Will dexter and deb hook up

Will dexter and debra hook up

pilots 2017: the complete guide to what lives, dies and still has a pulse. she is rescued, however, and saves dexter's life by swimming to the car and pulling him out. here's how lazy the writers are: deb's season 8 squeeze was andrew briggs. the job is also very stressful in itself, and she comes to doubt whether she can handle the responsibility. debra appears following her season 1 story arc, working undercover as a prostitute to find the ice truck killer. apparently dexter had her watch over harrison, so she tries to get a hold of him again (with some of her famous cuss words and anger) and still fails to figure out where he's at.'s such a cliche, it's laughable, but yes, in its death throes, dexter gave one of its characters an estranged family member to shake things up. they started things up again while she was seeing anton, but they were both shot and frank was killed. it seemed to make the story that much more interesting and dynamic if you can intertwine them that way.[32] dexter tells her that he, hannah and harrison are going to move to argentina. matthews attempts to make a deal with her about covering up his involvement in the death of a prostitute, but before she can take any action, laguerta tells matthews' superiors about his indiscretion and lets debra take the fall for it. debra is on hand to arrest hannah, as a heartbroken dexter looks on. just as debra is about to tell quinn the truth about laguerta's death, dexter renders her unconscious with the same tranquilizer he uses on his victims, and takes her back to his apartment. this resulted in her admitting that she is incapable of telling the difference between the truth and a lie with dexter (to be fair, most of his lies were to protect her, which she seemed to believe was illogical). by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. debra, however, began to accept that dexter was taught to commit these secretive crimes by her father. quinn breaks up with hill after she publishes the article about lundy, but the two soon return to a relationship. conversation between debra and dexter leads to her finding out her father slept with one of his confidential informants. however, she has amazing detective abilities and typically catches on to clues just a mere step behind her brother thus leading homicide multiple times towards success (almost accidentally catching her brother on multiple occasions). there was no chemistry between them, and their relationship — which eventually faltered — was a clear attempt at giving two frequently underused characters something new to do.[18] dexter slips away from debra long enough to dispose of ray speltzer (matt gerald), a serial killer she had tried and failed to send to prison. links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page. george drags nadia by her hair into his office, and asks her which one of them she "belongs" to. investigation (by quinn, batista or astor and cody) in order to find out who killed debra while in the hospital and where did her body disappear is left open as well.. debra morgan was supposed to be tracking andrew briggs — their relationship was part of the job, part deb coping with the fact that she killed laguerta. after a confidential police lead ends up in one of hill's articles, lieutenant maria laguerta warns quinn to be wary of any reporter who squeezes him for confidential information over pillow talk. in "do the wrong thing", after dexter disposes of a particularly brutal serial killer who had evaded imprisonment on a technicality, debra admits that she understands why dexter takes the law into his own hands and tells him that she will not stop him as long as he does not tell her about it or interfere with miami metro investigations. she constantly craved the attention of her father and she envied dexter for all the time their father harry spent with him- teaching him how to get away with murder. the fact that she acknowledged her bad choices in men didn't make this any better, and the pattern has continued throughout the series. while sergeant doakes' death abated his pursuit for dexter, quinn's love for dexter's sister, debra morgan, forced quinn to retreat pursuing him for her sake, in addition to his general lack of interest in dexter. buck tells thr how showtime topper david nevis influenced the trajectory of the season, why the romantic element was added and how desmond harrington's quinn will play a role next season. the second promotion, on the other hand, was cheerful and proud-the two were actually friendly with one another. like the pairing of laguerta and batista, it happened because there was nothing else to do. debra reluctantly helps him burn down the abandoned church where he killed travis, destroying the evidence of the crime. the results prove that hannah did indeed poison debra, leaving dexter with no choice but to give debra evidence proving that hannah killed price. i mean, you can try — and in its early seasons, dexter made a valiant effort. quinn got the internal affairs case dropped after finding out from debra. later visits nadia at work due to her not calling him and discovers she moved to las vegas for a fresh start and has left a message with a friend for quinn, stating she's grateful for everything and will never forget quinn. sunday's shocking season finale, deb (jennifer carpenter) learned the truth about him when she walked in to find travis, the doomsday killer that miami metro had been tracking all season, on the table with dexter (michael c. the season finale, debra rushes to dexter's side when laguerta has him arrested for the bay harbor butcher murders, and angrily confronts laguerta before being told to recuse herself. dexter manages to interrupt the meeting before anything further happens. begins an intimate relationship with quinn while trying to support dexter following rita's murder (portrayed in the season four finale, "the getaway"). saxon is arrested by angel batista and other officers on the scene, as he arrives outside the hospital room debra was in.?", which picks up at the end of season 6, debra witnesses dexter murder travis marshall. moments later, however, dexter is killed when the yacht explodes; in his final moments, he sees deborah trying to save him. truce is threatened when dexter begins dating hannah mckay (yvonne strahovski), a serial poisoner who debra is intent on arresting for the murder of sal price (santiago cabrera), a writer she had feelings for. later, at angel batista's new year's eve party, she learns that laguerta has gone in pursuit of dexter, who she fears is in the act of killing hector estrada, the man who ordered his mother's murder. the following day, she takes the job at miami metro, and renews her relationship with quinn. seems to take a liking to debra, even going so far as to assist her by introducing a c. that night, he is seen trying to enjoy some one-on-one time with jamie batista when they are interrupted - again - this time by dexter, who is stopping by to ask him about deb's whereabouts. there's a number of different writers and producers on the show and over the years we've all sort of imagined how the show will end and now it will eventually be time to start comparing notes and seeing what the best direction is to take this show before we decide on what our final episode will be. he apologized for all the bad things he did before and tried to get back together one last time, only to be turned down. debra then commented that harrison should go live with his grandparents and that dexter is an unfit father, which caused dexter to finally snap at debra and say that he is a good father, vowing not to affect his son, regardless of what debra believes. zach hamilton's brief stint on dexter happened in the middle of season 8, and given how quickly zach was killed, it felt an awful lot like the show spinning its wheels.: when they exchange "i love yous," is dexter aware of what kind of love deb is professing? despite her foul mouth and anger issues, it seemed to be pretty evident that debra's love for her brother was her primary trait. six seasons, showtime's dexter finally answered the series' big question: when will debra morgan find out about dexter's dark passenger. turned out, hannah wanted dexter to help kill her husband — but then she ended up doing it herself. she goes to the scene, where she finds dexter poised to shoot an unconscious laguerta. further develops his interest in debra morgan, to the point that the two of them engage in sex at rita's house.

