle after you've been hosed for battle after battle.“all this mathematics is not needed, the mm should just simply be split into 2 categories:Because at the end of the day, the guys with 49%wr have no positive impact on their battles, so let all them guys play and have “fun” together., actual mm only benefits higher skilled players increasing their numbers and ego, they have no balanced mm so around 8 of 10 battles are vs. is fun, the guys with less than 49% wr dont care about winning, they play for “fun” but how isit fun to shoot 1 single shell and then die? i can be nice in tier 8 tank (sometimes being top tier when …) but tier 9 and 10 is still too high for me. you have played over 10k games or similar and play effective the majority of times you will realise that both good and bad games are happening. so i think you should buff the power to weight ratio of the elc back to near 30 hp/ton and maybe also make the gun have something like 140 pen with standard ammo and like 190mm pen with prem ammo. i dont even use xvm so i dont care or judge players unless i see how they play and yes some times i even flame on unicums and superunicums, but who cares its random and that is why we love the absurdness of it. in this case you can still get unbalanced matches like: team one has all the good players in bottom tier vehicles and team two has the good players in top tier vehicles. thing that many topics of skill based matchmaking skip over is getting rid of the landslide/steamroll battles and the battle with predetermined outcomes due to very large skill differences., colors are just colors, i’ve had many matches, where my team was like a tomato soup while the other looked like lemon squash ( yellow and green players ) and we still won.'s perfectly simple, and something i've written about for at least 4. what i care about is that whenever i hit the battle button, the teams are reasonably fairly balanced and that i have a roughly (! in all honesty it's not blizzards fault on the solo side of it, players want to play the tracers, reapers and the s76.

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