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similarly, in "sky witch," princess bubblegum shortens marceline's name to 'marcy. however, in the same episode it is revealed that the item stolen from princess bubblegum was a t-shirt marceline had given her, which she confesses she values deeply and wears it as pajamas, showing she still cared for her old friend. she doesn't like finn that way, and finn feels the same way.[48] "son of rap bear" sees dumbfoundead voice the titular character, rekstizzy voice rap bear, keith david reprise his role as flame king, paul scheer reprise his role as toronto, and open mike eagle voice a gingerbread man and rapping chipmunks. "wizard battle," she forgives finn for cheating in the contest, then they share a quick kiss on the lips (their final real kiss together; she has not kissed anybody else to date), after which she slaps him on the cheek for cheating. the cloud flies past again and discover that it is actually a lard. in my opinion pb and marceline would both be good for finn. page describes princess bubblegum's relationships with other characters in the adventure time series. finn nabs the three jewels and gives them to betty, but she betrays him and leaves him behind. its an edit because in evicted marcy just kissed finn in the chicks. she's willing to let him go waste his time with flame princess and pb because he will eventually come back to her because she's the best. also, she never really treats finn with respect she only really treats him like a dog. "the suitor," princess bubblegum meets one of her many admirers, braco. voice actors for the season include: jeremy shada (finn the human), john dimaggio (jake the dog), tom kenny (the ice king), hynden walch (princess bubblegum), and olivia olson (marceline the vampire queen). "too old," after flame princess breaks up with finn over the events of "frost & fire," he tries to rekindle romance with princess bubblegum, who rebukes him, saying: "finn, i have citizens who need me. bubblegum's advice to finn that "responsibility demands sacrifice," indicates that sometimes, when one loves someone enough to kiss them, one may have to sacrifice the chance to do so because the greater good demands that they refrain. she knows finn likes her and plays on his emotions to get him to do her dirty work. princess bubblegum would be a sex offender if she would get together with finn. "burning low," princess bubblegum reveals that she was responsible for flame king imprisoning his daughter, flame princess, in a lantern. finn has trailed after her like a boundless dog and has kissed her. gold[–][deleted] 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)do you have any personal traits similar to flame princess? is too old for finn but is similar in their ways of characteristics. finn finds himself surrounded by the citizens of the candy kingdom.[4] multi-episode story arcs for this season include finn and jake undoing extreme elemental magic that had transformed ooo into a dystopia while they were away at sea. the episode "all the little people," princess bubblegum's and marceline's mini-selves approach each other and wave., flame princess meets finn's age while princess bubblegum is quite older; and marceline is immortal and i don't see how they would ever fall in love, unless marceline bit him by accident and turned him into a vampire, but i still don't see that happening." princess bubblegum cites the hero as a great friend and will never hesitate to call on him for aid in royal matters. because finn saved flame princesses life when she nearly ran out of oxygen, bubblegum tried to have her killed in burning low." princess bubblegum is treated with the same rudeness, obnoxiousness, and sense of entitlement as lemongrab treats everyone else. afterwards, finn and huntress wizard casually admit their feelings for each other and realize that the grumbo was artificially created. love your work as flame princess, my personal fave at character! is too old for finn and never shows much affection to finn. way dude bubblegum is so girlish exept fp she is brave enoguh to go adventures with finn even if marceline and fionna they are both tomboys and pb is too old she already married ice king then peppermint butler slap her. i mean fp's blasting fire at his crotch, he gets all flustered because it feels good, he becomes obsessed with having the dream again… right? goldload more comments (1 reply)[–]sprech41 9 points10 points11 points 3 years ago (5 children)we didn't get to see flame princess very often in season 4 and 5. at the end of the episode, jake teases princess bubblegum by calling her "jealous," to which she responds with a deadpan "shut up. said:I think i pick marceline and princess bubblegum cause marceline and princess bubblegum likes finn. feel free to argue against this, and sorry it was a bit late, but with all the evidence i found, it had to be shared. a past connection of her with the flame princess is also shown; when she was a baby, flame king attempts to abandon her in the woods, but she ends up running into the forest and caused a destruction. bubblegum then fires her candy powers into the air and converts everyone into obedient candy people, except for finn who was protected by lumpy space princess. though they are good friends, in "princess cookie," princess bubblegum wanted her guards to arrest jake after he helped baby-snaps, and in that same episode jake pretended he hated her because she made him be a milkman instead of a mailman, as he went undercover to stop baby-snaps. after eating some of marceline, who is made of marshmallows, lumpy space princess reaches out to finn's hero heart by placing some of princess bubblegum onto him. "burning low," princess bubblegum becomes pleasantly interested when the news comes up that finn is hanging out with another girl, but then she acts distraught when she finds out finn has been hanging with flame princess. "lady & peebles" she struggles to find finn and jake, finds out that they were both captured by ricardio, saves them and treats them back in the candy kingdom. when she has changed back to 18, she returns to her usual personality, no longer demonstrating romantic affection for finn. will go for princess bubblegum although finns crazy about her and pb is 18 years old they both still blush when they are together and finn try's to do his best to get the kiss when it was the wizard vs wizard arena episode they're price was to get a kiss from pb and finn beaten everyone and got his kiss and many more finn loves pb. though appearing at the same place at the same time on several occasions, the nature of their relationship was not known until "go with me," where we see marceline mockingly greeting princess bubblegum, much to her displeasure. king spends a great deal of his time obsessing over capturing princesses." when he tried to kidnap princess bubblegum again, ice king realized, based on her reactions, that she did not actually love him, and traveled far out to ooo to start somewhere "fresh. bubblegum knows in great detail about her physical instability (if she were to experience extreme romance she could cause a catastrophic meltdown of the planet) and tries to stop finn from kissing her, but fails.: they have a similar thing plus she is the girl version of finn anyway but fionna comes from a faraway place so they probably couldn't see each other. really does straddle the line between an episode i love and an episode i never want to see again. however, she refuses to date him (or spend any time with him, aside from experimental purposes), explaining that he only had an infatuation with her. lumpy space princess rescues finn from the candy inhabitants as princess bubblegum enacts her plan to convert the rest of ooo into candy while patience freezes herself again. it was also seen in "incendium" while finn was singing "all gummed up inside" and again when he saves flame princess from falling. he wanted to hold her with out a flame spell she pretty much kill him. also, at the beginning of the episode marceline is frustrated to find out that bonnibel lost her princess-ship. that he will not forgive him when pb turns again 14 she wont hang out with her anymore and pb while be singing want you back." however, when the princess clears up the misunderstanding, jake is more than willing to help. besides the fact that most obviously ship finname, i have reasons why i chose her. the best awnser is none of the above they'll probably just make up another princess like they did with fp and slap a love affect on them so its either marci or this. said:Fionna is finn as a girl, who the hell dates themselves?