Will dexter and deb hook up

: i think she's always been aware that there's more to dexter that she really thought but i don't think she ever had the slightest idea that dexter might be a killer in any any sort of way. quinn: "lancelot": dirty cop, former love interest of debra morgan. is characterized as smart and capable, yet unsure of herself, and so she relies upon dexter's seemingly limitless expertise on murderers to solve difficult cases. when dexter finds out what debra has done, she asks him to cover up the crime, which he does. once on the road, debra seizes the steering wheel and plunges the car into the bay, intent on killing herself and her brother. the middle of the season, debra finds out that quinn, who believes that dexter was involved in rita's murder, has been investigating dexter behind her back. later, at batista's new year's eve party, she learns that laguerta has gone in pursuit of dexter, who she fears is in the act of killing hector estrada (nestor serrano), the man who ordered his mother's murder. he proceeds to tell her about an ice truck, which then leads to believe the killer has been using transportation to mobilize his victims, and an ice truck is perfect to preserve the victims in the state they have been found. has killed three characters so far within the series, the first being carlos fuentes when she decided not to hesitate upon him taking a hostage a second time (which almost cost the first hostage's life). since then, quinn has been going out and drinking heavily, on one such occasion he lost his gun and phone, causing angel to help get it for him. debra's ability to be "one of the guys" was what allowed her to be so effective at her job. it came to the law, debra thought that justice is the thing that would prevail, although she did, at times, admit that it isn't perfect. was known to have a very foul mouth (in the very first episode of the show, dexter described her as "his foul-mouth foster sister"), and there was hardly a sentence that she spoke in which she did not utter a swear word (she did this in normal conversation, but swore more often when angry).: quinn has always been a little bit suspicious of dexter but it's something he's put aside largely because of feelings for deb. she as well as the rest of homicide attends the funeral, with her thinking centered on dexter, who is still missing, but quinn attempts to run his theory about dexter by her when dexter suddenly arrives (thus cutting him off) and the funeral commences. by that time, we can only sit back and listen to it but there's nothing we can really address at the time. like debra morgan, quinn has a natural instinct when it comes to solving cases but later in his career he starts to allow emotions to get the better of his work, specifically his suspicion of dexter morgan near the end of season four and into season five, now his derailed heart in the midst of season six after being turned down from a proposal to deb, who made lieutenant. clearly showing that despite the two of them had broken up, they're still close. debra is severely affected by rudy's betrayal; she moves in with dexter for fear of being alone. also has a very poor track record with relationships, which is another contrast to dexter and his steady (except for part of season 2) relationship with rita. debra remembers that dexter protected her from the fictitious 'monsters' during her early childhood. she was also well known for being easily angered and frustrated by suspects (even more evident when something violent happens to someone close to her). the conclusion of dexter is delicious, deborah is pregnant by her boyfriend, kyle chutsky, and in double dexter we learn that she gave birth to a son, nicholas, and raises him alone. it's always been hanging out that debra did not know who her own brother truly was so it was time to finally answer that question. if the lumen storyline didn't smack of lila enough, once again, dexter had to start sleeping with the strange new woman in his life. he enters george's office and after an argument, quinn pushes george through a window and beats him up before walking away with nadia. her hair was ever changing, going from one length to another (and in season 3, even cutting off a lot of it), but, typically, it remained light brown. such a waste of valuable final season time (and of friday night lights actress dora madison burge). the next day, laguerta calls her into her office under the pretext of apologizing — and confronts her with circumstantial evidence that she was near the church at the time it was destroyed. batista remains as sergeant, and while depressed about what occurred, he's proud of debra. years later, she joins the police force and yearns desperately to become a homicide detective. a lot of viewers saw that scene and their immediate reactions was, "ew," since we've always seen them as brother and sister? when debra got a stroke after being shot, he was torn apart to know that debra would never recover, and remain a vegetable, leaving him to suffer for his loss." there's always a risk of becoming repetitive and that's exactly what we did not want to do. i don't know that there's that much more to explore in future but it's out there; it's part of who deb is and what she's done. thankfully, this plot was mostly abandoned once debra learned her brother is a serial killer.[3] she stays in dexter's house while she deals with the trauma. wears contacts,[2] having traded in her glasses for contacts due to her interest in boys at a young age, and braces at night., when she's referring to the people in "that box" as the victims before dexter mentions the above killers. debra reluctantly asks dexter if he is a serial killer. a bad breakup with anton briggs and the loss of frank lundy, debra has been cornered with a lot of unfortunate outcomes with her relationship status. he arrived just in time to save angel and deeply apologized for everything he did and angel said he can't have a partner he can't trust and requested a transfer for quinn. however, she is able to track him down by the end of the season, and finds his body, moments after dexter and lumen pierce (julia stiles) - one of the barrel girl killers' surviving victims and dexter's lover and "protegé"- have killed him. a few days later, debra walks into miami metro, blind drunk, and confesses to quinn that she killed laguerta. her at-home attire was very casual compared to her work clothing, usually consisting of t-shirts and blue jeans. she is convinced hannah poisoned her, and dexter is suspicious enough to order a toxicology screen on a bottle of water in debra's car. due to this he begins acting out, having random one-night stands and drinking heavily; once turning up to debra's housewarming with a girl he flippantly referred to as "chick from bar", and hitting on batista's sister. (this was mere episodes after lila learned dexter's secret at the end of season 2.) miguel wasted no time in joining forces with the bay harbor butcher, despite the fact that he ostensibly had a conscience and knew that killing people — however evil they might be — is wrong. they went on several dates, but eventually, debra left him because of her growing attraction to frank lundy. more frustrating than mike anderson's untimely demise was the abrupt removal of louis greene. the three of them team up to infiltrate the drug lord's yacht and rescue the children, and deborah and dexter repair their relationship. the start of the season, quinn proposes to debra, but she rejects him and eventually ends their relationship. she also served as dexter's "best man" for the wedding. she backs her brother despite the opposition from fbi and her own department alike, not realizing that joey quinn has taken an interest in dexter's possible connection to rita's murder. when arriving drunk at her house, he asks if she ever truly loved him and when she doesn't answer, he realizes she never loved him. occasionally when stressed or feeling insulted, his anger level increases, rendering him foul mouthed and painfully blunt. after killing saxon, dexter goes to see her in the hospital as it is being evacuated in the midst of a hurricane. humorously, the first promotion laguerta gave deb was given with a heavy heart and annoyed attitude. when she does arrive, however, dexter had turned the church into his personal kill room for travis.

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lee), however, debra deduces that trinity could not have been the shooter. for a time dexter morgan became his prime interest, much in the same way that sergeant james doakes pursued him near the end of season one and then through the duration of season two. liddy begins to harass quinn but quinn does not wish to continue investigating dexter because of his romantic feelings for his sister, debra.: not necessarily, we just knew it would be happening at this time and it was the story that was currently going on. when briggs tries to scare dexter off, dexter kills him, and pleads with debra to leave with him. both debra morgan and joey quinn lose someone they love this season., joey was a self-serving individual, not above taking bribes and getting involved with people of interest - yet,  not an outright villain, either. first, she (unknowingly) starts a relationship with her foster brother's (dexter's) biological brother (rudy/brian). but she is still upset when frank lundy has to leave miami due to his work. while she was initially fearful of him, lumen comes to trust dexter, and eventually, the two joined forces to take revenge on the group of men who kept lumen captive. a tough, foul-mouthed tomboy, she craved her father's attention and envied dexter for the amount of time harry spent with him, unaware that harry was training him to be a vigilante serial killer. hill later confesses to debra that she was the shooter, moments before she shoots herself in the head. season 4, there is less of the hints as frank lundy shows up and ends up dying midway through the season and quinn mainly is dealing with his own relationship this season with arthur mitchell's biological daughter. no, just more laziness and a serious underestimation of the show's audience. debra often glanced at dexter with an expression of distrust, frustration, and rage. debra grew up watching her brother take a lot of the spotlight, often seeking attention from her father, who would otherwise focus everything on dexter. for example, she threatened quinn when he referred to dexter as a "dweeb.: will deb's romantic feelings for dexter change after watching dexter kill travis? (september 2014) (learn how and when to remove this template message). however, fbi agent frank lundy (keith carradine) reassures her otherwise and they, mid-season, develop a romantic relationship, which ends when he is called away from miami. in "sunshine and frosty swirl", after reading serial killer reports by frank lundy, debra says she wants to help dexter, and make sure he doesn't kill again. is the final death (as well as dexter's final kill) in the series. dexter claims that he went to collect evidence, and was surprised by marshall; he then says that he "snapped" and killed him on impulse. the beginning of the season, dexter tells debra that harry slept with one of his confidential informants. desperate to save dexter, debra shoots and kills laguerta, and breaks down in tears over her body.[1] she later became foster sister to dexter morgan (michael c. debra started dating her superior, fbi special agent frank lundy.[28] debra goes to a resentful dexter for help when vogel is kidnapped. the cctv footage is then watched by angel and quinn, who both come to a conclusion that dexter can be cleared under an act of self-defense, even though they can slightly see that dexter debra morgan after being taken off life support in "remember the monsters? after dexter is freed thanks to his brother brian's machinations, she refuses to let him see the children and communicates with him only to get him to sign the paperwork to finalize the adoption. season 2, deb became romantically involved with the much older frank lundy. noted that quinn is also childish and his breakup with deb caused him to go out and party and get drunk a lot and needs to learn to grow up resulting in a fist fight between the two., debra's recently found out that quinn was suspended for investigating dexter as the beginning of the season (she doesn't know that he hired a private investigator) and wants nothing to do with him, even though quinn had just told her that he loved her. debra reluctantly helps him burn down the abandoned church where he killed marshall, destroying the evidence of the crime. quinn's time in narcotics he had a partner named yuki amado (later an internal affairs agent), whom after having witnessing his neglect caused the death of detective stewart began to stalk officer debra morgan and urge her to spy on quinn for her. she is more determined than ever to improve her career and earn a detective shield. deborah saves dexter's life by killing the drug lord just as he has her wounded brother at his mercy. sergeant angel batista, quinn and other police offers entered the club to interrogate the staff about the murder of mike anderson. considering deb slept with rudy, who is dexter's biological brother, is that something we can expect to see next season? however, this leads to a fist fight between both of them over each other's problems, with angel telling quinn that he needs to grow up and move on. however, she learns far more about the event than jonah, learning the truth of what happened to rita and some of what dexter felt in hunting trinity and his failure to prevent her death. will soon have definitive proof of what she and dexter had done. she starts to bury herself in work and is very wary of anyone she has a relationship with, such as gabriel. at first, sergeant angel batista (who became sergeant near the beginning of season three, ironically at that time forcing debra off the oscar prado case to cement the position) was considered for the position, maria's top pick to take her place.: it's funny to me that people can accept the fact that dexter is a serial killer without question but the minute his sister falls in love with him, it's love that makes people go, "ew," and not the killing. a year later he and deb were seen practically living together, but not much further than a standard relationship, quinn wanted to take that further and finally proposed to her, only to be refused in the long run. he was all poised to be the next big bad — or at least, a significant thorn in dexter's side. single aspect of debra's life changed once she saw dexter plunging a knife into travis marshall's chest and, after she eventually put the pieces together, discovered that he's a mass murderer, much to her horror. thinking she doesn't know what she's saying, quinn calls dexter for help.[12] debra then renews her search for harry's mistress, and finds out about laura moser, and the fact that dexter and the ice truck killer are brothers. season 4 of dexter began, angel batista and maria laguerta were sleeping with each other. having discovered who her brother really is, debra then became torn over whether she should love him as a family member or if she should even care for him at all because there was reason to express resentment for his actions, his secrets, and the blood slides that she discovered. shooting maria laguerta, according to showrunner scott buck, they left the cameras rolling and the part where deb runs up to laguerta, crying and holding her is unscripted. warning: this article or section contains key plots and information. rampling is a tremendous actor, and evelyn vogel hasn't been the problem with season 8. debra began studying dexter's actions and continually questioned every movement he made due to her severe distrust for him and his insane urge to kill." in season 4, deb finally discovers the truth about dexter's biological family. debra generally seems to earn the respect of the office but struggles with the idea of some people not feeling 'open' to her anymore because of her new job level. quinn knew about the partner's addiction but tried to offer private help instead of informing his superiors. how much of his dark passenger and upbringing will he reveal to deb?

