Would kpop idols date foreigners

Would kpop idols date foreigners

it's our own and you foreigners who just want to audition just want to meet got7, bts, exo, and other groups. i think fans perceive kpop stars only as east asian-looking handsome guys with very fair complexion. international fans wont see that, even i didn't know they were that big until simon and martina put kpop groups and what's hot in korea into perspective for us, it was eye opening how vastly different we are from fans in korea, so the "maybe they would have noticed if they stopped distracting themselves with shitty music" is uncalled for. i kinda hate it when someone thinks they are asian and wants to enter an kpop audition. are going to assume: are foreigners attracted to korean men = are western women attracted to korean men in the following question. you're dismissing talent like usher who could dance circles around most kpop idols.

Kpop stars dating foreigners

now you shouldn't pick black, white, spanish, italian, swedish, and more to be in kpop. there is a severe lack of new good songs, so i were a kpop producer, i would seriously hire rihanna's songwriters. i think fans will not accept a dark-skinned indian as a kpop star. is fair to wonder if non-asian foreigners can succeed in the k-pop scene. i’ve seen fans on forums say many times that only the korean guys in dramas/movies and kpop are handsome and no normal korean guys are handsome at all. i just hope that it gets more 'open' for non asians to get in the kpop buiss .

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kpop stars : east asian-looking, very fair, smooth and fine complexion, handsome, boyish, soft, tender facial features (unlike the sharp, angular, squarish caucasian ones), single eyelids or not sunken double eyelids and not too tall and huge in built like an american cowboy and no facial hair, no freckles and no hairy arms, hands and legs. parents tend to be a bit close-minded about their children, and especially daughters dating foreigners here, not matter how old they are. therefore, we’ve written about some of the more juicy bits of info below to give y’all the skinny on not just foreigners and koreans dating, but koreans general standards for dating. i´m 14 and have to wait until i´m 18 [then my dad will kick me out xd]deletereplyunknown4/16/2016 5:22 pmi dont see y it just has to be asian people in kpop i am of no asian links at all and i still think i could have a chance like lots of other non asian and non korean people if u are willing to work for what u want then u always have a chance if u put in the work and time plus skill and u are not auditioning just to meet your idolreplydeleterheanna smyth4/16/2016 5:30 pmi am of no asian links an i still think i would have a chance if u are willing to put in work skill and time then u have a chance font listen to others opinions that put u off something u want to do cause if u are put down by people u are gonna lose lots of opportunitys and chances because someone told u u can you can't do anything u can replydeleteannie bonus6/11/2016 7:32 pmi am an american and i was wondering if it is possible for a non-asian foreigner to be a stylist in the kpop industry. i think due to the hallyu wave, more and more girls would rather date α korean man than anyone else. i agree i want more kpop in the american scene besides psy.

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this was distinct from women (mostly in america) who he knew and/or had dated in the past. kpop idols dance better than bieber for one major reason: they are trained like freaking machines. it true that korean men do not think foreigners are attracted to them? i could care less about looks, and i think the emphasis kpop puts on them is disgusting. i have yet to see anyone who wasn't asian in what would be considered "kpop". those shows are where korean kpop wannabes consolidate or blow their star potential, and to do well on those you need the language.

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i’ve just read an article saying that koreans hate foreigners and they might violence toward them. merah10/17/2015 3:27 pmno, i'll find a white caucasian out of place in a kpop group. i first dated an asian guy long before i had heard kpop or watched korean dramas. has had students (usually male) divulge such information as being a 3rd or 4th year university student, maybe 24 or 25 years old korean age, and have never gone on a date or had a girlfriend before. however, most dates were very similar to western experiences, like having some dinner and going to a movie. most people would rather date inside their own race than have an interracial relationship.