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flame princess, pb broke his heart and who would say marcilene?.jake would still have found fp as finn's love interest. despite this, they seem to maintain a healthy friendship with princess bubblegum, even calling jake "puppy" and allowing him to rest his head on her lap in "incendium. finn could dump maceline's ass and go out with flame princess." in the same episode, princess bubblegum acknowledges raggedy princess's sewing talent and seems impressed and sure of herself when she describes it to marceline although she has no relationship to her really. neddy can be calmed down by princess bubblegum, further showing the attachment between the two.( this is the correct version) pb might really like finn but what if she can't love finn because her parents might have said she could only marry a prince and i don't think fp even knows finns not even a prince. and finn could turn into a vampire and not miss to many people, i mean, pb is age defying and jake will probably die before finn anyway. although it is unknown if he is interested in bubblegum again, he seemed to overdoes the task and wants to be her servant. finn and fp have a lot going for them, they had the initial spark, i think that's hard to find, and i think they should work on their relationship! she is a 12 year old sunshine of awesome and she loves your character flame princess. would be a great choice because she's literally finn, just a different gender. through ice king's encouragement, bmo "sells" two mallets to finn and jake and they successfully defeat the teeth babies. i’m voice actress jessica dicicco, you might know me as flame princess in adventure time, selina in winx club, and most recently lumina in lightning returns: final fantasy xiii. she attempts to dissuade her, saying that raggedy princess could make her a new hambo "or be [her] new hambo," but, after realizing how much hambo truly means to marceline, she agrees to continue helping her search for it despite how dangerous it may be. appears to view princess bubblegum as boring and a snob, while princess bubblegum, generally a woman of grace and poise, views her as unrefined and rude. pim (voiced by lauren lapkus) kidnaps betty and begins using her magic to empower mind controlled princess bubblegum, flame princess and slime princess while ice king flees with gunter. "king worm" he dreams of princess bubblegum being his wife, and in "all the little people" he induces little princess bubblegum to massage little finn's shoulders and kiss him several times. i feel like they would be the absolute perfect couple if princess bubblegum didn't put finn off so often because she's clouded by the fact that he's years younger than her. is princess bubblegum's little brother as shown in "bonny & neddy" and "bonnibel bubblegum". agree with the boaring class thing and marce is pritty cool but we did the same thing in my class and the chick i like was flame princess and i was finn. she's my favourite character anyway and she definitely deserves finn's heart. if finn ever breaks her heart again she may try to like hurt him the way he hurt her. when she needs milk, finn overdoes it and spends three weeks getting a tiny vial of mink's milk, which bubblegum rejects. i think finn deserve's all of them, but i feel fionna is more of a "all alone in the treehouse, i don't have a girlfriends but i do have an imagination, heh heh. "incendium," jake says that princess bubblegum is too old for him. gold[–]chiefmaster1830 11 points12 points13 points 3 years ago (1 child):o flame princess said she loves me back! in the episode "the duke," he explains to the princess that it is due to a medical condition; his pudding deficiency causes him to lose control and eat all of the pudding. princess may not seem like she deserves his heart but she needs it. - marceline is over a 1000 years old and 18 inhuman years , shes way too old for finn.-_- or finn could dump flame princess's ass then go out with marcaline she could turn herself into a human with some potiony thing (that happened in a fanfiction i read) and the they could be together happily :d. fionna and finn and much in common (genderbent version, duh! fionna is exactly the same as finn,and it wouldn't be very fun to be with a copy of yourself. fourth, why the heck does finn pick a gf for the sole purpose of being his meat shield? even if she's older than finn, they could work something out., marceline definitely is not interested in finn, princess bubblegum is a bitch and doesn't deserve anyone's heart, fionna is just the female version of finn so i guess flame princess is really the one who deserves finn's heart the most. gold[–]jessica_dicicco[s] 23 points24 points25 points 3 years ago (1 child)in red throne, i think finn was confused because he could actually touch her and not get burned.) it's the logical choice if finn ever wants human children, because she's the only confirmed (real) human in ooo. might really like finn but what if she can't love finn because her parents said she could only marry a prince and i don't think fp even knows finns not even a prince." at the end of the episode, finn realizes that "maybe age isn't just a number. they find the grumbo's cave and finn once again stalls. finn is saddened at the loss of jake, but lumpy space princess explains that finn and jake always win which inspires finn to continue his mission. cares for finn she just maybe needs time to think about it she didn't sabotage finn and fp on purpose and when she was possessed by the lich and when she came out of the hospital she was 13 not12. princess bubblegum and finn seem perfect for each other,as finn would do anything for princess bubblegum. feeling guilty over fern's death, princess bubblegum tasks finn to protect the banana guard from a monster later dubbed "the grumbo". if marceline had feelings for finn but did not stop him from dating fp , she most likely did not know about their relationship. although princess bubblegum had once said that she has a different love for her subjects. august 7th, 2014, at a barnes & noble book signing for martin olson's book, the adventure time encyclopædia, olivia olson confirmed that marceline and princess bubblegum had dated, which can explain their rivalry and why they had trouble getting along with the other in the past. flame princess is to much for finn to handle because he can't walk around with her in tin foil his whole life and can't keep kissing rocks. later, at the rap battle, flame princess begins to lose her composure, but after seeing the still-unapologetic flame king in the crowd, she angrily expresses her frustrations with her father in a rap. finn returns home traumatized with jake and bmo comforting him. flame princess and finn broke up,and when flame princess kisses on the lips,she burns through the earth. however, when she starts talking about responsibility demanding sacrifice, finn misinterprets this as her displaying jealousy for his relationship and shouts to her about his past feelings towards her. i have a couple questions about red throne:-are flame princess and cinnamon bun supposed to be a couple or something now? "our interview with adventure time's head of story and the voice of flame princess! especially when she got posessed by the lich and she turned 12 again. also i think finn always only considered marcy a freind as well. betty reveals that she can help them with the power of the enchiridion which finn has, causing betty to ominously laugh." while in power, lemongrab is intent on sending everyone, including princess bubblegum, to the dungeon for conflicting with his rigid agenda. he claims he needs to keep all the ladies in a state of confusion; that way, he has "options in case flame princess doesn't work out. finn isn't over flame princess yet, he loves her still. another reason is that she doesn't really appeal to me (and probably others) as finn's type, i mean ok they are the same age but she is the complete opposite of finn.