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he seemed to want to comfort her and be tentative to her need well into season 8 even keeping the engagement he originally proposed to debra with in his desk. in the meantime quinn is developing emotions for debra, who feels the same way about him and the two finally admit to one another that they want to be together. debra is on hand to arrest hannah, as a heartbroken dexter looks on. adopted brother is dexter morgan, the main protagonist and serial killer of the series. while he did this, he mumbled 'i love you, deb', indicating that their bond was one that could never be broken. remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. always has a large role in the story, usually on the other half of the hunt for serial killers that dexter often targets. she still learns how to use a gun better than dexter and trying to foster her career as a future detective. to further complicate the situation, she and quinn, who is now in a relationship with batista's sister jamie (aimee garcia), share a kiss.[21] debra eventually confesses her feelings for dexter in a moment of frustration. he is present when deputy chief matthews introduces everyone to evelyn vogel, and he later receives a call from deb - who asks him to look up an "el sapo" for her.", debra rushes to dexter's side when laguerta has him arrested for the bay harbor butcher murders and angrily confronts her before being told to recuse herself. and of course, he was shot and killed shortly thereafter, because deb makes bad choices and will always end up alone. hollywood reporter caught up with dexter showrunner scott buck to discuss how the show will change now that deb knows, why it was important to see deb develop romantic feelings for dexter as well as the fate of desmond harrington's detective joey quinn. despite others such as joey quinn (who recently was turned down by a proposal to deb) urging him that she's changed, angel continues to believe in deb and her abilities, aiding her now discreetly in dealing with being a lieutenant. even though she started to pin the blame on dexter in the beginning of season 8, it was revealed by evelyn vogel that she had actually been in a state of denial for a long time and had only been trying to blame herself for getting involved in the situation. in this case, it was anton briggs, who should've been keeping a low profile as quinn's ci, but of course, he found himself drawn to the complicated debra morgan. when quinn is at nadia's home, george appears and shows him a recording of their conversation at the restaurant, meaning george has leverage to make quinn do his bidding. at a crime scene, angel reveals his awareness of quinn's relationship with jamie and says that if quinn wants angel's acceptance of their relationship, he must man up and take the sergeant's test. debra stays in denial, constantly badmouthing quinn and is quick on the defensive sign to suggest that they were dating or worse in her mind possibly getting married. wasn't just any detective: he was a semi-crooked, morally compromised detective with a dangerous suspicion about dexter. and dexter are both non-lethally poisoned by hannah, who has escaped from prison.: will deb look to quinn, now that she has seen dexter's dark passenger? that will obviously be the drama of the upcoming season. dexter shows up at her hotel and tells her that an assassin named el sapo (nick gomez) is coming to kill her and briggs; debra responds that she doesn't care. contrived twist that travis' mentor professor gellar was dead would have been bad enough as is; but thanks to the deductive powers of the internet — and some really sloppy writing — everyone called this big reveal before dexter did. 6 of dexter was arguably the messiest — well, perhaps until the show's current and final eighth season.[25] el sapo finds debra as she searches for briggs' stolen merchandise and beats her up. it would be revealed by george that quinn is a dirty cop, having taken bribes from him in the past, which can explain his expensive car and nice apartment he has and the two have a history together for using him for favors by slipping him some cash to look the other way. her sudden change of heart wasn't earned at all — it was just an easy way to add a little tension to deb getting shot at the end of the penultimate episode. hall) plunging a sword into his chest when she showed up to profess her romantic feelings for her adopted brother. after they finish, debra denies that anything actually happened while quinn constantly pressures debra into trying to accept what happened and that the two should hook up. how she is going to handle that is all fodder for next season. dexter gets to debra and she asks him for help on the case as she wants to have a part of solving the case of the prostitute killer to be able to be transferred from vice to homicide as she is sick of working as laguerta's puppet. she works hard on the case, but her progress is hampered by her own insecurity and her antagonistic relationship with lieutenant maria laguerta (lauren vélez). he inspires confidence in debra; something she never received from harry.[4] in the season finale, "the british invasion", she helps dexter rescue rita's two children from a fire that lila had started. the best thing one can say about the dexter/lumen romance is that it was short-lived. the start of the season, quinn proposes to debra, but she rejects him and ends their relationship. the two then began kiss, inferring the two are now a couple. dexter and debra admit they need each other, and they reconcile. Buck tells THR how Showtime topper David Nevis influenced the trajectory of the season, why the romantic element was added and how Desmond Harrington's Quinn will play a role next season. at the miami metro police station, quinn enters the evidence storage and in the freezer, he picks the blood sample of isaak sirko and smuggles out of the station, although with signs of guilt. is shown that even after the break up with debra morgan he never truly got over her. are we beginning to see a sea change for dexter? she was bound to a table in the same manner that dexter kills his victims, while dexter and brian discuss her fate. pattern the series has had a hard time avoiding: an outside character finding out that dexter is a serial killer and going along with it. she investigates the files on harry's informants and interviews them, hoping to find the one harry slept with.", the situation is worsened when debra gets into a near-fatal car accident after a confrontation with hannah; she is convinced hannah poisoned her, and dexter is suspicious enough to order a toxicology screen on a bottle of water in debra's car, along with searching debra's house for clues. soon enough, debra seemed to start catching on to the incontrovertible truth in dexter's words, specifically when speltzer brutally murdered another defenseless woman (melanie garrett) in his tailor-made maze. dexter agrees, even though he doesn't really have a choice, as debra (probably) would have arrested him.: considering deb's history with lumen last season -- she let her go because, "she doesn't know if there are people who deserve to die. we don't need to reiterate what's wrong with giving deb an endless string of unsuitable boyfriends (i. the two then kiss and start acting more and more like lovers. however, she is forced to rely on him when cody, astor and nicholas are kidnapped by a mexican drug lord who is out to get brian. ultimately she started to fall for him due to him being there for her, however, resulting in a relationship at the end of the season and even dexter morgan helping quinn out after nearly taking the fall for stan liddy's death. she is also unaware that brian has returned as her birthing classes are on the same day that brian visits dexter and rita. she sees them at the crime scene through a wall of plastic sheeting, and tells them that she needs to call in the crime scene. later, he bumps into dexter in the hall at the station and tells him about looking into "el sapo" for deb, as well as briggs' tangle with the mob. on the other, it would have been nice to see deb end the series on top, not in the arms of another ghost of relationships past.