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plss someone clear it out for mereplydeleteunknown10/17/2015 3:10 pmthere are chinese such as luhan and thai, nichkhun, who have become very popular kpop stars.’m really curious, if korean culture does not support relationships and marriage with foreigners, how do you explain that everyone, including my boyfriend’s distant and close family, friends, and classmates, is fine with the fact that i’m european?/13/2013 1:42 amfor a k-pop performer in a kpop group that runs according to the kpop business model (and let's be honest - sm/yg/jyp kpop is a business model, not an art form). how some some not all fans say they hope foreign people dont make it in the kpop industry hurts. as i said before, it's all make-up, rather than really giving foreigners a chance. now that kpop has attracted some eyes overseas, non-asian foreigners are seeing the possibility to success in a tiny country they never heard of before and applying/auditioning/actually considering moving to korea to make it work.

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deletereplycocozi8/09/2013 3:41 pmthe korean seems to have gotten angry at the question asked, all she did was she made a distinction between asian foreigners and non asian foreigners the former who already have a presence in the kpop scene and the latter no presence at all excluding busker busker cos its doubtful busker busker would label themselves a kpop group and most comments here object to you using them as an example of a kpop group. our cultural tradition that we should not be marrying foreigners coupled with our understanding that the same would be true for those foreign girls is a big hurdle to overcome. have anther question on this topic, what kind of relationship do koreans have when they date? it's also ridiculous to say that any non-asians who want to be kpop idols are just doing it to meet famous people./13/2013 4:52 ameven though tons of foreigners are trying to infiltrate kpop, i hope they don't succeed. i work for a large it company here in seoul and although my team has had chinese and japanese people working here for years, after i joined people said, i didn't know foreigners worked at x company!

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for foreigners and koreans dating interracially in korea, this opens up a whole new can of worms. if they go out on a first date and really like the person, they can choose to go out on a second date.% chance of making it through the first audition of kpop seeing as i am a non-asian and i'm half black. i mean this is stupid, why would they pick foreigners to be in kpop? men usually must pay for dates, and this may be similar in both cultures, but as time goes by we’ve observed that korean men tend to pay for things such as dates, flowers, movies, etc. i'm black and indian and i really wanted to be a kpop singer.

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non-asians into kpop could end out bad, if it does. i think that non-korean can join a kpop group because if you think it very deep and good japanese and chinese are non-korean right? i’m assuming these girls are judging by the very limited korean population in their own school because within the big korean community here there are plenty of very good looking guys who can rival actors and kpop stars. i am a european kpop fan, i am from greece. even if non-asian or non-korean can't become k-pop idols, there are some europeans (for example me) who look 55% korean. 1965 and 1967, during a time when soldiers from wwii and the korean war were coming home with war brides, there became a desperate need to be able to accommodate for the new wives they were bringing home.

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friends will also do this for their friends but the potential couple goes out alone, sort of like a blind date. anything, we need more kpop on american musical scene - there is only psy at the moment, and this is definitely not enough. nyle1/11/2017 12:29 ami'm black and id also like to make it in the kpop industry as a rapperdeletereplylubabath ummer11/08/2014 8:36 ami have a doubt.. the first couple of dates with a korean woman was always a bit nerve-racking because he was unfamiliar with korean dating culture and didn’t want to make mistakes. so if i (i am just 13 now) become a kpop star in the future will it cause any issues of racism./13/2013 9:18 ami sincerely hope no one thinks most kpop fans think like you.

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quite frankly, i don't think it's korea who hasn't been ready for a pretty non-asian foreigner in a pop group - i think there just hasn't been any non-asian foreigners trying to become popular in korea. i personally have met a korean man/zimbabwe couple and my own father dated foreign girls and married an austrian. 외국인 may officially mean all foreigners but that doesn't mean that's how it's used in practice. daemon6/13/2013 3:46 pmi can only believe that vb is either writing a parody of kpop/kdrama fans or is intentionally trolling. so i feel guilty to even date a foreign national.%d bloggers like this:We are going to assume: are foreigners attracted to Korean men = are western women attracted to Korean men in the following question.

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