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! so i have a point why flame and finn are not match for each other. princess bubblegum and the earl of lemongrab initially dislike each other, and princess bubblegum calls the earl a "butt. gold[–]the_magikarp_kid 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)how did you get the job of being the voice actress for flame princess? princess is too old for finn and has said this on many occasions. while there, fern traps finn in one of the rooms and reveals his plan to replace him. when she discovered that flame princess had became the new ruler of the fire kingdom and that cinnamon bun was with her, she attempts to get him back. bubblegum deserves in finn's heart not marceline,flame or fionna why l have a point for that.-_- or finn could dump flame princess's ass then go out with marcaline she could turn herself into a human with some potiony thing (that happened in a fanfiction i read) and the they could be together happily :d. the episode "sky witch," princess bubblegum is shown sleeping in the shirt that marceline gave her, and, when she wakes up, she smells the shirt deeply, before wearing it under her clothes.'s flame princess,because fionna isn't really,princess bubblegum is 18 years old and marceline is vampire. as finn is fighting the lich, the ice king captures her, intending to marry her.[51] in "bonnibel bubblegum", livvy stubenrauch voices the younger princess bubblegum, and former supervising director andres salaff reprises his role as neddy. bubblegum showing finn the ice king's new heart, which is partly made of maracas., is fp totally over finn, or is there still a chance? she told the flame king about the destruction and advised him to lock her up into a lantern. is the same age as finn but their relationship is impossible. princess because there dating and because he told jake he had a crush on her. however, after the princess gifted shoko with an artificial arm to replace the one she lost, the thief began to regret having to steal from her new friend. after what happened in the nightosphere i don't think finn want's to hang out with her anymore. she explains to flame princess that she was a threat, and that if she could create a scientific model that described her complete elemental matrix, she could isolate and suppress her violent feelings, which flame princess agrees to. gold[–][deleted] 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago (0 children)jessica,No questions, just want to say that you were one of the nicest people i have met at a convention, you walked up to to me and my so (we were dressed up as finn and flame princess) and gave us posters and signed them.- l know that finn is dating with flame princess but they are not match for each other.( i mean no offense , i like marceline and mean no harm to finnceline , i just think its 25%. even tho she's older and smarter she can turn her self to be 13 again anyway ,like in the episode. (amuto reference ;dd) though finn and fp should be together., lumpy space princess, and gunter arrive in a radically altered fire kingdom. she seems like finn's sister and it would just be weird for finn to be dating his genderbend version. princess: i would like this couple but, she would burn him every touch she makes :/. after the lich is defeated, ice king accidentally drops the princess into the lich's evil power source, corrupting her. princess bubblegum seems to be okay with finn having a relationship with her, although she feels sorry for them both., if she turns 13 again lemongrab will rule over and wouldn't want that to happen, right? she and princess bubblegum appear to be very close, similar to finn and jake. princess bubblegum understands korean (lady rainicorn's first language), though she has not been heard speaking it in the series, conversing in english to lady rainicorn in "video makers" and "lady & peebles. finn can touch her but it will hurt and if finn had a fireproof glove he can touch her. but nao, if finn gained the powers of blade while adventuring to the tune of -space pirates-, linkin park will be and always be.^ "character facts of the week: flame princess from adventure time". the end of "breezy," the duet song "love" between finn and breezy shows breezy replaced by a vision of bubblegum, who also takes part in the duet. when finn asks whether they could "hug some more," she replies by saying "that was like 5 years ago. think princess bubblegum is the best for finn, they're one of the multiple reasons why i became an avid fan of at. "reign of gunters," although finn says he is over princess bubblegum, he takes the advice of a dating book called mind games and tries to act more mysterious. space princess chases finn and attempts to turn him back to normal, but to no avail. princess: there is still a chance for them to be together, i know they are already dating. ice king officially gives up on princess bubblegum in "the party's over, isla de señorita. finn gives chase and follows it into an underground tunnel where he ends up getting rescued by sweet p (he had knocked out fern so he could escape) who slays the hand." she also says to finn that she would rather "stay like this, with you. me fp finn kiss 2x fp so fp is much better than pb. cause when finn gets a lot older than 18 then she would just dump him because for the same reason. is a comment that i have found to be a very reasonable argument:Penguin7710: "-_- or finn could dump flame princess's ass then go out with marcaline she could turn herself into a human with some potiony thing (that happened in a fanfiction i read) and the they could be together happily :d"." princess bubblegum angrily replies, "i never said you had to be perfect![32] elements follows finn, jake, and bmo after they return home to discover that ooo has been turned into a veritable dystopia thanks to extreme elemental magic. well, she knows finn likes her and she doesn't try to explain why they can't be together. i know right what a sock but then mar line is a vampire plus finn has been trying so hard to get princess bubblegum.  princess bubblegum invents a robot copy of herself, p-bot, to act as his wife. well right now fire princess it the one closest to his heart even though pb use to be closest she seems to blow it or else finn blows it. it is also the case that princess bubblegum was the first to find out that lady rainicorn was pregnant. this indicates that perhaps he has learned some restraint, and princess bubblegum does not dislike his company as much as she used to. cuz fionna isn't real, pb broke finn's heart before and marcy don't like to date finn so even if fp can't touch finn love will find a solution.-_- or finn could dump flame princess's ass then go out with marcaline she could turn herself into a human with some potiony thing (that happened in a fanfiction i read) and the they could be together happily :d. princess bubblegum, has rejected him time and time again despite sending mixed signals, even thought he clearly likes her. all that leaves is flame princess she's cute , funny , bright and sweet who wouldn't like her. agree with the bubbline and finn and fionna being better off as siblings.. lumpy space prince and princess, prince and princess bubblegum, ect.