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later he walks into george's office at the foxhole and returns it, saying he is not for sale. debra admits that she understands why dexter takes the law into his own hands, and tells him that she will not stop him as long as he does not tell her about it or interfere with miami metro investigations. her distrust for dexter was so great at this point that she even believed that he was the one who killed rita, much to dexter's anger and shock. her work and personal troubles weighing down on her, she begins to attend therapy. season 2, she becomes romantically involved with frank lundy and they have a healthy relationship despite their age difference.[36] she then has a relationship with rudy cooper, who ends up kidnapping her and trying to kill her twice. most recently she has started seeing joey quinn, a bad-mouthed cop that is practically perfect for debra. debra calls him in to her office to reconcile her issues, which quinn accepts albeit regretfully. in fact, it's symptomatic of the writers' confusion over the character of dexter, who started out as a sociopath and became a "lovable" anti-hero. however, debra is slowly learning more and more about dexter's life as a serial killer, and him being the bay harbor butcher. season 4 saw him at his heaviest, while season 3 and 5 through 8 see him as a more lean individual. he is shown having sex with jamie batista at her place just as her brother comes home and unknowingly interrupts them (he sneaks out while jamie distracts angel). in most instances, she takes point and with her intuitive ability to recognize evidence, signs, indications, and clues that lead to truth.: how much did the backlash this season have to do with deb finding out?: could you have had deb find out without being in love with dexter? she is distraught at her father's death, inspired by his legendary police career and follows in his footsteps. debra ran up to el sapo in his car and shot him 3 times with a 9mm handgun, but dexter has evidence against her of some of her own blood in the shattered glass. the third promotion is very emotional for laguerta who promised it to batista, but now has to award it to deb instead, and she's not happy about it. when her case might have been in jeopardy due to her romantic involvement with anton, she chose him over the case, and still received her detective's shield, with approval from lt.[22] debra gets into a near-fatal car accident after a confrontation with hannah. the next day, laguerta calls her into her office under the pretext of apologizing — and confronts her with circumstantial evidence that she was near the church at the time it was destroyed. he debra, just before being slowly placed into the water by dexter. later debra discovers that quinn was suspended by laguerta for investigating dexter, and not taking vacation days as he had said. he later confesses to debra that the real source of the internal affairs investigation was from the death of a former partner of his and yuki's who had a crystal meth addiction. this could explain quinn's expensive vehicles and lifestyle in his introduction to the series as well as yuki amado's investigation into him. quinn decides that his relationship with debra is more important than his (supposedly) unfounded suspicions about dexter, and stops his investigation. he eventually finds out about yuki from debra, claiming it to be a "personal vendetta on [her] part". like her father, she wanted to become a detective and started learning to shoot a gun by borrowing her father's, which angers him when dexter tells him, and she reproaches dexter for telling him saying that sometimes she wished that he had never brought him home but apologizes for it soon after. went through a childhood trauma as stated in season six and she developed post-traumatic stress disorder from her ordeal from dexter's brother brian moser. debra reluctantly asks dexter if he is a serial killer. the conclusion of dexter is delicious, deborah is pregnant by kyle chutsky, who had left her after coming to the conclusion that he was of no use to her. promoted to the homicide department, debra's first case is a series of murders committed by "the ice truck killer", who preys on prostitutes and leaves their dismembered bodies in refrigerated trucks.. mistress and finds out about laura moser, and the fact that dexter and the ice truck killer are brothers. quinn draws his gun on george and warns him to not hit her again. worst of all, brian's return in season 6 was a reminder of how far dexter has fallen. she gives them an hour head start because she sympathizes with lumen, but she never finds out that dexter was involved. batista intervenes as she is a witness, to which quinn replies that she cannot be a witness, as the koshka's will kill her and she is illegal in the united states. by the end of the series, debra has used some variant of the word "fuck" approximately 996 times. this gives her a heroic feat under her belt and enough for matthews to decide firmly on promoting her to lieutenant, which she makes laguerta do. the only other characters currently alive with knowledge of what dexter does is lumen pierce, though her knowledge is only that dexter is a serial killer that takes blood slides as trophies of his victims. again, the audience had to suspend disbelief that someone else would find out about dexter, and not only accept it — but actually become his sidekick. after matthews promotes her, she starts to grow self-confident, relying less on dexter's abilities and more on her own. she was immediately remorseful for saying it, however, and apologized. eventually liddy finds out that dexter is squeaky clean, so clean, in fact, that his records are most likely fake. and it might've worked if we hadn't seen this exact same story before. progression in miami metro homicide is the furthest of any character, with most only being promoted a single rank while debra has gone from a beat cop in vice to lieutenant of homicide all in a short period of time, even skipping the rank of sergeant.: not at all, we're all done significantly writing and everything is plotted out by the time we begin airing. it would later be revealed that the true reason deb broke up with quinn was that she didn't love him, which left him even more hurt. rudy eventually proposes to debra and she accepts, but soon after he reveals his identity and drugs her, to use as bait against dexter.: ‘dexter’s’ jennifer carpenter: deb is honoring ‘what’s true for her’. to tell the best story we possibly can and remain true to dexter morgan. quinn is getting closer and closer to the truth in his mind. quinn denounces hill after it is revealed that she is the trinity killer's daughter and had been manipulating him to keep her father from being arrested; after hill shoots herself, however, he is clearly distraught. however, quinn nor debra ever even consider a relationship or a fling at this point, therefore, it's mostly just tension. she wants the job, but she knows that she cannot do it while harboring a fugitive and turning a blind eye to dexter's crimes. lundy dies, and she eventually figures out the trinity killer is the shooter. 7 also introduced us to hannah, another character who suffered from the writers' obsession with giving us the same storylines over and over again. after travis kidnaps and threatens to kill harrison, dexter meets him to intervene only to be ordered by travis to inject himself with m99. she feels that she is not a good detective because she didn't spot that her fiancé was a serial killer, but frank lundy tells her otherwise and they, midseason, develop a romantic relationship which ends in debra gaining her confidence back. all of this leads to quinn developing a confrontational relationship with dexter.

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in the tv series, debra remains unaware of dexter's "hobby" until the final episode of season six, when she witnesses dexter killing travis marshall.  hannah mckay retains the same knowledge about dexter's hobby, and how she seemingly dislikes dexter makes her the riskiest threat to him. two years had passed and the ice truck killer investigation was rekindled after finding two murdered victims in miami. quinn has been suffering a heartache that he can only seem to fill with pointless sex with random women (all of which he doesn't care about) and a lot of alcohol. in the novel darkly dreaming dexter and the follow-up novels, deborah finds out her brother is a killer and appears to accept it, although sometimes torn between her duty as a sister and as a cop regarding what she should do to him. months after laguerta's death, debra's life has gone into a tailspin: she has quit her job, started abusing drugs and alcohol, and cut off all contact with dexter. she was later shot by oliver saxon and suffered from a blood clot during surgery. this leads debra to believe that she was the shooter. dexter realized what must be done and reluctantly turned off her life-support to ensure that she rest in peace. her suits changed along with her hairstyle and, before the show ended, she dropped using a jacket and instead wore a long-sleeved button-up shirt with dress pants and shoes. was born to doris (kathrin lautner middleton) and harry morgan (james remar) on december 7, 1979. dexter makes the blood evidence on quinn's shoe go away and quinn is once again a free man. now working as a private investigator, she is chasing after — and sleeping with — drug dealer andrew briggs (rhys coiro). to stage an act of self-defense, quinn has nadia shoot him in the arm with george's gun still in the corpse's hand. when dexter appears reluctant, debra goes to her boss jacob elway (sean patrick flanery) and offers to apprehend hannah for a substantial reward. debra becomes shocked and confused at dexter's response, also realizing that now rita is dead.: you've set up next season with louis sending rudy the ice truck killer's hand to dexter. her portrayal of the character, she has been nominated for seven saturn awards for best supporting actress on television, in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, winning in 2009 for her performance in season three. season 3 begins, debra had her hair cut to shoulder length, has "sworn off men, liquor and smokes" and is even more determined to get her silver detective shield. her typical gear was a gun and a badge, along with other possible devices such as a radio. the romance between dexter and hannah should have felt lively and fresh, but it was way too forced and distracted from the more interesting story of debra coping with the truth. quinn starts to back off a bit, debra starts realizing that she's developing feelings for him and ultimately becomes jealous a few times, before finally coming up to him and admitting that she loves him.: david's impact on the season was saying, 'let's just not sit back and do what we've always done before; let's take the show in a different direction. it's such a contrived and easy ending that it feels like bad fan fic. novikov tells quinn to get rid of the blood evidence linking isaak sirko to the colombian murder and if he does not comply, nadia will be transferred to a sexclub in dubai where she most likely will be horribly treated. the season 7 finale, debra demonstrated how she would be willing to protect dexter at any cost - regardless of the consequences. i think we have to answer the questions we've just set up. he binds her to a table in the same manner that dexter kills his victims, while dexter and brian discuss her fate. this had nearly gotten her into trouble on several occasions, as she often spoke profanely to her superiors, only to realize this afterward and apologize.: how will deb finding out change the way in which you tell stories? in lindsay's novels, she first appeared in darkly dreaming dexter, and was featured in every novel in the series. at the end of the season, rudy proposes to her, and she accepts and is then kidnapped by him in order to reveal himself to dexter. but all of that has changed now and deb is certainly aware that quinn had these suspicions.'s what happens when someone finds out about dexter: he fucks the person, or he kills the person. was of course not one of dexter's 'normal' killings, (if you could even call it that) he wanted to do the humane thing for his sister. she is seen taking care of harrison while dexter copes with his loss, though works to get everything ready for the funeral in her brother's absent emotional state. a conflicted debra claimed she was happy and dexter replied that makes her 'human'. her career means a lot to her, her profession of being a good detective and solving crimes and serving justice is extremely important to her. while in vice, she would often go undercover as a prostitute and continues to have personal contacts within their ranks. but when you go through therapy you can go through all kinds of a rollercoaster ride of emotions and discoveries that don't always necessarily mean what you think they mean. unfortunately, when she killed captain maria laguerta to protect her brother dexter, something inside of her changed and she left her life at miami metro behind. feeling a sense of obligation to rita, she arrives with quinn at her house to clean up the blood which quinn objects because that is something the fbi is paid to do, but she feels it is her duty, so they go ahead and clean the place spotless of the blood spills. rudy — who is actually brian moser, dexter's biological brother — then kidnaps her to reveal himself to dexter. then she begins a relationship with lundy, who is approximately her father's would be age, and like him, a respected police officer (albeit for the fbi rather than miami p.: ‘dexter’ finale preview: what’s the ‘big ticking bomb in the background’? stops by her old precinct, and batista offers to reinstate her as a detective. reading lundy's files on serial killers, debra says she wants to help dexter, and make sure he doesn't kill again. she kept on telling dexter that they should both be able to follow the law no matter what and that he could have easily gone to the police - rather than slaughtering his victims in cold blood. when batista enters the office, quinn tells nadia to get her money and passport from the safe and leave. season 6, they have been in a relationship for about a year and quinn decided to propose to her stating he's in love with her, only to be turned down and heartbroken by deb. though she was often frustrated with his inability to open up to her, she defended him on more than one occasion. is on the scene shortly after the events of season 4 come to a close, telling fellow officers to back off her brother as she takes harrison into her arms and asks dexter what happened. how much did the backlash this season have to do with deb finding out? contacts his old friend from narcotics, the recently busted detective stan liddy and hires him to investigate dexter morgan. the very start of season 5, during a house cleanup after the death of rita morgan. dexter's love life hasn't been as much of a disaster as deb's, but there is a sense that the writers can't stop repeating themselves. during season eight, she changed her wardrobe entirely, switching to striped long-sleeved shirts and skinny jeans. it is possible that quinn's history with stan liddy goes back further than what we're lead on to believe and he may have participated in some of the "dirty work" that liddy was accused of. debra is saddened, but gives him her blessing when she sees how happy he is with his new family. she reaches out to dexter, asking him to take a drive with her so they can talk.

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, quinn and angel batista enter the foxhole again to retrieve nadia's passport. the job is also very stressful in itself, and she comes to doubt whether she can handle the responsibility., she completely skipped the golden shield of a homicide sergeant to reach lieutenant, certainly a notable feat by debra morgan. after being stabbed in dexter by design, deborah has finally come to accept dexter for what he is, and in dexter is delicious, she even asks him to kill bobby acosta, knowing he will walk away free after being found to be a cannibal because of his family's wealth and connections. if you're deb, you latch onto the next ill-advised romantic partner.[15] debra earns the respect of the office, but struggles with the idea of some people not feeling 'open' to her anymore because of her new job..Debra was born to doris morgan and harry morgan and, later, the adoptive sister to dexter moser. quinn is first introduced during season 3, it starts out as simple flirtatious jokes with the occasional hint here and there. Sure, Dexter had some bright spots in its eight seasons, but t'dexter' showrunner on the finale, the 'ew' moment and what's ahead (q&a). on a series that has struggled with characters of color, it was regrettable to have rapper mos def playing a figure who uselessly regurgitated the season's religious themes and then got killed in a forgettable subplot. the police find dvds the killers recorded of the crimes, and debra is assigned to study them. during season 7, he begins dating a stripper at a club owned by the koshka brotherhood, putting him at odds with the brotherhood and ultimately ends up killing a man to protect a girl that disappears from his life shortly thereafter. debra eventually threatens to have lila deported upon finding out that she murdered her ex-boyfriend. deb falling for dexter — her brother by adoption, but her brother nonetheless — was a low point in season 6, a season filled with low points. when debra leaves, angel notes that there was a lag between both shots, to which quinn makes up a story that he entered the office, george shot him, then beat up nadia and was about the finish quinn, the latter took him out. vince masuka is the perverted comedian of the series, then joey quinn is the wise-cracking, smart-ass of the group. no matter what other responsibilities i have as a showrunner, i feel like my primary responsibility is to the character of dexter and trying to keep this show true and honest to what's been set up in previous seasons and to what michael hall can deliver. quinn is a homicide detective with the miami metro police department that brought himself up from narcotics and makes his debut appearance in season three instantly becoming a major part of the group (following the departure of sergeant james doakes). debra decided to join the police in her father's footsteps, hoping to become worthy within his eyes, even though he had passed away years before.: no, dexter had no idea what she was talking about. we know everything that deb has said over the years and those are all part of the character as she's gradually evolved from someone who sees things very black and white who is now aware of the gray areas in the world. in the show, she is unconscious but in darkly dreaming dexter, she is wide awake and finds out that her brother is a killer. season three begins, debra has had her hair cut to shoulder length, and has "sworn off men, liquor and smokes". she tells dexter the news (which he already knew), and then tells him that he is "the one consistently good thing" in her life. it went against the show's mission statement, and so began the character's downward trajectory. after dexter pursued speltzer and successfully killed him in a crematory (and burnt his body), he showed debra the smoke produced by speltzer's ashes (rising out of the chimney). he says, if you can remember back to the pilot, "if i could love anyone, it would be deb. desperate to save dexter, debra shoots and kills laguerta, and breaks down in tears over her body.: deb has just come to the realization that she loves her brother. returns to the hospital as patients from the south wing are being dexter carrying debra's body out to the slice of life. at the end of the season, rudy proposes to her and she accepts. george coldly states that quinn has no ground to stand on and he would like to maintain their cooperation, as he would be fired and imprisoned if miami metro finds out that he stole evidence, but quinn walks away. addition to his narcotics career, quinn also inherited a place from his uncle including a brand new car. in 2001, she joined the police department and spent three years in patrol before moving on to vice in 2004. the books, the character's name is spelled "deborah", and she is described as "voluptuous" in contrast to her slim appearance on the tv show. she was a tomboy as a child and was always very rough. debra eventually decided to make amends with her foster sibling and the two moved on in life, both accepting the reprehensible urge within themselves. she learns that dexter skipped out on his fbi interview (regarding rita's death), she becomes infuriated and tries to reach him by phone but when that fails, she busts through the door of the apartment to see harrison in the arms of "the crazy cat lady" from downstairs. even though once again, she admitted she still loved him, dexter realized debra was acting differently towards him and that on multiple occasions she was not there for him like she used to be. australian journalist jack marx describing her portrayal of "cool and clumsy" debra as "so perfect that many viewers appear to have mistaken the character's flaws for the actor's. evolved steadily throughout the series, moving up from a cop in vice to lieutenant of miami metro homicide. it wasn't the age difference that was the problem — it was that debra was forced into another "inappropriate" romance, so soon after her relationship with the ice truck killer. only after angel's near death experience at the hands of travis marshall caused quinn to admit his faults and apologize greatly for his behaviour and promised angel he'd get his act together. including setting up the coffin, memorial artwork, and the likes. as she pleads with dexter not to do it, laguerta regains consciousness and urges debra to kill her brother. shortly thereafter, she manages to actually find the truck and inside are the fingertips of victim sheri taylor, who is later identified at miami metro homicide. slowly but surely, debra manages to forgive dexter after attempting to end both their lives by crashing a car into the lake, with sound advice from dr." so yes, he has strong feelings for deb but like a brother loves a sister. debra talks her way out of immediate danger, but fears that laguerta then embracing her in deep sorrow. it was icky and embarrassing, the culmination of six seasons of deb getting fucked over by the writers. initially assigned to vice, she was desperate to be transferred to homicide, and after tom matthews promotes her, she starts to gain a lot of confidence in herself and relies less on dexter's abilities and more on her own. this loyalty is also seen when he prevents debra from confessing to laguerta's murder (with dexter's help) and thus saves her from sending both dexter and herself to prison. hill confesses to debra that she killed lundy, moments before she commits suicide. they're all from the first season: mike donovan, jorge and valerie castillo, and emmett meridian. but exactly what direction, watch next season and you'll find out. later on, at miami metro, debra encounters dexter to find out about what new evidence he has on the killer. dexter is released, however, thanks to the evidence that debra tampered with. dated rudy cooper (during season 1), unaware that he is actually the ice truck killer and also dexter's biological brother. character of color underserved by the series, mike anderson showed up randomly at miami metro and departed just as unceremoniously. her first case, debra helps dexter catch oliver saxon (darri ingolfson), a serial killer known as "the brain surgeon".