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i'm not saying anything bad about pb though, but there is a big possibility that she may use finn to do her dirty work. once princess bubblegum is revealed to have turned thirteen, he says, "ah, dang it! it's either that finn choses to become a vampire or marceline somehow finds a way to make herself a full blooded human.((i'm not saying that princess bubblegum, marceline or fionna is bitch here. princess would be perfect for him, because she showed him true caring and love, and have common interests as shown in vault of bones. and secondly, finn has been close to her but has been perfectly fine. just like with the earl of lemongrab, princess bubblegum is like lemongrab 2's mother. but i doubt the producers are gonna give finn any sort of love he can achieve. she's the only one tht hasn't had "real" problems with finn.! is there a flame prince irl and if so, who! when the ice king selfishly neglects to acknowledge princess bubblegum's purpose in asking him to help, she becomes frustrated with him, ultimately forcing princess bubblegum to order finn and jake to capture the ice king at all costs without telling them why she wants him imprisoned. first i though it should be bubblegum, but now it should be flame princess cause they're both the same age and would have alot more thing in common. linkand after flame priness left him (who he started dating through jake indirectly, because he wanted finn to stop being all upset over pb) he went to lemongrabs castle with pb, where finn definitely looks like he's trying to get pb to like him. princess, finn cant touch her without getting burned, so no. gold[–]evsolita 9 points10 points11 points 3 years ago (2 children)hi jessica, i'm a fan of your work as flame princess and discovered you were in one of my favorite episodes of gravity falls and in final fantasy xii lr! flame princess said they needed princess bubblegum as an ally to solve this. is marceline, again , this girl is a 1000 year old grand vampire. and finn needs to give flame princess a chance to have fun or otherwise shes going to dump him because in the new episode vault of bones she said he was boring her in the dungeon if those who have seen it because finn was being too demanding and he wasn't letting her do what she wanted which is what your suppose to do in a relationship and not be a total jerk and tell her what to do which will completely ruin it for them. she attempts to explain to finn and jake why he should not date her through complicated scientific facts, though finn leaves to meet flame princess and jake falls asleep. how did you feel about getting the role as flame princess? she also appears to be more generous for finn in the episode to cut a woman's hair.'m voice actress jessica dicicco, you might know me as flame princess on adventure time, lumina in ffxiii, & more. they are ejected from slime princess and forced to leave. though girls mature faster than boys, maybe finn just needs to catch up now that fp rules her kingdom.. and for some reason that involves cinnamon bun :p as for what it means for fp and finn, we will have to see what happens in time. princess should be with finn because pb and marcelene r to old and fiona is just from ice kings book..) older, can't turn herself human because she would be like marceline in finn the human. finn and fern fight out in the field where finn attempts to reason with fern, however his robot arm misinterprets the word "finality" with "fatality" and he ends up destroying fern.-_- or finn could dump flame princess's ass then go out with marcaline she could turn herself into a human with some potiony thing (that happened in a fanfiction i read) and the they could be together happily :d. fishing, finn and fern encounter sweet p who was running away from home after having a nightmare. should deserve finns heart she is older but she's immortal and can change finn immortal and be the best couple. the tower turns out to be princess bubblegum who has become a large candy being and attempts to convert the gang into candy people as well. what if finn dies before he can become a vampire? pb rejected him and flame princess is a royal word i can't say. she's awesome at sience but finn can't even do math easily. finn and princess bubblegum share the same moralistic nature and often work together to right any wrongs in the land of ooo. the episode, princess bubblegum acts very loving and affectionate toward finn during the time she is 13, even going on a "date" with him, leaning on his shoulder, and holding his hand., princess bubblegum barters for hambo by offering maja the t-shirt that marceline gave her, an object that maja notes has "sentimental freshness" and "psychic resonance" greater than hambo's." as he has the life-juices squeezed out of him, in reference to princess bubblegum[2], indicating that he does see her as a parental figure. however, in "sky witch" princess bubblegum expresses distaste for raggedy princess's general behavior, saying that raggedy princess has "zero self-respect. in "the real you," she gives finn a kiss on the cheek for saving the candy kingdom from the black hole he created and making her science barbecue a huge success. huntress wizard puts herself in harm's way and finn imagines fern in her place and finally slays the grumbo. princess because:Princess bubblegum already broke his heart, plus if they get together pb might just make finn do her bidding and she had already shown some bitchy attitude toward finn, even though she had cared for him numerous times, i still do not think that she should be with finn.. princess bubblegum in the title card burning low she likes finn. because fionna is a fan character that is made by ice king and theres no way that finn and fionna could meet. this is seen in "don't look" when she tells finn and jake to do something about his presence. this might explain why pb rejects finn in the episode incendium. finn presents the silver cup from "always bmo closing", princess bubblegum decides to tell him, marceline and jake some more of her history.: beacause the age i think pb and marceline would both be good for finn. in the same episode princess bubblegum reveals she could never hold a grudge against finn. how come pb is a nerd she can date ricardio instead of finn even ricardio is in ice kings inside she can probably date ice king which is a good idea cause in the oher i knew that pb married ice king then peppermint butler slap her xddd it is funny xdd. on jul 31, 2012for people with questions of the episode, here:season 4 episode 16 burning low ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i don't own anything: all rights go to cartoon network and pendlton ward~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~also better quality than other videos ;)oh i forgot the rock kiss xd~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~update: 12/16/15: 1,200,000 views? finn and jake live in the post-apocalyptic land of ooo, wherein they interact with the other major characters, including: princess bubblegum, the ice king, marceline the vampire queen, lumpy space princess, bmo, and flame princess. shes okay if he turned finn into a vampire but if she didn't? as it is not clear when this picture was taken, it could have been taken during their close relationship or more recently when they have since gotten close again. the only arguement people seem to have against fp is that her flames hurt finn, but in the comic, fp is shown to kiss finn with no problem, showing she has controlled her heat (she even says she has learnt to control it), and can now be with finn. all shown by finn, though by bubblegum, not so much. plus they are not polar opposites like pb and finn and fp and finn and they are not almost exactly alike like fionna and finn. finn and gunter try desperately to restrain their violent tendencies as it would allow the kingdom to corrupt them. yes she might have rejected finn but, well stuff happens.! you know that finn can't be with marceline,princess bubblegum both of them are too old marceline has a age of 19 pb has a age of 18 fionna was the same as finn but the truth fionna does not even exist ice king made them so there no such thing as the land of aaa only the land of ooo so i vote fore flame princess cause she can protect finn how about fionna she is dead by the lubglubs guys you don't like to read the theory of adventure time >. the track impresses the crowd, and flame princess defeats son of rap bear.