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hollywood reporter: was it always the plan to have deb find out this season? her work and personal troubles weighing down on her, she eventually begins to attend therapy sessions. debra previously asked dexter if he could do a final sweep of the santa maria de laredo church, which was actually a ploy so she could tell him the truth about her emotions. she has also been nominated four times as part of the ensemble cast for the screen actors guild award for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. he tearfully removes her life support, carries her body to his boat, and buries her at sea. after oliver saxon was murdered by dexter, the latter learned that a blood clot had formed in his sister's brain. carlos is shot and killed by deb, but marco escapes. to season 8 after 6 months of laguerta's death, debra morgan has resigned her job and is now hired in a bail bonds company called elway industries and has been taking narcotics and extra dosages of prescription medicines (like xanax). and she starts to break down in tears, while quinn attempts to comfort her. quinn is attempting to hold back his tears, whilst dexter looks on with very little hope (as well as anger). she investigates the files on harry's informants and interviews them, hoping to find the one harry slept with. moser's return was teased endlessly, and the shocking reveal was supposed to be a major talked-about moment. you didn't even stick around long enough to start dating deb or to become suspicious of dexter. it never really made any sense, and several seasons down the line, it was easy to forget that it ever happened." how much will that play into what deb's path is going forward? while both were raised by deb's biological parents; harry and doris morgan. that might've been more interesting if it weren't something the show already explored with miguel prado and lumen. dexter and lumen fell for each other after some cathartic murdering. was certainly believable that rita's death would send her daughter into a spiral of alcohol abuse and teenage sass; but the timeline here was all wrong: astor and cody had barely been gone from miami when astor returned, suddenly slurring her words. as a result, debra opens an investigation to the trinity killer. key to her recovery were dexter and an older man and special agent, frank lundy. quinn is the main suspect because there is blood on his shoe and numerous calls between his phone and liddy., quinn has shown to be a very loyal friend - he loaned angel the ,000 he needed for his restaurant (likely from the money george gave him) in an effort to make up from the travis incident, prompting angel to admit his thanks. matthews attempts to make a deal with her about covering up his involvement in the death of a prostitute, but before she can take any action, laguerta tells matthews' superiors about his indiscretion and lets debra take the fall for it. quinn is also shown to be a bad influence on angel, as he convinced him to smoke the joint found in angel's car and they got high on the job. resigned, dexter tells her to "do what you have to do". and then he got shot in season 7 for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. from debra, quinn is also heavily focused on dexter himself. and debra have been dating each other and living together after the events of the chase case. quinn tells dexter what happened, and dexter insists on taking debra to dinner to talk to her. this is primarily a show all about character: what is dexter now going to do about the fact that his sister seems to have at least some sort of idea of what he's doing. before a date with jamie, quinn gets into a heated argument with her after jamie questions him for always mentioning debra and revealing the pressure put on him by angel over the sergeant's test. remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. being smart, she is unsure of herself, so instead relies on dexter's seemingly limitless expertise on murderers to solve difficult cases. in the novel darkly dreaming dexter, deborah finds out that dexter is a serial killer, and appears to accept it, although she is sometimes torn between her love for her brother and her duty as a cop. arrives at the motel where the pool victim was found and laguerta tells him to go and talk to his sister, debra. dexter certainly loves his son; if he has any pure, genuine love it's definitely for harrison. season 5, dexter discovered lumen, a woman who had been raped and tormented by her captors. dexter ultimately saves her life, and reluctantly kills brian to keep her safe. while most of season three and season four the two were mostly just friends who may have made a perverted joke to one another on occasion, season five sparked an intense romance at the start that deb started to try and forget, while quinn could not let it go (which was mostly due to deb being the one who had sex with quinn in dexter's old house which had quinn trying to have her respond to him after the awkwardness). beginning in season 6, louis was set up as a major threat to dexter and a certifiable creep. her face was soft and somewhat thin, with a big smile.: that's going to be drama of next season: what will dexter reveal? in this case, the audience had to suddenly accept that evelyn basically made dexter the serial killer he is today and we didn't meet her until season 8. tv scorecard 2017: complete guide to what's new, renewed and canceled. it is through her many selfless actions that she held the position of lieutenant in homicide and was able to lead the charge on new cases, including the doomsday case, and the mike anderson homicide investigation which leads to the further investigation of isaak sirko. when quinn shows up at the foxhole to see nadia, he finds out that george forced her to have sex. later bears a grudge against dexter for botching a case he worked on; however, after dexter sees quinn taking money from a crime scene, he tries to establish a friendship with dexter by buying him expensive football tickets. she is very upset and tells dexter, thinking he has no idea of who his brother was, and goes on to say that she loves dexter more than anyone.: dexter (series) charactersfictional characters introduced in 2004fictional characters from miamifictional police lieutenantscharacters in american novels of the 21st centuryfictional cannabis usersfictional cocaine userspolice misconduct in fictionfictional murderersfictional private investigatorsfictional alcohol abuserssororicide in fictionfictional miami-dade police department detectivesfictional female detectivesfictional victims of kidnappingfictional characters who have attempted suicidehidden categories: articles needing additional references from september 2014all articles needing additional references. at miami metro, quinn questions debra and takes notice of her panicking when she is shown pictures of the "el sapo" crime scene. while her brother dexter is dealing with a particular main antagonist, debra is almost always pursuing the same criminal, or, at times, another major antagonist that dexter doesn't invest his time in. showing initiative, she started to notice oddities in the victims and realized they could be delivered by mobile refrigeration units-specifically refrigerated trucks. hurt, debra told dexter that she wished that harry had never brought him home. and as she walks into the doorway she is able to witness dexter standing with the knife in hand, seeing him stab travis in the heart before her eyes. nonetheless, quinn tells hill about numerous police reports (supposedly "off the record"), and she uses this information to report that frank lundy has returned to miami.: was it always the plan to have deb find out through a religion-themed story? when quinn returns to his car and finds the bag, he immediately realizes he is in big trouble, as he hides it quickly in his glove compartment. she finally becomes a bonafide detective and she earns the silver shield just before dexter's wedding at the end of season three. she even is forced to bunk with astor bennett while dexter sleeps on the couch and cody on the cot.