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she said, "the candy kingdom used to be so small, so manageable; then it kept growing and growing, and there was always some new disaster to prepare against. likely still strongly dislikes the ice king after he stole part of her head in "princess monster wife. princess: for me fp is the best choice because they are flipping adorable together and in "burning low" i could really tell they loved each other because when they kissed and the rock kiss i melted with love, because that shows that they would do anything to be together and that's what being a couple is all about. gold[–]splitzle 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)what was your funniest mistake while reading the lines for flame princesd? at the end of the episode, shoko has the amulet returned to pb (via finn), and there seem to be no hostile feelings between the two. this is all my opinion, you're all free to state yours, whether you ship finnceline, fubblegum, finname or finnonna. think that flame princess does because she doesn't want to be evil like her dad says she is. she intended for finn to apply this to his desire to kiss flame princess, which could cause the destruction of the planet. both fearless daredevils but flame princess is also adventurous like finn, if you watched "vault of bones" you'll see her with finn in a dungeon crawl., if age is really what matters then finn shouldn't be with her at all. fionna is fictional and will never meet finn, although i'd like them to. if finn died she be lonely, regardless of them dating or not. meanwhile, princess bubblegum's uncle gumbald (voiced by fred melamed) scoops up fern's still living remains in a bucket. but also impossible the only way will ever met is if finn and jake find a portal to aaa or if princess bubblegum creates a portal. in normal standards finn couldn't really be with either of them. in "all your fault," the lemongrabs refer to her as "mother princess" and "family. for the record i am cool with people who are actually lesbians, gays, trans, different races/etc, but in the show i really want to eventually see marceline and finn become more then just friends/close friends.? i think he liked flame priness and eventually it turned into something stronger, but nah man. gold[–]jessica_dicicco[s] 92 points93 points94 points 3 years ago (1 child)my favorite episode was "hot to the touch," i loved the budding romance between fp & finn. "you made me," lemongrab attempts to hit princess bubblegum with a blast from his sound sword, but finn dives in front of her and takes the hit instead. all i see is a motherly side to her or finn and pb is in the "friend zone" area.-_- or finn could dump flame princess's ass then go out with marcaline she could turn herself into a human with some potiony thing (that happened in a fanfiction i read) and the they could be together happily :d. later, finn meets up with huntress wizard (voiced by jenny slate) who is also trying to slay the grumbo and she tries to give encouraging words to finn. is smart and i know that pb is 18 years old and finn is only 15 years old but you know age doesn't matter at all finn is in-love in bubblegum they are match for each other they are the best couples. at a party, flame princess accidentally signs a contract from toronto stating that if she loses in a rap battle against son of rap bear (voiced by dumbfoundead) her kingdom will be forfeited to toronto. likewise, her quote can be consider as a sign that pb also wants to be with finn but her responsibility made her choice to stand for what is right.- well fionna is a girl version of finn but fionna is not real at all but they can stay as brothers. as for fionna, would you seriously date someone who was exactly like you?.marceline is not in love with finn and nether is finn.-_- or finn could dump flame princess's ass then go out with marcaline she could turn herself into a human with some potiony thing (that happened in a fanfiction i read) and the they could be together happily :d. throughout the episode flame princess showed minor hatred towards pb. goldload more comments (1 reply)[–]primefamous 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)flame princess! while they wait, bmo tells the story of when it, finn and jake traveled the seas. she has changed recently but doesn't mean that she's not gonna be mad in the future and of course that would hurt finn., this idea does not fill my desire for pb + finn, i know its a viable alternative to giving finn a potion of aging. note: you do an amazing job capturing flame princess' mood and personality! it really shows how much flame princess cares for finn (maybe even more than jake) and the affection they share at the end is just so incredible, and goes far further than the episodes. i feel as though it's almost like flame princess enjoys cinnamon bun's company so much because he acts like how finn used to act. they run into lumpy space princess who is attending slime princess's roller skating party. bubblegum: hell no, princess bubblegum showed signs of affection to finn so many times in every episode when they got closer and she rejected him too much.[34][35] jessica dicicco voices flame princess, finn's ex-girlfriend and the sovereign of the fire kingdom. what i never understood why they dont just ask flambo to cast his fire shield everytime he is with the princess. off i think flame princess is really meant for finn, think about it since the events of the episode "hot to the touch" the two have been dating from that episode up until "burning low" and during that episode they shared thier first,second, and third kiss plus he does not even care if he gets third degree burns just for her,but after the events of "frost & fire","earth & water" it took him several episodes just for him to get over and most of the fans of thier relationship just to hope that there will be another episode just so that both of them will become more that just friends again.: could you explain flame princess's role in the recent adventure time video game, since it stumped me alittle? when jake calls the lemongrabs "selfish," princess bubblegum says, "oh, no. "the lich," princess bubblegum becomes angered when finn tries to take her royal gem from her crown and starts struggling to push him away, causing her to accidentally cut him on the cheek with scissors. the original pitch documents, princess bubblegum and marceline are shown to be friendly rivals. so your meaning is finn will never find love oh gosh many girls liked him in this show!. i respect your opinions but you are being unreasonable here, that's what you want but it might not be the best for finn. the season will follow the adventures of finn, a human boy, and his best friend and adoptive brother jake, a dog with magical powers to change shape and size at will. marceline is too old for finn as well and probobly never going to be interested in him and finn probobly would never see her that way. fern feeling useless for not being able to help, plots to become the true finn. bubblegum was the current love interest of finn, although it was not clear whether or not the feeling was mutual. not as adventurous, and she burns finn every time they touch. after examining and taking home one of jermaine's paintings, jake discovers that he has returned to normal and is greeted by a very pleased finn.(why say finn and fionna are relatives in any way? finn does not even seem to be interested in her.-_- or finn could dump marceline's ass then go out with flameprincess hmp. finn staggers backwards and hisses in pain, glaring angrily at the princess before taking the gem from the fallen crown and leaving through the roof with jake despite princess bubblegum's calls and her saying that it was an accident. so this is why i think flame princess is the most likely candidate for being finn's true one. finn finds out that his robotic arm can do a variety of things and drills his way out of the dungeon. bubblegum belongs to finns heart because age doesn't matter when it comes to love.

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most of you have probabley only watched the show, but there is a beautiful comic called "playing with fire" featuring finn and flame princess." ice king describes to the island lady his relationship with princess bubblegum, though there actually is none, and connected with her relationship with the party god through this. the candy kingdom would only be better with finn helping pb with all the royal business! finn can't bring himself to slay the monster as he keeps seeing fern's face materialize when he's close to defeating it. is that against voice actor etiquette to dress as your own character? at age 18, finn could either choose to ask 'pb' to cut her hair back to length of 18 so that they could live on happily ever after, king and queen of the candy kingdom..This is why marceline should be with finn and thank you! bubblegum hanging out with finn, jake, and a chill (but understandably jealous) ice king. if finn did not tell jake , jake would still have found fp as finn's love interest. has a few nicknames for her, such as pb, princess, bubblegum, probbles, preebos, p-bubs, prubs, and peebles. shit fuck up, no one knows who's best for finn, so lets shit fuck up and keep quiet. the only way for her to even fall in love with finn is for ice king to die (which personally i don't want). and the biggest problem is that she don't like finn that way and according to what we've known about her is that no one can forge her to do something that she don't like.[5][43] scharpling returned again in "abstract", and the episode also featured andy merrill, who reprised his role as james. even if they broke up it is still shown that finn is not over the flame queen yet. "you made me," princess bubblegum is much kinder to lemongrab when he articulates that he is lonely. old recold is princess bublegum's best friend who is helping her ." the princess also sees finn as her "flawless champion," as said in "the duke. as adults they wouldn't even be able to reproduce for scientific reasons and finn can't just walk around his entire life covered with tin foil! gold[–]mylefthandkilledme 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i absolutely love flame princess, anything in particular you would change about the character? glob, if finn tries to kiss her, she'll burn so hot, she'll melt right through the planet's crust, down through the molten core, then she'll be thrown back and forth by gravity until she burns out the world from the inside! princess is too hot-headed(no offense) for finn to handle. gold[–]aipom626 50 points51 points52 points 3 years ago (2 children)given the recent events that have transpired on adventure time, how do you feel about the advancement of flame princess' character in regards to herself, her kingdom, and other around her (most notably finn and cinnamon bun)? bubblegum - she doesnt like finn that way period and shes tooo old and a princess and stuff. gold[–]theredstuff 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children)finn was a creep for pb until he met fp, its just emotional relapse. before loves princess bubblegum but now he loves flame princess. finn is outraged that his baby teeth were sold and is further mortified when baby finns made of teeth begin attacking the tree house. finn and fern fight the lich's hand, but it escapes. eventually the group find flame princess who has transformed into a dragon. "mortal folly" she told finn "i care about you," then giving him a pink sweater with a white heart stitch to the left that she made with the power of "liking someone a lot. gold[–]joejoebinks97 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (2 children)well, i got into coming up with theories thanks to the episode "earth and water" where flame princess kingdom is based on shakespeare. this one is the 2nd that could most likely happen, seeing as fionna has every single trait of finn except being female instead of male. the only thing keeping hem from each other, is finn's age. initially, princess bubblegum tries to act busy, but when marceline expresses that she wants the princess's help to find maja the sky witch, bubblegum agrees to help her. returning home from their adventure in islands, finn, jake and bmo take a nap after eating a lot of bananas. later on in the episode, marceline visits princess bubblegum at the castle, pushing a gumball guardian out of the way, entering the windows, and closing the curtains without the guardian complaining or otherwise reacting at all. princess bubblegum knew the sleeping fire giants were a threat to the candy kingdom so she sabotaged them. it's already in the comic book even flame prince duuhh. penguin7710 said that she could use a potion to make her vampire self human, but have you seen her finn the human? ice king arrives with the gems and lumpy space princess is able to transform all of ooo back to normal. bubblegum: she's too old for finn and she's not very good at relationships, if some of you havn't noticed *cough* "the suitor. she's cool, pretty and finn loves her, but she would probably burn him to death. princess bubblegum sees this and returns her to the fire kingdom. but she only exists in ice king's imagination, so if they can find a way to make her real, then there would be a possibility than finnonna would be canon. however seeing how sad finn gets i was kind of hoping there would be a way for him and pb to hook up like when she turns 13. although the ice king was annoyed by princess bubblegum also being close to finn, she did not seem to mind the ice king being so near her. finn and fern decide to camp with sweet p when they encounter the hand of the lich that was cut off in "crossover". i vote pb i think they look cute together, but i think fionna ( girl version of finn ) should be with marshal lee, prince gumball is 2. at the end of "mortal recoil," princess bubblegum ages down to 13, which led to the events of "too young. you saw the episode "the throne" flame princess loves "cinnamon bun"!" during her transformation back to 18, they share a hug and she kisses finn on the lips. bubblegum and jake have a rather strange relationship, with jake being well aware of finn's former crush on her. i the only one who think finn should be with fionna all the way?" shoko originally only befriended princess bubblegum because she wanted to gain her trust so that she could steal the amulet. finn doesnt like her that way and the same for her. despite training, flame princess still feels ill-prepared, and so she visits her father, the deposed flame king (voiced by keith david). "a glitch is a glitch," ice king "reminds" princess bubblegum about how she had told him that she would go on a date with him if he was that last person in ooo, but she replies by saying that she doubted that she really said that. you watch close there ar small vary small signs that marcaline likes finn and finn her. loved her first,and i believe that pb loves finn to but in burning low she says responsibility brings sacrifice. impressed, finn joins fern to a dungeon hidden away in a mountain. this suggests finn's romantic interest in her may be reawakening. because finn will die when he's old and marceline will be sad and lonely forever.

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finn and jake team up with ice king (voiced by tom kenny), betty (voiced by felicia day), and lumpy space princess (voiced by pendleton ward) to set things straight. but it is contested with the fact that marceline has kept a friendship with finn second only to jake. or princess bubblegum: finn has a crush on her but she's 18 years old and finn is 13 or 14 but when finn try's to get along with her she denies it but sometimes they both get along. finn became a vampire he would have to watch all his friends and family die :(. unless there's a significant side storyline tied to finn that draws her out, she's irrelevant., i would usually vote fiona, but her and finn seem more like they'd be good siblings. if marceline liked finn , wouldn't she have already made her move for finn to like her or change her age to finn's age? finn realizes that lsp's immunity means that she is the anti-elemental. "rattleballs," finn tries to get over his relationship with flame princess by protecting and serving bubblegum, and takes to annoy her first thing in the morning in ice king fashion. finn is clearly still interested, and at the end of the comet, it showed fp when it was talking about love, meaning that even after a season, the creators still think they are "in love" and the reason behind fp not showing it is the new burden of having to rule a kingdom. and fionna aren't siblings, cuz fionna is finn's genderbent version." in "lady & peebles," princess bubblegum shows to be completely loyal to lady rainicorn, refusing to give up on her, even when she was injured. she and finn go meet rap bear (voiced by rekstizzy) who explains that his son literally blew his legs off, frightening them. she can't turn herself finn's age because lemongrab would take over. in "to cut a woman's hair," she says explicitly that she likes finn, although she could have meant as a friend or in a motherly way. i want to make you all support him to make pendelton ward add him in the episode called,"finn real age". one last thing is that marceline likes to play tricks on finn but even when finn knows it's a trick he goes along as if he wants to be with her! their relationship can also be seen having tension, as in "bad timing", when lumpy space princess called princess bubblegum a "pretty skunk" and began tearing out her hair, pushing bubblegum to the point of suggesting war between the candy kingdom and lumpy space. princess bubblegum doesn't feel the same way anymore, it's been a year since we've seen any actual fubblegum." it was revealed in "mortal recoil" by jake that princess bubblegum likes it when jake plays songs. this age gap might also be the only reason she keeps pushing him away, as when she turned thirteen she showed romantic affection to finn. i was wondering, how did you get the role as flame princess? guys pb broke finns heart and marcie is to self centered sometimes even though flame princess is partly evil. finn and marceline are only interested in being friends anyway. when jake becomes under the impression that princess bubblegum is jealous, he becomes angry with her for hurting finn and threw a box at her, saying "you're sick! gold[–]_honeybird 20 points21 points22 points 3 years ago (6 children)ok, finn's dream in "frost & fire" is totally a metaphor for a sex dream, right? think fionna is way too much like finn and she is like his twin anyway; and i keep her as just apart of ice king's crappy, funny yet odd stories and fan-fiction. bonnibel fights back, transforming them into her eventual candy civilians and deciding on the title of princess. is not even from his land she is from an alternate version of finn. marceline is like 1000 years old hes gonna be dead before he dates her. princess: lets face it all of these comments are out of date i mean hello there broken up already. can't turn finn into a vampire because he would miss everyone. despite their drastically different personalities, the two are often together and lumpy space princess is a frequent visitor to the candy kingdom during many of its parties and ceremonies. know, if not for my own feelings and judgement, that pb is the right female for finn! finn could choose to tell marceline about true feelings of love he feels and she could turn him into vampire for them to live happily ever after as a white, fanged, red-hungering, non-stop adventuring couple. finn has seen her in the nude and after explaining the situation to marceline, she simply said, "that's okay. fp can be too dangerous for finn but she is the only one that