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she simply viewed dexter as the person she could scold because he was a serial killer, to begin with. quinn was arriving late on the morning of the wormwood and was informed of angel's disappearance from deb, he raced to his location, all the while he blamed himself in anger due to his drinking problem. quinn proposes to debra, but she eventually says no because she wanted their relationship to stay as it was. starts dating, and eventually falls in love with, rudy cooper (christian camargo); unbeknownst to her, he is actually the ice truck killer, and is only dating her in order to get close to dexter. evacuated due to hurricane laura (a fitting tribute to laura moser, perhaps) - and goes into debra's room to say a final goodbye, and then shuts her off of her life- support (to prevent her from suffering).: dexter has really only chosen to reveal himself to one person before -- lumen. the only other character to swear nearly as often as deb is sergeant james doakes. she stays in dexter's house while she deals with the trauma of what happened to her, leaving his apartment a total mess to the point where dexter says, jokingly, "i will not kill my sister," repeatedly. season two, she starts going out with a man named gabriel whom she met at the gym, and whom she suspects (incorrectly) of trying to use her notoriety following the ice truck killer case to jumpstart his writing career. is originally part of the team investigating the murder of miguel prado's (jimmy smits) brother oscar (nick hermz), but because of her lack of tact and people skills she is removed from the case by the newly promoted angel batista (david zayas). at dinner, he shows debra footage of her saving a man's life and tells her that she is still a good person. though angel attempted to request a transfer, by season seven, quinn finally managed to get his act together, finally move on from debra and reconcile with angel and the two managed to patch up their relationship as partners. years as a detective prove debra a capable, and hard-working individual. dexter met brother sam, who babbled about religion and then died. the series finale, doctors are optimistic that debra will pull through her surgery. he tells the latter that he will kill him with a pen that has been placed on the table, but then saxon grabs the pen and stabs dexter in the shoulder. dexter, over the last few seasons, has finally begin to accept himself for who he is but is there a possibility that he could think someone else could accept him? later, dexter comes home to debra, sitting in the chair in the corner of his apartment, surrounded by dexter's victim's blood slides, a pack of knives, and other tools that dexter uses to kill. is one of few characters to discover the truth about dexter morgan and continue to survive after the fact until her death in the series finale in season 8 "remember the monsters". soon, both she and lundy are shot by an unknown assailant suspected to be the vacation killers, with adding insult to injury, she confesses to anton that she slept with lundy, prompting them to immediately break up. they sleep together and renew their relationship, but the very same night they are both shot — lundy fatally — by an unknown assailant. she was frequently confrontational to dexter as a child, always seeking the attention from harry and never getting it.[9] she puts aside her grief when she comes to suspect that the trinity killer was the shooter, and opens an investigation. debra got a new boyfriend, who, surprise, was a drug dealer! she initially accepted him as a brother, however, and was extremely upset with herself, even blaming herself, after she asked dexter to fetch her football by climbing over a fence and was injured. debra was often the conscience of the series, providing the morally correct sense of justice, while her brother, dexter morgan, always pursued much darker means. his one-night stands also leads to further problems when he sleeps with an assistant of gellar's, a chief suspect, before the police realize she is an important material witness. debra appears to slowly cave into to his advances (whom she otherwise treated like a jock brother rather than a coworker). she falls in love with him and trusts him completely. dexter had no idea what to do with rita's kids, as evidenced by the fact that they were shipped off, so why would the writers waste time addressing astor's rebellion? dexter instantly grabs the pen and thrusts it into saxon's left carotid artery, causing him to fall to the ground and bleed to death. following rita's death, quinn works every rumor he can to find out more information about dexter and now, "kyle butler" (both the alias dexter used when meeting trinity and his family. well as the name of one man who died and another who disappeared, first because of trinity and the second because of dexter). more years pass, with debra officiating as an officer of homicide she helps break huge cases such as the ice truck killer case and aids frank lundy as part of his special task force in searching for the bay harbor butcher. quinn tends to have a generally extroverted and outgoing personality. saxon gets the drop on her, however, and shoots her in the abdomen. the end of the season, she has regained her confidence, and she is more determined than ever to improve her career and get a detective shield. mike anderson was killed off before he got to do anything interesting. by the end of season 6, she comes to believe that she is in love with her adoptive brother, dexter — only to find out that he is a serial killer. tells debra that she had no other choice but to protect dexter, and shows her recorded interviews with harry expressing his guilt over training dexter to kill; in these interviews, debra learns the truth about her father's death.: i think over the course of the last five seasons, we've gradually seen dexter begin to realize that he is capable of more than he ever thought he was. however, deputy chief matthews reviews a recent heroic incident (which is circulated on a video sharing website, likely youtube) with debra back at a restaurant where a disgruntled employee came back to shoot up the place though she managed to take him down with no injury to civilians. dexter was all set to kill hannah mckay, but then decided to have sex with her instead. was distraught at her father's death and, inspired by his career, joined the miami-metro police department. during a thanksgiving dinner with dexter's family, debra remembers a conversation she had with reporter christine hill (courtney ford), and realizes hill has knowledge of the shooting that no one outside the police department knew about, and concludes that she was the shooter. she was headstrong at times and wore her emotions on her sleeves, but she was also sensitive and caring deep down inside, though she didn't readily express it. later that night, quinn tells angel he has changed his mind and has decided to take the test, meanwhile noticing debra who is parked in a car nearby and watching him. by season 4, it was clear the writers wanted to see her suffer romantically time and time again. since then, quinn has been filling the emptiness in his heart with pointless sex with random women (all of which he doesn't care about) and a lot of alcohol. george thinks quinn is just bluffing and hits her again,  quinn shoots him promptly in the chest, killing him instantly. he develops a romantic relationship with nadia, which george and isaak sirko find out. this is backed up later when it is revealed that hill is the daughter of trinity. both deb and quinn later appear at club mayan during a standoff with the fuentes brothers. at the end of the season, her therapist helps her realize that she has been in love with dexter all along. truce is threatened when dexter begins dating hannah mckay, a serial poisoner who debra is intent on arresting for the murder of sal price, a writer she had feelings for. it's always been very clear that the show means a lot to him and that he would not let it end in an unsatisfying way. because of her success on the skinner case, debra receives her detective shield at the end of the season. morgan (spelled deborah in the novels) is a fictional character created by jeff lindsay for his dexter book series. he convinced debra that he could take him out before he could get the chance to kill, stating that he knew speltzer had the potential to kill once more. dexter ultimately decides not to kill him, however, and asks her to arrest saxon.

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debra is attracted to him partially because of his success as an fbi agent but also of the approval he has for her viewpoints. in contrast to doakes, quinn admits to dexter that he knows they don't get along well, and is willing to put that aside for the better good - and thus tries to ask for dexter's assistance, especially regarding debra. horrified, debra recoils from dexter as he admits that he is the "bay harbor butcher", and that harry taught him how to get away with murder. she died when dexter turned off her life-support and dumped her body in the ocean. she goes to the scene, where she finds dexter poised to shoot an unconscious laguerta. she spent three years in patrol and then another two years in vice before being promoted by captain tom matthews (geoff pierson) (a friend of her father), becoming a homicide officer at the start of the first season. i think it'd be only natural for her to begin to look at dexter a little bit differently, and whether that means looking into his past or keeping closer eye on him right now will all be stuff we'll be looking into. the results prove that hannah did indeed poison debra, leaving dexter with no choice but to give debra evidence proving that hannah killed price. resigned, dexter tells her to "do what you gotta do". dexter claims that he went to collect evidence, and was surprised by travis; he then says that he "snapped" and killed travis on impulse.'s desk is in exactly the same location as the desk used by james doakes, except his nameplate is facing towards the main office while doakes's plate was facing the main entrance and elevators. was originally a narcotics cop during the events of seasons one and two, working alongside fellow cop stan liddy. season 8, which takes place roughly six months after the finale of season 7, debra has left miami metro in order to work at a private investigation firm and she partly blames dexter for killing laguerta because she felt there was no other option. dexter finally caught up to the audience and learned that professor gellar had been dead all along.[30] debra demands that dexter get her out of their lives, and starts surveilling her. as she pleads with dexter not to do it, laguerta regains consciousness and urges debra to kill her brother. and wouldn't you know it, just being around hannah makes dexter want to kill less. dexter realized he loved rita, even though he's a sociopath. during the penultimate season, she not only knew her brother's secret but also covered and helped him which led to her eventual emotional breakdown after she was forced into a situation that went against everything she stood for - killing maria laguerta to protect dexter and herself. to in the fandom as the only man that debra morgan was intimate with that didn't die. it wasn't long before debra discovered he was married and as a result, she dumped him. their relationship was fine — arguably the healthiest deb has had — but it was another repetition of the trope that has dogged deb from the get-go.", debra is taken to the hospital, where she tells quinn she loves him and wishes dexter a happy life. however, dexter sees that debra is no longer in the room and walks up to a teared-up quinn, who informs dexter that a complication arose when an unsuspected clot formed after her initial surgery, causing a loss of oxygen to be supplied to her brain, and she was pronounced brain-dead on the scene. even though he couldn't possibly understand her at his age, she used the word "fu---dge". we know dexter sees dead people — hello, his dad is like always around — and the ice truck killer hadn't been on anyone's radar since deb's flashbacks in season 2. and yet, the series couldn't resist bringing hannah back for a subplot that has now taken up a huge part of the final season. debra talks her way out of immediate danger, but fears that laguerta will soon have definitive proof of what she and dexter had done. has been joked by some fans that debra may have something of an electra complex. evelyn vogel (charlotte rampling), an old friend of harry's who knows that dexter is a serial killer. in the series finale, debra and dexter shared several peaceful moments while debra was bedridden. dexter rescues debra and later kills rudy "for the safety of (his) sister. debra reluctantly drops the case, and even allows hannah to hide from the police in her apartment. it can be inferred that she was attempting to do this for dexter, as she told him to journey to argentina to enjoy his future with both his son and hannah mckay (this was being threatened by saxon). the penultimate episode, dexter leaves oliver saxon to be arrested by debra, as she has always wanted dexter to hand over criminals to miami metro rather than kill them when there is sufficient evidence, but deputy marshal max clayton frees saxon from the seat he is tied to, before being killed by saxon. she represents the side of law and justice through the miami metro police department while dexter is the darker side hunting the killers to put them down. while the two of them track vogel down, debra tells dexter that she had saved his life because she couldn't imagine hers without him in it., aside from jonah mitchell, is one of the only two people that knows dexter killed the trinity killer. with stan liddy, the corrupt police officer quinn hired to find out the truth about dexter in season 5, it was the latter. a lot of investigation is seen on quinn's half into dexter, including getting in contact with a dirty-ex narcotics cop named stan liddy who researches the target for the two of them. quinn thanks dexter who plays dumb and just says "for what? at the end of the season, they have reconciled, and attend dexter's son harrison's birthday party together. debra "deb" morgan (spelled 'deborah' in the novel "darkly dreaming dexter") was the deuteragonist and protagonist and a main character in the showtime series dexter. in that moment, she sided with her brother and shot maria in the chest, killing her. rarely does he directly confront dexter, but when he does, it usually results in testing dexter's temper. after quinn broke up with jamie, still having feelings for debra, she confronted him, saying that she still had feelings for him as well. one of her first duties as detective is to lead the charge on capturing george washington king, who "commits suicide" (in reality he was already killed by dexter, but provided an escape plan for him at the time) by smashing through a patrol car window from the above railing. morgan is perhaps the most vocal of the characters on the tv series dexter and, as such, has created quite a list of her very own unique curse words and phrases, as opposed to a simple usage of the "f word" by a character such as joey quinn. quinn finds out george lied about giving nadia her passport and freedom, he storms into george's office and tells george not to fuck with him.: what keeps me up at night is honestly trying to tell a good story. dexter is torn between his responsibility to debra and his feelings for hannah, the only person who has ever accepted and loved him for who he really is. on the right side of her stomach, she had a scar where she was shot during season 4 and shared the same type of look her brother has (on both his side and his arm). the third was a hitman named el sapo who was assigned to kill andrew briggs and retrieve the jewels by beating her up in andrew briggs' storage container shed. and debra is starting to believe him again, as she can see who quinn really is and that he may drop this whole hunch on dexter. she is working with a new partner, detective joey quinn (desmond harrington), but has been approached by internal affairs officer yuki amado (liza lapira), who tells her that her partner is being investigated for corruption. during a thanksgiving dinner, debra remembers a conversation she had with christine hill and realizes she has knowledge of the shooting that no one outside the police department knew about. develops a close relationship with a man called rudy cooper, who is actually the ice truck killer, who is dating her in order to get close to dexter. is appalled when she finds out that dexter is cheating on his girlfriend, rita bennett (julie benz), with his narcotics anonymous sponsor, lila tournay (jaime murray), of whom she is immediately suspicious. she and quinn are assigned to the "barrel girls" case, in which 13 women were raped, tortured and murdered by a group of men, and left in barrels in a swamp. little did she know that harry's reasoning for doing this was not because he loved her any less, but he was trying to control a "weapon" of sorts within his surrogate son to handle his own personal agenda with serial killers.