can warm up his heart. princess: she and finn had their first kiss but finn will get toasted. finn also serves her "one hundred percent," like how the gumball guards were programmed to. she doesn't seem to mind finn having a relationship with flame princess, although she says that she feels sorry for both of them. order to calm finn down, jake tucks him and himself into a cloud, but it floats away from ice king and betty. shes a vampire and finn would eventually grow old and die leaving her alone. well if finn went for marceline then fp would be irrelevant. besides finn marries a girl called rosalinen , so the answer is finnxrosalinen. this is shown in the ending of "holly jolly secrets part ii" when the ice king and princess bubblegum sat next to each other drinking hot cocoa. "too old," princess bubblegum shows concern and looks shocked when lemongrab appears in front of her, and during dinner, she commented on how different he and lemongrab 2 were. ice king and betty try to intervene, but are swatted away by flame princess.) fionna is finn in girl form, if they dated it would be like me dating me in girl form (which is just wrong! which the flame kingdom is right on top of london. while bmo is completely transformed, finn and jake are rescued by ice king who takes them to the sky kingdom. two meet again in "lady & peebles," where ricardio escapes, builds himself a body out of ice king's flesh and poisons finn and jake to lure bubblegum into a black ice cave in the ice kingdom. however, subsequent episodes indicate that they are on friendly terms again. she is unfit for finn and would probably give finn burns all the time! ward himself provides the voice for several minor characters, including lumpy space princess. would be a fair choice, but she's over 1000 years old and she's immortal, so what if finn dies? and finn acts like a kid where fiona is a bit more mature. despite this, finn is glad that he is reunited with his brother. he seems to be slightly ignorant to even the simplest of tasks, but princess bubblegum still seems to respect the odd ways in which he lives his life. what guy wouldn't want to date a chick made of fire? think she was not just talking to finn and fp she was also talking about herself. king explains what happened to ooo while finn and jake were away. in the episode when she's the same age nearly as finn, they seemed like they could've really liked eachother.

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"what was missing," it was revealed that finn keeps the clump of princess bubblegum's hair that he got in "to cut a woman's hair" as a prized possession. agree but if marceline turned finn into a vampire he would have to watch his friends and family die :(. do you like most from playing the role flame princess? in "what was missing," when princess bubblegum miscalculates the music needed to open the door, marceline says, "looks like you aren't as perfect as you thought!. marceline like finn a little bit but if she liked him she d better do something fast before they fp and finn get married. "princess potluck," she invited him to the princess potluck, but ice king did not know, because he never read the invite. - she's the genderbent version of finn, she isnt a real character and even if she was they can never meet and even if they did that would be some freaky selfcest. unless she gets hit in the head hard, she wouldn't love finn. goldload more comments (1 reply)[–]trafficjelly 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago (0 children)oh flame princess, i think you're rad. however, he interprets it incorrectly, believing that princess bubblegum is referring to her own royal responsibilities preventing her from kissing him.-_- or finn could dump flame princess's ass then go out with marcaline she could turn herself into a human with some potiony thing (that happened in a fanfiction i read) and the they could be together happily :d. what i would personally like to see happen, is for finn to find a way to extract the ingredient in the poison that made it possible for them to touch. "a glitch is a glitch," princess bubblegum makes a hand face with bumps on the side of her palm which she uses to kiss jake's similarly morphed elbow with., "wtf idiot", fionna and finn are not even proven related in some way -. the winners of the skating competition get absorbed into slime princess's whole being while the losers are caged up. finn, jake and lumpy space princess enter, but lose, only to learn that by losing they still get absorbed. finn and flame princess are over, it still shows that finn is still interested in her and that's all that counts. do you think she will become evil or will she stay chaotic neutral, as finn put it? finn just has a little growing up to do ;) but i want to see them together in the end! u can't force finn to love someone who he only likes as friend. first off, yes, they aren't together anymore, but finn still has feelings for her. however, when the princess returns to the age of 18, she fires the earl by shouting "yo, earl! i'm just pointing out some things that might interfere if they ever had a romantic relationship with finn. however, he was beaten up by finn and jake and was returned back into ice king's body. the episode "varmints," bonnibel and marceline's past relatonship is brought up again. i think it's because pb is too old for finn which is why she keeps on pushing him back. see, if finn would also had feelings for her he would have told jake that he liked marceline . adventure time has been one of my favorite shows for a while, and i was so excited at the introduction of your character flame princess! so that marcy and pb won't get into finn and fp's relationship. the fire kingdom inhabitants 'fight' the candy kingdom inhabitants making lumpy space princess upset.-_- or finn could dump flame princess's ass then go out with marcaline she could turn herself into a human with some potiony thing (that happened in a fanfiction i read) and the they could be together happily :d. however, the princess is annoyed to discover that marceline is simply looking for her old toy, hambo. even if she with finn she won't have much time with him and soon gonna break his heart again.: i love adventure time and think you do a wonderful job portraying flame princess! don't know who deserves finn's heart, but you never know he might not ever have a gf. when she swallows the jewel necessary to save ooo, finn gives into his violence and begins attacking flame princess, thus transforming into a fire person. after the group left on their adventure, ice king was visited by betty (voiced by felicia day) who, frustrated over ice king not remembering her, asks him out on a date. but i have a reason finn and marceline should be together. by the end of the episode, the two lemongrabs and princess bubblegum are on good terms. and pb even tried to ruin finn and flame princess relationship in burning low because she was going to destroy everything and pb wanted to have pb killed and finn risked his life to save fp. in "go with me," she exiles finn from the candy kingdom after he releases a pack of wolves into her room, but her anger proves temporary as princess bubblegum appears to have forgiven finn by her next appearance. princess may only love cinnamon bun like how jake loves finn. for some aspect, pb might just afraid to display her affection for finn seems that they really have an age disparity. so hes friend zoned with marcy and finn doesn't care about that. cb loves her, but he's not in love with her, unlike how finn and flame princess were. would be alright maybe, but i still think finn is best with flame princess. jake comes to the conclusion that princess bubblegum is jealous of flame princess and shares this with finn. but i dont want flame princess / i know what he did to her but her being a bitch about it and ditching him for some donuts freak pisses me off id rather see fin fuk rainbow unicorn in the horns than id rather see that snobby flame sook with him.- well did u know that marceline is over a thousand years old well i know that marceline and finn have a weird realationship but finn cannot live forever and marceline has a boyfriend they are not match for each other.-_- or finn could dump flame princess's ass then go out with marcaline she could turn herself into a human with some potiony thing (that happened in a fanfiction i read) and the they could be together happily :d. she confronts finn the next day and attempts to console him, believing that he knew about the situation.!Permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]firelicorn 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago* (2 children)how flame princess still clean while not taking bath? their nightmares begin to intertwine as they realize that they are dreaming and come in contact with a being that finn dubs nightmare princess. still we still haven't seen much of marceline much uptil "princess day" so we don't know how their relationship is going to gradually increase or decrease, so i wouldn't go making inferences we all aren't sure of yet. hopefully the writers wont kill flame princess and make finn and fp break up. and because in science (boring class) the guys i sit next to and i were talkin' bout who the people in our class would be in adventure time and i was marcaline and the guy i like was finn so. lumpy space princess, angered by the violence, yells at everyone to stop their fighting. also,in the episode the duke,finn throws a bottle that makes princess bubblegum green and bald,and she is still able to forgive finn for it. sure, fp's made of fire and might burn finn, but have you seen later episodes? would think it would be a good choice to pick princess bubblegum. marceline is the first and only character to call princess bubblegum by her first name (bonnibel) and usually shortens it to bonnie. it is unknown if pb now has romantic feelings towards finn.