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though more careful about what he says around her, quinn still defends hill when dexter tells her to leave debra alone, as hill wanted to do a piece on her about the shooting.. morgan (grandfather, deceased)harry morgan (father; deceased)doris morgan (mother; deceased)dexter morgan (foster brother)harrison morgan (foster nephew)astor bennett (step-niece)cody bennett (step-nephew). she is a lot of things that dexter is not; crass, impulsive, emotional, trusting and thus serves as a perfect foil for dexter. miguel prado found out the truth about dexter — and didn't turn him in. after they finish up, they begin to converse on how she's holding up. she breaks up with him to resume her relationship with lundy, who is murdered.'s relationship with debra morgan is one of the most notable in the series, first being rita morgan and dexter morgan's relationship then several others such as the relationship between angel batista and maria laguerta. however, after liddy's death caused quinn to immediately suspect dexter when he helped clear his name after finding liddy's blood on his shoe, quinn thanked him and finally backed off. and so, in season 5, dexter suddenly decided he did have feelings after all. she figures out that jordan chase (jonny lee miller), a prominent public speaker, is involved with the group of men killing the girls, but cannot prove her suspicion because he never appears on the dvds. quinn says he was there for personal matters, george shot him, he returned fire and was shot. he is seen at dexter's wedding, despite the fact that debra recommended to dexter that he should not invite quinn.'s hair styles differ from season to season, much like debra morgan's and his weight has even changed.: dexter also sacrifices himself to save harrison when he's on the roof with travis. in dexter is dead, deborah takes custody of cody, astor and dexter's daughter lily ann after dexter is imprisoned for rita's murder; she knows that dexter is innocent of that particular crime, but believes that he belongs in prison. wouldn't it have been helpful to have mentioned her beforehand? the beginning of the season, mike anderson is shot and killed by viktor baskov, a member of the koshka brotherhood, a ukrainian mafia organisation. once her relationship with anton was actually stable, she quickly screwed it up by falling into the arms of her old flame. now nearing nine years on the force, she aids in the trinity killer case picking up where her former lover frank lundy left off, closes the santa muerte case with some unfortunate casualties and despite being put on suspension while a fellow officer by the name of cira manzon becomes detective in her place, debra still manages to bust the barrel girls case successfully, only being steps behind the "killer couple" she had hinted at before. captain tom matthews hears about the successful finding of the truck and later has laguerta promote debra from vice to homicide. but before travis kills dexter, dexter manages to knock travis out and take him to a secluded church in which he sets up his ritual to kill travis. the difference between doakes and quinn however is quinn's methods. then takes her body out to his boat, and drops it into the sea, before calling hannah and harrison to say goodbye. continues working homicide after being promoted to lieutenant; she works alongside angel, masuka and dexter to try and solve the ddk murders, but an erotic dream between her and dexter sparks something that seems to confuse debra. after they finish, debra goes to sort through dresses as quinn is still in shock (and likes the fact) of what just happened, questioning her on what this means from here on out. her involvement in the plot was usually parallel to dexter's, usually hunting the same killer with the intent on bringing them to justice, in spite of the fact that dexter sought them to satisfy his dark passenger. of course deb would end up in bed with him. morgan is featured from the start of episode 1 and acts as the other main character throughout the series so thus she's in every episode and season to date. she finally makes peace with the idea — on the same day that she catches dexter in the act of murdering "doomsday killer" travis marshall (colin hanks). dexter agrees, even though he doesn't really have a choice, as debra (probably) would have arrested him. he later apologizes for all the things he's done in the past and tries to rekindle their relationship, only to be turned down again and this time for good.'s send-off at the end of season 7 was perfect: dexter couldn't deny his feelings for her, but he ultimately chose deb and turned hannah in. is arrested for drunk driving, and calls quinn to bail her out. the end of the season, she has regained all of her confidence and her police work is back to scratch. when the rest of miami metro police department arrives, including debra morgan and vince masuka, quinn is asked what happened. next he is present at the scene of the first brain surgeon victim as dexter arrives to examine the body. reveals several victims to debra, though not by name (rather by description). this is put on hold by the return of frank lundy to miami to hunt the trinity killer, and debra once again becomes involved with lundy. quinn managed to not get transferred and it caused angel to note how even now he won't grow up. fugitive hannah mckay returned to miami to pay dexter a visit. quinn's past is unknown and even called into question by debra, who is pressured by internal affairs sergeant yuki amado (unknown to quinn) to report him. both are around the same age, both work well together on the job and both have similar personalities. in the penultimate episode of the whole series, it is revealed that debra may have even been willing to take a bullet for dexter's sake. he then sails out into the heart of the storm and his boat is found obliterated in the sea the next day by rescue boats. the books, the character's name is spelled "deborah", and she is described as "voluptuous".↑ episode 802: every silver lining, a computer database entry revealed when dexter tests a blood sample. the second is maria laguerta, former captain of miami metro homicide in order to protect her brother (and herself). at first the idea of searching for refrigerated trucks was dismissed by her superior lieutenant maria laguerta, but later after dexter began stalking a refrigerated truck (which he excused as just following debra's lead to back up her story) and has a victim's head thrown at him, the department realizes the value in her investigative ideas. time passes and harrison has grown a bit, with dexter and the rest moving all of their possessions into what was supposed to be her apartment. horrified, debra recoils from dexter as he admits that he is the "bay harbor butcher", and that her father taught him how to get away with murder. dexter's final cut, deborah disowns dexter after he cheats on rita and unintentionally allows pedophile robert chase to kill rita and kidnap astor. also, she develops a lot of anxiety over finding out about dexter being a serial killer and going to prison, and it finally culminated when she confronted dexter and maria.[8] debra blames herself, and laments to dexter that she is "broken".  the final scene shows dexter living somewhere else without a family in a small cabin on his own, leaving the rest of his life open-ended. she tries to capture hannah, who says the only reason she spared her life was because she didn't want to hurt dexter. however, dexter replied that the justice system is simply a joke, and that it is too easy for criminals to escape through the cracks and that, if her justice system is as good as she believes it to be, he wouldn't be nearly as busy. debra then enters the room, only to be shot in the gut by saxon, who then escapes with a gunshot wound on his arm, fired by debra as she was falling over. later, dexter comes home to debra, who is surrounded by dexter's victim's blood slides, a pack of knives, and other tools that dexter uses to kill. she was originally part of the team investigating the murder of miguel prado's brother oscar, but because of her lack of tact and people skills, she was removed from the case by the newly-promoted detective sergeant batista; however, the case she has been assigned to (the murder of a young woman) was eventually found to have been the connected skinner case, which she solved with the help of anton briggs, a c. debra is in extreme denial, pushing quinn away while she takes a stack of dresses back to dexter's apartment.

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