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as if pb was the princess of the candy kingdom, responsibility of taking care of it was her duty. and jake arrive in the transformed slime kingdom to retrieve slime princess' crown for her jewel. princess bubblegum tells him that all is forgiven, but reveals to finn that she still does not trust the duke. finn and jake live in the post-apocalyptic land of ooo, where they interact with the other main characters of the show: princess bubblegum, the ice king, marceline the vampire queen, lumpy space princess, bmo, and flame princess. reveals his ability to change his appearance to look just like finn. think it's flame princess, because finn's already dating her, and let's face it. x finn kinda bothers me a little, cuz i think of them as bro and sis. since her return to the age of 18, he is once again interested, as seen in "wizard battle. the episode lady and peebles is a good example when she tried to save finn. pb had already put finn's life in danger numerous times before. but i still think if finn gets more relationship advice from jake there still might be a chance. bubblegum, because flame princess is too dangerous for finn, and if pb did not gave the sweater ,finn will be control of the lich, and the lich will destroy the land of ooo. i think finn would be more grossed out than interested.,marcie and finn are just friends,bp has already broken finns heart,and finn doesnt even know fionna so yeah its flame princess! flame princess was the ideal mate made for finn i think the network did to give finn some peace. it should be princess bubblegum because she could make a potion to make him older marceline is undead so no flame princess burns him and fiona is not even real. princess is an ok alternative they seem to have a good working relationship and shared interest. is later seen in "the pajama war" where princess bubblegum wants to just casually hang out with finn. finn likes to kick butt and have a great time adventuring. is much alike finn but taht wouldnt be a good couple, even though they know each other well but i mean. princess bubblegum finally tells jake that she was the one who had flame princess locked up so she does not fall in love and destroy the earth from the inside. princess is a fire, pb is bubblegum, fionna is a fans ship, and marceline is a vampire. but it's still stand a very small chance between finn and fionna. the episode do not directly initiate the idea that maybe pb has a feelings for finn but in the different manner, the story also embeds thoughts that this might happen. "too old," princess bubblegum tells finn that it was a shame jake did not come because she loves him., finn and fp are dating already, but they dont put fp in the episodes as much t3t. think that marcilene really loves finn and is willing to let him go hoping that he will return." it is also shown that there is a picture of finn on her wall. what about huntress wizard, finn and hw seem to have alot common and hw is actually the one who understand finn's value the most. "in your footsteps," jake refers to princess bubblegum as finn's "ex-girlfriend," to which finn responds "she's not my. gold[–]grailm 17 points18 points19 points 3 years ago (6 children)i have one burning question is finn x flame princess over forever or will they ever get back together. as finn and jake look down, they discover that ooo has been divided into four completely corrupted sections. they sell him finn's baby teeth which he happily pays for with a silver cup. am holding all i hold dear for pb + finn to happen! gold[–]mizomorph 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children)i cant leave my fireplace on too long cause i hate having to dust off the flames. it just wouldn't work out, seeing as princess bubblegum is 18 and finn is only 13. i really think that with all the hints and clues given to us, sometime in season 7 (which is only in a couple of months) we may see a reunion between finn and fp, clearly the best couple by far. princess bubblegum would be great with finn because she has shown affection with him before,and they have kissed. "too old" the lemongrab episode is immediately after "frost and fire," which is when flame princess broke up with him. and again, thank you sincerely for taking the time to do this ama! but finn can take flame princess's flames now, if you don't know.[14] however, because this field specifically refers to episode airdates, the information here will denote when these fourteen episodes first aired on cartoon network. series follows the adventures of finn the human, a human boy, and his best friend jake, a dog with magical powers to change shape, grow, and shrink at will. she has two powers: flame control and requiring sacrifices from finn. while finn manages to grab the crown, jake gets fully absorbed into slime princess forcing lumpy space princess to save finn, revealing in the process that 'her lumps' protect her from corruption. think marceline is the best one for finn because she is brave and super cool. "mortal recoil," raggedy princess is one of the guests in princess bubblegum's hospital room, showing that she cares about the princess's well-being. braco tells her that it feels wrong, but p-bot kisses him and, satisfied with p-bot, braco takes her and thanks princess bubblegum before jumping out of the window with his new wife. "burning low," princess bubblegum seemed content to speak with jake about the possibility of finn having a girlfriend.?And if it is a metaphor for a sex dream (which, c'mon, it totally is) are there any other plans for the show to metaphorically address other aspects of finn's burgeoning teenage sexuality? said:I think flame princess, though i do ship fiolee. because in episode "they came from the nightosphere,what was missing,marceline's closet,heat signature,evicted and henchman they are partners but in evicted marceline first kiss on finn but she is too old for finn. though finnceline is barely shipping, i think marceline truly does deserve his heart :)., marcy is a pretty cool person, but i think she just want to "stay friends" with finn in the friend zone.!Permalinkembedsaveparentgive goldload more comments (4 replies)[–]sprech41 5 points6 points7 points 3 years ago (3 children)what do you think of the direction the writers are taking finn? gold[–]bigjerm 7 points8 points9 points 3 years ago (0 children)also, my daughter told me your were her favorite princess on adventure time. fp already broke up with finn in the ending on frost and fire and became just friends in earth and water but i think pb is the right for finn because she more sweet and safe for finn and they make a good couple. i rather go with flame princess because she's the same age as finn and if you guys are thinking that "finn can't go with fp because finn can't touch her" you are wrong. finn's former feelings for her appear reciprocated while she was 13, and this may indicate bubblegum's true feelings for him have always been of love, or this might only apply when they are the same age. (that also includes having flames come out of your hands :d). his most targeted princess is bubblegum, who is annoyed with the ice king's actions but generally seems to put up with them. princess bubblegum then stares at them as they leave and quietly says "you're welcome, my love.

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